In or Out: Demi Moore in Louis Vuitton

Posted on June 08, 2011

Demi stepped out last night with some slight changes made to her standard look and we feel kind of bad because we’re about to criticize them. But changes are good, celebrities! Don’t let our bitchiness deter you from trying new things!

Demi Moore at the Samsung Hope for Children Gala in New York City in a Louis Vuitton dress and clutch paired with Jimmy Choo shoes.

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Julia Saner

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It’s an interesting dress and we’ll give her credit for that. We’re not keen on the hem; not so much the length (which we’re resigned to by now), but the frippery seemingly hanging off. It makes it look unfinished in pictures. And while we do like the dress, we think she definitely needed either a little more support in the boobs or a slightly less plunging neckline. We love her hair here. Yes, we’ve been bitching a lot about the sloppy hair taking over the red carpet, but considering how long she’s been sporting pin-straight, lacquered hair with a center part, this makes for a nice change of pace and softens her a bit. Everyone’s been breaking out those shoes with the thick black X straps and we’re mostly not feeling them, although this pair doesn’t bother us too much for some reason. We’re all for low-key makeup, but the way her eyes are done up make her look like she hasn’t slept in 72 hours. Lots of pros and cons on this ones, kittens. Make your considerations carefully.


IN! She looks striking and stylish and I love the hair!

OUT! She looks like she needs a nap and a bra!

The Minion Opinions on yesterdays two IN or OUT posts are as follows:

Kelly Rowland’s ‘80s secretary drag was declared an OUT, although we disagreed.

Miranda Cosgrove’s sweet but shapeless dress was declared an IN, although there was a lot of back and forth on that one.


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  • Anonymous

    I HATE to say this but I really feel like… this look would have been so much better on someone a lot younger. I’M SORRY DEMI!! You’re still hot.

    • She. Heard. You.


    • Aly Light

      I totally agree– that was one of my first thoughts, as well. She’s aging out of the flapper demographic.

  • aussiegal77

    Painfully thin.  She needs to eat.  Something, anything.  The dress is too long, the hair is not great and in general she lacks sparkle.  The dress just hangs off her like a sad sequined sack.  OUT.  It’s just not working for me at all.

    • My thought exactly–it’s less the lack of a bra and more the lack of enough food to fill out her curves.

  • in

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the dress, and the shoes are all right mainly because their profile is less clunky than other versions of that X shoe, they look flattering and ladylike rather than horsey and hookerlike. I say In.

  • Anonymous

    She looks OK.  Messy hair and tired old boobies, but it’s OK.

    • Bridget Dierks

       Tired old boobies… Hilarious! 

  • Ted Kane

    In.  She looks pretty good here.  It’d be nice if the strands of beads were trimmed so that they didn’t hang down below the hemline.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a half-dressed Victorian ghost. OUT.

  • lilibetp

    Maybe next time someone can give her a hairdo that will somehow hoist up the girls.  That’s just not attractive.

  • I want to like this. I do. It would work on someone with really minimal boobage like Kiera Knightley (I say that respectfully, being a member of the IBTC myself).  But on a woman with actual breasts, a low neckline pointing down to meet a high waistline pointing up creates the illusion that one’s breasts have fallen to one’s waist.  And that’s not an illusion any of us wants to perpetuate.

    Totally agree with you, TLo, on the black cross-strap sandal.  They look like every pair of Aerosoles ever made.  Aerosoles are great, but they are not red carpet shoes.

    Definitely great hair, though, and I like the softer makeup.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Kiera would look spectacular in this dress.

  • Anonymous

    I would have preferred it with the dark hose the model was wearing, but she looks great in it. I only wish I had the money to hold back the hands of time the way she does – she does NOT look 50.


    • Anonymous

      seriously, whose blood is she drinking?

      • word!  whatever she does, she may well be the only actress in Hollywood where it’s not obvious.  Nicole, Meg,Courteney, et al, you should follow this woman for a week and learn her secrets.

      • Denise Riordan Eblen

        Ashton’s, course.

    • Anonymous

      I can see the work that has been done, and frozen face is never a good look.

    • Just to be clear, she’s *not* 50. That may have something to do with not looking it.

  • Robyn Morelli

    IN – apart from the length, I think it’s a nice look. And her skin looks amazing!!

    • Anonymous

      I was just going to say the same thing.  I also love her hair and makeup.

      • Anonymous

        The hair is SUCH a refreshing change from the pin-straight center-part, which I always thought was so aging on her.

