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PinTrigona Bar – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It’s THURSDAY, darlings! Let’s be all grandiose about it, shall we?

Acting Icon Isabelle Huppert to Receive French Lumière Award
The French star of ‘Elle’ and ‘8 Women’ will be honored at the 16th Lumière festival, which celebrates classic cinema, in Lyon in October.

Iconic French actress Isabelle Huppert will be honored at this year’s Lumière Festival in Lyon with the prestigious Lumière Award for her contribution to cinema.
“Her career encompasses an immense part of the history of contemporary cinema,” the Institut Lumière, which oversees the festival, said of the French star of Elle, 8 Women, and The Piano Teacher.


On Her Daring New Album, Camila Cabello Swings For The Fences – And Hits A Home Run
Back in March, Camila Cabello dropped “I Luv It” – and it landed on the Internet like a grenade. As the lead single from her fourth studio album, C, XOXO, it represented a radical left-turn for the former Fifth Harmony member turned slick, chart-topping Latin-pop star: over bellowing synths and rattling electronic beats, Cabello had unleashed the most divisive song of her career, featuring a wild, half-mumbled verse from Playboi Carti and that strangely addictive chorus. (Specifically, Cabello frenetically singing “I love it” over and over… and over.) Was this hard pivot in both image and sound a truly authentic reflection of Cabello, the person? Or is this the record she was always working towards, but never quite felt brave enough to make?


The Notebook star Gena Rowlands has Alzheimer’s
The actress’ son and movie’s director, Nick Cassavetes, reveals to EW that Rowlands, like her character in the film, has dementia.

Gena Rowlands, a legend of the screen whose career has spanned nearly seven decades and countless awards including two Oscar nods and one honorary Academy Award, has Alzheimer’s disease.
Her son, director and actor Nick Cassavetes, shared the news with Entertainment Weekly while looking back on working together on The Notebook for its 20th anniversary. Rowlands, now 94, memorably played Allie, the older version of the same character played by Rachel McAdams in the beloved romance film, who also had dementia.


21 best hotels in Puglia for an Italian summer
The destination of the season.

Puglia will always hold fond memories for me: I chose it as the location for my last holiday before becoming a mother, when I was six-months-pregnant. Seeking somewhere that I could rest, while also enjoying the finer things in life that might be a little more – shall we say… out of reach, once my baby came along – I found Puglia to tick both boxes. And more I didn’t know I had. It certainly helped that I had heard that the A-list love it here. Think: the Beckhams, Alexa Chung, Madonna and Meryl Streep.


15 best Amazon books to read this summer, according to #BookTok
Spicy romances, sci-fi, and literally everything in-between.

With so many different titles and genres to choose from, seeking out the best Amazon books can be quite an overwhelming task. You want to place an Amazon book order before your holiday, with speedy next day delivery – but which is the best hot new release to beeline for?
In a not-very-surprising turn of events, the avid reading community on TikTok has quickly become my go-to trusted source for book reviews. And make-up products. And quick week night meals. Oh, and holiday destinations. Anyway, I digress…


Sienna Miller Is More Than Ready to Be Recognized for Her Work, Not Her Personal Life
The star of Kevin Costner’s four-part epic, Horizon, on tackling her next chapter, onscreen and off: “I’m done with grief and torture.”

When Kevin Costner first reached out to Sienna Miller about playing a pioneer in his four-movie, three-decades-in-the-making passion project, Horizon: An American Saga, the actor was flattered. She had been such a fan of Dances With Wolves—Costner’s Oscar-winning 1990 directorial debut—that she’d named her pet rabbits after two of the film’s characters. But the British-bred Miller also wasn’t entirely sure why the iconic actor set his sights on her for his Western franchise.


The Quiet Panic Of Returning To Life After Cancer
As the Princess of Wales’ first public appearance since sharing her cancer diagnosis makes headlines across the world, one writer shares the reality of returning to life after her own diagnosis.

One of the hardest things about cancer is how visible it can make you. There’s no corners to hide in when you step out gauntly, with little colour in your face and no hair on your head. As I continued to re-enter everyday spaces, I observed how my presence evoked waves of anxiety, associations and dread in those around me. If the first battle is beating cancer, the second is not becoming it. This feeling of a subverted identity is one that has endured the longest, and most intensely, as I have wrestled with the impact of life after cancer, and then life after that. Seventeen years after I was given the all-clear, I still wake each morning with the lies of an aftermath to rebuke: I am strong, I am well, I am deserving of joy and I am not cancer.


Everything We Know About the Mitford Sisters TV Series, Outrageous
The show promises to bring “the full, uncensored story” of the scandalous siblings to TV for the first time.

Nancy Mitford’s semi-autobiographical novels, including the classic The Pursuit of Love, may be responsible for giving her family a reputation for charmingly eccentric British aristocracy, but the Mitford name was headline fodder long before the first tome debuted.
Throughout much of the 1930s and ’40s, the Mitford siblings—six sisters and one (less famous) brother—were a source of international fascination. Their scandalous exploits—one sister jilted her husband, the Guinness heir, and their children to run away with British Union of Fascists founder Oswald Mosely, another became known as Hitler’s “muse,” a third declared herself a communist while fighting fascism in Spain—made them tabloid darlings, a highly-politicized pre-television version of the reality TV families of today.


