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PinCray Craft Restaurant – Mumbai, India

Fine. We will accept that today is MONDAY but we completely reject the idea that it is July first. As always, the T LOunge runs on delusion, darlings, so get on in here and pretend all your cares and responsibilities away for the day. We’ve started a tab.


BET Awards: Will Smith, Killer Mike and Victoria Monet Receive Standing Ovations
Taraji P. Henson, who hosted the awards show, encouraged viewers to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

In between the explosive performances and touching speeches, the BET Awards were evangelized with an emotional performance by Will Smith, a killer speech by Killer Mike and host Taraji P. Henson reminding viewers to get out and vote in the upcoming presidential election.
Performing in a circle of fire backed by the Sunday Service Choir and R&B singer Friday, Smith rapped his new song “You Can Make It,” seeming to address the rough patch he experienced personally and professionally after slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards two years ago. “I’m here to tell you, you can make it,” he told the audience at the Peacock Theater at the top of the performance, which ended with this message: “Dance in your darkest moments.”


2024 BET Awards Winners: See the Complete List
See who took home trophies at this year’s BET Awards.

The 2024 BET Awards took place on Sunday (June 30) at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles. The show saw Taraji P. Henson hosting for a third year. Drake had the most nominations, seven in total. Usher received the lifetime achievement award during the live broadcast.


How Diane von Furstenberg’s Wrap Dress Became an Icon
The timeless wraparound style is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

While there’s no denying the impact many designers have had in fashion, there are a select few that have created styles and designs that are now known as synonymous with the houses themselves. For instance, Louis Vuitton trunks and luggage. Then, Burberry’s gabardine trench coat and Chanel’s signature tweed blazers. And of course, there’s the wrap dress that Diane von Furstenberg made so famous.


These are the best TV shows of all time
There’s a series for you, whatever your mood.

TV shows all completed on Netflix? Can’t find anything new on Amazon Prime, or are you already Disney’ed out thanks to Disney+? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have rounded up the list of the best, and literally ONLY the best TV shows of all time from across all the streaming platforms, spanning multiple decades.
This year, we’ve had our hearts broken by One Day, our minds blown by Baby Reindeer and fallen head over heels for Channel 4’s Queenie. But there’s more. The personal and professional lives of three women working at a glossy magazine in NYC in The Bold Type is a perfect five-season watch!
Or if you want something a bit more dramatic, Ozark and The Morning Show have ruled the Emmys circuit in recent years – and will not let you down. Or you could complete some classic shows like the 1960s drama Mad Men, which introduced us to the talents of Elisabeth Moss. Orrrr, you might want to get ahead of the game (pun intended) and check out the football sitcom Ted Lasso, which will surely be a dubbed classic in the future.


The braided baldie is the coolest way to fake a buzz cut
Here’s everything you need to know about summer’s hottest protective style.

The idea of shaving off all your hair into a cool buzz cut (a la Willow Smith or Saweetie) might pique your interest… but the execution is daunting. The braided baldie trend, on the other hand, lets you achieve a similar ultra-cropped look — without a drastic chop.
With this look, your scalp is the canvas and your hair becomes a work of art. The trending protective style takes average cornrows up a notch (or three): Your braids swirl into intricate designs like stars, zig-zags, and flowers.


Is the skinny trend really a patriarchal tool to keep women in line?
A culture obsessed with appearances monopolises our time and energy – but it’s not that simple.

Recently, a TikTok went viral questioning whether “every time women get too powerful, the skinny trend re-emerges to keep us all too tired to create and vote”. Users were captivated by this compelling concept and started asking questions; could the Ozempic-fuelled return to 90s so-called “heroin chic” we’re currently witnessing be a political tool employed to stop women voting in the general election? Well, not exactly. The logic itself feels iffy when we notice that almost every woman in power is, in fact, thin and that pretty privilege exists. But let’s look at where the theory came from and what truth there is to it.


