In or Out: Kyra Sedgwick in Zac Posen

Posted on July 13, 2011

The curtains are opening on Kyra’s boobs, everyone! Take a seat; the show is starting!

Kyra Sedgwick makes an appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” in New York in a Zac Posen dress.

We’re beginning to think widdle Zac Posen has ADHD. He can’t even get a simple LBD right without complicating it all the hell up. That thing is a wrinkled, ruffled, pleated disaster and we will spend no more time on it because it doesn’t deserve it. Harrumph.

But don’t you guys think it’s long past the time Kyra got a haircut? Big lion’s mane hair on a face north of 45 isn’t particularly flattering, Kyra. Just ask Sarah Jessica.

Love your shoes, though!


IN! It’s…well, I just like it, okay? It’s not my fault T Lo can’t come up with a compliment!

OUT! She needs to be taken somewhere with softer lighting and get deprogrammed!

The Bitter Kitten discussion regarding Emma Watson’s drapery and glitter dress was heated, but she managed to eke out an IN.


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  • MilaXX

    I love Kyra, but this is an OUT. I think her hair is fine, but that dress is fug.

    • judy brown

      Black draping, more like the curtains opening at a wake.

      Seemingly holding a funeral for your boobs, is something a dress shouldn’t do.

      Especially since Kyra’s breasts seem to be relatively young and alive.

      • Sau-Chih Feng

        Agreed! That dress makes her boobs look sad and droopy, and boobs should be happy! and perky! and outgoing! Boobs can also be discreet, but they should never look sad. OUT.

  • Leslie Streeter

    She looks like a madame. A saucy madame. But a madame. Who is the chief hooker. We can do better, Brenda.

  • Anonymous

    I think the lipstick is worse than both the hair and dress.

    • Anonymous

      My thought exactly!

    • Anonymous

      My thought exactly!

    • Anonymous

      Me Too!

    • sewinggeek

      My first thought also…

      • Anonymous

        I agree – too harsh.

  • Anplica Fiore

    Scary out!!

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    I do wish she would sleek out the hair a little.  Love her shoes, but the dress isn’t right for her.  OUT.

  • aussiegal77

    Oh holy hell.  Hate the hair, hate the gash of red pretending to be a mouth and especially hate the dress.  It’s all kinds of wrinkled mess.  LOVE the shoes though!  Now THOSE are fab.


  • Anonymous

    That’s an awful dress and she looks terrible in it.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I love the shoes and I think her hair is fine – but that dress is a mess. Out (unless this becomes a foot fetish discussion, then I’ll give her shoes an in)

  • Valerie Owens

    agree with you on all counts. 

  • Anonymous

    Kyra, i love you too, but this dress is a mess!! I very much want your shoes, but you’re still OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. You’re right about the hair.

  • Samuel Joesph Donovan

    I actually really, really like the dress–the silhouette’s simplicity and the most simple fabric choices keep it from veering into crazytown.  Although, I’ll admit, I’d LOVE to see this in some abstract water, watercolor-esque print.  And I think the hair is not awful–the make up is where she starts looking like an aging hooker.  I mean, when you start looking like Elaine Strich (first shot) at 45, your eye make up is probably WAY too heavy.

    • Samuel Joesph Donovan

      Aka, like the dress, meh the hair, HATE the make up.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Baahahahaaha!  LOVE the Elaine Strich comment!  :)

    • Anonymous

      Ooooh, Elaine Strich. You’re good!

  • Anonymous

    I have hated her hair for along time.  IMO, she doesn’t have a softly pretty face. it is a more striking face that needs a simplier, more grown up cut to frame it.  And that dress is just a train wreck on anyone.

    • Anonymous

      I would like this many times, if I could, but Diqus/my connection isn’t letting me like it even once, so far.

  • Ginger

    How dare she insult those amazing shoes with that heinous dress?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that dress is a bit much, but doesn’t this bitch look fabulous? Look at that bod!
    If only she would get rid of that mid-life crisis hair and get a really cool, chic new do.

  • Micaela Cannon

    …..This looks like a dress that a slutty 16 year old would buy for homecoming for around 20 dollars, except maybe remove the sheer material on the sides to give some real cut outs.

    as far as the hair is concerned, I say let Kyra rock it, women lose hair with age too, and having full bodied hair like that is always something to take pride in :)

  • bebo

    just plain sad.

