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PinLure Restaurant – Oia, Santorini, Greece

Are you soothed yet, darlings? We’re thinking you need to be soothed this FRIDAY morning. Well, your day of sea and sky await you, if only in your imagination. Come take a seat, order something indulgent. Lean back and take a deep breath.

Jonathan Van Ness Denies Verbal Abuse Allegations on Queer Eye Set
The show’s grooming expert says that although Rolling Stone’s exposé “was overwhelmingly untrue and done in bad faith…I know that there were times where I could have been better.”

More than three months after facing allegations of “demeaning” and “abusive” behavior on the set of Netflix’s Queer Eye in a Rolling Stone investigation, Jonathan Van Ness says the piece is not “really based in reality.”
Van Ness, the show’s grooming expert—who uses they/he/she pronouns—said on a recent episode of Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast that claims made within the article, which was published in March, were “taken out of context” and spun to “make [Van Ness] look as bad as possible.” In the exposé, multiple anonymous members of the Queer Eye production crew told Rolling Stone that Van Ness was a “monster” with “rage issues” who contributed to a “really toxic” work environment that may have led to interior decorator Bobby Berk’s exit from the Fab Five.


Baby Reindeer’s Richard Gadd Will Return With an HBO Series
Gadd’s sophomore show will follow the tumultuous relationship between two estranged Scottish pals over four decades.

The creator of Baby Reindeer is prancing from Netflix to HBO. Richard Gadd, the writer, creator, and star of Netflix’s breakout hit Baby Reindeer, is taking his talents to one of the streamer’s major rivals, with HBO and the BBC set to coproduce his next project, Lions.
Lions will be a six-episode series following an epic and complicated relationship between two men, Niall and Ruben. Per the press release, Ruben shows up at his estranged ‘brother’ Niall’s wedding, leading to “an explosion of violence that catapults us back through their lives.” The series will span almost four decades, from the 1980s to present day, covering the peaks and valleys of their relationship from adolescence to adulthood.


Beth Ditto: ‘The most radical thing I’ve done in the name of beauty is to just love myself’
“When I shaved my eyebrows off, my niece said, ‘You look like Uncle Fester.’ And I loved it.”

Beth Ditto has been a feminist force to be reckoned with since she stormed into the public consciousness in the early 2000s, the lead singer of her almighty punk band Gossip, and their unforgettable anthem Standing In The Way of Control. As a (very loud and very outspoken) member of the Queer community, Beth has also gained the status of a bona fide LGBTQIA+ icon. While Gossip disbanded in 2016, they recently reformed – to stans’ delight – and will be on tour in the UK in September with their new record, Real Power. Oh, and they’ll also be performing at Glastonbury this weekend, too.
Beth sat down with GLAMOUR to share her wit, wisdom and wonderful anecdotes in our final interview of our Beauty of Pride series, celebrating self-expression, identity and power in the Queer space throughout the Pride month of June.


Here’s why you shouldn’t use an electric fan at night during hot weather
What’s more, heatwaves are more and more likely due to climate change and higher concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere. Not only does that mean it’s time to get clued up on the best swimwear brands and stock up on melamine plates and face suncream, in a country with a serious lack of air conditioning, it also means whacking out a powerful fan to aid in airflow and keep your living room from becoming an actual sauna.
But that’s where we could be going wrong, according to one expert. Martin Seeley, the CEO and sleep expert at MattressNextDay, is urging people to consider turning their electric fans OFF at night to improve their sleep and better their health.


The Bridgerton cast looks completely different in real life
It’s the wigs for me.

One of your favourite Bridgerton cast members, Golda Rosheuvel, was in the middle of filming episode three of Netflix’s sweeping Shondaland series when she let Glamour in on a little secret about becoming Queen Charlotte. “I’m wearing two wigs,” she revealed back in January 2021. “It’s a wig on top of a wig! And the three feathers are real hair that Adam James Phillips [the show’s principal hairstylist] crafted by hand. It’s genius. Every look is different.”
[…] If you happened to spot the Bridgerton cast in the wild, would you really know what they looked like?


Shell nails are giving us vacay vibes, even when we’re desk-side
Beach, please.

I do like to be beside the seaside, but failing that, bringing the beach to me isn’t a bad runner-up. I’m not alone if the explosion of shell nails on Instagram and TikTok are anything to go by.
I’m talking specifically about the shell textured nails that are tapping up 3D jellies and putties to create next level shell details that look and feel like they could have been sifted out of sand on a cute lil beach walk. And instead of shell necklaces or hair accessories, they’re being used to decorate our fingernails.


48 cute hairstyles that we’re crushing on hard right now
From baby braids to spiky buns.

