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PinThe Wallace Restaurant at 100 Princes Street – Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s WEDNESDAY, darlings! Let’s celebrate that! We will get through this interminable work week together, like a family. Now sit down, order a drink, and get nothing done for the next twelve hours.

Sharon Stone Leaves Nothing Unturned
The iconic actress and former amfAR spokesperson on battling bigotry (and Harvey Weinstein), forgiveness (especially when it comes to Kevin Spacey) and how she came back from the dead (literally).

Elizabeth Taylor hurt her hip. And Sharon Stone‘s life would never be the same.
It was May 1995, and the Basic Instinct star, then 37, was at the Cannes Film Festival plugging her new movie, The Quick and the Dead, when she was approached by Dr. Mathilde Krim, founder of the American Foundation for AIDS Research. Would Stone consider standing in for the ailing Taylor as host of the charity’s star-studded annual fundraiser on the Riviera?
She said yes, as she had for years for any ask amfAR had of her. But years earlier, it was not an easy decision. In the late ’80s, AIDS was a disease still shrouded in stigma and shame, even as it devastated much of the artistic community. Stone was warned that taking the gig might very well “ruin her career.”


Lena Dunham Explains How ‘Body Shaming’ On ‘Girls’ Has Affected Her Desire To Star In Another Series
The writer, actor and producer revealed she refuses to endure body shaming again.

It’s been seven years since Lena Dunham last starred in her most notable project, the TV series Girls. Since then, she’s gone on to feature in and provide the brains for other shows such as Camping, Industry and Genera+ion.
Now, the writer, director, actor and producer is set to create an upcoming series on Netflix titled Too Much. The rom-com will be set in London and sees New Yorker Jessica (Megan Stalter) begin her new life in the English capital following a difficult break-up from her ex-boyfriend, Felix (Will Sharpe).


Amy Adams’ upcoming movie Nightbitch channels the feral side of motherhood
It also has an all-female producing team – we love to see it.

Amy Adams is set to star in much-anticipated movie Nightbitch, with the absolutely legendary tagline: “motherhood is a b*tch”.
Adapted from the novel by Rachel Noder – as well as being adapted for screen and directed by Marielle Heller – the project not only tells a very female-oriented story, but the entire producing team is made up of women. We love to see it.
Amy plays the protagonist, whose maternal instinct begin to manifest in canine form. Marielle has spoken out about how the story made her “feel seen”.


The best hotels in Santorini for soaking up the Aegean sunshine
Where to stay in Santorini with friends, your partner or solo.

Santorini has a reputation for being the most glamorous of all the Greek islands, with luxury hotels, fancy restaurants and beautiful beaches. Of course, it helps that the Mediterranean hotspot has the A-list seal of approval (the Kardashians and Beyoncé have all been spotted here), not to mention that famous Instagram shot, which features the island’s signature blue-domed Calderas perched on the cliff-edge.
With its popularity come the crowds, so be prepared to book the hottest restaurants in advance (Selene, the oldest on the island, has an incredible monastery location), and if you really want to get that pic, then you’ll probably need to be up at dawn – I once attempted it at 7am and the queue was already over 45 minutes long.


Best new books of July 2024, according to literary experts
Summer and new books go hand in hand, and July’s lineup is ready to impress. This month’s releases span a diverse range of genres, from gripping thrillers to poignant literary fiction, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for a beach read to lose yourself in on the sand or a thought-provoking novel to dive into during quiet evenings after work, July’s new books offer something for every reader’s taste. From lust and desire to prejudice and political intrigue in complex family dynamics, mysteries that unravel with unexpected twists, and propulsive thrillers that will keep you up all night.


The Last Showgirl will see a ‘daring’ Pamela Anderson in her biggest role in decades
It’s directed by Gia Coppola, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Kiernan Shipka also starring.

After her devastating yet heartwarming documentary last year, Pamela Anderson is back. She’s set to star in The Last Showgirl, directed by Gia Coppola.
This will be Pamela’s biggest role in decades, and it looks to tell an amazing story – with an incredible supporting cast as well. Set in Las Vegas, she will play a showgirl who must find herself after her show is cancelled.
The Last Showgirl will be Gia’s third feature film, and she’s full of praise already for Pamela and her performance. “I’ve always wanted to make a movie in Vegas,” she told Deadline. “I’m so proud of our cast and crew, especially Pamela. I can’t wait to share her daring and heartfelt performance!”