  • Anonymous

    Ack!  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been taken to task many many times on the site for harrummphing on women of a certain age with too much hair… couldn’t agree more!!

  • Anonymous

    Aww…I love her hair.  The dress would be fine if it didn’t have the sheer boob hole I think…

  • Anonymous

    On the fence on this one. The dress is fug, the shoes are great, the lipstick’s harsh. But Kyra rox, and pulls off that hair more than SJP. She is working that dress, despite its flaws.

  • Anonymous

    Horrible dress but, wow, does she look good in it.  Still an out but her figure is amazing.  She has great hair but, yeah, it’s time for a change.  Awful lip color.  As most women age, bright and dark colors just don’t look right on us anymore. 

  • APB

     makeup + hair + dress = hooker. At least she looks like an expensive one.

  • Shawn Hill

    IN! She’s a ruffly girl, always has been. Summer sun may not be her friend, but I bet she looked cute on the show.

  • Manon Eileen

    Sheesh, this is awful. So out. I do like the shoes.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    this dress confuses me… OUT

  • parissweetheart

    She’s channeling her character with that lipstick. That dress top looks like semi-opened curtains only there’s no light to be let in.

  • Paula Berman

    Can I ask a question?  Why are people so against  long hair on a woman over 45?  If it’s not a terrible dye job, if it’s thick and full with nice body, why should a woman cut it off just because she is middle aged?  I have never understood this, as there is nothing more aging than the standard middle aged woman’s hair cut.

    • Tess D

      I am so with you on this. I really like her hair, it’s sexy and she’s working with her natural texture and not blow drying or flat ironing the hell out of it. I’m 52, my hair is long, though not middle of my back like in the good old days, and sometimes wild and it’s going to stay that way until I think I’m no longer rocking it or the cost/time of covering up the damn gray gets too intense. Short hair to me, even shoulder length makes me feel like a stranger to myself. In fact, the dumbest comment I ever heard in regard to hair was from a friend who asked our mutual stylist at what age should a woman cut her hair short. As if the 45 line is written in stone or something. I love me my T-Lo but I’m totally anti any arbitrary standards of hair or even clothing for that matter. Look at her killer bod in that godawful dress. She’s still got it in spades.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you about that. I just think the big mane isn’t really working on her. And I didn’t interpret TLo’s comment as being against long hair per se; the comment was specifically about the lion’s mane styling which, I tend to agree, usually doesn’t flatter une femme d’un certain age.

    • Anonymous

      Paula I agree w u.  Although I think if she had parted her hair on the side she would have softened her look.

    • Jill Roberts

      Yeah, the “rule” about long hair on “older” women is ageist and stupid.  If you have hair with texture, it can be brutally hard to wear shorter hairstyles.  They take *much* more effort and skill to style.  My curly mop looks ridiculous unless it has some length – without length, even a good stylist can’t save me from the dreaded triangle-head. 

      What I wouldn’t mind is a more sophisticated dress on her.  I guess I’m ageist when it comes to strapless dresses.  But I don’t really like them on anyone.  And that particular dress would not look good on anyone anyway.

    • Teri Horne

      Agreed. The only people I have heard state the “Over 45 Rule” is other women and gay men.

      • Tom and Lorenzo

        And as we all know, if a straight guy doesn’t say it, it’s not worth listening to!

        Just want to add another reminder that no “rule” was invoked in this post.

        • Anxiety Bitch

          HA!  “If a straight guy doesn’t say it.”  Priceless. 

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think frilly hair suits if your face is more striking than girlish. (Someone called out Goldie as an example of longer, bigger hair working on older women – & I think that supports my view, she’s sunk a lot of money into trying to stay on the girlish side of that divide & I don’t know if her features would have ever done striking anyway) It’s not about the age, it’s the look. The last time I had long hair was my late 40’s, & for me that was the right time to say bye-bye forever or start putting it up like an Edwardian matron.  I’d have cut it short more often than I did between 16 and, oh . . . some time later but at that phase in my life I cared more about what straight men thought and yes, they were pretty unanimous in preferring long (yes, I surveyed my friends & acquaintances. No pride).

        I think the more strongly one associates long hair with sexual attractiveness the more important the short/long/age discussion is.

  • Anonymous

    Does Zac Posen look good on anyone? How the hell does he stay in buisness?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, yes, yes, yes YES!  (as evidenced by my “I obviously hadn’t read everyone’s responses” response below.)

