Glee at Fox Upfront Event in NY

Posted on May 19, 2011

Some of the Glee cast showed up for the Fox Upfront Event in New York City in their finest. Let’s judge, shall we?

Chord Overstreet

WOW. Someone’s really making an effort to change their image. Well done, Chord. He really looks adorable and to be honest, we never thought he looked like much to get excited about before. Love the glasses. The pants need hemming, of course.

Cory Monteith in Kenneth Cole

On the other hand, we’re not in love with Cory’s glasses. And the cut of those pants make him look a little hippy.

Jayma Mays in Reem Acra

She’s pretty hit or miss on the red carpet, but this one’s a hit. The only complaint is that she could have used a statement piece of jewelry, like a bangle or a cuff.

Jenna Ushkowitz

She’s almost always a miss on the RC, but this is cute. The waist is too high for her and that’s a mistake she makes often, but she looks good.

Matthew Morrison in Calvin Klein Collection



[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • Isy

     “EW” was my immediate reaction to Schue, complete with lip curl. Yuck.

    • Anonymous

       That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long while. As I scrolled through the pics, I was assuming douchebag would be in the description, but short and to the point was much more effective.

  • Jaymas nail polish clashes so badly its sort of all I can see.

  • aussiegal77

     Loved Jayma’s look but hated the nail polish.  Agree with you about statement jewelry.

    • aussiegal77

      And oh yeah….ew for Mr Schu too.  That rhymes.  Sort of. 

  • Chord’s glasses help balance out his generous mouth, too, so that his face looks more proportionate. 

    Cory’s glasses, OTOH, are an attempt to make him look his real age, as is the ever-so-faint stubble.  “Look, I’m a grown-up, honest!  I have facial hair and everything!”

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Mr Schu always looks sleazy.  He looks like a crooner aboard a discount cruise ship.

     Chord, on the other hand… I mean I have been having sex dreams about him for a while now, but he is starting to look like a mini Alex Skarsgård here.  Lovely. 

  • Chord looks like a toddler Matt Damon now.  I think I like!

    • Agreed. When I first glanced at the link on the main page I wondered why Matt Damon was at a glee event!

  • Wow, Chord does look amazing.  I never thought he was that cute until this makeover.  Why is Cory dressed the same exact way?  That was unfortunate when Chord did it so much better.

  • Anonymous

    I laughed out loud scrolling from Chord to Cory. It looks like Cory was trying to dress up as him for Halloween.

    And ew to Matthew Morrison as well.

  •  wow, Chord looks adorbs. snaps for his stylist/PR people. also, Emily M. is totally right, Chord does look like a young Matt Damon! but why does matthew morrison always look like a sleaze?? ew..

  • It sort of bothers me when you say things like ‘the waist is too high’
    or that’ something isn’t flattering’. Does everything have to make your
    body look smaller etc? What if you just like that dress and don’t really
    care if you would loook skinnier in another dress? I don’t know
    anything about fashion so maybe there is another reason for why you
    write that tough.

    • I don’t think this is about her looking smaller. While she looks good, the high waist here just makes her torso look shorter than it is and her body is less balanced than it could be. As a petite but large chested lady I know I have to be aware of too high waists- particularly when something flares out from the waist point- or my body just looks like boobs on legs with nothing in between! 

      • Anonymous

         Totally agree with you. Plus, I have the same issue dressing my own body, so I feel your pain. It’s not about making your body look as tiny as possible (well… it’s not always about that) but rather making it all in proportion- making your hips and breasts and waist all work together correctly.

    • MilaXX

      Because the goal of a good outfit is to emphasis your good bits. Cory looks like he is built bigger on top with skinny legs. A better cut pant would balance that out. The slim cut he’s wearing emphasizes that and makes him look hippy. Same suit with a straight cut pant instead of the slim cut would look 100% better.

    •  I get that. While I try to dress in ways that flatter my body, sometimes a dress is just too pretty and I want to wear it even if it isn’t the most flattering. Ideally, I would just be able to switch out bodies too!  Ah, to be flat chested and willowy one day, curvy and voluptuous the next…

  • Anonymous

     Ha, the “Ew.” made me laugh out loud. Love you guys.

    Chord: wow is right! He’s downright cute now! Didn’t know he had it in him.

  • OK that suit is terrible, but Cory Monteith is about 1000 times hotter with those glasses. Without my reaction is generally BARF but with them on I am like HELLO. 

  • Anonymous

     Chord looks great, and kind of like Clark Kent. I was a bit thrown at first, I hardly recognized him.

  • Anonymous

    Chord is getting cuter and cuter, looove the glasses and dark hair… 

  • I’m in the minority – I’m NOT a huge fan of the huge glasses, but I am impressed with Chord Overstreet – if he continues in this way, I might stop laughing every time I say his name. And did he and Cory call each other up and coordinate outfits? Or do they NEED to start doing that? EVeryone’s wearing grey except Jayma (whose dress is cute).  I don’t get Matthew Morrison. He SHOULD be dreamy and hot. But I think Mr Schu’s creepiness has crept into his soul and it’s just not good. Like Lea Michele, my dislike of the character has turned into dislike of the actor. 

    • MilaXX

      I don’t get Matthew Morrison. He SHOULD be dreamy and hot. But I think
      Mr Schu’s creepiness has crept into his soul and it’s just not good.
      Like Lea Michele, my dislike of the character has turned into dislike of
      the actor.

      THIS! His love of an open shirt does little to alleviate that fact.

      • Anonymous

         Agree with kbyrna f. and with Milaxx’ censure of the open shirt.

  • Matthew Morrison looks like such a douche, it’s depressing. Love how Jayma and Chord look – can I say HOLY SHIT about the 180 turn the guy made? I actually think he looks sorta cute now, while before I hated his pouty lipped surfdude look. Much better, this.