It’s always handy to have a bank of cute hairstyles to fall back on whenever you want to mix up your look, because a classic ponytail or low bun is all well and good, but we love options. That way you can seamlessly weave between being a boho babe one day and into your grunge era the next depending on your mood in the moment.
As for inspo, we’ve compiled the cutest looks for every effort level, whether you’ve got the time to go to town on something beautiful, statement and intricate, or you need something quick, chic and foolproof to cover up the fact you skipped wash day.
From easy baby braids and cool-girl spiky buns, to dainty crops, sultry updos and allllll the accessories, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the all the inspo. Here’s 48 of our favourite cute hairstyles to get you started…


Law Roach Has No Fear
More than a decade ago, Roach started his career in his Chicago hometown, where he grew up the eldest of five siblings, learning early on to do anything necessary to survive. His love for fashion began by shopping at thrift stores, which turned into selling vintage out of his car’s trunk before the hustle grew into the Deliciously Vintage shop. Once Kanye visited the store in 2009, it became a destination for celebrities and insiders to discover vintage designer gems.
Eventually, Roach moved to Los Angeles to pursue styling, where he was introduced in 2011 to his first big client: a 14-year-old Zendaya.


Mesh Ballet Flats Are Still A Strong Style Move This Summer
It’s time to pencil in a pedicure

You must be familiar with the mesh ballet flat by now: this trending shoe has been creeping across both social feeds and the most well-pedicured A-list feet since late last summer (Jennifer Lawrence seemingly wears her Alaïas everywhere). But as we edge into a new season, the trend is only growing stronger, with the high street delivering some stellar options for those of us who don’t have four figures to drop on a pair of delicate fishnet flats.


The Bear‘s Molly Gordon: ‘I Just Want To Match The Level of Acting On The Show’
She made her name in Booksmart and Shiva Baby, but The Bear moved Molly Gordon centre-stage. Now, she has further goals in sight as she takes on directing.

One of the most excruciating scenes on television last year came in the final episode of The Bear’s second season.
In case you missed it, head chef Carmy Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White) locks himself inside an industrial fridge on the opening night of his new restaurant. A claustrophobic meltdown ensues, in which he yells about his relationship regret with his childhood sweetheart Claire (Molly Gordon), who hears everything from the other side of the fridge door. Gordon masters the execution of earth- shattering heartbreak. ‘On that show, I just want to match the level of acting that is happening. Jeremy sets such a high bar. I have to make sure the moment lands in the most honest way it can,’ Gordon says.


How To Have A Great Conversation With Just About Anyone
Over the course of his career as a journalist and podcast host, Josh Smith has had in-depth chats with everyone from Jodie Foster to Jessica Gunning, despite spending much of his childhood too afraid to speak due to a speech impediment. Now, he’s condensed the lessons that helped him morph into a confident professional interviewer into Great Chat, a self-help guide to having better conversations – and improving your wellbeing in the process.


From Embellished Gucci Blazers To A Versace Set Worn By Dua Lipa, 6 Major Highlights From Elton John’s eBay Charity Auction
There’s been no shortage of high-profile fashion auctions of late, from the sale of the late Vivienne Westwood’s personal collection at Christie’s to Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s Yohji Yamamoto gown going under the hammer at Bonhams. Now, following his own Christie’s auction in February, Sir Elton John is selling an array of pieces from his flamboyant wardrobe via eBay – with all proceeds going to the Elton John Aids Foundation.
“Giving new life to the cherished items from my wardrobe has always been special to me. For decades I’ve donated my closet’s treasures to support the Elton John Aids Foundation,” Sir Elton says in a statement. “This Pride Month, I’m excited to share my Atlanta treasure trove on eBay, hoping these items will inspire you to express your unique spirit and bring you as much joy as they’ve brought me.”


Vivienne Westwood’s Personal Wardrobe Is for Sale
Today in London, over 200 pieces from her personal wardrobe, spanning four decades, will be sold

These days, if you want, you can wait in line to buy the sweater Chloë Sevigny wore when she met her husband, or the denim skirt and silky hot pink top Jenna Lyons wore to the 2012 Met Gala. And if you miss the opportunity, no need to worry. In a few month’s time, another fashionable famous person will surely put the contents of their wardrobe up for sale.
This kind of celebrity closet sale is not necessarily new, but lately it’s become more of a phenomenon—not because the lure of incredible clothing has become more appealing, but because it is no longer enough on its own.


An Ernest “Hemingway” Louis Vuitton Trunk to Be Sold
Over 100 pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage are being auctioned off next month, including a trunk once owned by the Farewell to Arms author.

Ernest Hemingway’s recollections of being a poor writer in A Moveable Feast hardly allude to the fact that he owned a Louis Vuitton trunk–but he did. In fact, an identical model of the luggage, called “The Hemingway Trunk,” is part of Christie’s online sale Legendary Trunks: A European Private Collection, which closes on July 3rd. The luggage is expected to sell for more than $10,000.
Hemingway’s trunk features the classic monogrammed pattern and color on the exterior with his initials printed on one side. The interiors have several storage compartments, one drawer, and a standard portable typewriter.


