In or Out: Cameron Diaz

Posted on June 14, 2011

Cammie’s got a new comedy coming out and you can expect to see a lot of her legs this summer.

Cameron Diaz attends the photocall for her new movie “Bad Teacher” in Madrid, wearing an Equipment romper with an Elizabeth and James blazer paired with Sergio Rossi Clonia sandals.

It’s a photocall, so we don’t mind the romper. Oh god. The fashion world has gotten to us. “We don’t mind the romper?” Did we just type that?

But we really don’t mind it. Cammie’s certainly got the legs for it. Unfortunately, she’s also got that belt and that jacket, neither of which actually help the romper. In fact, everything looks like it’s fighting with everything else. There’s something about the hem of the jacket hitting almost exactly but not quite at the same point as the shorts which is triggering our OCD. We don’t know. We go back and forth on this. It feels and looks very fresh and summer. It suits her. But it also feels a little haphazard and sloppy and we can’t help thinking it would look better if certain items (shoes, belt, possibly jacket) were switched out for more interesting alternatives.


IN! She’s walking on sunshine, bitches!

OUT! Give her a case of Aquanet and send her back to 1986!

The Minion Opinion on J Lo’s Python Princess outfit was a surprising IN. Bless you, kittens. You GET it. Divas don’t follow fashion rules; divas MAKE them.

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  • Hannah F.

    She bugs the shit out of me, and it’s a romper, but she looks ADORABLE. In!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah me TOO! I used to really enjoy her and then somewhere along the line she just rubbed me the wrong way and now I can barely stand her.

  • Ira Ioannidou

    IN she looks fresh and human!

    • Judy S

      In, what you said. 

  • Anonymous

    I feel like she was embodying her role as “Bad Teacher.”  On top is the snoozefest teacher wear that looks straight business casual.  On bottom, it’s legs legs legs.  Kudos to you Cammie for taking your role in a (surely lame) movie so seriously.  But sweetie, you’re still OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I’m giving her a marginal “in.”  It’s a photocall for a summer comedy in which she’s playing a teacher, so this outfit feels cute for that.  Hate the shoes though…

    • Anplica Fiore

      I agree 100%!!  It’s very Hollywood teacher-esque (there’s a new genre there somewhere…).  In but would have been much better with a slightly shorter blazer.

  • Anonymous

    For me, the word *romper* (in the context of an adult) signals an automatic out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but I could never, ever give a romper an in… no matter who it is… NO MORE ROMPERS! OUTTTTTTT. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but I could never, ever give a romper an in… no matter who it is… NO MORE ROMPERS! OUTTTTTTT. 

    • Melizer

      Out!  Out! Out!  auf wiedersehen!  (except I NEVER want to see her again)

  • Anonymous

    Crossed-legs-gotta-pee stance + blazer + romper = out.

    • Anonymous

      Does Cathy Cambridge stand like this??? These “ladies” should take some poise lessons from the Duchess!!

  • Anonymous

    I feel like her hairdo, if we can call it that, emphasizes the widest point of her face and makes it look even wider. Also, looks like she could have used a little trim to take care of the split ends.

    Also, her toes look like they could use a break from the high heels. Poor little digits.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  For this event, I might not mind the romper so much if the jacket wasn’t hitting it almost at the hem, making it appear that she does not have bottoms on.  Maybe if it was a skirt or cigarette pants…something longer with this jacket.  Or, this romper and a shorter, more fitted jacket or no jacket at all.

    Hair is bad.  I don’t like those shoes, but nude sandals was probably the best choice here.

  • Megan K.

    Ugh, out.  Little girl clothes + frumpy secretary flasher gear = bad bad bad.  Somebody burn all the rompers already.

  • Jenna Thomas-McKie

    Out.  Either the romper, or the jacket, belt, and shoes need to be switched out.  So, basically, she needs a whole new outfit.  If that’s not the very definition of “Out,” I don’t know what is.

  • Daniela ‘Dani’ Weiss-Bronstein

    I can’t get over her hair and how it’s 1. making her look old and 2. making her mouth look really wide. Super unflattering. I can’t even look at the clothes because her face looks so weird, and she’s actually very pretty.

    • Amye

      I think she’s ugly as sin.  I’ve never seen her “pretty”.  I guess it’s in the beholder.

