Demi Lovato in Cynthia Rowley in New York City

Posted on August 14, 2014


Girl, we don’t know…




Demi-Loavto-Cinthia-Rowley-TV-What-What_Happen-Live-Tom-Lorenzo-St=ite-TLO (1)Demi Lovato at Bravo TV Studios for an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” in New York City in a Cynthia Rowley dress paired with an Eleven Paris leather jacket, a Kate Spade clutch, and Jeffrey Campbell boots.

Demi-Loavto-Cinthia-Rowley-TV-What-What_Happen-Live-Tom-Lorenzo-St=ite-TLO (2)Cynthia Rowley Space Junk Bonded Racer Dress | Eleven Paris Falk W Leather Jacket | Kate Spade Fancy Footwork Emanuelle Clutch | Jeffrey Campbell Mercer Boots

Demi-Loavto-Cinthia-Rowley-TV-What-What_Happen-Live-Tom-Lorenzo-St=ite-TLO (3)

Demi-Loavto-Cinthia-Rowley-TV-What-What_Happen-Live-Tom-Lorenzo-St=ite-TLO (4)

Demi-Loavto-Cinthia-Rowley-TV-What-What_Happen-Live-Tom-Lorenzo-St=ite-TLO (5)

Demi-Loavto-Cinthia-Rowley-TV-What-What_Happen-Live-Tom-Lorenzo-St=ite-TLO (6)

Actually, yes we do:

The dress is cute enough, and we don’t doubt that she can pull it off, but she can’t do it with that jacket and those booties. She’s short and curvy. They’re dividing her body up into sections and making her look stumpy.  And she needs to give that pencil case back to the 6th grader she stole it from, along with the lipstick she found inside it. We’re out.

*mike drop*







[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews,,,]

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    • SewingSiren

      Too many notes.

      • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

        Amadeus reference? I love you.

        • SewingSiren

          I thought it may be too obscure.

          • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

            Perhaps, but I’ve watched that movie about a thousand times and quote it constantly (“German is…scusate…too brutal for singing.”)

            • smayper

              me too and I say “too many notes” ALL the time! Thanks, you made my evening.

    • sienna elm

      and it looks like she put extra lashes on her left eye…bothers me to distraction.

      • Alison

        Oh my god, I CANNOT UNSEE THIS.

        • Nancer

          Me too!!! That is really odd.

      • PinkyAndNoBrain

        She’s just a really big fan of Gia Gunn, guys.

    • International Model

      She needs to stop playing her clutch.

      Her lipstick however…that can stay. *re-applies her Pink Vinyl* For reasons.

      • kimmeister

        I want to give her clutch to a kitty and make funny YouTube videos.

        • Sarah

          It is cryptically called the “Fancy Footwork Emanuelle” clutch, so I’m speculating that’s Kate Spade’s cat, and it’s already been done.

    • Thomas

      That makes for an awful clutch, but it would make for an awesome trapper keeper! Trapper keeper realness

    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      If she is making a play for the bear and chub demographic with her choice of, um, accessories, then girl, you just found your gays.

    • hughman

      I can’t with that dress and the big ol’ “WHATEVER” flying out of the cooch. No.

      • The Counselor

        Truly, that’s the last part of my body I want espousing that attitude. Standards!

        • hughman

          To me the whole print looks cheap. And knowing Rowley, it is.

          • Imasewsure

            Yes I’ve never liked her work…. and of course it is always going to be “Cynfia Wow-wy” because of the hot German host of Sheer Genius who mangled everything (but he was hot)… I miss that stupid show!!

            • demidaemon

              My recollection of Rowley is that her Vera Wang probably have stoner design parties, if their appearances on PR are anything to go by.

          • what not

            The seam at the bottom is what gets to me.

      • Danielle

        Had to scroll back up to look. Shouted with laughter.

    • Rhonda Shore

      The purse is the real horror here…I get the boots, it’s rock and roll, but add black tights at least or do a chunky sandal.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      I can’t with those boots.

    • viridian61

      What else is she holding? A college brochure?

    • Sarah

      Ankle boots are not for the non-tall, voluptuous likes of us, Demi. They may SEEM cool, and you might THINK they’re okay, but they just take your perfectly shapely legs and turn them into toddleresque stumps.

      • kimmeister

        Well of course you can wear them! Just with long pants that nearly cover them up.

