In or Out: Miranda Cosgrove in Loewe

Posted on June 07, 2011

Darlings, once again we are forced to feature two IN or OUT posts in one day because our cup of discussable outfits runneth over. Behold:

Miranda Cosgrove at Nickelodeon’s premiere of “iParty with Victorious” in Los Angeles. Miranda Cosgrove wears a Loewe dress paired with Christian Louboutin heels.

Loewe Spring 2011 Collection/Model: Ashley Smith (MARILYN)


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At first, we were all, “Cute! Fresh! Girly!” It seems perfect for a Nickelodeon star to wear to a Nickelodeon event. And it has a kind of fresh feel to it even if it is just another pink blouse and skirt. First glance: very cute. Except… we’re getting really tired of the pin-straight center part, which seems to keep popping up on the RC like a persistent fungus. Also, the dress is kind of shapeless on her, isn’t it? Not that every dress needs to be form-fitting, but with the dress forming a straight vertical line, we’re not sure we like that black horizontal line cutting her right in half. But kudos to her for being a young starlet who dresses for style rather than for attention. It’s an almost perfectly cute getup otherwise, so feel free to tell us we’re being picky bitches about our complaints.


IN! You’re being picky bitches about your complaints!

OUT! Fraulein Maria had more interesting getups than this!

It’s far to early to tally the votes on Kelly Rowland’s 1983 school secretary outfit, but feel free to form an opinion on that one if you haven’t done so already, darlings.

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  • Anonymous

    In, it is cute enough for her and I’m OK if she waits a while to show off her figure. She’s young.. got plenty of time to do so.

    But the fact that the print on the skirt looks kind of like Mickey Mouse ears is ironic. Don’t you think?

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing about the print on the skirt!

    • yeah, pretty ironic since she’s on Nick! haha 🙂

  • I have this feeling she’s going to be tremendously famous. I’m thinking the line should maybe sit up a little higher. Or she should be taller. Or both. But it is a kid focused event and she’s achieving “little girl grownup” without being Lolita. So IN.

    • Anonymous

      In and what Joseph said!!!!

  • Erika Rost

    It’s cute, but I completely agree that the silhouette may not be right for her.  Also a few bracelets or SOME accessory would have been welcome.  hmmm I guess I’ll say IN

  • In! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Hrmpf!!!  i too am torn.  it is an adorable dress that hides any shape at all.  but that said, she is a cute slim person, what does she even need a defined waist for anyway??  We all know that it is there.  Ok, i am decided, she gets an IN just for making a non-typical choice that still looks decent.   

  • That black line seems to hit the model closer to her waist, giving the appearance of a waistline. but this is apparently a shorter girl, so the dress is boxier on her.

    Boxy isn’t the best look for a short girl (I speak from experience), but it’s an otherwise cute and fresh look (especially for a Nikolodean star.)

  • Lattis

    12 yo son says OUT. And he’s a fan of iCarly. He said the skirt looks like she’s wearing a Hello Kitty gift bag. 

  • oh–it’s icarly! i didnt recognize her & i actually know who she is!

    it’s a fab dress nonetheless. “beltline cuts in the wrong place” would be a compliment compared to my own personal thoughts re the, say, very minor tragedies of boredom worn to, say {redux}, the cfda awards.

    edited for dyslexia, sorry.

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    In.  She looks adorable and youthful and appropriate.  I don’t mind the part or the shapelessness of the dress in this form.  Sorry, boys.

  • LOVE IT. Big IN. So refreshing to see a young starlet who’s not trying to look like a pole dancer. (Listening, Miley?)

  • Anonymous

    IN. Perky and sweet without being saccharin. Isn’t it nice to see a young star looking fresh and her age and not like a five dollar hooker trolling on a saturday night?

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks absolutely adorable. IMO, I think this is a dress that could only be pulled of by someone really young and she’s rocking it. I don’t even mind the hair – again because I think it is a style that works best on younger girls. A total IN!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s cute enough, so I’d say in, but it obliterates her waist, if she has one.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Boys, you’re being picky bitches about your complaints.  She looks adorable, better than the model.  If she continues to wear those shoes, however, she will need surgery.

  • oooh, so close.  I am with TLo, it just doesn’t fit right.  I don’t think clothes have to cling, but they do need to fit.  It just looks too big in the waist. 

