RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Finale

Posted on May 20, 2014

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As entertaining as it is, we kind of hate the way RuPaul’s Drag Race does their final episodes now. We liked it better when the competition ended and then they had a private reunion in a closed studio, where they got to rip each other to shreds over past insults. It was far more glorious that way. Now we get this totally fakey-fake nicey-nice that makes us want to hurl. Especially when they throw gay weddings and yet another parent reconciliation into the mix. It’s just a big, gay mess.

We suppose that’s apropros. Y’know, Logo should really consider a drag-based variety show called “Big Gay Mess.”

Anyway, our point is, these big glitzy phony finales never give us much to recap the next morning, so…


Ru-Paul-Drag-Race-Season-6-Finale-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Congrats to Bianca!

We’ve all known for some time that it was going to come down to Bianca and Adore. We admit, we were a little surprised it went to Bianca. We were definitely more in the Adore camp, but we can see why Ru might’ve gone this way. The last few winners have skewed fairly young and she just may have been in the mood for a queen with a little more polish and experience to her. It’s a choice that makes a lot of sense.

Agree/Disagree, darlings? Sound off.





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  • Feathers McGraw

    I love both Adore and Bianca but Bianca was so much more consistent, and her character was much better developed. Adore is going to be brilliant – “going to” being the operating word: her “creature from the sea” shtick isn’t quite developed yet. However she is clearly a star already and wherever she ends up going will definitely be amazing.

    • Eric Stott

      I hope Bianca puts some of the money into expanding her wardrobe range a bit.

      • tetisheri

        Why? Bianca has found what works well on her, and she sticks with it. There really is no need for her to expand her wardrobe range.

      • MarissaLG

        You know who else wears basically the same gown every time but in different colors? RuPaul.

        • tetisheri

          Why mess with success, right?

        • Kristina Sadowski

          That’s what I’ve been saying *every* time someone criticizes Bianca for that.


            To be fair, I criticize Ru for that too.

  • MarissaLG

    I thought Adore was fantastic the whole way through, but I was rooting for Bianca. She simply had the most Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent of the bunch. Fun to watch, gracious, and smart to boot.

    • Introspective

      indeed. adore was a delight. but bianca was seasoned and just so ready for the crown that it feels just deserved.

      well done bianca. luv huh.

  • Alex Palombo

    I think if Adore refines her skills a little more but keeps that firecracker personality to her, she’ll take All Stars. I was rooting for Bianca all the way.

    • Kent Roby

      There really is something sweet about Adore and her honestly (like when she said last night that her mom’s boyfriend was there to see Bianca!). She needs a few more years to fully develop/polish her personae, but I would really love to see a sitcom starring Bianca and Adore!

      • Eric Stott

        A Mother-Daughter sitcom?

        • Kent Roby

          That would be perfect!

  • kalisa

    Don’t watch the show but PROUD of that New Orleans girl!!!

  • TrixieConQueso

    Bianca by far for moi’. So are Chas and Courtney a thing now? And Chas can sing now? Anyone heard her?

    • Alex Gabriel


      • TrixieConQueso

        I apologize – no caffeine yet. FIXED that.

    • Kent Roby

      That was such an awkward moment…Chas certainly does not have his mom’s charisma (of course, few people do!).

    • StillGary

      The question in my mind is do CHer and Courntey hang out now? Good question: Is Chaz a performer? Maybe he’s producing it.

      • Wouldn’t that be a dilemma to some drag queens? Win $100,000 or get to hang out with Cher sometimes?

    • RussellH88

      Chaz was in a band, apparently.

      And I am the only one who thought that Chaz seems kinda sleazy when it comes to Courtney?

      • Introspective

        nope. im totally with you on this.

    • DollyAlpaca

      Courtney is a “thing” with the hot blonde on the Pit Crew!

  • Walburga

    I think Adore is a major talent too (notice how no one has yet even suggested that Courtney was their choice…) but Bianca was the one I wanted to win the whole time. She is so witty and smart and fun. It is hard to resist her. I think she is my favorite Drag Race contestant so far. Her fashion could be a little more exciting sometimes, but she always looks fantastic nonetheless. Team Bianca all the way!

    • Kate Andrews

      Courtney seemed too cold and calculating. But I was truly impressed by her performance in the Rusical — she’s a total star.

      • ScarlettHarlot

        I still can’t believe Michelle “show us the real you and be vulnerable” Visage never called Courtney out on this. I have no sense of Courtney’s personality. Bianca was boisterous and brassy, Adore was a party girl, and their two personalities worked so well together that it highlighted how lacking Courtney was in that department.

        • Cambel

          Because that whole Schtick from Visage was phony. It was a B.S. critique that she used when they wanted to dump a queen.

      • Eric Stott

        To me, Courtney is a performer who does drag as a costume. It’s all a really superb act, but an act.

        • largishbearishAtlish

          I like Courtney, but her comments about (something something winning in Australia.. now its my turn to win America…or its America’s turn or something) sounded SO…well, she lots ALL my vote in that…there was nothing beyond the plastic… dunno how to explain but…YAWN

          • Eric Stott

            She seems a bit superficial- though I put some of that down to Foreign Accent Affect.

      • StillGary

        I still say Courtney was a ringer — never destined to win, therefore no editing preference — but she upped the talent curve and really made the contenders work!

        • neeBarbero

          Much like her friend Willam Belli.

        • Josh

          spot on! Courtney was an amazing drag queen but a just-okay reality show contestant. Runway-wise, she and Trinity were quite consistently in top form. Bianca was also consistent but she didn’t have as high highs as the other girls and her last few looks weren’t that good. Deserving and clear winner though.

  • Kate Andrews

    I was torn between Adore and Bianca with a slight lean toward Adore (he’s just so cute and sassy), but I really, really like Bianca — he’s whipsmart and funny. I wanted him to go less clown on the makeup. That’s my only complaint.

    • Kate Andrews

      Should I be calling them “she” since even Bianca called herself a man at the end? Either way, much respect.

      • julnyes

        I tend to use “She” when performers are in drag and “He” when they are out of drag unless they express a clear preference one way or the other.

        • Kate Andrews

          Cool! Good to know. Thanks!

          • julnyes

            I’m not an authority 🙂 I’m just saying what I do!

      • Kent Roby

        As Holly Woodlawn famously said, “If I’m wearing pants, call me a man. If I’m wearing a dress, call me a cab”!

  • MilaXX

    I was hoping for Bianca and I was worried Ru would go for the Cinderella fairytale and give it to Adore. I like her, but I think Bianca deserved it more. I have to admit I did cringe at Joselyn’s wedding, Dorriene’s family reunion and the kumbaya moments between Dorrience/Ben deLa and Adore/Laganga.

    • Kate Andrews

      I switched over for the last half hour and didn’t see all that. I’m not a big fan of reality show finales.

