Judging the Judges: Heidi, Michael & Nina

Posted on July 25, 2011

The Duchess and his two backup singers hit Good Morning America to pole-dance for the new season of Project Runway. Let’s assess.

“Project Runway” judges Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum
stop by ‘Good Morning America’ in New York City.

What a shocking sartorial turn of events for M. Kors! We’re rendered speechless by his risk-taking!

Okay, let’s move on to the ladies.

Heidi Klum in Yves Saint Laurent

It’s not our favorite look in the world – shiny animal print, after all – but this provides some decent coverage for Frau Samuel, who failed to learn the English words “decent” and “coverage” somewhere along the way. We like the shoes. Yes, we can sometimes give a stamp of approval to T-straps. To our thinking, these work because there’s an elegance to the proportions on them. Too often, the straps are too thick or hit the ankle at a bad spot. The real tragedy here is that belt. Leopard skin AND a spiked belt? She’s like the bad girl in a John Hughes movie.

Nina Garcia in Michael Kors

We just knew Nina chica wouldn’t let us down. We take issue with the color here, because it’s a bit close to her skin tone, but we love the simple elegance and the criss-crossed belt. A perfectly chic Manhattan day look. And a bit of an ass-kiss tip of the hat to her co-judge. Heidi’s like the Honey Badger. She don’t give a shit. She’ll wear what she wants, no matter which designer is sitting next to her.

Here, the ladies tease with some tidbits (including first challenge and how many are going home) for the premiere:



[Photo Credit: WireImage – Video Credit: abc.com]

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  • Anonymous

    Heidi–bad girls have more fun! and it’s not too short!
    Nina–cut your hair sweetie, you’re starting to look like Miley Cyrus.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no you DIDN’T throw out a Honey Badger reference! Brava, ladies, brava.

  • Um. Nipples. Nina-pples.  Nin-apples. 

    • Moira May

      Oh thank god I’m not the only one who saw that. I feel much less pervy now.

      • Eyes went straight there. They’re like ice cubes. Someone needs some boob tape.

    • Jill Roberts

      That’s where my eyes went too.  It’s just weird.

      • Incredibly nippular, indeed. Also, I don’t think that criss-cross belt looks good on her as it makes her look very busty. Sort of, “Hi, I’m Nina. May I present my boobs?”

        • Anonymous

          May I present my boobs in a matter that makes them appear unflatteringly almost-pendulous, at that.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. If I ignore them, she looks gorgeous. But they’re hard to ignore.

    • Anonymous

      Was it just last season she was pregnant?  Is she perhaps still breast feeding?  If so, she’s bold.  That is a bold, bold breast-tacular look.  

    • Jennifer Coleman

      Nina’s got some weak foundation issues. I just want to grab the top of her bra cups and Hoist. The girls seem to be sitting a skoch too low and need to be up away from the top portion of the belt, not sitting on it.

  • Well, Heidi has worn MK plenty of times in the past — after 9 seasons together, he shouldn’t get offended that she wears other designers as well.  Now if she NEVER wore Kors… that would be a bit rude. 

    I like both looks.  I think a woman has to have a lot of confidence to pull off the animal print dress, and Heidi certainly does.  And Nina looks impeccable. 

    • Anonymous

      I want to retire all animal prints forever…I just hate them!

  • Anonymous

    Nina’s hair, on the other hand, looks awful. 
    And I’m not a fan of her boobs in that dress either. 

    I love that the Duchess is more the action-figure of himself than his real self (does that make sense?).  

  • aussiegal77

    Fabulous, all.  LOVE Heidi’s shoes.  Admit it, if the Duchess turned out in say…..a colour?  Pinstripes, even? We’d all die of shock.  Let’s not have a mass extinction of an entire online community, I say.  Think of the children.  Who would they learn to bitch from?

  • I love how Nina’s shoes echo the belt/waist treatment.

    • Anonymous

      That was my initial response too!
      Then i was a bit weirded out by the fact that her nippular area (in that last picture) looks lighter than the rest of her.  It’s just weird.

    • jabes

      Ooh, I’m not a fan of it at all!

  • You NEW Nina wouldn’t let you down or you KNEW she wouldn’t let you down?

  • Mariah J

    Nina looks cute, I do wish the color were different though. I can’t muster enough of an opinion for the other two, they bore me.

