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Darlings, we feel like celebrating! Not just because it’s WEDNESDAY or because today’s LOunge is especially fabulous, but because all of our PRIDE month speaking engagements are now completed and in the can, which means we can relax a little. But not too much, because we have a whole bunch of questionable celebrity style choices to discuss with you today. Order a round and prepare for distractions.


Jeremy Allen White Plans to Do His Own Singing in Bruce Springsteen Movie, Wants to Have His ‘Own Process’ Before Meeting the Rock Star
Jeremy Allen White will soon be swapping his chef’s knife for a guitar pick.
“The Bear” star is set to portray Bruce Springsteen in “Deliver Me From Nowhere,” the 20th Century Studios movie about the making of the rock legend’s 1982 album, “Nebraska.”
At the Season 3 red carpet premiere of “The Bear” on Tuesday night, White revealed to Variety‘s Marc Malkin that he hasn’t met Springsteen yet.


Jennifer Lopez ‘Can’t Wait’ to Adapt Emily Henry’s ‘Happy Place’ Novel Into Netflix Series
After the news made headlines, the Atlas star took to social media to share her enthusiasm about the upcoming project, posting a screenshot via her Instagram Stories that was originally snapped by film producer and Nuyorican colleague, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, capturing Deadline’s announcement of the news.
The novel, which was published in 2023, follows Harriest and Wyn, a couple who have been together since college but “broke up six months ago” and still haven’t told their best friends. The pair continue to lie about the split as they realize they may not be done with each other, after all.


Jodie Comer on The Bikeriders, leading in a male-dominated genre, and working with Austin Butler
Is there anything she can’t do?

Another year, another smash-hit movie from our favourite Liverpudlian, the one and only Jodie Comer. Following the success of last winter’s The End From We Start From, (currently streaming on Netflix) Jodie is now starring alongside Austin Butler (aka Elvis) and Tom Hardy (aka the man who might be Bond) in The Bikeriders.
Following in the long Hollywood tradition of outlaw biker genre movies, this Jeff Nichols directed movie subverts the traditional convention by telling the story of a Chicago biker gang through the eyes of a female protagonist, Kathy, played by Jodie.
The chameleonic Jodie is no stranger to subverting gender conventions through her memorable performances, most notably in her breakout role as the sociopathic assassin and serial killer, Villanelle on the wildly popular Killing Eve.


Cynthia Erivo: ‘I want to encourage people to enhance their own beauty; not make their beauty look like someone else’s’
She opened up to GLAMOUR about her eclectic fragrance personality, radical beauty moves and mental health hacks.

Why do you think makeup is so important to so many members of the community?
“I think it allows for people to dress and to become whoever they want it to be. I think makeup is part of an entire outfit. Some want to wear it, some don’t. Sometimes in order to feel confident, we use it. If we can’t find confidence in ourselves, sometimes we use makeup to help. And if that’s where you are, then at least there’s something that you can use to help encourage the person you are on the inside to come out.”


The best way to rehydrate quickly when you’re super hot and sweaty
Because heat illness is no joke.

Like many good things in life, hot weather is best in moderation. I adore a beach day as much as the next person, but the truth remains that too much exposure to heat raises your risk for heat illnesses, like heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke, “which happen when someone’s core body temperature rises due to being in a hot environment and many times are associated with fatigue from physical activity in the heat,” Dr. Pryor says. (The double whammy of high temps and exercise makes it extra important to hydrate during and after a workout.)


28 pretty pedicure ideas we’re booking in asap
All the inspo.

Let’s be honest, toes get the short end of the stick when it comes to beauty upkeep. For instance, how often does your algorithm serve you up pedicure ideas? It seems every day there’s a new shiny manicure trend going viral for our fingernails (looking at you, glazed butter Frenchies and cowgirl nails). But when was the last time a celeb’s lacquered toenails broke the beauty internet? Mmm.
Looking at the hashtag views on TikTok though, despite the platform being inundated with mani inspo (and picking up 13.4 billion views), the sizeably smaller portion of videos catering to your toes has raked in an almost-as-whopping 12.7 billion views. Which just goes to show, the interest is there.


