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Ah, yes. All of this will do quite nicely. It’s TUESDAY. Let’s spend it in a LOunge that’s airy, comfy, and drop-dead fabulous. Let’s not be productive, dammit. Now sit there and enjoy yourselves while we go off to…produce distractions for you today. No, no. It’s the very least we can do.


‘You Have a Big Mouth and a Crazy Mind’: Robert Downey Jr. and Jodie Foster Reunite to Discuss TV Triumphs and Being ‘Surprisingly’ Open to Iron Man Return
Jodie Foster and Robert Downey Jr. have a long history. Their careers have intersected over time, starting when Foster directed Downey in her 1995 Thanksgiving comedy “Home for the Holidays,” where he played the sweet-natured but rebellious black sheep of the family. More recently, both were nominated in supporting categories at this year’s Oscars — Foster was nominated for her role as an encouraging swim coach in “Nyad,” and Downey won for playing a villainous government official in “Oppenheimer” — and played key roles in HBO limited series. Foster was a hard-bitten cop in “True Detective: Night Country,” writer-director Issa López’s reimagining of the crime franchise that centered on Alaska Native communities. Downey tackled four roles — a CIA agent, a university professor, a congressman and an indie filmmaker, each representing a facet of the American power structure — in Korean director Park Chan-wook’s adaptation of the post-Vietnam War novel “The Sympathizer.”


Cyndi Lauper Could Only Ever Be Herself
She’s plotting a farewell tour. She’s starring in a documentary about her life. And she’s got nothing left to prove.

At 70, the pop icon and social justice activist isn’t just charging back into the streets. On Monday, Lauper announced her final tour, the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour, which will have her headlining arenas across North America from late October to early December. And “Let the Canary Sing,” a documentary about her life and career that premiered at the Tribeca Festival last year, is streaming on Paramount+.


Taraji P. Henson Returns As Host For 2024 BET Awards
This year’s ceremony will air June 30, live from the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles.

“Taraji is a phenom, known for her vibrant personality and charisma, and we are excited to welcome her back to host Culture’s Biggest Night, ‘BET Awards,’ the ultimate celebration of Black creativity,” Connie Orlando, EVP Specials, Music Programming & Music Strategy at BET, said in a statement. “We are equally as thrilled to have so many incredibly talented performers join us, standing on culture’s biggest stage to deliver an unforgettable night.”


Cyndi Lauper Reveals How She Came Up With That Iconic ‘Time After Time’ Lyric
The clip appears in the Let the Canary Sing documentary, premiering Tuesday on Paramount+.

Cyndi Lauper is baring her soul in the new documentary Let the Canary Sing, and in a clip shared exclusively with Billboard, the beloved icon opens up about the backstory behind a popular lyric in her 1983 classic “Time After Time.”
In the first pre-chorus, Lauper sings, “I fall behind/ The second hand unwinds,” which she recalls was sparked from overhearing a conversation with the song’s producer, Rick Chertoff. “I actually was listening to a conversation,” the star shared. “Rick was just standing there and his watch — he kept looking at his watch going, ‘Hm, my watch is going backwards. I’m not kidding. Look at this. The second hand’s unwinding. The second hand unwinds!’ And I’m thinking, ‘The second hand unwinds,’ what a great lyric.”


The best hair growth products for your thickest, longest hair yet
From shampoos and conditioners to masks and supplements.

Whether you’re someone who is desperate to make your thinnish hair longer or you’re just at that in-between stage post-bob, there’s no arguing that hair growth products are a sought after solution.
While some people seem to be naturally blessed with Rapunzel-like hair, others naturally struggle with hair growth and look for ways to speed up the process. The hard truth is, there’s no magic wand to grow thicker, longer or healthier hair overnight but there are certain lifestyle tweaks and topical products to give yourself the best possible chance.


13 best hair oils for growth and shine, tried & tested
The key to healthy, hydrated hair.

As someone who has dyed, bleached and heat-damaged my hair in every way possible, I can’t imagine my haircare routine without hair oils. Even the most nourishing hair masks and conditioners couldn’t deliver the same shine-boosting results without a quality hair oil by their side.
Whether you decide to use it as part of your pre-wash routine, lather it all over damp hair or apply a few drops on dry hair as a finishing touch, the benefits are undeniable. The best hair oils cannot only strengthen and improve elasticity, but also help prevent split ends, stimulate hair growth (especially when paired with a scalp massage tool) and provide protection against heat styling tools (or environmental factors like pollution). Whew.


The best Airbnbs in Ibiza to rent this summer
With its sun-soaked beaches, iconic nightlight and luxury wellness retreats, you can’t beat a trip to Beefa.

The best Airbnbs in Ibiza offer a home from home – except unlike your humble two-bed flat, these rentals come with everything from outdoor pools to private underwater dance clubs (yes, really!). Even epic panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Best of all, the beach is never too far away on this beautiful island, whether you’re after beach club party vibes or a wellness escape with only R&R on the agenda.
We’ve done all the hard work for you, finding the most epic Ibiza Airbnbs to book right now — whether you’re headed on a girls trip, couples vacay or organising a hen party to remember. All you’ve got to do is rally the troops, dig out your suitcase or weekend bag, and get packing.


