Elie Tahari Resort 2012 Collection

Posted on May 27, 2011

Darlings, let’s all jet off to Morocco today. Right now. We can sell Saffy into slavery and pass out for three days after sampling the local greenery. Doesn’t that sound so much better than whatever you had planned? Elie Tahari got it right when he took the Marrakech Express as inspiration for this collection of turbans and caftans rendered in cream, beige, mustard and pink tones. Too often when a designer says they were inspired by Morocco you’re likely to be subjected to some overdone attempts at literalness and clothes that look more like costumes. Not so, here. This collection is chic, modern, and gorgeously relaxed; clothes for lounging on pillows looking fabulous. It evokes Morocco without trying to be Morocco and that makes all the difference in the world. And haven’t we been telling you all to practice your turban-wearing skills? It’s going to become a thing, we’re telling you. It’s our goal to have you all looking like Lana Turner or Leontyne Price some day.

[Photo Credit: elietahari.com]

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  • Anonymous

    I’m not loving some of the colors, but several of the pieces seem a departure for Tahari, and I’d be interested in those, except for the fact that Tahari never fits me. 

  • Anonymous

    Love the clothes, hate the shoes. Love the AbFab reference too! Now where is my honey?

    • Agreed. The shoes are fug.

    • Anonymous

      HATE the shoes! UGH!

      • what??? I love those shoes I want them!!!! but then again those are just my style.. not for everyone

        • jessamyn

          I don’t hate them as shoes per se, but I hate them for this collection – how are you supposed to recline gracefully into a pile of silk pillows with those things on? Not exactly supporting the relaxed-yet-put-together feel the clothes have.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Terrible shoes.

  • Isy

    So far beyond fabulous. Tahari has been knocking it out with his last few collections. Me gusta!

  • Lol. one of my favorite AbFab episodes!
    I like the clothes a lot, but I don’t particularly care for the mustard yellow. I was expecting a bit more color though.

  • amy buzby

    Gorge, but the shoes are off-putting (to say the least). From the ankles up, I want everything.

  • Lauen newman

    Can I just have everything in this collection? I ADORE.

  • Anonymous

    Love this collection, as you said, not too litarel.  However, that bathing suit with the horizontal stipre granny panty bottom?  Horrid.

  • love everything but the granny panties

  • Stunning, especially the first three looks. I love the tones of gold and pink used here too (even if I can’t wear either of them). Also: that model has something approximating thighs, which is quite refreshing.

    • That’s so weird, because I was just thinking to myself how gross it was the model’s thighs were so far apart. Otherwise, she looks pretty great (to me). 😉

  • MilaXX

    Sweetie darling, I’m not a fan of the retro 70’s look so I’m always a bit surprised when a collection that reminds me of that attracts my eye, I like a lot of the looks here. There’s a lot of pieces that translate well into real world living. My favs are the gold/white combos.

  • Anonymous

    How and where do you wear the striped underpants??  And do they self combust if  they’re put on someone older than 18?

    • jessamyn

      Only if that someone leaves the house in them. And then THEY don’t combust – SHE does. It’s a safety measure to save the rest of us from self-inflicted blindness.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care for the shoes, and the horizontal striped bloomers are a disaster but everything else is very workable!  Love the palette of colors (especially the mustard/white combo) and love the breezy, unstructured feel.  I bet we see these clothes showing up on a magazine cover or red carpet somewhere soon.

  • Anonymous

    Keep the panties and send me everything else.  Oh, and in how many colors can I get that turban?

  • Anonymous

    Biggest clunkers. Horizontsal striped grannie pants bodysuit – what the hell were they thinking?  The maternity top with the jean skirt and the use of those wedge booties with some of the skirts/dresses and the last skirt. 

    Otherwise some goregous things.  But no turban unless I am washing my face or conditioning my hair

  • Anonymous

    J’adore! This collection is very modern, fresh and above all, wearable. I especially like the color story and the way the pink pops when paired with the mustard yellows.

  • Gabriella Soza

    I want every piece. Damn.

