WERQ: Kate Hudson in Versace

Posted on May 04, 2011

Kate Hudson attended the premiere of “Something Borrowed”  in Hollywood in a Versace dress and we’ve gotta say, girl nailed it.

We originally had this one set up as an “In or Out,”  but she did such a good job here we switched formats at the last second and gave her equally-as-deserving of a WERQ co-star the In or Out treatment today. In other words, darlings, there was such an embarrassment of riches at this one film premiere, coming from two ladies who rarely give us cause to huzzah, that we were all kinds of confused and discombobulated. We took deep cleansing breaths and sipped mineral water until we could get a hold of ourselves.

Versace Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Hailey Clauson



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Kate’s not an awful dresser; just a really uneven one. She’s gotten better in recent years but not so much that the quality doesn’t fluctuate quite a bit. She wore something the other day to the Met Gala that we weakly praised as one of the better ways to dress when you’re as far along in your pregnancy as she is. We didn’t love the look; we just felt that she did all right and we weren’t going to harsh on a lady who hasn’t seen her feet in a good while. Well, we were wrong about that look, because THIS is one of the best maternity looks we think we’ve ever seen. Preggo or no, she looks flat out gorgeous here. Great hair and makeup and a beautiful, feminine dress. It’s a lovely shade of yellow. A bit too close to her hair color to satisfy our particular brand of OCD, but it looks good on her. We’d call this a WERQ even if she wasn’t pregnant, but when you consider there’s a little person inside her, kicking her and eating all her food, the fact that she looks this good is a WERQ++. We’re bowing here.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage, style.com]


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  • Really love this on her. The color is just perfect for her as well. She looks fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    Super cute!

  • Bow down is right! She looks beautiful.

  • TheGirlInTheAfternoon

    Reminds me of her dress from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. She looks fabulous! Good for her.

    • Mac

      My thoughts exactly! She looks gorgeous.

    • LeBarron

      That is exactly what I thought when I saw her in this dress. Girlfriend knows how to work yellow.

    • Cdawnmitchell

      That’s the first thing I thought of too! While the yellow gown in How to Lose a Guy isn’t exactly iconic, it’s a damn fine dress.

    • Cdawnmitchell

      That’s the first thing I thought of too! While the yellow gown in How to Lose a Guy isn’t exactly iconic, it’s a damn fine dress.

  • Aunt Dee

    The front of the dress is kinds eh to me, but the back is gorgeous, and she does look sublime.

  • Anonymous

    Needs jewelry and I liked he feathers on the runway dress.

  • She’s glowingly gorgeous! 🙂

  • aussiegal77

    Well I’ll be damned. Kate Hudson looking amazing while amazingly pregnant. And her hair? Beautiful. Ugh. Bitch.

  • Margot

    HATE THAT HAIR! What is it with having it stick-straight all the time? I think it would have given the dress a lot more of an ethereal feel to have it curled and pulled away from her face, but not off her neck. Aside from that, she looks like a gorgeous springtime nymph (a very fertile one…)

  • Anonymous

    Good job. I like the hair. The original dress, with the feathers, is fabulous, but her version WERQs well.

  • Noelle

    Yes, absolutely gorgeous! And her jewelry and clutch are beautiful!

  • As lovely as a daffodil in spring.

  • Lala

    Really???? She looks like a dizzy Peeps who lost its way during the Easter brunch stampede.

  • MilaXX

    Not sure why I’m not overly impressed with this. It looks pretty, hair/makeup & accessories are fine. In a coin toss between her and Ginnefer, I think Ginnefer historically has been a much bigger train wreck and more WERQ worthy.

    • I think what makes it WERQ worthy is her entire expression! She GLOWS. And she looks so fresh and healthy despite the fact that she probably feels like a whale.

  • The Lady V

    I think she look awesome! I’d wear that dress, preggers or not. The back is TDF…

  • technogasm

    Not only does Kate look great but im reading this on a kindle. How the Gods smile on us!

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous! I really hate her for looking so glowingly beautiful when she’s so very, very pregnant; I always looked like a beached whale (and felt like one) at that point. But wow, does she carry off that lovely dress — and the back of it is REALLY stunning! Love her look from head to toe — that is how you show the world just how beautiful a woman can be, pregnant or not!

    • twotonepeeper

      Its okay, not all of us have world class stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist. I in fact thought to myself “she is really big right now, I wonder if she feels like a whale…”

  • tara

    amazing.. the prettiest pregnant celeb ever. I love the color and the fit is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    So fresh and pretty.

  • Lisa

    MUCH better than the other day! Very pretty, very fresh.

  • Lesliejcarver

    “Kicking her and eating all her food”. Brilliant, and one of the more accurate ways of describing pregnancy I’ve seen.Also, she looks good.

  • She looks fabulous! I love that color of yellow, I wish I could wear that color of yellow without looking like I’ve got a howling case of malaria. I think this is the best I’ve ever seen her look, I really do. Such a cute dress, and so cute on her.

    I was thinking just the other day when looking at a picture of her how much she looks like her mother right now. I’ve never thought the resemblance was all that striking until now. Sure you could tell they were mother and daughter before, but since this pregnancy her face has gone all chubby and it really make her look so much like Goldie.

