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PinBar Avelo – Toronto, Canada

Cozy grandiosity is what we’re looking for today. Whispered conversation on velvet, with the shushing of cocktail shakers in the background. Let’s do it. Let’s go there and not worry about responsibilities or obligations. It’s WEDNESDAY, dammit.

Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm on Fake ‘Fargo’ Nipples, Their ‘Bridesmaids’ Sex Scene and Wild ‘SNL’ Memories: ‘We’re Both Naked. You Just Have to Go With It’
For this conversation, Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm reunited only two weeks after appearing together on “Saturday Night Live” — Wiig, a regular on the show from 2005 to 2012, joined the Five-Timers Club as the host, and Hamm, her co-star in “Bridesmaids,” appeared as a special guest. The pair had plenty to celebrate: This past season, Wiig starred as a would-be socialite trying to claw her way into the in crowd on Apple TV+’s “Palm Royale.” Hamm also played a gleefully ambitious character for Apple, as an Elon Musk-type billionaire attempting to become a media mogul on the third season of “The Morning Show.” But an even bigger turn came with Noah Hawley’s “Fargo” from FX, where his devious Sheriff Roy Tillman runs roughshod over all those in his way — after making a very memorable entrance.


Brooke Shields on the New Middle Age and Shaking Up Over-40 Hair Care
Her new brand, Commence, launches today.

Like many during the global pandemic, Brooke Shields was in search of community. So, she did something about it and started an online community for women over 40 to chat about all the changes that come with menopause. The iconic actress and model felt supported and seen by this group of positive women, all embarking on this new chapter of life together. But one major whitespace became clear to Shields—efficacious, masstige-level (i.e. premium but attainable) hair-care products for their changing needs.


Alec Baldwin and His Wife Hilaria Just Announced Their New Reality Show
Move over Kardashians, the Baldwins are coming to reality TV.

Alec Baldwin is coming back to TV—and no, not for a 30 Rock reboot. The star took to Instagram today with his wife Hilaria to announce that their family will be the subject of a new reality show on TLC, aptly titled The Baldwins.
In the video, the couple, who married in 2012, shared the news, along with a joke about their famously large family. “We have an announcement,” Hilaria said, to which Alec deadpanned, “Good god,, no…” Hilaria gave him a chastising look saying, “No, definitely not. We’re done having kids.”
Instead, they shared that they will be helming their own series, presumably focused on life with their seven children. “We’re inviting you into our home to experience the ups and downs, the good, the bad, the wild, and the crazy,” Alec explained. “Home is the place we love to be most.”


Glazed nails are done for—summer 2024 is all about the glossy manicure and these 12 looks prove it
Whatever shade or nail art you choose, just make it glossy

The year was 2023, and the nail trend du jour was glazed doughnut manicures. Fast forward to now, and you may well be all glazed out—I know I (sort of) am. But the good news for those who love to rock a pretty, shiny mani in this style is that ultra-glossy nails are here to stay for summer 2024.
It may sound obvious, but hi-shine nails are the epitome of chic. No matter what nail polish you opt for (although, FYI, my faves are neutrals, reds and burgundys), you can’t beat a super reflective top coat.


Jessica Gunning, Baby Reindeer star, comes out as gay in moving interview
“It took me 36 years, but I did it.”

Baby Reindeer star Jessica Gunning has opened up about her sexuality in an inspiring interview with podcast Reign with Josh Smith.
The actor said: “I came out actually in November 2022 and that was a mega, mega thing for me. I’m surrounded by gays, all my friends are gay and so it wasn’t that I was repressing anything. It
was just that I didn’t think I could be, and I still can’t articulate it in the best way. But yeah, I realised I was a big old gay, and I was like, ‘that’s what it’s been. That’s what it is.’”


Melanie Wilking gives followers an update about her relationship with sister Miranda Derrick
Melanie has issued her first statement since the premiere of Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult.

Melanie Wilking has issued her first statement about her relationship with her older sister, Miranda Derrick, since the May 29 premiere of Netflix’s Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult. Derrick is one of the subjects of the docuseries, who is a part of an alleged cult run by Shekinah church pastor Robert Shinn.
On June 2, Wilking (now Ekeler) shared on Instagram that she and her parents are grateful for the outpouring of support that they’ve received from viewers. She also revealed that her relationship with her sister has remained intact since they first reestablished contact in 2022.