  • Anonymous

    What about her face? Looks like she has had her face plumped and botoxed recently. Now she looks like Courtney Cox.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Bradski Gorski styled this look. Didn’t he snatch Demi from the clutches of his ex-employer, The Zoe? 

  • This one was tough to call so I think it’s best to “defer to gut”. The only thing that really vexes is the neckline. So I (AKA my gut) say IN!

  • Out.  I think the softer hair and make-up actually look good.  However, I don’t like the dress on her, I think it would look better on someone taller, maybe the hem wouldn’t look so disheveled.  The shoes also seem really bulky with it, something daintier might have made the dress less stumpifying.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a difficult, if not totally unflattering dress. Too costume-y. She looks good. Those veneers are a bit much. The rest of her “work” serves her well.

  • Shawn Hill

    In: the eyeshadow is too close to her natural eye color, but otherwise she looks soft and sweet. I think the featheriness makes it age appropriate.

  • She looks SO THIN!!!  Love her hair though.

  • Anonymous

    The hair looks kind of Cathy Cambridge (pre-wedding) inspired. Regards the dress, it just makes her boobs look saggy.

  • Like the dress, though it seems big on her. Don’t mind all the stuff hanging off of it. Don’t like the hair. It’s pretty, but it looks a bit “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” with this dress. Liked the more demure neckline the runway version of the dress seems to have, but Demi’s got no need for a better bra. She’s in great shape. Shoes are very very meh. Would like a pair in the color of the dress instead. Much cooler color than black. I suppose we all ought to be happy that it was not a nude shoe, eh? 

  • aimee_parrott

    For me, this is an OUT.  The dress isn’t wowing me, I don’t like the shoes.  The hair’s better than it has been, but what really kills it for me is the fact that her smile just looks painfully screwed-on.  Has she been botoxed recently, maybe too much?  I don’t know, she looks frozen.

  • Anonymous

    She looks completely different than she did in the 1980s “St. Elmo’s Fire” heyday. She’s had some serious plastic surgery, but damn she’s rockin’ it, so I give her props for that. Like the model, she needs something around the neck. It’s just breastbone and boobs. It’s needs a sparkly diamond necklace. She’s an out. You gotta earn the “In”, not slide into it.

  • Anonymous

    If those shoes didn’t have 12 inch heels, they’d look like something grandma bought at the Clark’s store. But these are less offensive than some you’ve shown recently.
    I agree with everything you said so I’m giving her an IN for the hair and the change-up.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, I need to know who her surgeon is. She looks great.

  • I’m torn on it; there’s good and bad but i can’t make up my mind.

    And well, if it’s bad enough that i can’t decide IN/OUT…its automatically OUT?

    • jessamyn

      The world’s not black and white, and something that’s not in isn’t necessarily out. Something can be neither in nor out but in between (“Hurry up and make up your mind, cat, it’s getting cold in here!”). maybe we should have In, Out, and Threshold.

  • Anonymous

    Close, but no cigar. I agree with most of your assessments.  Plus, the bottom of the dress makes it look like a stage curtain.  Out.

  • OMG, she looks beyond fabulous. Is is possible this woman is pushing 50?!


  • When I was in high school, I soooooooo wanted to look like Demi Moore.  I do like this dress even though the tahtahs need more support.  Adore the hair and shoes.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, she needs a bra and a cheeseburger, but my initial instinct from the first shot was “she looks great”.  IN

  • The plunging neckline, the feathers, the makeup… not good. I like the hair, but not enough to keep this from being an OUT.

  • Anonymous

    This is the first post that I haven’t been able to call IN or OUT.  All I can think of when I look at these photos is that she looks hungry, is too thin, and someone needs to feed her.  But is that an OUT?  Not sure.  

  • Anonymous

    Love the hair, bony chest combined with fake boobs looks odd, neckline a little higher would have made this close to perfect. In.

  • Anonymous

    I like it. The hem is weird (although it would rock on Helena Bonham Carter) and the neckline is too low. But I love her hair and I like the dress well enough to declare her IN. And I LIKED Kelly Rowland’s secretary outfit darn it!

  • Anonymous

    IN! I really love this on her.

  • jmoss1

    IN because she finally did something different with her hair

  • Anonymous


    I dislike a lot of the individual parts of her look but for some odd reason she’s making it work as a whole. I really dislike the plunging neckline…way too much chest showing!  The neckline on the model is much more flattering.  Demi’s hair looks great and I like the make-up….very pretty.  Hem and length…not so much, shoes…eh..ok, I guess.