Why Counterfeit Ozempic Is a Global-Growth Industry
The semaglutide weight-loss miracle has a dark side: As desperate patients contend with shortages and sky-high prices, a world of criminals and con artists are filling the void with life-threatening fakes. Katherine Eban investigates our alarmingly active pharmaceutical underground.

Until recently, Novo Nordisk was a sleepy century-old insulin manufacturer. But in the past two years, its diabetes treatment Ozempic has swept the world. After a clinical trial confirmed that the drug, first approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2017, produces miraculous weight loss, influencers from Elon Musk to Oprah helped popularize it. The drug has brought new hope to those struggling with obesity and made Novo Nordisk Europe’s most valuable company even as it tore open a Pandora’s box of human vanity. The frenzy surrounding it has sparked global shortages.


How Travis Kelce Reacted to Being Asked When He Would Make Taylor Swift “An Honest Woman” In Front of a Crowd
Jason Sudeikis, a longtime Kansas City Chiefs fan, popped the question in a celebrity skit.

Anyone who has listened to Taylor Swift’s discography knows that she’s nothing if not honest, sometimes to a heartbreakingly specific degree (for example, “So Long, London” and “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart”). But Jason Sudeikis asked her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, about making her the other kind of honest woman, if you catch his drift. And, naturally, he did this in the presence of a million billion smartphones, on a microphone.


Going to a wedding alone? Here’s what I’ve learned about how to successfully fly solo
A stand-up comedian, a life coach, and a therapist share their advice for navigating events when you don’t know anyone.

“Treat yourself kindly in this space, and take care of yourself in ways that you can. It’s ok to feel lonely. It highlights something we need, want, or are trying to create space for in our lives. Use it as information for your future self and honour that. Don’t stay too long if it’s too much; seek out people at the event that create a more positive air for you. Manage how much you drink (remember it’s just a way of hiding mostly from what’s hard, and it’ll make you feel more rubbish in the long run), and plan something nurturing for yourself for the next day, so you have that to look forward to. Try to have at least one meaningful conversation while you’re there, perhaps sharing how you feel with someone. Only give out what you have in the tank; you don’t need to deplete yourself further.”


The Best True Crime Podcasts to Listen to Now
From the hottest new shows to must-listen classics, these deserve a spot in your podcast library.

For years, the mysteries and edge-of-seat thrills of the true crime genre have kept fans in suspense, but ever since podcasting made its ascendency the appetite for ripped-from-the-headlines tales has grown massively. Cold case investigations may have led the way, with shows like Serial proving instantly addictive to fans, but now there’s a style of true crime show from just about every appetite, from those looking to get a firmer grasp on the workings of the justice system, to armchair sleuths in search of a mystery, to those craving a bit of levity so they can laugh along with other true crime lovers. With such a bounty, it’s only natural that fans might need a bit of help picking out the perfect pod for them, so with that goal in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our all-time favorites, from new entries, to ongoing series, to classics that are always worth a re-listen. Here, our favorite true crime podcasts.


50 Celebrities Whose Real Names You Likely Don’t Know
Some of the most famous people in the world go by a middle name, a nickname, a family name, or another name entirely.

From Oscar-winning actors to Grammy-winning artists, many of the most widely-known and loved celebrities go by names other than the ones they were born with. A name is akin to a first impression, especially in Hollywood. A unique and memorable name is advantageous, but it needs to roll off the tongue easily, too.
Choosing the right stage name is an art of its own, whether that name is a shorter version of a person’s birth name (think: Bella Hadid), a borrowed family name (see: Katy Perry), or a creation all its own (like Lana Del Ray). The options are endless.


Anne Hathaway’s Fashion Evolution in 27 Unforgettable Moments
The devil works hard, but Anne Hathaway and her stylist work harder.

It’s hard to believe The Devil Wears Prada entered our world 18 years ago, turning its protagonist, Anne Hathaway, into the boilerplate for the type of fictional fashion editor who’s still referenced today.
As in the movie (after her chic-over), Hathaway has the type of polished and poised style that makes it look like she just stepped out of the pages of RUNWAY Magazine. Since her breakthrough role as Mia Thermopolis at the age of 18 in the global box office hit The Princess Diaries, Hathaway has been exuding radiance typically synonymous with old Hollywood stars. This is largely down to her classic sense of style, flawless red carpet and promotional appearances, innate elegance, and megawatt smile.


Here’s Why Your Senses of Smell and Taste Change Radically When You Fly
There a reason tomato juice tastes better at 30,000 feet.