    Anyway, adorable dress, lovely pregnancy glow. She’s working it, alright.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. It’s the eyes and the facial expressions I noticed. Also, referring to the note above, maybe the reason why she always chooses bone-straight hair is so it won’t get compared to her mother’s feathery coifs while still keeping her long tresses.

  • oh love this reminds me of the yellow dress ( theres a girl in a yellow dress i must go to) from how to lose a guy in ten days! that color just really works on her – so few people can pull it off! she’s glowing in a good way

  • Beautiful!

  • Does this remind anyone else of the yellow backless dress she wore in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days?

    • That was the first thing I thought of! She looks fantastic.

  • Sara L.

    Beautiful! Perfect dress for the super pregnant, and since I am currently in such a state myself, I am envious beyond belief. She looks wonderful.

  • I’ve never been a Kate Hudson fan – partially because I’ve never thought she was exceptionally pretty, or at least no more pretty than a lot of young women. But she looks fantastic here. I feel like that shade of pale yellow only works on certain people, on certain skin tones/colorings, and she’s evidently one of those people. It’s a very pretty frothy dress without being a Marchesa pouffe. And “a little person inside her, kicking her and eating all her food” is more or less precisely why I have never, ever had the urge to have kids.

  • madam wks

    She looks beautiful here. Pregnancy becomes her.

  • Momzilla

    She hasn’t had a bra on since the Met Ball. At this stage you are retaining so much water your sandles leave marks, your socks leave marks, your underpants leave marks, and your bra leaves marks…. for days after you take them off. Her back? not an elastic indentation anywhere. You don’t know how hard it is to look chic when you are this pregnant with, well, it looks like she could be carrying the defensive line of the 2035 Green Bay Packers. Good girl.

  • Megan

    MUCH better than the one she was wearing the other day. Hair and makeup look beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    She just looks so fresh and bright and pretty!

  • jzzy55

    She looks pretty and happy. But I still dislike the artificially-colored lemon sherbet color.

  • I have a feeling there is a stylist for this film that should be commended. Check out the similarly sparse jewelry/gigantic ring/nude fingernail look, and these two ladies are incredibly well-coordinated.

  • Nancy

    Yes, she looks cute. She has never struck me as a very bright person and her acting is nothing but fluff, but yes she looks cute.

  • Lauren

    She looks good, and is definitely “in,” but I think WERQ is a stretch.

  • Jen

    She looks radiant.

  • rebecca

    She looks nice.

  • I particularly like the back of the dress… Lovely!

  • 3foxes

    She looks gorgeous.

  • halley

    she looks pretty but she looks like a pregnant prom-goer

  • Anonymous

    She looks great.

  • Anonymous

    She should have worn this to the Gala. She looks great.

  • how the hell are her boobs staying up?

  • Ozski

    Is it possible to NOT look good in Versace?

  • Is it possible to NOT look good in Versace?

  • Lulu

    She looks truly gorgeous here. She’s making it look like carrying around that belly while looking fabulous is a piece of cake.
    Hair and makeup look fresh and pretty. Kudos to her for pulling off such a difficult color.

  • cathy

    i don’t like the strappy things across the bust, but otherwise very breezy and fun!

  • Judy_J

    The back of the dress is stunning! She really looks great here. She’s like the gold standard for pregnant women!

  • Anonymous

    Perfect color, perfect fit for her body, beautiful styling. She looks positively radiant, what a gorgeous look for her. Knocked it out of the park.

  • Anonymous

    Look @ that face! She looks fabulous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so good. Hair, dress, she nailed it.

  • Anonymous

    She looks really lovely, but I think Ginnifer’s showing was more WERQ-worthy…

  • This is a lovely, graceful dress in a fantastic color for her, and her make-up and hair look great. She knocked this one out of the park.

  • Trudy Blue

    Huh. I’m not seeing it. She looks pretty enough, although a bit too floaty and pastel for my tastes, but it’s spring and she’s not me, so I’m not going to ding her for that. But this is a full-on gown at a movie premiere, which is beyond excessive, and the whole look seems more worthy of an IN or OUT than a WERQ, which award by all rights goes to Ginnifer Goodwin for the day. Who was, in fact, WERQ’ing the heck out of a dress that you couldn’t pay me to wear. No, guys, Ginnifer had the right look for the event. This confection looks like it was Kate’s back-up for the Met Gala.

  • Michael C.’s Statue of Liberty dress

  • Anonymous

    Wow! She looks seriously gorge. Hair, make-up, dress – the color of that dress is just amazing. IN. I hate her for looking that good while preggers but have to love her for, well, looking that good while preggers.

  • ed164

    She looks great. I’m embarrassed to ask this… what does WERQ mean?

    • Anonymous

      When Everything’s Right Quotient. =)

  • bocaj121

    You guys seemed to hate it when Jewel wore it to the Grammys a couple months ago.

  • She looks beautiful. Super fresh and California cool, which is a style looks great on her! The only thing I have a problem with are her roots! No one needs to know you’re a brunette, honey.