    • Anonymous

      He’s winsome and cute. Though I suppose that’s redundant.

    • Anonymous

      The last time he made anything I liked was 4-5 years ago. I think he may still be popular with starlets, but I’m always surprised when his name comes up.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly have no idea who would possibly look good in that dress.  OUT.

    Incidentally, I’ve never understood the love for this woman.  Her face freaks me out.

  • Anonymous

    My Eyes!

  • Sara Munoz

    That dress is just aggressively ugly. 
    And I’m sure Dave was drooling all over it.

  • Sara Yungwirth

    I don’t know.. It’s kind of an ugly dress, but she’s kind of working it for me… In..

  • Mary Nau

    I think the dress looks like some ugly costume, but since she is dressed for the Letterman show, it is more than appropriate.  IN

    I also love the shoes.  I have a similar pair and love them, but I can’t think of a pair of shoes that would compliment that dress.

  • Anonymous

    “In Zac Posen” was enough to telegraph this would be an out, and remarkably, no surprises here.

    OUT.  Love her, can’t understand why people keep wearing his crap.

  • Verena

    I don’t mind the dress that much. I mean look at her body! But hair and make-up are horrible. However, she gets to wake up next to Keven Bacon every morning so I guess she has the last laugh.

  • Anonymous

    Give us some examples of what a good hairstyle for women north of 45 would be, please!

    • Anonymous

      One that flatters the shape of her face, makes her feel like a  million bucks & doesn’t give the impression of being a wig.

  • Anonymous

    Oh lordy is that out. Why would someone make something so hideous? Worse yet, why would someone choose to wear it!?

  • daysi117

    The dress reminds me of drapes in a funeral home… It’s freaking me OUT!

  • Anonymous

    This dress reminds me of those hideous pleated drapes you used to see in living rooms that also boasted plastic-covered furniture and lamps with porcelin figurines AND crystal chandelier drops. And plastic covers on the lampshades. It is just horrible. I love Kyra Sedgwick and mourn the imminent loss of “The Closer” and its great ensemble cast, but this dress makes her look hoochie. And yes, she needs that mane tamed a bit.

    What has happened to Zac?  I used to like a lot of his designs, but ever since he lost all that weight, everything he puts out there is overwrought and overdone. 

  • Sara Parker

    Blurg, hate that dress.  Glad to have your support on this, TLo– I sometimes feel alone in thinking that Zac Posen is completely overrated.

    • Anonymous

      you are not alone :)

      • Anonymous

        I would bypass overrated and go to inexplicably employed…

  • Wendy Kaufman

    I like the dress, though ti seems REALLY put of place there in the bright sun. Could do without the bottom ruffles, but the dress is pretty—for evening–with a soft wrap—and an updo.

  • Wendy Kaufman

    I like the dress, though ti seems REALLY put of place there in the bright sun. Could do without the bottom ruffles, but the dress is pretty—for evening–with a soft wrap—and an updo.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with the hair, ask Dyan or Goldie. And the dress looks exactly like curtains opening.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The shoes are the only thing about this pic I like. Dress, hair, lipstick- fugly.

  • Anonymous

    She should definitely straighten her hair, soften her makeup, keep the killa shoes, and get an edgier dress instead of wearing a crumpled up theater curtain. I’ve never really understood her look personally with the curly mane. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s the lipstick that ruins this. Out. 

  • Dee B

    It’s an OUT.  That dress was clearly made by someone with no appreciation for boobs.  Even if they are pert and facing forward, they look like they’re melting away from each other, just because of the dress’s shape. But yes, the shoes are awesomeness.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a peep show for boobs! OUT!

  • Anonymous

    In–if she has been named headmistress of the School of Bordello Management.

  • Amye

    I love Kyra as well.  But the mane is too much and the dress… I take back what I said yesterday.  THIS is the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen.  Also, the makeup seems a bit harsh?  Or is it the mane that makes the face look much older? 

    • Amye

      Oh, Out.  I know you guys like to actually SEE the words.  Sorry, forgot it.

  • lilibetp

    Shoes are IN.  Hair is a huge, big 1980s OUT.  Dress is also out.  Wonder whether Zac, Kyra, and her stylist were all on the same drugs.  And if so, what kind of drugs would make anyone think this was an even okay dress?  Totally hideous.

