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PinAnd/Ore Restaurant – Toronto, Canada

As the heat dome descends upon us for another day, we’re feeling the need for a LOunge that’s dark and cool, where the sun never shines. It’s TUESDAY! Let’s be vampires!


Shailene Woodley Isn’t Worried About the Planet. She’s Worried About You.
After spending more than half her life championing environmental causes, Woodley now asks herself, “Am I just going to be adding to the noise?” With a new PBS docuseries on sustainable seafood, the ‘Big Little Lies’ star finds a subject worth taking the dive.

Woodley says she has gotten judicious over the years about how and where she uses her platform. Her latest attempt to shed light on an environmental issue has her diving for purple urchins in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Catalina Island in the new PBS docuseries Hope in the Water, from Big Little Lies creator David E. Kelley and chef Andrew Zimmern. Woodley’s episode, the finale in the series, airs July 3 and is devoted to rewriting seafood menus with an eye toward sustainability.
In late May, Woodley spoke to THR about reaching beyond “people who shop at Erewhon” with environmental messages, how a childhood spent camping with her family evolved into a conscious push toward conservation, and what has changed about her activism since she was first dismissed as “that cute little hippie girl.”


Freaky Friday 2: Everything we know about the sequel starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis
It’s go time!

Disney confirmed on June 24 that filming on the project has begun, and the film will be released in 2025! The Disney Studios Instagram account shared a photo of the two leads, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, holding hands outside of their trailers on the set of Freaky Friday 2. Notably, Curtis sits in front of Lohan‘s trailer, and vice versa. Clever.
“The Colemans are back and coming to theatres in 2025!” reads the caption. “The sequel to Freaky Friday is now in production!”


Daphne Guinness Is Irreplaceable
Guinness has just released the video for “Time,” the final track on the album. I broach the subject of her longstanding creative partnership with David LaChapelle, responsible for both the video and so many other projects across Guinness’ career. “I’ve known him now for 25 years, and we’ve never really stopped working since we met. It’s been a really fun time, because the thing with David is he knows that I will do anything he says.” I ask for examples. “Like, holding my breath for three minutes in a tank, or putting me up in a kind of biplane, or making me stand for 18 hours in the same position. That’s what I do, and it’s formed me to a great extent.”


Euros Mania Meets Fashion: Football Shirts Are This Season’s Breakout Trend
Whether football is, in fact, coming home is still TBC – but this trend is here to stay.

We may only just be getting over Tenniscore, but there’s already a new athleisure trend on the block… Meet fashion’s most surprising new obsession: the football shirt. Once the sole remit of die-hard supporters and stadium-goers, the item has recently made its way into the wardrobes of cool girls everywhere – and it’s fast becoming the must-have of the season.
Whether football will, in fact, be coming home anytime soon remains to be seen, but the fashion set is making damn sure to join in with the summer’s Euros Mania nonetheless – if only in the name of style.


Princess Anne Is “Comfortable” and “Recovering Well” After Horse Accident
The hard-working royal, who has been filling in for King Charles during his cancer treatment, is under observation at Southmead Hospital after sustaining head injuries

The Princess Royal is in hospital after sustaining a head injury from a horse at her Gloucestershire estate yesterday.
Buckingham Palace described Princess Anne’s condition as stable, but she is not expected to be discharged until later this week.
The 73-year-old royal has been busy standing in for her brother King Charles during his cancer battle, but now she will be forced to cancel forthcoming engagements including a trip to Canada later this week on the advice of her medical team.
The princess was walking in the grounds of Gatcombe Park, where she and her grandchildren regularly ride, when she was injured by a horse, which caused ‘“minor” wounds to her head and a concussion, according to the Palace.


His Way: The Real Frank Sinatra
Biographies of Sinatra—as well as memoirs of those who actually knew him—paint a complex portrait of the man behind the enigma.
“Being an 18-karat manic-depressive,” Frank Sinatra once said, “and having lived a life of violent emotional contradictions, I have an over acute capacity for sadness as well as emotion.”
He wasn’t kidding. Sinatra was far more than the most influential singer of the 20th century and the Oscar winning star of films including From Here to Eternity, The Manchurian Candidate, On the Town and Guys and Dolls. He inspired outsized emotion not only in fans, but in other 20th century celebrities, whose respective autobiographies are not complete without a story of Sinatra’s enormous, at times foolish, generosity (going so far as to try and score heroin for a desperate Billie Holiday as she was dying), terrific talent, or, according to Shelley Winters, his terrifying temper.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Have a Matchy-Matchy Date Night in Crochet Outfits After Her Third London Concert
The power couple wore similar-style outfits to celebrate after Kelce joined Swift on stage Eras Tour show at London’s Wembley Stadium