62 dreamy nail designs to save for your next mani
Alllll the inspo, from low-key to luxe…

Cool, curated and individual nail designs are another way to up the ante on your beauty game. Not only can freshly painted nails make you feel instantly more pulled together, but once done, they can provide days and weeks of wear without the need for a touch-up. That’s why finding a design you properly love is worth the effort.
Nail art has definitely undergone a luxe makeover in the last few years with understated, minimalist nail designs taking off amongst those wanting something a little more interesting than plain polish. But talented nail artists are flexing their talents to the maximum too, creating manicures that look more like works of art. Techniques and technology have enabled us to seriously raise our game.


21 K-pop groups breaking the internet that you should know about
Seventeen has just become the first K-pop group to play at Glastonbury.

It’s official: Glastonbury is welcoming it’s first-ever K-pop group to its stages this year. Seventeen have made history after performing on the Pyramid Stage on Friday afternoon, which also marked the group’s first European performance. So, what other K-pop groups should you know about?
Korean pop music, or ‘K-pop’ as it’s better known, is catchy, fun and full of energy, so if you’re not on board yet, what are you waiting for?


A Family Affair: Everyone’s saying the same thing about Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman’s steamy rom-com
Long live the cheesy rom-com.

If, like us, you were quietly (read: very loudly) obsessed with the The Idea of You, then boy do we have a great film for you to watch tonight.
Imagine if your single mother dated the hottest star in America. While this is the premise of The Idea of You, it is also the basis of A Family Affair, a new rom-com that has just been released on Netflix.


Screening your phone calls could be holding you back, particularly in the workplace
We’re looking at you, Gen Z.

Be honest – do you avoid phone conversations? How many times have you received a call from an unsaved number and done the ‘adult thing’ by not answering, Googling the number first or saving the number and checking who it was via their Whatsapp profile before answering? How often do you see your friend – or even boss – calling you, and opting to send a “just on a Zoom at the moment, all ok?” message instead of answering? Guilty on every count? Thought so – we’ve all done it.


I Taught the Taylor Swift Class at Harvard. Here’s My Thesis
Professor Stephanie Burt shares what she learned about the singer’s stardom, relatability, and her own course at a college famous for being famous.

Last fall I told Harvard’s English Department that I planned to offer a class this spring on Taylor Swift. No one objected; Harvard professors like me get lots of latitude in confecting electives as long as we also offer the bread-and-butter material our majors need. (Most of my work is poetry-related; I also teach our regular undergrad course about literary form, from Beowulf on.) I’d call my new class Taylor Swift and Her World, as in: We’d read and listen to other artists and authors (part of her world). But also as in: It’s her world; we just live in it.


How To Throw The Ultimate Summer Time Soirée
From mood lighting to French fries served on silver platters, this is how to host the ultimate summer party, according to the fashion set. The decadence is in the detail.

There are many markers of when summer time in the UK has truly begun. Blue skies (with the expected drop of rain), the classic white dress fills the street, rooftop terraces are packed to capacity, and as our July issue cover star Jodie Comer states, a ‘Mr. Whippy, flake, sauce and sherbet,’ makes for the perfect beach treat.
But among these, the one that takes the win for us is a summer soirée. Fewer occasions come close to spending the day or evening with your most loved ones alongside good food and music to accompany a cracking party.


The Best Movies Based On True Stories
With apologies to Disney fans, you won’t find Pocahontas on this list of the best movies based on true stories. Not because it’s animated, or because of the story’s distance from reality (her actual name wasn’t even Pocahontas!), but because there are simply much better movies based on real events: just see A League of Their Own, The Big Short, or Marie Antoinette.
Sure, those movies have plenty of fictional elements, too; when it comes to translating “real” stories for the screen, artistic licence and composite characters are just par for the course. What is important about the best movies based on true stories, though, isn’t that names and dates are precisely on the mark, but that the directors, writers, actors, set designers, and make-up artists create moments that bring us face to face with the events that have shaped our world. The best films have the power to make themes, characters, and lessons timeless and relevant to audiences today.


