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PinFalcone Restaurant – Hong Kong, China

Luxurious whimsy, darlings! That is what’s on the menu for this TUESDAY LOunge. We are once again completely swamped with questionable celebrity fashion choices to discuss today, which means we must dash and get our opinions ready for public consumption, but you should plant yourselves here for the day and plan on doing nothing except that which pleases you.


Diane von Furstenberg on Regrets, Rockstar Threesomes and Her Supposed “Marriage of Convenience”
On the eve of her Hulu doc premiere, the designer opens up about the men in her life, the antisemitism she’s experienced and her legacy: “This wrap dress is a mystery to me, still.”

“I’ve had a very full life,” says von Furstenberg, who’s already written two autobiographies and is so famous, she’s often simply referred to simply as DVF. “But what I care about now is — is this film inspiring?”
Of that there’s no doubt. The daughter of a Holocaust survivor, she became a European royal by marriage, then started an iconic fashion brand in 1970, after giving birth to two kids. She’s also a cancer survivor, a feminist activist (who honors female leaders at her annual DVF Awards) and a master at staying relevant, from being an early QVC pioneer (after almost losing her business) to making headlines in 2001 with her second marriage to media mogul Barry Diller to launching a collab with Target this year with her granddaughter Talita.


Armie Hammer Is “Grateful” He Was Accused of Cannibalism
“Whatever it was that people said, whatever it was that happened, I’m now at a place in my life where I’m grateful for every single bit of it,” the disgraced actor, who denies the “bizarre” cannibal allegations, said in a new interview.

More than three years after Armie Hammer was publicly accused of sexual misconduct and abuse, allegations which he has denied, the actor now says he’s “grateful” for his fall from grace.
“Whatever it was that people said, whatever it was that happened, I’m now at a place in my life where I’m grateful for every single bit of it,” Hammer said on a recent episode of the Painful Lessons podcast. “I’m actually now at a place where I’m really grateful for it, because where I was in my life before all of that stuff happened to me, I didn’t feel good. I never felt satisfied. I never had enough. I never was in a place where I was happy with myself, where I had self-esteem. I never knew how to give myself love.”


Bridgerton‘s Nicola Coughlan is Kim Kardashian’s latest Skims girlie
*That* iconic dress has truly never looked better.

Unveiled today as the face of the lingerie and shapewear giant’s latest Soft Lounge collection campaign, Nicola Coughlan is every inch model material as she is shot by Elizaveta Porodina – the iconic fashion photographer adored for her conceptual and ethereal aesthetic – and poses amidst a backdrop of dreamlike florals and soft, romantic lighting.


The wardrobe essentials that belong in every closet, according to editors
Meet your new MVPs.

Call them wardrobe essentials, closet staples, hero items — a few foundational styles form the basis of nearly every outfit. These are the white T-shirts, black leggings, straight-leg jeans, and leather loafers of the world. The bones of any great capsule wardrobe. Sure, they might not be as exciting as the statement pieces, but that’s the point: they’re the perfect backdrop for the more eye-catching stuff.


Bridgerton leads the way in terms of diversity and representation on screen, so why is it stuck in the 1800s when it comes to representing women?
The show’s language and messaging around women is sexist and regressive and I find it deeply depressing.

When Netflix’s first season of Bridgerton landed – to much global fanfare, trumpets, cornets etc – it was, you might recall, in the depths of lockdown; Christmas 2020. I had just turned 40 and I was single. Intrigued by the hype and also impressed with the groundbreaking representation in a period drama, I eagerly settled down for a Boxing Day binge. And dear, gentle reader, I did not enjoy what I saw.


Princess Diana’s iconic 80s quilted handbag is still available to buy today
Is everything Princess Diana wore a trend today? Yes, yes it is.

Princess Diana was never afraid to confirm herself as a great lover of luxury handbags. But despite her impressive repertoire boasting some of the biggest labels, from Dior to Chanel, it may surprise you to hear that her favourite was not high-end – or even leather – and was one that certainly didn’t accompany her on formal royal engagements.
No, Princess Diana’s favourite handbag was a simple, quilted shoulder bag with printed flowers that she wore during relatively informal moments, for example while the then Prince of Wales (now King Charles) participated in polo tournaments and she watched on from the stands.


8 ways to style a silk scarf, the celeb-approved accessory of summer 2024
Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Rihanna are already fans.

This summer, we’re throwing it way back — and no, we don’t mean to the ‘80s or the ’90s. We’re traveling back to the ‘50s thanks to one hot item that our favourite celebrities and influencers have deemed to be the accessory of the season: the scarf.
And when we say scarf, we’re not talking about the oversized, long scarf you can wrap around and around your neck in the cooler months — we’re talking about the classic silky square-shaped scarf, typically worn around your head like a glamorous classic movie star.


45 London Restaurants To Book Now If You’re After A Culinary Tour Around The World
Get a taste of Japanese and Mexican food from the comfort of the capital.

London has some of the best restaurants for those wanting a taste of travel without the hefty price tag and backpack.
Now that the capital’s restaurant scene has come back in full swing after lockdown closures during the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s plenty of opportunity to ‘travel’ the world, one dish at a time.
Why not sip a Negroni at New York-inspired Larry’s in Peckham, tuck into suckling pig at Michelin-starred Sabor or try a charcoal grilled kabab at Persian restaurant Berenjak? Deliciousness and hours of escapism, guaranteed.


How “The Real World” Created Modern Reality TV
The rules governing everything from “Big Brother” to “The Real Housewives” started three decades ago, with a radical experiment on MTV.

