Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Posted on December 14, 2011

That was awful.

Seriously. We sat there dumbfounded when they brought out the homeless at the end. We didn’t think they had much shame left in them after last year’s “Christmas with the Developmentally and Physically Disabled,” but bless those Glee creators, it turns out shame left the building a season and a half ago.

Two things:

1) Rachel is Jewish, writers. RACHEL. IS JEWISH. NO ONE stopped during the process and said, “Hey, why is one of only two Jewish characters constantly obsessing over the ‘best Christmas ever?”

2) Wailing “TONIGHT, THANK GOD IT’S THEM INSTEAD OF YOUUUUUU!!!!!!” to a roomful of HOMELESS PEOPLE has got to be one of the most ridiculous things we’ve ever seen on television. Again, no one spoke up during the planning stages with, “Waitaminnit…I think this just might be horribly offensive, or at the very least, a really fucking stupid idea…”

The rest of it is almost not worth commenting on. What a flaccid little attempt at a Christmas special this was, content to merely refer to other, better Christmas specials of the past rather than trying to do something special all by itself.

And can we just say? There were moments between Blaine and Kurt that were too gay even for us. We wanted to like the whole riff on the Judy Garland special, but even we’re not old enough to have anything but a passing YouTube familiarity with it. In other words, they were painstakingly recreating and parodying something we’re pretty sure the vast majority of the audience had little to no experience with. If two middle-aged queens looked puzzled sitting through that homage, we can’t imagine what other demographics were thinking as they watched it.

And to make it worse, it was …odd, to say the least. Bursting with faux good cheer and ridiculously competent musical numbers, but every once in a while, they tried to make it an SCTV Christmas special, with bizarre references to the end times and environmental collapse that were supposed to be funny, but fell like an anvil.

Bah. Humbug. We can’t with this one. You’d be better off watching the original.

Oh, and one more thing: that little Irish kid is AWFUL. Stop trying to find things for him to do, creators. We don’t care what little game show he won, he can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag.


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  • Nunya Bizness

    Honestly!! My 15 year old and I were slack jawed. The ridiculous insensitivity, the jokes no one under 60 would get, the just awfulness….what a waste.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe I sat through those three hours of nothingness.

      You mean it was only an hour? Seemed like it dragged on for-ev-ah.

      • Terence Ng

        The commercials are the only things that kept me aware.

  • I spent most of the “special” convinced that either someone had slipped something into my wine, or it was all actually a brilliant metacommentary that I just wasn’t getting. But then that homeless thing happened, and I realized that it was not a hallucination, and it was not brilliant satire that was going over my head. It was just a fat old mess. 

    • Anonymous

      And here I thought it was just me….I actually couldn’t watch the last 20 minutes….now I know just to skip it all.

    • Anonymous

      An offensive fat old mess. Only South Park can get away with being that offensive and call it parody.

  • Anonymous

    I felt there was a little charm in the parody of the Judy Garland special. Otherwise, this episode was ridiculous. And I’ve always thought “Do they know it’s christmas” was an offensive song no matter what the context.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite thing about “Do they know it’s Christmas” is that the creator of that song has said he wishes he could destroy it forever.  Considers it the worst song ever written I believe.  And he wrote it.

      • Anonymous

        Well, good. Because he’s absolutely right. Guess what, Bob Geldof? THEY DON’T CARE IF IT’S CHRISTMAS. BECAUSE THEY DON’T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS. THE WHOLE WORLD IS NOT CHRISTIAN. 

        • Anonymous

          And did you see that Glee is donating proceeds from that song to Africa? Seriously, Glee? It’s bad enough you released that monstrosity back into the world

          • Anonymous

            Lol! Oh freaking snap. What a hilariously fucked up thing to do. That’s like a metajoke on condescension.

        • Anonymous

          And did you see that Glee is donating proceeds from that song to Africa? Seriously, Glee? It’s bad enough you released that monstrosity back into the world

        • Anonymous

          Actually, a slim majority of Ethiopians identify as Ethiopian Orthodox Christian. I have no idea if they observe Christmas in the same way as Catholics and Protestants do, or on the same day, but if they believe in Jesus’ divinity, they probably recognize his birth in some way.

      • It has to be the worst song you have ever written when you include a line like “Thank god it’s them instead of you.” I stopped watching the show a long time ago because a lot of times it just seems so out of touch with the world.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Agreed, there was something endearing about the black & white portion of the episode. Mostly the actors insane attempts to replicate the original’s tone, which some accomplished with grace and some… did not.

    • Thank you. The song grates and is full of megastar pretension. Hate. It. They were seriously pwned by USA for Africa’s “We are the World”.

      • Anonymous

        An even worse song, in my opinion.

        • Anonymous

          Couldn’t agree more. A bunch of Americans, most of whom were much more famous globally than their English counterparts, singing “We Are the World” *isn’t* full of megastar pretension? Please. Plus at least the melody of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” doesn’t make me want to vomit.

    • Thank you. The song grates and is full of megastar pretension. Hate. It. They were seriously pwned by USA for Africa’s “We are the World”.

    • Terence Ng

      Seeing Chris Colfer try to do a Judy, but come off as Liza (despite Rachel being Liza) is…killing my Christmas spirit.

  • …I was entertained by it’s ridiculousness…

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was kind of hilariously ridiculous until Finn and Puck showed up in Star Wars drag. Then it took a turn for the stupid.

  • So it looks like this will be the second episode of the season that I miss and just never catch up on. Any musical numbers I should watch, or were none of them any good? (I do like Christmas music, so there’s that.)

    • Anonymous

      In my opinion, no. And since when is My Favorite Things a Christmas song?

      • Hah, actually? A while. I don’t know what it is – “brown paper packages” or “snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes” or “warm woolen mittens” or, now that I look at the lyrics, a ton of them actually – but while it’s not exclusively a Christmas song, it gets included a LOT.

        • Anonymous

          OK, thanks. Clearly my loathing of all things Sound of Music has made me block that out 🙂

          • Anonymous

            When I was a freshman in college my boyfriend at the time took me to see Sound of Music…need I tell you that this relationship didn’t last long? 

          • I bet nobody was happier about that than him.

          • I thought I was the only one who felt that way.  And I was a Theatre major!  🙂

          • Ok, we’re checking all your papers. Are you dissing SOM on this website?

      • ever since Streisand made it one.

        • Anonymous

          Streisand. Who is Jewish.

          • Anonymous

            It’s a conspiracy…

      • Anonymous

        It happened about the same time The Candyman became a Christmas song, I think. I’ve heard that one about 3 times in stores this year. Besides being kind of creepy, it isn’t a Christmas song. Just like My Favorite Things and that song from Mame (which yeah, mentions Christmas, but if you know the show…it just isn’t).

        I hereby proclaim we decide that all songs are Christmas songs, that way I won’t have to have to have the same 4 songs shoved down my throat from November 10th on. Yes, that’s when 2 of my local radio stations start playing them and you know what? I like some Christmas music but when I’m sick of hearing it by Thanksgiving, we need to just stop it alltogether

        • Anonymous

          The worst offender for me, when it comes to 24-hr Christmas programming on the radio, is Dolly Parton’s “Hard Candy Christmas,” which is about getting dumped and moving on, and not about Christmas in the slightest. I’ve even written angry letters to radio stations about their utter lack of give-a-shit when they choose the songs to play.

          Which brings me back to Glee. Fuck you and your lack of lyrical understanding, Ryan Murphy. Every time you do something stupid like have glamorous teens sing about starvation and doom to a room full of hungry homeless, you make me sorry I ever tried to defend your show to people who insisted it was crap. I’m starting to agree with all of them.

          • Anonymous

            Ah, Hard Candy Christmas. Another song from a musical that, when looked at the scene it is involved with, makes NO sense at all. All the hookers in the Chicken Ranch have to move on because they’ve closed their whorehouse down. Yeah, have a very merry Christmas from some unemployed hos. 😀
            I’ve forgotten about that one.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe in an homage to Oprah!  Her favorite things episodes happened every year just in time for Xmas shopping!

      • Glen Coleson

        When i was a kid me and my grandmother would watch the sound of music together every christmas eve. So its sentimentally attached for me. For everyone else, i have no idea.

    • Anonymous

      Amber Riley looked and sounded fucking amazing for the whole damn show. She got to sing two songs without gospel wailing and damn. I think they were All I Want for Christmas is You and something else I can’t remember because the suckiness of the episode melted my brain. 

      • Awesome, good to know! Thanks!

        • Oh holy crap,[email protected]:disqus , you’re right. Still haven’t seen the rest of the episode and probably won’t, but that? That was a perfect example of what Glee can do when it’s on and of the reason we still keep coming back. Amazing vocal performance, fun & lively dance sequence, lots of adorable interpersonal moments: just all-around great. The sort of thing you finish with a grin on your face.

          Unfortunately, none of that is “competent storytelling” or “reasonable dialogue”.

      • Anonymous

        A review of the CD says she’s the only good thing on it.  That the rest phoned it in.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. She looked beautiful.

      • Anonymous

        I dunno, I think she wailed on “All I Want for Christmas.” It is a Mariah Carey song, so I guess that’s to be expected. She did do wonderfully on “Favourite Things,” though.

        Personally, if you separated it from the rest of the ridiculousness, I liked Kurt and Blaine’s “Let It Snow,” except for maybe the last 10 seconds or so where they tried to modernize it by adding unnecessary runs disguised as “scatting.” The rest of the show was indeed garbage.

      • Glen Coleson

        i loved her All i want for christmas. But was it just me, or could you see her nipples poking through that dress. I rewound it and watched it again, and i still can’t tell if it was just the fabric draping in an extremely unfortunate way, or if it was just really cold on set when they were filming.

        • Sobaika Mirza

          Weird, but I noticed that too. I’m hoping it was just fabric.

        • I’m pretty sure those are darts? The fabric looks taffeta-like, which is still on seams and reflects light oddly. (I’ve had my fair share of stage costumes in it.)

      • Mariah J

        Singing every riff exactly the same as Mimi is amazing to you? Low standards.

    • r0ckmypants

      The Cheerios doing a ribbon dance to “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses was the episode’s highlight.

      • Excellent! I always feel weird for not loving “Christmas Wrapping”, but that still sounds kind of amazing.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for mentioning this, now I know to find & see that. “Christmas Wrapping” by the Waitresses is, I cannot lie, my favorite Christmas song written during my lifetime.

        I cannot justify this, it simply is. I think it’s the bass line.

        • Anonymous

          My favorite Christmas song ever!  And my brother’s too oddly enough since our musical tastas are not similar at all.

          • It’s ’cause we’re from the eighties darlings. No need to apologize. My 11-year-old son gets a kick out of the fact that I know all of the words. It’s our only ‘new wave’ Christmas song.

      • I agree – they looked and sounded great and Heather Morris looked like perfection in her outfit -so jealous!!