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are looking chic in crochet!
In the early hours of Monday, June 24, Swift and Kelce, both 34, wore similar style outfits as they were pictured leaving London hotspot the Chiltern Firehouse around 4 a.m. local time.
The “Love Story” hitmaker opted for an eye-catching ensemble to mark the celebrations following her third London gig at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, June 23.
For the outing, Swift wore a colorful striped crochet minidress with bell sleeves, which she teamed with a pair of butter yellow chunky open-toe heels.


The Royal Flush: Why Rich People Are Going Wild for Fancy Toilets
Water features, sound systems, and built-in lighting are just some of the features included in today’s power privies.

The rise of fancy toilets can be seen from every level, from blue-chip art to public necessity. In 2019, an 18-karat gold toilet (valued at $5.95 million) named “America” by Maurizio Cattelan was so coveted that it was stolen from an art exhibition at Blenheim Palace. It took four years for the robbers to be charged with theft. If you’re besties with the rapper Drake, you might receive a TOTO toilet (or four) as a birthday gift, just like DJ Khaled did for his 47th birthday. While residents of San Francisco’s Tony Noe Valley celebrated the opening of a $1.7 million public restroom, Abbey Whalen continues to rack up followers (she’s over 270,000 on TikTok) for reviewing bathrooms around the world, from the toilets in Hermes to those on Spirit airplanes. In a world where design aficionados are trigger-happy to post their new Mario Bellini couches or china pantries, could it be that the next big-deal status symbol for your home is something that’s long been ignored?


All About Princess Anne’s Home, Gatcombe Park
The Princess Royal suffered an head injury while she was out walking on her estate.

This weekend, Princess Anne was hospitalized with minor head wounds following what Buckingham Palace described as an “incident” at her Gatcombe Park estate in Gloucestershire.
Princess Anne has a residence at St James’s Palace in London, but she spends most of her time in the country at Gatcombe, where she lives with her husband Timothy Laurence. Anne’s daughter, Zara, also lives at Gatcombe with her family—her husband Mike Tindall and their children Mia, Lena, and Lucas.
Here’s everything you need to know about Princess Anne’s home, Gatcombe Park.


Famous Mother-Daughter Duos You May Not Know About
They got it from their mama.

Famous mother-daughter duos are a Hollywood staple. From Bella Hadid to Zoë Kravitz, many It Girls grew up with big shoes to fill—and rose to the occasion. And it’s always fun to see how they paid tribute to their predecessor’s success. Kaia Gerber has shared the runway with her mom, while Dakota Johnson has referenced her mom’s work in her own films. Tracee Ellis Ross even played a superstar singer in a role that drew comparison to her mom Diana. Whether said daughters adopted their mom’s craft or charted a new path, it’s hard to deny where they get their talent from.
Ahead, find 11 iconic mother-daughter duos, and the work that put them on the map.


How to Get Thicker Hair Instantly and Over Time, According to Experts
First step: Try not to sweat it.

As soon as you begin to notice more hair on the shower walls and less on your head, your first instinct is probably to whip out your phone, fire up Google, and stressfully type in “how to get thicker hair” or “why is my hair falling out,” only to be met with a scary list of medical articles. A lot of us have been there—80 million in America alone, to be exact. Consider this one of the not-scary articles.
Hair loss is stressful, yes, but it’s also information. It’s one of your body’s ways of telling you that something’s not quite right. Ahead are the most common reasons you might notice thinning hair, from genetics to your environment. And while it’s totally valid to freak out for a sec, remember that hair loss can give you the push you need to dive deeper with the help of a medical provider.


The Best Way to Store Peaches, According to a Farmer
Here’s how to keep those summer peaches perfectly ripe, whether they’re at their prime or need some time.

As anyone who’s ever eaten a juicy peach over the sink will know, a slightly overripe one is a good problem to have. A moldy or mealy peach, though? A peak-summer tragedy. We asked Steve Johnston, the sixth-generation farmer behind Apple Castle in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania (which, naturally, also sells a lot of peaches) about the best ways to store any kind of peach. Whether you plan to enjoy your haul immediately or slice up some peaches for a salad or pie, read on for Johnston’s pro tips.


