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PinFiamma Restaurant – Qingdao, China

Spread out, darlings. We have the entire place to ourselves. And why shouldn’t we? It’s WEDNESDAY after all, and that calls for being selfish and entitled as it suits us. Let’s make it all about US today. But of course, remember to treat the devastatingly efficient and attractive wait staff kindly and tip them generously when you eventually decide to re-enter the real world.


Julianne Moore Couldn’t Resist the Scheming Mother in ‘Mary & George’
“Mary & George” is a sexily entertaining royal romp. “She’s never satisfied,” Moore tells IndieWire about her latest compelling creation.

The actress also had fun with the costumes, designed by Annie Symons. “There’s no stock for this period,” said Moore. “The Jacobean period was 20 years, relatively short, and there aren’t a lot of dramas that people have made. She had to build everything. I must have had 60 to 70 costumes. And you had to have the corset and ‘the bum roll,’ and you had another piece on top of that. So you had all this structure just to hold the skirt up. I couldn’t fit in my car. We were always having to drive to the location in our costumes, and eventually they said, ‘We have a van for you.’ And I realized I could fit a lot of people in my huge van. I had a nice group with me: I always went to set in a van with everybody I could get in there, hair and makeup and wardrobe, and my assistant.”


Why the most powerful men in America are the worst dressed
Twitter’s menswear guy explains, from Trump Republicans’ shiny red ties to the horror of “dress sneakers.”

Americans may be paying less attention to political news ahead of the 2024 election, but when they do tune in, they’ll be greeted by a sartorial landscape that’s different from the one they remember four years ago. Legions of Republicans are copying Trump’s shiny red ties in a bid to win his (and his base’s) favor. Suits, at least on younger politicians, have gotten significantly tighter. And we’re officially in the unfortunate era of the “dress sneaker.”
DC fashion has always been notoriously bleak, steeped in the regressive gender and respectability politics that govern the nation’s oldest bureaucracies. Here to explain what’s going on in this particular election cycle is Derek Guy, the San Francisco-based founder of the blog Die, Workwear!, who’s perhaps better known as X’s “menswear guy,” having exploded on the platform in 2022 for his informative threads and quippy comebacks.


Justin Timberlake and his lawyer have released a statement about his DWI arrest
The pop star was driving erratically in the Hamptons.

This just in: Justin Timberlake has officially been charged and released after being arrested for driving while intoxicated in Sag Harbor, New York. And his lawyer clarified exactly what he’s being charged with.
“The charge was a single count [of driving while intoxicated] because he refused the breath test,” Timberlake’s lawyer, Ed Burke, told Us Weekly. “Mr. Timberlake was also charged with two other court citations, running a stop sign and not traveling in the correct traffic lane.” He has already been arraigned and released without bail.


The Art of Filming Sex Safely and the Case for an Intimacy Coordinator Oscar
The Hollywood Reporter sits down with ‘Challengers’ intimacy coordinator Mam Smith and award-winning adult filmmaker Erika Lust to discuss a safe environment on set and why the industry needs more guide rails: “It’s a bit like the Wild West right now.”

“Porn represents a third, more or less, of the internet,” says legendary sex-positive erotic filmmaker Erika Lust. “But what you see in porn is [a mirror of] the values we have in our society. There’s degrading visions of women, there’s lots of racism in it, and that’s from the get-go.”
For the last 20 years, Erika Lust has made it her mission to change that mirror. Erika Lust Films, her adult entertainment studio, is devoted, according to its website, to “sex-positive, indie adult cinema that portrays sexually intelligent narratives, relatable characters and realistic hot sex.” The Swedish-born, Barcelona-based filmmaker has made her name and career as a purveyor of so-called ethical porn: Erotic cinema centered on the female experience, on start-to-finish consent, on liberated sexuality.


64 best movies of all time, in our humble opinion (and where to stream them right now)
Time for a back-to-back movie marathon.