      • Anonymous

        Was Heather Morris a voice-over?  Her vocals didn’t sound at all like her.

    • Anonymous

      I liked ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ with Mercedes, and ‘Christmas Wrapping’ with Brittany. I actually liked most of the songs, except ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas,’ which I was cringing about before they even showed it since I knew they were doing it and I hate that song. Oh and I thought ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ with Finn and Puck was pretty meh.

      Oh yeah, and I thought ‘My Favorite Things’ was meh too.

      But I liked the rest of them.

      • So, it looks like I’ll be scrolling through Hulu looking for the musical numbers! Oh, wait, they don’t put it up for 8 days, do they? Hmm. I guess I’ll find it somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

    After that agonizing hour of drek, the only thing that got me thru the night was waiting to see what the uncles would say. Thanks, guys — although you were kinder than I would have been.

    Alas, Marti Noxon’s Glee debut was not a promising one.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Marti Noxon wrote that???

      Boo. She was one of my favorite Buffy writers.

      • I think they just snuck her name on there with out her knowing, or a produce changed all the good parts and she had very little control over the end product.

    • glennethph

      Marti Noxon? Hold onto your horses.  Someone’s going to get raped or at least, abused.

    • Lea Setegn

      Marti Noxon’s name is listed as “consulting producer” on every episode of this season. I’m a die-hard Buffy fan and hold her personally responsible for the worst season of Buffy ever aired. I am not surprised that she’d had a hand in this dreck.

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention each song lasted 30-45 seconds….I get it Glee…you want us to buy the entire song on itunes, but it just seemed too abrupt.

    • Anonymous

      Amber Riley according to a Sunday review was the only one that appeared to be emotionally involved in the CD.  I won’t be purchasing it.

      • Terence Ng

        People still purchase music? 😉

        • Anonymous

          Some of us old people do.  It’s a habit from my 45 days.  I still look at my LP covers.

  • With respect to all the Gleeks among the Bitter Kittens, This just confirms for me why I do not watch this show.

  • MilaXX

    Definitely not liking the Irish kid, in fact stopped liking him after the leprechaun joke. This episode was a condescending mess. I’m actually surprised Rachel & Puke weren’t somehow singing the dreidel song, but whatever.

    •  This is WHY TLO NEEDS to watch the glee project, both reruns of the first season and the upcomign second round. Because watching it, you really understand WHY Ryan Murphey can’t write a show properly or with consistancy.

      Seriously, Damien (who plays rory) is a sweet kid, and he can sing. But both him and Sam (who also won and will play a relative of puck) were easily outclassed by contestants who could sing beautifully (Marrisa, Lindsey) or who could act (Hannah). And Ryan Murphey just seemed to throw caution into the win when he decided who should go home. Damien was even in the bottom at least 4 or 5 times. HE even almost went home, but his friend quit the show at the nick of time.

      • THIS. 

      • Anonymous

        I have to agree…. My husband & I could rarely understand Ryan Murphey’s reasoning when he’s decide who should go that day.  He seemed to bounce around the idea of characters he’d always wanted but couldn’t produce, rather than finding talent and creating based on that actor.  I was pulling for Rory, actually, (but I love crooners & underdogs)  The Glee Project could be a good idea if there were clear guidelines to how the competition was run. 

        As for the episode… Meh.  I’m in my mid 40’s and vaguely remember those variety christmas specials, so sure appreciated the attempt at homage.  It’s all it was wrapped in that stunk.  I’d have liked it better if there wasn’t any attempt at a storyline and the episode just opened with a mock Lima PBS intro of the homage show.   

      • Anonymous

        It’s not throwing caution to the wind to cast two mediocre men over two exceptional women. Men are always in higher demand in musical theater, and this show is no exception. The female talent far exceeds the male talent, and casting is dying for a male lead that they can’t seem to find.

      • Anonymous

        I only saw a couple episodes, but the only thing I can remember from it was RM telling this chubby girl how great she was, how she was “what Glee is all about,” and then at the end of the show, she got sent home.  Already filled your fattie quota, eh Ryan?  Go screw yourself.

        • Anonymous

          After the 1st show the fiiiine young man pointed out the obvious he would not be chasing girls; they would be chasing him.   This according to RM made him arguementive, and difficult to work with.  I was a young girl and the young man was right.  Conceited, yes, but right.  He did not agrue, he just pointed out the obvious.   You notice he had to hit the bricks.  He could sing dance and once again,  FIINE!  

    • Did you mean to type “Puke”? LOL 🙂

      • MilaXX

        oops, no, lemme correct that

      • MilaXX

        I think I accidentally deleted it. 🙁

  • It was truly horrid. I want Sue singing “You’re a mean one, Mister Grinch” back. I want ANYTHING BUT THAT PIECE OF SCHLOCK. I, too, turned the TV off and thought, “I can’t wait to see how T & Lo rip into this one!”

    • Anonymous

      You know, that would be a great storyline–reuse the basics of that story (Sue decides to steal all the Christmas stuff then everyone celebrates anyway, so her heart grows 10 sizes that day) and rewrite it–everyone would get it and it would be fun. This show last night was such a Stilts Episode.

      • Pinup Ghoul

        SUCH a Stilts Episode, absolutely!

    • k.d. lang actually sang that!

  • Marie Dees

    I have to admit, I gave up on Glee this season. Actually the only thing that convinced me to start watching it were early TLO recaps of some of the top episodes. I thought, hmm, maybe I should check this show out. TLO were right and I was pulled in. Then this season started and things just got weird. I haven’t been pulled back in yet, but I check the TLO posts just in case things get better.  

    Oh, the Irish kid was very cute in Celtic Thunder and had a big fan base. (the blond was much cuter) Well, big considering it was a subset of people who like Celtic Thunder. If I remember the Glee project right, he really didn’t win. They just created a reason to let him sort of win. Probably to make his Celtic Thunder fans happy because they’d be the type of fans to watch Glee. 

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I didn’t watch the reality show, but I like the Irish kid a little. Seems sweet, great voice. He’s just suffering from Tina Syndrome – lots of potential and given absolutely zero to do. I just don’t understand why the writers would bring him in without giving him something more substantial than Irish jokes.

      • Terence Ng

        I know. it’s kind of a big ‘fuck you’ to hand him a seven episode arc, give him one episode, and then spend the rest by making him say one stupid line per episode. Apparently “With our ‘earts o’en!” constitutes an episode.

        It seems to confirm how shittily Murphy is rumored to treat his actors. He selected this guy (of four) to be in this show because they were good and he claimed he could do something with them. If you couldn’t, you should have just sent him home.

        • I still miss MArissa and HAnnah…. they just barely missed that ridiculous 4 person winner cutoff

          • Marie Dees

            Hannah was one of my favs and I think they could have done something great with her. 

    • Anonymous

      Sam and Damian were both declared the “winners” and got 7 episode arcs. Alex and Lindsey “sorta” won and were given 2 story arcs.

      • Sobaika Mirza

        So Damian’s the Irish guy, right? And Lindsey is the NYADA girl who sang Buenos Aires? So who are the other two?

        •  they haven’t appeared yet. Sam is a kid who has long dreads, is christian, and sings with a heavy growl in his voice but nothing else. Alex was a flamboyant drama queen who occaisionally dressed in drag when he saw that Ryan Murphey loved it. They’re rumored to appear later in the season as relatives of puck and mercedes respectively.

          • The girl who plays Sugar isn’t from that show?

          • Anonymous

            No she’s a working actress – she was on a show called American Dreams. Apparently she can sing.

          • Terence Ng

            And apparently she can’t sing in the show, which is why she does back up vocals, because apparently back up vocals can be sung by people who are tone deaf, while she also dances in the background of a group that her father is funding specifically to showcase her. WHAT???

            Ryan Murphy, you make NO sense. I would be more interested in Sugar having a sober loss of her illusion of grandeur and slowly learning to become a better singer with Shelby and the other girls’ help.

        • They’re coming…Samuel (dreadlocks) and Alex (Kurtcedes) were on the Christmas album. And I thought that Alex -SPOILERS- was playing the new lead of Vocal Adrenaline.

          • omg, did you just solve the mystery of who is singing “Do You Hear What I Hear?” on the christmas album?  I was guessing the girl singing is Lindsay (?) but I didn’t recognize who she was singing with and it was driving me crazy!  What does Samuel sing?

          • He was on Santa Clause is coming to town with Finn and Puck (but not in the episode). Do you Hear What I Hear was Lindsay and Alex.

        • They’re coming…Samuel (dreadlocks) and Alex (Kurtcedes) were on the Christmas album. And I thought that Alex -SPOILERS- was playing the new lead of Vocal Adrenaline.

  • The truth is that the only character that I enjoyed last night was Sue and I been over her for a long time.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Last week I was glad she wasn’t there and didn’t miss her at all. I also said that Glee needs to find a new antagonist. But, she definitely was the old Sue from before that made her so great. I was pissed that the glee kids pretty much told her she’s SOL when she said she needed them Friday night.

      I also loved Blaine’s reaction when she called him “Young Burt Reynolds.”

      • Tracey Randinelli

        Sooooo glad someone else noticed Blaine’s face upon hearing “Burt Reynolds”–PRICELESS. That almost justifies paying full price to see Darren Criss in How to Succeed… on Bway next month (which I’ve been pondering).

        The rest? Jump-the-shark bad.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed! That was one of the only times I actually laughed out loud last night.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad I stopped watching this show a couple months ago.  Your recaps remind me why I quit – even when I feel out of the loop, it’s worth it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The worst episode of Glee yet (well.. at the very least top 3). It was just so DULL and all the emotional parts were offensive or cliche. The only thing that you said that I disagree with was about Damian (Irish kid). He is a great singer and a good actor, they’re just really not giving him anything interesting or realistic to do. 

  • The only thing more disappointing than the episode was looking at my Facebook feed and seeing half the people I went to high school with lavishing the episode with praise for “putting the Christ back in Christmas.”  I must have missed the beatitude where Jesus told us to be condescending assholes towards homeless people.

    • Anonymous

      Sit down next to me, because I don’t remember that beatitude either! 

    • Do me a favor and let all your highschool facebook friends know that Christmas was originally pagan holiday that was taken by the Catholic church. So there is no Christ to put BACK because it was never in there in the first place.

      • I do what I can to keep the Saturn in Saturnalia.

        • Terence Ng

          Let the sodomy, vomiting, and non-STD-related gift giving begin!

      • Anonymous

        Personally, I like the “Put the Han Back in Hanukkah” campaign that’s going on Facebook right now.

      • Anonymous

        Well, except it wasn’t “Christmas” then, but otherwise good point.

      • Marie Dees

        Mithras is the reason for the Season.

    • Hey, could be worse — the other day my 7 year old explained to me that Hannukah was for people who hate God instead of having Christmas.  Apparently some kid at school told him that….

      • YIKES!!

      • YIKES!!

      • Sam

        Kids say the darnest things!