  • Alison Sigman

    LOVE the shoes, hate everything else. She looks like she stole a dress from a wanna-be “classy” hooker and ran 10 miles before doing her makeup. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

  • Valerie D

    I am north of 45, and still working the shit out of my stuff, but at some point you gotta admit your age and lose the hair and peek-a-boobies. NOT a good look, especially when her face looks as worked-on as it does.

  • Anonymous

    i dont even get it?  OUT

  • Anonymous

    After laughing at the boob curtain, my second thought was that the dress had been wadded-up wet in a suitcase  for about a month. Damn that thing is overdone.
    Very OUT.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I love the shoes too.  That is the ONLY thing I can say nice about this getup.  She’s too old for the dress, too old for the hair, that lipstick color is just wrong.  Gorgeous shoes, tho!

  • Melody Sellers

    Love Kyra, but this is a look she needs to leave behind.  OUT!

  • Megan Patterson

    Out! Dress is fug, and kind of inappropriate for day/her age. Love the shoes though.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a cheap hooker.  She is definitely too old for this long hair, but no one of any age looks good if they don’t have a comb and a mirror.  She is a very uncomfortable talk show guest, all giggly and nervous, so this should be a pretty bad show.

  • Rhonda Hanson

    I love Kyra but she really struggles to get it right. I think pink lipstick and smooth hair would have done the trick.

  • Anonymous

    Two things stand out for me, Kyra has a great bod, but just because you can wear something at a certain age does not mean you should, that boob curtain is just plain silly…..and that lipstick, oh dear, once you are 45 plus (and i am), you need to be careful with the shade of red lest you end up looking like the Joker…..regretfully OUT

  • Teresa Enright Campbell

    I’ll give her one good point:  The dress is a decent length for going on a talk show.  Over and over you see women in short dresses sitting down on a talk show, looking at themselves in the monitor and realizing they are flashing everything they have and then trying to pull down the skirt (not happening), then squirming around and positioning an arm to cover their private parts.  
    Then again.  She was flashing the boobs…….  Ugh.

  • Jennifer Hofstetter

    Oh God.  She looks a hot mess.  Love the shoes, but otherwise – OUT.

  • Dixie Murphy Ross

    OUT. Her face looks like it would eat me for breakfast.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  That dress is unbelievably ugly.  And hate the red lipstick on her–very unflattering.  

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care how well she maintains her unnaturally girlish frame, that dress is terrible. And, yes, as they used to say in the ’70s: get a haircut, man.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  She’s a lovely women, but she looks like 3 miles of bad road in this.  It ages her, doesn’t flatter her body and generally looks like crap.  Nice shoes though.

  • Anonymous

    Her body looks amazing and she is aging so gracefully, but the dress is over complicated and not really age appropriate. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t get why a woman past a certain age has to have short hair to be stylish.  It’s not like the hair is old and wrinkled or anything.  It almost feels like norm from the middle age.  Maidens should show off their silky locks to attract a husband.   Older/married women cannot because it is vain or inappropriate to attact attention from men at that age – braid it, put it in a bun, or cut it short and “tasteful”…  It makes me sad.

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      “I really don’t get why a woman past a certain age has to have short hair to be stylish.”

      Of course, we didn’t say anything remotely like that.

  • Anonymous

    On the other hand….maybe it’s not fair to judge the look in the bright sunlight since that’s not what it was put together for.  Maybe the bizarre black dress and heavy makeup worked on Letterman.  

  • Catherine Rhodes

    OUT. Hey, TLo, are you sure you counted correctly on Hermoine’s dress? Seemed like the bitter kittens were trending out.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, the harsh direct sunlight makes it hard to really see her. I don’t like the look but I fault THE SUN! But she still works it and she is a hard working smart gal. 
    In, because I love her. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT!  I’m just gonna say it.  She’s too old for that dress.  Strapless is hard to pull off when you’re mid-40’s or older.  Something Susan Lucci should have learned years ago!

  • Anonymous

    The hair is fine. It’s the makeup that needs to be age-adjusted. That lip is for a 25 year old.


  • Megan Fitzpatrick

    Hell – If I had that figure, I’d wear that, too! (And I love her hair.)

  • RMJ12345

    The hair or the dress would be fine if they weren’t in tandem. The lipstick is what’s killing me though.

