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PinThe Siren Restaurant – Amsterdam, Netherlands

We’re feeling a weensy bit extra this fine THURSDAY morning. As the heat dome descends upon us for another day, let’s pretend we’re all snuggled up in comfy chairs and sipping something scandalous in Amsterdam. Why? Because we deserve, that’s why.

Jon Hamm Doesn’t Want to Be Your Leading Man
A decade after ‘Mad Men,’ the 53-year-old star is still wrestling with Don Draper’s demons. But therapy, a new marriage and an avalanche of plum roles have helped smooth his ride.

Jon Hamm was photographed Feb. 27 in Topanga Canyon. PHOTOGRAPHED BY GAVIN BOND
So, at 53, the newly married Hamm is back in the zeitgeist in a way that he hasn’t been since Mad Men ended nearly a decade ago. His absence was partially by design — or, at least, a predictable byproduct of the smaller, quirkier bets he placed, including the critically adored reimagining of Fletch, which he’s eager to reprise. “People were chucking all kinds of stuff at him,” says his frequent collaborator and close pal John Slattery, “and I think that he’s played it smartly, career-wise, just finding the best parts he could as opposed to some of the choices where you go, ‘Oh, that’s a good paycheck.’ ”


The Man Who Helps the Stars Come Out
Veteran PR maestro Simon Halls, who’s married to Matt Bomer, talks about the many celebrities he’s supported out of the closet.

As I made my way in the business, I started getting calls from managers asking for help with clients as they faced truly awful situations. Talented people like veteran actor Michael Jeter and choreographer Michael Peters, men who were gay and had gotten sick with active AIDS. Tabloid reporters threatened to report on it, but some members of the men’s families didn’t know they were gay. What I tried to do was bring as much calm and comfort to folks who were really going through it while helping them get the message out to the world on their own terms. Not to get too controversial, because it has changed, but at the time, it wasn’t just the tabloids that acted in such a way, it was the gay press as well. Back then, our community did not celebrate our own at all. That changed with Ellen DeGeneres.


I get 8 hours’ sleep every night, so why am I still tired all the time?
Please, don’t tell me to meditate.

I have a confession that is going to make me wildly unpopular, particularly among parents: I consistently get 8 hours of sleep every night.
By 10pm, I’m so exhausted that as soon as I get into bed, I’m pretty much guaranteed to be asleep by 11pm. Most days, depending on my office and gym schedule, I set my alarm for around 7.15am. On rest days when I also happen to be working from home, I can get away with waking up at 8.30am. I can hear the collective groans of every sleep-deprived mum reading this.


Ariana Grande just explained her Glinda-coded voice change
“I’ve always done this BYE.”

There is a new Austin Butler-Elvis-voice in town. Ariana Grande has Galinda-fied her voice, seemingly, for good — and the internet doesn’t really know what to make of it.
In a viral clip of a radio interview recently posted on TikTok, the “Yes, And” singer speaks to the hosts in a deeper voice, before she appears to reset and pitch her voice slightly higher.


I can confirm these 7 perfumes are basically happiness in a bottle—and you’ll want in on them this summer
When life gives you lemons, make lemon perfumes

My perfume cupboard (yep, I’m a beauty editor so have a fragrance cupboard) is bursting at the seams, but there’s one type that I have consistently found myself reaching for this summer: lemon perfumes.
Citrus scents are my jam, particularly in the summer months. Lemon in particular is a note that I’ve developed such a fondness for over the years. It all started with Maison Margiela Replica Under The Lemon Trees, which is still an all-time favourite fragrance of mine, and since then I’ve been seeking out the best lemon scents. While there are citrus perfumes aplenty, lemon perfumes have a specific characteristic that makes them fresh, zingy and uplifting—leaving them void of that creamy, musky, skin-like element that isn’t to everyone’s tastes. Trust me, I’ve spritzed dozens —these to be the best.


The Bear Star Ebon Moss-Bachrach Wants You to Stop Calling Him “Cousin”
The man behind loudmouth-turned-suit-guy Richie Jerimovich says the nickname is getting old.