How Vegetarian Restaurants Became Intertwined with the LGBTQ+ Movement
Counterculture restaurants became refuges for people to be out and together.

It’s tempting for the media to measure the strength of LGBTQ+ communities by the rise and fall of gay bars. Gay bars are dying. No, gay bars are rebounding. Gay bars are where we find safe space. No, they’re not.
For 50 years, queer and trans folks have also found refuge in a different sort of gathering place: vegetarian and vegan restaurants. You don’t go to a vegan cafe to search out love or stumble your way into a night of messy joy. You settle in for conversation and a quinoa bowl with friends, whatever their gender or orientation. And it’s been that way since the 1970s, when lesbian feminists set out to reinvent the restaurant.


26 Zucchini Recipes for Grilling, Frying, and More
Make the most of the summer squash with summery salads, bright soups, and more.

Summer is peak zucchini season, and there are so, so many ways to prepare it. You can grill it, of course — try pairing it with ricotta and pomegranate molasses — and bake it into delicious quickbreads. We also love turning it into silky soup, gratin, and crispy baked fries. Here are more than 20 zucchini recipes you’ll want to make over and over again.


From McBaguettes to McSpaghetti, This Book Logs McDonald’s Regional Dishes From Around the World
Gary He’s McAtlas drops later this fall.

So, you think you know McDonald’s, huh? It makes sense. The global fast food purveyor is among the most ubiquitous chains on earth. Its golden arches are an avatar of American capitalism. Big Macs, Quarter-Pounders, McFlurrys — what’s not to know?
But author Gary He is determined to show you a side of the eatery you never knew existed. And since he happens to be an award-winning photojournalist he’s doing so in expressive detail with a colorful new coffee table book entitled McAtlas.


The Ultimate Paris Travel Guide, as Curated by Vogue Editors—Just in Time for Vogue World: Paris
There are plenty of Paris travel guides in existence: France, after all, is the most-visited country in the world, and its capital city is the main reason why: with world-class museums, wide open boulevards, Belle Epoque architecture, and distinct cuisine, it’s known not just as the cultural capital of Europe, but perhaps the world.
Yet it’s not just the reality of Paris that draws you in—it’s the fantasy. The City of Light, after all, has been romanticized for most of us since birth, in books by Victor Hugo and Ernest Hemingway, movies like An American in Paris and Moulin Rouge, and through photographers like Brassaï and Henri Cartier Bresson.


Thoughtful Hostess Gifts That Will Secure You a Second Invitation
There’s a beloved and oft-replicated needlepoint pillow design that reads, “You never know how many friends you have until you have a country house.” Well, the sun’s out, summer Fridays have commenced, and it’s high time to reunite with friends and family, preferably in a balmy, waterfront location belonging to someone you love. So what is the perfect gift to bring your weekend host or hostess? Of course, there are some one-size-fits-all options—olive oil soap in the shape of grapes, a Murano glass nut bowl—but the best hostess gifts are the most thoughtful ones, targeted to the recipient and his or her interests.


What to do (and avoid) in extreme heat
Tips for keeping kids, adults, and the elderly cool and safe — even without air conditioning.

The Earth has never been so hot. The year 2023 was the globe’s warmest year on record. Millions of people in the mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and South are currently under heat alerts. It’s not just the US: More than 1,300 people died in Saudi Arabia during this year’s Hajj pilgrimage. Over 1,000 temperature records were broken worldwide in June.
Extreme heat is extremely dangerous, and can even be deadly. Heat is the leading weather-related cause of death in the United States. Prolonged exposure to hot temperatures can result in heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heat cramps, sunburn, and heat rash. Infants and young children, adults over the age of 65, people who are overweight, and people who are on certain medications — like amphetamines and antidepressants — are most at risk for heat-related illness. People who work outside and are exposed to the sun and heat also are at greater risk.


Pride and Prejudice: Indian royal Manvendra Singh Gohil on being the world’s first openly gay prince
For Pride Month, we revisit this Tatler interview from the January 2021 issue. When Prince Manvendra came out as gay, many hailed him as a hero – but his family disowned him

Coming out to one’s parents is hard enough at the best of times. For Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, who was born into one of India’s royal dynasties, it was nearly life-destroying.
Speaking exclusively to Tatler from Rajvant Palace, his family’s grand residence in Gujarat, western India, the 55-year-old prince recalls how having a breakdown in the early 2000s set him on a path that led to his being crowned one of the country’s leading LGBTQ+ rights activists and hailed by many as the only openly gay prince in the world.
By 2002, Prince Manvendra was certain he was gay, having been attracted to men for years. But he had no idea how his deeply traditional parents, the Maharana and Maharani of Rajpipla, would take the news. His honesty was not rewarded. ‘My mother and father demanded I have surgery or shock therapy to be cured,’ he says.