    • margaret meyers

      And what is with the shoulder pads on a sleeveless dress? It make her look like she has her shoulders hunched.

  • Anonymous

    I wish the waist was a little more defined but I have to give her an IN.  Very cute.

  • Lisa

    Hmmm – cute for a Nickelodeon event, so it’s very appropriate.  It just doesn’t look like it fits her well.

  • Anonymous

    I say In, though I do share your concerns about the midsection of the dress. Her fashion heart is in the right place with this look.

  • IN.  the first thing i thought when i saw the whole outfit was “boxy,” BUT she looks young, fresh, very pretty and VERY AGE APPROPRIATE.  which is something i am a huge fan of when it comes to teen starlets.   

  • In on style/out on fit.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not fitted properly, but I still like it. In.

  • Anonymous

    Those pointy-ass patent-leather looking dime-a-dozen shoes are Louboutins? Really? Every cheap mall shoe store has them a dime a dozen.

  • She’s cute! In!

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does her head look too big for her body? I have noticed this in other celebrities as well – is it the camera or something?

  • Aly Light

    IN. Perfect Nickelodean star outfit– not overly sexy, quirky enough to not be pandering and previous, bright and fun.

  • up with pod people

    I hate her show, so it pains me to say she’s totally IN.

  • Anonymous


    She looks ok….just ok. That waist band is off….fits her weird.  It doesn’t bother me on the model.

  • OUT.  Is she playing a vase in “Beauty and the Beast” or is she a walking pen and pencil holder?

  • Anonymous

    small “in”.

  • AC

    Its…okay. Its not fabulous. Plus she just looks so awkward and uncomfortable in every picture…leaning towards out sadly.

  • Anonymous

    Out!  I just hate the lines of the dress.  Like her in pink and black, though. 

  • Anonymous

    The fits not perfect, but she’s cute as all get-out, the dress is adorable, and she doesn’t look like a stripper. And I like the pin straight hair on her. IN

  • I love the dress and her hair.  The way she is posing is what is messing up the dress.  She should not have her hands on her hips.

  • Super IN!

  • Oh, I hate the hairdo too, but you can’t fault her for the trend. I think she looks fantastic. An emphatic IN.

  • MilaXX

    I’m going to be kind and give her a modest IN. It’s cute and the rest of the outfit looks great, even if the shoes are a tad too big. The only problem is the dress doesn’t give her a waist and she doesn’t seem to have enough natural curves to help this along. Since she hasn’t been a major fashion don’t yet I’ll let it pass.

  • Patricia Biswanger

    IN.  It makes me wish I was 15 again.

  • Too bad. Shapeless on her, although very cute dress. No chic. OUT.

  • margaret meyers

    I really dislike this dress.  The high collar and shoulder pads (yes, there are shoulder pads) are making her look short-necked or hump-backed.  The waistlessness is awkward: when flappers did it the longer line went gracefully to the hips not the waist.  The skirt is supposed to rest on the hips to give the blouse some movement, but her skirt skims her hips, leaving the dress to hang away from her body like one of those “Fat Clown” suits with the hula-hoop sewn into the waist band.
    By jiminy this dress makes me cranky!  I love Miranda, and she is the only good thing going on here..

    • Anonymous

      Holy crap, I hadn’t noticed the shoulder pads.
      Pass the smelling salts, please.

  • Anonymous

    dem broooooows

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t quite look right on the model either, she just has her hip flung out to the breaking point. Very odd outfit, colors are cute, detailing and pattern are cute…but it can’t decide if it wants to be an a-line dress or a pencil skirt and top. Not quite OUT, more of an EH. I wonder if her hand placement isn’t affecting the look as well?

  • barbara affolter

    I think I’m too old to know who she is, so I don’t know what her typical style is.  She looks fresh and cute, but also kind of like she’e playing dress-up with an older sibling’s clothes.  I’m going to give her an IN on principle, since she looks young refined and not like she’s given up acting for the child sex trade, but she does look a mite shapeless.

  • Anonymous

    The waistline, oh, the waistline!  It hits at such a bad spot – too high to be dropped-waist/flapper but too low to be flattering – and even makes the model look shapeless.  Also, she shouldn’t have stolen her mother’s wear-to-work pumps.  Still, the color works for her age and coloring (though not against the orange carpet) and I love the skirt!