    • Amye

      I think she’s ugly as sin.  I’ve never seen her “pretty”.  I guess it’s in the beholder.

  • Anonymous

    Out. She looks ridiculous. And please wash and cut your hair, Cameron.

  • Anonymous

    On mere mortals her age (she’s got to be 40, right?), it would too short. But yes, she does still have the legs for it (and I seem to recall Shirley MacLain still showing off her gams til she was in her 60’s (because they were her thing).


  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great and pretty and summery even if she’s breaking a bunch of silly rules. LOVE IT!

  • Anonymous

    agreed. it’s cute and fresh but at the same time unbalanced and not as creative as it could have been. the red belt with a pink jacket, for example. the nude sandals don’t add much. I’d pair a romper with an espadrille. and the length of the jacket & romper — maybe it’s a “boyfriend jacket” look where the length of the jacket is sort of all wrong, but in a cutesy way? whatever, it doesn’t quite add up.

  • Anonymous

    That jacket is shapeless and dull.  The romper is adorable on her and the shoes have a good style.  That jacket is the problem, if it had a more tailored style or a better fabric this could be very cute and summery.

  • Anonymous

    Odd choice of clothes for someone who knows that they are going to be photographed.I do not like shorts worn with high heels or with blazers. But she looks so healthy , long legged, eager to please and non-offensive, it is impossible for me to give her an out.

  • Anonymous

    Thigh high snake skin boots would have totally made this.  OUT for boring me.

  • Emily

    I hate to say it, but IN.  The outfit is cute, but the hair is god awful.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    OUT! I hate rompers on principle, but this one wouldn’t bother me so much if it weren’t for the unnecessary jacket and the invisible shoes. Oh and Cameron, if you’re going to wear shoes that are the same color of your feet, can you please at least paint your toenails so your entire foot doesn’t disappear? K thanks.

  • Eileen Duffy


  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Hair is awful.  Hate rompers, but at least she has the legs for them.  The jacket is what is killing this look.  Too long and too shapeless.  Out.

  • AwwwTrouble Trouble

    IN.  But only because she looks refreshing and cool and cute.  Hair is bad.  I think she needed to stand with one fist on her hip, pushing he jacket aside.  You know, jsut to have an even more cliched stance.  

  • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    OUT. But she’s one of those celebs I can’t stand for reasons that allude me. Rompers belong on girls under 10 and hair should show at least some style. Did I say OUT?

    • Anonymous

      Also, look at her face. She is morphing into the Joker! Google Laura Bush Joker and see what I mean.

  • Anonymous

    Love it. Love love love. In.

  • Anonymous

    the romper and jacket just don’t go together.  If it was a shorter jacket, it would be in, but this combo is out.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great, the less structured jacket is appropriate for daytime and it makes something so short look more casual. Definite IN.

  • Brian @ PWYJudges

    The jacket is a bit worrisome, but overall a cute look for her. IN!

  • Megan Sears


  • Anonymous

    The outfit is cute and totally appropriate. Shorts and rompers and similar looks seem to be her go to. I’ll give her an IN, but I wish she’d done a bit more with her hair.

  • Candice Richardson

    OUT. Hate the jacket. Her hair is horrendous. It’s time for a more flattering color and a haircut. It looks greasy and lifeless.

  • Anonymous

    In. I dunno.. just more in than out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna say in, because she looks so cute.  But it’s on the edge.

  • Anonymous

    out and blah 

  • Anonymous

    IN on the outfit, I think it looks unfussy and adorable, but Out on the hair and makeup; hair is very unfortunate, frames her face in a way that emphasizes the odd features without accentuating the positives.

  • Anonymous

    OUT! But not because of the romper. 
    That lipstick and that hair are unforgivable, I don’t know how you guys let it pass.Her legs are good but I’m kinda tired of them (and they look grayish, but that might just be the photo). 

  • Anonymous

    I think if the shorts had been a little longer (or the jacket shorter) it would have worked. 

  • Anonymous

    I like it.  But that hair – WTF?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t love outfit + Can’t stand her = Out.

  • Anonymous

    She looks good but, per usual, unfinished. The shoes are great but need to be an actual color (NOT black); her toe nails need paint; she needs a bracelet and/or watch; she needs to comb her hair. Oh geez, do I really have to give her an ‘IN’. Yes, I guess I do. Let’s mark this day down as a bizarro one and never speak of it again. The day we all said ‘IN’ to a romper.

