Emmys 2014 WERQ: Melissa McCarthy in Marchesa

Posted on August 26, 2014

Miss LADY is SERVING. Bitches best step OFF.


Melissa-McCarthy-2014-Emmy-Awards-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Melissa McCarthy attends the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards held at Nokia Theater L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California in a custom Marchesa black ball-gown featuring a tulle skirt with jet crystals, sequins and re-embroidered lace waist details paired with a Jimmy Choo ‘Cosma’ clutch and Doves by Doron Paloma rings.

Melissa-McCarthy-2014-Emmy-Awards-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Melissa-McCarthy-2014-Emmy-Awards-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Melissa-McCarthy-2014-Emmy-Awards-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Melissa-McCarthy-2014-Emmy-Awards-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Melissa-McCarthy-2014-Emmy-Awards-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Melissa-McCarthy-2014-Emmy-Awards-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)


This is amazing. It’s like someone looked at Melissa McCarthy and actually designed a dress for her body, instead of a dress to hide her body.  BRAVA to the fine ladies at Marchesa, who really did right by her. It’s wonderfully flattering and darkly romantic in a way that suits her surprisingly well. We’d love to see this in an actual color and we’re not in love with what it’s doing to her bust, but there are so many things going right here that all we can do is give it snaps and neckrolls of approval. We hope she and Marchesa have a long and happy relationship with each other, because this is a great start.

You WERQ that skirt, girl.


[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com, Getty Images]

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  • Betsy

    She looks gorgeous!

    • And that skirt swishing says she feels gorgeous. I’m so happy for her, finally finding someone to do her justice.

  • Patricia Groves Dobrowski

    I find myself wishing for a slight V-neck instead of a crew, which may have mitigated the bust issues slightly, but otherwise well done. Not sure I love the hair.

    • Definitely. As one with a similar figure, I never feel that the jewel neck is my friend. It just mimics my round chin. But a v-neck gives a sense of length that is always flattering. That said, she looks gorgeous. I might have liked a slightly different color skirt – like a deep, deep, nearly black red, or blue, or charcoal, under the tulle skirt for a bit of contrast.

      • bowlwoman

        Or maybe a boat neck. I have a similar shape and I’ve always looked good in boat necks.

        • JudyP

          As another girl with that shape, I was also going to say boat neck, but I think what really would have been amazing given the rest of the dress is a nice deep-and-squared scoop neck. Show off the bosoms without being tacky, and a squared scoop can be lengthening as well.

          • Sophie

            I don’t know, I love square necklines, but maybe not with that corset-belt? I feel like the horizontal lines would divide her bust into three equal parts. But yes, “show off the bosom without being tacky” is a good rule to follow.

        • Lucky you! I had to admit to myself a couple of years ago that boat necks do me no favours at all! They just make me look really wide.

      • rhône

        i had the same idea for the skirt! i really like forest green or eggplant paired with black too

      • myandyleigh

        I agree about the neckline, but I was thinking the color to go with would be a deep purple, eggplant. Leave the belt as black, heck you could even leave the skirt as black, or a combo of eggplant and black tulle layers, but make the bodice eggplant. That way it would play up her beautiful eyes, which would be gleaming with that color as contrast.

    • H3ff

      I actually think this neckline looks more modern than a v-neck would. FLOVE the look.

      • Trent

        Agree, and FINALLY. After all her complaints about designers not offering her stuff I thought she was planning to design her own dresses for the RC. But Marchesa really came through for her (although I would have LOVED this in a jewel tone). Go Melissa!

      • decormaven

        So gorgeous. Happy sigh!

    • RroseSelavy

      Just a bit lower neck is all I ask, whatever the shape.

    • Toby Wollin

      Yep – I’m with you on the neckline – and an underskirt or deep claret with a matching top (or forest green – there’s a concept) would have been a great touch of color for her. But in the end, this is a terrific dress for her. She’s got a WAIST!!! Who knew?

    • I’ll defend the hair — it’s movie star hair, and I think it’s flattering to her face.

    • Agreed – a nice wide slight V. I don’t love the hair but I think if she had it up it might look a bit Victorian governess in mourning.

  • WERQ and a Personal Best, all wrapped into one!!

  • NMMagpie

    SERVING. She looks terrific, full stop.