    • Geoff Dankert

      Adore REALLY grew in the last few challenges, and it felt like she was getting the “winner” edit, so I was pleasantly surprised when Bianca won. But I agree with the BK who says Adore may have one of the best post-RPDR careers of all. She’s going to make Ru a LOT of money. I HATED the Darienne Lake family reunion (it felt SO phony, exacerbated by the audio mix), the LaganjAdore rapprochement (very intrusive) and the whole “Chazney” friendship thing (as an aside: wow, Chaz sounds like Sonny!). However, Joslyn’s wedding kind of got me, maybe because I think she’s amazing and really sweet and the fiancé/husband is adorable. Also: we all know the thing is edited to death, but Lola’s face when Bianca was announced was one of the cutest things ever.

      • Montavilla

        Those videos are usually a little phony, because the families are trying extra hard to make nice. But I don’t think there was anything phony in Darienne’s reaction. And I’ll take the artifice of the production when it means that a real person to hear their parents express love and support for the first time in 18 years. None of can hear that often enough.

  • AC Simons

    I thought it was going to Adore, but I really wanted Bianca to win. She’s so funny and polished – a real star. I’d pay to go see her perform. Too bad for Courtney – this was not her year. Maybe All Stars II? That whole thing with Chas Bono was weird – are they a couple??? The finale had everything but the kitchen sink (it may have been there and I missed it), but it’s Ru’s show and she can do whatever she wants. I loved the look on Michelle’s face when LaGanga was babbling on – pure stone. Where was Sharon Needles? Lady Bunny? The dancers were amazing, and stayed dressed. I have watched every season of this show and love it to bits, even the finales. Oh, and Lola’s reaction to Bianca’s win was so effing cute.

    • MilaXX

      I agree about the everything but the kitchen sink. It was just too much. I’m with TLo. I miss the closed set with just the queens. I believe they started this as a way to avoid spoilers, but I’m confused. This wasn’t live. Did they tape 3 separate endings?

      • AC Simons

        That’s what they did the last couple of years, so the reactions aren’t really all that spontaneous. Kind of a cheat.

        • Enferdame

          From what I heard, this time they taped four, the fourth being a tie between Bianca and Adore.

    • Cambel

      A lot of the queens, like Sharon were on the week before during the recap. Sharon dressed as Michelle and was hilarious!

      • Diva in 4 Inch Heels

        It took me awhile to realize that it really wasn’t Visage. The huge breastplate completed the look.

  • Patrick Cleary

    Here’s my pet conspiracy theory, and I know it doesn’t at all account for how deserving Bianca is, but anyway.

    Bianca and a friend are trying to produce a movie called “Hurricane Bianca.” Their funding (Kickstarter/IndieGogo, I can’t remember which) went kind of nowhere last year. Bianca is really good friends with Lady Bunny and Michelle Visage, and I could easily see them telling her that possibly the easiest way to raise 100 grand for this project would be to win on RPDR.

    Not that I think that the game is rigged (much) but I’ll bet “Hurricane Bianca” is now fully funded AND has a built-in fan base. Good for her, really.

    • MilaXX

      Just googled. It was on Indiegogo and they only raised 13% of their goal. 100K in prize money would go a long way in getting this made.

    • Kent Roby

      I don’t think it was necessarily about winning RPDR; Bianca has already done exceptionally well with appearances because of the exposure of the show. Just reading the list of the numerous cities she’s been performing in every week wears me out! I told her several years ago that she needed to be on Drag Race and/or Project Runway, reminding her how great the exposure is regardless of the outcome.

      • Patrick Cleary

        Yeah, I don’t know if there was any outright funny business, but it’s just interesting that Bianca mentioned the movie in interviews about the finale, and seemed to know that it was now going to be going forward. With the fan base and opportunities, even if she didn’t win, it’d probably be enough to find investors/funders, but 100K don’t hurt either.

        • Kent Roby

          Bianca performed well on the show and she was the overwhelming audience favorite; there’s no conspiracy here.

          • CelandineM

            Bianca is a class act and that was a well deserved win.

      • Imasewsure

        Ooh I wish Bianca had the time and inclination to go on Project Runway! That would pull me back in to that tired old franchise in a heart beat – she’d be reading EVERYONE and they wouldn’t even know it… ah me, Bianca needs a clone….

        • Kent Roby

          Aside from Bianca’s participation, I’ve said for several years that it would be fun to have a costume (or drag) season of Project Runway so we could see people like Chris March shine at what they do best! (I enjoyed Chris’ show; imagine how much fun it would be to see a roomful of designers make costumes according to various themes).

          • Imasewsure

            That would be amazing… and even though Santino isn’t a major player in that franchise it kind of makes sense that the two shoes could cross over… but that is too smart and too forward-thinking I’m sure for our dear Fraulein Heidi… still that would be a great show and well worth watching!!

          • Kent Roby

            At this point, they should be trying any sort of variation to try to freshen up the franchise. They tried the teams approach (which we all hated), but I think a costume version would be tons of fun. Or maybe a season where all the models are male…and have to be clothed in sheer or mesh!

          • Imasewsure

            With the Pitt Crew as models! Oh well, t’would be nice… maybe Logo (or better yet Ru) can make it happen.

          • Qdahling

            YES PLEASE!!!

  • ScarlettHarlot

    I would have been happy with either Adore or Bianca, but my heart still belongs to DeLa.

    • piperkitty

      that x 100

  • Jeremy

    I was introduced to Bianca during my New Orleans college years, so I’m a bit biased when it comes to being full out Team Bianca. However, Adore was giving Bianca a run for her money in the finale with all of those sassy reads! It definitely made me second guess who the winner would be. Meanwhile, Courtney was just there, literally sitting on pretty.

    Side note: Adore and Bianca have amazing comedic chemistry together and I love the bond they formed over the season.

  • Kent Roby

    Congrats to my homegirl Bianca! I had a blast watching the episode in a bar full of her friends; it was like winning the Gay Superbowl!

  • MissRiss65

    I’m glad Bianca took home the crown. Adore grew during the competition, but she just doesn’t have that … something. She’ll get there in time, but giving it to someone who put in a lot of years AND helped the fledgling queens was a wise choice. There’s only so much “party!” one can stomach. That schtick got on my nerves as much as “ab-soh-lute-lay” of Gia Gunn.

  • ScarlettHarlot

    Other stray thoughts:

    Kelly Mantle still does nothing for me
    Magnolia Crawford is useless
    Gia is still the worst
    But also LaGanja is still the worst sad-muppet
    The Adore LaGanja making up segment was awkward and unnecessary
    Joslyn is adorable
    I wish we’d gotten to see more April this season
    Milk look divine
    I didn’t realize how much I missed Trinity

    • Kent Roby

      I agree with most of this, especially with wanting to see more of April. She was serving up some Mugler/McQueen awesomeness last night!