  • Okay, Heidi is looking a lot less like Ann Coulter here.

    • Anonymous

      Heidi’s got way too much meat on her bones (and personality for that matter) to resemble Ann Coulter. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    “We were suspicious of Anya’s rack.”  That was priceless. Thank you, Nina. I think Nina looked great (although she should do something about her hair–roots are showing and it just looked sloppy and all in her face). Heidi looked great–she always looks so happy. And I agree with aussiegal77 that if Michael showed up in anything else, we’d all die of shock. I’ve come to depend on his monochromatic look.

    I agree with others that cutting four contestants at the start is cruel–what if someone quit their job to go to New York? Getting another job in this economy is no joke. You could really ruin someone with a stunt like that.

    • I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be just as hard to get another job if they were eliminated in Episode 4 as opposed to at the very start? One assumes the contestants realize that for all but one of them this is NOT going to be a life-changing or even very profitable undertaking. It’s not that I don’t sympathize – it would seriously suck to have that happen – but if they did quit jobs to be on the show they did so by their own choice knowing something like this was very possible.   

  • Can someone please explain people who wear the same thing all the time? Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, Cornel West–those are just three I can think of off the top of my head. I thought getting dressed was supposed to be fun.

    • Anonymous

      I so agree. To me, that also goes to people who 90% of the time dress in black, even in the summer (Angelina Jolie, I’m looking at you). That idea that you can never go wrong with black or that it is always chic is a myth, IMO. 

      • Anonymous

        True. I love wearing black, but once you’re past age 35, you learn that color is your friend.

    • Anonymous

      I believe Michael Kors explained it once in an episode of PR.  Something about how he used to follow every trend, but then decided one day that he didn’t want to worry about what *he* was wearing.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh.  I can’t with these three.  It’s not what they’re wearing, that’s, you know, fine or whatever.  I seriously can’t listen to another word come out of their mouths.

  • Anonymous

    Heidi looks great (and I like the longer length on her), but Nina steals the show.  She looks amazing, and TLo is right – it’s a perfect look for Manhattan daytime in the summer.

  • Anonymous

    I find both looks lacking.  That is quite shiny animal print and I really hate the 3/4 sleeve on her.  Go long or go sleeveless, these just hit her oddly.  HATE the belt with an unbeleivable passion.  It looks like a very cheap belt picked up at the strip mall for $5.
    Is it an illusion on my computer or does Nina have some serious nipplage going on her?  Her hair is too long and too “Mile Cyrus”.  And again, I hate with a searing passion the matching criss cross straps on the shoes to the straps on the dress.  Too matchy matchy.
    And Jesus Christ Michael, E-NUFF with the black tee/black suit.   You’re a chunky monkey with a bad fake n’ bake tan.  Deal.

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: What a shocking sartorial turn of events for M. Kors! We’re rendered speechless by his risk-taking!”

    Yeah, it IS pretty funny that they reward the PR designers for taking risks (often over logic and sanity; see Rice, Santino, turkey costume), but yet Miss Kors always wears the same uniform.

    As for Honey, she doesn’t have to air kiss any ass: She has the power to veto anything (as confirmed, once again, on GMA today).


  • Can’t abide the praise for Nina at all – her girls are looking saggy, nipply and basically ill-fitted and supported. Blurgh.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. And the dress is the color of the heavy-duty female undergarments my elderly aunt used to wear. Ugh.

    • Anonymous

      Well, she might still be breastfeeding. Having done that not too long ago, some days its hard to deal with the girls. 

      • Anonymous

        But wouldn’t wearing a bra make it easier to deal with them?

  • I for one am quite disappointed that Nina did not wear a pair of Gretchen Jones’ baby-puke green granny panties from her PR collection.

    • Anonymous

      sing it. THAT would have helped me re-gain some (but not all) respect for her backing of Gretchen for the win. She even could have worn some of that jewelry that Gretchen is peddling.

      • MilaXX

        She hasn’t worn Ra’Mon’s neoprene dress either.

  • Anonymous

    Nina should listen to Tim and invest in some appropriate underpinnings immediately…..that’s way too much nipple for GMA

    • Anonymous

      GMA = Good Mammaries America

  • i’m thinking john waters instead of john hughes, but needs kitten heels, two hundred pounds, & once upon a long long time ago, to have been born a man.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and what’s with the dark roots on both women? If I recall, Jennifer Anniston was sporting them the other day too. Please, ladies. You look like reverse skunks.

