Bill & Cathy Cambridge in Los Angeles

Posted on July 10, 2011

That nice Cambridge couple got a chance to work on their swarthy British tans as they made the scene in L.A.

Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club for a charity event. Catherine wears a Jenny Packham dress paired with L.K. Bennett Sliver Sandals.

Jenny Packham Spring 2011 Collection

L.K. Bennett Sliver Sandal

We hate to say this – really we do – but we think this dress is a little ugly. Maybe that’s too harsh a word. It’s drab at the very least. We’re just not on board with these floral print dresses that look like old bedsheets and we’ve been seeing more than a few of them. And we feel so bad for dinging it because we’re thrilled to see her wearing a print. More and more our issue with the way she dresses for official duties isn’t so much a matter of style or taste as it is a belief that she isn’t wearing the colors that will serve her best. These drab, washed out looks don’t really set off her skin, hair, or eyes. When she breaks out the reds, greens, and blues (as she’s done on this trip), she lights up, but she too often reverts to these oatmeal-y color schemes that don’t suit her all that much.

Also, apparently she can wear open-toed shoes when she wants to, which makes us wonder why the ever-present nude pumps were deployed so often on this trip.

Bill looks suave in his summer togs.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrive at the BAFTA ‘Brits to Watch’ event in Los Angeles. Catherine wears an Alexander McQueen gown with clutch and sandals by Jimmy Choo. Her earrings were reportedly loaned to her by Queen Elizabeth.

Jimmy Choo Vamp Glitter-Finish Sandals

Jimmy Choo Ubai Clutch

First impression: very,  very pretty. Gasp-worthy, in fact. If she must go for pale colors, better to pick something like this, with a hint of lilac to it. We love the shape of this dress on her and we love that she wore a belt. In fact, seeing her in such a prominent belt only convinces us more that she needs to wear them more often. It defines her shape for her. It’s funny how we have belt issues with two world figures: Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge. In Shelley’s case, she probably shouldn’t wear them as often as she does, and in Cathy’s case, she doesn’t wear them nearly often enough.

The poor dear does tend to accessorize like Barbie, though: diamond earrings, diamond bracelet, sparkly belt, sparkly clutch, sparkly shoes. She’s not a “some items sold separately” kinda gal.

Not really digging the double breasted, wide-lapeled jacket on Bill. Very Prince Charles.



[Photo Credit: Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images,,,,]

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  • Did someone really forget to snip out the little satin ribbon hangy thing from her dress? Check the last pic under her arm!

    • That’s the cuff from the guy behind her- I thought that for a second too.

    • That’s the white sleeve cuff of the man behind her! I doubt McQueen dresses have a little satin ribbon hangy thing on them at all, lol. 

      Beautiful dress! 

      • Lisa

        Yeah, it’s absolutely the sleeve cuff of the other guy.

    • Naw, that’s the cuff of the guy behind her.  

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    accessorizes like barbie? if ya got the diamonds, wear em!!

    • Anonymous

      agreed, if i could choose jewels from Liz’s stash i would be Barbiesizin’ myself all over town 🙂

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Gorgeous jewels!  TLo, could we see a close-up of Grandma Betty’s earrings?  Those look killer~!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think the diamonds are the problem here, i would wear those earrings everywere if i owned them, the think is she mached the belt, shoes and cluch as well. Something other than silver or beige would have been a much nicer touch shoes and bag wise, no?

  • You’ve put your finger on the problem with that first dress.  The print does, indeed, look like a bedsheet – one that’s been through the wash a few dozen times.

    I can’t agree about the gown.  The dress itself is lovely, but that color doesn’t suit her.

  • Anonymous

    that’s bill’s shirt cuff in the background 😉

  • Anonymous

    Gasp worthy indeed. This is the princess ive been looking for all trip long and havent been so able to find. Shes bringing it here. Though again like noted in the comments of every post on the n american cambridge extravaganza, i so want to bring her a plate of mac and cheese so shecan fill it out more.