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! Bridgerton author Julia Quinn just defended that controversial gender swap, but some book readers are still upset
It’s definitely a bold choice.

Each book in the series focuses on a different Bridgerton family sibling. Daughter Francesca’s, When He Was Wicked, sees her falling in love with her husband’s John’s cousin Michael after John dies. Viewers met John in the third season of Bridgerton and saw him and Francesca (Hannah Dodd) develop a bond over their love of the quiet life and ultimately marry. In the last episode, Francesca meets his cousin, Michaela, and seems smitten with her. This twist stirred up a lot of feelings in the notoriously passionate romance community, so Quinn took to Instagram to respond.


Simply The Vest: How The Humble Tank Top Became A Queer Fashion Staple For Generations
How does an undergarment basic become an enduring icon of queer culture?

Wembley Stadium, Saturday July 13th, 1985. Queen perform at Live Aid and out of all the flamboyant, show-stopping outfits frontman Freddie Mercury could have chosen, he wore a simple white vest.
The vest, otherwise known as a tank top among our US contemporaries, has always stood for so much more than its original purpose as an undergarment, and its popularity should not be mistaken for simplicity. Almost 40 years after Live Aid, it steadfastly remains as a staple for musicians, actors and creatives of every gender and sexuality; not to mention it holding a tight grip on the fashion industry.


The Evolution of Camilla’s Royal Style
Queen Camilla has carved out her own unique corner of the royal style pantheon.

From royal weddings and black tie events to international tours of the Commonwealth, Queen Camilla carries out a number of official duties. Unlike the late Queen Elizabeth—and her step-daughter-in-law Kate—Camilla usually steers clear of bright colors, favoring neutrals, pastels, and navy—with the occasional pop of bright blue. But when it comes to hats and brooches, she’s not afraid to make a bold statement.


Princess Anne Is “Recovering Well” After Her Unexpected Hospitalization
The Princess Royal’s husband, Timothy Laurence, shared an update on her health

Princess Anne is on the mend after an incident at her home resulted in her hospitalization on Sunday.
Anne’s husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy James Hamilton Laurence, visited her in her medical suite today and shared a positive update about her condition with a well-wisher.
“She is recovering well, thank you,” he said, per Buckingham Palace. “We are both profoundly grateful to the medical team and hospital support staff for their expert care—and to the emergency services, who were all so wonderful at the scene.”


Princess Anne Is Experiencing Memory Loss After Her Horse Accident
Her hospitalization is reportedly considered another setback for the royal family.

Princess Anne is regarded as one of the “hardest working” royals (she attended 457 different events in 2023 alone). However, she is currently out of commission after suffering minor injuries and a concussion during an “incident” earlier this week. On Tuesday, The Telegraph provided an update on Anne’s condition, reporting that the princess remains in the hospital and is experiencing some memory loss, most likely temporary.
Céline Dion’s 20 Most Memorable Looks of All Time
Her style hits all the high notes

While Céline Dion is often referred to as the “Queen of Power Ballads,” the globally-celebrated music icon also hits plenty of high notes with her head-turning fashions. Reaching icon status in the fashion and music industries is no easy feat, but Dion makes it look effortless, largely due to her fearless approach to both.
Thanks to her many chart-topping hits, Dion has graced countless red carpets, which she uses almost as if they were extensions of her concerts, giving her yet another stage to dazzle onlookers. From tuxedos worn backward to couture confections and Vegas showgirl sequins, there’s nothing that Dion can’t don with ease.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are “Desperately” Trying to Reconnect With Kate Middleton
And they’re “relieved and happy” that she’s recovering.

After Kate Middleton’s Trooping the Colour appearance, the world let out a collective sigh of relief seeing her looking rested and happy—and that would include Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, despite all the headlines about the royals’ family feud. Sources close to the family explained that the Sussexes are “desperately” trying to connect with Kate and “hope to trigger a truce,” OK! reports. At the moment, they’re keeping tabs on Kate through the news, just like everyone else, but hope that a “truce” could be on the horizon and that Kate’s recovery could be what the family needs to mend all the tension.


‘Toddler-Sized’ Stanley Tumblers Have Landed — But You Can Only Get Them at This One Store
They’re flying off shelves.