  • linda

    out, Solely because she just bugs me.

  • korilian

    Okay she’s got the legs but she’s also sporting the Joker’s grin of death and it’s freaking me out.

  • Vaniljekjeks

     Out.  There is too much going on in her outfit it all kind of blends into itself and becomes uninteresting.  All I see are legs.  And horribly boring shoes. 

  • Anonymous

    Out. The jacket is the right length; the romper needs to be a little longer so they don’t hit at the same spot. Fantastic legs! Cray cray smile!

  • Anonymous

    I probably would have been OK with the romper (yeah, I can’t believe I’m typing it, either), without the jacket. And probably different shoes. Yeah, definitely different shoes. Sorry, Cammie, I love ya but you’re out.

  • Manon Eileen

    She looks sorta cute although I still hate rompers. And it looks odd with that jacket. Nevertheless, she looks fresh and cute so I’d say it’s an in!

  • Anonymous

    You know what I like about Cameron Diaz? She has such an individual look physically. Her facial features are not only not classic but not even beautiful by today’s hollywood standards yet she’s not changing them. The clothes, meh–a little too informal for a photocall in my book. And I love her smile.

  • Terence

    In.  She looks great and the jacket adds a dimension of casual realness on what would otherwise be a forgetable moment in the romper alone.

  • Anonymous

    A Romper?  Really?  At a photocall?  OUT.

  • Melanie H

    My first thought was that I hated how her jacket was the same length as the shorts. Somehow, that is unforgiveable to me. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Might have worked with a shorter jacket. Sorry Cam out.

  • Anonymous

    In.  The nude shoes are perfect for this look–they extend the line of her leg.  

  • Anonymous

    Out. It looks thrown together and her hair looks like crap. Plus, when she smiles she looks like a muppet. Call me a bitch, I don’t care.

  • Anonymous

    IN, but she needs to switch out that jacket. And the hair looks like it could use a smidge more finishing. Keep walking on sunshine Cammie!

  • Aly Light

    IN. I like the color scheme, and this is pretty much the first instance I’ve ever seen of someone wearing a romper that actually remotely fitted them.

  • Courtney Hellams

    i despise rompers and everything that they stand for, but she looks really cute.


  • Anonymous


    Cute and summery…and all about those goshdarn long legs!  She’s got ’em, and she’s flaunting them…good for her. The nude shoes work here because they make her legs look even longer.  Any other color shoe would have fought for attention with everything else going on.  And, I don’t see sloppy, I just see a good balance of covered-up and skin….and complimentary summery colors.  It all fits well, sexy and not vulgar.  Love this look on her!  :)

    oh yea…wtg to the diva JLo on her python IN! :)

  • Siberiamom

    Unless you are Judy Garland singing “Get Happy” your pants should be longer than your jacket. Out.

  • Sammi M

    It’s not the most offensive outfit, but I’m calling OUT based simply on the jacket being almost as long as the shorts. I think the outfit would be cute without the jacket.

  • Vivi N

    This is an OUT for me. Only because of the blazer. The fit is not right with the romper. If she was going for the oversize look, the hem of the blazer has to be either the same length as the hem of the romper or pass it. 

  • Erin

    It’s the hair, if she pulled it back pony or bun, with a few bangs dangling….mebbe the romper would work…but, generally rompers should be worn by TODDLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimmy Hescock


  • aimee_parrott

    I’ll keep this brief.  Any romper = OUT.

  • Julaine Morley

    Romper, successful but not a wow. Jacket shorter, yes, and a tweedier belt. Why wear shoes with so much foofarah if they blend with her admittedly great legs which don’t need lengthening? Hair verges on bed-head and needs a trim. OUT.

  • MilaXX

    I think the jacket could stand to be a little shorter, but Cameron is on of the few people who get it right when wearing shorts. She still looks pretty cute and pulled together. IN

  • Christina Diaz

    hate the shoes, probably because they’re nude and her toenails are bare.  so bland.  hate rompers, but she does have the legs for it.  …her hair, i can’t even talk about.  OUT.

  • Hilary Sain

    I normally can’t stand her and find her quite tacky, but this look definitely gets an IN!