The Story Behind The £33K Silk-Taffeta Gown That Vivienne Westwood Wore To A V&A Gala In Her Honour
Vivienne Westwood aficionados were spoilt for choice at Christie’s this week, where more than 200 of the late designer’s personal items were sold off in aid of The Vivienne Foundation and Médecins Sans Frontières. But there was one stand-out piece that collectors had their eye on: a taupe silk-taffeta gown from her brand’s autumn/winter 1998 collection, entitled Dressed to Scale.
“This magnificent dress was the most technically complex item from Vivienne’s personal wardrobe,” Adrian Hume-Sayer, director of private & iconic collections and head of sale at Christie’s, tells Vogue. “It encapsulated her skill of combining modern and historical references. In it she cleverly brought together a historic form with ribboning referencing her early bondage designs, creating a look with immense presence.”


Princess Anne Discharged From Hospital After Suffering Concussion and Minor Injuries
The Princess Royal will recuperate at her home for the foreseeable future.

Princess Anne has been discharged from the hospital, Buckingham Palace shared today. She has returned to her home Gatcombe Park,
The Princess Royal spent five days in Southmead Hospital after emergency services were called to her home on the evening of June 23. She sustained a concussion and minor injuries. Though the exact cause of her injury has not been shared, it is understood that the injuries were consistent with a hard impact from a horse.
“I would like to extend my warmest thanks to all the team at Southmead Hospital for their care, expertise and kindness during my wife’s short stay,” Anne’s husband, Sir Tim Laurence, said in a statement.


It’s Official: These Are the Top 50 Pizzerias in America
New York City strikes again.

Sometimes, the world’s best pizza is whatever slice you’re still chewing — and sometimes it’s slightly more official than that. The renowned pizza rankers at 50 Top Pizza have released their list of the best pizzerias in the United States, and perhaps unsurprisingly, a New York restaurant kept the top spot for the third straight year.
According to 50 Top Pizza, the best pizzeria in the United States is — once again —Anthony Mangieri’s Una Pizza Napoletana in New York City. The East Village restaurant nabbed last year’s top spot and also earned a second award this year as the pizzeria with the Best Dessert List. Second place went to Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco, followed by Philadelphia’s Pizzeria Beddia. Seventeen restaurants in New York City made the list of the 50 best pizzerias, while seven Chicago pizzerias and six in Portland, Oregon were recognized.


What to Eat to Repel Mosquitoes — and What to Avoid
Ridden with bites? It’s probably your diet.

Nothing ruins a day outside faster than a swarm of mosquitoes. These bloodthirsty insects not only cause uncomfortable, itchy bites, they can also carry a host of diseases.
If you’re a natural mosquito magnet, it makes sense to do what you can to lower the risk of being bitten. While there’s no substitute for applying bug spray, the foods you eat may play a role in how attractive you are to mosquitoes.
So, what draws mosquitoes to you in the first place and, more importantly, what can you do to keep them at bay? Here’s what research and an entomologist recommend.


Welcome to the most decadent Belle Époque on Lake Garda: how Villa Sigurtà became the ultimate home away from home for Kings, Queens and opera stars
King Charles and Sir Alexander Fleming are among those to have stayed at the luxurious villa in northern Italy

The smell of blooming flowers hangs in a heady cloud over Villa Sigurtà and its gardens; crunching down the gravel drive the scent conveys you into a dream: a forgotten vision of Belle Epoque decadence – just about saved by places like this.
In the Renaissance heartlands of northern Italy, this exceptional house lies tucked into a fold of wood and parkland now mostly maintained by the Ministry of Culture. Designed by a disciple of Palladio’s, the sixteenth century facade looks out onto the village of Valeggio Sul Mincio. Behind, the main staircase rises under a stunning fresco of the Fall of Phaeton, emerging onto a four columned loggia which looks over the elaborate front gardens, through the iron gates and back into Valeggio. The east wing of the villa adjoins an earlier 14th century building from whose shuttered windows the ruins of Monzambano Castle can be seen, recumbent in the sun.