  • Anonymous

    No, no. I normally love her. Not here. Out.

  • Danielle

    The dress is insane, but she’s working it.  IN

  • Diana Martinez

    Kyra is so much prettier than this outfit/hair is letting her be.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  I don’t hate the dress besides the sheer panel in front, which takes it to vulgar and inappropriate.

  • aimee_parrott

    Ooh.  NO, Kira.  The only nice thing I can say is that she looks fine from the knees down.  The hair is bad, the makeup is worse, and that dress is a fucking disaster.  That’s an OUT, in case you can’t tell 😉

  • Anonymous

    The whole look smacks of desperation. And need for a decent bra.

  • Judy_J

    Bad, just bad.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    add me to the “outs”

  • Connie Brandan Verzak

    Man, you kids are bitchy. I love Kyra’s hair, always have. The dress is fun. I’d rather have this than a boring black dress. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out, but I love the shoes.

  • Svanhild Salmons

    She looks like a dressed up version of the daytime hooker on My Name Is Earl.

  • Kimmy Hescock

    OUT. I’ll take the shoes, though.

  • Emily

    In.  I kind of like the dress plus she looks great.  I agree with what you are saying about the hair…she could use a change.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great –she’s really werking the dress, I think, and the shoes. In.

  • Patricia Biswanger


  • Anonymous

    My first thought was she looks just like Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show only blonde. Out

  • gillian holroyd

    y’know, it’s just to HOT and miserable to care. 

  • Anonymous

    Ya know… that hair reminds me of the crazy cat lady from “The Simpsons”.  It’s time try a new do. The dress is okay, but I’m still giving her an **OUT** ’cause it’s not really doing anything for her. 

  • Anonymous

    Damn, but that’s a horrible dress. The shoes are fantastic though. The shoes are IN, Kyra’s OUT. You know, she’s got really nice legs.

  • Sara__B

    OUT. Trying desperately hard to look young and hot. Change the hair and the dress and the lipstick, but keep the shoes.

  • dancinfool

    And you’re OUT, Granny Frou Frou.  ‘Nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    Problem with the hair is that the bangs are creating a forehead curtain that echoes the boob curtain. It is really freaking me out how similar her hair and dress bodice are.

    Out:  I like the idea of the ruching and the ruffles, but it needs to be dialed back a notch.

  • Anonymous

    I find it cheezy fabulous – the shoes make the entire outfit. Givin’ the gal an In.

  • AWStevens

    IN, this is a pity-IN vote.  I remember her from the ugly duckling After School Special and I do believe this dress in a different light would rock…

  • Eric Scheirer Stott

    Might be a nice dress for cocktails in a bordello

  • Anonymous

    She always looks good on The Closer.  Too bad she doesn’t’ use the costume designer from her show for real life.

  • Anonymous

    No one is saying when you reach a certain age you have to cut your hair ‘short’ (i.e. real estate agent) . What we ARE saying is that after a certain age, the mass of wild hair displayed by Ms. Sedgwick (and occasionally Ms. Parker, and btw, Maria Shriver) looks  ridiculous and aging. There are lengths and cuts between this and ‘short’. For example: Susan Sarandon, Salma Hayak had a shoulder-grazing thing going for a while, Sandra Bullock (sometimes), Carla Bruni, Meredith Viera, Felicity Huffman…even our very own Heidi Klum, who is way south of 45 has style to her hair and doesn’t let it run wild….

    • Anonymous

      Agreed: The younger the hair and clothing, the older the face looks. I’m 46, and I know this all too well (from choices I’ve had to make and from seeing people I know not make those choices.)

    • Robyn M

      You know it’s time for a shorter style if your hair looks like it’s pulling your face down.

      • Anonymous

        ABSOLUTELY. Why I cut mine knowing it’d never be long again, in a nutshell. (well, that and the fact it had begun to thin a little.)

    • Anonymous

      Yes. I was thinking exactly of Maria Shriver during my long-winded reply to someone earlier on this same topic.

  • Robert Sanchez

    Definitely out. As you guys said, overly complicated for a little black dress. And for ladies of a certain age, one must be careful about strapless dresses so it doesn’t look like one’s boobs are sliding down too far.

  • Anonymous

    I think she’d look great in a kicky curly bob or something.  Who knows what’s going on in her head about what’s on her head.  As for the dress…meh.