  • Anna

    BRAVA, Lady. She looks amazing and she knows it. WERQ it out.

  • VFinn

    I both adore the skirt and want it for myself 🙂

  • jilly_d

    I don’t know about a WERQ- I’d have preferred if the sleeves didn’t look so……sweatshirt-y. But definitely a personal best and a step in the right direction

    • Adrianna Grężak

      I agree, something about the top reads long sleeve t shirt

    • halleygee

      Agree as well… I think it somehow would have helped if the top were a different color. She does look great though.

    • KES4K

      I was thinking that, too – that such a dramatic skirt deserves better than a long-sleeve t-shirt up top (and I’m a girl who loves my long-sleeve tees!). Even a nice starched black button-down in a cotton sateen (on which she could still roll the sleeves!) would suit this better, I think.

      • stonecoldcuddlewhore

        I think button down like Sharon Stone did that year…Calista Flockhart and Julia Roberts have done it as well.

        • Skippymom1

          I would think that the buttons would pull, no matter how well made, seeing as Calista and Julia [And Sharon Stone who did it first] don’t have quite the beautiful ladies that Ms. McCarthy does. I agree tho’ – that skirt with that shirt would look wonderful, especially in the sateen as KES4K mentioned.

          • stonecoldcuddlewhore

            This is why I love the tlo community: you guys always teach me something new and see things differently. Great point and kindly made!

  • imperfectlaura

    Before I got to your commentary, I too thought that it would be nice to see this in an actual color. I hate that her best outfit on the red carpet is black. It reinforces that dated idea that black is THE color for larger ladies. But this is beautiful and dramatic. A personal best for Melissa and the best Marchesa dress I’ve seen in a while.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      I don’t really like Marchesa, but this gown is lovely.

  • hughman

    The belt and skirt are pretty. I would have chosen something other than a long sleeved black t-shirt for the top though.

  • Therese G.

    I never noticed before what a stunning color her eyes are.

    • Sarah

      It’s because she’s not wearing something distractingly awful, and it gives you leave to admire her pretty eyes.

      • Introspective

        definitely. was thinking the same that you really get to take in her beauty once she wears something that undoubtedly enhances it.

  • OffToSeeHim

    I think they should have dropped that waistband some.

    • TAGinMO

      Disagree. She’s totally following the ‘What Not to Wear’ rule: emphasize the smallest part of your waist and build from there (paraphrasing).

      • demidaemon


  • mom2ab

    Its not the dress its the bra. How many times do we have to say this- if your bra doesn’t fit your clothes don’t fit.

  • M. H. Leader

    Near perfect. A color–a nice jewel tone, but not flashy red, maybe, or sapphire–would be fabulous here, and instead of the round neck a slight scoop or small v-shape would help elongate her neck. Not very low, you understand, but just something that swoops down just a bit on her chest to make her neck look longer.
    But really…spectacular. Seriously spectacular.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      this gown in sapphire would have been fab.

  • RescueMe23

    Love it – Love her

  • Gatto Nero

    I would have preferred a tailored bodice to the casual-looking jersey used here. But the silhouette is great on her; the jeweled waist cinches in at just the right place, and the skirt has a dramatic, romantic sweep.

  • @Biting Panda

    Love it. The only thing I could ask for is truly decadent jewelry.

  • Lisalady161

    She looks spectacular, but I agree with you on the color. Wouldn’t this have looked even better in a deep ruby red?

    • MoHub

      I was thinking an emerald green.

      • Lisalady161

        Hee, hee! You read my mind. I adore all deep shades of green and that was my first thought. But I decided as a pretend stylist to ‘step outside my comfort zone’.

  • Adrianna Grężak

    I’m so happy that a fashion house that prides itself on celebrating the woman’s body actually successfully designed a dress for a woman’s body

  • Beardslee

    Agree with you about wishing it were in a color, but that skirt is just lovely and she looks great.


    I do wish a slight V neck had been used snd in a dark teal or purple but….. She looks beautiful, fitted & happy!

  • higgledypiggledy

    This is very cool, as in: this is what a cool girl wears to a major awards show. I would not have picked Marchesa to bring back the t-shirt-and-big-foofy-formal-skirt combo (which I always loved). I like this variation on that look, and I am particularly feeling the pushed-up sleeves, which convey McCarthy being comfortable in this look and comfortable in her skin. Could this have sustained a little more bling? Or would that make it less cool? Not sure.

