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PinGio’s Restaurant – Amsterdam, Netherlands

How is it WEDNESDAY? How is it mid-June? How is it even 2024, for Pete’s sake? Best not to linger on these questions, darlings. Find a whimsical chair that suits your mood in today’s LOunge and plant thy heinie on it for the duration. Blogger’s orders.


Orville Peck Is Ready to Take It All Off (Almost)
Orville Peck has always been known for his masks. Back in 2018, when the South African-born, Canada-raised country singer first popped onto our radars with the sultry, aching croon of his debut single “Big Sky,” the facial accessories were an immediate calling card. With a leather upper that covered everything save for his piercing blue eyes and draping fringe that shrouded his mouth, chin and neck, the masks were playfully mysterious and seductively fetishistic. In a culture increasingly obsessed with“accessibility” and starved for “relatability” from its biggest stars, there was something undeniably intriguing about this perceived sense of anonymity — and about Peck’s theater kid commitment to the bit.
But in the half-decade since then, as Peck’s star has continued to rise, as he’s gone from an upstart on buzzy imprint Sub Pop to the “first openly gay country artist to get signed to a major label,” as he’s graduated from seedy dive bars to the stages of Coachella and Stagecoach (in the same year, at that), the artist has started to peel off some of these trademark layers, slowly but surely showing us more and more of the man behind the mask.


How Jonathan Bailey Juggled Wicked With Fellow Travelers: “It Was Fame From the Waist Down”
The Bridgerton breakout on his busiest season yet, costarring with Matt Bomer in a groundbreaking queer love story, and the spot where two very different characters intersect: “Tim, if he’d been born 60 years later, may have played Fiyero in the school production of Wicked. And he would have loved the shiny boots.”

If you looked up the phrase “booked and busy,” you’d probably find a picture of Jonathan Bailey. The British actor broke out as Lord Anthony Bridgerton, whose love story took center stage in the second season of Netflix’s eponymous hit romance. He captured even more hearts as Tim Laughlin, a McCarthy-era conservative turned radical queer leftist in Showtime’s epic limited series Fellow Travelers, and will soon star as another eligible bachelor, Fiyero, in Jon M. Chu’s two-part Wicked adaptation—a part Bailey scored after Chu found clips of the actor singing online. “The fact that it was a YouTube video that got me the job is kind of wild and incredible,” Bailey says on this week’s episode of Little Gold Men.


King Charles’s New Portrait Just Got Defaced
And Wallace and Gromit are involved.

Less than a month ago, King Charles unveiled his very first official portrait since becoming the King of England—and it has already been defaced. Today, animal rights activists from the group Animal Rising stuck posters inspired by Wallace and Gromit onto the Jonathan Yeo painting, which was on display at Philip Mould Gallery in London. The king’s face was obscured by an image of Wallace and the vandals added a speech bubble that read “No Cheese Gromit. Look At All This Cruelty On RSPCA Farms!”


Why is Taylor Swift so popular? I asked a psychologist
But it ain’t rocket science.

A defining feature of Taylor Swift fandom is the overwhelming sense of community shared by her fans. “I think her presence has a huge sense of community associated with it — you only have to look at the trends like friendship bracelet exchange or shared lyric references to see that there’s a sense of inclusion that comes with being a fan,” says therapist Eloise Skinner.


Knives Out 3 is officially happening, and the cast is incredible
Here’s everything we know.

We’re super excited and intrigued for what’s to come. If Knives Out and its sequel Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is anything to go by, we’re in for some mad detective hi-jinks. Previous stars who have starred in the Knives Out franchise include Chris Evans, Ana De Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn, Janelle Monáe, Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline, even a fun cameo from Hugh Grant. The list goes on.
The full name of the movie is set to be called Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery. Here’s everything else we know so far.


Miranda Derrick shares new video about Netflix documentary: ‘We feel like our lives have been put in danger’
The dancer, who is a member of the alleged “7M TikTok Cult,” is speaking out.

Miranda Derrick is speaking out for a second time following the May 29 release of Netflix’s three-part docuseries, Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult.
In a video published on June 10 on Instagram, Derrick speaks to camera about the impact the documentary has had on her and her husband’s lives. “Since this documentary came out, we feel like our lives have been put in danger,” she says, perched on the edge of a bed wearing mint green leggings and a black racerback tank.