        • Sarah

          Heh. Not necessary: I just stick to the knee-high variety.

          • lunchcoma

            The short boot with pants look is for those of us whose calves are as voluptuous as the rest of us! If you don’t need them, count your lucky stars!

    • kat89

      OK, I need to say this. It’s August. In NY. It’s frigging HOT here. Granted, this summer hasn’t been as blisteringly hot as they normally are but still. It is not the weather for leather jackets, or any jackets at all. WTF? Every photo seems to have someone dressing for the first snowfall, when a light sweater or a shawl would be more appropriate. You guys talk about stank foot when they wear boots without socks or stockings. What do you call the smell of someone who wears leather in the summer? Ewww.

      • demidaemon

        True, but it seems the nights have been unusually cool. And bikers still wear their leathers, so I can’t hold this against her, especially with a removable piece of clothing. The stankboots, however, are a totally different issue.

    • MilaXX

      I almost don’t mind this. It feels very her but…… The boots are doing Britney and hitting er at the wrong spot. The bag shouldn’t be carried by anyone over 10. I’ll give her the jacket, but I’d rather just the dress and a decent pump.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      “I want some footwear that makes my legs look short and stumpy”…said no woman ever…

    • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

      I want the clutch, because I’m a pianist and I’m tacky.

      • NurseEllen

        I’m a singer and I have a piano bracelet which i love, but for a $328 clutch this looks just plain cheap. BTW, I got the bracelet at the Metropolitan Opera shop, I think it was less than $25 including shipping.

    • evave2

      Those boots are scary. I like the dress. Did she take off the ruff from the collar or is she wearing a black ruff? Anyway, I like hers better.

      The purselet is WEIRD.

    • FibonacciSequins

      Serving Jem and the Holograms realness.

    • PastryGoddess

      That color pink is no one’s friend.

    • livesarah

      I’m a sucker for a novelty purse but added to the dress there is just a little too much novelty. She would have been better wearing a standard pair of Docs if she wanted to go the booties route, as those are pretty awful. I quite liked the jacket until I saw the weird flappy cut-out sides. wTF? Totally agree that the lipstick is not her friend.

    • gingerella

      I agree so much about the booties, but more broadly, I feel she is someone who will grow into her looks and style. The early 20s are when you are supposed to experiment and get playful with clothes, and that doesn’t work for her. I could even see her rocking a pared-down Maria Callas thing in her 30s. (Yes, the reference dates me but she has no modern counterpart.)

    • Noah

      Fucking Kate Spade.

    • lunchcoma

      I’ll pick up the mic to add that the lipstick is terrible.

    • Chaiaiai

      Sigh. This gal. She is beautiful and …… trying to think of the word …. full (?) Lush? Her figure is KILLA, her face is GORGEOUS, and THIS IS WHAT YOU DO WITH IT? Show off those beautiful ankles and send those stump-i-fying Docs back to 1991 from whence they came.

      • mshesterp

        I always get the vibe that she’s uncomfortable with her body and the fact that she’s not a stick figure like many of her peers and the way Hollywood expects her to be. Notice how she’s holding that purse like a shield. So maybe she doesn’t really know how to dress her cute figure because she’s fighting it. I like the dress, but the accessories can all go.

    • grasshack

      the mood of that dress is out of place with black leather jacket and the intense boots

    • Leah Elzinga

      good god that is a lot of pancake..

    • demidaemon

      Good concept, horrible execution. Also maybe a little too tight.

    • Alicia

      She should send the boots to Taylor Swift.

    • queen b*tch

      That clutch is the female version of the keyboard necktie

    • AC Simons

      Her manicure is very nice.

    • decormaven

      Ditch the booties for some heels with attitude and lose that purse. Some little girl would love it; you’re a young woman now.

    • RescueMe23

      What is happening??? Has the celebrity world turned upside down lately? Everything has been bad this week with some very rare exceptions!

    • Anglow

      Is that a big bug crawling on her left hand?

    • AlisonS

      Did anyone else think she looked like Cynthia Rowley in that first picture??? Well Cynthis Rowley with shitty hair and shitty makeup?

    • somebody blonde

      Why are those ugly shoes in fashion now? I can’t stand them.

    • heuristicvalue

      The fugosity of those booties…

    • largishbearishAtlish

      Nothing about her handler? dang!

    • Sunshine16

      Mike drop is my favorite new saying, you guys!