  • Anonymous

    OUT. And please do something with that limp, scraggly, uncombed, unstyled hair that you usually only see on middle-school girls.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I love rompers if you have the body for them and she does. Legs Legs Legs look good. I like the look…wish the jacket was a little more fitted and didn’t flirt with being the same length as the shorts. I think her legs totally make this thing work although I must say I HATE her hair. 

    is that IN or is that OUT? 

    IN barely.

  • Anonymous

     She’s IN. She looks adorable.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  The ensemble as a whole just doesn’t work.  Even for a bad teacher.  

  • Anonymous

    Well, I don’t know any teachers who could get away with wearing anything that short!!! I think she looks cute. In. Although I don’t get why this woman is a “movie star.” She is so odd looking, and not a memorable actress in any way.

  • Rachel Lee

    From a distance, she looks like she went out without her pants. Or shoes. Out. 

  • Anonymous

    Lukewarm IN. Yes, darling we know you have great gams. It’s okay to put them away every now and then. And for God’s sake do something with your hair! There, I said it. I feel better now.

  • Amie Curie

    I generally hate her, but for some reason it works here. IN.

  • Sara__B

    I don’t like the scraggly hair, but she looks great anyway. Hey, it’s summer, and it’s the red carpet for a lightweight comedy. IN.

  • Christopher Brathwaite

    I actually like the belt! It made it feel less romper like, which I always approve of. The jacket and shoes are what is bothering me. It’s the length of the jacket. I like it by itself, but on this, no. Overall, I still have to give it an IN. This is mildly horrifing cause it’s an effing ROMPER.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like the belt with the romper. I hate the jacket and shoes, though.
    I’d also like to know where she found a romper that doesn’t permanently show her butt cheeks, as I’m in the Amazon family tree as well and can’t seem to find one long enough. I guess I’ll have to expect to pay hundreds of dollars to find one that fits.

  • Anonymous

    I agree — horizontal lines shouldn’t clash like that but her hair is what I ultimately disagree with — to quote my mother “Why are you hiding your lovely face !!!!”.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t really tell whether i care for the belt with the romper because I can’t see much of the outfit with THAT STUPID BLAZER OVER IT!

    I vote Out for bad blazer, bad hair, bad accessories. I don’t like rompers either, but I’m being forced to acknowledge their existence in fashion right now.

  • Mori Clark

    ehhh i’ll give her an IN, because it’s been awfully cold in some places lately and i think maybe the jacket was an addition when it turned out to be 65 degrees instead of 90. 

    i did not realize that her mouth was so friggin’ wide, though. it’s HUGE.

  • Joyce VG

    I like it.  I am not a Cameron Diaz fan but she looks put together.  A tad boring perhaps?  IN.

  • Phyllis Craine

    Why is her hair always so stringy?  But I like her “don’t care” attitude towards fame.

  • Anonymous

    Is is me or is something seriously wrong with her face?  The eyes look like Cameron but the rest of her face looks all squished.  OUT just because of the jacket length.

  • Summer Born

    OUT. Sorry, this was a close call, Ms Diaz.

  • Tina

    I vote in!  I love the nude sandal on her and the crisp white with red is lovely.

  • Kyle


  • Catherine Rhodes

    OUT. Nothing goes together.

    Also, Cameron Diaz for me is the female equivalent of Orlando Bloom — I just don’t get why people think they’re attractive. She has great legs but that’s about it. Average bordering on homely.

  • Margot Brose

    In, because it’s not out. Although she needs new hair that flatters her face shape. Her head currently looks like a pumpkin wearing a cheap wig.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, I have always hated that it looks like she didn’t brush her hair for the last 24 hours.  I’m not saying she needs to have it immaculately quaffed every time she leaves the house.  She just needs to use a brush!

    That said, I don’t hate the outfit.  I don’t love it but it doesn’t offend me in any way.  In.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t typically like coats or long sleeves with shorts. I feel like if it is cold enough to need a coat then you should be putting pants on too. As much as I love clothes and fashion I still want clothes to make a little sense, otherwise you are heading into the “trying to hard” territory. Which is why don’t like rompers. There is no way to go to the bathroom without taking the whole thing off. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT – I can’t handle romplers and for pete’s sake, PAINT YOUR TOENAILS!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a fun, chic, breezy look. In. 