  • Anonymous

    Hit and Miss, but the hits are pretty darn good. Looks 1, 2, 3 & 4: love. Now THAT’S how to re-visit the 70’s. Not all that Colorado rich hippie chic, but a very updated Rhoda Morgenstern. #5 is o.k., but not really doing it for me.

    Not loving a lot of the rest. The not-denim looking denim (really, the permanent-creased bell bottoms come out of a JC Penney’s catalog) and the striped granny panties are particularly inexplicable. The shiny gold dress is unflattering on the model, so that’s a fail, and the shoes are beyond hideous.

    • margaret meyers

      Remember how everyone was doing those grannie panties on Project Runway last time out?  They were hiddy — and where do you wear them?  They are not shorts.

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to mention —- gimme ALL of the handbags!

  • Anonymous

    Love it all.
    Not crazy about the open toed ankle sandal boots and maybe that is the problem. A lot going on for shoe … is it sandal, pump or bootie?

    Is it wrong to want a turban? Can a suburban Long Island middle aged housewife wear a turban? Can you imagine going to Lowes wearing it? My turban would give the power to say to the teen sales associates, “Be a darling, sweet boy and get me 10 bags of mulch”. Ha give them something to talk about in the break room. I suppose I would end up looking like Grey’s Garden the Next Generation.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, I will wear a turban when I have aged to the point my face is mere crepe paper over skull. They turn my face into a cross between Valerie Bertinelli & a Care Bear.

  • Anonymous

    Love the clothes, hate the colors. Mustard looks good on NO ONE.

  • Everything BUT those stripped diaper shorts…ewww

  • Anonymous

    who did the handbags and totes?  i want all of them, they are fabulous!

  • LOVE look number five! As everyone else has said, no mustard!  But that one just has a taste of it, so it just spices it up.
    The shoes? Interesting, but I don’t think I like them. At least they aren’t that height and completely solid, clomp clomp clomp.

  • Judy_J

    Love it…even the turbans!

  • Love, with the exception of the last look–I call that middle-aged college art teacher. Blech. #3 is lovely, but if the wearer has any breasts at all, she’s going to look like she has sagging udders.

  • If that third dress down isn’t seen on the red carpet this summer, then stylists the world over need to be fired!

  • Anonymous

    I agree the shoes are awful! I really like several pieces in the collection.

  • Anonymous

    I think that mustard color is so totally hiddy. Few people look good in it; in fact I can’t think of anyone who does. 

  • Anonymous

    Apparently Gretchen was right on the money with her granny panties. Yuck.

    • Anonymous

      Could not agree with you more… looks like she forgot to wear a skirt/pants.

  • Mariah J

    Love love love!!! I want them all, so chic

  • Love!

  • Anonymous

    Love the sleeves on the second outfit.  Love the gold filigree dress, REALLY love it. A lot of things here that I like.  But turbans?  I don’t care who you are, those always look silly. 

  • Gorgeous! That long white gown with the gold detailing is my fav.

    • Anonymous

      amen! that was my favorite as well. almost seeing it as an awesome, unique wedding dress.

  • Anonymous

    Loved the first set of pieces (except for the bronze color, which would make me look hideous), but then it got more generic.  Guess I love the more costumey stuff.

  • Christine Marie

    Oh. My. Fabulous.
    I love all of this, probably too much for my own good. 

  • Right you are! Nothing to add!

  • Anonymous

    Turban love.
    A favorite, with full knee length skirts  for bike riding.

  • Anonymous

    I’m trying so hard to see the clothes, but am so distracted by the model’s gaping mouth. (Why is it open in EVERY shot?) However, when I cut her head off with the top of my browser window, there are some lovely pieces here. Agree with everyone on the shoes, though. 

    • Anonymous

      I had to cut off her too-skinny stick legs.

  • Oh, God yes. I’ll take it all!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, gawd, I live such an unfabulous life.

    I wanna be that girl who wears these. 

    I suppose I could fake it and wear while I swan around the Mojave Desert, but…

    Oh, gawd. I’m jealous of that girl.