  • Anonymous

    IN. The black line hits the model just right but on Miranda it seems off and looks kind of clunky. It looks like it actually pulls away from her body, which looks odd. But still, it’s awfully pretty and fresh and the color looks great. 

  • Anonymous

    What is that strange lump behind that poor child’s left sleeve that’s raising up the dress? Is that part of the dress? It’s all wrong, whatever it is.

  • Anonymous

    Margaret below says they’re shoulder pads, but to what end?

  • i wish that skirt was fitted a bit better against her waist. the shoes look too small and uncomfortable. but she is dressed smartly and age appropriate so I give her an IN

  • Anonymous

    IN. Not only is it a cute outfit, but none of your criticisms really count for someone who’s only 17 or 18.

    If she were 25 I might not call you picky (though I’d still disagree), since at that age, apparently, actresses have a professional obligation to continuously remind the industry that they do, indeed, have the hot body of most young women who work on it daily.

  • David Albright

    First of all is Boy George playing celebrity skeet shooting on the Kumar’s at No. 42 once said “Who?” Second of this dress is not good its like two seperates sewn together by her grandmother at the kitchen table. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Look, it’s Ping’s Lampshade dress.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll give her an IN for being a young girl dressed stylishly and appropriately.  But that skirt is just sort of, well, sitting there.  Shapeless is a good word.  The top looked a little better slightly mussed as on the model.

  • In.  Though the fit could be better.

  • Anonymous

    Pro: Love the little atoms on her skirt, kinda geek-chic. Cons: Pepto pink. Payless BOGO shoes. Shapeless. Still, there’s something compelling about it that makes me like it. I’ll go with IN.

  • Anonymous

    Not crazy about the waistline, but the color is beautiful on her and she doesn’t look like a hooker. IN.

  • Looks like some sort of watermelon candy

  • I just wish the horizontal black stripe fell 1 or 2 inches lower. Then it would be a cute throwback to the 60’s. She’s darling otherwise, love the color and the make-up. The hair doesn’t bother me, it’s youthful. hm. IN.

  • aussiegal77

    It’s a little too twee for me.  I know she’s a young ‘un but still….I gotta say OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Very cute, do not like how if falls at her midline.  Too choppy. 

  • Such a pretty girl. Dunno why that black line hits in such a terrible place. Out.

  • In!

  • Megan Crowell

    In! She deserves a medal for not going the bandage dress route everyone other actress her age does

  • Anonymous

    She’s absolutely darling! IN!

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused about why you call it a “pin straight center part” when it seems to me to be straight only for the front 1/2, and then in the back it seems zig-zagged. (Frankly I think she’d have done better with a simple updo, anyway.)  I think she’s at quite possibly the ONLY age when anyone could possibly wear this dress, although I agree that the waistline seems too high–a better flapper-type look would drop the waist a couple of inches.  But she’s covered, cute, stylish, and looks like she’s happy with her image.  So I’ll give her an IN.

  • Anonymous

    Ya know… so many times we’ve seen 14 year old starlets dress like  25 year old party girls.  We also get too much of the 43 year old actress dressing like it’s their first communion (Why hello Kristin Davis! How are you doing this evening?).  The fact that Miranda is dressed adorable, age appropriate AND stylish gets a hearty “IN” by me!

  • Anonymous

    A teenager NOT wearing skankwear?  She gets an automatic IN from me! The dress doesn’t fit her particularly well, and the front of the blouse part is tucked a little too perfectly evenly — on the model, it’s a bit sloppier and thus makes the whole outfit look more relaxed — and the shoes are too small and she’s too young to be abusing her feet like that yet.  But she’s covered, she’s not wearing 17 pounds of makeup, and she looks young and cute and cheerfully attired.  We need more teens dressing with taste, please!

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree with everything you said.   And I think the color is great on her.  Just wish the waist was more at the hip.  But that’s a small thing.   Overall, I think she looks absolutely darling.

  • L Harlan

    She’s in. No question. 

  • Anonymous

    im gonna say IN. style. and i can deal with the hair.

  • It works on an 18 year old.  Maybe when she walks, like the model’s pic, and her hip pops out a bit it takes away from looking so shapeless…?