    • Anonymous

      the neckline on the model is more flattering because the model looks flat-chested.

  • I like the dress, but she’s really starting not to look like herself, isn’t she?

  • Leslie Carver

    Out. I hate the length and the hem fru-fra and her sternum terrifies me.

  • Anonymous

    The neckline is too low and too wide. Other than that she looks pretty good, especially the hair.

  • Anonymous

    Oh god i hate that lenth, it is possibly the least flattering so why do so namy people sport it lately?
    And she is so terribly thin… Do movie stars ever eat? Are they not  woried they will start looking more like well preserved mummies and less like real persons as times goes by? I wonder…
    Anyway i do love the hair and the idea of the dress, but the execution, not so much OUT

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know what to say. Like make-up and hair. Like dress, but it needs to be shorter (looks better where it hits the model, near the top of the calf.)  Not sure her boobs really look saggy but that is an excessive amount of exposed real estate between the boobs and the neck. But god, doesn’t her skin look fabulous, considering she’s nearly 50? Money and time well spent.

    Somehow, with the length and the excessive frippery on the bottom third of skirt it just looks too much like a tarted-up sun dress. But she’s dead to rights beautiful. So in or out?

    O.k., with good hair & make up she’d be beautiful in just about anything, so that won’t save it. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Two words: Hefty and Bag.

  • Anonymous

    She needs a bra and a nap — but perhaps a good cheeseburger would take away the need for the nap as well.  She really looks like she needs to eat something.

    Other than that, marginal in (no cap’s), because she’s trying something different and I like the softer hair and make-up.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    She reminds me of the babe. 
    What babe? 
    The babe with the power. 
    What power? 
    The power of voodoo. 
    Who do? 
    You do. 
    Do what? 
    Remind me of the babe.
    Which is my way of saying that I’ve never before seen Demi Moore look quite so much like Jennifer Connelly…

  • Out.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    I don’t like the hem, and she does need some boobie support, but she looks really nice here.  She is rocking those shoes too!

  • okay what did I like? uh the shoes…yeah the shoes. the dress…eeeeeh not so much with the liking. her boobs don’t have support they need to make this look okay, maybe half a nerf football and some packaging tape could have helped it.

  • up with pod people

    She’s lovely, though I wince-hiss at the sight of her sternum. Meh on the accessories but like the dress. In!

    • margaret meyers

      That’s the only fault I’m finding.  I think the hair is really nice, and I do not see what TLo are complaining about inher makeup — it is very subtle, but I think she looks fresh-faced and romantic, in keeping with her hair and the dress.

  • Anonymous

    i think the dress looks pretty bad on her. frumpy skirtlegth, ridiculous neckline, and all that shit hanging and dangling everywhere. OUT!

  • Angela Green

    Out.  Love her, but she’s sort of looking like Courtney Cox here, and she’s hotter than that.  Courtney’s hot, too, but she works the same make-up, and I don’t really dig it.

  • Christine Marie

    A nap, a bra, and a croissant. Out. 

  • suzq

    I don’t like the dress at all.  It’s too long on Demi and the designer clearly styled it for a 1920’s look.  Demi has too many curves to effectively pull that off.  And I’m not liking the feathers.  They look like she walked through a cage of molting birds and the feathers stuck to her sequins.

    Demi deserves better!

  • Grace Ritt

    I would have to say out. It looks like a lot of extra stuff on the dress, like sequins and feathers, and then it all fell off and got caught on the hem. Also wear a bra.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a Lisa Douglas nightie.  OUT.

    And when is this bitch going to age???

  • My initial reaction was “IN”, and I couldn’t find enough flaws to change my verdict. 🙂 She looks good!

  • Anonymous

    I hate to say this, but, she is too damn old to be wearing necklines cut to her navel. Put on a damn bra!

  • So what? she looks good

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everything you said, TLo, especially the part about the boobage. Not to put her down, because the woman looks fantastic and her body is great, but I think her bra-less days are long gone. Just accept it, Demi! You’re still hot as hell! 

  • Anonymous


    Back and forth because she looks gorgeous, but that is a strange, costumey dress and ugly shoes. 

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Except for the bony sternum, I think she looks great.  I also give her surgeon at least a half a dozen INs — either that or she’s got a portrait in the attic! 

  • Anonymous

    Not so much, Demi. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to vote. I’ll give her an IN.

  • Anonymous

    IN. I actually really like this look on her.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe her eyes are droopy ‘cuz she’s high

  • Joyce VG

    IN!  She’s hot!