  • marlie

    Marchesa did right by Melissa! The way her waist is accentuated is perfect, and the dress actually SHOWS her figure, rather than obscures it. It also has the coverage that she seems to like, without overwhelming her. A different color would have made this a “WERQ” for me, but this is a strong “ATTAGIRL!” as-is.

  • Coleen

    One of my other top looks of the night. She looks absolutely amazing.

  • Little_Olive

    I think black gives it, as TLo say, a dramatic darkness that a color would have probably failed to provide. I love it. The lip color I´m not sold on, but we can overlook it this tome I guess.

    • H3ff

      Exactly. This would have come across as standard in a colour.

  • RussellH88

    Definitely a personal best.

  • She’s so gorgeous. You can tell that she’s feeling it, too. 🙂

  • Jaeda Laurez

    On the low, she’s always been chubby-curvy, which is why the fussy, weird empire-waist choices that were being made always looked so strange. She looks lovely here.

  • Raspberry2012

    PERFECT!! Dress, accessories, hair, makeup – everything!

  • Emily Giovanni

    I saw her last night and my brain immediately went WERQ! 🙂

  • Julie Ann

    I love it. I love her. This is the first time I’ve ever liked a Marchesa dress. I wish the sleeves ended above her elbow though.

  • MsKitty

    Meh on the black (that would have really been gorgeous in a deep purple), but very flattering. Especially like the way the waist detailing is done without having her girls flop over it.

    • Lower L

      Ooh, yeah, a plum or an eggplant would have been an interesting counterpoint to her green eyes.

  • Kristen

    I LOVE this. Now try it in a jewel tone, girlfriend!

  • Alyssa

    So. Much. Better. than what she usually wears! She looks radiant. I would have loved this in a jewel tone though.

  • butterflysunita

    She looks beautiful! Dress, hair, makeup, smile and posing all lovely. I looked at this photo right after the one of Lena Dunham. This photo soothed my jangled nerves.

  • Cindy Bartlett Zigler

    she looks amazing and I WANT THAT DRESS! You go girl!

  • Kathie

    Loving the skirt. Wish it was was a bright color with black details and perhaps a shorter sleeve. Either way – brava!

  • That skirt is my whole world right now.

  • MilaXX

    Werq for me as well. I do wish it was a midnight blue or even a deep emerald green which would work like gang busters for her eyes & hair color, but very minor quibbles. She looks beautiful! This is also another example of how Lena could have made her look work. The wider waist treatment and form fitting top balance out the full skirt. I am truly happy to we Melissa looking this good.

    • Kitten Mittons

      After I got off my desk from applauding Melissa, my second thought was of Lena, too. THIS is how you do the beautiful full princess skirt, Lena. If you don’t want it to overwhelm you, everything else has to be impeccable. Melissa did everything else right: it fits nicely, and her hair, makeup, and accessories complement the look rather than fight with it for attention.

      I just want to squeeze Melissa, I’m so happy for her. She looks amazing, and she looks like she feels amazing, which is even better.

      • Paula Carr

        Doesn’t she look really happy???

      • MilaXX

        I thought more Gabby. They have got to stop it with the dolman sleeves or whatever that is they put her in. Form fitted but not clingy would have really helped the dress she wore.

    • I was thinking midnight blue, too. She tends to like that color, too, right? I can’t remember if I’ve seen her in it, or if I just think it would look really great on her.

  • padma sallah

    She looks amazing. WERQ indeed.

  • TAGinMO

    The full skirt is a revelation. If memory serves, her past red-carpet looks have all featured skirts that sort of hung straight to the ground, turning her into a sad column. This puts everything in perfect balance and proportion.

  • ashtangajunkie

    YES! I agree that it would be better in a colour, rather than black, but I love that a designer worked with her shape instead of trying to hide it. She looks marvelous!

  • scimomma

    I love this, but how is this a WERQ and Mayim a ‘barbara bush’? Both ladies are working the full-skirted ballgown trend in ways that work for their bodies/modesty preferences. I love Emmy style because the women are more diverse body-wise than Oscar nominees and we see more ‘real-life’ style.