The Morning Show season four is officially under way, and will explore ‘the world of deepfakes and AI’
Our queen Jennifer Aniston has confirmed production has started.

The fourth instalment of hit star-studded Apple TV+ show The Morning Show is officially in production – Jennifer Aniston has even posted an announcement to Instagram.
After a pretty dramatic end to season three, we are hungry for more ASAP.
Jennifer’s post – which showed a cute pic of herself, co-star Reese Witherspoon and season three (and four) star and comedian Tig Notaro – read: “Let @themorningshow season 4 games begin. Here we come”.


Julianne Nicholson’s Life Didn’t Change After Mare of Easttown, and She’s Just Fine With That
Fresh off her Emmy win, the veteran scene-stealer had an offer to star in a glitzy new TV show. She turned it down to make Janet Planet, an indie gem that feels like a career statement.

Though Kate Winslet and Evan Peters had already reached a certain level of stardom when they won Emmys for HBO’s crime drama Mare of Easttown, the story was different for Julianne Nicholson. One of our finest screen actors for decades, the Western Massachusetts native had led underappreciated indies like Who We Are Now, popped as a guest star in series ranging from Boardwalk Empire to Masters of Sex, and superbly played one of Meryl Streep’s daughters in August: Osage County. But as Nicholson’s tortured mother Lori Ross moved to the center of Mare’s mystery, the actor finally got to show her stuff in a major, awards-bound hit—and made the moment count. And then? She didn’t work for a year.


Thanks to King Charles, You Can Now Smell Like Highgrove Gardens
This summer, historic London barber shop Truefitt & Hill launched a new cologne and shaving cream that capture the citrus and cedar notes at the king’s private home, with the proceeds going to the King’s Foundation.

In 2023, King Charles III changed the name of his charity to the King’s Foundation, but the organization’s programs supporting youth around the world continued without interruption. Now, the barber shop Truefitt & Hill is supporting the charity with a product close to the king’s heart.
This summer, the barber shop released a cologne called Highgrove Splash, part of a collection of fragrances and bath products inspired by the king’s Highgrove House in Gloucester. All products from the collection, which includes a set of soaps, aftershave, cologne, oil, and shaving cream, come packaged in boxes decorated with a watercolor, The Cedar Tree, Highgrove, painted by the king himself.


Are NBA Players the New Jewelry Influencers?
A new David Yurman campaign, featuring seven league stars, offers a definitive answer.

Big sports have become big business lately—as T&C reported a few months ago—and this not only applies on the courts and fields and in arenas and stadiums, but backstage, too. Thanks to the exploding phenomenon known as tunnel walks, elite athletes have become bonafide style stars, turning what used to be a very ordinary promenade from team bus to locker room into a personal runway to flex their sartorial savoir faire. In turn, they have extended their influence far beyond the sphere of sports. Or, to put it another way, athletes are now the new high fashion influencers.


How to Ensure Your Carry-On Doesn’t Get Gate-Checked This Summer
The overhead bins are hitting full capacity faster than ever, forcing people to check their bags at the gate. T&C investigates how to guarantee your suitcase makes it on that plane.

There is no denying it: we have fully entered carry-on only culture. The trend began in the summer of 2022, when understaffed airports coupled with a wave of travelers ready to take their post-pandemic, once-in-a-lifetime trips led to a surge in missing bags. As Town & Country described it at the time, it was the “summer of lost luggage”. And the only apparent solution to the growing piles of misplaced suitcases was to forgo checking a bag altogether and simply packing a carry-on. While this strategy alleviated air travel issues for some time, it appears more and more passengers are now swearing by hand luggage exclusively, which is causing flight delays and the overhead bins to reach full capacity faster, forcing some people to check their bags at the gate.


Lisa Kudrow Clarified Jennifer Aniston’s Comments About Her Hating Live Audiences at ‘Friends’
Her co-star previously said she “hated” when they laughed.

