In or Out: Kate Winslet in Narciso Rodriguez

Posted on May 31, 2011

Good morning, darlings! Did you miss us? Are you all tanned and well-rested? It’s been a good while since we’ve  gone that long without forming opinions. Now they’re all backed up in our heads and we simply must have release. We have the blogger equivalent of blue balls.

And with THAT lovely image firmly implanted in your heads, let’s start off the week with some primo opinionating.

Kate Winslet attends the 2011 El Museo Del Barrio Gala in New York City in a Narciso Rodriguez gown.

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We’ll be blunt: we think she looks pretty bad here. And yet, there’s something totally endearing about it. Kate’s a favorite actress around the T Lo household but ever since she set her eyes on (and eventually won) that Oscar, she’s been morphed into a rather plastic-looking model of perfection rather than the fun, relatable pretty girl she used to be. We rather enjoy the fact that she looks human here because she hasn’t for some time. And because she looks human, we have things to critique! For one, she’s not getting the boobal support she should be. That’s kind of odd, because we can’t recall her ever having an issue in that area before. To be fair, we can’t quite tell if she needs more support or if that unbelievably ill-advised line of trim running right under each boob is giving the illusion she does. In fact, all that black trim on the bodice is doing a terrible number on her figure, making her boobs look droopy and her body look short-waisted. It also camouflages her waist, making her look like a straight line from boob to hip. It’s possible this dress with all of its oddly placed trim might work on another body, but it definitely doesn’t work on Kate’s. We can’t even rip her stylist for this one because we suspect it’s one of those things you really don’t notice until it’s out in the world, in front of photographers. We like the slightly sloppy windswept hair (as opposed to the perfectly lacquered coifs of the last few years), the earrings, and the low-key makeup, but the overall effect is a bit half-assed and the shoes are all wrong for that dress.


IN! She looks cool, crisp, and put together. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, T Lo!

OUT! She looks sloppy and sweaty and I expect my celebrities to look perfect!

Minion Opinion on January Jones’ “Yeah, I’m pregnant. So what?” dress was a near-unanimous OUT.

[Photo Credit: getty, filmmagic]


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  • APB

    She’s a little shiny. Powder, sweetheart!

    Not a fan of the dress — I agree that the black trim under each boob makes it look like her girls hang past her belly button. This would work better for somebody less curvy, I think.
    ETA: OOh, FIRST! That’s what’s up.

  • Ooh yeah. That is not good at all. I can’t even find a “but the _____ was ok”. Every bit of it is bad.

  • Anonymous

    Hurrah, you’re back!  It was a dry weekend and this bitter kitten felt abandoned.

    I was okay with her looking human until the magic-portal-to-my-mystery-fun-land photos.

    Reluctant ‘Out’.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree!  The “Parting of the panels on my vagina” is NEVER a good idea for anyone.  Ever.  At all.  I don’t care how beautiful your vagina might be.

  • It looks like she’s wearing a sports bra attached to a skirt.  Perhaps she went for a jog in it, and she’s holding the skirt open to air out her crotch.  OUT!

  • Vaniljekjeks

    I am happy you are back!  There was some serious bitchiness missing from my life for a few days! 

    Anyway, OUT!  That dress is awful on her and the vagina slit is just tacky.  And her hair and makeup are boring.  She’s gorgeous.  She needs to present herself better!  

  • meggwtw

    I see what you’re saying, but I really don’t think the boobs look saggy. Perhaps it’s the black lines that give that false impression, but who knows. I still think she looks gorgeous, but I’m biased because I always think she looks beautiful. I don’t know why you think the line across the waist camouflages it, but OK. Love the hair/makeup/earrings, and I agree it’s better than that crap she had been doing at the award shows in recent years.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan.  It makes her look flat and wide. 

  • Anonymous

    She’s always an in. I just dont care for that slit. Too backwards Angelina. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree. She’s in because she’s Kate Winslet but that slit completely ruins the front of the dress. The zipper ruins the back.

  • Anonymous

    At first glance, I thought it was Sharon Stone, and not in a good way.  The dress makes her look dumpy and puts about 20 years on her.

    • Yes! That was my first thought too and not a good one since Sharon Stone is way older than Kate. From the back, that dress seems to be doing her less favors than from the front, which I don’t like at all. It totally depletes her of her curves and makes her look odd, square-like and, as jjfg said, dumpy. Pity, she’s so lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! I thought Sharon Stone, too. The dress is pretty bad, and I hate the up-to-there slit. Her hair color seems garish for her, too, but the overall bummer is that the recent Kate doesn’t even resemble the glorious creature of yesterday. She has dieted away all her deliciousness.