    The shoes? I suppose one couldn’t really go with toe-ring leather flops, but these are distractingly hideous. 

  • Anonymous

    Just got back from Vegas, where I saw what those idiots did in changing the Aladdin (and its Desert Passage shopping area) to the slick LA-based Planet Hollywood, with its generic-looking Miracle Mile shopping. (There a large bits of Desert Passage left, but they are being redecorated in stages.)

    Seeing the beautiful Moroccan-inspired fashion here really underscored what a huge mistake was made by the Caesars people.

  • *Lick*

    Give me #1 (without the trousers) and the ability to pull it off and I can die a happy woman.

  • Anonymous

    This is what I imagine Gretchen’s line looking like if she were doing it right.

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  • Not loving the shoes either… but I do love the clothes… now only if it would fit busty gals.. I’d be set.

  • As for the turbans… well, I have a person at my workplace that rocks the turban every day…

  • If only those clothes would look that good on 5′ 4″ me…sigh…Love the dresses and bohemie look in the last photo.

  • margaret meyers

    Turbans and striped granny panties.  Where am I supposed to wear these?

    • Lisa

      To mah-jong or bridge!

  • love the white gown with the mustard embroidery!!! 

  • I love these looks and wish I could rock and afford them as a stay-at-home mom!  Especially the turban!  🙂

  • Glen Coleson

    that white dress with the yellow detailing is spectacular

  • Lisa


  • Megan Sullivan

    I don’t love all of the pieces, but I love the colors.

  • ferdinanda

    Hmm.  Some of these look a little too 1975 for my taste. 

  • Love most of it.  Want to burn the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Better without the turban.

  • Anonymous

    i love the white sweater with the embroidered sides and sleeves!! 

  • Anonymous

    Some of these clothes remind me a bit of Gretchen Jones –though more tailored and without the sometimes depressing choice of prints. 

  • Anonymous

    I was liking it for awhile at #1-5, but it started going downhill rapidly at #6, except for the red slacks/white top. That granny pants ensemble and the last schmatta is quite hiddy à la Gretchen.

    I have a problem with too much mustard. Theoretically, it’s an interesting color, but no one, except may dark-skinned black women, can really wear it well. It just makes lighter skin tones go sallow and jaundiced. Should be used for a piece or an accessory or an accent – but not with red.

  • Love the ‘shoes’ tho am anti hi heel-weight is supposed to be on heel – recluse of ankle is nice /Show of skin no stock’g no apology !!!!!! #1 The composite design is adorational -sleeves also-The draping!!  || the color gold mustard and ruby poppy exhilirat’g esp. w/brown hair & blu eyes –land and sea|turban only works as hi count gold eypt cotton||other colors are flat abused..in 5 n dimes. || LOVE the soft cuff bracelet and chunky lghtwgt neck lace || Very nice promenade Marakaesh serenade_

  • Some lovely pieces here, but, wow, do I hate those shoes. Like, so much, I can barely see anything else. They are absolutely hideous.

    I hope some of these looks show up in the new AbFab eps they’re filming this year. Preferably on Eddy, a couple of sizes too small.

    Oh, I don’t care. I just want to see what they do now that Pats and Eddy are retirement age. God, I hope it doesn’t suck.

  • Anonymous

    Peep-toe booties should be illegal. Don’t defend the shoe!

  • Anonymous

    I hate, loath, abhor, and despise that mustard, which is a shame, because I love almost every piece DONE in that mustard.

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    Love love love the clothes. Except the last look.
    The shoes?!?! Camel’s feet!

  • Love the clothes. Well, except for the shoes and granny pants. Color, style, fabrics. LOVE all of it.

    Wish I loved the turban. What better solution for those inevitable bad hair days?? However, when I wear a hat (or scarf or big, chunky jewelry – anything “too conspicuous”)  I inevitably feel like I’m playing dress-up and just spend the entire time self-consciously tugging on it.  I’m sure I look as uncomfortable as I feel. Sure wish I could love/wear the turban, though. *sigh*