      • Anonymous

        As a Jewish kid in a largely non-Jewish neighborhood, I was told that my people killed God and didn’t deserve Santa Claus.  So 40 years later, it is pretty much the same.

        • Well, I corrected him posthaste, believe me.  I explained the difference between Jewish beliefs and Christian ones, and some history of Jewish people. 

          I was so proud when he came home the following day: “I told him about Jews and that he was wrong.”  Then he said they weren’t really friends anymore, but that two of the other kids in his class are Jewish, and they much appreciated it.

      • Anonymous

        Kids are capable of startling cruelty if they’re introduced to it.

        • I hope that it was one of those completely insane leaps that kids make based on some tiny bit of information — virtually every religious kid has a point that he or she thinks atheists are bad people, for instance (even mine, with their completely not religious parents) — and not something that his parents told him. 

          Of course, the next day my child asked one of the kids in his class who he THOUGHT was Jewish about being Jewish… apparently he had gotten confused, and that was not the child who had mentioned being a Jew.  No, that kid was a Muslim.  Thankfully, the kid was not upset by it. 

  • Kate Musselman

    I’ve long thought “Do They Know It’s Christmas” was a very strange song. The “clanging chimes of doom”? Seriously? And yes – thank god it’s them instead of you! Aren’t you glad you’re relatively rich and healthy and not starving and/or homeless? Sucks to be you, homeless people! Meanwhile, we’ll laugh and laugh and frolic and dance and sing our strange little paean to our own good fortune. 

    • Anonymous

      It makes slightly more sense as a comparison of the riches of the US and Western Europe compared with poor countries experiencing famine, which I believe was the original content.  In that sense, you wouldn’t expect it to be sung to the less fortunate but a reminder to those in privileged countries. You can certainly still argue it was condescending and offensive in its original context, but at least there would be an argument.   The way it used on Glee there really isn’t any argument. 

      • I always hated that song with a fiery passion

      • Anonymous

        I agree.  I remember when it was used as a fund raising song that the context made more sense.  “Give money because you have Christmas and they don’t.” 

    • Anonymous

      That line is a clunker any way you look at it, even in its original context. But why they would choose to sing it is beyond me. It’s a pretty terrible song, even for its own time.

  • Anonymous

    So, I saw this as a complete sendup of all the big name Christmas specials (Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, et.al.) I watched as a kid.  Up to and including the speech Linus gives in “It’s Christmas Charlie Brown”.  As far as Rachel and Puck being Jewish, when I was a kid there was no recognition of Hannukah in mainstream entertainment, not even token Happy Hannukah to Sammy Davis, Jr.  Those specials were great with the music, but pretty sappy and forced with the actual “welcome to  our home” schtick.  From that perspective, this show was hilarious to me…

    • Anonymous

      Wait wait, at the very last second when Rachel and Finn started to ring bells with Chord Whatsisname and the camera was pulling away from the scene, Rachel said “…and happy Hanukkah.” So you see, they didn’t forget the Jews!

      • There is a Sesame Street Christmas special from 1979(?) that prominently features Mr. Hooper. He is Jewish, and Bob tosses him the throwaway line, “Oh, and Mr. Hooper? Happy Hannukah”. Just before Hooper goes and plays Santa for Bert and Ernie, and saves their Christmas.

        • Anonymous

          Only on Sesame Street…

      • Anonymous

        Yep, I did catch that, it fit right in with the whole cluelessness of everyone.  I am looking at this show from the perspective of an older woman (looking at the second half of 50s), and I always thought the Christmas specials and regular shows that had a special Christmas edition were fun and kind of silly.  Definitely clueless.  The ones that tried to make a special point of the “true meaning of Christmas” came off the same as the cringe producing homeless scene.  I guess I just have a warped sense of humor… 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that used to annoy me. You probably grew up at the same time I did. When I was a kid there was Christmas, Christmas, Christmas every single night all over TV, and not one single Chanukah special. Not even a mention. (Not to mention that we were forced to sing Christmas carols in school). It’s probably the reason I still have no patience for Christmas. 

      I knew that there were plenty of Jewish performers and I could never understand why they didn’t just band together and do JUST ONE Chanukah special. Considering who was Jewish in Hollywood at the time, it would have been THE greatest TV special of all time. –GothamTomato

      •  I guess, but really Chanukah isn’t that big of a holiday in importance even for the Jewish. Only in America is it ever considered anything to rival the Passover, and that’s only because everyone felt bad about leavign out the Jewish kids during the insane clusterfuck that is Christmas time.

        Though I will say this, people being told to celebrate holidays of other religions doesn’t bother me as logn as no one is forcing you to pray or worship anything. After all, I’m an Atheist who loves to celebrate Christmas, sans going to church of course 😉

      • Anonymous

        I grew up Christian and in a musical family, so we watched all those shows.  (My uncle sang on a few of the Judy Garland and Dinah Shore variety shows). When I was really little, we lived in the Crenshaw area of LA surrounded by Jewish Holocaust survivors.  My mom says that I wanted a Menorah at 3 so that I could fit in with the neighbors.  Never did understand why there wasn’t more recognition of Judaism as the root of Christianity when I was a kid.  Most of the celebration of Christmas is pagan anyway, only the Jesus is born part is religious and historically he was born in the spring, not the dead of winter….

        • Anonymous

          Oh, and I promise not to proselytize.  I can be just as much a bitter kitten as the best of them…

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you – I saw the whole thing as one big sendup, and I got all the jokes, even though I’m a Gen-Xer. And I loved Artie as an egotistical “artiste” of a director, so I really liked it up until the last puke-worthy scene in the homeless shelter (and the denouement that plugged the anti-gay Salvation Army).  In general, I thought it was a very well-realized episode – they did exactly what they were trying to do.

  • Anonymous

    The whole “Rachel is obsessed with Christmas” schtick was stupid and offensive.  As was the Band Aid song to the homeless, I crigned and left the room.  Chris Colfer has completely become my least favorite voice on the show. It comes of shrill and flat to my ear most of the time.  On the plus side….. Amber riley looked GORGEOUS in that dress on the Special and her mair & amke up were great.  It was hard to notice with Lea Michele hyper mugging and over emoting (even for irony and satire it was OTT) but she looked and sounded fab!  Go Mercedes!  I would have loved to see a longer number with the Cheerios, Heather Morris is a talent to be reckoned with and the waste her haldf the time.  As much as I lust for Puck, that duet with Finn was painful.

    • Anonymous

      YIKES!  I apologize for the typos!  For some reason, DISQUS hides my comments as I type and I can’t proofread before hitting “post” so….. apologies!

  • That was really terrible. I too kept wondering why there was no mention of Hanukkah. Sue being nice! And what happened to Brittany? She’s back to not speaking? Horrible, horrible. 

    • I was pleased that Brittany got to sing the cheerios’s song in the special, at least

  • Anonymous

    Worst.  Episode.  Ever.


    It was completely sealed when you were singing “feed the world” to a bunch of homeless people.  If I was one of those homeless people I would have taken apart the Christmas tree and beaten them to death with it.

    I kept thinking “Wait, aren’t Rachael and Puck JEWISH?”  Did they just forget about this fact?  Oh wait, I think Rachael at one point said “Happy Hannukah”.  Whatever.

    And don’t even get me started on the “special”  It was awful.  Awful.  Just fucking awful.  Terrible.  Total crap. 

    Truly a sad commentary on Glee when Chord Overstreet is not only the best actor, but whose character was the only one who seems to have any sort of memory that HE WAS HOMELESS AND AWAY FROM HIS FAMILY.  I mean did they forget about Sam?  And the whole “oh we are late, but bow to us bitches!” when they walked in.  I think more props needed to be given the Sam and Quinn for putting charity over themselves.

    And then there was the whole “bell ringing” crap.  Umm, doesn’t Ryan Murphy know that the Salvation Army is anti-gay?  Would Rachel really be supporting them with her two gay dads?  Or Finn with his gay brother?  Ridiculous.

    I mean this episode was a gigantic steaming pile sitting in front of my television pretending to be wrapped in a Christmas bow. 

    • Terence Ng


      How could Ryan Murphy forget that the Salvation Army is an anti-gay organization?

      • Anonymous

        thank you! i was so appalled at the salvation army shout outs.

    • Anonymous

      I second THIS.

      “And the whole “oh we are late, but bow to us bitches!” when they walked in.” OMG. Yes. Absolutely. That pissed me off to no end. This whole thing was just bogus – at least they’ve kept my Sam (leave me alone, I missed that blonde boy) perfect and good (yeah, it’s the crush talking).

  • When I saw how teeth-grindingly awful the special-within-the-special was, I hoped it was simply going to be a couple-of-minutes-long nod to the infamous Star Wars holiday special (and the appearance of Finn and Puck in those outfits suggested that they were indeed thinking of it), but it was agonizingly unfunny and waaaayyy too long. If they’d only done a couple of snippets of that, perhaps as a dream sequence from a character who’d fallen asleep in front of the TV in the wee small hours of the morning, it might have been cute (for those of us who remember the originals, anyway!), but as it was – ouch.

    And the rest of it – not any better. “Anvilicious” comes to mind, and not in a good way.

    [I did rather like the appearance of the cheerleaders in the “special”, with their rhythmic-gymanstics ribbons and a refreshingly non-traditional song, but it wasn’t enough to save the episode.]


    • I can’t see them doing anything with the Star Wars Holiday Special — most people don’t even know it existed, let alone anything in it.  (And believe me, having seen it, it will be a happy day when it’s lost to the mists of TV history!)

  • Diana Martinez

    Usually I love Glee for what it is, and don’t care much what detractors (even you guys, no offense) have to say.  But you are dead-on this time.   The only song that made me happy was the first one, and that’s because I think Mercedes has a great voice and doesn’t always get a chance to show it off.  But the rest of it I mostly fast-forwarded through.  Also, I agree about Rachel – I kept waiting for someone to point out that she’s Jewish, but it just never happened.  Ugh.  This episode could have been wonderful, but instead it was just plain awful. 

  • Sandra Oh

    Meh, it was OK and kinda of a letdown from last week’s ep.  I thought the dream sequence was oddly entertaining and very Glee-like to go off on a bizarre tangent.  Love the Han Solo and Luke Skyywalker getups.  And the Cheerios were amazing.  Wonder why they didn’t give Santana any leads though.  Hmmm.  And what happened to Quinn.  She was basically left out of everything. 

    • Anonymous

      Ummm… that wasn’t a dream. 

      (btw- I noticed about no Quinn, too.  Except a few times they pointedly showed her having a pissy reaction to things.)

  • C M

    This episode was HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. It was UTTER SHLOCK broken up by moments of INSANE OFFENSIVENESS. There wasn’t a single genuine moment in the episode, and it was like the writers were already on Christmas (since that’s the only holiday in December, apparently) vacation and decided to let some demented Christmas robots write this episode.