    Will is really annoyin g me with the dated cut of his suits. That and the fact that prince charlie’s genes are getting too prominent to ignore is distressing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused as to why Jennifer Aniston’s hideous and inappropriate little-girl print Prada got an IN (she gets an IN because she dared — after 20 years as a celebrity — to stretch and we don’t want to discourage her? Really?). Yet newcomer Kate’s absolutely beautiful — breathtaking, even — Ilincic print is just drab and doesn’t cut it. Huh. Sorry, I guess I’m in a mood this morning.’  

    • We’re confused as to why you think we gave Jennifer Aniston an IN for that Prada dress.

      • Anonymous

        My apologies — looking back I see you didn’t give it an IN and I’m not sure why I remembered it as though you had other than by default (it wasn’t given a clear OUT, combined with the tiptoeing around discouraging her from taking risks, which I guess somehow translated in my mind to a default IN). My mistake.    

    • We’re confused as to why you think we gave Jennifer Aniston an IN for that Prada dress.

    • It’s really not poor Roksanda Illincic’s fault 😉 The print dress is by Jenny Packham.

  • Anonymous

    Day and night!
    Cathy’s day dress is the most awful thing I’ve seen her in yet.  It makes her hipline disappear entirely, is the wrong coloration for her and it drapes in a way that seems to flatten her out till she looks like a cut out.  Her gown for the evening couldn’t be any better.  Matchy accessories?  So What?  She looks Effing Fabulous and she knows it to from the sly smile in that close up shot.

    The straight on shot of Bill in his tux shows just how his suits should be cut for silhouette.  But a deeper opening and only 2 buttons, please.  His Polo togs make him look, “sighing” dreamy. (oops, there I go again)

  • Sublime– esp. the evening wear.  I don’t mind the daywear print so much. Both outfits suit her figure to perfection. 

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I really like both dresses on her, especially that gown. She looks like a movie star in that thing.

      Not loving those Jimmy Choo sandals, though. Such expensive shoes should not look so cheap. They look like they came from Strawberry’s.

  • I love you guys– BUT, you gotta understand how horrific it can be to walk in heels ALL day long, for several days on end.  Those strappy, open-toed shoes are the WORST and cause blisters that take weeks to heal.  Perhaps the nude pumps are the most comfortable for her, especially knowing that she cannot rock flip-flops like the rest of us normals after a long day in heels.  She’s not just walking the red carpet–she’s been walking in parade that has lasted 9 days.  We would all NAIL her if she started sporting the bandaids that the rest of us do after we rock a kick-ass pair of shoes and pay the price later.  I give her major props because I would have been in flats or flops by day 3.

    • Anonymous

      Word. Sportin’ a few bandaid covered blisters myself these days. Ouch. Missy Cambridge gets a pass on the pumps from me.

    • That’s true, open toed heels are probably the most uncomfortable shoes a girl can wear.

    • Lisa

      Oh, I hear you.  I can’t wear those things at all – they kill my feet!  I can’t imagine what it would be like to be famous, or royalty, having to wear those kinds of shoes out in public with a smile on your face.

    • On The View, Whoopi Goldberg talked about a great product — Blister Block by Band-Aid. Before you put on your shoes, you apply it to spots where your shoes are going to rub and it somehow keeps you from getting blisters. I love a product that does what it says it’s going to do and this one definitely works.


    • Anonymous

      Plus — the polo match was the first time it was deemed appropriate for her not to wear hose. She’s apparently of the opinion — with which I agree — that open toed shoes and hose do not belong on the same foot.
      So no hose meant she got to break out the open toes finally.

      I’d like to know how she was able to walk around all those grass fields with stiletto heels. I look like a lumbering zombie when I try it, with the heels drilling into the ground every other step.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    The first dress was made of my grandmothers guest linens.   The McQueen is spectacular.  I don’t even mind all the sparkles.