We don’t mean to brag, but this is probably the best “movies of all time” list ever compiled.
When it comes to talking about ‘the best movies of all time’, we have, of course, included Oscar-winning classics such The Shawshank Redemption and Lost in Translation on our list but rest assured, we’ve also picked out other movies that are so enjoyable but usually wouldn’t make these lists. It would also be a serious crime not to include some classic comedies such as The Truman Show and Crazy Stupid Love.


36 of the best hotels in the UK and Ireland
From countryside retreats to city escapes.

The best hotels in the UK and Ireland should not be underestimated compared to their overseas competitors. Take our word for it.
Sure, beach holidays and long-distance trips are forever special. But many of us have grown to appreciate the great British staycation over the past couple of years, and there are countless hotels in the UK good enough to make you feel like you’re ~actually away~. Not just a few minutes up the road from your own abode.
If you know where to look, that is. The good news? We’ve been working hard (*ahem*) visiting some of the most luxurious hotels the UK has to offer, in a bid to reveal the very best hotels dotted about England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


11 best weighted blankets that’ll guarantee a good night’s sleep
There’s just nothing quite like being swaddled!

Weighted blankets abound in today’s wellness era, each coming with plentiful promises of warmth, anxiety reduction, and improving sleep troubles. So, if you’re already shunning screens thirty-minutes before bed, cutting caffeine after lunch, spritz your pillow in a gorgeously scented sleep spray and listen to a Headspace meditation pre-kip, it might be time to add a weighted blanket to your bedtime routine.
Designed to evenly distribute weight across the body, the best weighted blankets promise to help promote feelings of calmness, soothe anxiety, and act as a catalyst for a good night’s sleep. Typically filled with thousands of tiny glass beads that apply pressure to your body, weighted blankets mimic a therapeutic technique called “deep pressure therapy” to boost your mood. Basically, it’s just like receiving a big hug.


Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum will star in sparky space romcom Fly Me To The Moon
It will make its big landing soon.

Fly Me To The Moon has some big star energy, and not just because it revolves around a trip to space. Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum will lead the story, their characters working on aspects of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission – and drawn to each other as they do so.
Directed by Greg Berlanti – who was worked on You, Red White & Royal Blue and Riverdale – the movie is your classic “opposites attract” romcom, but set during the 1960s Space Race.


Anne Hathaway told us we need to try this lip plumping hack, so we’re taking notes
“They’re young, they understand.”

Anne Hathaway has emerged as the internet’s big sis, coming to us with straight-talking, level-headed advice and a whole lot of sense and kindness (when she’s not throwing moves at fashion after parties). Now, she’s dropped her latest nugget of wisdom in the form of a beauty tip, which she uploaded to her TikTok this week.
“So this is a little tip on LipTok,” she told fans, while dressed in a black dressing gown as her glam squad worked around her. “Instead of TikTok, it’s lip tok,” her hair stylist, Adir Abergel explains from behind. “Oh no, they’re young, they understand,” Anne smiled.


Nail trend exhaustion caused this summer’s biggest manicure movement
A breath of fresh air.

Nail trend exhaustion is playing into the summer manis we’ve been seeing on our favourite stars. Remember the E! Mani Cam? Well, if it were around today, it would be a parade of mostly naked fingernails. It seems that celebrity manicures at large are in their most minimalist phase ever. So minimal, in fact, that you can rarely tell if there’s any nail polish there. Given that keeping an eye on nail trends is part of our job, we had to wonder if our culture’s current hyper-speed embracing of micro trends has led to this bare-bones aesthetic. Is the barely-there nail a reaction to blueberry milk, glazed lemonade, Mob Wives, and all the rest?


Hacks Creator and Star Paul W. Downs Has His Head in the Game
What’s the secret to the Hacks multihyphenate’s success? It’s simple, says Jean Smart: “He comes across as just likable.”