  • Anonymous

    Reluctant Out.  The cut just doesn’t work across her hips, and she looks dumpy.  She’s not, but it’s just a perfect storm of bad fit, bad design and bad concept. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, poor Kate. She’s got a lovely figure but this does nothing for it. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Such a beautiful woman. Such a poorly fitting, unflattering dress.

  • Anonymous

    I think the real problem is that trim. All wrong and yes, it makes her look unsupported. OUT

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  I don’t think her boobs look saggy, but the dress apparently thinks they should, and it’s trying its dardedest to impose them.

    A high slit up the side of a dress is sometimes interesting, but up the front of the dress?  Howdy, sailor… wanna come in for a while?

    And the back is just really unflattering.

  • That boob trim is so random. Take that away, and the dress would look a lot better.
    Don’t like the hair, either. I liked her when she was all lacquered and “plastic-looking,” but I agree it’s a bit endearing that she is kind of a sloppy mess here.

    All in all, OUT.  

  • Anonymous

    So that’s black trim? I thought it was boob shadow for sure. OUT

    It’s so much more fun to give an OUT to someone I don’t like. This just makes me sad.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. So unflattering, makes her look heavier and older. Not good.

  • Oh dear, a hot and sweaty mess. Front slits are *always* out, the back view makes her look like a football player. 

    The sharp black/white graphic look is too stark. She looks better when the look is softer and more rounded.

  • Out!

  • Anonymous

    That dress is awful on her. 


  • Hot mess from the front, linebacker from the back, OUT, sorry Kate…..

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I did miss you!  Sorry about the physical problems engendered by taking the long weekend off from blogging.  And remember to not let it happen again because you run the risk of contracting the dreaded complication of blue balls: beer nuts. 

    Oh, and I agree, the dress is an OUT.  It just looks all wrong on her, although I do rather like the Mondrian influence.

  • Anonymous

    Usually she looks stunning, but this is an OUT.

  • Judy_J

    So sorry…OUT.  That dress is not doing her body any favors.  She needs to be fitted for a really good bra, STAT.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t expect perfection, but that slit is so god awful I can’t stand it

  • Anonymous

    Out – that is just not a great dress on her.

  • Agree that the black under-boob trim was ill-advised, but I still think she’s IN.  I think white really sets off her lovely skin, and the black contrast keeps it from looking bridal.  Hate the shoes, though.

  • Brenda Billimoria

    Oh my, she looks much older than she must be.  (Now that’s a totally uninformed opinion, since I haven’t a clue how old she is, but I guess it isn’t 45, which is how she looks here.)  Needs boobage support, face powder, something.

  • And PS- I MISSED YOU SO MUCH THIS WEEKEND!  I had to work, and it was so boring without TLo breaks.  What were you thinking, taking a vacation?!

  • Anonymous

    Not a dress I would have chosen.

  • Anonymous

    Since this woman appears nude in every movie we are all very familiar with her body, and it has never looked bad before.  Not only is this dress ugly, it is also unflattering and succeeds in making her look sloppy and shapeless.  Awful.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. She’s such a pretty woman with a great body, but this thing is doing her no favors.

  • Aly Light

    Imma go with OUT. She looks like your Aunt Eileen out at a wedding– you know, that aunt who was the pretty one of the family as a teenager, and hasn’t accepted that aging and having two kids has rendered her not quite the glamor pot she used to be.

  • Glad to see you back. Also, I pretty much agree with both your opinions–the dress is all wrong but she looks endearingly genuine in it. If it was just the first picture I would give her an IN–I guess that’s what she saw in the mirror….

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I really disagree.  There are some fit issues but I love this dress overall and I think it looks terrific on her.

  • Anonymous

    I did miss you!! I had a nasty cold all weekend and would have loved a dose of your bitchy/loving commentary.

    As for Kate, I’m giving her an Out. I love her and I should like this dress because it has lots of elements that appeal to me, but the whole is much less than the sum of the parts here. I really hate the slit up the front. I think it ruins the dress. this could work on her (sans slit) in a color…maybe. Still, Out.

  • In.  Wow, I thought she looked amazing.  I am not crazy about the slit in the dress, but that’s my only complaint.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the most flattering choice, but I don’t think she looks all that bad. A bit dewy, but not that bad.

  • MilaXX

    I like her face & hair but the dress is problematic. The trim is over kill. I think if it was just a band at the waist or trim around the neck, it could work, but the combo of the band, the trim around the neck & between the boobs makes her boob look wonky. I also think she could use some boob support. The shoe is simply to heavy for that dress. Sorry Kate, OUT

  • Kenny Oliveira

    The expression on her face is not helping her, either. Out.