      • ScarlettHarlot

        I just re-read mine and realized I sound bitter, calling people useless – sorry about that! Too many stupid meetings started off my morning at work, I’m just being a grump. I’m not normally such a nega-saurus rex.

        • Kent Roby

          Drink your juice, Shelby!

          • ScarlettHarlot

            Stop talking about me like I’m not here!!!

          • Cambel

            There, there, now she’s making some sense……….This one wasn’t bad at all! not at all!

    • Cambel

      Agree on everything. Also, Michelle’s face when Laganga spoke was priceless.

    • leighanne

      I love Milk and thought she went home way too soon.

    • Introspective

      omg magnolia crawford and that sour puss face (or rather nose?) and that bs about how she didnt watch the season because she wanted to make the experience hers? agree with ru– i aint buying it.

      you mean you were pissy as fuck at mama ru & co and you lashed out bitch. one look at that face tells me you came home and stomped all over your living room for days about it. and you hate watched the shit out of this season. puh-leeze….

    • demidaemon

      You could tell that RuPaul is really over Magnolia. And for her to be over someone, you have to be pretty damn awful.

  • Chickadeep

    “Y’know, Logo should really consider a drag-based variety show called ‘Big Gay Mess.’”

    OMG yes, a thousand times yes. I would watch the Hell out of that show!

  • Cindy Claussen

    Congrats to Bianca! I was glad to see experience rewarded over the ingenue. Adore will have her day soon enough. I thought Courtney kind of got the shaft, as her segment felt very short. I wish there was more content in the finale for the finalists, like a mini challenge or something. It was too heavy on rehashing the same old rivalries, fights and stories from the season. They could do more awards, like in high school, Most Likely to… Best Dressed, etc. That would be fun and give the whole cast something more to look forward too. AbsolutelEEEEEEE!

  • katiessh

    Bianca all the way. Adore is amazing but she’s not ready. Bianca is so freaking professional and she’s polished in a way that doesn’t seem fake like Courtney. Adore is a hot mess and in a few years she’ll be ready but I think Bianca is really the star.

  • Carriganak

    Honestly, the number of times Bianca made me burst out laughing during the finale was enough of an edge for me to give her the crown over Adore. Adore’s probably going to have one of the best post-show careers out of this season’s bunch, and she’s probably earned herself a spot on All Stars 2. I’m cool with Bianca winning.

    Now to pray that their tour comes near my home.

    • Carriganak

      Also, I live tweeted the finale, and both Laganja and Joslyn favorited tweets I wrote. I’m still flipping out over that.

  • shehungthemoon

    The only queens I really liked this season were Bianca and Ben, so no complaints from me. 🙂

  • redhead with tattoos

    In a look-based way it maybe shouldn’t have gone to Bianca (it would have gone to Courtney, then), but in an everything-else based way, it totally should have gone to Bianca. She’s fucking hilarious, smart, surprisingly versatile in everything BUT her look, charming, sweet and spiky all at the same time. I really, really loved her — I ended the season basically wanting to see her shows and be her friend, and that’s a winner to me.

    Adore was great but I think it speaks volumes that some of her very best moments over the course of the season came with a little lift/help from Bianca. And that, in and of itself, is another point in the Bianca column for me.

    Congratulations, Roy-Lady!!

  • Andrea B

    Very pleased. I also wish we could have had an honest reaction at the announcement of the winner instead of those pretaped segments and a couple of press releases. My hat’s off to Lola; at her age, I would not have had the poise to get through that poem for love nor money. Oi! Loved the Ornacia dance segment.

    • Annette Nicole Borg

      there’s a video of the final 3’s actual reaction to the winner announcement, i found it via the RuPaul’s Drag Race facebook page!

  • MarissaLG

    I mean let’s be real though. The real winner last night was Ornacia.

    • ScarlettHarlot

      I did love the dancing Ornacias.

    • zenobar

      The Rotating Ornacias were everything.

      • Introspective


  • Joe J

    Happy with the outcome, but not really surprised. The only thing that made me point at the screen and shriek was Judge Judy’s cameo at the end – that was cool and sweet of her, I thought.

  • jjfg

    I was sure it would be Bianca or Adore. In retrospect, Bianca’s win makes total Ru-sense: Courtney is already established, and Adore is less so but between Idol and this and hey, she just recorded an album, she’s on her way. That leaves/makes Bianca the clear winner here. That said, Bianca totally grew on me this season and I am very happy for her well-deserved win. That off the cuff wit is priceless.

    Agree with you on the finale episode; I would love to see one final challenge, even if it is a bit of a softball challenge not geared to change Ru’s mind at that point. I never watch reunion episodes (who cares?) and truthfully watched this finale with one eye on the TV and one an iPad game. Next time I’ll know to skip it until the last two minutes. Also agree with the commenter who said Courtney got the short end of the camera-time stick during the epi. New take on the loser-edit? Finally? I would TOTALLY watch Big Gay Mess.

    • Cambel

      As for Big Gay Mess. how about a RuPaul season that isn’t an “All Stars” but an “All the people we hated”
      Rebecca Glasscock

      • sweetlilvoice

        I vote for that! Queens America Despised….Queens that Annoyed Everyone.

        • ScarlettHarlot

          But instead of challenges, each episode just have Jujubee, Manila, and Bianca to come read them!

        • bowlwoman

          So, they’d be striving for:


      • Kent Roby

        As much as I disliked Shangela when she was on the show (both seasons); I think I would really pull for her now! Her timing on that Travelocity commercial shows how much she has developed since Season 3. Another idea would be “All the people we never got to know”, like April this season. Besides, “All the people we hated” would be too much like any of the Housewife franchises!

        • Imasewsure

          So funny I totally agree with you. I hate hated Shangela on the show and I saw that commercial and thought, hmmmm not bad… even good… so good for her for winning us over

        • AnotherG

          I saw Shangela (and Bianca, and other drag queens) perform some stand-up live, and Shangela was top notch. Huge energy and personality, and told some damn funny jokes.

          Speaking of other queens, did anyone else LOL when Ru was doing that “Drag Queens Through History” thing, showing pictures of Drag Queens and who they are and what they did, e.g. Joey Arias, singer; Lipsynka, performer; Sylvester, disco Queen, but the best was “Lady Bunny, Filthy Bitch.” (Also, Bianca’s Lady Bunny voice is one of the best I’ve heard)

          • Introspective

            damn near died when I saw Lady Bunny’s caption!!!!! love this show for all its subversiveness, and of course for the loads of cunt being brought to anytown, usa on a monday night.

            and shangela is good now. definitely not deserving a spot with bargain basement queens like laganja and gia…

      • Linderella

        Instead of a competition, just throw them all in a house “Real World/Big Brother” style and watch them implode.

    • demidaemon

      Maybe a finale lip synch between the top two? Something?