  • I think she looks lovely diamonds & all. and he looks fab. Who cares if it’s double-breasted? It fits him very well.

  • How clever of her to wear no hose and open toed sandals in California!!! Love it.

  • I know what you all mean about the pale bedsheet print, but I can’t stop buying and wearing them either.  I’m just so *attracted* to them…

  • Anonymous

    That bedsheet dress is unflattering. Yes, go for prints, but in a more colorful palette.

  • What I really love is how happy they look together.  They seem to be, you know, enjoying this trip. Good for them.

  • Anonymous

    I think that Jenny Peckham dress is pretty! It could have used the silver belt that the model wore, but it is pretty. I wish she had worn her hair up in that McQueen gown. She’s so lovely, and so is he!

  • Anonymous

    He looks better than he’s looked since Calgary. 

    She looks spectacular in the long gown. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m with TLo on that daytime dress, Vaniljekjeks called it right, looks like something out of Gram’s linen closet. Although it was refreshing to see her out of those nude pumps, was starting to think she had them welded onto her footsies. Gail’s right though about why those pumps have been such a mainstay, bandaids on the feet would ruin her fashion cred 😀

    LOVE the evening look! That belt reminds me of her wedding reception look, didn’t she have a similar belt on that dress? Just looks effortlessly stylish.

    And would you boys pretty please for us dedicated bitter kitten/unborn fawns please do a post on what the guests were wearing to this event?


    • Check out

      JLo – looks like she’s missing a rib or two. The half-slit on the abs – bad idea,
      Babs – starting to look like a Bubba in the lace…

      • Anonymous

        Isabel, thanks for sharing – I saw something else online with some pictures but, of course, there’s nothing like the TLo take on things to make one’s day!

    • Anonymous

      YES!  Let’s hear/see what everyone else is wearing!

  • I like the print, but I do really agree that Kate needs to wear more belts. That first dress would have been a hundred times better with a belt, even just the runway belt.

  • Anonymous

    she’s young and pretty. he’s young and handsome enough. they look like they are having fun. the clothes seem almost deliberately chosen to keep the focus on them, not what they’re wearing. I’m happy to see her in something aside from nude pumps, but it’s true that wearing strappy sandals with very high heels and no hose can mutilate your feet, especially if they’re new shoes and not broken in (and obviously the glitter Choos and the nude sandals — which I love — are unbroken). 
    her accessories are tasteful and matchy and colorless. the Royals have vaults full of jewels — I hope she gets a crack at them soon. emeralds would be nice!

  • Anonymous

    Okay, she looks smaller than the model. That dress is hideous but it would definitely look better on somebody with more curve. And um, maybe if it were a bright color instead (same print).
    The McQueen dress is of course lovely, but again I feel like if it were a bright color it’d be stunning.

  • Marie Drucker

    Remember “Color Me Beautiful”? Winters — like Kate? — shouldn’t wear too much beige or grey. Takes the color right out of us. But I think she’s gorgeous regardless. 

  • Lindsey Sinnwell

    Your caption underneath their picture calls the Jenny Packham dress a Roksanda Ilincic dress.

  • Anonymous

    Look for some video of the Duchess in the McQueen gown. The way it moves is stunning.  Just the kind of dress that must make one feel like a princess!

  • I feel that when Cathy looks amazing, Bill looks weird, and when Bill is looking pretty good, Cathy looks dowdy. His summer togs were maybe the best I’ve seen him dressed and the most handsome he’s looked in a while, but for being a prince, he really isn’t rocking that tux

    • I think the tux looks fine, I’m just not accustomed to seeing one out in broad daylight. He IS starting to show the Windsor looks though, in the teeth and nose. Still, Charles is looking better as he ages so there’s hope.

  • Anonymous

    “Bill and Cathy Cambridge” – Oh how witty you two are TLo…how absolutely stunningly clever and charming and oh so Noel Coward. Not, however, very original.