I Am Cringe. The World Is Sus. But My Teenager’s Slang Is Based.
My son just completed high school and when he leaves for college in the fall my life will change in ways I’m still struggling to contemplate. One of the things I’ll miss most are his lessons in teenage slang. My son has always been generous with me, and I’ve found the slang of his generation to be so much better and more useful than any that I’ve ever used. His slang has also offered me an accidental and useful portrait of how he and his generation see the world.


How Short Is Too Short for a Skirt?
Hemlines can spark questions — and strong opinions — about professionalism and appropriateness. Our fashion critic offers a reader some advice on skirt length.

Even before Ally McBeal spawned a cottage industry of should-you-or-shouldn’t-you chatter by wearing exceedingly short skirts to her law firm in the 1990s sitcom, and before Mary Quant rocked the fashion world with the miniskirt in the 1960s, Gussie Moran caused a ruckus in the tennis world in 1949 by chopping the knee-length playing skirt to upper thigh, the better to move around the court. Tennis fans quailed, Wimbledon authorities freaked, and Ms. Moran, nicknamed “Gorgeous Gussie,” was charged with bringing “vulgarity and sin into tennis.”


Why are film fandoms so intense now?
From Challengers to Barbie to Saltburn, a growing number of films are inspiring frenzied responses in their audiences, writes film critic Broey Deschanel

For cynics like myself, the impulse is to roll your eyes at this frenzied response. As literature gets sucked into the social media maelstrom, with TikTok turning reading into sport, moviegoers are concerned that film will suffer a similar fate. An initial glance at your apps will tell you that people have taken Challengers and given it the blockbuster treatment. So, in the same way Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett describes people on TikTok treating books as “totemic magical objects”, it feels like on the internet, a movie can never just be a movie. This phenomenon is not exactly new to film.


15 Delicious Ways to Top a Hot Dog
Fire up the grill—these unique toppings will instantly upgrade any ordinary hot dog.
Grilling season is here, and the best way to celebrate is to throw some hot dogs on the grates. While the dog and the bun are important, really, we’re all about the hot dog toppings. Ketchup, mustard, and relish are traditional (and delicious), but there’s a whole world of sauces and condiments that are perfect for adding to chargrilled franks—and we have a fantastic lineup of toppings for you to choose from.


How to Eat Mango 11 Delicious Ways
From snacks to entrees to desserts, is there anything a mango can’t do?

You can’t go wrong with mango. It’s equal parts sweet, succulent, and creamy, making it a delightfully tasty treat. Mangoes are especially popular in smoothies, but this isn’t your only option for enjoying them. This favorite tropical fruit can be used in a variety of dishes, from condiments and drinks to desserts and entrées. We asked experts for (delicious) tips on how to eat mangoes, plus how to buy and store the fruit before you eat it.


This Is Where You Should Retire, Based on Your Zodiac Sign
Use the galaxy to streamline your retirement plan.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect destination for retirement — and when the time comes to wind down on your career and settle down, everyone has different priorities. But if you’re overwhelmed by options, the stars themselves might offer you some inspiration. Your zodiac sign can give you lots of insight into your core desires, and it may even be able to help you tap into your ideal retirement destination.
For example, socially-minded air signs might seek someplace with a bustling sense of community, while pragmatic Earth signs may focus more on figuring out where their funds will stretch the furthest. Fun-loving fire signs will likely seek excitement and enrichment, while emotional water signs may desire a more tranquil environment (perhaps, unsurprisingly, near the water!). Here are some ideas about where to retire based on your zodiac sign to make the most of your golden years.


This Is the Happiest Country in the World, According to New Data
Austria is officially the happiest country in the world.

“Austria is crowned the happiest country, scoring 7.26 out of 10 in our index. The Central European nation scores relatively high across the board, placing in the top 10 for four of the six factors we looked at,” the team wrote in its findings. “It scores particularly high for its retirement age of 62.5, sharing second place for the factor.”
Up next is Slovenia, which came in second thanks to its Happiness Score of 72. “The nation has the lowest retirement age, at 62. It’s also one of the safest countries on the list, taking third place for the factor with a safety index score of 77.3 out of 100. Overall, it scores 7.20 out of 10,” the researchers added.

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