Portrait Busts of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III Are Heading to Sale
The pieces are a part of royal sculptor Angela Conner’s studio collection, which is being sold by auction house Dreweatts.

What’s a new way to show your devotion to the English crown? By placing a royal bust in your home, of course. On July 11th, busts of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III are heading to auction by Dreweatts. The two lots are a part of the studio collection by the revered British sculptor Angela Conner.
Titled A Life in Sculpture, the sale comprises over 50 works that span Conner’s life including detailed bronze portraiture, monumental installation works, paintings, sketches, and kinetic sculptures. “It is a pleasure to offer the studio collection of Angela Conner, a pioneer in the field of sculpture, whose works will always have the ability to inspire and evoke emotion and fascination,” Francesa Whitman, Picture Specialist in the Modern and Contemporary Art department at Dreweatts said in a release.


Laila Gohar Breaks Down the Process Behind Her Latest Edible Masterpiece—a 200-Inch Cake
The artist crafted the colossal dessert in honor of Glenlivet scotch whiskey’s 200th anniversary

Laila Gohar isn’t afraid of a challenge. The artist and co-founder of Gohar World has been internationally renowned for her edible creations which often test the limits of food and stretch our understanding of what should live in artistic spaces. For this reason, it’s no wonder that fellow creatives often turn to Gohar when they want an event to do what her food does best: bring people together.
So as the 200th anniversary of the Scottish scotch whiskey brand The Glenlivet neared, the team knew the perfect person to help mark the occasion.


There Was a Surprise Miranda Priestly Appearance at Paris Fashion Week
Actually groundbreaking.

Gird your loins! Miranda Priestly is back. She made her icy arrival at Paris Fashion Week this morning, where she left everyone doing a double-take to see that it wasn’t Meryl Streep bringing her to life, but rather, a chillingly spot-on impersonation by transformative makeup artist Alexis Stone.
Of course, everybody wants to be the cutthroat Runway editor, but not many can do what she does—except for Stone, who looked uncannily identical to the character.


Louisa Jacobson Publicly Coming Out on Her Mom Meryl’s 75th Birthday Is the Most Iconic Gift Ever
As someone often accused of having “reality-TV energy,” I absolutely love when a major piece of gossip comes to light on some completely unrelated occasion—and that’s exactly what transpired on Saturday, when The Gilded Age star Louisa Jacobson came out as a lesbian on what just happened to be her mother Meryl Streep’s 75th birthday.
In her sure-to-go-down-in-history coming-out dump (as I’d like to call it), Jacobson included a screenshot of a New York Times story titled “We’re Entering a Joyful New Era of Lesbian Fashion,” and captioned the post “blessed to be entering the Joyful New Era bb.”


What My Mother’s Wardrobe Taught Me About Style and Grief After She Died
It was a suburban Missouri dry cleaner that processed 125 items from my mother’s wardrobe after she died. Dresses were $5, but if you brought in a large amount, they’d do two for the price of one. And on Tuesdays pants were a dollar. With all the coupons added in, the bill was $375 cash. Aside from her books, which I couldn’t bear to sort through, her clothes told the story of her many lives: a dancer, a world traveler, a single mother, a college professor.
Being her only child, I inherited (or perhaps, assumed) all her belongings. Unlike me, who regularly purges or passes along clothes, my mother threw nothing away. So in March of 2018, eight months after she died, I flew home to St. Louis to sort through the 56 years of life she left behind.


How to Start a Wine Collection on Any Budget
If you think you don’t have the funds to start collecting wine, think again.

For many wine lovers, the fear of not having enough money is the main reason to hold off on starting a collection. But many industry professionals say that it doesn’t take a huge budget to create a robust at-home wine cellar.
So where to begin? Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to the best at-home cellar in no time.


How well do you know society’s six favourite UK islands?
Sun isn’t essential for enjoying these ruggedly beautiful British islands. Who needs Mustique when you have Bute, anyway?

Longing for the reassuring cocktail of cliché that is an island getaway? Sand between your toes, hair flowing in the breeze, the gentle sting of salt-water lips. Because it’s glamorous to not just get away but get far away. Disconnecting from the real world is much easier when you are surrounded by glistening waters.
Yet such an escape doesn’t require a jaunt overseas. There are plenty of beautiful islands right on our doorstep in Britain. The delights of these windswept destinations don’t require days of endless sunshine (which is just as well as the summer weather seems to have abandoned these fair isles). Here, six of society’s most coveted…


A Wax Statue of Lincoln Melted Into a Meme
The sculpture was part of a series meant to comment on American monument culture. Cue the jokes instead.