After months of anticipation, Chicago-set kitchen dramedy The Bear is set to return to screens on June 27. And Ebon Moss-Bachrach, the actor who plays chaos agent turned front-of-the-house-mastermind Richard “Richie” Jerimovich, is bracing for the worst. All ten episodes of the series will drop on Hulu that day, inspiring countless Instagram “watching now” posts of chef Carmen “Carmy” Barzotto (Jeremy Allen White) captioned with drooling variations on “yes, chef.” But for Moss-Bachrach, the adulation is more aggressive (as befits Richie, one supposes) and involves endless catcalls of a shared nickname.
Though the show is currently off the air, “I get a lot of comments,” Moss-Bachrach tells The Guardian. “People yell ‘Cousin!’ at me all day.”


Breakdancing Will Make History at the Olympics—but It’s Always Been Here
The sport’s pioneers and current stars recall how we got to this moment

This summer, B-Boy Victor is among a rarefied group of 32 dancers who are set to bring breaking, which emerged out of New York’s nascent hip-hop community in the ’70s, to its biggest stage yet. He, along with Sunny Choi, a.k.a. B-Girl Sunny, 35, will represent the U.S. at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, where, for the first time, breaking will be part of the program, with dancers from countries including Morocco and Lithuania set to compete. Alongside surfing, skateboarding, and sport climbing, it’s one of several new sports provisionally added to the Games this summer, and its inclusion on the Olympic slate has the potential to vault it to a level of mainstream prominence that many of the participating athletes have not seen in their lifetimes.


Daniel Francis Embraces His Sensitive Side as Bridgerton‘s Lord Marcus Anderson
The British actor opens up about Marcus and Violet’s love story, the important of showing romance at all ages, and why he wants to see a greater breadth of Black history in period dramas.

When the first half of Bridgerton season three dropped last month, Daniel Francis was unprepared for the response to his character.
Francis, who joins the sprawling cast of the Netflix hit as Lord Marcus Anderson, Lady Danbury’s brother and a possible love interest for Violet Bridgerton, tells T&C that the reaction has been “mad” and “mayhem”—in the best way possible. “It’s insane,” Francis says. It’s such a loved show, so it’s been fantastic.”
The one thing that’s surprised him the most: What he calls the “female reaction” to Marcus. His social media pages have been flooded with thirsty comments. “You don’t really plan for that,” he says with a laugh. “It’s lovely and it’s flattering, and you just handle it in a sober way and in a respectful way.”


Jennifer Lopez Spotted Without Ben Affleck on Vacation in Italy
Lopez was spotted on a boat in Italy amid marital strain with husband Ben Affleck, in photos obtained by PEOPLE

The singer and Atlas star was photographed smiling and catching some rays aboard a boat in Italy on Tuesday, June 18, showing off her abs in a cream-colored bandeau top and coordinating with multicolored shorts and gold peep-toe heels.
Lopez — whose husband, Ben Affleck, was not seen along with her for the outing — also carried a Christian Dior Hat Basket Bag and accessorized in gold sunglasses, as she was seen spending time with other individuals out on the water.


The Brat Pack Is Back: Who to Look Out for in Andrew McCarthy’s New ‘Brats’ Doc
The 1980’s nostalgia is officially at an all-time high.

On June 10, 1989, New York Magazine put a group of young stars on the cover with a headline that would change the course of their careers: “Hollywood’s Brat Pack.” For stars like Molly Ringald, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, and Demi Moore, the moniker proved almost impossible to escape.
Now, nearly four decades later, Pretty in Pink actor Andrew McCarthy has finally decided to demystify the label with a new documentary, aptly titled Brats.


How to Paint Your Nails at Home Like a Pro
Follow these 10 steps for a perfect mani.

Who doesn’t love a little treat? We’re big fans of everything from iced coffee and (mini!) shopping sprees to spa days and fresh manicures. When it comes to the latter, though, it can be particularly satisfying when you’re your own nail artist. Sure, it might require more effort than a salon appointment, but the end result and feeling of accomplishment make it worth it.
You can even treat your DIY mani as a mindfulness moment, as its repetitive nature makes it meditative. Keep reading to learn how to paint your nails like a pro using traditional, air-dry polish. You’ll be zen-ing out with a perfectly polished mani in no time.


18 Must-See Films That Celebrate Paris
Its rooftops, its streets; its neighborhoods, monuments, Metro—Paris can’t help but be cinematic. Ahead of Vogue World: Paris, here are just some of the films that have beautifully showcased the City of Light, from Amélie to Belle de Jour and Charade.


You Won’t Find Mountain Dew’s 2 New Flavors Just Anywhere — Here’s Where to Look
Freedom Fusion Slurpee, anyone?

