WERQ: Courtney Love in Roberto Cavalli

Posted on May 31, 2011

In which Tom & Lorenzo once again grade celebrity fashion on a curve, thereby pissing off those who think the red carpet is a zero sum game. But come on, it’s Courtney; a bath and a hairbrush are considered a good sign of her mental health.

Courtney Love attends the 2011 El Museo del Barrio Gala honoring Mario Testino in a Roberto Cavalli gown.

[tabs slidertype=”images”] [imagetab width=”377″ height=”594″]http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/CL+B+3.jpg[/imagetab] [imagetab width=”377″ height=”594″]http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/CL+B+4.jpg[/imagetab] [imagetab width=”377″ height=”594″]http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/CL+B+5.jpg[/imagetab] [/tabs]

She looks pretty good here in any case, but she looks amazing considering she’s Courtney Love. That’s a really great dress and perfectly suits her rock and roll princess persona. It’s glamorous with an edge, and that’s what she’s built for when she pulls herself together. The hair’s about as polished as we would expect from her but we’re a little disappointed by the relatively low-key makeup. Not that we wanted tear-streaked mascara or fist-applied lipstick, but she could have gone slightly more hardcore with the face paint. The purse is surprisingly normal and matchy too, but we’re not complaining. Every once in a while, she cleans up her act for a bit and right now is one of those times. Best to applaud her now while she can still hear it. Brava, darling. WERQ it.

[Photo Credit: getty]

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  • Even if the makeup is too low-key for the dress, that lipstick shade is sublime on her. 

  • MilaXX

    *clap, clap*
    Apparently she’s having a lucid moment. She looks good. Love the dress.

  • Anonymous

    You boys have been industrious today! And with this post you have proven that a three day vaca leaves the mind rested and the judgement sharp. I am in agreement. I Love my Courtney but we know how bad it can get sometimes. Great dress for her. I’m not sure pulled together is the right term to use. But she looks – dare I say it – sane?

    • Lisa

      I’m totally with you.  You know the weirdest thing about her is that there’s no middle ground with her.  Either she looks like a nutty crack-whore, or she scrubs up so beautifully, she can look amazing.  It can get bad, but she looks great here.

  • Christine Marie

    I think you need a new category. You know how in t-ball or whatever, they give out a trophy at the end of the year for “most improved”? Okay, well maybe you don’t know but they do. I’m voting you create some sort of variation on that. Because even if Courtney Love improves heavily, I’m not sure she deserves a “WERQ”. You’re becoming WERQ whores, darlings.
    On a different note, she looks like Madonna’s great aunt in that picture. Well, or rather, if Madonna has a great aunt, I’m pretty sure Courtney Love looks exactly like her in this picture.

  • scottyf

    *shakes head*

    I’m so, so, very very gay. Is there a Kinsey 7?

    I think she looks quite lovely here.

    But the OCD queer in me just wants to reach through the computer and…UNTANGLE THE DAMN NECKLACE FROM THE DRESS.

    • Anonymous

      Agree about the necklace, it’s distracting! And I have to say, I miss her old face. She just doesn’t look like Courtney Love anymore.

      • Amen. The first thing I saw. I feel she always has that something gone wrong; lipstick smear, cowlick, greasy bangs, it’s always something. I feel kind of badly for her on that score. The face, while someone else’s, is looking a little better.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever surgery she had on her face, I never recognize her.  So, thanks for letting me know.  As for how she looks in the dress and makeup…..horrid.  She is a skeleton and desperately needs an intervention.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. She looks like every on the edge of OD’ing junkie that ever crawled into my ER.

      • Anonymous

        Now, through THAT lens, I can’t get a certain formerly overly-self-medicated friend out of my mind’s eye – during the holding-it-together-through judicious use of uppers phase after a stretch of sedatives and/or narcotics. Those were the weeks during which she inevitably found the next boyfriend with whom to descend into months or years of drama. Man, you put my head back into days about which I very rarely think.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she has had some work done on her face. But she looks nice. 

    • Greg Wellman

      Has she always had that thing where her right eye is considerably more open than the left?

  • It’s actually kinda…nice….in a scaly princessy rock-n-rolla chick way… LoLz~!

  • She looks ridiculous, like a clown. Plastic surgery is not your friend, Courtney.

  • Anonymous

    “She looks pretty good here in any case.” No, she does not. She looks sad. From the awful plastic surgery/Botox to the skeletal thinness. Sad. Even grading on a curve….sad. I can’t even focus on the dress. I can’t work up anything but pity.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a great dress, she looks like shit.