  • Cambel

    The Adore/Bianca result reminded me of the “Raja/Manila” finale. In other words, I would have been happy with either. Adore is funny, so much raw talent and has talents that go beyond boring old lip syncing. And so does Bianca. Congratulations to the winner!

    As for the others, Stop with the Reality show B.S. Ru.

    1. I’m beyond sick of Michelle Visage continually asking to see vulnerability. NOBODY goes to a show wanting to watch a queen cry on stage.
    2. Try not to have too many challenges in a row that are similar. April should have been there longer.
    3. Ben should have been there longer.
    4. More Leah Remini and Less Chaz Bono
    5. And it was nice of you to try to give Gia the “Redemption moment” but it was fake, and we all know it.

    6. Sorry that moment with Darienne and her parents was BEYOND fake. She was supposedly thrown out and this was set up to make it seem as if it was a make up situation? The way they were acting you could tell that any hard feelings were years and years in the past. Stop the Phony Reality Show B.S.!
    7. Kelly Mantle….sweetie if you’re going to take mood stabilizers please don’t take them right before you go on stage, and Magnolia Crawford, I don’t get it. Is she supposed to be funny or not?

    • Kent Roby

      When Gia came on the screen last night, everyone in the bar screamed “You’re a dude in a dress!” The audience-participation aspect of seeing the finale with that group (all Team Bianca, of course) was a hoot!

      • Cambel

        LOL!!!!!!!! Love it!

    • RussellH88

      It’s odd, because when the show first started, it was really focused too much on look, with the middle seasons balancing it out before dipping a bit too much into looking at talent.

      If you look at season 3 they had to sing and then lip sync to it, do stand up comedy, but they also had two challenges where they had to prepare 3 different looks. That’s why Raja and Manilla were able to make it to the end because they excelled in performing AND delivering strong looks.

      I don’t want to agree with Roxxie, but in a way Jinkx was lucky to be on the season she was because she was talented enough to make it to the end with very little in the way of challenges that played against her. I think there were only 2 challenges that were based strictly around a look that season.

      I think the show really needs to try and mix it up, because a lot of the challenges (like you said) tend to bleed together without really standing out.

      • Cambel

        I have to admit I was getting sick of one acting challenge after another.

    • LittleKarnak

      Amen to #4 and #6!!!!!

    • demidaemon

      I disagree on the Darienne bit. I think she was not completely ready to forgive them. She, like everyone else, did not want to make a big scene. That “Bravo” was pretty forced, and not in a fake way. More an “I’m not ready for this” way.

      • Cambel

        They had her earrings. Considering that Darienne is over 40 and this fight between them happened when she was still living at home, this issue was no doubt solved around 15 years ago.

        • Darienne’s earrings had a rhinestone band along the top. The ones her father held did not.

  • sweetlilvoice

    Personally, I am both shocked and happy Bianca won. I thought it would go to Adore. I may just skip the episode now, I also don’t like how over blown the reunion show is. Each queen gets two seconds to talk and then cut to the next group. Does anyone know if multiple endings were filmed like last year? Or was this the “real” one?

    • Glam Dixie

      I believe they filmed three endings again this year.

  • 1. I am total Team Bianca. Well-deserved!
    2. Gia Gunn must have hired a PR agent to coach her into acting like she’s a decent person. It didn’t work.
    3. I still say Laganja is seriously mentally unbalanced. I am rather shocked she wasn’t the first on-camera reality show suicide. MIchelle Visage’s face when Laganja tried to explain away her behavior was priceless…she was not having it!
    4. Darienne Lake owned her bad behavior, though she tried to share it with Ben Dela Creme. I actually thought she was being honest in her acknowledgment of how stank she was on the show, especially since I have friends who know and like her very much. I think she just did not react well to being in the reality show competition pressure cooker, but unlike Gia is not a rotten person in her regular life.

    • Cambel

      Your comment is so dead on. And Visage’s face during Laganga’s “Moment” made me start liking Michelle again.

    • MK03

      Laganja’s behavior proves the theory that she can’t function unless she’s always high. Gurl, you need help.

    • Oh yes! Visage had a great bitchy face during Laganja’s segment. Yet Santino was super happy. What a contrast.

  • RussellH88

    I love both Adore and Bianca, but I think Bianca really just came into the competition and owned it.

    Adore has a bit more polishing to do and she needs to become a bit more well-rounded. I hope they do a Non-teams All Stars 2 and bring her back for it.

  • I was at the taping – the crowd went nuts for Bianca.

    The queens weren’t too nuts about those chairs with no backs wearing corsets and pounds of hair.

    • RussellH88

      Was there anything juicy that wasn’t shown on the episode?

      • I haven’t brought myself to watch the finale yet (from my time in line from the time I left, it was eight hours. EIGHT.) but nothing amazing happened except for seeing Ru being an executive on stage and keeping cool through slip ups. And Courtney Act not knowing what BMX Riders was…

  • Therese Bohn

    Thrilled that Bianca won! I’ve enjoyed all three, would love to see all of them in their respective shows. Bianca cracked me up with her razor sharp wit. Good luck to all.

  • Frecks

    I was team Adore going into the finale — Danny, I love you! Call me! — but I couldn’t be more thrilled that the crown went to Bianca, who, in her way, is one of the most talented queens ever to have ever appeared on the show. Honestly, last night was the only time in the show’s history, aside from Sharon Needle’s win, where I was pleased with Ru’s choice. (Speaking of being pleased, was anyone else as thrilled as I was that the CRIMINALLY underrated Alaska had such a scene-stealing cameo yesterday? Love her!)

    Truly, though, say what you will about Courtney — and it seems the Bitter Kittens are not her fans — she’s absolutely beautiful and incredibly talented. Her performance in the Ru-sical gave me chills.

    It was a pretty amazing top three, all in all.

    • Cambel

      I think you are right. I think Jinkx was wonderful, but I think that Roxxxy really chose the winner that season. If she had been nicer to Jinkx, there wouldn’t have been the sympathy vote and it could have been anybody’s game. ESPECIALLY after Alaska’s final speech. But again, I loved both of them that season.

      • Frecks

        I really like that analysis: I hadn’t thought of the way Roxxxy’s bullying might have lead to a sympathy vote for Jinkx (who, to be fair, is also extremely talented and fabulous, but who would never have been my pick for the win over Alaska). Smart!

  • Courtney’s second dress was especially dazzling any time the camera showed the stage from a distance. My eyes! And those dancers were very energetic. They made me feel tired. I did have to laugh out loud when the Ornacia dance crew came out. Very nice touch!