It’s nearly July 4, and Mtn Dew is kicking off the summer season with two new flavors, one of which sounds appropriately patriotic. Exclusively at convenience stores under the 7-Eleven, Inc. umbrella — that includes 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Stripes locations nationwide — customers can try both the new limited-edition Mtn Dew Infinite Swirl and the new Mtn Dew Freedom Fusion Slurpee, each available now through the end of the year.


The Era of the Line Cook
In a dinner series called the Line Up, line cooks, sous-chefs, and chefs de cuisine from buzzy New York restaurants get to be executive chefs for a night.

In “Kitchen Confidential,” the book that launched Anthony Bourdain’s writing career, he explained that his subject was “street-level cooking and its practitioners.” Line cooks—the people actually making your food—“were the heroes,” he wrote. It was clear what kind of heroism he meant: obscured and nearly undetectable; all drudgery, no glory; the hustle its own reward. In the preface to an updated paperback edition, Bourdain said that the book had been wrongly perceived as an exposé of the restaurant business, when all he was trying to do was write something that his fellow-cooks found “entertaining and true.” “I was not—and am not—an advocate for change in the restaurant business,” he wrote. “I like the business just the way it is.”


Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick the 10 Best TV Shows of 2024 So Far
Faves from the first half of the year include a pair of addictively dark Netflix dramas, a heart-tugging sports doc/celebrity bromance and a stronger-than-ever season of ‘Hacks.’

Ripley (Netflix)
In contrast to Anthony Minghella’s exuberant The Talented Mr. Ripley, Steven Zaillian’s adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel is a chilly meditation on unfulfilled potential and the privilege of geriatric adolescence. Andrew Scott’s inscrutable title character isn’t so “talented,” but he’s complex, and the supporting cast couldn’t be better. The main attraction, though: Robert Elswit’s eye-popping black-and-white cinematography. — D.F.


Nicola Coughlan Masters Her Main Character Moment
The “Bridgerton” star steps into a well-deserved spotlight and discusses her journey with IndieWire: “You can’t wish for this forever and then go ‘Oh, it’s really hard.’ You gotta go, ‘You’re lucky.'”

“I believe strongly that everyone needs to do a year in retail,” Coughlan said as we discussed her journey to “Bridgerton.” “That’s the best thing training could ever get for doing six months of press, which is what we’re doing right now. You will respect people and you’ll respect their time, and you’re not going to leave a carpet and not answer someone’s questions because they’ve taken the time to be there with you. But I wouldn’t have learned that at drama school, I wouldn’t have had that same work ethic.”


What a social media warning label can’t do
What the surgeon general wants to do for kids safety leaves the rest of us behind.

The case that social media is hurting America’s children gained more momentum this week after Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called for warning labels on social media platforms. If the news gave you déjà vu, that’s understandable. Just a year ago, the same surgeon general issued a lengthy advisory about social media and youth mental health. But as much as the surgeon general’s new call to action, a guest essay published by the New York Times, catches our attention, a warning label alone won’t rescue young people from the damaging effects of social media.


Going on vacation with friends? Read this first.
If you want to get away together, but you don’t want to fight, here’s what you need to know.

Mismatched expectations are just one of the many ways a vacation with a group of friends can go sideways. When you’re traveling, you’re faced with dozens of decisions you don’t always have to make in your daily lives, says Auston Matta, the owner, founder, and CEO of the travel advice and LGBTQ group trip planning website Two Bad Tourists. A group of friends can often have conflicting ideas of where to eat, what to see, how much to spend, and how to get around. Add in the stress of being in a new place and disagreements are bound to arise.
But you don’t have to let the possibility of conflict deter you from jet-setting with your pals. Most of the planning and discussion should take place before your bags are ever packed. Here’s what experts say will make your friend getaway as pain-free as possible.


She Walked in Beauty: The Subtle Seductiveness of Anouk Aimée
The French star created characters who could be fantasies or enigmas, but they always intrigued, even when she was miscast in Hollywood.

These days it’s dicey to refer to a female performer as “a thinking man’s sex symbol,” but back in the ’60s and ’70s, when such phrases were dispensed profligately, the French actress Anouk Aimée, who died on Tuesday in Paris at 92, fit the category most beautifully. A willowy brunette with high sculpted cheekbones and penetrating eyes that seemed capable of looking right through you, she was a screen goddess who wielded a thoughtfulness that held the world at arm’s length, or farther.


