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Swanky! That’s what we need today, right kittens? A LOunge practically composed of cool vibes and warm coziness. Settle in. It’s THURSDAY and we just declared it a four-day work week.


Jake Gyllenhaal Just Wants to Freak Himself Out
Whether getting ripped for ‘Road House,’ prepping ‘Othello’ or pie tasting on date night, the ‘Presumed Innocent’ star can’t do anything halfway. Now he’s looking to refocus that intensity: “The feeling I want to have is, can I do it?”

Gyllenhaal’s first interest in acting came from watching his sister, Maggie, in a junior high school production of South Pacific. “I worshiped her, and she was like, ‘Go away,’ ” Jake says of his childhood dynamic with Maggie, who is three years older and now in the midst of directing her second feature, a modern spin on Bride of Frankenstein, for Warner Bros. “Clearly we came out ready to go,” Gyllenhaal says of his and Maggie’s show business trajectories. “My sister has always been brilliant. What it did was present something to me that I inevitably would always be chasing. She takes a step and does something and I’m like, ‘Whoa, holy shit. All right, I’m going to try this.’ ”


Lenny Kravitz Is High on Life
Love—for existing, for making music, for his daughter, Zoë—is the drug that fuels him. It’s also the through-line of the rock legend’s 12th album.

Even at the gym, Lenny Kravitz is a showman. In early April, the rock ‘n’ roll legend shared a viral Instagram video of himself working out with longtime trainer Dodd Romero, doing sit-ups and heavy-lifting a barbell…nearly upside-down…in the middle of New York City’s Hudson Yards Equinox…in Chrome Hearts leather motorcycle pants. “I won’t do cardio dressed like that, obviously,” Kravitz clarifies. Obviously. “A lot of times I’m coming from something or I’m going to something, so I’ll come in dressed as I’m dressed, which cracks people up.”


The Peaky Blinders film is officially coming to Netflix – here’s what you need to know
Cillian Murphy himself has said: “It seems like Tommy Shelby wasn’t finished with me.”

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for: the Peaky Blinders is happening, and it’s coming to Netflix.
The official Instagram account for the show posted the good news earlier today, confirming that creator Steven Knight’s script is finished, that the director of the first season Tom Harper is back and BEST of all, Cillian Murphy will star once again as Tommy Shelby. He will also co-produce the film.
It looks like a BIG story, by the size of the script – and we can’t wait.

Sienna Miller’s M&S collection hails the boho renaissance, and we’re here for it
Inspired by her iconic looks

If you, like me, have been experiencing deep boho nostalgia since Chloé’s latest collection was unveiled, we have good news for you. Ultimate boho-chic icon, Sienna Miller, has teamed up once again with Marks and Spencer to deliver an unrivalled high-street collection just in time for all of your summer needs.
This timeless collection includes 33 pieces reminiscent of some of the Chloé looks she has been sporting lately. Telling a story of Sienna’s personal style journey, with key references to iconic looks from her personal archive. From ultra-feminine ruffled maxi dresses to Western-insoired mules, the collection could very well be part of Miller’s wardrobe circa 2004.


13 best hair oils for growth and shine, tried & tested
The key to healthy, hydrated hair.

As someone who has dyed, bleached and heat-damaged my hair in every way possible, I can’t imagine my haircare routine without hair oils. Even the most nourishing hair masks and conditioners couldn’t deliver the same shine-boosting results without a quality hair oil by their side.
Whether you decide to use it as part of your pre-wash routine, lather it all over damp hair or apply a few drops on dry hair as a finishing touch, the benefits are undeniable. The best hair oils cannot only strengthen and improve elasticity, but also help prevent split ends, stimulate hair growth (especially when paired with a scalp massage tool) and provide protection against heat styling tools (or environmental factors like pollution). Whew.


Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon on Big Little Lies Season 3, Their Hot New Projects, and Their “Lifetime” of Collaboration
The Oscar- and Emmy-winning stars reunite to dish on Big Little Lies’ past and future, as well as everything in between: “We’ve lived a life.”

Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon are certainly happy to see each other on a chilly Friday in Beverly Hills. But as Kidman reminds us, it’s not like they’re out of touch these days. This pair of Oscar- and Emmy-winning stars and producers enjoys a rare relationship in Hollywood. As Kidman explains it, “We started working together and we went, ‘Okay, from this point on, it’s a lifetime.’” And so they see each other in Nashville, where they both visit periodically; they go for long walks; and of course, they collaborate. Including, as they officially confirm in this edition of Reunited, on the upcoming third season of Big Little Lies, which Kidman teases is moving “fast and furious.”


