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Posted on July 08, 2024


PinLa Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi Restaurant – Tremezzina, Lake Como, Italy

We’re BACK, darlings! Did you miss us? Did you even care? We, for our parts, enjoyed the longest stretch of days off we’ve had all year, but we’re back and ready to be the judgmental bitches you all expect us to be. Settle in and we’ll see if we can’t find a few distractions for you today.


Margot Robbie Is Pregnant! Actress Expecting Her First Baby with Husband Tom Ackerley
The ‘Barbie’ star and her director husband have been married since 2016

Robbie and Ackerley, also 34, first met in 2013 on the set of the World War II drama Suite Française, where he was an assistant director and she was in front of the camera.
They then married in December 2016 during a private ceremony in Australia’s Byron Bay. The two never announced their engagement prior to their wedding.


Nicolas Cage Is Still Evolving
The actor talks about the origins of “Adaptation,” his potential leap to television, and the art of “keeping it enigmatic.”

Because you’re almost scholarly, you know? You have a very mellow, thoughtful manner.
“True. I’m attracted to things that are different. I think of film performance almost musically. And I want to make different kinds of sounds and put it in my music. It can be totally eclectic. It can be Stockhausen, or it can be punk rock, or whatever it is. And I’m not afraid to use repetition or copy another actor to get a sound that I’m looking for. That, to me, is more approaching it from a composition or a musical standpoint: “There’s a sound that that actor had that I think would work for this character.” But for some reason the explosive, more operatic crescendos in the performances have made people think that’s who I am.”


27 best classic movies of all time to take you back in time
Let’s go old school….

Classic movies make us feel good, no matter what time of the year. I mean, there’s nothing more glamorous than old-school Tinseltown and the plethora of big-time stars that came with the era.
While Hollywood now has more talent than ever before, with directors trying all sorts of experimental filmmaking techniques on the big screen, there was a simple elegance that came with the black-and-white film industry.


Lady in the Lake, starring Natalie Portman, is the 1960s noir thriller TV series you need to watch
It’s based on a novel, as well as two real-life murders in the 1960s.

After a smash of a turn in May December, Natalie Portman is back with yet another suspenseful story and role in Apple TV series Lady in the Lake.
Based on Laura Lippman’s 2019 novel of the same name, which drew from true real-life unsolved murders that took place in Baltimore, the TV show’s location.
“When the disappearance of a young girl grips the city of Baltimore on Thanksgiving 1966, the lives of two women converge on a fatal collision course,” the TV show’s plot synopsis reads.


The Dark Origins of the True-Crime Frenzy at CrimeCon
From the convention floor, it’s not hard to see a common thread in all of Nancy Grace’s demons and the crimes of Ted Bundy and Brian Laundrie.

On the weekend of September 22, 2023, 4,000 women, and some men too, descended on the Orlando World Center Marriott for the sixth annual CrimeCon, described by its founder, Kevin Balfe, as a place where victims can feel “loved.”
Launched in 2017, CrimeCon brings together consumers and content creators within the true-crime genre for presentations by criminology experts, law enforcement, victims, and niche celebrities, such as renowned pedophile catcher Chris Hansen. The convention’s attendance pales beside events like Gamescom (around 320,000 participants) and comic conventions (more than 126,000 at LA Comic Con alone) but distinguishes itself by its overwhelmingly female spectatorship; Balfe estimates that 80 percent of his attendees are women.


As She Turns 73, Enjoy 12 Of Anjelica Huston’s Best Vintage Beauty Moments
“Serge [Lutens] gave me a bob – a real bob – and cut my bangs right above my eyes, quite low, and I’ve kept the look ever since,” Anjelica Huston told Vogue back in 2020. Her hair has been key to her look ever since. But it’s not just her chic cut that Huston is known for. An Oscar-winning actress (past hits include The Addams Family and The Royal Tenenbaums), as well as a director, producer, and author, the ’70s icon also famously dated Jack Nicholson on and off for 17 years before the couple finally called it quits in 1990.


12 House of the Dragon Filming Locations to Visit
From north Wales to Cáceres, Spain, the Game of Thrones prequel filmed many of its biggest scenes on location. Here’s how to visit.