  • maybe more

    Out. Yikes. If I had to come up with a mental image of a dress that encapsulates tackiness, it wouldn’t have even managed to be as tacky as this.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    Agreed on all counts. Also don’t like the lipstick. Hair-wise, I think she can keep the wild waves and volume, but should take off some length at this point. This picture bothers me because here is a woman aging better than 99% of humanity who doesn’t look fabulous. With that face/hair/body, she should always be fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    Out, this dress does her no favours and there is nothing else to be positive about.

  • Yolanda Hawkins

    Yes, the dress is OUT.  The shows are IN.  And she’s had that same do for what seems to be since Moses was a boy; time to go to the salon Kyra. 

  • Shelf Afterlife

    My immediate response upon seeing this dress was to wince.  Its not flattering if your dress looks like it went thru a paper shredder and was glued back together.  OUT.

  • Wendy Kaufman

    OMG, got a look at the close-up. While expertly applied, she looks like she’s auditioning for The Addam’s Family. Way too much for her age.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Out.  If she had to wear a boob curtain dress, couldn’t she have managed a better bra?  She looks like a mess. 

  • Anonymous

    Out. Doesn’t even look like her. Almost looks like a caricature of her, after a few drinks. Sorry, but I winced, too, when I saw this.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    OUT. That wrinkle beneath her boobs is simply unbearable.

  • Summer Born

    OUT 😀

  • Anonymous

     Not a fan of the dress but I wish I looked that good. IN

  • Erin Leahy

    oh hell no.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with the hair comment — tho I think she looks better than SJP.
    Disagree on the dress — I like it.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I kinda like her hair and love those shoes, but her dress is a hot funky fried mess. 

  • Anonymous

    Out! This looks like a walk of shame outfit

  • Anonymous

    Looks like she’s going for Dyan Cannon circa 1978.

  • Anonymous

    A teeny-tiny middle-aged person – who has a little sass – can get away with a dress like this . . . I’m not crazy about this particular dress, but I bet it looks better live than in a static photo.

    As for the hair: it’s actually shorter than it was between Closer seasons.
    But this length and volume is indeed problematic for the combo of ‘petite’ and ‘middle-aged.’

  • Anonymous

    oh honey. Words fail. Time for more plastic surgery, better lighting, a new stylist and yes, a hair cut.

  • Richi Robilotto

    OUT. That dress is awful, and while I don’t mind the big hair, that middle part pains me. 

  • Joyce VG

    I’ll give her an IN.  But hopefully next time she’ll listen to you TLo.

  • Anonymous

    Love the shoes. And I think her hair looks great. The make-up is what’s aging her, in my opinion. Her body is amazing but really don’t like the dress. Out.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    tho its various curtains would likely not work on anyone, it might be a flattering dress on someone who wore it appropriately, regardless of age, ie: you could put it on christina ricci or helena bonham carter & it wouldnt look as bad. sans the strangely placed vents for airflow, of course.

    also: i think it’s a combo of bigness of hair & wideness of mouth that’s making the hair look so, well, the way it looks. i might think the same thing about sarah jessica parker but, then again, for both of them i would have to invoke guy ritchie’s madonna’s gristle comment &, if i did, i would be getting into territory amid which i feel less than comfortable. oy vey.

  • AC

    OUT!! She really NEEDS to wear a bra. I agree that the shoes are cute though…

  • Katie Sypher

    Harumph, T.Lo!

    I agree about the dress, but I’m really miffed
    you’re endorsing the (antiquated) notion that every
    lady over 45 has to hack her hair into one of several short ‘dos
    to look
    respectable. Maybe this isn’t *the* cut for Our Mrs. Bacon, but I hope
    you’re not suggesting she has to defer to the matron helmet to look

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      “I agree about the dress, but I’m really miffed that you’re endorsing the
      (antiquated) notion that every lady over 45 has to hack her hair into
      one of several short ‘dos to look respectable.”

      It’s amazing how many people are going out of their way to misread what we wrote. Because honey? What you just wrote? Is nowhere to be found in the post above.

      • Katie Sypher

        Well fellas, I do appreciate the clarification. She’s not the right lady for an “If We Were Her Gays” moment (too few public looks, too small a ratio of cracktastic ones), but I would be curious what kind of ‘do you envision.Despite the disagreement, I sense your deep love for we, the commentariat. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how people keep deliberately misreading what TLo wrote nd are getting their hackles up. She’s had that wild mane look for ages, she really needs to change it up a bit. Make curlier or straighter or do something with layering, something like that. No one here is advocating that she hack it all off.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    Out.  That sheer is just not cute, especially at her age.