  • dumb question – and I know I should know this – is there a “royal stylist”?

    • According to Parade magazine, she picks her own clothes.

  • Agreed on the boring dress in Santa Barbara, but honestly, Bill looks smokin’ hot.

    The gown at the BAFTA awards is splendid. Only a woman as slim as her could pull that off.

  • Anonymous

    I would say her clothes and shoes for the US leg of the trip will be different and more relaxed than for the Canada leg because they’re there in a different capacity. They have a state role in Canada and they don’t in the US. Now they’re purely guests.

    I’m thinking a second set of luggage was possibly shipped later for the US trip too.

    She looks great in the McQueen – good colour for her and I’d guess stronger in real life. The first dress is just ok.

  • Anonymous

    Agree on the belt issue: all week, the frocks designed (or catwalk shown) with belts have looked unfinished.  Impression italicized by her lean frame and wan fabric.

    Catherine looked like Love’s Young Dream last night, esp. compared to so many of the showbiz ladies (oh, Blake Lively … what on Earth were you thinking?!)

    • MilaXX

      I also think the belts help give her a more curvy figure. She is small, and the belt not only defines her waistline, it gives the illusion of a fuller bust. Additionally the dresses that she has worn were design with belts and when she leaves them off, the outfits look incomplete.

      • margaret meyers

        The belt also helps make her hips and butt look less boyish, and yes, the dresses have looked unfinished without their belts.

  • Jessica Stone

    I love the day dress on her, and I think it suits her. I would love to wear something like that, but my hair and skin are too fair for it to be interesting. Her dark hair sets it off beautifully. Likewise, the evening dress. Stunning. Well done on both dresses IMO.

  • Anonymous

    I actually disagree about Duchess Cathy needing to wear more color. I wasn’t at all a fan of the shade of red she sported at the Calgary zoo or that DVF green dress; neither complimented her coloring at all. She looks lovely in pale colors – it’s just a matter of choosing the correct ones (lilac, for sure!), and accessorizing well.

    To add to that, I’m not sure you really get her style, boys – if I were to compare the Cathy posts to the Shelley O posts, I think you tend to be quite harsh on Catherine and very forgiving of Michelle, primarily because the latter takes risks. But Catherine’s not supposed to be taking risks, and Michelle’s risks don’t pay off as often as she would wish.

    • Jessica Stone

      I agree about those colours. Both pretty colours, and the green was a gorgeous silhouette for her, but I didn’t think the colours themselves did that much for her.

  • Anonymous

    As usual, TLo nails it.  Shelley O should lay off the belts and give some to Cathy, who really needs to start accessorizing with them.  A good belt would bump some of these looks up quite a bit.

    I hate the print on the day dress.  I’m rather drawn to the faded bedsheet-type prints, myself, but it’s got to be the right print.  This isn’t the right print.  The LK Bennett sandals are fab as are the Jimmy Choo evening sandals.  I wish the McQueen was in a stronger color but I can’t really quibble because she looks stunning.  And if I had access to the royal vault and Grandma Betty’s jewels, well, hell yes I’d be blinging out like Barbie too.

    I think she’s done very well for her maiden voyage as a royal.  No real mistakes and she’s mostly looked gorgeous.  I do hope she takes some more risks in the future, though.

    • Anonymous

      I read somewhere that Grandma Betty invited her over a few weeks ago to raid the royal vaults.  In which case I’m even more impressed by how carefully she chose — only a few small and (relatively) simple things.  No tiaras, massive parures with stomachers and everything — just a few pairs of tasteful earrings and, of course, the maple leaf brooch.  I guess she realizes that she’s got the rest of her life to bling out, so might as well start small!

      I do love both dresses on her, though, although I wish she’d worn a belt with the Ilincic.  It just looks better with a belt, and with her tiny waist, I don’t see why she wouldn’t want to accent it.  But her choices of clothes are obviously very careful — the entire trip, she’s been dressed down at least one notch from where most would have expected her to be, as well as appropriately referential at the right moments.  I’d say she’s done a superb job on her first lengthy royal gig.