  •  Is there a semen stain on Matthew Morrison’s jacket?

  • I like Chord’s hair much more this way. Question: Are you guys going to review Darren Criss’s spread in GQ? I’m curious as what you guys think of it.

    •  I feel kind of terrible that the phrase “Darren Criss’s spread” conjured up all kinds of definitely X-rated images. I want to dislike him – I feel like i should dislike him! – but I just can.not do it.  And now I will have the wordimage of “Darren Criss’s spread” in my head forever. bah.

  • Lisa

     Doesn’t it look like Cory tried to copy Chord and failed?

    • Sara__B

      Maybe Chord copied Cory and nailed it…

      • Lisa

        Tricky! 😉

  • Chord looks like Brad Goreski, adorable!  

  • Is it just me, or is Chord giving off a teensy bit Matt Damon here?

  • MilaXX

    At first I didn’t like Chord’s hair, but this look really works. I’m even willing to forgive the too long pants. I’m also digging the gray shoe for men trend a whole lot more than the cruddy shoe trend.
    Cory looks okay in a geeky, awkward sort of way that I kind of dug. The glasses aren’t quite right and I agree with you about the cut of the pant, but the hem is okay. Somehow the total uncomfortable nerd look works for me.
    Jayma looks goof and a wonder woman cuff would have been better.
    Jenna’s dress is better than what she usually wears. She tends to go a hair too tight so a full skirt is a step up, but as you mentioned it’s a tad too high waited.
    Mathew always gives off a sleezy lounge lizard vibe. Yje too many opened buttons here does little to change that. He may be gloating that he’s not locked into the Glee tour with the kids, but I’d rather listen to them than whatever his new album may be.

  • Gwendolyn Zepeda

     Baby Matt Damon, as I shall now think of him, looks gorgeous.

  •  Ugh, why does Matthew Morrison always have to look so skeevy?

  • Anonymous

     Cory and Chord belong on the top of a gay wedding cake in those matching ensembles. Cute! 

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny because when I quickly scrolled down the page I thought Chord and Cory were the same person.  But Chord way outperformed Cory here.  No major complaints about Jayma or Jenna. Jayma’s dress was tres cute.

    Matt on the other hand looked like he was attending a Playboy event.

  • Anonymous

    Cory looks great. Chord looks washed out.  Matt is cheesy.

  • Anonymous

    Does Morrison never read these things?  Why hasn’t someone that cares about him tell him he always looks like a sleaze ball.  ugh.

  • Chord looks like Justin Bieber now.  Yay us…   Cory looks like he may be smart and not a one-note actor.   Matthew Morrison finally figured out how to use a flat iron.  I’M BACK BITCHES!   The kelp and cranberry pills and Celexa really helped…

  • What is it with celebrity men and pant length? I buy pants off the rack that have more appropriate hems than these. Surely there are more tailors in Hollywood than the frequent pics on this site of male stars with bad hems would suggest. Right?

  • Anonymous


    Ha ha ha ha ha!

    So much said, so economically.

  • Really? I find Jayma Mays pretty reliable from what I’ve seen and I thought that was mostly just agreeing with your posts on her! I must have missed something?!

  • I love Jayma Mays’s nail polish!

  • Anonymous

    I think you guys just dislike Matt Morrison….be honest. 

  • Anonymous

    Kinda gotta wonder if Chord and Cory planned their outfits in advance. Chord definitely looks sexier and pulls the look off better. He never really did it for me as a blond. He’s always been cute but now …

    Cory, on the other hand. I still think he’s adorable! Watching him in interviews and the behind the scenes stuff Fox puts out, he just comes off as a goofy sweetheart. I kinda love the guy. Him not getting this completely right somehow just endears him to me even more. Maybe it’s the “Brad” from Rocky Horror showing through? Dorky can be sexy.

  • Jillian Kroos

     I feel like Chord Overstreet is Single White Female-ing Corey Monteith in these photos.

  • Anonymous

    Chord is giving Cory a run for his money in the HUNK department, that new hairdo and color makes him look gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    So what’s with the gray suits? Not that they’re bad but they almost look like a uniform. Agree, Chord’s hair brings him out of the pretty boy category to man! Also agree on Corey’s specs–meh. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m really suprised no one has said it yet.  Witth the new haircut and color he looks like Cory Monteith’s younger and smaller brother.  I had to scan a couple times to make sure of which was which in the pictures.

  • Anonymous

    I understand that Chord wants to break free from his Glee character but I prefer him blond. 

  • Anonymous

    A lot of comments that Chord is resembling Matt Damon, but I’m kind of getting a Clark Kent vibe from him.
    Either way, he’s looking adorable lately. Bravo! 

  • Anonymous

    Ditto the “Ew”.

  • chord looks awesome!! love that suit too

  • Anonymous

     Am I the only one who thought Chord and Cory were wearing the same thing?

  • matthew morrison looks great on the show but there’s something about the lip curl he always wears at these events that puts me off!

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’m just going to say it. Cory Monteith’s hair never looks like it’s a natural color (doesn’t have to be HIS natural color, but it would be nice to not look like Grecian Formula for once) and I really hate the pointy thing he usually styles it in.

    I feel better now. 🙂

  • Sigh…it’s sad when the one dude my age looks like the creepy old guy.

  • Matthew Morrison looks anorexic. I wish Jenna would open her eyes once in a while on the red carpet. CHORD OVERSTREET! looks cute but nerdy.

  • Matthew Morrison looks anorexic. I wish Jenna would open her eyes once in a while on the red carpet. CHORD OVERSTREET! looks cute but nerdy.

  • Is that Matthew Morrison, or Ellen?