The Careful Crafting of Austin Butler
“Elvis” and “Dune” established him as a chameleonic movie star. Now, with “The Bikeriders,” something closer to the real Butler is being revealed.

The last two years have more than borne out that first impression. Butler’s performance as the king of rock ‘n’ roll in “Elvis” turbocharged his career and earned him an Oscar nomination, while the March release of “Dune: Part Two,” in which he played the alabaster and smoothly evil Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, confirmed that the 32-year-old actor was no one-hit wonder.
In addition to starring in the Apple TV+ limited series “Masters of the Air,” Butler has become a magnet for prestige directors: He recently filmed Ari Aster’s “Eddington,” is about to star in Darren Aronofsky’s crime thriller “Caught Stealing,” and has long been rumored for Michael Mann’s still-gestating “Heat 2.”
“Right now, that guy’s at the top and he’s getting every script,” Nichols said. “We’re going to learn a lot about him by the choices that he makes.”


‘The Acolyte’ Costume Designer on That New Sith Master Mask, the Witches’ Coven Robes and More
With the show set 100 years before “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace,” Bryan suggested to Headland to move away from the Anglo-Saxon base of the universe “to something more encompassing of cultures.” She researched ancient civilizations. “I looked at Mongolia, Africa, and of course, Japanese culture because we know George Lucas based his Jedi and some of the iconic looks on that,” says Bryan. And Headland was game. “As you see more of the episodes, those designs and influences start to come to light.”


How to Choose a Ripe Cantaloupe, Watermelon, or Honeydew
When it comes to picking the best melons, factors like size, weight, color, and sound can help guide your choice.

Melon season is here! The warmer weather brings with it delicious honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon. While these highly anticipated fruits are tastiest (and usually more affordable) during late spring and summer, you’ll still need to check for ripeness to ensure you’re choosing the sweetest, juiciest fruit of the bunch.
Unlike berries, it can be difficult to identify a ripe melon from appearance alone. But with some helpful cues, like sound and feel, you’ll be able to more accurately select melons that are ready to enjoy the second you get home.


Our 20 Most Popular Recipes Ever, Including Cheesecake, Pancakes, and Chicken
If you ask us, every recipe our food editors have created is a hit, but there are some dishes that really stand the test of time. Case in point? These 20 recipes are the ones you, our readers, visit most. If you’re not already making these hall-of-famers, then it’s time to give them a try.
Our collection of most popular recipes includes breakfast classics, comfort food favorites, no-cook condiments, and easy-to-make desserts. Each deserves a spot in your repertoire—they are the type of essential dishes that every home cook should master.


9 Filthy Spots in Your Kitchen You Might Be Forgetting to Clean
Don’t overlook these areas and appliances when cleaning your kitchen.

For many families the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, meaning it is often also often the dirtiest. While there are some areas and appliances you likely clean routinely, some of the dirtiest nooks and crannies of your kitchen may go unnoticed, such as the faucet you touch after cutting up chicken or the spices you grab in the middle of cooking.
Maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen is essential for preventing cross-contamination and ensuring a safe and healthy environment. To keep your space clean, we’re sharing some spots in your kitchen that experts say are actually the dirtiest.


How to Remove Nail Polish Stains From Clothes
Don’t panic if you spill polish on your clothes while painting your nails—it can be remedied with a little soap and water.

Most at-home manicure mishaps—nails cut too short, rough cuticles, and smudging—are temporary, but spilling polish on your favorite piece of clothing can leave a permanent mark. But don’t panic—you can actually remove nail polish from your clothes using items you likely already have around the house. We spoke to a laundry care expert who shares their easy method for removing nail polish stains from clothing.


Italy’s Deepest Lake Is Also Its Most Glamorous — With Luxury Hotels, Stunning Mountain Views, and Fairy-tale Towns
Lake Como is one of Italy’s dreamiest lake destinations — here’s how to plan the perfect visit

It’s hard to think of Lake Como without thinking of its famous residents: Clooney, Versace, Messi, Madonna. At one point or another, they’ve all staked their claim to a piece of lakeside real estate here. And one can hardly blame them for coveting a sliver of Como’s fabulous shoreline. No place in Italy has quite the cache of Lake Como, and its reputation as the epitome of the good life is well-deserved.

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