  • Anonymous

    The romper might not be bad, without the ugly jacket….on a 25 year old! I’m sorry, the woman is almost 40 and even though she has great legs, it’s an “OUT” (but I might be biased because I can’t stand her….)

  • Amanda in Austin

    Her hair is awful. And I hate those shoes. And I don’t understand wearing a blazer with a shorts-romper. Her arms are cold, but her legs aren’t?  It looks dumb.  Also, shorts-rompers need to DIE. In case you couldn’t tell, I give her an OUT.

  • Heather

    Ugly, unflattering outfit + bad hair = OUT. Sorry, Cammie, I like you, but that romper and the burlap blazer are unforgivable.

  • Jason Kramer

    in….but 2″ off the jacket and it’s an IN

  • Emily Staats Hislop

    If you’re rocking the legs at approx. 40, rompers will be excused.  The blazer, though not quite right, detracts from the “romperyness”, in my opinion, and tones down any air of desperation that could come across when those of us over 35 display too many of our assets at once.  Wish her toes were painted with some tinge of color. In.

  • Anonymous

    Next stop Cougarville! Out!

  • Erin Leahy

    Out.  Just not a good outfit.  Thats that.

  • Anonymous

    I like it. It’s chic and her legs look gorgeous (as usual). I actually like the no polish factor – combined with the disappearing shoes, it really makes her legs seem to go on forever.  Her hair’s a little…lank, but overall I think this is a good look for her. IN.

  • Anonymous

    This looks cute and fresh for strolling the French Riviera, but it’s the heeled sandals that are bothering me. Actually, it all bothers me, it’s like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Jacket kills beachy romper, beachy romper kills heeled shiny nude sandals, heeled shiny nude sandals ruin everything.

  • John O’Connell

    Out. Jacket is totally the wrong length and looks like an after thought.

  • Richi Robilotto

    Wished the shoes weren’t so close to her skin tone, and that the jacket was shorter, but this is kind of cute regardless.


  • Anonymous

    Cam loves her some shorts, so, I have to let her have that.  I think the jacket probably an inch or two shorter, but that may be a quibble. Shoes are nude, but not boring.  IN.

  • Shalia

    I’m sticking with my “rompers on anyone no longer in diapers is NEVER EVER EVER appropriate.  Period.”  Out.

  • dehopkins

    I think the fact that the jacket is the same length as the romper makes it seem like she’s not wearing pants. OUT.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    OUT.  She doesn’t look fresh faced anymore.  And the romper and blazer is not doing it.  I bet this would have looked amazing without that jacket.

  • Marlon Satchell

    No way. She looks like she’s not wearing pants at all.

  • Fifi LaRoux

    She’s beach chic! In!

  • Danny Maza

    OUT, sorry honey, cute outfit, but you’re not in your 20’s :S

  • Megan Sullivan

    Hmmmmm IN.

  • Anonymous

    I’m torn.  If it were 2 inches longer and she had worn not-nude shoes I would give this a quick ‘in’.  But you know, overall I like the red and white and I guess I can’t blame her for showing off her legs.

    in.  But not capitalized.

  • Anonymous

    In, she looks so cute! I love Cameron but I will not be seeing this movie.

  • Ella B. Mudge

    Initially I thought she rolled out of bed after a rather sweaty session with A-Rod, put on a white shirt of his, belted it, threw on a jacket and some nude heels and hit the photocall, forgetting to comb her hair.  I had to look at this a minute to realize she was wearing shorts, not a long white shirt.  That leggy-leg and beach hair look of hers is becoming rote and boring.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    The Lucy thread we can vote early, vote often…so here’s another IN for Cammie from me…lol! 

  • Anonymous

    The Lucy thread we can vote early, vote often…so here’s another IN for Cammie from me…lol! 

  • Katherine Lavender

    No. She’s all sooo proud of herself that she’s discovered playsuits as a way of displaying even more leg without flashing, but that doesn’t mean she should throw one on all the time. And this is very thrown on. Nothing goes, the pink and red is upsetting me, and the blazer is just downright nasty. She looks like she’s wearing half a school teacher’s outfit. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    To me it’s a pretty good mix of masculine and feminine elements, not perfect but most certainly IN.

  • Anonymous

    To me it’s a pretty good mix of masculine and feminine elements, not perfect but most certainly IN.