      • Anonymous

        I completely agree with you. She has shown impeccable taste in everything she has worn on this trip.

      • margaret meyers

        That bracelet is the real thing, too: clearly vauluable, but restrained and beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    She isnst gonna be rembered as a style icon,unless she employs a good stylist…she is just a woman who happens to be married to a Prince…

    • Anonymous

      Maybe “style icon” isn’t a title she aspires to be remebered as.  Perhaps, she just wants to be a well dressed woman who has other accomplishments ahead of her.  Just a thought.  Sometimes, we all act as if being stylicsh is the be all and end all of a womans exsitence.  there is more, much more, this is just fun icing on the cake.

  • Vic

    The duchess in that McQueen gown put the Hollywood glitteraties in the shade. Plus, you can’t fault her for wearing the real thing – diamonds. 

  • Anonymous

    I like the print dress.  It’s not colorful or eye-catching, but it’s pretty and summery and it looks nice on her.  The gown is beautiful but it seems like a lot of fabric for such a small person.  I assume she wore the nude pumps because they’re neutral and comfortable.  

  • Those first shoes do not look comfortable for this weather. Strappy patent- OUCH!!

  • That is the happiest woman in the world right now…no matter what she wears…I can’t help but smile when I see them…

  • MilaXX

    I agree she does need more color than beige & belts are a good idea. I’m liking her LA wardrobe much more than her Canadian looks. Considering what appears to be royal prodical, I give her a pass on the Barbie accesorizing.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree about the floral print. Soft and feminine after all those straight dresses and coat dresses; it’s lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Day dress: CLUNK. Office worker, too much shoulder pad, washed out color, large (as observed, bed sheet-like) floral print.

    It’s not ugly, but as we say over and over in these posts, her appearance (or a certain conservative range of it) is half or more of her job, and this is neither flattering nor is it all that pretty, nor does it establish her as a (tasteful) presence who’s going to be the focus of attention. She looks like somebody’s “plus one” who didn’t *quite* have the right dress.

    Evening: Don’t love the color but lovely overall.

    Himself: So much more attractive when he can be casual!  The evening wear isn’t flattering, though. It hints to me that, unlike his father, when he gets older he may be a little broad across the hips.

  • I actually really like the sparkly accessories. She’s a Princess on the Red Carpet in Los Angeles! It’s the right time to shine. I also think they’re deployed tastefully here: she looks luminescent. 

  • Lisa

    Yup, I’m with you – not crazy about the first look, but LOVE the second look!

    • Guess TLo are letting that one pass, the discrete dears.  I was amazed to learn she wears thong undies (apparently) in her public appearances (or at least she did this time).  It cracked me up.  

      • margaret meyers

        I wonder if she could have their dresser sew some little curtain weights in her hem on windy days? Still, even with her skirt flying she looks gooooooood.

    • Anonymous

      Looks to me like she has a line at the bottom of her derriere – not a thong. I don’t see how they got a thong out of that?

    • Cathy should take a lesson from the Queen, who always has weights sewn into her hems for this very reason.  Also, a half slip wouldn’t kill her.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t like the first dress as much as the second (which is beautiful), but I love seeing this more relaxed looking side of her.  Wish she’d pull her hair back more often, though.  

  • aussiegal77

    Kate should have worn a belt on the Jenny Packham dress, it would have changed the look from drab to summer chic.  The evening look was wonderful, even with the matchy-match sparkly accessories.  I loved her nude peep-toes too.  It’s kinda funny how she’s whipping out the sassy for the Americans and was completely buttoned up for the Canadians.  Wonder what she’ll be like with her Aussie subjects??  =D

    • Anonymous

      Are you implying in any way, shape or form that we Americans are her subjects??????  She’ll probably tend towards the formal and throw in a little sporty and fun in Australia.  I wonder if there’s a diamond-shaped koala bear brooch.  Oops, I mean a koala-shaped diamond brooch.