  • Anonymous

    on principle I really like this dress. But on application – specifically on Kate, in these pictures, with this fit – it’s horrible. It looks like she’s taking her previous time at the gym for granted.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the dress/boobage is OUT!
    However, her hair and makeup are swell. They are IN!

  • I’m going to have to go with in…she doesn’t look all that great, but for some reason I love it

  • Anonymous

    So glad you guys took a break! Hope it was relaxing and enjoyable, not some mere chore-clearing marathon.

    Moving on, she is OUT. Not so much for the sweaty but because the proportions of the dress are awful. You don’t choose expensive clothes because they make you look like a mere mortal: expensive clothes are supposed to accomplish wonders of flattery and camouflage, or at least not make matters worse.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  What’s with the giant slit up to the fine china, and why is she going out of her way to show it??

  • Anonymous

    I m a bit confused,love and hate it,and besides is the talented and classy Kate Winslet.

  • I feel like she looks so angry in every picture. But then, if I were part of the plastic bubble known as Hollywood surrounded by so many self-congratulatory people, I might be prone to pissyness every now and again too.

  • aimee_parrott

    I’m just happy that her face looks like Kate again, and not like that creepy editorial where she looked like a Kate-version of Barbie.  I hate the dress on her, but I love her.  So she’s IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Celebrities are not allowed this kind of blatant disregard for fit!

  • Anonymous

    I reluctant OUT.  I agree with the thoughts on the bodice but I think the skirt is actually a bigger problem.  It is ill fitting on her, especially in the hip area.  I think that the bodice MIGHT have worked better on a gown with a full skirt.  Either way, it is a reluctant out.

  • Anonymous

    That odd line under her boobs is really throwing off this dress. Without it I believe it would have looked a lot better. As far as her moist appearance, it looks like she may be a victim of the heat humidity we have been experiencing in New York. It is not horrible hot here but we have not been able to adjust yet. I know it has taken me surprise. So a slight in.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that dress looks especially ghastly from the back. 

    Even though the caption announced this is Kate Wnslett, for a moment I thought I was looking at at a kind of fuzzy Sharon Stone. Anyone else flash on that?

    So no. Out.  

  • Anonymous

    Neither in or out, just “meh”.

  • Anonymous

    Just Barely in…not quite bad enough for an out. I get the art deco edginess the dress is going for although I mean what designer in their right mind puts a slit in the front.  I have to say though that her legs look amazing (seen when the crotch curtain parts so she make human movements with her legs) and her shapely expressive eyebrows. serious werq there. 

  • Anonymous

    I love her and this is a lovable OUT. 
    But it doesn’t really matter Kate. Enjoy! 

  • Anonymous

    This is a tough one…but I’m leaning toward IN.

    The thin trim/piping under the boobs is really just odd, ill fitting, and unflattering.  Maybe would have been more flattering for the wide black band at the waist to have bee raised to just under the boobs…idk…right now the black just looks like a harness.  Shoes are wrong…heavy looking.

    The dress has some classic Hollywood star elements and lines to it…with an edge, which I like, and I also like the deep cut, straps and black trim on each. Her hair, jewelery and makeup are fine.  She looks pretty.

  • aussiegal77

    I just don’t love it.  And I usually love Kate Winslet!  This is an OUT, sorry.

    The dress is all kinds of wrong.  I want to like it but the more I look the more odd it looks.  Not flattering at all and what is with that slit in the front?  Yuk.  Her make up is not great but her hair is alright.  Lukewarm praise at best honestly.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  This dress frames her boobage in the wrongest of ways, makes a curvy girl look trapezoidal, and I cannot abide the length and placement of that slit.  Bad.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t hate it; I kind of love it’s imperfection and she looks so confident.
    I’ll risk your disapproval and give her an IN.

  • I see what you’re saying here, but I still thinks she looks pretty phenomenal. IN. And it is certainly refreshing to see a certain real-ness on the red carpet, not just from her but from anyone.

    In other news, thank goodness I was also gone for most of the weekend or I would have seriously gone through T Lo withdrawals…

  • The strange thing for me is that in the first picture she looks like Sharon Stone.  I adore Sharon Stone being Sharon Stone, but Kate should not look like that.  She looks haggard to me for some reason and the dress is not helping.

  • Out. It’s weird; I think she has one of the most beautiful faces in the world, when in motion, but it goes all flat and affectless in photos.

  • OUT, Not a dress for her body. She looks like a bag of potatoes.

  • Agnes Littmann

    butcher diagram

  • In. Kate Winslett is ALWAYS in, no matter what she’s wearing. I love her for saying (in regard to photoshopping) “I don’t look like that and I don’t want to look like that.”