  • Anonymous

    Harsh. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding hair, I’m not sure it’s a matter of volume/length vs. age, but a matter of volume/length vs. face shape. Speaking as a naturally curly gal myself, unless you have the time and/or money for daily blow-outs, curly hair tends to look better (and be less frizzy and round) with a little weight to it. I have had many lengths and styles (and colors) in my 47 years and, with my full face, I keep coming back to shoulder-length wavy/curly styles again and again. The secret is long layers combined with the right styling products. I am far too lazy for blow-outs, especially in the cycle of heat and humidity that is a Philly-area summer. :-)

  • Anonymous

    But don’t you guys think it’s long past the time Kyra got a haircut?
    No..Her hair looks great!  What’s with this freaking obsession with women cutting their hair off?  If it’s still healthy, then go for it.  Go Lady Godiva.

    It would look better than that dress.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Great body, hideous dress.

  • Christine Campbell

    Oh my.  Out. 

  • arkie

    Something is seriously wrong with the bodice of that dress. Also, shoes too big.

    Still, I loves me some Kyra.

  • margaret meyers

    She looks like a hooker from some Ozark service plaza.

  • Fifi LaRoux

    Out. She needs to dress more like they dress her on The Closer. She looks fabulous on that show most of the time.

  • Anonymous

    For a tiny fraction of a second, I thought it was Courtney Love, before I really focused.  Want the shoes!

  • Anonymous

    OUT. She needs a haircut by a master stylist – someone who can shape it so it is austere – dare I say severe? – yet flattering. She can’t do frilly hair anymore without looking older than she is. I like her face, wrinkles and developing grooves and all, but it isn’t even faux-juicy anymore. I can only imagine the pressure she feels in the industry to plump, smooth and spackle.

    And the dress is a mess, though I’d have liked the opening curtains effect if it’d been the fussiest thing about a more severe and elegant LBD.

  • Santa

    IN. The shoes are very beautiful, I actually like the dress too but only from the waist down, the bust seems wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t imagine Kyra without the hair. It is kind of iconic for her character on The Closer as well. But that dress–it’s just a mess. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to look that wrinkled. The shoes can’t save it, either. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I like her hair.  I like her shoes.  Dress and make-up are icky.  I think Kyra is awesome and hope she will always be spunky!

  • Erica Moon

    I think i like it.  In, although I agree about the hair – and the liptstick too bright…still, she’s smokin’.

  • oohsparkley!

    The dress is slightly ridiculous with all the frou forall, but she still looks hot.  At least the length and the shoes are classy.

  • Anonymous

    OUT! Waaaay the hell out. The hair, the dress, the lipstick. Madam Peekaboo Trainwreck is looking pretty harsh in the light of day. 

  • foodhussy

    i never understand the strapless dresses these women wear – it looks like there’s 2 feet between her neck and boobs

  • Judy S

    Out. I don’t mind her or her hair but that dress is really ugly.

  • Katherine Lavender

    Outy out out.

  • Anonymous

    That dress is a goner. OUT

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    When I rule the world, every woman will get a makeover from Helen Mirren’s stylist on her 45th bday.  Yes, Hollywood is eternally biased towards youth, but we’ve got better options than trying to be twenty again or abandoning fashion entirely.


    Kyra Sedgwick – IN
    Trying to make her someone she’s not – OUT

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Out. The dress looks like it has been wadded up on the closet floor for the last couple of years.  Should have left it there.  Nice shoes though.  She doesn’t look  happy at all, so I won’t judge her hair & make up.

  • Lisa

    See, I can’t give her a full on out, because I really have to reserve those for complete disasters (I haven’t clicked on the Christina Aguilera post yet, so, yeah, *that’s* coming!).  But it’s a luke-warm IN, let’s say.  It’s not great, it’s just sort of there, but it’s not bad enough to be an out.  

    Now, I *could* give her an out for not bringing that hot-assed husband of hers!  I’ve been wanting to break off a piece of that since “Footloose”!

  • Anonymous

    Like Kyra but OUT on everything here esp the lipstick and the hair.