  • Lisa

    I love Heidi in “Decently covered leopard print” – she’s like a totally chic cougar!

  • Anonymous

    See, these are the pros.  No one had to pull their skirt down (with all their might) to cover their lady bits or anything.  Brava, ladies!

    Actually, they seemed like they were having a good time, and that they genuinely enjoy working together.  They may have fooled me completely, but they seemed happy to be there.  Is Tim busy with his day job?

  • Anonymous

    the Duchess not taking risks? Why he chose velvet for today’s loafers. That has to say something. Even if it’s “I’m completely ignoring that it’s been 100 degrees in New York.”

  • Anna .

    Nina needs to be wearing a bra.

  • Anonymous

    Nina should have either tanned more or gotten that dress in a different (more contrasting) color. Otherwise it would be perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Nina’s breasts look weirdly exposed. Heidi is adapting her look to her stage of life. Looks great. Kors is wearing a uniform.

  • margaret meyers

    I think that color on Nina is fine.  A tasteful, simple taupe/tan/beige summer dress is an idiom, like the Little Black Dress. 

  • Anonymous

    Nina–I like the dress.  BUT, I’m going to quote my mother:  “Get a better bra!” 

    • Judy_J

      I agree.  Her breasts look like they don’t like each other.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno. La Nina’s dress was elegant on the rack, but it’s perhaps the least flattering thing I’ve ever seen on her. Of course, Ms. Garcia’s Least Flattering Day is one that most humans could chalk up as a Day of Sartorial Excellence.

    Heidi’s dress is not a mini dress! I hope she is changing her style, just a bit. Not that someone pointed out that nothing screams low-rent Jersey convention hooker louder than an animal print micro mini. With, god help us, studded leather belt.

    This discussion proves Mr. Kors’ wisdom in choosing to garb himself in a boring, monochromatic male uniform.

  • Judy_J

    I quite like Nina’s dress and shoes, but I do wish she’d worn a more supportive undergarment.  Her breasts are headed in opposite directions, and it’s not a good look for her.

  • Anonymous

    Nina looks fabulous as usual. Heidi looks fine sans belt (which I hate). Michael’s uniform bores me to tears.
    They sure are gleeful about turning 4 designers out before the show starts. “They all think they’re on the show. But they’re not. There is still one more step in the audition.” Firstly they have done that twice before, so it can’t be a huge surprise.  And it’s mean.

  • Anonymous

    Nina’s hair always looks greasy.  Her dress is awful.  Like a cross-your-heart bra vomited peaches all over her body. Guh-ross.  He’s an orange and Heidi’s a lemon.  They are a fruit basket.  Actually, Heidi looks hot.

  • Bah ha ha ha….the honey badger reference made my day. Oh that lovable, crazy, nastyass critter. I’m going to go watch it again.
    As for Nina and her nipples I am going to assume that bras are no longer being sold in the continental U.S. as this is the only possible excuse for what I am looking at.

  • MilaXX

    Heidi isn’t bad for a Heidi dress, but a plain, thin black belt would have been better.
    La Nina looks great, but needs some petals. She’s nipping like crazy. Between the nude color and the black trim, she almost looks like she’s wearing a breast plate like the drag queens wear.

  • please, please put on a bra.  she’s too old to be all out like that!

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind what Heidi is wearing so much – without the belt.  The belt takes to a whole different level of strange.

    Beige notwithstanding, I like what Nina is wearing.  I don’t mind the whole chest area issue (I’m fine with things looking like they are where they actually are).  She had a baby not so long ago, didn’t she?

    I can’t believe what Michael Kors is wearing. I fainted upon seeing it. The shock is still too much.

  • Anonymous

    Heidi looks great. Nina is sharing a LOT of information about the weather. 

  • Rand Ortega

    The Honey Badger– LOL!
    Nina’s boobies are a force of nature. It looks like no matter the coverage, they’re going to make themselves known!
    Does the Duchess think all black makes him– what? Cool? Thin? I understand the concept of a uniform, but what does this 1 convey? Bitter Kittens?

  • Jolene Barnett

    Uh, Nina’s belt makes her look like she has fat rolls on her midsection that I’m pretty sure aren’t really there. Plus, bra issues.