What do you call a wax replica of a former president during an oppressive heat wave? A punchline waiting to happen.
Originally installed at an elementary school in Washington, D.C., in February, the six-foot wax version of the Lincoln Memorial was intended as a commentary on American monument culture.
Instead, it became a meme. As temperatures in the region neared triple digits over the weekend, the replica’s head mostly melted off, turning the towering president into a droopy mess.


Amsterdam Museum to Return a Matisse Work Sold Under Duress in World War II
The painting, “Odalisque,” was sold to the Stedelijk Museum in the early 1940s by a German-Jewish family desperate to escape the Nazis.

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam says it will return an Henri Matisse painting that has been in its collection since 1941 to the heirs of its former owner, a German-Jewish textile manufacturer and art patron who sold it to fund his family’s escape of the Netherlands’ Nazi occupation.
The museum announced the return of the work, “Odalisque,” on Tuesday after the Amsterdam City Council received “binding advice” from the Dutch Restitutions Commission, a government committee that rules on cases of Nazi-looted art.


36 Hours in Dublin
In Dublin, the Irish capital and an enduring favorite for visitors, the city’s history can feel within touching distance — it was little over a century ago that many key moments of the country’s founding played out on these streets. Still, a strikingly modern future is taking shape as Dublin grows into its role as a center of European tech innovation. As for the present fabric, visitors will find a flourishing food scene focused on local sourcing and sustainability and a whiskey renaissance that has brought new distilleries into established neighborhoods. While Dublin has become a more international hub, locals have made efforts to ensure what makes the city unique — its spirited personality and famed hospitality — doesn’t get entirely swallowed up by a push for growth.


“God Knows I Had My Fun”: Chace Crawford on Life After Gossip Girl
In the late aughts, Chace Crawford hit it big when he landed a role on the prep-school soap Gossip Girl, which took off instantly and made overnight stars of its irrationally attractive cast. In his early twenties, Crawford became one of the most sought after people in New York during an era before social media ruined going out, and an actor’s worth was judged by more than how many followers they had. Gossip Girl ran for six seasons, and its end left Crawford in the uneasy position of trying to outrun the thing that made him famous. So in 2019, Crawford made a U-Turn when he was cast in The Boys, an ultra-violent comic book satire set in a world where superheroes are power-hungry assholes. As The Deep, a spoiled, sex-craxed aqua-bro with serious body issues who can telepathically communicate with underwater creatures (including the octopus he fucks), Crawford has often been the show’s comic relief lynchpin, a chance for him to flex his range as an actor. As he tells his friend and fellow actor Billy Magnussen, the rest is just noise.


8 Insider Tips for Finding Hidden Gems on Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace can be a treasure trove of great secondhand items—if you know how to look.

Whether you’re looking to save money, shop sustainably, find truly unique pieces, or all of the above, Facebook Marketplace is an invaluable tool for shopping secondhand. Facebook Marketplace connects local buyers and sellers interested in a wide assortment of items, ranging from clothing to cars to furniture—and everything in between. Just like thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace offers a wealth of hidden gems for those who are patient and clever enough to know where to look. We asked interior design and vintage sourcing experts for their top tips for bringing home a treasure trove of secondhand finds from Facebook Marketplace.


How to Clean Baking Sheets So They Look Brand New
Remove tough stains and grease from your baking sheets with these tips.

Baking sheets are a workhorse in the kitchen. They’re used for making everything from sheet pan dinners to your favorite desserts. Because of how frequently they’re used, baking sheets often build up with grease and grime that can become difficult to get rid of over time. If this grime isn’t adequately removed, it can make your baking sheets unsafe to cook or bake on. To help, we spoke to experts who shared their tips for how to clean baking sheets with common household ingredients.


8 Times You Should Never Use Fabric Softener in Your Laundry
Skip using fabric conditioner when washing cashmere, moisture-wicking activewear, and more.

Like detergent, fabric softener (aka fabric conditioner) is a laundry staple that many people rely on to keep their clothes in peak condition. Whether it’s liquid conditioner added to the wash or sheets tossed in the dryer, the product is used to soften clothes and reduce wrinkles. But despite the many benefits of fabric softener, when used incorrectly it can wreak havoc on certain fabrics, according to the experts we spoke to. From delicate cashmere wools to moisture-wicking workout fabrics, the list of materials you should never wash or dry with fabric softener is more extensive than you might think.


This Former Royal Residence in a Tiny Portuguese Village Is Now a Luxury Hotel and Spa — With Lush Gardens and Just 21 Rooms
Valverde Santar’s namesake village has just 1,000 residents and is known for its incredible gardens.

For visitors to Portugal, destinations like Lisbon, Porto, Douro Valley, and the Algarve often rank high on must-see lists. But rarely do they venture to the country’s heartland, where stone-cloaked historic villages, mountainous nature-first expanse, and verdant wine countries characterize nearly every highway exit. In the 15-plus years since I first visited Portugal, which has included more than 30 trips, the country’s Centro region has become one of my favorites precisely because international tourism is still relatively low. Still, infrastructure — like luxury hotels — has been slowly popping up, giving everyone more reasons to explore a vastly underrated area.

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