The world of House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel about the Targaryens, may be fictional, but many of the scenes were shot on location in Wales, England, Spain, and Portugal.
The show, based on Fire & Blood by George R. R. Martin and set two centuries before Game of Thrones, details a civil war within the House of Targaryen over who should inherit the Iron Throne. Season two, which is currently airing, sees the return of Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower, Emma D’Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen, and Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen, along with other key cast members from season one. The second season filmed during 2023, and it wrapped, the producers wrote, “To the stellar crew of HOTD S2: Thank you for taking this wild journey with us, from the fiery sets of Leavesden Studios to the rain-soaked Welsh mountains and beyond. We are so proud of what we’ve made together and so grateful for all your hard work.”


Pink Ombré Nails Are Trending for Summer 2024—These Are the Manis We’re Wearing
So far this summer, we’re seeing all the classic nail art: French manicures, neon Skittle manicures, and bright white minimalist designs. We’re also seeing an early 2010s technique ricochet back into style. Enter: the ombré manicure. More specifically, pink ombré nails are trending for 2024. From multi-tone Skittle manis and ombré French tips to full-nail fades, this summer, we’re tempted to embrace all the pink tones in one gorgeous nail look. You, too? Keep reading for 20 pink ombré nail ideas that stopped us in our tracks.


The 15 Best Historical Korean Dramas Ever
South Korea does period pieces right.

Fans of Korean entertainment know that there’s a must-see K–drama out there for everyone, from those who love romance to the thriller-obsessed. History buffs can turn to the sweeping genre of Korea’s period dramas, also known as saeguks. These historical K-dramas traditionally take place in the country’s dynastic periods, following the royal courts of the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties, but some standout series have also chronicled dramatic times in Korea’s more recent histories. And don’t expect only straightforward melodramas; the K-drama world’s tendency for genre-mixing means many of the best historical series include time travel, gender-swapping, fantasy magic, and enough rom-com plots to sate the thirstiest romance fans.


The 17 Best Feminist Horror Movies Ever
The final girl always reigns supreme.

There’s no denying that it can be pretty scary to be a woman. We, unfortunately, need not look past our realities to know that, but sometimes there’s nothing like a classic horror movie to put into perspective how terrifying our real-life fears and challenges are.
With their scream queen leads and nuanced stories, there’s a whole subset within the genre known as feminist horror. While some franchises may center around the male gaze and a handful of older filmers may have included shameful messaging (ever notice the first kill in a slasher is the character who has sex?), horror also has a long history of being feminist. From its trope of “the final girl” who resiliently faces off with the villain to its themes exploring puberty and empowerment and the many up-and-coming filmmakers within the genre today, many scary movies are centered around women’s stories.


Are You Eating Too Much Salt? Here’s What You Should Know About This Common Table Condiment
If I had to choose one ingredient I couldn’t live without, salt would be at the top of my list—it has the remarkable ability to transform even the blandest of foods. Composed of chlorine and sodium, salt has been an integral part of human history, dating back as far as the Neolithic period, when it was used to preserve food. The salt we use in everyday cooking nowadays not only enhances the flavor of our food, but is also an essential nutrient. It’s necessary for several vital body functions, including balancing electrolytes and fluids, carrying nutrients to cells, supporting nerve impulses, and enabling muscle contraction. However, consuming too much of it could be bad for you. But how much salt is too much?


Why This Quietly Glamorous Tuscan Seaside Town Is Having a Moment
In its mid-century heyday, Porto Ercole, a small seaside village on the eastern coast of Tuscany’s Monte Argentario, was much like Portofino—and perhaps even like Portofino as we know it today: a beloved seaside hideaway frequented by the glitterati, where jetties jutting out from its rocky shoreline graced with colorful umbrellas offered holiday tropes more commonly associated with the Italian Riviera or the Amalfi Coast.
Albeit lesser-known, Monte Argentario’s biggest appeal to in-the-know travelers is its location. Situated just 1.5 hours from Rome by car and connected to the mainland by a road that divides two lagoons, it’s more accessible than other seaside retreats like Ponza or Elba, which are reached by ferries. As it’s in the Maremma region of southern Tuscany, precisely where the Mediterranean and the vineyards meet, there’s more to fill your time here than just sun-soaked days by the sea; beyond wine tasting, culture-seekers can meander through Porto Ercole’s historic Borgo Antico, or old town, as they make their way to La Rocca, the Spanish-era fortress that was built to protect it.