  • IN IN IN!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  The dress is cute but the way it falls on her is not working.  

  • Anonymous

    I like the IDEA (a lot, even), not the execution.  It’s an out for me, but it’s only lowercase and I’m whispering it.  And the tone is very “so close, good job.”

  • In. Give her time to learn to pose for the camera… her posture is more to blame for her “pin-straight center part” than the fashion choices themselves, I think.

  • Anonymous

    she is completely cut in half!!! OUT!!!! 

  • TLO read my mind. The dress is shapeless and I, too agree that it doesn’t have to be form-fitting at all times, but this dress looks like it’s supposed to be. This outfit is also a little too mature for her. Everything about this outfit is basic.
    She’s an OUT to me

  • Okay, the problem as I see it, (and Lord knows everyone’s dying to hear it) is that the skirt is huge on her and it’s sitting too low on her torso.  If it were the right size and up just a skosh where it should be then the shape would look entirely different, and better.  Also, are there shoulder pads in that sleeveless blouse?  They look odd.

    I agree about the limp, straight hair.  It’s not a ’70s trend I want to relive.

    Nevertheless, I’m voting IN!  Sure she looks like she’s wearing stuff from Mommy’s closet, but Mommy has good taste.

  • I think it would be better if the line were either a few inches higher or a few inches lower.  As it is, it’s not tremendously flattering on her.  That said, she looks good.  It’s a fun idea for a dress and is age-appropriate.

  • OUT her eyebrow shaping/lining makes it look like her face is concaving in. And the skirt is almost a perfect rectangle shape. Although that is a cute shade of pink on her, and definitely age appropriate

  • akprincess72

    She’s got all the good china covered, for her age & occupation, I have to give that an IN.   I too hate the part, but I <3 iCarly!

  • Out. All I see is a shapeless Barbie dress.

  • Anonymous

    The silhouette is all wrong for her, and I think the dress is ugly. OUT.

  • IN – I’d bring it up an inch at the waist, but I think it’s super cute.

  • While the dress could fit better, and the shoes are meh, I love the color on her, and overall, it’s a cute, age appropriate look. The hair doesn’t bother me. INCarly.

  • On this episode of Hidden Mickey!

  • In. I think it would be better if the black line were just a bit higher and taken in but she looks lovely anyway. Fresh, cute and age appropriate. And her hair is perfectly fine.

  • Out. The dress looks like a pink trash bag (with the skirt part being the bin).

  • It makes her look like a rectangle. But a very cute rectangle. So I’d count it as an apprehensive IN. 

  • Anonymous

    her vag is a vacuum cleaner, sucking in her blouse!
    ok, thats maybe a little harsh, its not *that* bad.
    its not particularly good either. strange silhouette, and generally kinda lacking in style.

  • Anonymous

    In, she looks fine.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear. My first impression was of a pink bucket that had been attached to the front and back (but not the sides) of a pink blouse, and as a result was dragging the blouse down. And now unfortunately that’s all I see. So, OUT! If only it had fitted her as well as it fits the model.

  • Anonymous

    It’s probably just the angle the photo’s been taken at, but she looks like she has very short legs and quite a disproportionate upper half. Perhaps if the skirt was a bit shorter like it is on the model, that would help. Still very much IN, though, since she looks cute, the colour is lovely and she isn’t trying too hard.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    The fit could be better, but she’s IN.
     She is, according to wikipedia, quite young and the color suits her perfectly.  It’s very nice to see someone at 18 not looking like an overstyled head on a stick wearing a sparkly tee shirt as a dress.  She looks lovely.

  • OUT. She’s missing her waist.

  • Anonymous

    Out, I want to like it, but the boxy skirt is just completely shapeless and ruins it all.

  • In.  She looks very sweet.

  • In! You’re being picky bitches! 🙂

  • OUT! I love this dress, but she’s too short for it, so it makes her look boxy and her head look large. The skirt fits her wrong…I’m wondering if it’s a skosh too big?

  • Creepy on the model, but cute on her.

  • Lauen newman

    Out- i gives her a weird shape.

  • Anonymous

    You know, it doesn’t happen often, but I think this calls for going down a size.