    Because, yes. I was SHOUTING “Rachel is JEWISH” at the screen as they had her parade around in a red dress and then a green one, basically puking tinsel and INSISTING THAT HER BOYFRIEND BUY HER JEWELRY WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY ABOVE HIS MEANS. He’s in HIGH SCHOOL. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

    Also, it was SO GREAT when they had Rachel loudly proclaim that they should be singing HAPPY JOYFUL songs and then 30 seconds later have her singing THE SADDEST FUCKING JONI MITCHELL SONG IN HISTORY. Really?

    And the end. The ending was so horrific that I couldn’t actually believe it was happening. Oh god oh god oh god. Everyone involved in this special should be ASHAMED of themselves.

    Last but not least, I have to agree – Irish kid can’t act and say what you will about the rest of the cast, they CAN. And it’s jarring to have him interact with the rest of them.

    UGH. It made me SO ANGRY. ALL OF IT.

    • Hear, hear! Every word of this!

  • Maggi Leduc

    Painful. All of it was painful. So very very painful. But I think the Irish kid could be cute if they did more than make him say things like, “My brother wears a bell because we lose him.”

  • Anonymous

    The only reference to Rachel’s Judaism was her saying “Happy Hanukkah” at the end when they were ringing the Salvation Army bells and crap.  As a Jew in a mixed family, I think there’s nothing wrong with loving some secular Christmas (and besides, how could Rachel not love a holiday that she could easily interpret as about giving her presents).  For all the schlock that passed for an episode, I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned what made me groan during the credits: Matthew Morrison directed this episode!

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Did he really? Good for him. They give him NOTHING to do otherwise. 

      Anyone remember when the show was centered around him??

      • Anonymous

        Well, considering the less they show of Schue, the less time he has to be a wildly inappropriate teacher… so I guess that’s a good thing.

        • Anonymous

          I disagree.  The show’s really lost its original balance when a good chunk of it followed the lives of the inappropriate adults.  It gave the show it’s edge.  Lately it’s felt like some weird version of High School Musical.

    • true enough.  My father was raised jewish, but they still had a xmas tree along with their menorah every December.  (since he didn’t practice as an adult, my brother and I were raised Apathetic.)

    • Don’t forget the inappropriate pig gift. There were a couple of lame references to her Judaism in there (saying it would be a “Kosher sow.” Absurd and stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Half the show was lifted from the Charlie Brown Christmas, right down to the EXACT dialog. They should be sued.

  • Thanks for pointing out the absurdity of Rachel’s obsession with expensive Christmas presents from her high school boyfriend?  What the hell?  Why does she care? Can’t her dads just buy her something nice for Chanukah?  I’m so glad everyone found this episode as awful as I did.

    • Yeah, Rachel has always been self-centered, but she’s also always known that Finn is a poor kid without a damn job. Her greed this episode was painful to watch. Shame on the producers, writers, et al.

      • Anonymous

        Finn is poor in comparison to others.  However, remember,  that his mother met her old boyfriend because he serviced her lawn.  Poor people cut their own grass.

    • Anonymous

      As sad as it is, while I was watching I totally didn’t blame Rachel. I don’t think her character would have ever gone that far. That was just the writers milking the “Christmas commercialism” angle as much as they could. It was ridiculous.

  • Worst. Episode. Ever. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve confessed before that I’ve given up on Glee and only keep tabs on it through TLo. However, Do They Know it’s Christmas is my FAVORITE pop Christmas song, so I popped over to Hulu to check it out. OK, not only was it apparently ridiculously inappropriate in the context of the episode, I thought it was a terrible version of the song. Give me Bono, Boy George, Sting, et. al.  Glee kids, take notes from the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5cX_ncZLls

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was terrible then, too, but with a few talented singers. The lyrics are horrifyingly bad. It makes slightly more sense to sing it when it’s about African famine, but singing to homeless people at a shelter is beyond the pale.

      • Anonymous

        In fairness, as an adult I realize that the lyrics are pretty stupid and even culturally insensitive, but I was 11 in 1984 and my sister & I used to sing the song at the top of our lungs, harmonizing. It’s more of a nostalgia thing for me, I guess. I still contend it’s a way better song than We Are the World. : )

      • Anonymous

        I thought the only thing that was worse was the American response “We are the Children.”  Geez, that was self-indulgent drivel as well. 

  • I’m glad to know that I didn’t actually miss anything that would make this episode make more sense by not turning it on until about halfway through.  And that damned Band Aid song sends me into a tizzy over its sanctimonious, self-righteous awfulness; singing it to a crowd of homeless people?  Just one more layer of horrible on an already-condescending pile of slop.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are in good company with the avclub, which gave this episode an F. I’ve never seen them give an F before.

    • Anonymous

      Only once before, for the Rocky Horror episode. Both were earned, I think.

  • Blaine is way too fake-gay to function

  • ladyjax

    I sat with the missus and we were both thinking “WTF? This can’t get any worse.”  And then, it did.  As another poster pointed out, there was a lot packed into this episode
    that was so dated and would leave other fans scratching their heads.  I
    expected something fresh and biting but not this.

    I was hoping at least for some push back from both Rachel and Puck about the fact that this isn’t exactly their holiday given that they’re both Jewish with possibly Rachel kicking in with “But I suppose I must since all the great singers have done Christmas songs.”  That would have made sense.  Hell, if they had gone all the way with the Star Wars Christmas special schtick (including one of the long suffering band members dressed as Chewbacca) that could have pushed everything over the edge.  But I don’t see how you can take a bunch of fairly talented folks then make the most bland holiday special ever. Considering I’m having to suffer through almost every Christmas movie on Lifetime, ABC Family and the Hallmark Channel because my lady love is evil, that’s saying something.

    The moment Rory came out with the bible verses from Luke I was wondering just what the writers had been smoking.  Thing is, I don’t have the same visceral reaction when Linus reads the same verses in “A Charlie Brown Christmas Special.”  Maybe it’s because I grew up with it or the fact that in Charlie Brown the verses are contextual.  Here they just felt flat and wrong.

    The songs were largely forgettable for me except for “All I Want for Christmas” ; my tastes run toward that boppy pop feel and I own that. “Christmas Wrapping” left me hankering for the original by The Waitresses.  Once they hit “Do They Know It’s Christmas” I was done.

    (You can ask long time Buffy fans about the love/hate relationship they have with Marti Noxon as a writer/producer.)

  • Joshau Norton

    I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who thought it was bad. It slipped and slid all over the place like a drunk on an icy sidewalk. “Glee” is becoming too much of an effort to watch. They should just animate it so the cast can all just be the cartoon characters they are becoming.

  • ladyjax

    The other song was My Favorite Things which she sang with Rachel, Blaine and Kurt.  I hear you about the brain melting.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t watched it yet, but totally agree about the little Irish game-show-winning kid. Enough already.

  • RS

    I spent the whole thing laughing incredulously – so freaking bizarre. During the first song, I got dizzy and wondered what the hell was going on – then I realized Matthew Morrison had directed, and you know what? Not his strong suit. Especially the musical numbers – he kept missing Kurt at the edge of the frame during Let it Snow, drove me nuts. I hate the Don’t They Know song, and the homeless shelter really kicked it up just that much more.

    I did think it had some of the funniest lines this season, though. And by far the best costuming. I want everything Rachel wore, plus Mercedes’ dresses. And I’m bummed they cut the scene with Blaine giving Kurt the ring, because Kurt also looked fantastic then (and that would have been more fun to watch than Finn giving his star to Rachel).

    • Anonymous

      Agreed- costumes were amazing. And thank you for acknowledging that there were some genuinely funny lines. They were just hidden behind the cloud of saccharine crap.

    • Terence Ng

      The tree always being cut off and everyone’s hair being cut off by the top frame bugged the CRAP out of me!

  • I spent the whole show saying, “they can’t be serious,” Alternating with “Rachel is Jewish.”  

    The only credit I will give is that the costuming was terrific. The sweaters cracked me up. Loved the dresses on Mercedes and Rachel. I even liked what Quinn was wearing and I rarely do.

  • Anonymous

    The episode was awful, but I kinda liked the B&W Xmas Special part of it and wish that the episode ended right before that Irish kid started his little judge-y bible verse.

    I also wondered the whole time if we were suppose to ignore the fact that Rachel and Puck are Jewish and Kurt is seriously non-religious?

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad you commented on the Irish kid (sorry but I haven’t even made an attempt at knowing his name). He’s pretty painful to watch and has absolutely zero presence and even less chemistry with the cast. And the whole leprechaun & shamrock image they’re pushing is just plain ridiculous.

  • penn collins

    Just realized something- Artie shows up with ‘all the food from the show” (that he promised would come in under $800, and that was clearly a whole new set) and then they clearly (over) set up the joke that Kurt forgot to turn the oven on…then Artie shows up with a (1) turkey to feet the cute, well scrubbed, clean homeless people? I was optimistic the first 60 seconds with Amber knocking one out (tho it felt like a Gap commercial)… then the jewish kid getting obsessed with gifts with the poor kid (Rachel)…and please nix the irish kid…whew…and even I squirmed at the sexless gay couple singing…

  • I didn’t mind the special within the show as much as everyone else. They nailed the kooky intro credits from the Star Wars monstrosity, and I enjoy genre mixing in general (I’m a big fan of Community, too). I’m too young to have nostalgia for the Judy Garland version, but I admire that they really went for it, and I liked the snarky digs in the dialogue. Presenting a gay couple as the chipper hosts (and having it NOT create drama) seemed delightfully subversive to me. I completely agree about the horrific main plot, especially the brain-melting singing of Do They Know it’s Christmas to homeless people. I figured the homeless shelter plot line would lead us to Samuel from the Glee Project, who looks like he could play a kid who’d been on the streets for a while, but perhaps that would make too much sense. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Rachel is Jewish.  Guess what?  Some Jewish people like Christmas.  I had a Jewish roommate who loved Christmas.  She loved the music, she loved the decorations, she loved it all.  Her Jewish mother decorated their house in beautiful Christmas decorations.  My Jewish husband also loves the things which go along with Christmas.  He adores the trees I put up in the house.  I have an iPod with only Christmas music on it, and when we go out in December, my Jewish husband wants that to be playing in the car.  His mother didn’t have a tree in the house when they were growing up, but she loved (and still loves) Christmas carols.  She  told me the past Thanksgiving that she always wished she had a tree when she was growing up.  Everyone else did and she felt like she was missing out on something.

    Given that, there is NOTHING wrong with a Jewish character in high school (when teens typically start voicing their own desires) who wants to “get into” Christmas.  Just the same as it’s normal for kids to want to do other things that adults are allowed to do without needing permission.

    • Anonymous

      All that being said, this episode left me flat.  It seemed like a one hour commercial for this year’s Glee Christmas CD.  I didn’t grow up watching the Judy Garland Christmas specials, but I did grow up with the Bing Crosby ones, and we had a black and white TV.  So the homage to an old-time Christmas special seemed cute, but that’s all.  Cute.  Sort of. 