    I hope Bianca gets Lola a really awesome present. She was a cutie.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    This format for the finale has really grown on me. I love that the queen is crowned before an audience (like Miss America). I love seeing queens from past seasons and I love the lights, music, dancing men and the opening explosion was fab. Yes, I wish the finale three weren’t pre-taped winning, but I loved the rest of it. The sappy thing with Darienne’s parents made me teary-eyed (which is more that I can say about Made Men). I could have done without the wedding, but since they knew there was going to be a wedding, I think Joslyn’s honey could have worn a tux for the occasion. I’m happy that Bianca won as she was my pick. Adore has a lot of talent, but she and Courtney came off as reality show hoppers to me, whereas Bianca was there to celebrated her “drag queenness”. I was pleasantly surprised that she won. Loved Judge Judy’s cameo.

    I would watch that “Big Gay Mess” show.

  • Zaftiguana

    Really thought it might go to Adore and was pulling for her, but then she showed up on the red carpet that night looking the way she did, and Bianca showed up looking the way SHE did, and it was a bit like every argument for Bianca over Adore wrapped up into a single moment. I agree with Adore that she’s the one with the potential to take drag mainstream the way Ru did, and that’s (maybe?) what the competition is about, but here and now she’s heavy on potential and still a little light on followthrough.

    And Bianca’s funny as shit on top of the polish and creativity of her look, so it’s easy to get excited about her win. So, yay Bianca!

    • Sincere question, but what is it about Adore that makes her more mainstream than Bianca or Courtney? Danny’s a good, but undisciplined, singer and has some charm about him both as Danny and Adore, but so does Willam. And he’s shown far more ambition and discipline than Adore. I really don’t see how what Adore does is so much more appealing to a bigger, more mainstream audience than Bianca’s polished comedy or Courtney’s own good singing voice?

      I get that the argument in Adore’s favor is the potential to be a star and has morphed into Adore being best suited to bringing drag back into the mainstream but if Adore’s truly awful single is anything to judge by, I think Bianca’s better suited to mainstreaming drag with a comedy tour than Adore’s recording career is.

      • Zaftiguana

        I don’t think the musical stuff has much to do with it (although it’s notable that a mainstream hit single was a big part of Ru’s crossover, and that Courtney’s first musical release is a very specifically gay-oriented kitsch piece), and Danny/Adore’s charm is completely different from Willam’s. Willam plays a character. A hilarious and popular character, but Adore is all Danny, and the charm is very warm, real, fun, and accessible. Like Ru, but unlike Courtney who reads as a little bored and above it all. And Bianca is fucking hilarious, but her drag and her comedy are very classic. Hell, she calls herself Don Rickles in drag. I’m not sure five out of a thousand people under 50 could pick Don Rickles out of a line-up, and as TLo have pointed out, her look is polished but not really jaw-dropping, and I’d add that it doesn’t have a ton to say, whereas even some of Adore’s grittier looks really do. Bianca’s schtick isn’t modern and fresh, and that’s okay. She has a huge following in the drag fan community, myself very much included, and she may even hit Charles Busch status with what sounds like a fantastically campy and fun movie concept. But I don’t think there’s any question that, of the three, Adore’s got the best chance at crossover. I don’t think the other two are really even aiming for it, and that’s a-okay.

        • But there’s clearly a question about Adore’s crossover appeal. You didn’t really address anything that makes her more likely to crossover, just pointed out why you don’t think Bianca could.

          Drive, ambition, diligence are just as, if not more, important than raw talent and charm, to making someone a star, especially a crossover star in a pretty marginalized art form. Danny has talent and people clearly like him both as himself and as Adore, so I get why people like him and wanted Adore to win. I just don’t see this potential to be a big star. Not for lack of talent but for lack of discipline.

          Lucian’s reaction to Adore’s performance was telling. He usually loves the singers since so few queens can actually carry a tune. It’s what I’ve always loved about his episodes. The myriad ways his face can express confusion and bemusement is delightful. But he couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for Adore, despite the prompting. He acknowledged her great voice while focusing on just how messy a performer she is. Courtney’s the one he thought was the star, even with her weaker voice.

          • Zaftiguana

            I really did, though;

            “Danny/Adore’s charm is completely different from Willam’s…Adore is all Danny, and the charm is very warm, real, fun, and accessible. Like Ru”

            “her (Bianca’s) look is polished but not really jaw-dropping, and I’d add that it doesn’t have a ton to say, whereas even some of Adore’s grittier looks really do.”

            Lucian is great, but he’s not the American public, and the Adore we all saw early in the season is not the Adore we saw at the end or the Adore we’ve seen post-show or the Adore we’re going to be seeing in the next year or two. Which is the other big difference between she and the other two finalists, and being a bit of an evolving chameleon is another facet America likes in it’s celebrities. I liked Bianca for the win, and I don’t think Adore’s perfect (AT ALL). I’m not even sure she makes my top 10 list of personal favorite queens from the series, though crossover appeal isn’t on my list of criteria. And sure, if she doesn’t up her discipline game, it’s not going to happen. But in terms of potential, she’s the leader in this group, and the part where I pointed out that she’s the only one of the three really aiming to break out of the gay/drag/drag fan community is also meaningful.

  • camdiggidy

    I am SO delighted that Bianca won! Her bit in the opening musical number & her read of Jiggly had me dying. Courtney, where was that wig during episode taping???

    • I thought the way Jiggly read her card was perfect and so Jiggly.

      • demidaemon

        It really was.

    • boweryboy

      No tea no shade, but is it me or did Jiggly’s grill look even more busted than before?

  • Tigrrl

    I think that RuPaul is listening to the fans these days, ever since Sharon Needles. On Twitter Bianca was way ahead in retweets, and just informally looking at facebook and Twitter it looked like Bianca was clearly a fan favorite. Lots of Adore fans too, but Bianca had the lead easily. And I, for one, am so happy! Bianca was my favorite from the beginning, such a classy, funny, and interesting performer and person.

  • mozzer0906

    Definitely Bianca deserved it. Never in the bottom three, always consistent, polished, seasoned. Adore was too unpolished and Courtney was just relying on pretty.

  • Stubenville

    When we started seeing the Bianca redemption story line in the past few episodes (she has a heart of gold under that gruff exterior) I leapt to the conclusion that she would be the winner.

    It’s interesting to see how some of the girls have grown since the first epi – Adore especially. A year or two of honing her craft (take sewing lessons girl!) and she could take the crown in a future all stars season.

    And my unusual perspective on the winner; which queen would you rather see dealing with a drunk heckler during a show? I thought so.

    • Eric Stott

      Adore would mostly say “F#ck You” to a Heckler.

  • Mars Tokyo

    I guess they don’t really like to pick the one that actually looks like a real woman. They’d rather pick the one that looks like a drag queen.

    • MK03

      Have you ever watched the fucking show?

    • Maryanne525

      Wait, what? Drag isn’t only about looking like a “real woman.” Do you know anything about drag??

    • julnyes

      I think that argument would work if this was a competition at a drag ball and the category was “Feminine Realness”, but that isn’t the case here.