    • somebody blonde

      Okay, look again at Mayim Bialik’s dress. That COLOR. The blue is just such a “first lady costume” blue, and it’s lace. The problem is not that she’s wearing a full-skirted ballgown with sleeves, the problem is that the fabric and color immediately say “non-stylish first lady.” With the difference between WERQ and dowdy, it’s almost always the execution of the garment, not the ideas.

      Seriously, that dress is like the color of a crayon.

      • scimomma

        We’ll have to move the mayim discussion to a whiteboard post if it appears – my point is just that both women are working a fashionable shape and keeping arms covered as they wish. I don’t think Mayim was a WERQ but it was worlds better than last year’s monstrosity – I like the bright blue color (biased because I’ve worn a gown that color?) but the lace/cut was a bit dowdy.

        • somebody blonde

          Basically, my point is that the color would be fine if she were in a simple, Calvin Klein-esque column gown with sleeves, and the lace with the full skirt might’ve been okay if she’d picked a greener blue, but the combo is making her look like she’s doing old first lady drag.

      • Sofia

        what Mayim Bialik dress? I searched this site, but did not find it

    • I don’t understand questions like these at all. “Why do you like this dress on this person when you don’t like this other, different dress on another, different person?”

      • scimomma

        The question I asked was just that – since the other dress doesn’t read quite so “first lady” to my eyes, and they are both working the sleeve/full skirt silhouette, why is one a WERQ and the other terrible? @somebodyblonde:disqus clarified her opinion down below. Not sure about @TomandLorenzo:disqus’s opinion — or why it’s a bad question to ask? Sounds like the answer is 1) attitude 2) modern styling and 3) color of dress?

        • It’s not that I think it’s a bad question to ask; it’s just that I literally don’t understand it. It’s two entirely different dresses on two entirely different people. What’s notable about the fact that we liked one dress but didn’t like the other?

          • scimomma

            I guess I think it’s worth discussing, just like comparing two stars wore metallic columns or highlighter-neon mermaids — why is one working and one not? What is successful or failing in the styling/fit/attitude department? As a new (non-lurking) BK, just asking the Q because I was honestly wondering. Does that clarify?

          • It does, but I think you see these dresses and women as much more alike than we do. We don’t find the two looks all that comparable to each other, except that they both had full skirts.

  • Janet B

    Considering this dress is far out of her wheelhouse the black is okay. Next time I expect color.

  • MaggieMae

    This makes me happy.

  • You can tell she KNOWS she looks amazing. The eyes and smile say, “Take this ALL in, bitches!”

  • Lower L

    Oh, yay! She looks great!

  • Kate

    It looks too gothy, but black is safe. And the top looks *exactly* like a T-shirt. Doesn’t it? The cuffs and neckline?

  • NBG

    The smile says it all. So much of fashion is about feeling good about yourself and she is FEELING IT! Love that one of the photos captured the movement in the skirt.

    I agree with the comments about color. I want to see some brightness next time, Miss Lady. You can handle it!

  • Jessica Freeman


  • somebody blonde

    Fabulous. Definitely a personal best for her.

  • I seem to remember her hair being more luscious in a couple of previous looks. Otherwise this is great. Love the last pic where the skirt is swishing a bit.

  • jbj

    I appreciate that you bend over backward to applaud women like McCarthy or Lena Dunham, who are not stick figures, but are you kidding? This is Scarlett in mourning. Way too much skirt (talk about hiding her body) and the waist is doing her no favors.

    • There’s no bending over backwards here. It’s a little fucked up that you think so.

    • prettyinmink

      Melissa looks amazing and worthy of inclusion on any fashion blog, not despite her size, but because this look epitomizes fashion done right.

  • megohd

    I’d have prefered to see her hair up or something, or perhaps if the dress were a color. I love her hair but it’s getting lost in the black dress.

  • tallgirl1204

    I love you guys, but never more than now. I often struggle to see past (ahem) ‘body issues’ to the style and clothes– at the same time I HATE body snarking. This post (and the comments– thanks BKs!) exemplify EXACTLY why TLo is my “go to” mini-work-break. It’s always going to be about the clothes and the style and their appropriateness for the individual– never a snark about the human being underneath. Thank you.

  • Thank GAWD! She finally got it right. I wish it were a color, too, but this is a vast improvement over her usual fare.