    • C M

      Of course you’re right, but I feel like they’ve made a point of it in the past, and it could’ve been explained by a super-brief exchange between Rachel and another character. As it was, ignoring it completely (along with completely ignoring that Puck is Jewish) just felt false to me.

    • It’s not just about her getting into it- it’s about the fact that a Jewish girl is obsessed with Christmas without any mention of her religion at all. Sure, your roomie loved Christmas, but I’m assuming SOMEBODY said “wait- aren’t you Jewish?” to her at some point. Doesn’t have to be mean, but probably would have been mentioned. 

      • Oh, they tossed in the ridiculously inappropriate “Kosher Pig” moment, that counts, right?

        Bah. I don’t know why I waste my time anymore being annoyed that my peeps are supposed to OWN this town yet they keep hiding us or wrapping us with Christianity in ever fucking thing they do.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I’m Muslim and I friggin LOVE the shit out of Christmas Carols. And the holiday (regardless of the pagan history is forgotten and insane commercialization) can be very nice. So it’s not weird at all that Rachel and Puck (and Kurt, an outspoken atheist) were celebrating.

      It IS really weird to see them get all misty-eyed over Bible verses. And it’s weird that their Jewish/atheist identities were all specific to their arcs and seemingly got thrown out the window because IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME Y’ALL LET’S CONDESCEND THE HOMELESS.

      • This!

      • Aisha Abdullah

        ^Pretty much this! 

        I was raised Muslim and am now atheist, and you better believe my roommate (also Muslim) and I have a fully decked out Christmas tree in our apartment. I’ve also been listening to Christmas music since Halloween…

        The problem isn’t non-Christians getting into Christmas. The problem is blatantly ignoring other holidays (religious or otherwise) and having non-Christian characters being touched by the “true meaning of Christmas”, which apparently involves using other peoples’ unfortunate situations to feel better about your own. Just…UGH.

    • Look, I’m Jewish and I have stockings, a tree and play Christmas music all season long. I LOVE Christmas music.

      So what?

      I’m still a Jew and I still have a Menorah and I still make latkes and I still groove to the Maccabeats Candlelight song. And so should Rachel and Puckerman. They should not be seen swooning during the reading of a bible story. It’s not outrageous that the kids love Christmas, it’s outrageous that they love it to the expense of even a tiny mention of their own holiday (which happens to overlap Christmas this year).

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: NO ONE stopped during the process and said, “Hey, why is one of only two Jewish characters constantly obsessing over the ‘best Christmas ever?””

    This is a pet peeve of mine. I didn’t watch the show last night & now I’m glad I didn’t. It sounds like it would have just pissed me off. Conservatives do an awful lot of anti-semitic whining about those Jews in Hollywood – even though they couldn’t seem more Gentile if they tried.


  • I had high hopes during the opening with Mercedes singing All I Want for Christmas, but then it went horribly, HORRIBLY wrong. 

    Rachel was crazy even for Rachel and I kept thinking “isn’t she Jewish?” the entire time, NO discussion about the awkwardness of Christmas when Santana’s abuela is no longer talking to her, no “Christmas at Mercedes house so we can FINALLY see what her family looks like,” no chance for Leprechaun and Sam to really connect as being two kids without family, no mistletoe moments for ANYBODY, and even Artie (okay, that Tiny Tim thing was funny, but that was it) has been sucked dry of entertaining possibilities.

    And that horrible closing number- Feed the World or whatever, with HOMELESS PEOPLE jamming along- girl, BYE.

  • I continue to marvel at this show’s inability to recognize that they CHOSE to create Jewish characters. Pulling out the Jew card when it’s convenient or funny, to give Santana some one-liners about Rachel’s looks or let Sue be surprised that Noah “Puck” Puckerman is Jewish – those aren’t per se offensive. But when there’s virtually no mention (or a last-second, weak-ass “happy hannukah” from Rachel as the sole mention) of Hannukah, and we have Jewish teens happily, excitedly decorating Christmas trees and discussing the “best Christmas ever” – it seems like making the characters Jewish in the first place was only for a laugh. 

    Ryan Murphy, no one made you give Jewish identities to Rachel and Puck. That was all you. To use it for jokes, and then conveniently push it aside so you can create a Christmas spectacular without having to do something as exhausting as remember that other religions exist – that’s offensive to me.

    I’d prefer a show with no Jewish characters over one that uses Judaism only for jokes and never for reality. 

    • Terence Ng

      Speak TRUTH to POWER, girl!

      This, the derision launched at people in adult entertainment, and a chronic inability to recognize any privilege besides heterosexual privilege. Glee’s an embarrassment.

    • Preach it, sister! Shalom!

  • Wendy Wetzel

    Cheesiest ever…. I already erased it from my TIVO. 

  • Annnnd yet another week I’m glad I didn’t waste my time.  I have a feeling Glee was a one season hit wonder.  So sad too because it was truly amazing in the beginning.  I’ll just keep watching Season 1 on DVD.

  • Anonymous

    Just musically speaking, because there was so little story this episode anyway, I actually had to mute the Kurt Blaine song after a minute or so, it was just annoying to me.  And the Feed the World song was just too strange and obvious.  But to me the worst offense was to hear one of my all time favorite songs from Joni Mitchell get the Broadway/Disney Princess treatment from Rachel.  She has an incredible voice, but I didn’t feel her singing style was appropriate.  Better to have had Santana do that one.  She didn’t have much to do this episode either.

  • Leonardo Alves

    I’m 28 and Brazilian, meaning that I didn’t even know that Judy Garland had a christmas special (ok, maybe I’m a bad gay!). But I had fun! It had this nice vibe of old, forced-acting TV shows… I didn’t like the set list (special the homeless song) and totally agree that the Irish kid has to go! But overall I had fun with the Elizabeth Taylor jokes and the Star Wars non-sense. 
    Lately that’s all I ask from Glee!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Thanks for the warning. I think I’ll pass this week.

    ETA: You’ll all be better off watching last week’s “Community” and its “Glee” spoof. The numbers were hysterical. Highly recommend it.

    • Anonymous

      That Community episode was AMAZING. I also highly, highly recommend that and all episodes of Community (especially the paint ball episodes). It will erase all bad memories of this awful episode.

      • Anonymous

        Did you know NBC is pulling it midseason to make room for 30 Rock’s return? I love 30 Rock, but they couldn’t have pulled “Whitney”??????? My heart is aching!

        • Anonymous

          Sadly, yes. My heart aches with you 🙁

        • Sobaika Mirza

          EW. I saw one episode and hated Whitney. Can’t believe it’s still on the air, especially at the expense of something as perfect as Community.

        • RocknLox

          Yes! This! I am so hurt. Community is one of the best shows on television right now and they’re yanking it for low ratings. I absolutely ADORE 30 Rock but I have to say it has been sliding down hill for the last two seasons. I think they peaked at Season 3 and I desperately hope that they get it back together so they don’t get cancelled.

          Good news is, it’s on hiatus, so Community will be back. I’m sure this will light a fire under their butts, but I hope that doesn’t mean they’re going more mainstream. There’s nothing clever on TV anymore and Community is my fix. 

          Also… now our drinking game is to take shots every time someone on Glee says “sectionals” or “regionals.” 

          You will be hammered–believe me!

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, the last half season of 30 Rock wasn’t very good at all. I hope it comes back stronger and that community gets a reprieve.

  • R. L.

    I watched about 3 minutes then I couldn’t any more.  Thanks for sticking with it till the bitter end so I don’t have to wonder if I missed something good.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I thought you guys would enjoy the special within the show. I did. I thought it was fun and a bit subversive and gave the actors something to different to do than act like high school soap stars who sing. Everything that framed the special was awful. The homeless thing at the end was cringe worthy. The Irish kid singing Blue Christmas was horrible. Please make him go away. But the special was fun and I really enjoyed that they went B&W and went for it. The mere idea that two gay teenagers were playing hosts in the special was a lot of fun. Especially the way they danced around the fact that they were gay. Also laughed a lot when Luke & Han Solo walked into the “chalet”. Thought it was clever.

    • Anonymous

      That wasn’t subversive. That wasn’t even in the same zip code as subversive.

    • Anonymous

      I liked the idea of it, but it went on too long and pointlessly. Only the musical numbers (and the mid-century styling) saved it from being entirely tedious. And why bother with dancing around with the fact of being gay, unless they were pretending the audience was from the 1950s too?

  • I hate Christmas specials anyway.  I think all TV shows should adopt the cable model of the “mid-season finale” and conveniently be gone for the entire holiday season.  I don’t really think it’s possible for a modern show to do a good Christmas episode.  Go traditional and sentimental about the season, and you’re sappy and lame.  Go cynical, and you’re trying too hard. 

    • Anonymous

      I think Community’s two Christmas special hold up pretty well, even if they might be a bit to cynical for some.

      • The Office is also totally awesome with their Christmas specials, this year even with Steve Carell gone was great! I actually prefer cynical to over the top cheesiness. I’ve never watched and entire episode of Glee. I tried it back in season 1 but 20 minutes in I just couldnt. Now I just read the TLo recaps to hear then trash it :P.

    • Terence Ng

      I actually thought the Adult Swim show “Moral Orel”‘s series finale had a great Christmas special. It handles religiosity and most importantly, built its culmination of the series around the holiday season and the characters’ long-standing story arcs, making it a moving and insightful end to the series. I definitely recommend it. The show spans 4 seasons and lampoons radical fundamentalist Christianity in a Davey and Goliath claymated manner for the first 2 seasons (including a Christmas episode in the first season that’s a cliche cynical attempt), but starts to dig brilliantly into the characters it’s created by season 3 and by season 4, churns it into a complete gem, crowned by the finale, which also happens at Christmastime. Brilliant.

    • Anonymous

      Stephen Colbert’s Christmas special was pretty damn funny. It spoofed old TV specials better than anything I’ve seen. And then we still watch the PeeWee’s Playhouse Christmas Special. I mean Grace Jones as a guest? Come on!

  • I will give it to them for some amazing one-liners this episode. Also Chewbacca appearing to Artie in a dream. That was awesome. The rest of it was…bad.

    And I can’t decide whether “best friend and Holiday Roommate” was hysterically funny or really sad.

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was weird that they were making this show for Lima, Ohio and they didn’t bat an eye at having the obviously gay couple host it. Considering the crazy “everyone bullies gay kids” plot lines Glee has been pulling lately, I was expecting some adult to say, “Maybe we shouldn’t…”

  • tylka5

    Worst Glee ever. And it’s been dying a long slow death.  My daughter cancelled the series recording for it last night.  She’s done with it, and she’s one of their target audiences. Bah Humbug is right. 

  • That was seriously painful to watch. I kept saying to my husband, “So this is what Glee has become. Such a shame.”