  • She looks pretty, though I could do without so much bony sternum.  Still, an IN.

  • ket

    in! she looks natural and beautiful

  • I want to give her a bra and a cheeseburger enema.  

  • I think she looks great – I agree that the neckline is a skosh too plunging for someone with her endowments.

  • oohsparkley!

    She looks fab!

  • Anonymous

    Exactly HOW many virgins must one bathe in the blood of to look this good?  She makes me feel inadequate.

  • I have the same hair right now!!! I call it “hot in the kitchen hair” Love her but…..OUT. Nap, bra, blush, hair-do…..needs all

  • Anonymous

    Based on the first picture, I was ready to go in, but then we got closer, and my she does need some support in the chestular region. I think she’s very fit, but these photos make her look emaciated–where the straps hit just highlight clavicle clavicle clavicle and make me want to bake her muffins. She’s gorgeous, and this is making her somehow less so, so while I love the dress, I think it would have been a better choice for someone else. Which is to say that while it pains me a bit, I’m voting OUT.

  • Anonymous

    ill give it an IN

  • I love this on her.  It does soften her up.  If she had worn this next to her much younger husband, then it probably would look too desperate, but on her own?  Looks great.

    Minus the non-support.  She’s at the age where you NEED support.  That’s not a knock, but it’s nature.  Boobs start to sag past age 40, no matter how thin you are, or how non-existent they are.

    But over all I think it’s an IN!

  • I don’t like the hem but overall the look is working for me. IN! 

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was Jennifer Connely for a minute. I like the overall effect and she looks pretty, with a few minor adjustments it could have been an A, I’m giving her a B-, which is above average, thus an IN.

  • Anonymous

    Ack! This child needs a bra! Yeeps. And she also needs to stop injecting botulism into her forehead, but that’s a story for another day. 

  • Out. I can’t really see a single thing I like about this dress. Only winning points are the hair (great beach waves) and the shoes. Want the shoes. Need the shoes. Die for the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    This is the prettiest she’s looked in a long time to me – the softer hair does wonders for her (here, she really does look 20 years younger than she actually is, while the more severe do she so often sports only makes her look maybe 15 years younger – which is still insane!). I think the deep/open V would look better on someone a little smaller chested (or if she’d just had a bit more support), but overall I think she looks fantastic. I like the dress a lot – it’s dramatic and funky without going overboard and is age-appropriate. IN.

  • Love the dress. Yes her girls need support, and I would have liked a more interesting shoe, but IN.

  • Anonymous


  • MilaXX

    IN. It;s a pretty nice look. Minor quibbles: not feeling the full sternum effect of the plunging neckline, either hoist the girls up or don’t dip so low and I hate the hem. On the plus side, I like the rest of the dress and think hair, makeup are really pretty on her. Accessories are fine.

  • Anonymous

    I want to like this.  I like the length, the hair, the softer makeup and yes, even the frakking shoe, but the hem looks tacky and the boobies – when you have some rackage, you need a sling.  Even the stick on supporters would do some good here, but these girls are plummeting to earth.

  • If she had left the necklline where it was on the model, it would have looked so much better. I really liked the ’20s vibe on the model; the changes made for Demi made it a dull dress – and it looks like it is a size too big. Love her hair, though and I like these shoes on her.

  • Anonymous

    She and Marc Anthony look like they were both just released from Auschwitz.
    I’m giving her an ‘OUT’. Love the dress but not on her. Do love the shoes. Her facial gauntness make her teeth look huge and cappy. Meow

  • Anonymous

    IN. Absolutely LOVE the hair, makeup & accessories are good, shoes are KILLER – only negatives are the afore-mentioned plunging neckline/boob droop, and it’s a bit heavy-looking around the hem. Still, bitch is looking great.

  • Anonymous

    OUT, because even though she looks good from the neck up, the dress just does not fit.  And IN needs to either tell a good story or bring AMAZING to the party.

  • Anonymous

    In, with a few points off for the saggage.

  • Anonymous

    That is a VERY cool dress but this starving, ghost-eyed, frozen-faced woman just scares me. I think she’s there to eat one of the children. 

  • Anonymous

    In. Something very graceful about it all. I like the flow. 

  • Anonymous

    Sorry gus but I think she looks fab. In!

  • Anonymous

    Love her hair.  Agree w/everything about the dress: Like it, hate the
    hem and fix either the bosoms or the neckline.  No to the shoes.  She
    gets points for the pretty hair and buff bod, but demerits for the dead
    forehead.  To paraphrase, you can tell how much it
    doesn’t move even in pictures.  Leaning toward OUT.