      • Anonymous

        i think she was implying quite the contrary, that the non-subjects got the sassy, the subjects ( we Canadians) got the buttoned up, and what would those other subjects (the Aussie’s) get?

  • Anonymous

    She loves those conservative style dresses from the late  70’s. And you know what? The really suit her.

  • Anonymous

    You can call those first sandals “silver” all you want; they’re really just anothet nude, and she needs to ditch those. And can you imagine — wearing the queen’s earrings?!

  • margaret meyers

    The print on that day dress is sad.  We use that word a lot here, but this print IS sad.  And where’s the belt?  The belt gave that day dress a little puctuation, and that dress needs punctuation.  Also, by wearing her hair down she obscured the only other interesting aspect of the dress, the shoulders and the petal sleeves.

  • Anonymous

    Love the McQueen – and her hair doesn’t look perfect for the first time!! Gasp!!! 🙂

    Actually, I love her style, she is elegant and shows young women they can be gorgeous without looking like whores. But I am really tired of those raccoon eyes, like SJP, and she needs to STOP TOUCHING HER HAIR!!! I can tell she never had nuns in school. It is really starting to annoy me, I realize it is probably a nervous gesture, but it is so 10th grade. Ugh.

  • Sabrina Sorich

    i’ve been to that polo field for a few events (lol I didn’t fit in) and i can tell you that the whole drab ugly bedsheet thing fits right in with the crowd that gathers there.

  • Judy Raddue

    Seeing Wills in the white shirt/pants makes we want to rip the navy jacket off his back…  He’d look so much better without it!!!

    As for Cathy, part of the problem is that – correct me if I’m wrong – her skin tone is all wrong for the neutrals she picks.  She needs more warmth.  If she must tone it down, better with peach/blush-pinks.  The polo dress is wrong on so many counts, starting with too many cool tones.  The girl is a summer/autumn yearning to be winter/spring.

  • Anonymous

    My, she *is* giving quite the nod to Jenny Packham on this trip.  I agree with everything TLo said about the 1st dress, it’s what my Italian father-in-law used to call “un incubo nazionale”–a national nightmare.  She looks perfect in the evening gown and while acknowledging the matchy-ness of the accessories, I’m wondering what she might have changed out?  If the queen loaned those earrings, she has to wear them at some point (and probably not for a rodeo or polo match); the belt is perfect for the dress; the shoes & the clutch go together.

    I do also agree with those who disliked her [non] hairstyle while wearing the formal gown.  Her look would have been better served with her hair pulled back from her face.  (But not an updo.) 

    I’m loving all this coverage of the royals!  Thanks, TLo!

    • If it were up to me, I’d have changed out the bag – a deeper shade of purple would have been the safe choice, of course, but there were a lot of potential ways to go.  If the bag hadn’t been silver, I wouldn’t have minded the matchy-ness of the other accessories at all.

      • MilaXX

        I agree, a deeper shade of purple, royal blue or even a patterned bag would have broken up the Barbie-ness.

  • Anonymous

    Wow her waist is tiny

  • Anonymous

    There’s nothing wrong with matching accessories.  Lots of women do it and love the look despite the Michael Kors matchy matchy phobia.  Anything not silver or sparkly would have drawn attention to the accessory rather than the overall look which is a no-no for an accessory.  

    The polo fields dress isn’t my favorite, but it’s still lovely on her and that’s what matters.  Plus, the Prince looks fabulous enough for the both of them.  And I disagree that she should only wear color.  Light colors are a good contrast to her hair and skin tone, and I think she rocks the whites and lights as hard or harder than she rocks the brights.  

    And I love that she’s sticking to her aesthetic, wearing what looks good on her, and rewearing shoes and accessories.  Her willingness to buck the fashionista/stylist/one and one trends may be the most fashion forward move of all.  