    And once again, where the hell was their teacher throughout this episode? I think he may have been in two small and insignificant scenes. Not a single fight between him and Sue? Not a confrontation between them about not bullying HIS kids and ruining their Christmas like last year?

    And the laziness! Rachel put on a stage performance with those exact same blue Christmas trees either last year or the year before. And Kurt & Blaine have done Baby It’s Cold Outside already!

    Also, like you said, RACHEL IS JEWISH! That crappy throw-away line at the end wishing a homeless kid Happy Hanukkah was fucking insulting to the Jewish audience (myself among them).

    Just a god-awful, steaming hot pile of mess. Hated almost every second of it.

    • Anonymous

      This year they did “Let It Snow,” not “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” But they are practically the same song, so your point is still valid:)

  • Anonymous

    I think if the special was cut down a lot, or maybe just the musical
    numbers instead of any of the dialogue, it would have been a lot better. Rachel and Mercedes should sing together more often.

    And Chewbacca was in it for two seconds! WTF! How disappointing.

    • J Dreesen

      i read somewhere (so it must be true: http://geeks.thedailywh.at/2011/12/06/chewbacca-on-glee-of-the-day/) that the guy who played Chewbacca in the Lucas films is the ONLY one who can legitimately be in the Wookiee costume, so – assuming Ryan Murphy was able to phone in a favour – perhaps two seconds was all Glee could afford.

      • Peter Mayhew.  That’s the guy that played Chewie in the Lucas films.  But he’s hardly the only Wookie, so I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. 

        • J Dreesen

          in that case, Morrison has no excuse and should have used him more in the Special!

  • Anonymous

    It wasnt THAT bad, guys lol. Give it some slack…its a cheesy christmas special

  • After I finished being offended by the end of the show (who sings “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” with smiling glee like it’s a regular Christmas carol, especially to homeless folks?), I hatched a new theory.  I think this episode was the result of a drunken bet between Ryan Murphy, Marti Noxon, and Matthew Morrison (who directed this abomination) that they couldn’t produce the worst tv Christmas episode or special ever and still get it aired.

    T-Lo covered most of my thoughts on the episode already, including the Rachel obsession thing.  You know how some people scream “Don’t go down in the basement!” at horror movies like the characters might actually hear them?  I found myself screaming, “You’re Jewish!” at Rachel throughout her Christmas-fueled break from reality.

    But what made me the angriest was that they crapped all over last year’s genius Christmas episode by talking about how horrible the holiday was and by tossing Artie’s Israeli-made legs onto the scrapheap.

    And in a more minor note, was I the only one who wondered how selling a used high school letterman’s jacket from Ohio could possibly net enough on eBay to buy fancy jewelry?

    • Now I feel extraordinarily stupid for thinking a Letterman jacket was a jacket that belonged to David Letterman. (No joke. That’s really what I thought they meant. Proves how much I know about high school sports.)

      • Anonymous

        Awww. That’s so cute, you made me smile in the midst of all my snarling 🙂

      • Confession: In high school, I had a letterman’s jacket for participating in the school’s quiz bowl team.  We geeks were butch, man.

        • We could get letters for that, too.  And Latin club.  None of us did.  But it meant that those things would count toward Harvard’s “Varsity Letter” requirement.

  • CQAussie

    I kinda stopped caring after Kurt and Blaine opened Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels and candy striped pants as xmas pressies.  I really had no idea what was all that Judy Garland special thing…..the Irish kid….yeah, awful….cute but awful…..they managed to throw a Jesus reference in there as the Irish Catholic kid reads from the bible…..then everyone remembered that they were being famewhores to opt for filming a special than going to help homeless people.  Yet note – the special was already done, no sacrifice necessary and fame and glory still obtained.  Quinn and Sam were suddenly all about the homeless.  Sam was more believable since he was homeless but I guess now Quinn is all round Good Girl again.  Bringing the turkey leftover prop was an added kick in the pants.  “You’re homeless, you should just be thankful we even brought this along”  Sheesh.  And yeah, I kept thinking….isn’t Rachel Jewish?  SIGH.  Forgettable.  

    • Terence Ng

      Don’t you know that the homeless are animals and that it’s only by the unfathomable and exquisite grace of the well off that their needs are considered?

  • Anonymous

    There was a serious amount of WTFery going on in that episode. I didn’t get the Dick-Van-Dyke-Meets-Judy-Garland TV special at. all. And the laugh track on it just ended up pissing me off. Even my kids, who love all things Glee, thought it was the lamest show ever. Or as they said:

    Lamest. Show. EVER

  • Anonymous

    When it ended I turned to my husband and said “I can’t wait to see what TLo is going to say about that!”

    It’s hard to say what the worst part was, but I’d have to go with the big smiles on their smug little faces while they sang lines like “There’s a world outside your window and it’s a world of dread and fear, where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears”

    Not for nothing but I despised the line “Tonight thank god it’s them instead of you” when I was 14 years old and the song was released..”Dear God, thanks so much for starving the African children while I have plenty to eat!”  yeech…so much wrong in one little sentence!  It was gross then and it’s gross now.  But I agree that having them sing that to the homeless was particularly tone deaf and mean spirited.

    P.S. When Irish kid, whathisname, started giving the speech from A Charlie Brown Christmas I yelled at the television “Sorry kid, but you’re not half the actor Linus was!”

  • Anonymous

    High points: Blaine and Kurt’s musical number; that beautiful fireplace; 15 seconds of the Waitresses song
    Low points: Everything else. 

  • Anonymous

    Agree! DH thought the black and white special was cute, but he’s an old soul and I think it made him nostalgic for the home life he wish he had instead of the one he had. For me, I really missed that flirty little duet the two boys sang last year. And by the time the Irish boy read from the bible-according-to-linus I couldn’t believe I still had the tv on. And when they started singing feed the world I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thrown the tv out the window. 

  • mrspeel2

    Boys, boys, haven’t you learned by now that this program should go into the “Suspended Reality” category?? Please take a deep breath and try to accept that premise because not only will you be able to accept “Glee” for the fantasy it clearly has become but you’ll also add years to you lives!

    One other thing: Rachel wanting the “best Christmas ever” would also make perfect sense with my theory because you can convince yourselves that she could be a card-carrying member of Jews For Jesus. Think about it…

  • i suppose i will sit in my own little corner where i loved how ridiculous and cheesy and over the top the entire thing is. The Rachel being jewish thing and all are valid complaints that i agree with, however i think the entire ~special aspect was hilariously wonderful. It was cute and i think it was a lovely little homage to the old style christmas special. I mean, im only 22 and i still completely got it and loved it. 
    And i know that most all of my friends who i talked to agreed with me soo….lol 

    • Anonymous

      I’m right there with you. Loved the whole cheesy, clueless episode…

  • As someone who does not give a shit about Glee’s plot and character inconsistencies…I’ve gotta say that that was pretty unwatchable. And my pain threshold for this show is pretty high. This might be one of the only episodes of the entire series that I didn’t enjoy even a little. The Judy Garland thing went on waaay to long. OK. I’ve vented. Back to blind optimism. The next episode will be better (she says on repeat for the next couple of weeks).
    Also…I the only thing I didn’t hate about this ep (other than Mercedes singing) was the Damian storyline. But I’m partial to him, I guess.

  • As someone who does not give a shit about Glee’s plot and character inconsistencies…I’ve gotta say that that was pretty unwatchable. And my pain threshold for this show is pretty high. This might be one of the only episodes of the entire series that I didn’t enjoy even a little. The Judy Garland thing went on waaay to long. OK. I’ve vented. Back to blind optimism. The next episode will be better (she says on repeat for the next couple of weeks).
    Also…I the only thing I didn’t hate about this ep (other than Mercedes singing) was the Damian storyline. But I’m partial to him, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    In defense to the “Rachel is Jewish” comment, let me share a story about me (Goy) and good friend (Jewish).  Two days ago, Good friend said she has HUGE goy envy over Christmas.  She loves the idea of decorating, putting up a tree, presents, caroling, lights,  ornaments, Santa Clause and all that.. she’d have a tree in  her house if only for “pesky thing that I’m Jewish”.  Good friend always said she felt left out of Christmas fun things..  It is entirely plausible that Rachel is that kind of Jew.    

    • Meh, sorry, that’s her own fault. We grew up with a giant styrofoam dreidel decorated using glue and glitter, set in the center of a giant greenery “shrub” made from a huge piece of styrofoam with tree branches shoved into it to make it full and bush-like, decorated with styrofoam stars of David covered in blue glitter, tiny silver balls and white lights, set on a table draped with a cloth and Hanukkah presents all laid out beneath. We decorated the rest of the house in blue, silver and white, baked cookies, the whole nine yards. If your friend missed out it’s because of a lack of trying.

      Now that I’m a grown up with my own home, I’ve recreated it similarly, though I use the menorah as the centerpiece of my Hanukkah “bush” and not a dreidel, and I was lazy and used a wreath instead of foam and branches. Our house is beautifully festive and appropriately Jewish/Hanukkahish.

      Outside lights

      Menorah & lights

      With presents

  • Joyce VG

    If we ignore this show maybe it will turn around and leave.

    • Terence Ng

      Or walk off into the snow to die.

  • Anonymous

     watched the episode with my teenage daughter and we both sat there in total dismay. I faithfully watch Glee every week and though I totally recognize the writing’s inconsistency and uneven level of greatness with each episode, I always keep a very lenient judgmental attitude. Afterall, it is only entertainment and Glee highly entertains me. However last night’s episode was singularly boring, almost as boring as the “Rumours” episode of Season 2, which to me, is the worst to date. The B&W TV special was WAY too long, went right over my daughter’s head and quickly lost her interest,  even though she has a special affection for oldies. I know the 50’s and 60’s were campy  and over the top, but I thought the actors looked contrived and uncomfortable ( Blaine) though Lea Michele was trying hard to keep the energy level going throughout the episode. The editing was poor, awkward, it definitely looked like they were running out of time and hurriedly stitched the various scenes together just before airtime. it just felt like a puzzle with missing pieces.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with everything you’ve written, but for the record, Blaine always looks contrived and uncomfortable.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I agree with you, Blaine is a little stiff, the role calls for it. Definitely was not a criticism aimed at Darren Criss’s acting, one of my favorites on the show. The actors did what they could with what was given to them and I am  definitely not faulting their musical talents. Yesterday’s show tried too hard to make this Christmas special an affectionate parody of the good ol’ TV specials of yesteryear but somehow, it didn’t come across as funny and smooth. The way it should have been.

  • Anonymous

    I realized my dvr contains the last 3 episodes of Glee and I have yet to see them. Thing is, every time I check the menu to watch something off of the dvr, I skip right through Glee. Can’t be bothered to watch. After reading this today, season pass dropped. Bye bye Glee.