  • prettyinmink

    Melissa looks beautiful! Thank you so much TLo! This post provided my first real smile of the day!

  • Lori Wade Miller

    I think the bust issues might be undergarment related. Regardless, she looks awesome! Who would have though MARCHESA would have stepped it up for her?

  • JulieK

    I don’t love the pushed up sleeves look, a shorter sleeve would have been neater, but I love the waist and skirt, and her hair and makeup look great too. And she looks like she knows she looks good 🙂

  • Shoelover1512

    I like the overall design of the dress and she looks good and comfortable/happy in it but I’m sweating just looking at all that fabric and the sleeves.

    And I totally agree that a color would have been nice

  • ballerinawithagun

    Almost perfect! I’ve designed and produced lots of clothing for large busted women, including my sister. You never employ a high neck bodice with a large bust, it only increases the size of the bust. Make the bodice emerald green or royal blue with a V neckline or a square neckline, either one cut right to the start of the cleavage. This cuts the bust in half instead making the but appear larger.
    Having said that she looks very classy! This is a step in the right direction and I hope it influences her acting choices also. I love a good comedy, but I wish she would stop re-hashing the same jokes that the men do.

  • James

    Oh I was waiting for this post! She was stunning! I am so glad Marchesa ladies flipped off all of those who don’t think it’s worth bothering for a fuller figured lady. Now who’s laughing! Fantastic.

  • DeannaNMc

    Most importantly, Miss Lady knows SHE looks good–that smile is selling it hard.

  • Gorgeous-ity. I questioned the color, but it really looks terrific. She looks sensational.

  • StrandedFashionista

    Well, they’re two for two in my book on the plus-sized gown department: this one, and Gabourey Sidibe’s Oscar gown when she was nominated for ‘Precious.’

  • clatie


  • Tina M.

    I usually can’t stand Marchesa, but this is lovely, and she knows she’s nailing it. This is what a custom designer/star collaboration is supposed to look like. The black keeps it from getting to princessy, but there’s some visual interest with the tulle and the beading. And she looks comfortable and light on her feet. (weight pun absolutely NOT INTENDED)

    I hope this is a come-to-Jesus moment for Ms. McCarthy and she never puts up with shapeless elephant gray ever again!!

  • bowlwoman

    I have a similar shape and I WANT! Hubby asked what for, to wear around the house? I said every woman needs a dress like that to do the dishes in and feel FABULOUS!

  • elemspbee

    and that face–flawless, gorgeous! Lena D might take some notes here.

  • ailujailuj

    What a great hair color for that look. And the skirt is brilliant—you designers will have all the terminology but I love the way the tulle is undulating but straight and narrow folds in the draping… if that makes any sense—it looks so luscious and structured in an unstructured way. I don’t think that happens by accident.

  • KinoEye

    Wow. Brava, ladies of Marchesa. I think the bust issue could be fixed by making the waistband just a little less wide. That seems to be the culprit.

  • smh4748

    Love it! And I love most of all that it looks like she loves it too. She’s killing it, and having fun doing so.

  • Aidan B

    Yay yay yay! This is the best she’s ever looked and she knows it! She finally found the Tadashi to her Octavia!

  • Imasewsure

    I quibble but either a lower neckline or a huge hunking diamond necklace would have brought this in to the full on WERQ mode for me… also not loving the hair she looks fantastic anyway….. never thought I would like Marchesa on anyone but there you go…

  • Stacy C

    I would have never put Melissa McCarthy and Marchesa together.. but DAYUM. I too wish it would have been a color. but great start to a hopefully great relationship!!!!

    • demidaemon

      I know. In fact, I think it is really great for both of their brands. It’s a little off-kilter and WOAH, in a great way.

  • Scot Meacham Wood

    this might be THE MOST AMAZING she has ever looked. HUZZAH!

  • unbornfawn

    She looks fabulous! Would have loved a little sparkle on the bodice.

  • Denise Rambo

    This is the best I’ve seen her look but … I would like it better if that detail at the waist was just a little thinner.

  • Joey Melliza

    how can leaving your boobs to plop all over the place qualify as pretty….

  • SophieCollier

    It seems a bit October to me, but it does silhouette her very nicely. Upon closer look though, doesn’t the top look like a long sleeve Tshirt? The fabric itself, I mean.