Runway Rundown: Dior’s Scottish Outing
For Cruise 2025, Maria Grazia Chiuri transported the fashion crowd to a dreamworld of regal Scotch romanticism infused with a punk twist, set among the sweeping landscapes of the historic Drummond Castle.

For its Cruise 2025 offering, Maria Grazia Chiuri stepped back in time to Renaissance Scotland.
On Monday night, the Dior creative director transported the fashion crowd to a dreamworld of regal Scotch romanticism infused with a punk twist, in a catwalk extravaganza set among the sweeping landscapes of the historic Drummond Castle.


Christina Applegate Is “Trapped In Darkness” of Depression Three Years After MS Diagnosis
On the podcast she co-hosts with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Applegate said she’s in “a real ‘fuck it all’ depression.”

Since sharing in August 2021 that she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Christina Applegate has been frank about the immense impact the condition has had on her life. On an episode of MeSsy, the podcast she co-hosts with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who also has MS, Applegate admitted that she’s in “a real ‘fuck it all’ depression where it’s kind of scaring me a little bit because it feels really fatalistic.”
In the episode, which was recorded earlier this year shortly after Applegate’s surprise onstage appearance at the Emmys 2024 but was published online on Monday, she said, “I’m trapped in, like, this darkness right now that I haven’t felt in I don’t even know how long, probably 20-something years.”


How Did Department Stores Rule the Fashion World? Spies, Of Course.
In the must-read new book When Women Ran Fifth Avenue, the secret, cutthroat history of New York City’s ritziest retail is finally revealed. Dive in here.

With department stores locked in fierce rivalries over customers, the industry soon employed corporate espionage as a basic tenet of how it conducted business. Dorothy Shaver, for instance, was put in charge of comparison shopping at Lord & Taylor, one of the country’s oldest and largest department stores. Comparison shoppers were store employees who posed as regular customers and “shopped” at rival stores, spying to discover what style of gloves was selling best, or what competitors were charging for Parisian evening gowns, or which items were headed for the clearance piles. Stores went to great length to conceal the identities of these comparison shoppers—not only from other stores, but from their own employees as well. This was because comparison shoppers were just as frequently tasked with surveilling their colleagues, wandering through various departments, and inconspicuously grading fellow staffers on friendliness and knowledge, then writing their findings in reports that provided the basis from which managers doled out bonuses or docked pay.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Not Invited to Trooping the Colour for Second Year in a Row
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex didn’t join the royal family for the first birthday parade of King Charles’ reign, and they won’t be in London for the festivities this year

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be missing from Trooping the Colour later this month.
PEOPLE confirms the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not been invited to this year’s annual celebration of the British monarch’s birthday in London, scheduled for June 15. They were also not invited to the event last year, which marked the first time Trooping the Colour took place during the reign of King Charles, Harry’s father.


In Praise of Women Canceling Things
When I heard that Jennifer Lopez would be canceling the United Stages leg of her This Is Me…Live Tour in order to “be with her children, family, and close friends,” my first thought was a predictable one: Oh God, she’s in full flop mode. (To be fair, she is going through it; over the last few weeks, Lopez has been hounded with questions about the possibly damaged state of her marriage to Ben Affleck, even while she simply tried to promote a movie.) My second thought, though, was a little more unorthodox: Good for her. Allow me to explain.


The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Order Coffee or Tea on an Airplane
Here’s why you’re better off with canned and bottled drinks.

Regardless of where you’re traveling from or where you’re flying to, the best part of being on a plane is when the flight attendants start handing out snacks and drinks. Would I like a bag of pretzels? Yes, I would. Do I want a second package of cookies? Of course, I do.
As enjoyable as it is to crack into a tiny bottle of in-flight bourbon — or even a can of Sprite Zero — one former flight attendant is warning passengers off ordering two common beverages. TikTok influencer Kat Kamalani, who says she worked for six years “with one of the biggest airlines that you could possibly imagine” strongly recommends avoiding any drink that isn’t served “in a can or a bottle.”


This Soda Just Became the Second-Most Popular in America — Ahead of Pepsi
Here’s what soda Americans are sipping on (second) most.

Move over Pepsi, there’s a new second-favorite soda in town.
New data by Beverage Digest, which looked at sales-volume data, shows that Dr. Pepper has officially overtaken Pepsi, which held the second-place spot since 1985, as the number two soda brand in America.
According to the data, shared with the Wall Street Journal, Coke still leads by a very healthy margin, taking home 19.2% of the soda market in the U.S. by sales volume. Next came both Dr. Pepper and Pepsi, with 8.3%, but Dr. Pepper took it by a nose. According to the data, another Coca-Cola brand comes next, with Sprite earning 8.1% and then Diet Coke at 7.8%.