  • King Dex

    Why aren’t Kurt and Blaine allowed to cozy up to each other – even when baby, it’s cold outside. I watched the number in disbelief as they bounced around the room, ending first on different couches (What!) and then on opposite ends of the same damn couch! Baby!! It’s cold outside!!! Even when the boys sang with Rachel and Mercedes, the number ended with hand-holding (clasping really), but not for Kurt and Blaine. Blaine threw his hand over Kurt’s shoulder (like a real man should), and Kurt, holding Rachel’s hand in one and not knowing what to do with the other, awkwardly gathered it with his other politically and correctly placed one. Bah humbug!

    Generally, the show seemed disjointed and mashed-up (not the good kind), and so sickly sweet that by the end I really only watched it in my peripheral. I hadn’t thought about the fact that they sang “Do They Know It’s Christmas-time” to the homeless, but TLo are so, so right. Completely tacky and tasteless. Bleh. I know you can’t expect too much from a Christmas special. This one met those low expectations.        

    • Last year it would have been a little odd if they’d gotten cozy because they weren’t a couple yet, and Kurt’s not the most demonstratively affectionate to begin with.

      This year, I believe the lack of coziness was due to being on the special, at least partly as a nod to how things were handled back during the days of the Garland special.

      • King Dex

        I’m sure you’re right that in sticking with mid-twentieth century theme, they separated the boys a bit. But they obviously made some anachronistic choices like referencing global warming and those silly Star Wars costumes. They are a couple now, and Finn and Rachel had their hands all over each other the entire episode. Kurt is uptight though, so maybe it does speak to that as well…

    • Anonymous

      They didn’t sing Baby It’s Cold Outside.. it was Let It Snow.  And they sang it wayyyy to long!  I think they must have gone through it 4 times!  Too repetitive!  Ugh.  And Chris Colfer is not nearly the dancer that Darren Criss is.     

      • King Dex

        I’m getting my Christmas-music, gay-boy duets mixed up 🙂 Last year, they sang Baby, It’s Cold Outside together. But I stand by my sentiment – cold weather equals sitting closer together dammit! 

        • Anonymous

          Especially since “the lights are turned way down low”

  • I think you can expect the Christmas episode of pretty much any show to be high on cheese, low on versimiltude. I did enjoy the boys’ duet and most of the musical numbers. Of course the Baily’s in my hot cocoa helped.

  • Leslie Streeter

    Well! How do you really feel about it! (wink) I agree. Just wrongheaded. What happened to this show?

  • Anonymous

    Epicly awful in every way – I don’t see how they let that script out of the writer’s room.  SO BAD that I wish I had a bigger font to express how bad it was. 

  • Laurie MacDougall

    First – why was the show-within-a-show called the Glee Christmas/Holiday/whatever special?  In the context of the show, wouldn’t it be the McKinley High Glee Club/New Directions show?

    And second – after all of Artie’s going on about how this was supposed to be a happy show, with happy songs, and Frosty melting was too depressing – they were going to finish the special off with a song about famine in Africa?  WTF?

  • I can usually find something reedeemable about every episode of Glee, as I am a huge gleek.  But that was mind-blowingly awful.  I cringed through all of it.  Where I actually got legitimately upset was when two Jews and an atheist are sitting there having to listen to someone read about the birth of Christ directly from the bible.  Yes, I know it was a reference to the Charlie Brown Christmas special; but if I knew Linus and Sally were Jewish, and Peppermint Patty was an atheist, I’m sure that would have made me cringe just as badly. 
    Glee, of all things, made me hate Christmas.  And I LOVE Christmas.  Matthew Morrison should never get behind the camera again, and Marti Noxon should resign in shame.  It was the worst episode of Glee I could even imagine, let alone see.

    • Lattis

       two Jews and an atheist are sitting there having to listen to someone read about the birth of Christ directly from the bible 
      What you said. I don’t have a problem with Glee addressing any topic it chooses. But, it was awful having Rachel, a character whose Jewish identity is well established, learn the true meaning of Christmas by having the King James Bible read to her. Good night.  

      • I’m nitpicking, but it likely wasn’t the King James Bible if Rory is Irish Catholic.  The King James Bible is Protestant and doesn’t have the same number of books as the Catholic Bible does. 

  • Anonymous

    Scrooges all!  I enjoyed it, in spite of its flaws.

    • Terence Ng

      Its many, many, many, many, many flaws. 😉

  • Anonymous

    i kept thinking that i was missing the subversiveness.  I am still not sure that it was me or the Glee writers/director/producers who missed the mark. (although reading these comments lead to me to come down on the not me side.)  And why was the light saber blue in the black & white special part?  what was i missing there?

  • I didn’t think Rory was awful. But yes, I kept going WTF about Rachel being the Jew who loves Christmas. I thought maybe they’d established last year that she celebrates both and that I just didn’t remember it.

    • Anonymous

      Maybethey are pushing Rachel’s love of Christmas as a tie-in to her Barbra love.  Bab’s Christmas album was one of her best selling ever.

  • It was not THAT bad! I thought it was fun…Christmas episodes are allowed to be ridiculous. Also, I had seen the Judy Garland Christmas special and I’m 23.

  • Shannon Twigg

    Random question, but why would Brittany and her family go away on vaca over Christmas and leave an exchange student at home?

    Oh wait, this is glee.  NEVERMIND.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!! I was so distracted by 1) RACHEL IS JEWISH that I barely noticed the shitshowyness of the rest of the episode, not that I finished it.  At least give the girl some General Tso’s. 

  • I’d love to see an SCTV Christmas special right about now, but only if Johnny
    LaRue (or Dr. Tongue, with Bruno) could be on it.  The Glee special, though, was
    an atrocity.

    • Anonymous

      And The Guy Who Couldn’t Wait for Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    I cringed so hard I think I am about to have a seizure with the homeless people thingy. What a pointless and ridiculous episode.

  • Anonymous

    What. The Crap. Was That. 

    My only positive – Lea Michele was born to sing My Favourite Things. 

  • Anonymous

    I heart you guys. Honestly how did this make it past that evil tyrant Ryan Murphy? Like does he just not give a dang anymore? Also, tired them trying to create songs. We don’t watch for their stupid songs we watch to hear renditions of the songs we like. Oh and another thing Rachel Berry sucks and Joni Mitchell is regretting them using her song.

  • Hey Tom and Lorenzo…do you like to beat each other off and then swallow each other’s man milk?

  • Maria Rosenfire

    To combat this mess of a Christmas special, can all of you lovely people recommend good Hanukkah/belated Eid-al-Fitr/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Pancha Ganapati/Yay!-Hotei-Osho left me presents songs? I’m looking to expand my playlists.

  • Anonymous

    I also had high hopes when they opened with Mercedes singing my favorite Christmas song!  She is fabulous!  
    The kid who plays Rory looks so completely uncomfortable in every scene and when he sings I am sooooo distracted by his eyebrows!  They have a life of their own!  Wiggly eyebrows do not add emotion to a song!  
    I wish they would have had Brit and the Cheerios sing the whole Waitresses song!  That is what a good Christmas special should be!  Upbeat songs and ribbon dancing! 🙂
    And Do They Know Its Christmas??…horribly chosen song for the homeless.  For anyone really!  Ick!

    Happy Holidays kittens!

  • I thought the first 40 minutes or so were kinda cute and funny. I laughed out loud when Finn said “Oh my god, I’m dating Kim Kardashian”, and when Blaine looked slightly thrilled when Sue called him “Young Burt Reynolds”. But I did say out loud several times “Wait, Puck and Rachel are Jewish”. And I was baffled by the last song, even I found it offensive.

  • Miss Perceptive

    Thank GOD, it wasnt just me.

    I thought my bitch mode had gone into overtime.

  • bloodshothalfblind

    they lost me when they butchered that song by The Waitresses.  it was such a great song for Glee to play with.  it could have been so fun.  britney was a great choice to sing it.  and then they just totally dropped the ball.  it was empty & flat.  the whole episode was like that.  a mishmash of ideas that went no where.  everything was just slapped together & half-hearted.  it’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

    • Anonymous

      True…and if there was ever a number that should NOT have been shot in black and white, this was it. Hell, they could have cut to an “on-set” tape cut to let us see those bright red costumes.

  • Anonymous

    You wanted to know what other demographics thought? My daughter, grandson and I were making jokes about poking our eyes out with sharp sticks. 

  • Ben

    that was truly the worst hour of television i’ve seen all year. hiring a bunch of new writers and basically all of them sucked. Ian (one of three original writers) wrote Asian F, and it was pretty great. After that, new writers took over and as you can see, it was like being in a fashion show and all we see is Wendy Pepper, Anya, Gretchen, and the awful decoys from Season 5.

  • Lattis

    I watched that damn thing to the end thinking maybe they’d have some redeeming catch at the end that would explain the hideous hour that I’d sat through. I hated HATED that episode. 🙁 

  • Anonymous

    This episode was terrible for a number of reasons, but one thing that’s been bothering more and more this season is the disappearance of the grown-up story lines.  People love to hate Mr. Shue, but many of the best episodes have a strong Will story line that balances and illuminates what’s going on with the kids.  You take a single idea and get both the high school and adult take on it–this was the structure of the first half of Season One, as well as strong individual episodes like Dream On (Josh Whedon’s), the Madonna episode and then in the second season “Blame it on the Alcohol.”

    This season, as if to make up for the lack of adult arcs, we have high school students who no longer act like high school students–right, they just do an entire Christmas Special on TV.  Hell, even Sam working as a stripper is off in that way.  The characters have become the actors–i.e. people in their 20s.  They’re all superhuman teens and once upon a time, they weren’t. 

    And as an adult, I feel like the show is of less and less interest to me–if I wanted to watch High School Musical, I’d watch High School Musical. 

    The writers need to do less fan service of their 13–year-old fan base (who will always be grossed out by the thought of adults being complex and immature) and actually get back to writing a balanced and authentic (in Glee terms) show that had a truly dark sense of humor wending its way through the bubbly pop.  The 13-year-olds will still be there.

    And, yes, even last year’s Christmas special had an adult story arc in it–Sue’s hatred of the holiday, Will’s loneliness–their Xmas Eve rapprochement with the kids closed the show. 

    • That’s it exactly! I keep pointing out that Will Schuester isn’t even in the classroom with the kids anymore, but it’s actually worse than that – there are no adults in the room anywhere! The stories centered around Will, his bad marriage to his terrible wife, Emma’s unspoken love for him, the football coach’s adoration of her, Will’s never-ending rivalry with Sue, anything to do with principal Figgins – those stories were awesome and kept the proper balance to the show and its overall feel.

      With the adults playing nothing but supporting roles now, the show isn’t about a High School, it’s about High School kids. A badly-written show about High School kids, no less.

      Yeah, I’m so done with this craptastic mess.

      • Anonymous

        As soon as Schu left Terri, the edge was gone. The whole fake baby plot line was ridiculous, but it gave depth to his character and it contributed significantly to the delicious darkness of the show.