Downs created Hacks with his wife, Lucia Aniello, and their close friend Jen Statsky. Both Downs and Aniello emerged from the storied improv group Upright Citizens Brigade and were previously producers on Comedy Central’s hit sitcom Broad City. While Aniello tends to both write and direct, Downs has always balanced scripting duties with acting. (He also directed two episodes this season.) “Acting is what I’ve always wanted to do. I started writing because it’s easier to write for yourself and put yourself in something,” he says. “I always did both hand in hand, but it certainly is a means to get to perform.”


Rihanna Is the New Face of Dior’s J’adore
The superstar succeeds Charlize Theron, who fronted the iconic fragrance for two decades

Rihanna’s reign as the queen of beauty is just getting started. On the heels of the launch of Fenty Hair last week, in addition to her wildly successful Fenty Skin and Beauty brands, the superstar is taking on another role, as the face of Dior’s iconic J’adore fragrance.
“The scent that I have known and loved for so long means so much to women,” the nine-time Grammy winner and mogul said in a brand statement released to WWD. “I am especially looking forward to joining this adventure and contributing to it through my world, my story, my roots, as well as my creativity and my own femininity.”


The Unexpected Reason Your Baked Goods Aren’t Coming Out Right, and the $16 Solution
Please, don’t skip this step!

I recently spoke to a friend of mine about a baking issue they were having. Their cookies were spreading out in some areas, with lacey ends and unintentional differences in texture, even while using a stand mixer. This conversation came during a slew of instances where people were dealing with similar problems, whether for their cookies, cakes, or even breads. After chatting with each of them, I noticed one key issue: They were undermixing their doughs and batters.


Look for This Animal on a Wine Label for Great Value
The DOCG with a black rooster trademark is celebrating 100 years of greatness.

There’s a difference between Chianti and Chianti Classico, the Tuscan DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita, or Denomination of Controlled Origin and Guaranteed) celebrating 100 years as an appellation. Chianti Classico is one of seven subzones producing Sangiovese wine within the Chianti region of Italy, and it produces the highest quality.
“There’s never been a better time to drink Chianti Classico than right now,” says Carlin Karr, director of beverage for Frasca Hospitality.
She and Frasca Hospitality Group co-owner Bobby Stuckey share what makes wine from the small, historic appellation so great after a century, at the 2024 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.


Swiss Scientists Say They Created a Healthier and More Sustainable Chocolate
Take all my money!

If there’s one group of people you can trust to know their stuff about chocolate, it’s the Swiss.
Recently, a group of Swiss scientists from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH), a public university renowned for producing some 32 Nobel winners, discovered a way make chocolate more sustainable and healthier. And don’t worry. It’s just as delicious.
In a new report published in the May issue of Nature Food, the group of scientists detailed how they took the process of making chocolate back to the drawing board to create a more nutritional treat using pieces of the cocoa plant that are typically discarded during production.


Prince Harry Is Reportedly “Nostalgic” for His “Old Life” in the U.K.
And Meghan Markle has “no intention of returning” to England.

Some of the biggest events on the royal family’s calendar are in the summer, including the annual Trooping the Colour and Royal Ascot horse races (not to mention a royal wedding). Those big-ticket events, which include personal appearances from the royals, and all the attention that come with them could be giving Prince Harry the feels. According to Tom Quinn, royal expert and author of Gilded Youth An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family, the prince is feeling “nostalgic” for his old life across the pond. Speaking to The Mirror, Quinn explained that Harry wants to spend more time in England, but Meghan Markle has made it clear that she won’t be returning to the U.K.


