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PinGiardino Cordusio Restaurant – Milan, Italy

It’s THURSDAY! Let’s spend it somewhere glorious, yes? Yes! Trays of cocktails and small bites are on their way to you. Sidle into a banquette, darling. The day’s just getting started.

Jessica Lange: ‘I’ve Never Really Felt Like I Belong Anywhere’ — Certainly Not Hollywood
Lange tells IndieWire about her Tony-nominated role in “Mother Play,” in which she portrays a chainsmoking, martini-swilling mother you wouldn’t want to f*ck with. In other words, the sort of role Lange loves.

Jessica Lange plays the type of women you best keep your guard up around. Step carefully, or she could hurt you with a turn of phrase so gutting because it locates all your insecurities. But that’s also because these women are broken, too, and played with the rare cocktail of vulnerability, resolve, and brio that the two-time Oscar winner is known for on stage and screen.


How ‘Shōgun’ Found Its Way – Behind The Scenes On FX’s Hit With Hiroyuki Sanada, Anna Sawai, And Tadanobu Asano
It was not long ago that Sawai, at a turning point in her own burgeoning career, asked the question on everyone’s mind in her first meeting with Shōgun creators Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo: “Why do you want to remake this?” Clavell’s novel, based on feudal Japanese history, sold 7 million copies decades prior and had been, either famously or infamously, adapted into a 1980 miniseries starring Richard Chamberlain and Toshiro Mifune, spinoff video games, and even a stage musical, inspiring countless Hollywood derivatives that centered white saviors at the expense of Asian characters. But Marks and Kondo had a different approach in mind. With unprecedented diligence to historical and cultural authenticity and a wildly ambitious scope, their five-year journey shepherding Shōgun involved pandemic delays, extensive research, a massive 10-month shoot, and more than 3,000 international cast and crew creating new methods to tell their story in a uniquely cross-cultural way.


Françoise Hardy Invented French-Girl Style
A look back at the French icon’s memorable style and enduring fashion legacy.

Françoise Hardy, the French singer-songwriter who served as a muse for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Paco Rabanne and created ‘60s pop magic, passed away on June 12, leaving behind an enduring legacy as a fashion and culture icon.
Part of the yé-yé movement of the 1960s, which also includes style legends Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Hardy’s music influenced the fashion world just as much as her effortless style and French-girl bangs. In fact, her 1963 song “Tous les Garçons et les Filles” inspired Rei Kawakubo to name her line Comme des Garçons, according to Dazed. Translating to “like the boys,” the phrase, lifted from Hardy’s lyrics, has since become a universal symbol of playful androgyny and high fashion.


The 30 Most Stylish People of the Last 30 Years
From their viral red carpet looks to their trendsetting street style, these are the people who defined the last three decades of fashion.

Since InStyle’s inception in June 1994, the people on this list have transformed the way we look at the intersection of style and culture, from the red carpet and street style to reality TV and social media. They are trendsetters, provocateurs, and culture-shifters. They have inspired search engines, been immortalized in handbag styles, sold out designs, and questioned the rules around gendered dressing. One even wore a meat dress to an awards show.


Kevin Spacey Is “Many Millions” in Debt Ahead of Next Sexual Assault Trial
When Piers Morgan asked Spacey how much money he has, the actor replied, “None. I still owe a lot of legal bills that I have not been able to pay.”

The numerous sexual assault accusations against Kevin Spacey, all of which he has denied, have left the actor “many millions” of dollars in debt. When asked in a new interview by Piers Morgan how much money he currently possesses, the Oscar winner replied, “None. I still owe a lot of legal bills that I have not been able to pay.”
Sixty-four-year-old Spacey, who relocated to Baltimore in 2012 for the filming of Netflix’s House of Cards, said that his property in the area “is being foreclosed on.”


Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton on *that* Bridgerton carriage scene
“We were locked in a carriage together with cameras outside. So it felt kind of real. It did feel intimate.”

Bridgerton carriage scene spoilers ahead, be warned gentle reader!
There comes a moment in Bridgerton season three where our resident leading man proclaims his love in utterly swoonworthy fashion. Viewers know how this works. In season one, Regé-Jean Page’s Simon tells Phoebe Dynevor’s Daphne that he “burns” for her. The second season has Anthony Bridgerton(Jonathan Bailey) confess to Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) that she is both “the bane of my existence, and the object of all my desires.” A similarly charged moment arrives in the final 10 minutes of Bridgerton season three, which is debuting in two parts. The second half arrives June 13.


The best vitamins for hair growth (according to trichologists who actually know)
Because hair needs a balanced diet too.