They say there’s three sides to the truth, and Lisa Kudrow is sharing hers. The Friends star just set the record straight about something her pal and co-star previously shared. Jennifer Aniston recently ratted out Kudrow for hating the live audience’s laughs at tapings of their hit show, but Kudrow is clarifying her longtime friend’s claims. She was particular about the crowd’s chuckles, but she didn’t hate the laughs in general.


The Vogue Guide to Capri: Where to Eat, Sleep, and Sunbathe on the Mystical Island
The mystical, magical island of Capri has bewitched visitors for centuries. Located off the Bay of Naples, the island sits like a generous dollop of volcanic rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Small, steep, and cliff-laden, the landscape allows visitors to feel as though they’re suspended between two blue ethers—a sparkling sea of cobalt and an endless sky. As for the terrain, it’s blanketed with Mediterranean shrubs, blooming Broom flowers, Bougainvillea, and lemon trees. The citrus has become something of a motif of the island; lemon stands, lemon granitas, limoncello, and lemon-printed fashions abound on Capri.


What Makes Heirloom Tomatoes So Special?
They’re not just pretty to look at. Here’s everything you need to know about these late-summer treasures.
You’ve probably seen gnarled, colorful tomatoes in the supermarket produce section, perhaps off-season, labeled “heirloom.” They may look enough like the real thing, but you won’t get the full story until you taste one.
If the fruit you’re eating is sturdy-skinned with firm, fibrous flesh and a mildly acidic flavor, it’s probably not an heirloom, but rather a modern hybrid tomato that’s been zhuzhed up with some marketing lingo.
The real deal — whether green streaked with pink or buttercup-yellow in color — sports a whisper-thin skin. Underneath, the flesh bursts forth with juice that might taste buttery and sweet, or tangy with a punch of umami as it drips down your arm. That’s because this delicate, bulging tomato wasn’t bred to travel, keep well, resist disease, or for maximum yield. Rather it’s a pure, fleeting taste of summer.


What Is the Real Story Behind the Piña Colada?
The iconic tropical favorite is about to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Could it be even older?

Rupert Holmes’ 1979 hit single “Escape,” better known as “The Piña Colada Song,” may have affected how generations view the iconic tropical cocktail. The cheesy song about the scandalous exploits of two horrible people in a relationship transformed the classic drink of rum, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut into a punchline.
“The song pigeonholed the drink to this stereotype of being a trashy, fun, party drink,” says LyAnna Sanabria, co-founder and beverage director of Papi Portland in Portland, Maine. “It’s never treated as a drink with nuance anymore.”


Eggo and Chip City Cookies Teamed Up to Bring You the Dessert You Never Knew You Needed
Two sweet treats in one!

Look, we’re not the type to judge you for eating cookies for breakfast — especially because there’s a chance we’re doing the same thing. Luckily for us cookie monsters, Chip City Cookies has a new limited-edition treat that could be the perfect stand-in for whatever you were going to have with your coffee, but you could enjoy it any other time of day too.
The New York-based cookie chain is partnering with Kellanova — formerly known as the Kellogg Company — to release a Blueberry Eggo Waffle Cookie. The ultra-special treat combines a maple-and-brown sugar cookie with dried blueberries, maple frosting, and Eggo graham crackers.


Pickle Cupcakes Are Now a Reality, Thanks to Claussen and Baked by Melissa
Admit it, you’re curious about how these taste.

Look, when we say that America is a pickle-crazed nation, we mean it.
From pickle ketchup to spicy pickle Goldfish crackers to pickle soda, we’re all hooked on the briny, herbaceous smack of pickles’ punch, and food brands have been all too happy to accommodate our cravings. The latest product to cater to these tastes is a collaboration between Claussen and the Baked By Melissa dessert company, and it tests the very limits of pickles’ versatility: a tangy pickle cupcake, available now while supplies last.


The Best Movie Sequels of the Past 20 Years
With so many follow-ups hitting screens this summer, here’s a look back at the best continuations — films that surpassed their predecessor and moved their respective franchises forward

Since the 1980s, sequels have become a Hollywood infrastructure — and public opinion on their pop-cultural and artistic value has shifted. No longer were sequels just quasi-remakes with few returning faces and significantly cheaper budgets, but events that studios could promote as highlights of their yearly slates. That’s not to say sequels gained favor overnight and outran schlock overnight (see 1983’s Jaws 3D) or that plenty of bad sequels weren’t released (1984’s Conan the Destroyer). But when you look at today’s film culture, it’s clear that franchises rule and sequels tend to make up for the vast majority of the world’s highest-grossing films, for better and worse. Still, it’s no easy task to make a hit follow-up, especially if the first film is beloved. And it’s even harder to make a sequel better than the original when the original is such an accomplishment in itself.