The Rise of the Counter-Proposal—And How to Do It
Engagements have traditionally followed a familiar formula: one proposal, one engagement ring. While this ritual holds plenty of nostalgia and charm, it’s hard to deny its very gendered roots and one-sided nature. To that end, it’s no surprise that when queer folks obtained the right to legally marry, they also expanded the custom to create a more equal exchange. While some will have a double proposal—where they ask each other to get married at one big planned moment—others will have two separate or counter-proposals. And, instead of just one engagement ring, there are usually two. The practice makes sense.


To Drink Like the French, Serve Your Rosé Over Ice
Rosé Piscine is the French trick to staying cool during summer.

Lightly pink, the glass wrapped in a chilled, slightly slippery fog, a Rosé Piscine is one of Provençal summer’s greatest pleasures. In French, the word piscine refers to both “swimming pool” and “wine elongated with ice”.
The latter is as reviving as a dip in cooling water, so much so that when I’m not in le sud, I like to make a metaphorical nod to the place and wave my piscine toward southern France. I’m sure the locals approve. And the drink is simple to build: just combine ice and wine. Here’s everything you need to know to make Rosé Piscines all summer long.


The 9 Best Vinho Verdes to Drinks for Fresh, Summer Fun
Made for warm weather sipping, Vinho Verde pairs with everything summer, from the food to the vibes.

No wine is made for summer quite like Vinho Verde. The zippy white wine from northern Portugal pairs with picnic and poolside eats alike, whether grilled fish tacos, crunchy and bright salads, or grilled chicken. The wine is best enjoyed well chilled during walks on the beach, relaxing in Adirondack chairs, or better yet, while overlooking the Atlantic from one of Portugal’s rocky cliffsides.
Vinho Verde is a region in the northeastern tip of Portugal that borders the Spanish wine region of Galicia, which is known for similarly refreshing white wines. Vinho Verde DOC is within the Minho province of Portugal and is named not after its green-tinted wines, but after the lush and varied green landscape which makes up the province.


Sidewalk Dining Season Is Here, But Cities Are Changing the Rules — Here’s What to Know
Are the fees out of control? Some of them are.

For many diners, outdoor cafes are a delightful summer sight, with festive vibes and delicious food and drinks. For owners, sidewalk and street seating was a lifeline for restaurants when pandemic restrictions were in force.
But in 2024, there’s tension in some places between bureaucrats and restaurateurs. Some cities are blocking or limiting the amount of space that cafes can use, and others have ramped up the cost of doing outdoor business.


What ‘House of the Dragon’ Boss Ryan Condal Learned When He Took On TV’s Most Stressful Assignment
Since he became the sole showrunner of the ‘Game of Thrones’ spinoff, the writer has been managing intense anxiety while shepherding one of the most valuable franchises in the world.

When Ryan Condal decamped for the U.K. in 2020 to begin work on a Game of Thrones spinoff, it hadn’t occurred to the screenwriter that he, his wife and their two young children wouldn’t return to Los Angeles anytime soon. “It was about two years later, when the show came out and everybody watched it, that I finally thought, ‘Oh, OK, we’re going to be here for a while,’ ” he says.
The “everybody” in question was 29 million viewers, per episode, across platforms, a stat that minted House of the Dragon as HBO’s new flagship. It returns for a second season June 16, with at least a third and a fourth all but given. Fortunately for Condal, he brought a little of Hollywood to his home office in Central London.


6 charming places in Europe that will pay you to move there
If the high cost of living or toxic political climate in the United States has become too much, there are a handful of European countries that are more than happy to welcome new residents — so much so that they’ll pay you.
Regions in Italy to cities in Croatia are offering a variety of cash incentives, as high as $32,000, to entice people to give their town a go.
More often than not, you won’t be living in the more popular — or populous — parts of the country as these programs’ concern is, generally, combatting a lack of residents. But that doesn’t mean you can’t end up in a picturesque part of the world with a brand new way of life.