7 Reasons Charleston Is The Perfect Place To Be This Time Of Year
This popular coastal destination is a goldmine for anyone interested in little-known Black history and culture

Nestled midway along the eastern seaboard lies Charleston, South Carolina – the most populous city in the state. Affectionately also known as Chucktown, the charming Southern city is easily accessible, just over a two-hour flight from New York City and just under two hours via plane from Washington, D.C. Unlike most Southern locales, Charleston is a walkable city. However, bike riding and horse-drawn carriages are also common modes of transportation. But perhaps the most underrated and exciting reason to check out Charleston is the Black history (and present culture) that is overflowing in this Lowcountry retreat.


The Gay Comedians Who Showed the Way Even if They Weren’t Exactly Out
Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly and Rip Taylor get a cursory mention in a new documentary about queer stand-up, but they were groundbreaking.

In 1987, David Letterman was taping his late-night show in Las Vegas before rowdy audiences of mostly young men in preppy pullovers and muscle shirts — prototypical bros raised on “Porky’s.”
On one episode, Letterman introduces a “very funny and strange, peculiar man who first played Las Vegas way back in 1963.” The sea of seemingly straight guys parts, and to a cartoonishly accelerated rendition of “Happy Days Are Here Again,” the comedian Rip Taylor speed-walks through, ferociously hurling heaps of confetti, his signature entrance shtick.
I’ve had this clip on repeat since watching “Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution,” a new Netflix documentary about the history of queer stand-up comedy. Not because Taylor plays a big role in the film, but because he and two other groundbreaking gay comics — Paul Lynde and Charles Nelson Reilly — do not.


Ian McKellen Says ‘My Recovery Will Be Complete and Speedy’ After Falling Off Stage: ‘I Am Looking Forward to Returning to Work’
Ian McKellen has thanked fans and the medical professionals who offered support following his fall during Monday evening’s performance of “Player Kings” at the Noël Coward theatre in London.
“I want to thank everyone for their kind messages and support,” McKellen said via a statement sent by his publicist, Clair Dobbs. “Since the accident, during a performance of Player Kings last night, my injuries have been diagnosed and treated by a series of experts, specialists and nurses working for the National Health Service. To them, of course, I am hugely indebted. They have assured me that my recovery will be complete and speedy and I am looking forward to returning to work.”


Kate Middleton ‘Doing What’s Right for Her’ During Recovery: ‘She Is Dealing with It the Best She Can,’ Source Says
The Princess of Wales has been reprioritizing her life since her cancer diagnosis

Kate Middleton has been reprioritizing her life as she continues to undergo treatment for cancer.
The Princess of Wales, 42, stepped back into the spotlight at Trooping the Colour on June 15, marking her first outing with the royal family since Christmas. However, palace aides emphasized the appearance didn’t mean she was resuming royal duties.
“She has been doing what’s right for her and recovering privately at home. She is dealing with it the best she can,” a source close to the royal household tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s cover story.


How to Harvest Mint the Right Way—Plus Tips for Drying and Storing Your Supply
Mint is easy to grow and even easier to harvest for an aromatic addition to food and drink.

Lamb, mojitos, and watermelon salad can all be improved by the addition of a bit of fresh mint, which is why so many home gardeners like to add this aromatic herb to their gardens. But when it comes time to get those freshly clipped leaves from your yard to your table, there are a few things the pros say you’ll need to keep in mind.
Keep reading to learn how to harvest mint from your backyard like an expert, including what you can do to store all the extra mint that is sure to pop up during the growing season.


My 29-year-old Son Is on the Autism Spectrum — but It Doesn’t Stop Us From Traveling the World
Autism Speaks’ Stuart Spielman shares how traveling with his son strengthened their bond and offered a sense of freedom.

Travel has always been part of our world. Mona and I have felt it’s important to expose the kids and ourselves to different experiences. We’ve gone to national parks and to Europe. Zak has been to London, Krakow, Hawaii, Venice, and Paris — even the top of the Eiffel Tower. My younger son, Ben, is 28 now and he’s independent. He’s also an ultimate Frisbee player and we’ve been to his tournaments in Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and all over the world. We travel a lot as a family. Where we go, Zak goes.

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