Princess Diana Detailed Her Honeymoon With King Charles in a Touching Personal Letter
She called the trip a “tremendous success.”

It seems like every other day, there’s an event auctioning off the possessions from the late Princess Diana—and given that she was the People’s Princess, it’s no surprise that the public is fascinated with the her and her belongings. Today, a series of letters written by Diana have been shared and are expected to sell for up to $25,000.
In a 1981 correspondence with her family’s former housekeeper, Maud Pendrey, a 20-year-old Diana reflected on her honeymoon with a then-Prince Charles after she returned to Balmoral from the two-week cruise aboard the royal yacht Britannia.


Prince Harry Shared a Heartbreaking Statement About Losing Princess Diana
“You can’t suppress it forever.”

While Prince Harry has made peace with living without his late mother, Princess Diana, the royal admits that loss can be very painful—especially while you’re actively in the grieving process.
In a new video, Harry spoke to Scotty’s Little Soldiers founder Nikki Scott about the impact that bereavement has on children. For Harry, who became a global ambassador for Scotty’s in November after working with the organization since 2017, the cause hits close to home after he lost Diana to a tragic car accident in Paris as a child.


Stop Wasting Your Time on Rare Whiskey and Drink These Instead
We asked bar pros to share their favorite cult whiskeys which can still be found easily. Here are there recommendations.

The world of whiskey has gone fairly crazy in recent years. For many of the most desirable expressions, prices have skyrocketed, and formerly accessible bottles have become increasingly hard to find.
The term ‘cult whiskey’ is even steeped in confusion.
“I have a weird take on the term ‘cult whisky,’” says Frank Caiafa, former head bartender of Peacock Alley at The Waldorf-Astoria, author of The Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book, and currently the Spirits Portfolio Director at Banville Wine Merchants. “If you can get your hands on it, how ‘cult’ can it be? My thinking is that an item’s lack of availability is what ultimately makes it reach cult status, but all of these wish-list items had to start somewhere.”


Does Alcohol Go Bad? Here’s What You Need to Know
The age of your spirits can be the difference between something lackluster or a life changing cocktail.

Wine people approach the storage and consumption of their collections rigorously. There are apps for tracking the most optimal moment for a bottle of wine to be consumed, wine refrigerators have multi-zone technology to store Bordeaux at a different temperature than Champagne, and wine service is a whole other area of nuance.
Consumers aren’t nearly as precious about their spirits. Liquor bottles are typically stuffed on a bar cart, in the back of a cabinet, or buried somewhere in the freezer. But spirits, liqueurs, vermouths, and amaro have different lifespans. The way they’re stored and when they expire varies widely between categories.


Eat Like a Cast Member From ‘The Bear’ at These 12 Chicago Restaurants
From red sauce joint Viaggio Ristorante to Filipino favorite Kasama — and beyond.

Everyone’s favorite restaurant drama is back.
Multi-Emmy-award-winning series The Bear drops all ten episodes of its third season on Hulu this Wednesday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET — the first chance for fans to binge-watch the sometimes-stressful yet eminently delicious series in one go.
But just like a buffet full of tempting treats, there’s no need to overstuff yourself at first glance. As actor Ayo Edebiri, who plays Carmy’s formidable sous chef Sydney, said in a recent press conference: It’s okay — and perhaps even suggested to pace yourself, digest every episode, and let the flavors and thoughts linger before pressing play on the next one.


The Voices of A.I. Are Telling Us a Lot
Even as the technology advances, stubborn stereotypes about women are re-encoded again and again.

A.I. creators like to highlight the increasingly naturalistic capabilities of their tools, but their synthetic voices are built on layers of artifice and projection. Sky represents the cutting edge of OpenAI’s ambitions, but she is based on an old idea: of the A.I. bot as an empathetic and compliant woman. Part mommy, part secretary, part girlfriend, Samantha was an all-purpose comfort object who purred directly into her users’ ears. Even as A.I. technology advances, these stereotypes are re-encoded again and again.
Women’s voices, as Julie Wosk notes in “Artificial Women: Sex Dolls, Robot Caregivers, and More Facsimile Females,” have often fueled imagined technologies before they were built into real ones.


Make Something With Your Hands (Even if It’s Hideous)
Creating stuff is good for your brain.

I once decorated a mirror with shells, but I keep it in a closet. I’m fond of it, even though it looks a little sloppy. Sometimes I’ll debate whether to toss it, and then gently put it back on the shelf.
As it turns out, a lot of us have strong attachments to things we make — even when they’re kind of hideous, said Michael Norton, a professor of business administration at Harvard and the author of “The Ritual Effect.”
[…] Making something with your hands is also good for your brain. And research shows that do-it-yourself projects, whether planting an herb garden or building a birdhouse, are rewarding; they can help boost happiness and lower stress.