  • Killer Bees

    Part of my brain looked for a clickable button to Like! Like! Like!

  • papillon

    Who would have thought Marchesa could be so uncomplicated? Sookie looks natural but pretty. Love it.

  • Frankie Carter

    Aw, she looks so beautiful and happy. I would have loved to see this in blue, though!

    Am re-watching Gilmore Girls and Melissa always looked so cute and well put-together as Sookie! Perhaps they can track down that old style team for her?

  • Jose R. Medina

    Finally someone designed for her and set aside their egos ! 97 percent there just needed to open the neckline with a slight V ,jewel necklines are hard on Rubenesque women.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    So happy to see Melissa wearing a gown that in so many compliments her body. I love the jeweled detailing around the waist, and that skirt is floating-as if Melissa, who loves so confident in this gown. As often as I fuss at Marchesa, I must give them credit for their stellar work here.

    • @Biting Panda

      I know most hate that it’s black, but not I. It brings to mind some similar Audrey Hepburn looks, and I find her lovely here.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        While I would have loved to see this design done in a rich, deep jewel tone for Melissa McCarthy, I don’t mind that it’s black. It’s really flattering to her.

  • pamplemousse

    Love this!

  • JaCory Deon

    That’s perhaps the best she’s ever looked on the RC. Marchesa should dress her from here on out, that’s so good for her. She needed a bracelet or something to give it a bump, otherwise, perfect.

  • SherryN

    Agreed Uncles! She looks wonderful!

  • Tracy_Flick

    She’s so pretty. Love her hair color.

  • Beto

    LOVED it. Also she looks very happy on it and that contributes too to the overall style: dreamy, classy, fragile yet strong (the sewed big “belt” mades me think of that), feminine and a bit of romanticism. I’m wondering how a similar gown on a different color will work on her. Hope she keeps working with Marchesa who did the awesome job of compliment her body and not shame her.

  • Nice_Shirt

    My only quibble is the pushed-up sleeves. But it’s hot, and she’s sensitive about showing her upper arms, so a sleeve hitting just below the elbows would have been perfect.

    • Frank_821

      yes to this. shorter sleeves would have made it perfect

    • DuBey2

      I didn’t notice it til I read your comment – now I see that would be beautiful instead of the pushed up gathering of fabric. But either way, the exact location of the ‘cuff’ now is the most flattering with this look. It accentuates her wrist, rings, & clutch. Overall PB for her.

  • Joanna

    She is practically levitating in that skirt – she looks absolutely beautiful.

  • Jennifer Schiller

    Lena Dunham, THIS is how you do a big, girly, high-waisted shirt.

  • LibKat


  • Melmmmendes


  • xmixiex

    I’m so glad you guys didn’t trash this!! I LOVED it. I’m also thrilled that marchesa made her a dress, with the frustration she’s had getting major designers to dress her. She’s a beautiful woman and this does her justice.

  • I nearly dropped to my knees weeping and screaming with joy upon seeing her in this last night. Finally. Finally. A dress that’s gorgeous and shows her off in it. It’s a big plus that she LOOKS comfortable and supremely self confident in it. Praise be. Only one quibble, and it’s completely a me thing. I would have liked to see some more substantial jewelry. Those little hoops aren’t doing it. Yes, whoever it was at Marchesa that decided to work with her body type instead of how to hide her deserves recognition.

  • mrspotts66

    beautiful! all of it! all of her! love.

  • conniemd

    I hate the fact that it’s black.

  • Ditto on the BK love for this dress. And great clutch to go with the outfit.

  • julnyes

    I would like a tad more volume in the hair and something sparkly at the neck, but those are minor issues. She looks fantastic.

  • jenno1013

    Didn’t love her hairstyle from a distance/in small pictures, but closer up it looks much nicer…more intentional, less windblown Charlie’s Angels. LOVE the swooshy skirt. I wouldn’t have stopped moving all night, just to hear the skirt rustle.

  • TheGrandSophy

    Lovely. That skirt is gorgeous and the waist detailing is beautiful. And she looks confident and happy with her look which is the best feeling.

  • Kate4queen

    yup, a rounder neck and a better color, maybe a dark navy or purple and this would’ve been even more amazing 🙂

  • E. D.

    She looks comfortable for once, which is good to see.