Stanley collectors regularly go wild when there are new colors of the eternally viral 40-ounce Stanley Quencher, and they’ll go to great lengths when there are limited-edition collaborations. Earlier this year, some people even camped out so they could score one of the hot pink versions at Starbucks. But the latest Stanley-related product to send some parts of the internet into an absolute frenzy is the “toddler-sized” Stanleys that have recently dropped at Target.


Cheez-It and Hidden Valley Ranch Crackers Are Coming — Here’s How to Get Them First
It’s the flavor combination of your dreams.

“We’ve seen fans mixing up their own blend of ranch seasoning-dusted Cheez-It crackers on social media, so we knew creating the perfect blend of cheezy and zesty flavors together was essential to satisfying their cravings,” Cara Tragseiler, the senior brand director for Cheez-It, shared in a statement provided to Food & Wine. “Much like our loyal Cheez-It fans, ranch lovers are seriously obsessed with Hidden Valley Ranch, so it was a no-brainer to infuse that fandom with our own to create a new, legendary cracker flavor.”


Here’s What Americans Are Buying Most for Their July 4th Cookouts
The hot dogs vs. burgers debate has finally been settled.

Our handwritten grocery lists may reflect our aspirations, but it’s our Instacart transactions that reveal our truest selves. This third-party app-based grocery delivery service has been meticulously tracking our summer spending habits, and it’s just released a report that unveils everything we love to indulge in at Fourth of July cookouts. The data also drops a bombshell: the definitive answer to whether hot dogs or hamburgers reign supreme on America’s birthday.


A New Book Honors Maine’s Historic Architecture—Humble, Saltwater-Weathered, and Quintessentially “Maine”
Published in 2021, The Maine House invited viewers into the saltwater-weathered architecture of the New England state. Up and down the coast and further inland, Maine’s historic hamlets are defined by buildings of a signature look: typically white clapboard or shingle cottages. Though gorgeous beachfront manses exist on Maine’s craggy coasts, those recent architectural builds don’t tell the real Maine story. For that, look to structures more humble in design—dwellings of fishermen, artists, and locales. The appeal of Maine is its understated, no-frills take on the good life, and this was the subject of the first book and its sequel The Maine House II, from Kathleen Hackett and Basha Burwell with photographs by Maura McEvoy.


Would You Clone Your Dog?
We love our dogs for their individual characters—and yet cloning implies that we also believe their unique, unreproducible selves can, in fact, be reproduced.

It has now been nearly thirty years since cloning mammals became possible. The technology has mainly been used to produce cattle, sheep, and pigs. The F.D.A. has signed off on the use of cloned farm animals as meat, although most agricultural clones are used for breeding. Meanwhile, since 2005, more than two thousand dogs have been successfully cloned. Biologically, their genesis is not very different from that of cloned cows or sheep, but in other respects the cloning of pets is far more uncanny.


How Much Are Taylor Swift’s Legs Worth? The Weird World of Insuring Celebrity Body Parts
Inside the publicity stunt and urban legend-fueled business of insuring the world’s most famous appendages, where getting a policy can really cost an arm and a leg.

How much are Taylor Swift‘s legs worth? What about Gordon Ramsay‘s tongue, Nick Cannon‘s balls and J.Lo’s butt? All these celebrity body parts reportedly have been insured for millions just in case something goes improbably yet horribly wrong.
But as you’ll soon discover, while some tales of celebrity liability coverage are legit, most were either onetime publicity stunts or have been debunked. (Which of the above examples are bogus? The answer, as they say, may surprise you.)


The 100 Greatest Westerns of All Time
From classics by John Ford, Budd Boetticher, and Anthony Mann to a Korean gem, the genre has proven to be ever-elastic as a vehicle for some of cinema’s deepest ideas.

“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”
If any eight words could sum up the best Western movies in their entirety, it’s those from “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.” At times misunderstood, at times marginalized, at times written off by Hollywood as less than bankable even following periods of extraordinary success, the Western is nonetheless the most enduring genre in the history of American movies. Assembling IndieWire’s list of the 100 Greatest Westerns of All Time resulted in movies appearing there that represent every single decade since the turn of the last century: The earliest film on the list is from 1903 and the most recent from 2023, with movies from five continents represented.