Claims That Kate Middleton Won’t Return to Work Are “Unfair and Untrue”
“When the time is right, she will resume her work,” a royal source tells Bazaar

“There is no information about Kate’s ‘return’ because the focus at this moment in time is 100% on her health—to suggest she won’t return to her role is unfair and untrue,” the source explains. “Conversations of that nature are just not being had. When the time is right, she will resume her work.”
Of how Kate is currently doing, the source said she is “in good spirits,” adding, “She is focused on her health and family.”


Is Shōgun Returning for a Second Season?
“The story is complete,” co-creator Justin Marks tells T&C.

“As Shōgun aired its final episode, viewers wondered if the gripping show is finished. When asked if they’d return for a season two, co-creators (and married couple) Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo share a smile. “You’ll have to ask our kids,” Marks tells T&C.
He continues, We told the story of the book to the end of the book, down to exactly the way the book ended.” (Shōgun is adapted from James Clavell’s book of the same name.) “We’re very proud of that because the book ends so beautifully and boldly in this very unexpected and meditative kind of way. So, the story is complete.”


The 90 Best ’90s Movies That Are Modern Classics
When feeling nostalgic, look no further than these blockbusters and award-winners.

The ’90s were a pretty amazing decade for film. The rom-com was at its pinnacle; comedies were hilarious (Home Alone, Groundhog Day); critical faves were also crowd-pleasers (Titanic, Forrest Gump); horror films were bone-chilling and realistic (The Blair Witch Project, Se7en); and teen comedies were having a heyday (10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless), making the years 1990 to 1999 a good time to go to the movies if you were a teenager.
Luckily, most of the must-watch movies of the decade can be seen now from the comfort of your couch.


The 19 Best Movies with Lesbian Characters Streaming on Netflix
Until recently, movies with great LGBTQ+ representation were hard to find.

In years past, a good lesbian movie was hard to find. But thanks to streaming services like Netflix, we’re seeing more films that feature lesbian, queer, and bisexual protagonists falling in love in adorable rom-coms, breaking up in a tearjerker, or just dancing and singing their way through a Midwestern high school prom. These films offer audiences a chance to see characters, who have often been left off-screen, just living their lives; they offer representation to a large slice of the population too often ignored by Hollywood.


Do We Really Need Sam Mendes’s New Biopic to Sex Up the Beatles?
Listen, I want my (okay, fine, Sabrina Carpenter’s) tiny, handsome boyfriend Barry Keoghan to stay booked and busy as much as the next Banshees of Inisherin stan. However, I think I have to draw a tenuous personal line in the sand at seeing him in filmmaker Sam Mendes’s series of four interconnected biopics following each member of the Beatles, the cast of which is alleged to include Harris Dickinson as John Lennon; Paul Mescal as Paul McCartney; Charlie Rowe as George Harrison, and Keoghan as Ringo Starr.


Sesame-Chili Oil Is the Secret Ingredient to This Spicy Sake Margarita
Your new favorite Margarita is powered by unexpected pantry staples.

The Spicy Sake Margarita is what happens when a classic Margarita walks into a Japanese pantry. On the menu at Makoto Vail, a Colorado-based sushi restaurant, beverage director Eduardo Dingler calls this sweet, tart, and spicy drink the Dansu.
“Dansu is the Japanese word for dance,” says Dingler. “This cocktail was created to blend two cultures, Japanese and Mexican. It’s spicy, easy drinking and refreshing.”


15 Boxed Wines That Taste Just As Good (or Better) Than Bottles
Boxed wine is the comeback story of the decade.

Here’s a tip: set aside all your cardboard-based prejudices and head to the boxed-wine aisle of your local bottle or grocery store. What was once home to shelves of homogenous, lackluster plonk is now a globetrotting category, full of thoughtfully made options that rival their bottled counterparts from southwestern France, Sicily, California, and beyond. It’s economical—consider that each box contains the equivalent of four regular bottles—plus, choosing boxes over bottles helps the planet.


The New Enormous Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Is Hitting Shelves This Summer
You’ll definitely need a buddy to help you eat it all.

