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PinCircolo Popolare Restaurant – Madrid, Spain

We need a LOunge that’s LOUD and BRIGHT today because it’s MONDAY and coffee just isn’t doing it. Come settle in and get your buzz on for the day. It beats the alternative, right?

Julianne Nicholson’s moment is finally here. She hasn’t been waiting around for it
“Normally, the first thing that’s said about me is ‘underused,’ ‘underappreciated,’ ‘overlooked,’” says Nicholson, with a heard-it-all grin, At age 52, she tries to ignore other people’s perception of her fame and how much more massive they think it ought to be. “Normally, I’m fine with it because I continue to work. But every once in a while, I feel like, ‘Oh, my God. I’m so tired — am I still trying to get people’s attention?’”
Those who have worked with Nicholson need not be reminded of her greatness or the way she makes her artistry invisible. Just don’t expect them to explain why Nicholson isn’t a huge star. When I ask Baker in a separate interview why she thinks the actor isn’t more renowned, she’s mystified that the industry can’t see what she and so many others do. “I find that really perverse,” Baker, 43, replies. “I’m outside of the Hollywood machine, and in my world, Julianne is a mega-celebrity.”


Hey, can we have a picture? Taylor gets selfie with the royals
Taylor Swift has had a successful few weeks in the UK for her Eras Tour, and has was given a very royal welcome over the weekend.
She met up with Prince William, Princess Charlotte and Prince George before they watched her concert in London on Saturday.
Both Prince William and Taylor Swift shared photos of themselves meeting each other on their social media accounts.
It was a part of Prince William’s 42nd birthday celebrations.


Taylor Swift Shocks Fans by Bringing Travis Kelce Onstage at 3rd Wembley Show: Watch Him Carry Her!
The NFL star wore a top hat and tux during the surprise appearance on Sunday, June 23

Taylor Swift had a very special guest at her latest Eras Tour show: her boyfriend Travis Kelce!
During her third show at London’s Wembley Stadium on Sunday, June 23, the pop superstar, 34, shocked the crowd by inviting the NFL star, also 34, onstage with her.
Dressed to the nines in a tuxedo and top hat, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end joined Swift for her “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” outfit change — a transition the singer introduced when she first incorporated The Tortured Poets Department album into the tour.


45 coffee table books that belong in any well-appointed home
Curate a stack of beautiful tomes to reflect your style and personality.

The best coffee table books are as much about aesthetics as content, making them the ultimate, panache-giving accessory for any stylish home. Whether you’re into interior design, photography, travel or cooking, a stack of beautiful books on your coffee table not only serves as a great conversation starter but also as an eye-catching decor addition in is own right.
When curating your collection, consider titles from renowned publishers like Assouline, Taschen, and Phaidon. These high-quality, hardback books are filled with stunning visuals and captivating stories. For those looking to infuse a bit of glamour, books by Rizzoli and Vogue are also must-haves, showcasing the best of fashion, art, and culture. Know your Virgil Abloh from your Louis Vuitton, and want to show off about it? Let your coffee table do the talking.


18 best gradual tans for a believable, fool-proof bronze glow-up – from tanning drops to creams
Simple, effective and hydrating.

Whether you’re looking to outsmart rainy British summertime or you just prefer to faux your glow year-round, gradual tan is an essential step for a dewy, next-to-natural finish.
For any self-tan novices, gradual tan is essentially a hint of bronze tint – think of it as a souped up lotion made up of equal parts body or face cream and tanning ingredients.
With its sheered-out formula and light wash of colour, it delivers just enough tan to take the edge off milk bottle legs or impart a warm glow to dark skin without going overboard.
With that in mind, it’s also “a great option for someone dipping their toes into self-tanning for the first time or those nervous about the process,” says tanning expert Jimmy Coco, who is responsible for Kim Kardashian’s honey glow.


Birkenstock has just launched sheer sandals (and we think they might be our favourite style so far)
The undeniable staple shoe of every summer.

Has there ever been a summer sandal more ubiquitous than the humble Birkenstock? That’s rhetorical, by the way.
Sure, flip flops are pretty staple, so are dad sandals and walking sandals, but they all come and go in and out of fashion every few years. The Birkenstock, however, has quite literally never *not* been cool. And anyone who thinks otherwise is, with all due respect, wrong.
Perhaps the most practical style symbol of a generation, there are very few scenarios for which a Birkenstock wouldn’t be appropriate.