Pregnancy in America is starting to feel like a crime
The ripple effects of the fall of Roe extend far beyond abortion.

Imagine you’re eight months pregnant, and you wake up in the middle of the night to a bolt of pain across your belly.
Terrified you might be losing your pregnancy, you rush to the emergency room — only to be told that no one there will care for you, because they’re worried they could be accused of participating in an abortion. The staff tells you to drive to another hospital, but that will take hours, by which time, it might be too late.
Such frightening experiences are growing more common in the wake of the Supreme Court’s 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision, as doctors and other medical staff, fearful of the far-reaching effects of state abortion bans, are simply refusing to treat pregnant people at all.


Noise canceling can help save your ears
We’re probably all listening to music too loudly, alas.

Are your ears doing okay right now?
Do you know? I don’t. I’m wearing noise-canceling headphones, blocking out the din of traffic passing by so that instead Spotify’s Deep Focus playlist can let me do what it promises.
It’s awesome … but I can’t help but wonder: Is this damaging my hearing?
Our increasingly urban world is increasingly loud, and it’s making us sick.


My First Trip to Norway, With A.I. as a Guide
Can artificial intelligence devise a bucket-list vacation that checks all the boxes: culture, nature, hotels and transportation? Our reporter put three virtual assistants to the test.

The assignment was clear: Test how well artificial intelligence could plan a trip to Norway, a place I’d never been. So I did none of my usual obsessive online research and instead asked three A.I. planners to create a four-day itinerary. None of them, alas, mentioned the saunas or the salmon.
Two assistants were, however, eager to learn more about me in order to tailor their initially generic recommendations, which they had spewed out within seconds. Vacay, a personalized travel planning tool, presented me with a list of questions, while Mindtrip, a new A.I. travel assistant, invited me to take a quiz. (ChatGPT, the third assistant, asked nothing.)


A Feline Scientist Explains Why Your Cat Might Actually Like You
Cats are more social than they are often given credit for. Can you help yours access its inner dog?

Over the last two decades, a flurry of scientific studies have demonstrated, over and over again, that dogs are social savants, highly attuned to human cues.
But even as canine cognitive science flourished, few researchers bothered to probe the social skills of cats. After all, dogs were descended from the social gray wolf and had been intentionally engineered to perform specific roles alongside humans. Cats, on the other hand, were descended from the solitary African wildcat and had not been under the same selective pressure from people. They were viewed as antisocial and also, for good measure, uncooperative, making them unappealing research subjects.


How to Eat Oysters the Right Way, According to Seafood Experts
From prepping and shucking to dipping and serving, our guide to savoring this treasure from the sea.

They can be daunting, but once you know how to eat oysters, the world of dining is, in fact, your oyster. Sublime on their own, or in tandem with other delectable shellfish on a seafood tower, raw oysters have the power to turn any happy hour, dinner, or gathering, into a festive celebration. At raw bars or at home, oysters not only get the party started—they’re also somewhat sophisticated, especially when enjoyed with a glass of bubbly. We connected with seafood pros to glean tips for shucking, serving, and savoring this memorable mollusk.


10 Unexpected Ways to Use a Hair Dryer Around the House
This handy tool is good for more than just styling tresses.

It may be a must-have when it comes to your luscious locks, but did you know the common hair dryer can also be handy in other areas of your home? Whether it’s to help undo a mess or assist with a craft project, here’s how our experts make use of this everyday styling apparatus.


How to Keep Laundry From Piling Up, According to Professional Organizers
Expert tips to make the most exhausting of household tasks more manageable.

Laundry may seem like the chore that never ends, and is often reviled for that reason. Even if every piece is folded and put away at this exact moment, you’re highly aware that the clothes on your back will grace that hamper soon—along with the attire of everyone else in your household.
“If you’re part of a family who exercises, plays sports, dresses for work and dresses down when you come home, chances are you’re all wearing more than one outfit a day,” says Lauren Saltman, professional organizer and owner at Living. Simplified.
Consistency is key when it comes to keeping that pile at bay, so let these tips from experts help you conquer your laundry woes once and for all.

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