If Reese’s keeps increasing the size of its peanut butter cups, it’ll run out of adjectives to describe their enormity. The brand has announced the debut of the Jumbo Cup, a candy so large that it’s equivalent to an entire king-sized four-pack of regular peanut butter cups. What could possibly be next? The Colossal Cup?


Whoopi Goldberg Breaks Out the Old Habit
What better to celebrate turning 30 and flirty than by getting back in the habit? For the celebration of Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit’s 30th anniversary, Whoopi Goldberg got back in costume as a parochial school’s choir teacher to lead the cast in a revival of the film’s signature performances, “Oh Happy Day” and “Joyful, Joyful,” on a Wednesday, June 5, episode of her daytime talk show, The View. Co-stars Kathy Najimy, Wendy Makkena, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and the film’s musical leaders discussed the film’s impact in a separate panel discussion.


Is TikTok breaking young voters’ brains?
TikTok has made itself into a hub for Gen Z political expression. But as Zoomers change politics, how is the app changing them?

For many Americans, Tiktok has become one of the great time sucks of the era, a perpetual engagement machine with an algorithm that knows how to keep you glued.
That superpower — Tiktok’s ability to keep us watching and watching and watching — is something that has experts, pundits, and politicians worried. Today, tens of millions of young people say that they’re getting their news from TikTok. What exactly are they seeing, and how is that affecting what they believe?


The Queen of Fashion: everything we know about the biopic celebrating the luminary life of Isabella Blow
Starring Andrea Riseborough, Alex Marx’s film will tell the story of ‘the fashion world’s ultimate talent scout’, who discovered Alexander McQueen, Sophie Dahl, and Stella Tennant

She was a visionary fashion editor, stylist, and muse. Now, the luminary life of Isabella Blow is being turned into a biopic starring Oscar-nominated actress Andrea Riseborough.
Directed by Alex Marx, The Queen of Fashion will chart the extraordinary trajectory of Blow’s career – including her time as Tatler’s fashion editor and her discovery of industry icons Stella Tennant and Alexander McQueen – as well as the mental health struggles she faced throughout her life.


The Lost Art of the Negative
Film cameras are seeing another renaissance. But some new photographers are leaving something behind: the tea-colored originals that determine the life of pictures.

Silvio Cohen has been doing this for years. Soak, rinse, soak, dry, repeat. Thirty-five millimeter, medium format, old cameras, new film. Analog work in a digital age.
“When I tell my friends that we still do developing, they laugh,” Cohen said. “It’s a different feel. The finish is a different finish.”
Cohen works at 42nd Street Photo, one of a handful of legacy shops in New York City that still develop film. They have been at it for a century, riding the medium’s ebbs and flows — from film’s first plummet in the 2000s, to its resilient return in the early 2010s, to its rediscovery by yet another new generation of shooters in the 2020s.
But in this latest renaissance — born of Covid-era lockdowns — Cohen has noticed one of the practice’s most precious components has been lost.


For Lauren Hutton, Modeling Was Never the Dream
At 80, the model and actress waves the flag for “full-grown women.”

I turned 80 in November. Sometimes I feel like I’m 33. Sometimes I’m 572. I’ve been writing a book — a memoir — writing almost every day and, doing it, I realized I’ve had an extremely lucky life. Obviously anyone who has success has luck, but there are three or four other things you need — intelligence, a certain amount of talent for the gig, a strong work ethic. I’ve said this before, but modeling was never the dream.


The Right Way to Grill Burgers for a Crowd
Our easy four-step method streamlines summer entertaining.

There’s nothing better than a summer grilling party where a big plate of burgers is the centerpiece of the meal. These crowd-pleasers are an ideal entrée to feed a hungry group, and with our expert tips, you’ll be able to grill and assemble multiple patties in record time. No more putting burgers together individually while the first ones go cold. Ahead, learn how to serve a platter of burgers, each one as hot and juicy as the next.


How to Clean White Shoes So They Look Brand New Again
Here’s how to remove dirt, grass, and other unwanted marks from your white canvas, leather, suede, or mesh shoes.

White shoes are a versatile accessory for any outfit, and can easily be dressed up or down. But one of their pitfalls is how easily they accumulate dirt. Whether it’s your go-to pair of white sneakers or cream-hued leather sandals, white shoes don’t hide discoloration well—but that doesn’t mean you need to trade them in for a new pair. With some everyday cleaning supplies, you’ll be able to restore your white shoes to their former glory.


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