  • Beth G

    Out… dress is bad, hair is bad, and lips are WAY too red.

  • Laura Ann Springer

    Kyra, sweetie, I love you, you kick some major butt on The Closer but seriously sweetie, STOP talking to Kevin about clothes, he isn’t helping you at all. Besides you look better in red. OUT with a capital O U T.

  • Anonymous

    Between the tit-curtain, the narrow slash of red on her face, and the big hair, she screams “middle aged hooker.” One of the three, or even two of the three, might have worked. All together it adds up to too much.

  • MinAgain

    You’d think, after the joke about Brenda’s lipstick in the first season of “The Closer”, that Kyra would do a little better choosing her own lip color.

  • jean horton

    He r hair is still working for me, but it is time for  change. She’s had it forever, like Goldie Hawn, ya know? I don’y like strapless dresses for the most part, and this one is OUT. And her lipstick makes her lips look too severe. I do appreciate that at 45 she is wearing a good length, though; like the shoes, and who can say anything negative about her body to be envied. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s the dress.
    It’s just awful.
    She, on the other hand, is as fabulous as ever.
    Sorry, hon, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Agree, about dress and shoes. I love Kyra, but she has looked old since she was young.

  • Laura Evans

    Shitty dress, shitty hair, shitty makeup.
    But fantastic shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Out – “a wrinkled, ruffled, pleated disaster” describes this dress perfectly.

  • Mags

    The shoes are gorgeous, but I hate the dress. I’m also not loving the red/orange OMG LOOK AT MY LIPS! LOOK AT THEM RIGHT NOW! lipstick. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    That first picture looks like Paula Poundstone from the neck up.  And that dress is way too tight for the Tavern Wench aesthetic it’s going for.

    • Anonymous

      That first picture, from the neck up, reminds me of a famous comedienne.  But I can’t remember her name.  Anybody else see what I see?

      • Anonymous

        Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally” is what came to me.

      • Christine Campbell

        Gilda Radner.  She had the melting face look, but she worked it in an intentional way.

  • Greg Polansky

    Out. Curtain. Faded Black Curtains.  Something Miss Havisham would have worn in her youth. 

  • Anonymous

    Out! this outfits cracks me up…who wants the theater curtains from an old west theme show opening on their boobs? its great for a giggle…..otherwise, I think she would indeed benefit from a bit of quality toning down…there should be a gay super-duo that flies around to right styling wrongs for those Hollywood people that consistently need help….

  • Anonymous

    Is her next role Witchipoo?

    • margaret meyers

      I’d forgotten all about Witchiepoo.

  • Anonymous

    Out, out, out.  ‘Nuff said.

  • Melissa Della

    I loooove Kyra Sedgwick, but her hair looks frizzy (maybe not a haircut so much as some John Frieda??) and the dress is just too awful. OUT

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Her makeup makes a beautiful woman look too harsh.  And the dress is just beyond. 

  • sonictofu

    OUT.  Agreed w/ tlo on the shoes!

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  No more need to be said.

  • Anonymous

    OUT! And that goes for you, too, Zac Posen since this is mostly your fault.
    The shoes are great, though.

    • margaret meyers

      The dress is ugly, whether she’s in it or someone else is.

  • Anonymous

    Not feeling generous this week, I guess—maybe the unrelenting heat here in the south has gotten to me.  Yet another OUT vote.  She’s not looking good.  The dress is awful and neither is she carrying it off despite the awfulness.  I guess an undergarment is out, what with all the see-through-ish-ness, and in consequence her boobs are pushed down, flat & droopy.  Bad hair, indeed.  Are all the stylists on summer vacation?  

  • Trevor Burroughs

    What’s with her makeup?  She looks like a hooker in the first picture.

  • Anonymous

    Awful. I agree with everything, including the shoes and hair. 

  • Anonymous

    Nobody’s stomach needs to be revealed via theater curtains – OUT.

  • Aisling O’Connor

    OUT. I wanted to give an in for the shoes alone but that hair is tough to take.

  • vmcdanie

    Aw that’s harsh guys. She can still rock that hair. The dress is a no, as is the red lipstick. Honestly, that color is so out right now it’s amazing people still try to wear it.

    But I’m going to say IN anyways just to spite you.

  • Anonymous

    Very Lily Munster.

  • Anonymous

    positively HORRID.

  • Anonymous

    positively HORRID.