This tiny doll is making everyone so happy
Sonny Angels, from TikTok trend to SNL sketch fodder, explained.

Over the past year, Sonny Angel — a biblically inaccurate, 3-inch-tall cherub figurine with peculiar headgear — has taken over the hearts, minds, phones, display shelves, and nightstands of collectors across the world. The plastic dolls, wearing helmets ranging in form from pancakes to sunflowers, are garnering millions of views on TikTok and Instagram, popping up in supermodel Bella Hadid’s social media posts and on Victoria Beckham’s phone, and the subject of an entire sketch on Saturday Night Live.
Like any phenomenon where someone is buying tons of a thing that you may not be, the obvious question arises: Why is everyone so obsessed with these tiny winged boys?


What Is a Sundress?
Something strange unfolds online each spring. As the warmer months approach, many men seem compelled to post about the allure of a woman in a sundress. The simple wardrobe staple has long been a point of inexplicable obsession, but this year, people are asking questions.
Why do some men get so excited to see sundresses? Wait — do men even know what a sundress is? Does anyone know what a sundress is? As social media flooded with responses, it became clear that no one could quite agree on what made a sundress a sundress (as opposed to a slip dress, a day dress, a shift dress, a shirtdress, a caftan, a tube dress or a nap dress).


Are You a Checker or an Unchecker?
One Million Checkboxes, a simple online game that invites visitors to click or unclick check boxes, has become an unintentional case study in human behavior.

Mr. Royalty, 32, a game developer in Brooklyn, created the site in a fit of inspiration and shared it on X last Wednesday with low expectations. “Basically anyone I described it to chuckled, at most,” he said.
Rows of unchecked squares sat tantalizingly against a pale gray background, an unexplored Minesweeper field. A visitor to the page checked one box. Then another. Each time a person checked a box, it was instantly filled in on everybody else’s screens, like a kind of collaborative grocery list accessible to anyone with a phone or computer. Seven days later, more than 700,000 boxes have been filled in.


100 Best Books of the 21st Century
TODAY! 100-81

Many of us find joy in looking back and taking stock of our reading lives, which is why we here at The New York Times Book Review decided to mark the first 25 years of this century with an ambitious project: to take a first swing at determining the most important, influential books of the era. In collaboration with the Upshot, we sent a survey to hundreds of literary luminaries, asking them to name the 10 best books published since Jan. 1, 2000.
Stephen King took part. So did Bonnie Garmus, Claudia Rankine, James Patterson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Karl Ove Knausgaard, Elin Hilderbrand, Thomas Chatterton Williams, Roxane Gay, Marlon James, Sarah MacLean, Min Jin Lee, Jonathan Lethem and Jenna Bush Hager, to name just a few.

Is It Better to Store Tomatoes at Room Temperature or in the Refrigerator? Produce Pros Weigh In
Here’s the right way to store tomatoes for the best flavor and texture.

There’s no denying the allure of sweet and juicy tomatoes, but for many home cooks, this versatile fruit does pose a quandary: To preserve their taste and texture best, should tomatoes be refrigerated—or should they be left out on the counter? Given that tomatoes enhance everything from sandwiches and pizza, stand alone when puréed into gazpacho, and take center stage in refreshing summer salads, it’s a question well worth considering. To better understand how to store tomatoes, we connected with food pros and picked up some tips that will help you enjoy this seasonal delight to the fullest.


Why Yuzu Is Trending—and How to Use This Unique Fruit in Your Cooking
It’s so much more than a cousin of the humble lemon or lime.

Yuzu, even its name is alluring. A member of the citrus family with a tart juice and famously fragrant skin, yuzu is hard to find but as culinary pros explain, well worth seeking out. What is so magical about this diminutive fruit, and what are the best ways to use it? We spoke to cooking teachers, a citrus farmer, and a pioneering liqueur maker to find out when and where to use yuzu in drinks, sauces, and more.

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