    Yes, the waistband doesn’t work, and I think that pose is to point out that yes, she does have a waist. But if you look at the skirt? Looks to me that there is extra fabric there. Not just skimming the body but not yet floating away. A smaller size might have brought the waistband up a bit. And if her hair was styled differently, it would clean up the lines.

    Gee, I thought this was going to be an “in, but” post, but I think I really have to go “out”.

  • out – that pooch around the waist makes her look bigger than she is.

  • That is one confused-looking garment. For some reason, it looks totally different on the model than it does on Miranda. Perhaps it’s not fitted exactly right… With maybe just a little more fussing, it would look awesome. But overall, I like it. It’s appropriate for the event, and she looks like herself.

  • Anonymous

    In! Darling! 

  • Anonymous

    OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT. This dress is Grammie’s polyester curtain on top, her couch on the bottom and her mustache in the middle – what I call “fashion fug”. It’s so “Fahshon Dahrling” it’s too fugly for mere mortals to wear without shame. 

    Tall, fashion fug people (Cate Blanchet, Tilda Swinton, par example both are juuust on thiiis side of ugly but the force of their personalities makes them goddesses. ) They can pull off fashion fug clothes. Remember Tilda’s shoe with the huge christmas flower on it? This little girl is cute but she’s too cute, too short and too ordinary wear this. Sorry 🙂

  • IN because it is a lovely dress and she looks put together!

  • Out.  It looks like the bottom is so heavy it’s pulling the fabric down, whereas the model has some give and looseness at the waist that helps it look less severe.  Not doing it for me.

  • There are some issues with this outfit, of that there is no doubt; but when you consider the wardrobes of so many other Disney starlets (past and present) I’m just rooting for Miranda to carry on aiming for chic rather than cheap. So, in my score book, she’s IN just to give her encouraging validation.

  • IN. I think the dress is actually kind of interesting, without being remotely sexy.

  • Lauren Fernandez

    It’s cute.  If she was over the age of 16, however, she would be out.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I agree, it’s way too shapeless and in a vertical line, much like her hair. It is cute, but I do wish that there was just a little shape to it. If there was, I’d feel much better about it, but as is…OUT.

  • Anonymous

    It’s kind of twee for my taste. OUT, but not by much.

  • the outfit is really cute, but it doesn’t fit her properly. i like the shoe choice though.

    i’m gonna go with OUT. there’s no excuse for not getting it fitted (even if you just pin it in the back)

    • akprincess72

      It’s a show on Nickelodeon, it’s actually pretty cute & oddly funny.

  • Bridget Dierks

    I must be out of the loop.  This kid is a total stranger to me… What the hell is iCarly? 

    Anyway, the outfit is cute, fresh, AND girly, so TLo is right about that.

    • akprincess72

      It’s a show on Nickelodeon, it’s actually age appropriate, pretty cute & oddly funny.   

  • The skirt ruins it.  It needs darts or something to bring it in at the waist so it actually fits.  Right now it’s just a tube, not flattering at all, and frankly I’m surprised it doesn’t fall off.  Fix that and I think it’s adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Does her head look huge, or is it me? And her mid section looks so long and her legs too short… Too weird proportions for my taste, OUT

  • Tamara Hogan

    Big IN here – I think it’s adorable – which is a perfectly appropriate thing for an actress her age to be. Very refreshing after the recent spate of desperate gyno hemlines.  

  • Dee

    It should be shorter.  It’s pin straight on the model too but because it’s mid thigh on the model it looks less shapeless.

  • I think it would be a ton cuter and fit her properly if it didn’t have those built-in shoulder pads.  What on EARTH are those things?  if the shoulders could lay correctly, it would blouse nicely and be perfect. The color and tone of the dress are absolutely perfect for the event and the shoes have a great cheekiness given her youth.

  • Anonymous

    In.  I think she looks cute and age-appropriate.  I think the waist is a bit weird, but I like that it is different.  It’s not a poufy princess skirt or a skin-tight tube or a long gauzy drape with a slit to her bikini line.  I think she wears her hair like this all the time, even on her show, so it doesn’t bother me so much, other than the fact that it’s the same hair all the time.  A little bit of variety would be nice.

  • It seems to me that this dress needs a very specific body to make it work perfectly. Perhaps more curve in the hip? The model’s not doing much better in it than she is.

    However, it is a super cute dress, and very appropriate. So IN!