Eddie Murphy Is Ready to Look Back
Eddie Murphy has been so famous for so long, occupying such a lofty place in the cultural landscape, that it can be easy to overlook just how game-changing a figure he actually is.
Let’s start, as Murphy’s career did, with standup. There had been star comics before — Steve Martin, Richard Pryor — but none exploded with anything like Murphy’s speed or intensity. Swaggering, magnetic and able to bounce between sweet personal storytelling and controversial, defiantly un-P.C. material, he was, and forgive me for mixing disciplines, a rock star. “Eddie Murphy: Raw,” released in 1987 when he was only 26, is the highest-grossing standup-comedy film ever — still. The scale of his success, and the fact he achieved it without dulling his edge, redefined what a comedian could do, paving the way for the likes of Kevin Hart and Chris Rock.


How Healthy Is Watermelon?
It’s hydrating, to start. Here’s what else experts had to say about this warm-weather treat — along with some refreshing recipes.

“Watermelon” is a fitting name, because it’s more than 91 percent water. When you eat an average-size wedge (10 ounces or so), you’re effectively drinking a full cup of water.
Hydration keeps the body functioning as it should, from promoting blood flow to bowel regularity. The water in watermelon helps keep you hydrated, which can be extra beneficial in hot weather, when you lose more fluids through sweat.


15 Flowers That Are Perfect Companion Plants for Your Vegetable Garden
Improve the taste and quantity of your harvest by adding these colorful blooms to your garden.

Companion planting is the key to creating a thriving vegetable garden. The practice of growing mutually beneficial plants next to one another, companion planting can keep pests and diseases at bay, improve flavor, fix nitrogen in the soil, and so much more.
But the best companion plant for a vegetable isn’t always another vegetable. Many flowers make wonderful companion plants by repelling pests, attracting pollinators that increase harvest, and providing shade to sun-sensitive plants. Not to mention, they look great while doing so.
Here, we’re sharing the flowers experts say make great companions to your vegetables. Some of them are even edible—making them a perfect fit for your backyard kitchen garden.


Should You Wash New Sheets Before You Sleep in Them? Here’s What Experts Say
Find out, once and for all, if you need to run new linens through the washing machine before making a fresh bed.

After you buy a new set of sheets from the store, there’s only one major thing left to do: Make your bed. But there’s a catch. Even though your brand-new sheets have never been used, you may want to think twice before smoothing them across your mattress. Here, experts explain why washing your new sheets before you sleep on them is always the right call.


How to Wash and Care for Silk Clothing, According to a Laundry Expert
Before washing silk by hand, you must first make sure the colors on these delicate garments won’t bleed when they come in contact with soap and water.

If you make frequent trips to the dry cleaners to have your delicate garments cleaned by professionals, there’s one fabric you can take out of the mix: silk. Though the smooth, thin material may feel like something that needs to be handled by experts, you can actually clean these pieces at home, so long as you’re gentle.


I’ve Lived in Italy for 15 Years — and These Are My Favorite Lesser-known Destinations
Fewer crowds. More authentic Italy.

If I start to wax on about how much Italy has changed in the 15 years I’ve lived here, and how crowded it’s become, someone please stop me. Yes, it’s true the crowds have increased, overwhelmingly so in some places. And yes, globalism and the global pandemic have ruthlessly affected small-scale retailers and artisanal producers of every type. Much of the Italy that confronts visitors seems a bit too polished, like a cleaned-up, curated version of the real thing. After all these years, it sometimes feels like there’s nothing new under the Italian sun.
But just when I start to think I’ve seen all there is to see in Italy, I visit another great, new-to-me corner of the country that’s relatively free of crowds and serves as a reminder that there’s much more than the well-worn circuit so many pursue.

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