Are you ballsy enough to rock the modern mullet the indie-girls are wearing?
Bored of beachy waves.

The mullet has undergone a metamorphosis. Just ask Miley Cyrus, Zendaya, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Barbie Ferreira and all the cool-girl influencers who have helped give the cut a major glow-up over the past few years.
If you’d have told us in 2020 that the mullet would be back on the map as a go-to chop among some of our favourite tastemakers, we’d never have believed you. But where once you’d be forgiven for associating the cut with ex-rockers and achy breaky hearts (looking at you, Billy Ray Cyrus), it’s been refreshed by a whole new generation, which includes his own daughter, Miley.
Now, it’s become synonymous with rebelliousness, liberation and the kind of gutsy DGAF energy that we could all do with a little more of. So… should we be doing it?


Jessica Lange, Living on the Edge: “What Would It Take to Teeter Off That High Wire?”
The Oscar-winning icon speaks about her remarkable spring on screen and stage, and why she feels more liberated as an actor than ever.

Jessica Lange has started tapping into a “wildness” as a performer. This might sound strange coming from someone who’s already won the Triple Crown in acting—with two Oscars (Tootsie, Blue Sky), three Emmys (Grey Gardens, two seasons of American Horror Story), and a Tony (as Mary Tyrone in Long Day’s Journey Into Night) to her name—and built her reputation on a kind of emotional fearlessness. But these days, Lange says on this week’s Little Gold Men (read or listen below), she’s even less inhibited. A lot of her characters “are navigating sanity,” she says. “And that always, to me, is the most interesting thing to play.”


31 Most Inspiring Self-Help Books To Refresh The Way You Think
From memoirs to mental decluttering guides, here is your go-to list of self-care literature, to help your mind, body and beliefs.

Whether you want to feel more courageous, implement new habits for your daily routine, stop worrying or become more productive, self-help books have the ability to help you unlock your potential, and have you feeling happier and healthier.
According to the mental health charity MIND: ‘Self-care techniques and general lifestyle changes can help manage the symptoms of many mental health problems.
‘They may also help prevent some problems from developing or getting worse.’


T&C Tried & True: The One Bucket Hat That Will Turn Haters into Lovers
With its wide-brimmed silhouette and crocheted raffia fabrication, Jenni Kayne’s sun hat will easily become your most worn accessory this summer.

If you asked me my thoughts on bucket hats about two months ago, I’d tell you I don’t understand the hype around them. I thought they looked silly and gave more of dad-on-an-outdoor-adventure than poolside chic vibes. Maybe that’s because I generally don’t like the way most hats look with my big, curly hair to begin with—and hate the feeling of wearing an extra layer on my head when it’s sweltering out. So the thought of throwing on a wider-brimmed style? I’d probably tell you I’d wear one when pigs fly.


Stephen Sondheim’s Thesaurus Just Sold for More Than $25,000
The late theater icon’s personal collection went up for auction this week.

Just this week, the late Stephen Sondheim’s personal collection went up for auction.
Given that Sondheim was an iconic composer and lyricist, known for his work on for West Side Story, Gypsy, Follies, Sweeney Todd, and Into the Woods, a number of pieces of Broadway memorabilia featured in the sale from Doyle Auctions, but it also included antique furnishings and puzzles. In total, the auction brought in over $1.5 million.
While some of the items sold nod to Sondheim’s professional accomplishments, they also give us a glimpse into his personal life.


The Entertainmentification of Fashion
In the ’90s, fashion and celebrity forged a friendship with very lucrative benefits.

It was 1996, and Salma Hayek couldn’t stop laughing.
The actress, then 29, was lying on a kitchen table in a siren-red gown by Pamela Dennis. A spotlight meant to highlight the satin folds of her dress was blinding her eyes instead. A makeup artist was trying to ensure her mascara didn’t smear as she squinted. A hairstylist kept teasing her curls into bigger and bigger spiral poufs. And a wind machine, meant to amplify the star’s dramatic look, had begun blowing tiny bits of smoke instead.
“I don’t know what’s going on, guys,” Hayek joked from her precarious pose on the table. “But I know it is not great!”