  • Ted Kane

    Not horrible, but out.  It makes her look less pretty than she is.  The dress doesn’t look good on the model, either.

  • Anonymous

    The piping (I think it’s piping) around the waist of that dress does weird things to the shape of it. I think it would look better with a flat black band or a belt or something.

  • mcarlson

    Oooh, I’m torn. I think she looks super-cute at first glance, but that waist on the dress is odd. It looks like the heavy fabric of the skirt doesn’t work will with the light fabric of the top.
    Overall, I’d give her an In.

  • It looks cute but then it also looks like it doesn’t fit her body right. I am going to have to OUT because I just don’t like how she looks in it.

  • Anonymous

    IN! You guys really ARE picky bitches, but I love you for that.

  • out!!!! if it had dipped in just an inch or two at the black band like it appears to be doing on the model, then it’d be an in (even though this outfit is maybe a bit too juvenile…she’s going to college soon but she still looks like she’s 12), but its almost bowing out, which makes no sense. 

  • I think she looks adorable, but her hand-on-hip pose isn’t doing the dress any favors.

  • Anonymous

    In. She looks adorable. The waistline has a strange shape, but whatever, cute is as cute does.

  • Out. She’s too short for this ensemble. Maybe if the waist scootched up a bit it could work. But as is, no. Too visually disjointing for me. I do like the colors on her though.

  • In, I think it’s cute on her.  I agree with the Mickey Mouse ears on the skirt.  At first glance, that’s what it looks like.  I think the center part and straight hair kind of go with the whole vibe on the outfit.

  • Michelle Prahl

    I don’t know. To me, it looks a bit too big? On the runway model, you can see that the skirt has some shape, that it fits the model a little better. But on Miranda, it’s just a big square. I would have preferred a bit more shape. 

  • Anonymous

    IN! I agree with your comments but, yeah, they’re a bit nit-picky. 🙂

  • Joyce VG

    IN! She looks adorable.  Her toes look smushed but still IN.

  • Anonymous

    i agree – i keep resisting the urge to reach out and nip the waist in by just a smidge. otherwise, cute and appropriate for the event.

    also, want her shoes. granted they are simple black pumps, but a stylish lady can’t have too many of those!

  • It’s an OUT from me. The top is cute enough but the skirt is hiddy.

  • Anonymous

    Enh, I don’t love it. Too shapeless through the waist and I agree about that horizontal line.
    This dress is the same exact color as the McDonald’s McCafe Strawberry banana thingy on the banner on the left side of my screen. I can’t help but think it would look much fresher and prettier if the blouse were white.

  • IN!  At least she’s covered up & doesn’t have any important parts hanging out!  Yes, the skirt is a bit shapeless, but she looks pretty I think & pink is a lovely color on her.

  • Anonymous

    The skirt hits her in a bad place (it looks much better on the model) and it makes her look like she’s wearing a box. I have to call it an OUT.

  • IN. But I wish the outfit wasn’t a decorated refrigerator box.

  • I don’t like the fit in the waist, but overall I’d say she’s IN. I love the color on her.

  • out, because it looks like a cute dress that was tucked into a lampshade. It could work on someone taller though.

  • In.  Taking a risk with an odd shape, great color, very age appropriate and un-skanky.  Very in.  I like the shape of the dress.  It’s definitely odd and off putting at first, but I don’t think a dress has to flatter in a traditional sense to still be flattering.

    Flatter.  Flatter.  Weird word.  Say it out loud.  Flatter.

  • Angela Green

    Out.  Love the skirt, the top is cute, but she looks too boxy.  HATE the hair.  I know sleek is a thing but it’s so not my thing.  I almost never like it.

  • I like it!! IN

  • in! cute and classy!

  • Anonymous

    Out. It looks like a pink pleated potato sack on her. If it had a belt to show her shape, it coulda worked. The shoes are a yawn.

  • I don’t think it’s bad, but I don’t that’s a great color on her and like you said TLo, it needs to be a scooch more fitted. So in short, love the dress but just not on her.

  • Anonymous

    there is something very odd and toilet paper roll cozie about the way that top meets the skirtage.

  • Pretty dress but no, no, no to the fit. The dress is for someone who’s a bit taller and have some curves. I have to give her a NO.