      Ru’s description of a winner of this show is someone who has “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent”. Fishiness isn’t on the list.

    • warontara

      Who gives a crap about fishiness? I don’t go to drag shows to see “real women,” I go to be entertained by talented performers. If I wanted to stare at a pretty girl, I would save my money and look in a mirror.

      • demidaemon

        *thumbs up a thousand times*

    • You appear to have gotten lost on your way to the Miss America pageant.

    • Tina M.

      Gia is that you????

    • demidaemon

      Um, it is RuPaul’s DRAG Race.

    • fiddlecub

      You must not know much about drag.

    • boweryboy

      You should probably re-watch the herstory segment of the finale. Just like the men behind the make-up, drag comes in all shapes and forms. It’s a personal expression – or extension – of that individual.

      If you want men who look like real women, then I suggest you suss out a show that caters solely to female impersonators (there is a difference) because that isn’t what drag is all about and ain’t nobody got time for your foolishness.

    • somebody blonde

      Is that a good thing or a bad thing, in your estimation? I’m confused.

  • Maryanne525

    I was Team Bianca from the beginning! Love love LUV HUH.

  • elemspbee

    Congratulations Bianca! Happy to see the crown go to her this year. And to have had deserving fierce competition from Adore and Courtney Act–hooray RuPaul Drag Race this year!

  • LJCdoc

    Bianca, all the way. Adore is adorable, true, but Bianca is the whole package.

  • Linderella

    The interesting thing about Bianca, for me, is that she’s an entertainer first, and a drag queen second. You know? She’s a comic. The fact that she’s in a dress is kind of secondary. I read an interview with her awhile back in which she said she initially resisted trying out for the show because she thought she had no place in it. She’s not (paraphrasing a little) a young fashion queen who sings Beyoncé medleys. I get the idea that drag is part of her job, nothing more.

  • julnyes

    I felt Bianca did everything necessary to win it, but would not have been furious with an Adore win either. I like them both, but Bianca 100% deserved the crown.

    Courtney was a solid 3d place in my opinion. She is very talented and pretty, but she paled in comparison to Adore and Bianca.

  • lily

    Agree with most here. I really like Adore, and liked her more and more as the show went on, but I was rooting for Bianca–talented, consistent, and really sharp and hilarious! And while most of the soppiness bored me, I think Lola and her reaction were great! I also have a special place in my heart for Ben DeLa (who is also sharp and funny, although in a different way), and I’m so glad she won “Miss Congeniality”!

  • I have a feeling Bianca would never have won had Absolut still been sponsoring the show. She is not really marketable, but she is a tpyical gay bar drag queen and not a “supermodel” or a “female impersonator” or a “victim” so: Cheers to Bianca!

    • julnyes

      Who do you think the Absolut choice would have been?

      • pdquick

        I think Adore. Absolut thrives on getting our 20-something queer suburban kids addicted to alcohol. But Absolut could have easily used all three in an ad.

      • Courtney probably. The megalomanic marketing guy (good riddance!!!) seemed to like someone who would not talk back (remember season 2 “I would have sacked you on our way home” and such) so I guess they were always looking for a good looking model type doll.

    • steveac10

      I have a feeling Bianca would have no problem crossing over. Comic timing and a quick wit are skills very few have (as Bruce Vilanch said, she knows how to land a joke). There is no reason she couldn’t slay them in “straight” comedy clubs or in a Vegas lounge. She’s a hell of a lot more marketable outside of gay clubs than any of the other winners, except perhaps Jinkx. She’s really just Don Rickles in a Dress or Joan Rivers with male private parts, and both of them have outlasted many a less caustic comic. There is always room for a comedian who says the stuff we won’t admit to others we’re thinking ourselves.

      • demidaemon

        It’s true. If Jinkx is the queen meant for Broadway and TV, then Bianca is the new caustic comic of the aught, who just happens to be a drag queen.

  • JaCory Deon

    In terms of all around “It” factor, Adore was the only one who had it for me. Bianca is fine, funny, and polished but she just doesn’t pop to me in the way a winner of this show should. Had she of been on S3-S5, I don’t know if she’d of won but congrads to her for it. Adore has that star quality and has this dangerous energy to her which makes her exciting as a performer…she lacks polish but that can be learned while star quality cannot. Courtney should’ve never been in the top 3 but maybe they (the producers) expected her to be a bigger threat/draw than she actually was. Pretty and boring. And can someone please just hire a makeup artist for Milk: the material is there she just has no idea how to work with it.

    Gotta say I agree with the uncles that these reunions should be with just the girls so they don’t act so fake BUT most of them are live performers so having an audience for them isn’t a bad thing. What they could do to improve it would be a final, live lipsync battle and let that decide who wins but then that might favor a queen who’s really good at performing (Trinity or Darienne) over one who has other skills. *shrugs*

  • PinkyAndNoBrain

    I could pretend I didn’t clap my hands and cackle like the Wicked Witch of the West when Bianca was announced . . . but that’d be a lie and no one would believe me anyway. I know I’m awful, but to me there was really no other option for the win. Bianca was consistently one of the best queens, never made anything worse than “safe,” and . . . I mean, Adore’s really, really annoying. I’m sorry, I know I’m the only one who thinks that and so I should just shut up, but I can’t (as good as Lady Gaga, really girl? Shut up).

    Ahem. But I’m a bitter old (21, but that’s old for some . . . cats) coot who couldn’t get over what a well-deserved win this was. Go forth, Hurricane Bianca, and conquer us lesser mortals! 🙂

    • somebody blonde

      Ha, I agree with you about Adore to some extent. I get what people like about her, but man, the way she talks is annoying, and she just drove me up the wall in the episodes in which she struggled. She and Trinity had similar issues, and honestly, I’m not actually sure Adore is the better queen. They both had their major weaknesses.

      • PinkyAndNoBrain

        Yeah, that’s what bothered me, too. I think to me Trinity actually was a better queen, at least in the latter half of the show. To me they both had exactly one stand-out performance (Adore’s rap and Trinity’s stand-up) and one excellent one (the Glamazon for both, though I thought Bianca and Trinity’s deserved to win hands-down). Adore’s Snatch Game and Rusical were both pretty good, though they didn’t blow me away like they did others, but I think Trinity’s consistently amazing runway looks balances that out. So honestly, I’d put them at about the same level, but I just happened to find Adore way less bearable.

        What pisses me off about Adore is that she’s both this defeatist, lazy attitude but also so arrogant. “I’m the only REAL superstar!” “The only difference between me and Lady Gaga is that I have a penis!” And it just seems like she feels entitled to victory and adoration while Trinity felt like she’d never get it, so why bother? Adore felt she’d never earn it, but she really really wants it so she should have it anyway. And, of course, I thought Trinity grew up and moved past it while Adore never did.