Some of the World’s Best Whiskeys Are Coming From India
The country’s new crop of single malts are racking up awards and becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Over the past decade, Asia has become a thriving hub for whiskey distilling, with Japanese whisky, in particular, earning global acclaim and captivating enthusiasts worldwide. This surge in popularity has led to soaring demand, making many bottlings difficult to find and cost-prohibitive.
Consequently, consumers are increasingly exploring new whiskeys to satiate their growing interest. Among these, Indian single malts are swiftly emerging as a force in the industry.


If You Love South African Wine, This Safari Is for You
Stocked with nearly a quarter-million bottles, Singita is curating the country’s most representative wine list and empowering local communities.

An up-close experience with the Big Five — lions, leopards, elephants, African buffalo, and rhinoceroses — is one of the major draws to the 45,000-acre Singita Sabi Sand, a less-trafficked private game reserve that brushes against South African safari favorite Kruger National Park. But the wine cellar back at Singita Ebony Lodge, the luxury safari’s first property that opened 30 years ago, presents another unique, world-class experience.
One of the largest buyers of South African wine at auction, Singita — whose 16 lodges, tented camps, and villas span the countries of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Rwanda — sports a collection of nearly 200,000 bottles of South African wine, making it the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.


Krispy Kreme’s New Red, White, and Blue Doughnuts Are Perfect for July 4th Weekend
Celebrate summer with these doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme simply can’t stop — won’t stop — coming out with limited-edition, seasonal doughnuts. Just last week, the company dropped some adorable mini doughnut dots. And you know what? We’re not mad about it. Because it means we get to indulge in a special treat. And this time, doughnut fans can get a little patriotic with their sugary breakfast.
Just in time for the Fourth of July, Krispy Kreme is dropping some red, white, and blue donuts with its Star Spangled Sweetness collection.


The Internet’s Bias-Cut Debate Is More Nuanced Than You Think
A quick history on the technique that has Fashion Twitter and -Tok in a tizzy.

Lakyn Carlton didn’t intend to go viral, but it only took one tweet. On June 7, the personal stylist posted two photos of satin slip skirts she stumbled across when shopping for a client. A turquoise bias-cut midi by the British brand Ghost London, which skimmed the model’s body and fluttered outward at the hem, and a straight-cut gray style from Vancouver-based brand Brunette the Label that bunched at the waist, clung to the hips and hit at the mid-calf.
Given their design differences, she decided to turn the midis into a teaching moment about bias cuts. Carlton’s caption read, “The difference between a skirt cut on the bias vs. not. It’s hard to unsee once you know what you’re looking for.” This method, pioneered by the French fashion designer Madeleine Vionnet in the 1920s, involves cutting fabric (primarily silk) at a 45-degree angle from its woven grain instead of the traditional method of cutting parallel to the grain.


Heroes: Kathleen Hanna
The punk icon tells all in her latest memoir ‘Rebel Girl’, showing us how punk feminists are made!

Last summer, a week and a half before announcing her memoir, Rebel Girl: My Life As a Feminist Punk, musician Kathleen Hanna made her first TikTok. It was a video of the artist in a metallic magenta dress and bright yellow tights exercising on a stationary bike and attempting to rein in her massive and iconically bratty voice as she sang along to her band Le Tigre’s most popular song “Deceptacon.” The caption read: “Preparing for tour after being sick. Not feeling as strong as I’d like but getting there.” The most liked comment read: “MOTHER IS ON TIKTOK.”


17 Iconic Black Fashion Moments In Film
Style trends are born and reborn through characters we’ve come to know and love—and we can’t quite get enough of it.

Black cinema fashion is unmatched. It’s bold, powerful, effortlessly sexy and of course, iconic. As lifelong trendsetters and style chameleons, Black creatives have the ability to effortlessly turn heads whether seen in soft, mild fashion looks or flashy and exuberant pieces.
Style in Black cinema is done with such intention that the wardrobe often breathes life into the characters on screen, and vice versa. Twenty-year-old classics, like Eve’s Bayou, perfectly intertwine delicate Southern style with the story of young girlhood and family tragedy. Meanwhile, present-day projects like 2019’s Queen & Slim boasts a timely storyline and breathtaking imagery, all while being one of the most stylish films to hit the big screen in recent years.


What the rise of queer Republicans tells us about America
More Americans feel comfortable coming out. That doesn’t mean they’re all progressives.