If you’re looking to swot up on the best vitamins for hair growth, we’ve got you. It’s no secret that what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we apply onto them, especially when it comes to a 360 beauty regime. We know we should be eating a balanced diet full of protein, good fats and leafy greens, but it can be hard to ace it all the time and sometimes life gets in the way.


Ariana Grande opens up about Quiet on Set allegations for the first time
“I’m still, in real time, reprocessing my relationship to it.”

Ariana Grande is ready to talk about the allegations from Quiet on Set.
Grande didn’t participate in the Discovery docuseries—which detailed allegations of sexual harassment and assault, racism, and misogyny behind the scenes of some of Nickelodeon’s most popular kids’ shows—but clips of Grande from her time at the network were featured heavily. At the time of the series’ release, Grande didn’t comment on the documentary or her own experiences. Now she’s opening up for the first time.


Hear me out—prom hair is having a summer 2024 resurgence and it’s actually *very* chic
I’m into it

It’s a special feeling when the looks of your youth come back around again; while I love a throwback trend and am not too fussed about getting older, there are some things that I personally will not be re-living. (Catch me running for the hills if jeggings ever make a comeback.) But stay with me here, because there is a chic end to this story. To me, prom hair means one of two key kinds of hairstyle.


Kensington Palace Makes Rare Comment On Princess Kate’s Cancer Treatment Amid Viral Rumours
The Princess of Wales, who has not made a public appearance since December, is undergoing treatment for an unspecified form of cancer

Months after Princess Kate announced she had been diagnosed with cancer, conspiracy theories and rumours on the royal’s whereabouts have continued to spread. One in particular has taken root on social media, with people speculating that Kate has not been sighted in the United Kingdom in recent months because she is not in the country. Instead, these people claim, the princess has been in the United States—more specifically, in Houston, receiving treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre. Kensington Palace has come forward to declare those rumours false.


Bridgerton Season 4: Release Date, Spoilers, Trailer, Cast And Plot
From which of Julia Quinns’ books it will be based on, to which characters are confirmed to reprise their roles, this is everything you need to know about Bridgerton season four.

If you binged the first four episodes of the third season of Bridgerton as soon as they debuted on Netflix on May 16, fear not, for not only are the remainder of the episodes now available to watch as of today, but a fourth season of the much-loved Regency drama is already in the works.
In April 2021, Netflix confirmed that the series was renewed for both a third and fourth season, and while information regarding the plot of the fourth season is scarce, Julia Quinn, the author of the Bridgerton novels the series is based upon, recently confirmed that the fourth season is on its way although she is sworn to secrecy on the exact details.


An Ode to Françoise Hardy’s Style
The singer, actress, and fashion icon has passed away at the age of 80

French pop singer and fashion icon Françoise Hardy passed away on June 11, 2024, at the age of 80. Born in 1944, the native Parisian first rose to fame with chart-topping singles like “Tous les Garçons et les Filles” and “Le Temps de l’Amour,” eventually releasing nearly a dozen Top 10 albums throughout her life. But while music was her original outlet, Hardy gradually expanded her talents, starring in films like 1966’s Grand Prix and Une Balle au Cœur, as well as writing several books on astrology, other nonfiction works, and a novel. Oh, and then there was her winning style.


I Don’t Want a Rodent Man—I Want Paul Mescal as a Bloody Gladiator
Men used to go to war

Rodent men this, rodent men that. What ever happened to real men? You know, the kind of man that would go to war, wear gladiator sandals, and get beat up for me?
Thank god for Paul Mescal. Years after hanging up his Connell chain necklace, the Normal People star is back and ready to make us cry again with a new lead performance in Gladiator II. And I mean “cry” literally, as someone who gets nauseous at the sight of graphic violence on screen. (But I will be seated in theaters on November 22 anyway).
Mescal—who will play a sword-slinging arena fighter in the sequel to the 2000 historical epic—was recently photographed on set wearing a tunic and knee-high boots, like an extra in that 2004 Pepsi commercial with Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and Pink.


The Royal Garden That Might Save the Planet
Louis XIV’s kitchen garden, the Potager du Roi, is at the center of a $15 million global research initiative to study the preservation of historic gardens in the face of climate change.

Few visitors to Versailles today realize that in its heyday under Louis XIV the palace’s dazzling architectural splendors and matchless artistic treasures were often eclipsed by the products of the Potager du Roi, the Sun King’s 23-acre kitchen garden on the palace grounds.
Green peas, for instance, were in 17th-century France a delicacy, a much coveted Italian import comparable to truffles today. And thanks to the efforts of the Potager’s visionary chief gardener, Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinie, they became a highlight of Louis’s banquets and an obsession of his court.