What do we do about Alice Munro now?
Reckoning with the late author and Nobel Prize winner’s complicity in her daughter’s abuse.

On Sunday, the daughter of the late Nobel Prize-winning Canadian author Alice Munro revealed a dark secret that sent the literary world reeling. It serves as a reminder about the shocking layers of complicity that develop when families protect abusers.
As recounted in an essay in the Toronto Star and an accompanying reported article, in 1976, Munro’s husband, Gerald Fremlin, sexually assaulted her daughter Andrea Robin Skinner, then 9 years old. Skinner eventually told her mother the truth when she was an adult — and Munro chose to side with and protect her husband for decades thereafter.


Tributes pour in for royal cake-decorator Eddie Spence, who iced confections for Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and Prince Charles
The sugar artist, who was awarded an MBE in 2000, has passed away aged 91

After a career lasting a stunning 71 years, the master cake decorator behind nearly every important royal confection of the last five decades has passed away – and been laid to rest with a piping bag in his hand.
Eddie Spence, who was awarded an MBE for services to sugar craft in 2000, died at his home in Dorset aged 91 in early July. ‘I always said he had royal icing in his veins,’ his wife told The Telegraph, Tracy Spence. ‘I have placed a piping bag in his hand at the chapel of rest, so he is ready to teach the angels his skills.’


The 50 Most Disappointing Movie Sequels of All Time
A world where heroes never die, the same jokes never get old, and the odd numbered Star Trek movies always stink

SEQUELS ARE ALMOST as old as Hollywood itself. Even before talkies hit the marketplace in 1927, studios were churning out follow-up movies like The Fall of a Nation and Don Q, Son of Zorro. The trend continued throughout the Golden Age of Hollywood with The Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula’s Daughter, The Thin Man Goes Home, Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell, Jolson Sings Again, and Father’s Little Dividend. Blockbusters of the Seventies and Eighties like Star Wars, The Exorcist, Halloween, Ghostbusters, Batman, and Raiders of the Lost Ark launched film franchises that continue to this day.


Twister‘s Helen Hunt and Jan de Bont share memories from ‘hard’ shoot and hopes for movie’s legacy
Celebrating the 4K remastering of their 1996 blockbuster, the star and director reflect on how the film has aged and working with Bill Paxton.

It had been years since Helen Hunt watched Twister, but during the pandemic lockdowns, she sat down with her daughter and some friends to watch her 1996 blockbuster and walked away with one major takeaway: “It holds up!”
At its release, the film (which was nominated for sound and visual effects Oscars) broke technical barriers with its pioneering use of CGI. It was also the first theatrical feature film to be released in the DVD format. But as the years have gone on, Twister has been held back by the quality of that once state-of-the-art format. That’s finally changing thanks to Jan de Bont, who remastered his film and release it on 4K Ultra HD and digital (out today). “It really looks like a better movie,” says the director, crediting advancements in color correction and audio mixing.


How to Store Strawberries the Right Way, According to Fruit Experts
Find out how to keep these favorite berries fresh and juicy for longer.

There’s nothing like ripe, juicy strawberries on a hot summer day (or any day). But to enjoy strawberry shortcake and other treats where this favorite fruit shines, you need to know how to store strawberries to maximize freshness and taste. It might seem obvious, but there is more to storing strawberries than sticking them in the refrigerator. We spoke to experts to learn the best place to store them and tips to make them last longer.


How to Wash Blueberries the Right Way
It’s important to wash blueberries before you use them—experts explain how to do it and the mistakes to avoid.

Blueberries are a popular fruit, and for a good reason: They’re juicy, sweet, and delicious in desserts, smoothies, and more. The small berries are also perfect for snacking, as they don’t require any peeling or cutting. You might even be tempted to eat them straight from the carton, but before you do, it’s important to wash them first. Here, experts share how to wash blueberries properly, plus tips for drying them so they don’t get soft and moldy.

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