  • Anonymous

    The Alexander McQueen frock is, befittingly, the perfect princess gown. And a bit of a snoozefest. Just an observation: the shoes she wore with the gown look like a nighttime version of the shoes she wore with the Packham dress. It will be interesting to see how she dress in a year, after having more time to explore everything available to her to wear and – I hope! – experiment.

  • I just want her tailor.  You can argue with some of her choices, but everything* I’ve seen her wear so far fits beautifully and flatters her body type perfectly.

    (*Except the jeans. The jeans/elongated torso issue only emphasized what a great job someone is doing choosing her dresses.)

    How I lust for those earrings.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever to Cathy’s get-ups.  Prince William’s polo ensemble makes me swoony.  Yum.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit I was pretty underwhelmed. I know Cathy isn’t going to dress like Bai Ling, but I would’ve liked a little more excitement.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks stunning in the McQueen. I know she’s a Duchess/Princess/whatever and therefore faces different parameters, but it’s so refreshing to see a young woman on the red carpet without her boobs spilling out, or a slit up to infinity. To me, elegance trumps sex appeal (J Lo, I’m talking to you).

  • she is sooo thin 😐  her elbows look huge in comparison with her little stick arms. 

  • Mariah J

    I think both dresses are pretty, but the first one needed a belt.

  • Well, she’s a princess, so I think if anyone can get away with Barbie matchy-matchy its her.  I love the McQueen dress.  Gorge.

  • Brendan Foehr

    Second dress- Lady Bird Johnson.

  • sonictofu

    You can tell that McQueen gown moves so beautifully, even in still shots.  I love the icy colors on her.

  • Anonymous

    She’s being very, very careful with her fashion choices. The spectre of Fergy probably floats before her. I look forward to her loosening up when she gains confidence. In the meantime, her wardrobe is nothing if not tasteful.

    Also, William’s polo club outfit is my favorite. Too bad he has to be so buttoned up so much of the time.

  • I don’t care what she wears anymore.  Not until she starts eating and cuts her hair.  Okay, I do care.  But I feel like she’s wasting away before our eyes.

  • Jill Roberts

    Guys, if you don’t like her fashion choices because you think they are dull, why keep posting about her?  Surely there are more worthy targets, IN or OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like that evening dress?  It’s nothing particularly bad, but it’s nothing good, either.  It’s just… there.  Like a long pleated t-shirt with a belt.

  • I kinda like the print — it’s subtle, and it’s pretty.  Kind of like a watercolor. 

    And I don’t mind the Barbie accessorizing.  She’s British royalty, it kinda goes with the turf.

    Besides, I read an article earlier that they were spectacularly nice to their fans, taking time to shake hands and chat for a minute.  That’s sweet.

  • Anonymous

    i would love to wear that mcqueen to my wedding. as an event planner, i see soo many sparkly, corseted, blindingly white monstrosities that i’ve always wanted something a bit different. love that sort of “is it, or isn’t it?” color.

  • Anonymous

    The reason she doesn’t wear more peep toe shoes is because she is constantly wearing nude panty hose- its her thing! And, that looks like a faux-pas/old lady-ish with peep toes. 

  • Why is everyone so hard on Bill and his genes?  23 of Charles’ or not, he’s still a good-looking guy with a hot, athletic bod.  What I can’t figure out is why the famed tailors of Savile Row can’t put him in a suit that shows it off.  He looks like he’s wearing his dad’s castoffs.  He seems to be a lovely & thoughtful young man so lay off him for something he can’t do a thing about.  He’s not the first guy to bald at a young age.

  • I think the Jenny Packham dress would be nicer if it used another print. The cut of it is really flattering, but agreed, the color and print are very drab.

  • Perhaps she is required to hide her toes only in those nations in which the Queen is the head of state, like Canada, or Papua New Guinea. Thus, in America, she can show her toes.