The internet peaked with “the dress,” and then it unraveled
The ominously perfect meme marked the splintering of our shared reality.

If you were on the internet on February 26, 2015, you saw The Dress. Prompted by a comment on Tumblr, BuzzFeed writer Cates Holderness posted a simple low-quality image of a striped dress, with the headline “What Colors Are This Dress?” The answers: blue and black or white and gold. The URL: “help-am-i-going-insane-its-definitely-blue.”
Do you really need me to tell you what happened next? In just a few days, the BuzzFeed post got 73 million page views, inspiring debate across the world. Seemingly every news outlet (including this one) weighed in on the phenomenon. How was it possible that this one image divided people so neatly into two camps? You either saw — with zero hint of variability — the dress as black and blue, or white and gold. There was no ambiguity. Only a baffling sense of indignation: How could anyone see it differently?


Can A.I. Rethink Art? Should It?
There is an increasing overlap between art and artificial intelligence. Some celebrate it, while others worry.

“There’s always been an attraction, on the part of artists, for chance: something which is beyond your own control, something that liberates you from the finite subject,” said Daniel Birnbaum, a curator who is the artistic director of the digital art production platform Acute Art and a panelist at the Art for Tomorrow conference here this week convened by the Democracy & Culture Foundation with panels moderated by New York Times journalists.


Shonda Rhimes’ Black Barbie explores the creation of Mattel’s first Black doll
The documentary from Netflix debuts on Juneteenth.

Representation is power in the trailer for Black Barbie, a documentary from Shondaland that explores the creation of Mattel’s first Black doll.
Premiering June 19 on Netflix, the documentary from writer and director Lagueria Davis dives into the legacy of her great aunt Beulah Mae Mitchell, a Black Mattel employee who posed a question to Mattel president and Barbie creator Ruth Handler that would transform the brand: “Why don’t we make a Barbie that looks like me?”
Black Barbie will tell the story of how Mattel’s first Black doll came to be in the 1980s, featuring insider stories from the Black women who blazed new trails at the company and some celebrity testimonials, including from Shonda Rhimes, who executive produced. It’ll also explore the dolls’ impact on civil rights, Black entrepreneurship, and the shaping of children’s identities.


How to Dry Hydrangeas to Preserve the Blooms Long After Summer
Give wilted hydrangea flowers new life by drying them and using them in floral arrangements.

Hydrangeas are beloved for their showy, colorful flowers that fill gardens with season-long interest. And the best part about these blooms is that their beauty doesn’t fade once they start to wilt. You can give hydrangea flowers a second life indoors by cutting them off and drying them. Once dried, hydrangea blooms look great in flower arrangements, secured to wreaths, or presented in a vase as a standalone statement piece. There are three easy ways to dry hydrangea blooms—we spoke to experts to get their tips for when and how to do each method.


6 Ways to Refresh Stale or Wilted Ingredients So You Can Use Them
Avoid wasting herbs, bread, and other foods by using these tips to revive them.

When it comes to culinary ingredients, it’s safe to say that fresher is usually better. But that doesn’t mean you should throw out your leafy greens, herbs, or fruit the minute they start to wilt. Refreshing stale ingredients not only gives you more opportunities to use them, it also reduces food waste and helps cut down on your grocery bill. In order to figure out the best ways to revitalize ingredients that are past their prime, we spoke to a chef with experience reusing and revitalizing ingredients. Find out her favorite ways to reuse, refresh, and re-crisp stale ingredients.


This Gorgeous European City Was Just Named the Most Walkable Destination in the World
Looking for a great walkable city? Here’s why you need to make your way to Florence, Italy.

Ready to take a stroll? A new list is uncovering the most walkable cities in the world, including the No. 1 pick, where the top five local attractions are all within a half-mile radius.
Earlier this year, the financial website Insider Monkey shared its list of the most walkable cities in the world, which it created using sources like Tourlane and WalkScore. It then took those scores, mapped the distance between each destination’s top five tourist attractions, and checked its air quality using IQAir data and crime and safety indexes to further ensure walkability. After looking at all the information, it named Florence the most walkable place on earth.


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