  • Anonymous

    She needs a less plunging neckline, a better bra, and I hate to say it but she just kind of looks a little desperate to me. Still, she’s better than JLo so I’ll give her an IN for that.

  • Anonymous

    There’s about a foot between the boobs on the dress — the dress is designed for breasts where the nipple is under the armpits. Any breasts closer together, with actual cleavage, would be exposed with this design. Very strange.

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to vote — that’s an OUT. The boob issue is just too distracting to the overall look.

  • FAB! Such a delightful departure for demi – I almost didn’t recognize her – in GOOD way! IN! yes XOXOXOXOOX the hair. extra kudos for having really long hair that doesn’t scream “I have trashy yet expensive extensions”

  • Anonymous

    Hm…I’m giving her an out for the neckline and weird hemline. Sure, she doesn’t look 50 – but she also doesn’t really look alive, to me. Dead in the eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks pretty great.  The dress is classy and interesting and her hair looks fantastic.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with her mouth?? Does it just look funny because she’s way too skinny?

  • Lisa

    She’s got a little saloon-girl look happening here – she looks great!  I give her an IN!

  • She looks natural and gorgeous. She has an amazing figure, so she is be able to wear this dress while still managing to display some curves.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the boobs that bother me. It’s her bony breastbone. How is that attractive? I like the dress and I really like the shoes, though. As for the grooming, I am not a fan of very skinny eyebrows, but her Groucho Marx caterpillars aren’t thrilling me either. Can nothing ever just look, well, natural? 
    The shoes remind me of what 1950s mannequins used to wear — usually ribbons crisscrossed up and down. We had a dress shop on our main drag that had the same dummies with the same crisscrossed ribbons for probably 40 years. I always liked that ballerina look that goes with everything.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I hate the hem, hate the makeup, hate the hair. Actually, I hate HER, so it’s a biased OUT.

  • I saw some old flick of hers for a minute last night, and was struck how beautiful she was.  This look makes me think of that favorably and think how beautiful she still is.  That makes me call it an “IN,” even if girl does have 40-something braless boobs.

  • I love the dress but the thing that makes me kind of hesitant is how bony she looks. I still think she looks hot for her age, so IN.

  • The neckline, the make-up and the disheveled hair ruins it. This look gets an OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I’m fine with the dangly bits, but not the feather hem.  Ditch that and the earrings and we’re all good.  The earrings look visually heavy, a weight on the end of a string.

  • Anonymous

    Love the shoes and dress, I would have modified the neckline because her boobs don’t look great. Love the hair.

  • This dress would look fabulous on a woman with more meat on her bones. As it stands, Demi looks too skinny, which she generally doesn’t in things better suited to her.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Demi honey, you’re better than drag queen hand-me-downs.  Someone just needs to throw her a feather boa so she can start singing about “Miss Mona’s Special No-No Rules”.

  • Anonymous

    She’s starting to not look like herself, what with all the Botox and/or facework she’s got going on. Second pic she almost looks like Courteney Cox. And watch out, Demi—it’s a short leap from CC to Janice Dickinson!

    I like the dress but TLo is right about the boobs, and the shoes look too modern for the dress.

  • I’ve always liked her, and I think she looks great.  Except–she needs to pick up her girls and put them where they belong.  The space between her boobs is approaching the size of…space!  As in outer space.  Love the softer hair and I do love the dress and shoes. 

  • Tania Skevos

    The hair? I want to see some nice grey on some of these bitchez.

  • Anonymous

    I really want to like it, and I love her hair too much for an out, but damn, woman, have a slice of pizza or three.The sunken chest doesn’t work with… well, anything.  Thin is good.  Walking skeleton isn’t a good look for anyone.

  • Anonymous

    it ONLY it was a color.

  • Anonymous

    And whoever did that to her face needs to be slapped around.

  • OUT. That hair is too sloppy, I wouldn’t like that dress no matter how you styled it, and while I like the shoes, they don’t belong there.

    But yay! She tried!

  • Anonymous

    Weird length, too low!, ugly shoes…

  • out. the dress is too long, but what gets it is the fact that the eyes are to be drawn to saggy old lady boobs. bra and a nap indeed.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The cut is inappropriate for someone her age, the length is wrong, and the dress looks overdone. I do like the makeup and hair though. Small steps, Demi!