“The Real World” established the look and rhythm of modern reality TV, pioneering the key tropes that came to define the genre. It used a diverse cast made up of strangers. It was filmed in a loft apartment explicitly designed to be used as a set. It featured intimate “confessional” interviews that were repurposed as narration. And, crucially, it was edited to feel like a fun, modern soap opera, not a God’s-eye documentary—a gripping real-life story, complete with cliffhangers. In many ways, “The Real World” was a great leap forward from the proto-reality ventures of the past. These attempts had ranged from culture-rattling “audience-participation” formats such as “Candid Camera,” which began in the late forties, to the smutty Chuck Barris game shows of the sixties and seventies (“The Newlywed Game”), and to the shows “Cops” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” both of which launched in 1989.


How to Clean Windows and Prevent Streaks, According to Cleaning Experts
Learn the top mistakes to avoid and the best cleaners to use, including a homemade solution.

Out of all the household chores there are to tackle, figuring out how to clean your windows might not be at the top of your list. But it definitely should be.
If you neglect your windows for too long, you’re left with dust and grime that can prevent much-needed sunlight from pouring into your home. It’s not a good thing for indoor houseplants, and the lack of natural light can even put a damper on your mood during the day. Plus, you might also be dealing with thick streaks — the result of cleaning your windows improperly — which are unsightly in an otherwise perfect room.


60 Healthy Sides Dishes That Are Loaded With Delicious Veggies
Cook up the perfect partner to chicken, fish and more.

The best way to round out a healthy meal is an array of healthy side dishes that complement any main you choose. These vegetable-based sides, including garlicky roasted potatoes, fresh and crunchy salads and delicious no-cook side dishes (like a bright slaw that rounds out your BBQ menu!), are just the recipes you’ll want to cook up.
We gathered our favorite recipes for every season, whether you’re hosting a big summer barbecue or looking for something healthy to serve at your next dinner party. Bonus: many of these side dishes are vegetable-based, making them a thoughtful choice for any vegetarians you’re serving. Some dishes are even vegan or can easily be modified into vegan recipes.


New Orleans Is The True Cocktail Capitol
With concoctions dating back to the 1800s, mixed drinks made in N’awlins are in a league of their own

There are few places in the world as captivating as New Orleans. From the alluring aromas of jambalaya and crawfish étouffée throughout the French Quarter to the loud, funky sounds of brass bands and second lines serenading Frenchman Street, the energy of the Big Easy is mesmerizing.
New Orleans has a way of seeping into the soul and leaving visitors enchanted. And if the flavorful food and compelling music all around don’t keep folks dreaming of Louisiana’s most exciting city long after they’ve left it, then its lively cocktail culture will. Because where else can you roam the streets on a hot Tuesday afternoon toting an extra large Hand Grenade?


Why does TV feel so underwhelming yet so overwhelming?
Forgotten shows, chaotic release schedules. It seems like the root of our TV dissatisfaction might be the way we watch.

When Netflix first set about upending the way we consume media over a decade ago, it was hard to envision what our TV future might look like. While there’s still hope for groundbreaking innovation, the analysts who predicted that the streaming industry would peak in a bloated era of mundane streaming offerings before eventually consolidating and reviving the cable bundle seem to have been proven right.
But if the “golden age” of streaming is really behind us, and “Just OK TV is here to stay,” then why isn’t the experience of watching our shows more stable? Somehow, it feels like our streaming choices are more chaotic and disarrayed than ever.


Searching for a Royal Ascot hat? These are the milliners you should be wearing
From the Princess of Wales to Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones, these headwear designers are loved by society. Look no further for your Royal Ascot hat

With The Season in full swing, it’s time to find the perfect headwear to don when hobnobbing. From a Royal Ascot hat to a fascinator for the Queen’s Cup, marvellous millinery will never go unnoticed, but finding the perfect piece can be tricky. Luckily, Tatler knows how to do headwear with enviable panache.


Celine Dion Cries as She Thanks Her Children, Receives Standing Ovation at N.Y.C. Documentary Premiere
“Thanks to you, my fans, your presence in my journey has been a gift beyond measure,” the superstar said at the ‘I Am: Celine Dion’ premiere

Céline Dion tearfully introduced the upcoming documentary focused on her life.
At the New York City premiere for I Am: Celine Dion, an upcoming Prime Video documentary that goes inside the life of the legendary performer and her battle with a rare neurological disorder, stiff-person syndrome (SPS), she introduced the film and thanked everyone involved, including her children.


11 Couscous Recipes You’ll Want to Make for Dinner
Tiny but mighty, this quick-cooking starch pairs well with robust sauces and all kinds of meat, fish, and vegetables.

You should be making couscous more often. It’s quick-cooking and versatile, as these couscous recipes prove. It comes in two varieties: standard and pearled (also known as Israeli couscous). Both variants are small—you might say regular couscous is itty-bitty and pearled couscous is just mini—and both are easygoing starches that cook quickly and go with practically any main course.
You can pair couscous with a vast array of entrees, particularly Mediterranean ones (think: French, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern). But these little granules, whether boiled, steamed, or baked, are worthy of much more than a side. They make a fantastic base for salads, are great stuffed into peppers, can stand up to robust sauces, and so much more. Take a look at the recipes here, and you’ll see why couscous is worthy of our admiration.


Does Wrapping Your Luggage Make It More Secure? TSA Weighs In
Here’s what you should know before wrapping your luggage for your next flight.

It’s a common sight at any airport around the world — wrapping stations offering “additional protection” at a cost. The price can vary anywhere from $15 to $30 or more, with the more expensive options typically offering some sort of travel insurance. Most people wrap their luggage because they feel it’s safer, but is this true? I spoke with Saraiah Davis, transportation security manager, and Lorie Dankers, a spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), to find out.

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