How Native Culture Inspired ‘Fancy Dance’s’ Set Design Details
In telling the story, the family home was an important part of the storyline — it’s where Tawi, Roki and Jax all dwell. But it wasn’t just any home: Tremblay wanted it to have a specific detail.
Growing up, Tremblay recalled, “In the homes of the folks that I grew up with, specifically Native people, all the homes had an artery-like central hallway and then they had the rooms that come off the side.”
But that specificity was near impossible to find during the location scout until Sampson suggested her aunt’s house.


Dick Van Dyke on Filming Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews: ‘She Was Cool as a Cucumber’
“It’s like she had done a whole lot of movies,” the 98-year-old said of Andrews’ feature film debut in the iconic 1964 movie

“She was cool as a cucumber, never… I’m telling you what I had doing the recording. She not only is a soprano, she sang just a hair on top of the note,” the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star added of the famous soundtrack to the film.
“Just that little bit sharp, and I sing flat. So I just… what a sweater that was getting through that album,” he went on, adding, “I’m actually a bass, but I had to sing.”
“It turned out alright, and she was so patient with me,” Van Dyke told the podcast.


3 Ways to Identify and Match Any Paint Color, According to Experts
These color-matching techniques take the guesswork out of identifying your paint color.

If you want to add a fresh coat of paint to your walls but you’re not sure what the existing color is, don’t opt for a different shade just yet. Instead, try color matching. Color matching helps to identify a specific paint color and is commonly used during home renovations when people want to touch up an old paint job or use an existing color in another room. Here, we’re sharing three different methods for how to color match paint—as well as how to identify its finish—according to paint experts.


6 Ways to Make S’mores, No Campfire Required
Take your s’mores indoors with these foolproof methods.

Roasting s’mores by an open fire is a summer ritual. Why do we love these chocolate-marshmallow-graham-cracker treats so much? Perhaps it has something to do with nostalgia—many of us have fond memories of sitting around a campfire with friends (ghost stories optional) and threading soft, pillowy marshmallows onto skewers. But what if we told you you could get the same effect and flavor without going outside? There are many ways to make s’mores without a campfire.
Everyday household appliances such as your broiler and microwave can make some pretty delicious s’mores. Many of them can get the squares of milk chocolate even more melty than you would with an open fire. Whether you like your marshmallows toasted to a light golden perfection or burnt to a crisp is still up to you.


13 of Our Favorite Lemon Cookie Recipes
Our lemon cookie recipes include perfect sugar cookies, brown-butter crinkle cookies, and pink lemonade-inspired thumbprint cookies.

Lemon cookies are one of life’s simplest pleasures, and so many people count them as a favorite for a reason: With subtle hints of citrus and a light, delicious taste, they’re easy to enjoy and even easier to make, especially when you use our collection of recipes as a guide. Our lemon cookies balance sweet and tart flavors, and can be served as an everyday dessert or for a more special occasion.


How to Eat Figs the Right Way, According to Culinary Pros
Raw, baked, or roasted, this sweet delight artfully elevates pizza, salads, cheese plates, and ice cream.

Plump and pretty, fresh figs are always a treat. But as alluring as this fruit’s teardrop shape may be, it can also be confounding in terms of consumption, prompting questions about how to eat figs. We reached out to culinary professionals to find out the best ways to embrace fresh figs and also picked up some suggestions for enjoying this fruit baked, grilled, roasted, and dried.


Should You Use a Steamer or Iron to Remove Wrinkles? Laundry Experts Settle the Debate
Laundry experts share the benefits of steamers and irons—and which one to use for every clothing care situation.

No matter how quickly you remove your clothes from the washer and dryer, or how much care you take when hanging and folding them, wrinkles are inevitable. Removing wrinkles requires the right combination of heat, moisture, and a little bit of pressure or force, and steamers and irons are the go-to tools of the trade. But how do you know when to use which? We spoke with laundry experts to better understand the difference between steamers and irons, and when to reach for each of them.


This Gorgeous Region in Greece Is Where the Greeks Go on Vacation — With Magical Blue Water, Friendly Villages, and Local Food
Take the ultimate road trip unveiling Greece’s best kept secrets.

If you feel outpriced for a vacation in the Greek Islands, you’re not entirely out of luck — there’s a lesser-known alternative to experiencing the same magical blue waters, friendly village vibe, and fresh Greek food.
Greek-Macedonia, the country’s northern region, offers a broader variety of experiences for history buffs, beach lovers, and road-trippers, and still has an ancient history that compares to Athens, dramatic coastlines similar to the Greek Isles, some of the most extensive spans of green olive groves in the world, and the country’s most spiritual sites — all within a few miles from each other.

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