20 Brown French Tip Nail Ideas for an Unexpected Spin on a Classic
This summer, updated takes on the classic French manicure are set to take over. “A French mani is always on trend, and we see different variations on the beloved look throughout the seasons,” says Olive & June VP of Content & Creative and Mani Trend Expert, Olivia Van Iderstine. While classic pink and white French manis are making a return as a result of the current early ’00s craze, there’s something to be said about the brown French tip nails taking over our social feeds. If you’ve yet to see them, you’re in luck!


How Long You Can Leave Potato Salad Out — and Why Mayonnaise Isn’t Actually the Culprit
Read this before your next cookout.

Potato salad is one of the most iconic cookout sides, and lends itself to so many preparations — you can opt for the classic version, make a warm Bavarian potato salad, or try an extra rich Japanese potato salad with Kewpie mayo. With summer cookouts (and temperatures) approaching, you might be wondering just how long this classic creamy side can actually sit out at a warm-weather gathering like a Juneteenth or Fourth of July party. Here’s everything you need to know about serving your spuds safely.


Mountain Dew Has 3 New Flavors for You to Try This Summer
They’re perfect for the 4th of July.

Summer is now just days away, and Mtn Dew is ready for it.
The soda company is unveiling three all-new drinks for the season, and it’s an ideal combo for the upcoming 4th of July celebrations.
“Mtn Dew wants everyone to celebrate the great outdoors by unveiling three new limited-time Mtn Dew Red, White & Blue,” the company shared in a statement with Food & Wine. “Whether you’re heading out for a hike, packing for a boat day, or hanging with friends around the bonfire, there’s a Mtn Dew for every outdoor activity.”


A Love Letter To New Orleans
Without our ancestors, there would be no New Orleans. This country tries to hide the truth of our genius, but your existence reveals what it means to build, resist and remember.

Dear New Orleans,
Everyone knows that those blessed and highly favored enough to be born Black and raised in the 504 don’t suffer fools gladly when it comes to their beloved city. So, only by invitation do I find myself moved to express deep gratitude for the invaluable lessons you began teaching me when I was a wide-eyed girl-child at 14—lessons that have shaped me into the woman I am today. For the past 17 years and counting, you have given my heart a place to call home. Since your inception, you have been the blueprint for Black joy, Black resistance and Black culture worldwide. I am honored to hold your name high, just as you have held me.


The Christian right is coming for divorce next
Some conservatives want to make it a lot harder to dissolve a marriage.

Before the 1960s, it was really hard to get divorced in America.
Typically, the only way to do it was to convince a judge that your spouse had committed some form of wrongdoing, like adultery, abandonment, or “cruelty” (that is, abuse). This could be difficult: “Even if you could prove you had been hit, that didn’t necessarily mean it rose to the level of cruelty that justified a divorce,” said Marcia Zug, a family law professor at the University of South Carolina.
Then came a revolution: In 1969, then-Gov. Ronald Reagan of California (who was himself divorced) signed the nation’s first no-fault divorce law, allowing people to end their marriages without proving they’d been wronged.


Jonathan Majors to receive Perseverance Award following highly publicized assault conviction
The actor will be honored at the fourth annual Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards, alongside Cardi B and Fat Joe.

Former Marvel star Jonathan Majors will be honored at the fourth annual Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards, months after being convicted in a domestic violence trial.
During the June 21 event, the embattled 34-year-old actor will be presented with the Perseverance Award which, per the organization, is “given to an individual who has shown that no matter what adversity they face, they will continue to aspire to inspire.”


How to Make a Better Bed—and Style It Like a Professional
From adding a bedskirt and learning crisp hospital corners to arranging throw pillows, there are a handful of ways you can elevate your bed’s aesthetics.

Your bed serves as the focal point of your room, so you want it to look its best. Everything from decorative pillows to how you lay down your top sheet can dictate how effectively your bed elevates your room. If your current setup has the basics needed for comfortable sleep but you want to transform its appearance, there are a few key elements that can help you do so. With our expert-recommended tips, your bed (and, in turn, your room) will look and feel like it was designed by a professional.


How to See Kenya Like a Pro
Travelers in search of wide-open spaces and incredible wildlife are making a beeline for Kenya. Here’s how to do the trip right, according to experts.

“Demand for Kenya is up 37 percent since 2019,” says Jack Ezon, a travel advisor and cofounder of Embark Beyond. One reason the country has become a go-to? An increased number of flights on Kenya Airways, which is part of SkyTeam. Other carriers that offer good one-stop connectivity from the U.S. are Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines.
If you’re planning a trip, there’s lots to consider: which region will have the experiences you’re after? What’s the wildlife watching like? And what do you need to pack?

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