  • PeaceBang

    Enough with the weddings! I’m so disappointed that Ru keeps promoting the Big Gay Wedding as the apotheosis of human experience. Nothing should steal the focus from the Queen on her crowning! That said, I loved Bianca from day one and was thrilled for her.

    • RussellH88

      To be fair, they had been engaged for 3 years.

      • boweryboy

        Even so, I agree with PeaceBang. It did take some of the focus away from the Queen’s crowning.

  • omightyisis

    I love both Adore and Bianca, but I’m having problems with semantics. If the show were looking for, “America’s Top Drag Queen,” then Bianca deserves to have won it hands-down.

    But if RuPaul is looking for “America’s Next Drag Superstar,” I think Adore should have won it. I was surprised at how disappointed I was that she didn’t.

    • Cambel

      I don’t think by “Next” he means future. I think they mean, who already has the chops and is just undiscovered. But then again, we both might be overthinking it right Andrea Thomas? 😉

      • omightyisis

        LOL, I think about this show way more than it is healthy.

        I see your point though. If “next” is meant in the way you describe (vs. “future”), then yes, that works for me.

      • demidaemon

        Yes. Otherwise, we would have been done after season 1, and that would have been a real travesty.

  • AnotherG

    A friend asked me this weekend which hashtagteam I was on, and it really didn’t take me long to say Bianca; not because I didn’t become very charmed with Adore, but I’m not sure if Adore would have made it as far as she did without Bianca. And it was nice to see Trinity be flat-out honest about it, saying that it was that challenge with Bianca that lit a fire under her. (I note too that Trinity got huge applause as well). So, yeah, a queen who can stand on her own merits AND still be a catalyst in other people? Easy choice.

    Also, until Ben was eliminated, I was thinking Joslyn was a superior contender for Ms. Congenialtiy. And then Ben was booted, and I knew I’d go to him. But, as vulgar as that wedding might have been, I think Joslyn got an even better award.

    Alaska’s deliver of that question, though . . . that voice . . . even thinking about it, I die.

  • startxaxfire

    I loved Bianca the best in terms of humor/personality, but look-wise, it was Courtney. Honestly, if given my way I would’ve crowned Courtney, but would have been happy with any of them winning, so congrats to Bianca. However, I have wondered all season, why wasn’t Bianca read for her eye makeup? It wasn’t the most flattering look for her, plus it was the same look every time. That was really my only “complaint” with her. Otherwise, she really earned it!

    • steveac10

      At one point she had to have been because Michelle commented during a judging that she didn’t have the white eyeliner on and Bianca quipped she had snorted it. Those runway critiques can apparently go on for hours, and we only see a few minutes of them so the original comment might not have aired.

      • startxaxfire

        Got it! I thought she had to have been at some point as I don’t believe Michelle would let that fly under her radar!

    • malarkey

      gotta agree. love Bianca, but I’d also love to see her change up her eye makeup.

    • somebody blonde

      The fact that she was doing it intentionally and not because she didn’t know any better, I think, is what might have changed their minds about that. It kind of changed mine. Remember, when she was asked to come out as someone other than herself (the RuPaul runway, Judge Judy), she completely toned it down and changed it to look more like their styles. Ultimately, that’s the face Bianca’s become known for in her career. It would be like asking Divine to tone down her eyebrows or Lady Bunny to wear less hair- it’s her signature, she really wasn’t going to change it just for the show.

  • pdquick

    When Adore said, “You’re all stars, but I am America’s. Next. Drag. Superstar. Sorry ’bout it,” she was right. She sings, she dances, she’s a natual comic actress. She has all the characteristics of the young RuPaul, in a way that no other Drag Race winner has ever had. She could have used the $100K, but I predict that in the near future, she’ll look back on $100K as a pocket change.

    • Cambel

      My only problem with Adore is that if something was out of her comfort zone like the interview or the comedy she flubbed it. When Bianca did something out of her comfort zone like the Rap or dancing she put her nose to the grindstone and got through it pretty damn well.

  • warontara

    Michelle Visage’s ice cold stare at Laganja’s nonsense is my new desktop background……

    • tetisheri

      That was in the top 10 best moments of the ep. Visage can be annoying, but she had Ganja’s number.

    • boweryboy

      Right? That was the first time I’ve ever seen Michelle truly show dislike towards a contestant. Lasagna needs to stop smoking the ganja and seriously seek some professional help.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Is it wrong that I would dearly love to see Bianca and Andrea Martin form an act where they Take Their Own Heads, Screw Them on Right and No Guy’s Gonna Tell ‘Em They Ain’t?

  • Diva in 4 Inch Heels

    I adore Bianca. No T No Shade. It’s surprising, because I saw her in this Sherry Vine program on Here TV and I didn’t like her on that program at all.
    Yet, on Drag Race I absolutely got her and her personality.

  • metropolitan

    I would assume the season’s sponsors have a heavy hand in selecting the winner. Is that not the usual motivation behind having a final three? Presenting the sponsors with options? I wonder if the push-and-pull over this decision is what caused some of them to drop out this season.

    The biggest surprise (and disappointment) for me was Ben winning Miss Congeniality over Joslyn. Ben invented a character whose storyline is that she’s hyper-congenial, while Joslyn was the real deal. Rewarding that kind of self-aware falseness left a bad taste in my mouth.

    But then again, this season was by far my least favorite for exactly that reason. I’m having trouble pinpointing exactly when this happened, but the show in general feels too canned, too manufactured, and too self-aware to be very entertaining anymore, either because the producers are pushing contestants towards an emotional reaction or a specific storyline (calls from home, Adore-as-underdog, etc.), or (even worse) contestants are wise enough to fake this on their own now for more screen time (i.e. Alyssa vs. Coco). The last genuine moment I can recall is Yara’s breakdown during the lip sync in season three. Sharon and Phi Phi had a few genuine fights, I suppose, but otherwise I usually feel like I’m watching a scene that has been rehearsed at least once before the cameras started rolling.

    • Agreed about Joslyn. You described it well.

    • Cambel

      I think Joslyn would have won except for the fact that so many people were shocked that Ben went home before Darienne.

  • Qdahling

    I’m definitely Team Bianca, so I am very, very happy she won! I liked her from the beginning. I’ve rewatched quite a few episodes, and I have to say, I think she had more versatility in looks than she gets credit for. Ok, not really in the makeup department, but what can I say, I love her look so I’m biased. She was a great all around Queen and I wish there had been more sewing this season- I’m curious to see how the other queens would have fared with more sewing challenges like they had in the earlier seasons.

    On the other hand, I honestly would have been happy with any of the Top 3 queens winning, they were all great. I was hoping for a Top 4 which included Ben De La Creme. It makes me sad to see a lot of Courtney Act bullying on other sites (obviously not here, us Bitter Kittens and Precious Unborn Fawns would never).

  • rage_on_the_page

    You can watch the real reaction on Logo online!