  • Toni Mitt

    She looks fab in the first shot.  I kinda like the dress, save for the under-boob trim and the slit is a skosh too high.  But–I love the B&W and the trim on the neclkine and at the waist.  Love the messy hair–but I agree the shoes are a bit heavy for this dress. 
    All that said–Kate can really never do wrong in my book.. Love her to death! 

  • Anonymous


  • Sara__B

    Wrong dress. Wrong shoes. OUT, but it could have been a lot worse.

    • Lisa

      Exactly!  It’s not good, but it’s not a horror-show.

  • IN – i can live with the boob issue

  • Anonymous

    Out. It’s all sticky and tight and odd and shiny and strangely athletic.

  • I cannot believe you abandoned us for the whole long weekend! I kept checking the site like a lab rat hitting the level for cocaine. Guys, you can take the weekend off — if you must! — but give us some advance notice next time to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

    As for Kate: Big OUT. She looks awful.

  • So OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I actually don’t mind the dress, but something about the overall effect and her makeup is lacking.

  • Anonymous

    Oh sweet, Kate’s put on some weight, which makes her seem a little more real than she’s been.  I hope she allows herself to age a little bit naturally.  

    So dress is a mess on her, but I still like her.  The pre-Oscars campaign her.

  • Anonymous

    I can only think that this dress was the thing that was thrown at her last minute.  I don’t care what lighting you are in.  A lady should always look and make sure her boobs look good or at least normal before deciding to wear something out of the house, especially if you are going to have your picture taken.

    Also that “open the curtains” move she has going on is just odd.


  • Joyce VG

    OUT.  Love her, don’t love the vag slit.

  • Anonymous

    Could she look any lumpier?

  • The dress makes her look really wide! I say OUT!

  • IN the minority here.  Not feeling the split, otherwise, she looks good.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the thing. Hers and my taste runs about the same. We like chic, grown up lady dresses. No bows. No folded napkins. No Marchesa. I would look at this dress and say, ‘that’s so me.’ And I bet Kate did the same.

    Then she put it on and it was so, um, wrong. Who knew that piping could kill?

  • Lisa

    Awww!  I hate giving Kate an OUT, but this just isn’t the best.

  • kjk9x

    OUT.  Is it just me, or is there some kind of weird hip wrinkles going on that makes her look pointy in that area?  And her hair and cosmetics make her look so old– I barely recognized her.

  • Patricia Biswanger

    OUT.  Those shoes are unforgivable.

  • OUT.  Her boobs look like they are trying to escape!  But in the meantime they are just hiding out near her pits…

  • oh heavens no.
    she seems like a decent person but it’s not a decent dress–it’s about 10% better than kesha’s recent glittering teal skankbox w/ its expandable taffeta tablerunners–but thats cos the body of this dress incorporates about 10% more fabric. what both dresses do the bodies of their wearers, otoh, is, in both cases, egregious. again–this one’s about 10% better–particularly egregious, then, on someone who seems about 100% nicer.

    edited to add:
    how wonderful it is to be able to edit hereupon! ridding oneself of unnecessarily bad grammar & adding &/or deleting the occasional trenchant {or less so} adversarial adverb is quite the thrill.

  • Holy crap… I just looked it up and “critique” can be used as a verb.  Well I’ll be…

  • Anonymous


  • She looks bad, but I want to encourage her not looking like a drone of feminine perfection. But she looks bad. But I do love her. But her boobs are saggy looking!

    OUT. Almost lost my bitch edge for a second there.

  • jrland

    I’m so glad you boys took a vacay…welcome back!

  • Lattis

    That’s one of those dresses that if you squint and imagine that the skirt (and her legs) go on another 2-3 feet . . . then it looks great. But, the way it is, with all that horizontal black trim, it makes her have that “standing in a hole” look. But, I love her. LOVE HER. Last night we watched “Eternal Sunshine . . . ” with our oldest kid, and my god I LOVE HER. 
    Still. She’s as OUT as OUT can be. 

  • Anonymous

    Ehh, the dress doesn’t fit perfectly but it’s not that bad. People just keep saying out because she kind of looks like Sharon Stone in that first picture. At least that’s my theory.

  • Anonymous

    The top of the dress reminds me of a sports bra. And I can’t get on board with vag slits. OUT.

  • Out 🙁 The shoes suck, the dress sucks even more and I think the make up looks very harsh on her. There.

  • OUT – it’s the wrong dress for her (for anyone?)

  • The dress sucks!!  🙁

  • Out!

  • At the first photo, I was kind of liking the look. Then I scrolled down.  To be fair, I’m not sure these aren’t just some really, really bad pictures that make her look worse than she did in person.  Still, when at an event at which you will be photographed you should be able to move in your dress without worrying that it will make you look bad if you do. So it’s an out. Even though Kate is one of my favorite actresses and I’m having some guilt saying it.