        • Anonymous

          Remember how Will blackmailed Finn into joining Glee by planting marijuana in his locker?  It was sick and wonderfully twisted. 

          THe first season Glee would never have missed the perversity of singing Feed the World to the homeless with big fat smiles.   

        • Anonymous

          The story was badly written, that is the writers fault.  At least five times a year media coverage of  women doing this: deceiving their husbands, families and neighbors and either snatching a child or cutting it out of the pregnant woman makes headlines.  It is not a joking matter, however, I would have enjoyed Terris’ covering lies at the birth. 

      • Anonymous

        Yep, it’s like the show runners got caught up with selling singles and overplaying fan favorites, but the show loses its essence in the process.

        I thought last season was rough, but had some strong individual episodes, but this season has been mostly dreary–there are moments, but there hasn’t been one episode that soared.

        The better guest stars, except for Jonathan Groff, have also been on the adult side–Kristin Chenoweth and (gulp) Gwyneth Paltrow.

        The only thing that will get me to the next episode is that I think Eric Stolz is directing and he’s directed a number of my favorite episodes.

  • Anonymous

    After about halfway through this one, I deleted it and took it off of my TiVo seasons pass list.  I’m officially checked out of Glee. 

  • God I agree with you 100%….Kill off the leprachaun – he can sing but he CANNOT ACT!! It’s painful. And I was waiting for some sarcasm or tongue in cheek even – it was appalling – WORSE EPISODE EVER…..

    • Anonymous

      This is how I felt about Sunshine—ewwww painful

  • I swear I got diabetes from this episode. 

    • Terence Ng

      “That was so bad, I think you gave me cancer!”

  • I held out a lot longer for Glee compared to some, because the Kurt arc made me cry so often, but I was really disgusted by the end of this episode. *shaking my head*
    The Bandaid song was condescending and offensive all on its own (“Do they know it’s Christmas?” do they give a fuck?), but in the context of this episode, it was exponentially offensive.

  • I’m glad you hated this too and it wasn’t just me going “WTF?  This is terrible!”

  • Megan Brophy

    I got through the first 15 minutes. That was it. I’ve been a Glee-apologist for too long. I don’t know how a show with singing and dancing can be so boring.

    I’m going to rewatch the Community’s “Regional Holiday Music” whenever I’m tempted to watch Glee again.

    • I wish more people watched Community! Love that show so much.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, sounds awful. I am going to just delete without watching. Thanks for saving 40 minutes of my busy Christmas time!!

  • Anonymous

    reading the commentary…what a cynical bunch good lawd

    • Anonymous

      Meh. Some say cynical, others say discerning.

  • Anonymous

    I loved it. Well, most of it. The “reading from the bible”was and homeless shit was ridiculous, but I thought the “christmas special” thing was cute and well done. And I love Rory!

  • Little Irish kid is also an offensive ass stereotype who is inexplicably clueless about everything. Thanks for that, Glee. Of course they’re ridiculous with every other group with a history of oppression so I don’t really know why I am surprised. A few more weeks and he’ll be doing a jig down the hall. 

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else yell at the TV to hold still during the first ten minutes? Edited to not hold a shot for more than a half second before jumping to the next, to the next, then a zoom in and a zoom out, then inside, then outside….Highlighted the lack of substance right from the get go. At least the editing madness stopped when it went black and white.

  • Glen Coleson

    Ah, this is the glee i remember. Offensive musical selections. Insultingly trite plot. Homoerotic subtext overflowing from every orifice, and most importantly songs and dialogue that i fast forwarded through, because i couldn’t bear them for more than a few seconds. 

    I thought we were past Rachel being an irrationally self centered bitch. Quinn and Sue put on their miss congeniality schizoid personalities again. I don’t have the foggiest idea what the purpose of the Irish kid is, and clearly neither do the writers. Sams back for no apparent reason, other than because fans griped when he got canned. 

    I did think the black and white section was fun, up until the painfully unfunny star wars insert, and the bible reading. Thats as a 23 year old. While i certainly haven’t seen much of the specific content they were riffing off, i got the general tone. I question why this episode needed to exist. It did nothing to advance any of the characters or  remaining plot threads. 

    I think it in part stems from the writers just running out of ideas for things to do with the characters. I fear that the rest of s3 is going to relapse into season 2 until they can axe most of the cast going into season four.

  • Anonymous

    I took the bible-reading as the ep’s second homage to Charlie Brown Christmas. (the first being Rachel’s “All I want is what I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share.”  You’re no Sally Brown, Rachel. Help yourself to a big cup of vegan STFU-nog.)

    • Help yourself to a big cup of vegan STFU-nog.

      I may have to use that at certain holiday parties this year.

  • Yep, sorry but Community did the best Glee Christmas special. 

    • I’m actually kind of pissed off that “Glee” will still be on the air, while “Community” has been shoved off to die a sad on-air death as a summer fill-in (if we’re lucky).

      Eff you, America, for foisting more crap “Glee” episodes on us (and yet another goddamned season of “Karaoke America”, a.k.a. “American Idol”) with your shitty viewing habits, and not letting us have more “Community.” This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • Anonymous

    Glee is officially Glum. I’m glad I broke up with it at the end of last season. Just horrid.

  • Beth G

    Thank you.  I can always count on your to voice the thoughts in my head.  At least some of them.  There are quite a few.

  • Melissa Sullivan

    I normally just lurk here, but i had to de-lurk to say i agree with you guys. Even my bunny Esther seemed offended at the episode. I had her with me on the bed and she kept turning around and looking disapprovingly at me like “Seriously mom. You’re watching this crap”. Then proceed to try to dig into the bed to try to get away. There Glee. You have offended my bunny with how screwed up you are. 


  • this episode was everything I hate about Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, I completely agree. With every single thing, down to and including not getting the Judy Garland Christmas thing (and I’m over 50. If I don’t get it, who the hell does??) and the damp, grinning, AWFUL Irish kid.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad I have your weekly recaps to reinforce my decision to stop watching this shit show. You boys deserve some sort of award for sticking with it.

  • Really glad my dvr screwed up and didn’t record this episode.  Sounds like I didn’t miss anything at all.

  • I found myself laughing at its awfulness, until the end. It was ridiculously bad. The end was just offensive, though: why would Puck and Rachel be persuaded by the story of the birth of Jesus as told by Irish Linus? WHY THE UNHOLY FUCK WOULD THEY SING THAT SONG TO HOMELESS CHILDREN!? WHILE SMILING?!? That is 1) not an appropriate song for the situation and 2) is not a happy song, it’s a goddamned miserably sad song of the slow death of millions of children in a land of drought and starvation. The amount of wrong in the fourth- and third-to-last scenes was almost impossible to measure. The Salvation Army bit made me want to throw something at my poor, innocent television.
    I think I almost hate this show. Why do I keep watching it? Why?

  • I thought you guys were “older” than “middle aged”.  Whoddathunk?

    Anyway, I agree with you guys on the Irish Kid, completely misplaced who bothered me more than the fact that Rachel is Jewish.  
    Also, the-hit-you-over-the-head religious aspects was worthy of eye rolling.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was so amazingly awful that it was hilarious.  It’s as if they created the joke without knowing it and actually put it on NATIONAL TELEVISION! Wow, the things you can get away with when you’re a ratings hit.

  • i love you guys but i’m seriously out of step with most people here; i loved the show-within-the-show.  and i hate the new pet, american horror.  but i’m with you on a big NO to singing pretentious crap to homeless people.  it’s so, let them eat cake.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I really want to believe that Amber Riley adlibbed ‘I think it’s the end times’, because it was brilliant.

    Other than that… what the heck did I just watch? And I really must echo your sentiments on the whole ‘Why is Rachel celebrating Christmas’ thing.

  • You guys got the Charlie Brown Christmas references right? Putting on a show? Rachel as Lucy? Sam as Charlie Brown? Ok. Yes. I agree, that doesn’t save it from the trash barrel but I scrolled down as far as I could manage an I didn’t see that anyone else got the reference.

  • Susan Walker

    The first time I have fast forwarded through the show – so bad.  If everyone else in the house hadn’t been asleep I would have shouted at the TV about the Rachael is Jewish part AND the insensitivity of that song sung in the shelter.  Worst show ever.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t even watch this show anymore.  Missed quite a few episodes, and tuned into this one after hearing how good the “sectionals” episode was.  I looked at my teen-aged kids and said “is it really suppose to be this lame”?  Honestly, this is typical Ryan Murphy-great first season, and then just see how ridiculous and “envelope-pushing” you can be-at the cost of character, storyline, and basically common sense(see “Nip-Tuck”). I’ve forgotten how many times these characters change their motivations, perspectives, etc, etc..(Coach Sue).  Done! 

  • Anonymous

    This episode validated my decision to cut “Glee” from my viewing schedule. Also, they all look like they’re middle aged now.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, Glee had a [insert theme] episode, and it was terrible? OMG, I’m shocked! Quick, get the smelling salts, I’ve fainted from shock!

  • Would watching Trudy Campbell (aka Alison Brie) do a hilarious send-up of Helen Kane/Marilyn Monroe-ish “sexy ditz” shenanigans make you guys feel any better about this bummer of a Glee episode? If so, then Community would like to help: http://www.hulu.com/watch/306862/community-regional-holiday-music#s-p1-so-i0 😀

  • serious problem with the complete disregard for the main characters religion!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Okay, my 10-year-old’s now watching it.  Didn’t tell her how bad I thought it was because I didn’t want to spoil her fun.

    Halfway through, “So is there a story?”  Then, “This makes no sense.  Why are they doing this?”, “Oh, is that the hot girls number?”

    Finally, “So how long does this go on?”

    Epic fail, Ryan Murphy and co.  Even preadolescent fangirls think this is crap.

  • I never thought I’d say this but Glee is suddenly too gay to function.

  • RyzandShyn

    I was very uncomfortable with the ending song/scene. I have a hard time imagining that no one participating had the same something-is-not-right feeling.
    My 25 year old daughter asked me if what Rachel was doing was imitating Judy Garland being high on a Christmas special.
    I guess she got it.
    I thought it was Rob and Laura’s living room at first, then realized I didn’t remember the balcony thing being there.
    Hot mess is right. I agree with the poster that said it’s becoming harder and harder to defend the show to others. 

  • That was awful.

    I had been kind of hoping with the first 10-15 minutes they might touch on how hard it can be to get through the season if you arent feeling it… but then they took a left turn into awful.. I think the parody might have been ok, if only it had been shorter…. or less  literal.

  • I thought the episode might be good, since it started on a high note – Mercedes’ fantastic rendition of “All I Want for Christmas is You”. Sadly, it went downhill from there.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, that was HORRIBLE.  And yeah, that “thank God it’s them instead of you” song is ALWAYS offensive, but especially sung to a room full of homeless people.  

  • I love, love, love the Irish kid.  I smile when he’s on screen.  He’s everything that is good and right in the world.