  • Damien W

    Bianca had to win, if Ru was going to be able to keep doing this show with a straight face. Bianca was the only bona fide drag queen in the final three. This was the most lackluster, disjointed cast ever. Knowing Ru’s tastes, you could spot the finalists in the first episode, which is death for this show (see Season 3 and Raja). All the specialty performers and ‘always on’ club kids never have a chance in this competiton, and this cast was full of them.

    But I agree, the finale has turned into a monster that needs to be shot off the top of the skyscraper. When a show that is so based on parody starts becoming a parody of itself, it’s like a sign of the apocalypse. Initially I was glad that they added an audience for the reveal of the winner, but as you said, it has turned everything into a fake nicey-nice fest, complete with benign cue-carded digs.

  • BobStPaul

    Really pleased that Bianca took it. I will say that Adore’s final look was her best of the entire season and I do think she has a lot of potential. I get this weird vibe from Courtney in the videos in which she appears (on the show and elsewhere). She has a crazy look in her eyes. The finale only changed my mind about one person – Darienne Lake – who I disliked intensely through much of the season. On the other hand, both Laganja and Gia Gunn continued to irritate me immensely.

  • columbinnati

    What do you mean you don’t have anything to recap?? There was PLENTY of content to recap. So lazy.

    • Why are the RPDR fans who show up here so awful?

      • Jacob Bowen

        Can I get an Amen? You are DEFINITELY not lazy!

        • But they didn’t even recap the recap episode last week! I mean, come on! Get to work!! Grrrr! Arrrgh! Wahhhh!
          (That was sarcasm.)

        • RunAmuck


      • Cambel

        It isn’t our fault, we just become bitter kittens when you spend so much more time writing about What Julia Robert’s Niece wore to an event nobody cares about or what Reece Witherspoon wore to the grocery store, than about the most important night of the year in Television….the RuPaul finale. There should have been PAGES of analysis.

        How DARE you! it’s all about Us! 😉 #OnlyHalfJoking

        • #NotReallyFunny

          • Cambel

            #NotReallyTryingToBe You really did write more about Julia Roberts’s niece’s make-up than you did on this episode.

    • sweetlilvoice

      What would there be to recap? Two queens sit down and talk for 30 seconds each…cut to Ru…cut to dancing queens…cut back to new queens sitting down…cut to audience clapping.

  • Edward Thomas-Herrera

    Can I just ask… what was Magnolia Crawford thinking when she got dressed for this show? Those bitches turned it out and Magnolia shows up looking like my second grade teacher in 1972 suburban Houston, TX.

    • boweryboy

      She hardly received any applause from the audience when she walked the catwalk.

  • confuzzled

    The funny thing about having the gap between the final challenge and the finale is that people forget the statistics – although Adore improved a lot, this isn’t Rupaul’s School for Girls. Bianca outshone everyone this season – 3 wins, no bottom 2, no low ever. Adore had to lip-sync twice and also received low marks, even though she also won 3 times. Regardless of what you think of them, Bianca DESERVED the win and I thought it was fairly obvious. Adore received a positive edit and will no doubt have a great career, but charisma and the potential to ‘go mainstream’ is not the only definition of a drag superstar.

  • boweryboy

    I’m thrilled that Bianca won.

    Some of the younger queens on this show think if you’ve been doing drag for 18+ years you should be taken outside and put down; and that drag is all about fishy realness. It’s refreshing, and long overdue, for a polished veteran drag queen who embodies every aspect of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to win.

    I hope Bianca’s win will help younger queens realize their drag eleders have a lot of wisdom and experience to share and that they should be looked up to as role models and inspirations. I also hope her win inspires older drag queens, who are hesitant to try out for the show because it skews young, to give it a go. It’s really anyone’s game regardless of age.

    I also enjoyed Ru’s herstory lesson. It was like a subtle dig at Gia and her idiotic remark that drag is all about looking like a pretty girl. Drag comes in all shapes and forms as evidenced by the montage of images (who else here really, really misses Divine?).

    It was also refreshing to have three very likeable and personable finalists. I would have been ok with any one of them winning. I may be in the minority, but I enjoyed the absence of major drama or hateful queens. It was easily one of the best, albeit lowkeyed, seasons ever. The drama at times takes away from the enjoyment of the show for me. With that said, now that we’ve had a lighthearted and enjoyable season they can bring on cray for the next.

    • Cambel

      Frankly I get bored with the “Fishy” queens. You can only watch somebody stand up there, lip synching some ballad and trying to be a “Fabulous Woman” so many times…BORING. I mean whose show would you rather see, Gia Gunn’s or Lady Bunny?!

  • Michelle Gennari

    Very happy Bianca won – it was clear to me she was going to win. I’m sorry Ben didn’t make it further along but hey, what can you do? Lots of good contenders this season. And yeah – what was up with Magnolia Crawford? The dang show was in Vegas where did she think she was going??????

  • Miranda Prince

    Love them both, but Bianca was always my Queen.

  • understateddiva

    Ok, this is going to sound terrible, but if my parents who kicked me out of the house, and hadn’t pursued a relationship with me since, suddenly came on screen to say how much they love me during my 15 minutes of fame? I would tell them where they could shove their fair-weather love. I hope to all that’s holy that the producers warned Darienne about that – either way she was far more gracious than I would have been.

    • HelenNPN

      Funny, it struck me that she had a fairly ungushing and detached reaction, considering the circumstances. I agree with what you say – so it’s okay to love me now that I’m on tv huh – and I thought D was put in a tough spot. Handled it well I thought, not too “reality scripted emotion on cue”.

  • Michael Mitchell

    I agree about the finale, they should do a finale episode, and then have a reunion special. Last nights episode was kinda boring. I also have issue with the way they film all three receiving the crown, but airing only the actual winner. The winners reaction doesn’t feel genuine, and I think it creates a whole different feeling to the whole event.

  • somebody blonde

    I do wish they would revamp the final episode and separate it from the reunions so they could be just as bitchy as they used to be. Really, I would love if they did something like a live variety show with all the queens. Songs, stand-up, lip syncs, dance numbers, acrobatics, sketches, whatever. Just a seriously gay Ed Sullivan. Drop the pretense of it being a challenge, too. Just have the queens play to their strengths. Courtney Act could’ve done “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” with the pit crew. Adore and Ben could’ve done a sketch based on the idea of the “Lady and the Tramp”- maybe they’d be riding a fake bus downtown or something and somehow get into a conversation. Bianca does a stand up routine. I’m just saying, this whole live audience thing could be so much better than it is.

  • LambeeBaby

    Bianca deserved it. Funny, talented and sweet n sour what a perfect combo!

  • Toni

    I DID like Courtney but she started to become a bit stuck up and kept critizing everyone. But i LOVE ADORE!! Shes soooo down to earth and she is a great entertainer! PARTY!! 🙂