  • Anonymous

    In, she looks good. And give the breast comments a rest people, they don’t look that saggy or tired. They look fantasic, especially after 40. I wish my breasts looked half as good in a dress that low cut with little or no support. I like her shoes better than the ones the model is wearing. Ankle straps make no sense on closed toe wedges!!! Demi’s dress looks black and the version on the model looks navy blue, would have loved for Demi to wear the blue dress.

  • Diana Martinez

    IN! I think she looks gorgeous and fresh and young.  Hate the shoes, tho.

  • Anonymous

    She just seems so slouchy. The model on the other hand is working the shit out of that dress. It’s probably not fair to compare Demi to the model but still… OUT!

  • Anonymous

    I love it….and I really love those shoes!!!

  • Anonymous

    On the whole, I think she looks good.  I don’t like the hem length – I don’t think it flatters her – and her boobs are definitely heading south, but she looks fresh and soft and, well, pretty.  And hey, I like the shoes.  In.

  • Anonymous

    Not crazy about the dress. Maybe it’s the feathers. It’s too busy and  there’s way too much boob-age.
    However, I love her hair and makeup.

  • In, by a small margin 😀

  • Out.  She’s not working it one bit.

  • IN.  For the hair alone.  She could wear her hair like this for the next six months and I’d be very happy.

  • In, if only to encourage her to continue wearing the softer hair.  I’m with y’all on the shoes – possibly hers are less annoying because the straps are thinner and the heels less clunky than most.

  • Aly Light

    My first thought was “What was she THINKING?!” Then I saw the dress on the model, and I understood– it does come up as a cute, flapper inspired look there. Unfortunately, it turns out to not be a dress, but a costume, which Demi hasn’t accessorized properly, so she looks ridiculous. The hemline is awful on her, the long strings of beaded fringe look ridiculous, and the make-up is wrong. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    IN. It’s an interesting dress, and I keep wondering how Shelly O would alter this for her own body and look because it totally reminds me of something she’d wear. I like the hair and her boobs don’t bother me. I love the shoes. Somehow though she could be tipping it beyond what a woman of ‘her age’ should wear, I think she looks great.

  • I really dislike her as a personality, but aside from the hem being a little wonky, I think she looks really good. IN

  • Anonymous

    After 40? WAY after 40 and she looks it. Not wild about any of it, sorry she needs to grow up. Instead she simply looks like she has grown old!

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. She has this bony chest, neck ligaments sticking out and fake boobs. I don’t know when it became popular for women to look like starving boys with big chests. Just ugh.

  • Anonymous

    Are we sure this is Demi?  She looks so unlike herself but, I think, in a good way.  I do like this dress alot, no quibbles there.  I have to disagree with your make up comments, I think she looks great in the face and hair.  It’s a very pretty look, less severe than usual.  The boobs could use a little suport though.

  • Megan Sullivan

    In. I don’t like all of it, but it almost works. And I like the hair. And make-up.

  • Ella B. Mudge

    That dress is such a 1920’s flapper dress and at no stage of her life has Demi been the flapper type.  However, she has one hell of a good plastic surgeon — she is still recognizable at first glance.

  • Anonymous

    I actually love this dress but think the issue isn’t that Demi is too old for the look, she’s just to frickin’ skinny! 15 more lbs. and this would probably look a great deal better.  And yes, while I know the model is even thinner, if you notice the model’s dress seems to have less exposure in the chest area (probably because she’s flatchested).  I love the hair, and as I, too, wear taupe as my “dark color” for the summer, I am a fan of her mani/pedi.  IN but barely.

  • Anonymous

    I actually love this dress but think the issue isn’t that Demi is too old for the look, she’s just to frickin’ skinny! 15 more lbs. and this would probably look a great deal better.  And yes, while I know the model is even thinner, if you notice the model’s dress seems to have less exposure in the chest area (probably because she’s flatchested).  I love the hair, and as I, too, wear taupe as my “dark color” for the summer, I am a fan of her mani/pedi.  IN but barely.

  • I like the hair very much, but the dress doesn’t suit her at all. She’s not bringing that dark, glamorous flapperesque look the model is. 

  • Patricia Biswanger

    It pains me to say this, because I can’t stand her, but IN.

  • Anonymous

    IN, she looks amazing.

  • I like the soft hair, the dress is pretty, and seriously, her boobs are not really saggy. IN

  • Anonymous

    I think the scarf makes a HUGE difference in how the dress shows. It needs it somehow. It looks so much better on the model. I’m just put off by this entire look on Demi.

  • Out.  She definitely needs a nap and a bra.  Love her hair though.