  • Has Nina had work done recently? Her cheeks are looking mighty perky… Also, totally agree on the boobage situation. Cover up, lady, breastfeeding or not (I doubt that that would be the deal – breastfeeding ladies tend to want MORE coverage to avoid leakage… not fashion-y but true…)

  • Anonymous

    I have no problem with Nina’s nipples, because–NEWS FLASH: Women have nipples!  Those breasts aren’t smooth globes to play with or shelves on which to display jewelry.  I like Heidi’s shoes, but the rest of her still looks Eurotrashy to me. 

    Michael Kors. What is it with male designers? Look at those awful, squashed-down shoes he’s wearing.  And black suede! In the middle of the summer!  It’s like Isaac Mizrahi with his shower sandals–a clothing item that someone is going to be paying for in hell for all eternity.

    “The Duchess and his two backup singers hit Good Morning America to pole-dance for the new season of Project Runway.” How do you keep churining ’em out, boys?  However you do it, thank you!  A great way to start the morning! 

    • margaret meyers

      Nina is 46 and has great breasts — fly the flag, girl!  She picked the right dress for this kind of summertime in Manhattan appearance.  Yeah, I wish she had done something with her Hamptons Hair, but I think she looks relaxed and beautiful.

    • Anonymous

      Well yeah, but we also have vaginas. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to put them on full display when we go outside.
      She needs a bra.

  • mcarlson

    Heidi’s like the Honey Badger. She don’t give a shit. OMG, that was spit-out-food funny.

  • Anonymous

    Nina needs a haircut. Seriously, cut that shit already. It’s not making you look younger. It’s mid-life crisis hair and everybody knows it.

  • Anonymous

    nina.  looks.  FIERCE. 

  • Anonymous

    Nina desperately needs a good bra to deal with the drooping and the headlights.  But otherwise, she looks great.  Love the dress and the shoes.  That animal print Heidi is wearing is making my eyes bleed.  So is the belt.  But she gets points for great shoes and for not wearing something so short that she’s flashing us all.  Both ladies look like they’ve had some fairly major work done.  Heidi doesn’t even look like herself.

    I like Kors’ look but it’s been over 100 degrees in NYC recently.  Head-to-toe black (plus long sleeves and suede shoes) just looks all wrong.  Time to adapt the uniform to a summer version.

  • Anonymous

    Nina looks great. I wish Kors would wear a tie more often; he looks great in a tie. I’m not much for animal prints but I love Heidi’s shoes. I think they all did well. Do you think the Duchess sleeps in that outfit?

  • Anonymous

    Be nice to Nina about the nips. After my first baby, they don’t MAKE a bra that can keep mine down. I know, TMI but give the girl a break….might be nothing she can do.
    (And don’t tell me about shields. It’s then a toss up of what is visible underneath, actual nipples or some weird, petal shaped thingies. And sometimes it’s both!)

  • Anonymous

    so miss trinidad and tobago could be a good great swindle ? How fascinating…
    What ? The judges ? Ho, come on, they haven’t changed since season 1 : Michael still dresses like Johnny Cash high on caroten, Nina chases the very essence of trends and Heidi always go for shiny and spiky.
    Love them, can’t wait to see wich good designers they are going to out on the very first episode just to keep the good television ones in.

  • Anonymous

    so of course after the teensy t spilling, i went back and watched anya’s video…

    frankly, i don’t get what they’re talking about ~ “professional-looking” would not be my adjective of choice for her construction ~ but then again, they were mega vague and it’s impossible to know what goes down that first challenge.  i’m slightly intrigued, but not enough to chase it down and watch it.  i’ll happily wait for the recap.

  • Don’t like the nip show through on Nina….and if you think there is too much Heidi here there is a billboard in midtown about 4 stories high that is just her nearly naked torso.  Total TMI

  • Anonymous

    You can find the Kluminator’s opinions of her own outfit here:  http://heidiklum.aol.com/category/look-of-the-day/7-27-11/

  • Heidi looks great.  Nina needs a bra.

  • I absolutely love that you quoted Randall on the honey badger.

  • Anonymous

    Nina: Boring, love the belt, but that’s it. Matronly length too. And her hair, yikes!! so many fly-aways.
    Heidi. Actually like this. That animal print isn’t too overpowering, and its just the right length. Could do without the belt.