At in-flight altitudes, our senses of taste and smell simply diminish, and there’s not much we can do about that. We can taste some things, but it’s all shifted around and off-kilter. Our sense of salty and sweet tastes grow especially weak, which is a diplomatic way of saying that the food put before you by the airline is extra-salinated — to the tune of approximately 20% more salt (for a savory dish) and about that, or more, depending on the kitchen, in sugar for a dessert — so what you eat can punch through that increasingly lower taste-ceiling laid on you by the high, cold desert in which you are being mechanically flown.


All Vermouth Isn’t the Same — These Are the Best to Use for 8 Classic Cocktails
The simpler the recipe, the more important each ingredient is.

Vermouth has been feeling the love in recent years, and great ones from around the world can easily be found in wine and spirit shops across the country. They’re all unique, of course, with different base wines and botanicals underpinning their recipes, but the best vermouths will improve any cocktail they’re stirred or shaken with.


Stop Storing Your Bread in the Fridge, and Try This Pro-Approved Upgrade
It’s simple, but if you love buying or making fresh bread, you definitely need one.

There are few things in this life better than a perfectly baked, crusty loaf of fresh bread. While some of my friends look forward to the weekend so they can go camping or binge watch television (no disrespect), my preferred activity is heading to my favorite local bakery for some coffee and returning home with a stunning loaf of just-baked sourdough. As serious bread-enjoyers, my fiancée and I can easily eat a whole loaf before Monday arrives, but there are (rare) occasions when we have to think about our bread’s shelf life. We might need to resort to Plan B: storing the bread. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent ways to ensure the longevity of an awesome loaf.


A Portrait of Japanese America, in the Shadow of the Camps
An essential new volume collects accounts of Japanese incarceration by patriotic idealists, righteous firebrands, and downtrodden cynics alike.

About a hundred and twenty thousand people of Japanese descent—two-thirds of whom were American citizens—were incarcerated in ten camps throughout California, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arkansas. Tellingly, there was no wholesale roundup of the Japanese in Hawaii, despite the long-standing fears over the islands’ proximity to Asia, a fact that suggests that what happened on the mainland was a deeply arbitrary interpretation of military necessity.
While Executive Order 9066 was largely met with doubt, despair, and anger among Japanese Americans, it also became a source of collective shame that was seldom discussed in the years that followed. Few stories of camp life were published until decades later.


Meet the photo agency that turns celeb watchers into conspiracy theorists
“More often than not, photos, news stories, and celebrity beef are planned publicity stunts or behind-the-scenes publicity maneuvers,” she says, adding that strategy is often “thought out for months” in advance. “There’s a line item in that plan and a date for someone to call paparazzi or tip them off to get press rolling,” she says.
Celebrities, like Lopez, will often deny these planned photo shoots. But other stars, like Kim Kardashian, have been less conspicuous about their relationships with paparazzi. For example, the beauty mogul has admitted to calling the paparazzi on herself early in her career to gain more attention. Former Splash News CEO Gary Morgan has also opened up about his previous (and contentious) relationship with Kardashian and her personal photographer.


The secret to modern friendship, according to real friends
My friend wrote a book about friendship. Here’s what we learned about ours.

You may have heard it couldn’t be done: making friends as an adult. Maybe you’ve noticed this in your own life. Perhaps you’ve spent time scouring Google results looking for any advice on how to form new relationships and strengthen the ones you already have. Or you’ve stared at the ceiling in despair wondering why our society is set up to favor romantic relationships over platonic ones. I’m pleased to report that, somehow, my friend Anna Goldfarb and I beat the odds. We achieved the seemingly unachievable and became close in adulthood.


For Jonathan Groff, Merrily We Roll Along Feels Like an Exorcism
For Groff in particular, who’s earned a Tony Award nomination for his swaggering turn as the prodigious composer Franklin Shepard, the experience of starring in Merrily We Roll Along is provoking a tender sort of reappraisal of the wide-eyed, closeted 20-something who arrived on Broadway two decades ago in Spring Awakening, tending his own dreams. “There’s so many powerful parallels and I’m feeling the opportunity to release a lot of the tension I was holding at that time,” he told me earlier this month over coffee in Greenwich Village (just before showing face at a Tony’s luncheon).
“This character feels like an exorcism of the lightest and darkest parts of myself.” With easy candor—and a charm not dissimilar to the kind he demonstrates in the role—Groff opened up about learning to live without shame and what Looking, the polarizing HBO series he starred in from 2014 to 2016, taught him about show business.


How to Clean Wood Cabinets So They’re Free of Dust, Dirt, and Grime
Pro tip: It’s important to never let the wood get too wet when cleaning, which can cause the material to warp.

Your cabinets are the backdrop of your kitchen, so you want to keep them in pristine condition. But everything from splattered grease on the doors to stray crumbs on the shelves can make these nooks (and their façades) a hub for built-up grime. As these substances accumulate every time you cook, regularly cleaning your kitchen cabinets is a must. If yours are made from or finished with wood, you’ll want to be extra diligent about how you clean and dry them so you don’t ruin the material. Ahead, we spoke with experts on the best ways to clean your kitchen cabinets to keep them looking fresh.


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