“If anything, the proliferation of more people who identify as LGBTQ will mean a growth of people who identify as gay Republicans, because there will probably be a lot more people who are comfortable to be out and to be recognized as gay Republicans in a way that they weren’t in the past,” Young, the author of Coming Out Republican: A History of the Gay Right, told me.
So while the mainstream picture of LGBTQ Americans is one of progressive and liberal activism, the overlooked history of conservative and right-wing queer organizing provides additional color of the past and clues for what a future America might look like: As LGBTQ Americans grow in numbers and change the nation, the country — and our politics — may be changing the community too.


57 Sandwiches That Define New York City
You can tell a lot about a city by the sandwiches it keeps. Not just its tastes or its vices — cured meats — but also its fascination with myriad cultures, its appreciation for stellar ingredients and its desire for delicious convenience. Over the last three months, the New York Times Food staff has crisscrossed all five boroughs in search of heroes, bodega icons, inspired crossovers, meatless wonders and more. This list isn’t a ranking — though every one of these sandwiches is marvelous to eat, with one hand or two — but a way of surveying New York as the culinary destination it is. Why sandwiches? Well, what other food item could be as dynamic, diverse and entertaining as New York City itself?


America Got Gay Marriage, but It Came at a Cost
It’s a strange time for gay rights in America. As the country nears the 10th anniversary of the legalization of gay marriage nationwide, support for same-sex unions has risen to 70 percent of the American public. But at the same time, L.G.B.T.Q. people are being targeted in ways not seen since the days of Save Our Children, Anita Bryant’s infamous 1977 campaign against gay rights that depicted gay men as human garbage and pedophiles.
In recent years, Republican-controlled state legislatures have banned drag shows, gender-affirming care for minors and adults, and the teaching of sexual orientation from kindergarten through the third grade, including the passage of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. Panic about “grooming,” a homophobic slur that exploits people’s worst fears about gays and children, is having a moment.


‘The Bikeriders’ Costume Designer Aged and Beat Up Leather to Create the Biker Looks
“The Bikeriders” costume designer Erin Benach had eight months to develop the leather jackets.
Jeff Nichols’ latest drama follows a Midwestern biker club in the 1960s, inspired by Danny Lyon’s 1967 photo book about the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. Austin Butler, Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon are among the leather-clad bike riders leading the cast. With a limited budget and short prep time, Benach had to choose wisely which jackets she was going to build and which ones she was going to source.
“It can be a viewer challenge: Which are original and made? Which ones are vintage?” Benach laughs.


Regencycore Is Trending—Here’s How to Bring the Bridgerton Style to Your Home
Gilded, romantic, old-world Regency style is once again popular. Here, interior designers share 11 ways to bring the look to your home.

This season is ushering in a new interior design aesthetic, and it’s unapologetically and regally romantic. Thanks to the salacious antics of the latest season of Bridgerton and its strikingly opulent backdrop, Regencycore is making a comeback three centuries after its original debut.
“The first time I watched Bridgerton, I wasn’t only hooked on the tantalizing storyline, but also the insanely gorgeous sets filled with European antiques,” says Catherine Tassin de Montaigu, founder of de Montaigu Designs. For Sallie Lord, founder of GreyHunt Interiors, “the real ‘Diamond’ of Bridgerton is exposing a younger generation to the beauty of classic old-world design and its romance and detail.”
Here, dearest gentle readers, is everything you need to know about the Regencycore trend, and how you can bring this glittering and gilded look into your own home.


10 Valuable Collectibles That Might Be Hiding in Plain Sight in Your Home
Check those storage boxes—from vintage Pyrex bowls to antique perfume bottles, these items could be worth a small fortune.

People often stow away items and forget about them. Many of us have ventured into the attic and looked around at the collectibles gathering dust without realizing that many of those bygone items could be valuable. Maybe our families held onto keepsakes for their sentimental value, or perhaps it was too difficult to part with them. Either way, you might want to spend a few hours going through those dusty boxes—some of those items could be worth thousands of dollars.
“There are some unlikely items in people’s attics that can turn out to be valuable,” says Nicolas Martin, flea market expert and founder of Flea Market Insiders. “The odds of finding something valuable in your attic are much higher than winning the lottery!” So, you might want to take the time to sort through the collectibles in your attic to find some of these forgotten treasures.


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