  • ChelseaNH

    If this were in navy instead of black, I’d cosign. Black just doesn’t do anything for her.

  • kim bunchalastnames

    i think she looks great in black!

  • Qitkat

    Nailed it! You can always tell when someone is just so thrilled with their look and fit; the confidence flows and the beauty glows.

  • LadyVimes

    I think the bust is an undergarment issue, not the dress. Well done, Marchesa.

  • SistaT

    Oh, honey … yay. It’s about time. You look fabulous.
    This … THIS .. is what you were hoping for, Lena. This is floofy skirt and plain top done well and properly.

  • EEKstl

    Love the waist and skirt but feel the top is not doing her justice at all. But so far above what she’s typically worn in the past I understand the WERQ. Definitely moving in the right direction.

  • kat89

    She looks great. It’s nice to see her put away the dolman sleeves for a change and wear something with a set-in sleeve. A slight v-neck, bateau or even a square neckline would have made this even better.

  • Kristen

    Absolutely gorg.

  • withbreaththatisbated

    Beautiful. Would love to see it in a jewel tone on her, but this is heads and tails above what she’s been wearing to award shows.

  • crash1212

    Full snaps.

  • Wink

    Love this look!

  • Jennifer Bober

    Halle-freakin-luia!! Someone finally convinced her to work with her body and not try to hide it. I agree that a v-neck would have helped the look, but serious kudos to the folks at Marchesa for this one!!!

    • cousinelizabeth


  • frannyprof

    I agree! And I love that she’s rocking a ball gown!

  • dschubba

    Looking good! And she’s not rocking her usual Red Carpet back-combed Bump-It hair!

  • Call me Bee

    Love it! (Also love the cute clutch bag…) I just wish the sleeves were a bit shorter, so it doesn’t look like a long-sleeved T shirt. But that’s just a little niggle. Miss Melissa looks relaxed and happy, and that’s the best.

    • Paula Carr

      I love her minaudiere!

  • Fisher&SonsFuneralHome

    She is so so pretty! Happy to see her in something that flatters her. Would be nice in Sapphire or Emerald.

    • Kitten Mittons

      Love your screen name, btw.

  • Skippymom1

    Seeing her delight, you can feel how pretty she knows she looks. Even in black, she looks like a princess. Finally. She looks wonderful.

  • Cee Layton

    Yes yes yes! I little color would have made this the winner of the night, but it’s an absolute personal best.

  • teensmom99

    I’m not quite at WERQ because my first thought was one that the uncles mentioned: it needs to be lower cut. Every thing else is so good but this neckline is not a favor to the larger woman (I know this from personal experience).

  • Cheryl

    Is this a dress (one piece) or a black top with a ballgown skirt? Together it looks fabulous. I’m always afraid to cinch my waist that tight, but I see it actually looks flattering.

  • Tuneful54

    Love it except the color. I have her coloring and ethnicity, and black washes us out (or makes us look laid out).

    • wontons

      What color are you thinking? One of those sapphire shades that was so popular last night? I don’t think a pastel would work. I can’t decide which way I’d go. (I have somewhat similar coloring, though a bit darker–I can do black and jewel tones, but pastels wash me out.)

    • Tuneful54

      I’m thinking a garnet, violet, or, yes, blue jewel tone.

  • amanda lynn

    love. yay. yes. brava. everything else good. <3

  • altalinda

    I see your point.
    But when I saw the thumbnail, I thought she was doing an homage to Civil War widows weeds.

  • alyce1213

    Finally, a great silhouette for Melissa. I think the dress is a little matronly as is, maybe a slightly lower neckline would have worked.
    But Brava!

  • kategs

    I wish the belt (if indeed that’s what it is) was a tad narrower, it’s acting like a shelf for her bust which doesn’t quite work and I also agree that the neckline could be a bit lower but on the whole I think she looks lovely and happy.

  • Glammie

    When I think of plus-sized glam that works, I think of opera singers who know how to go for it. Melinda looks good enough to sing opera.

  • Lisa

    I actually screamed when I saw this. She looks so beautiful and relaxed. LOVE!

  • wontons

    I think I like this. I know I love the fact that her hair is down and not in one of those horribly aging upstyles she favors. That last photo is fab.

