In or Out: Kate Winslet in Narciso Rodriguez

Posted on May 31, 2011

Good morning, darlings! Did you miss us? Are you all tanned and well-rested? It’s been a good while since we’ve  gone that long without forming opinions. Now they’re all backed up in our heads and we simply must have release. We have the blogger equivalent of blue balls.

And with THAT lovely image firmly implanted in your heads, let’s start off the week with some primo opinionating.

Kate Winslet attends the 2011 El Museo Del Barrio Gala in New York City in a Narciso Rodriguez gown.

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We’ll be blunt: we think she looks pretty bad here. And yet, there’s something totally endearing about it. Kate’s a favorite actress around the T Lo household but ever since she set her eyes on (and eventually won) that Oscar, she’s been morphed into a rather plastic-looking model of perfection rather than the fun, relatable pretty girl she used to be. We rather enjoy the fact that she looks human here because she hasn’t for some time. And because she looks human, we have things to critique! For one, she’s not getting the boobal support she should be. That’s kind of odd, because we can’t recall her ever having an issue in that area before. To be fair, we can’t quite tell if she needs more support or if that unbelievably ill-advised line of trim running right under each boob is giving the illusion she does. In fact, all that black trim on the bodice is doing a terrible number on her figure, making her boobs look droopy and her body look short-waisted. It also camouflages her waist, making her look like a straight line from boob to hip. It’s possible this dress with all of its oddly placed trim might work on another body, but it definitely doesn’t work on Kate’s. We can’t even rip her stylist for this one because we suspect it’s one of those things you really don’t notice until it’s out in the world, in front of photographers. We like the slightly sloppy windswept hair (as opposed to the perfectly lacquered coifs of the last few years), the earrings, and the low-key makeup, but the overall effect is a bit half-assed and the shoes are all wrong for that dress.


IN! She looks cool, crisp, and put together. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, T Lo!

OUT! She looks sloppy and sweaty and I expect my celebrities to look perfect!

Minion Opinion on January Jones’ “Yeah, I’m pregnant. So what?” dress was a near-unanimous OUT.

[Photo Credit: getty, filmmagic]


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