  • Anonymous

    My God, she’s the anti- of everything she once stood for back in the riot Grrrl era.

  • Anonymous

    Her face is looking so much better. She looks good. I hope this all means she’s OK and not overmedicated or something.

  • I think this is the best she has ever looked.

  • Judy_J

    Maybe my standards are too high, but I think she looks pretty sad here.  Better than usual, yes, but still sad.

  • Anonymous

    “She looks pretty good here in any case, but she looks amazing considering she’s Courtney Love.”


  • all I see are bones and lips.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve flushed better WERQs.

  • Gorgeous dress!

  • Anonymous

    not a fan of the V shaped waist… or the scales

  • jabes

    Those faint tattoos on her upper arm always look to me like bruises at first glance.

    • YES!! That may have been the point, I’m thinking??

  • She has cleaned up her act BETTER though. Where is ultra glam Larry Flynt C.Love? That’s the one I am most fond of.

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t that when she had studio nannies following her around to keep her clean?

  • Anonymous

    “Fist applied lipstick!” LOVE! Yea, for Courtney it’s pretty good. But she looks sick and crazy and one more bout of rhinoplasty and she’ll be the great noseless wonder. The matchy little bag and safe make-up make me sad.

  • Did you guys just not notice or are choosing to ignore how smudged her lipstick is?  Or how her dress embellishments are twisted up in her necklace?  

  • Anonymous

    Sigh. When Courtney looks good , she looks really, really good, but this is not it. The color of the dress and protruding hipbones–it all reads so depressing. I agree with Tara, the lipstick is good, but that’s it.

  • Anonymous

    Reptilian dress is so so ugly and Ms. Love looks like she need a bath.   I need a shower.

  • That dress is amazing!

  • Jo Miller

    Courtney looks as if she is holding on for dear life; as if one sneeze would knock her over.  This is sad. I prefer that she stay home, rest and recuperate. Best wishes to her recovering her health.

  • And she even looks relatively healthy, too! 😀

  • Courtney cleans up well and would be stunning with the right hair and makeup, but she’d fight that tooth and nail.

  • Nope.  I get grading on a curve, but I still don’t think this warrants a WERQ

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the dress but that stringy hair is really sad.

  • I think she needs some kind of bracelet or something to punch things up a little.

  • I just wish she would do something with her hair.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, for Courtney Love, she looks fabulous. Every time I see a picture of her, I’m just relieved that she’s still among us.

    On another note, it’s amazing how a nose job can seemingly change your entire face.  

  • Looking at her makes me sad–for her, for poor Frances Bean who had to go to court to get away from her and her destructive lifestyle.  If I thought too long about how she’s by all appearances (including here, which is better than other times) just hanging on to this life by a thread, I’d start to cry.  So, no, I’m not feeling the WERQ here.

  • Anonymous

    She was almost able to draw within the lines, but the lipstick is still a bit messy…

  • Did she hurt her wrist slugging some unfortunate who tried to help her with her necklace?

  • Did she hurt her wrist slugging some unfortunate who tried to help her with her necklace?

  • Ella B. Mudge

    I couldn’t figure out who she was starting to look like, with the work on the face and all, but in that last close-up I realized that she reminded me of Sting’s wife, Trudie Styler.

  • Dunno… It’s just not WERQ-ing for me..

  •  you were away for too long. but a werq courtney love.. isn’t what i was wishing for while you were gone. oh no! never.

  • Toni Mitt

    Well–she does look sane and put together here…but she still has those crazy-eyes…like something satanic is gonna pop out any moment. 

  • Tamara Hogan

    Fabulous dress, and what a great lipstick color!

  • I can’t name one of her songs, but I like her.  She needs to act more.  Perfect in that Flynt movie.

  • i disagree. the givenchy from the amfar event suited her much better than this. this snake skin looks TOO literally like she stepped inside a snake. she looks too skinny in this and her boobs look too big and she has no waist and her shoulders look too big and her hip bones are jutting out. how can one explain so many contradictory “too”s? UNFLATTERING dress. Except the hair is much better here than amfar.

  • spooki C

    She’s been looking pretty stylish for a while now

  • Does she crash these events or what?  What is she doing on the RC anyway?

  • Anonymous

    Ugh I think she looks cadaverous.

  • She ALWAYS looks like she needs a good wash, even after she’s just had one.