  • MarinaCat

    I think she looks gorgeous. The only thing that bugs are the t-shirt sleeves, scrunched up on her forearm. I just don’t like them.

  • MissAmynae


  • CKMia

    I was going to say a v-neck might have been better but I actually think it would take the dress into Barbara Bush territory. This is elegant but not matronly. She looks so pretty. “Darkly romantic” is exactly right.

  • suzq

    I knew Georgina wouldn’t let her down! I’d make some comparative comment about Lena Dunham, but why bother.

    • Shawn EH

      Lena is trolling all of us.

  • understateddiva

    She really does light up a room, doesn’t she? I didn’t care much for this – I felt like the style was a bit dated. Black was definitely a good choice for something that could easily have gone princess-y in another color, though.

  • Esz

    That last pic is all like “SWISH BITCHES!”

  • Nick Pilgrim

    When Melissa is done, give this dress to Lena Dunham as an example of what to do.

  • musi_


  • aurumgirl

    Beautiful! If this were a rich, navy blue with a slightly more flattering neckline, it would be even better–but right now, it’s lovely to see her looking so good in such a beautiful dress.

  • bananafish

    I’m totally on board with the idea behind the dress- having clothing actually made for her body type- but I CANNOT with the all-black, long sleeved, floor length skirt and lace in AUGUST> Even at a funeral you can wear a lighter fabric.

  • Linderella

    Strange, it’s probably the best she’s ever looked on the RC, while at the same time it seems to makes her look heavier as well. That’s a tough trade off to make, but she really does look fantastic.

  • Therese Bohn

    I love the skirt and belt, but I wish the top wasn’t made out of a black sweat shirt – the pushed up sleeves are really wrong. But I give her credit for looking better than ever.

  • Jecca2244

    i love so much that she got a custom Marchesa. She deserved to be listened to and dressed and she was.

  • Pterodactyl111


  • thesevenendless

    Who would have thought MARCHESA of all designers would get it right designing for Melissa? This really illustrates the snobbery of the elite fashion houses, and hopefully be pounded with well deserved shame and criticism.

  • Carrie E S

    She was styled by George Kotsiopoulos. I hope she sticks with him because he did right by her!

    • MilaXX

      He styled her for the pole dance of that Tammy movie. I hope she sticks with him as well. He seems to have a handle on dressing her right.

  • Kelly

    If only the top weren’t a t-shirt and there was a little bit of color somewhere. Otherwise, excellent.

  • quiltrx

    SO HAPPY! I’m a big gal myself (different proportions, though), and I love to see “one of us” in something so flattering.
    I’ve long thought that her main clothing issue was making no demarcation between where her boobs end and where her waist begins, and this dress is doing exactly that, beautifully.
    Best of all, she looks tickled to death.

  • That is a gorgeous silhouette on her – a V-neck would definitely be a bit more flattering, but she looks like she’s having a blast so it’s hard to nit pick!

  • livesarah

    Clever using a knit fabric up top. I’m not a large lady by any means, but anyone with boobs knows that clothes don’t fit off the rack unless they are a knit fabric.

  • MarissaLG

    She looks amazing, but did they create a gorgeous tulle skirt, intricately beaded bodice, and then just throw a black t-shirt on it?? Then they push the sleeves up a little and call it a day?? Not at all sure what’s going on there.Everything else makes up for it, but that top is just really sad and plain and weird.

  • AmeliaEve

    Oh look, it fits! What a difference it makes. And Mayim Bialik, please take note: It is possible to look both modest and modern at the same time.

  • thimble

    It doesn’t really work for me.. maybe because of lack of proper support or the fit of the top, but it just looks like she hoisted up the skirt too high under her breasts. This makes her appear short (too short for the skirt at least). And if you go for a casual looking top, keep it a bit clean… just have them shorten the sleeves to whatever length you want. But she looks happy, so you go girl

  • Shannon

    Love it. She’s like an edgy princess. But imagine a big ol diamond necklace to go with!

  • largishbearishAtlish

    and its NOT RED!!! hooray!

  • demidaemon

    I am so surprised and impressed by Marchesa. Keep up the good work, ladies!

  • Winterlight

    It think a slight V or scoop would be better than the crewneck, but otherwise it’s lovely.

  • Clash D

    Aww, she’s happy. And gorgeous looking. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.