  • Anonymous

    To me it’s a pretty good mix of masculine and feminine elements, not perfect but most certainly IN.

  • Lisa

    IN!  I think she looks cute.

  • Lisa

    IN!  I think she looks cute.

  • Anonymous

    In. The sweater hides the romperliness of it all. Shoes are weak, but overall it’s cute, if nothing special. (except, looking cute in rompers at her age is, really, pretty special.)

  • Amye

    Out, she’s Cameron Diaz.  Not only is she annoying.  She’s has no talent, no beauty, no voice, nothing going for her.  Okay, those are spectacular legs.  Big whoop.

  • Johnny Heffernan

    Her face is looking all kinds of fucked.

  • Susan Collier

    Is that my mom’s blazer?

  • Grace Ritt

    I would have liked the blazer if it were actually oversized, not so “Thanks mom!” Out.

  • Anonymous

    She is super petite gal and she really knows how to dress her body.  IN.

  • Haley Buchanan

    Out.  It does absolutely nothing for me except bore me.  And, though she does have nice legs, I’m tired of seeing them.

  • elzatelzabelz

    Out- 1) She’s so annoying and cloying and I am OVER her, 2) Shorts-no, 3) It isn’t classy to wear open toe shoes without a good pedicure.

  • Anonymous

    Eh. Nice legs are not enough. OUT.

  • moodring54

    IN, she looks good. She’d look even better if she lost the jacket completely.

  • Anonymous

    She was looking beat for a while, but I think she looks great lately–and this is a cute, summery look. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out. My 3 year old niece wears rompers, I do not want to see them on celebrities.

  • Anonymous

    IN! She looks super-cute and I think the jacket and belt go with the outfit.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all just so very ugly. I get the distinct feeling she really wants to be at home in a pair of yoga pants and flip flops, eating a pint of frozen yogurt. She’s getting too old for this. And that jacket is blecccherino.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    It is an IN. Fresh and summery, without a care in the world.

  • Anonymous

    I think she actually looks really cute. So IN.

    But here’s a question? Why do celebs where flats only to stand on their toes the whole time?

  • playyboi05

    In…..Very Clean and Fresh…and yes i like the NUDE shoe

  • JillK

    Dirty-looking, unbrushed hair. Frumpy jacket. Too short short-shorts for a woman her age (legs or not). Ugly shoes. And for G-d’s sake, my biggest Pet Celebrity Woman Peeve — unpolished toenails and ugly feet. There’s not a font big enough to register my vote for OUT as vehemently as I feel it.

  • Anonymous

    In. I like this.

  • Patricia Biswanger

    OUT.  It just looks thrown together.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, I love the romper. I love the red belt and the legs from planet of the gorgeous gams and the chunky necklace and the tweedy jacket and the sunny smile. I hate the shoes. She’s damn cute! IN!

  • Aris Merquoni

    You know, I don’t mind the romper. I don’t mind the belt. I don’t mind the blazer. But her hair makes her face look like it’s MELTING. OUT.

  • Samantha Irene

    In-ish.  The jacket would be better if it were fitted (since the shirt is loose) and about 2 inches shorter. The belt looks cheep. The shoes are super cute, the romper totally works for her. The necklace is horrific with the outfit (better for fall and something dark). But she looks better than average, and it’s not a standard dress look. In

  • K

    She looks adorable. I love the jacket with the romper and belt. I even like the nude shoes. GASP! She gets an in!

  • Dixie Murphy Ross

    In. Ugh, I can’t believe I said that. She needs are more tailored jacket – this one just makes the whole thing look sloppy.

  • Melody Sellers

    It’s cute, casual and summery.  I like it, in fact, I’d wear that, with a shorter jacket. Love the shoes.  IN!

  • AntonijaM

    SHe does look adorable.  Love the belt and shoes and the jacket–although it should be about 3 inches shorter.  IN for me…

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Wish she’d washed her hair, too.

  • Anonymous

    Out! she has great legs, but she’s wearing a ROMPER. Plus her hair looks like it hasn’t been washed in a month. Yuk.

  • Anonymous

    To old for this BS

  • Anonymous

    Bad and Boreing! Put some serum in that hair or at least try to style it or have it styled! Put some effort into your make – up and try to put more effort into your apparence! (Statement pieces and color are a nice start)