‘Grey blending’ is the seamless technique for natural grey hair you need to know about
The best grey hair highlight techniques to enhance and celebrate silver strands

The seamless techniques for natural grey hair you need to know about.
Just like wrinkles, natural grey hair is a divisive subject. Some would rather skip greys altogether (and cover or blend them with dye and highlights), others reckon it’s a privilege to grow older and rock silver hair. Whichever camp you’re in is good with us.


11 coolest summer nails to know for 2024
All the inspo to save immediately.

The summer nails trends are in and if TikTok has anything to say about it (and obviously, TikTok has a lot to say about it), two main themes are dominating: minimal and milky; or fun and experimental. Either way, we’re into it, because the only thing that’s better than having an ice cold cocktail in your hand on a sunny day, is having a fresh mani to show off at the same time.


15 best hair bonnets for protecting your hair while you sleep
Silk turbans, satin-lined caps, and everything in-between.

Once you start wearing hair bonnets to sleep, you’ll never go back. Made popular by the afro hair community, silk or satin hair bonnets boast a variety of benefits – from preventing tangles, minimising breakage, and preserving your bouncy blowout while you’re sound asleep. […] As it turns out, using a hair bonnet to bed is easily one of the biggest game-changers — as it helps keep my hair in tip-top shape throughout the night, which leaves me far less likely to reach for the hair straightener or curling wand in the morning.


“Directors Don’t Cry!” Madonna, Rosanna Arquette, and the Wild Birth of Desperately Seeking Susan
In an excerpt from her memoir, Susan Seidelman watches Madonna go from newcomer (“I’ll do anything to get this part”) to icon.

In the spring of 1984, when Desperately Seeking Susan was greenlit, there was only one actor attached, Rosanna Arquette, who had been brought on board by the producers. To put together the rest of the cast, we hired two young casting directors, Risa Bramon and Billy Hopkins, whose experience up until that point had been casting for the Ensemble Studio Theatre. This would be their first job working on a movie.
Everyone’s concern was to find the right actor for the role of Susan. We considered every young actress who was generating excitement in the early 1980s. Ellen Barkin, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis, Linda Fiorentino, Kim Cattrall, Kelly McGillis, Melanie Griffith. Even singer Suzanne Vega came in to audition. But I knew of another singer who happened to live only a few blocks away, in a loft on Broome Street, and thought she might be an interesting possibility.


60 Totally ’80s Movies We All Need Right Now
Starring everyone from Molly Ringwald to Eddie Murphy and Cher

So many decades are known for their iconic movies, and the ‘80s is no exception. From John Hughes’ unforgettable high school comedies to Steven Spielberg’s dreamy science-fiction flicks and Spike Lee’s genre-spanning movies, the ‘80s provided us with some of the most celebrated cinema around. Plus, when it comes to nostalgia, the ‘80s is a time capsule of retro fashions, futuristic visions, impressive action films that don’t rely on CGI, and hilarious comedies that still hold up in 2024.
Whether you lived through the ‘80s or you simply want to immerse yourself in the seminal decade, these movies will not disappoint. From some of the most famous films of all time to unsung classics you really should revisit, here are 60 totally ‘80s movies we all need to stream right now.


The 40 Best Shows to Stream on Paramount+
It just might be the most underrated streamer out there

Like the rest of the streaming world, Paramount+ has evolved through many iterations (remember CBS All Access?). These days, the streamer is finally finding its footing, and the result is an impressive catalog of television across all genres.
The platform’s strength is its homegrown franchises, from the television universe that grew from Taylor Sheridan’s mega-hit Yellowstone, all the way out to space, as Paramount is the home of every Star Trek show and movie. Paramount also continues to build out the worlds of Dexter and Billions through spin-offs. And if you find comfort in the soothing rhythms of a procedural, you can turn to the countless CSI, Chicago, FBI, and NCIS series. Furthermore, there are plenty of hidden gems on the streamer courtesy of Paramount+ merging with Showtime and its Comedy Central catalog, including some greatest hits.


Lights! Camera! Fashion! A New A24 Book Explores How Directors Dress
There’s a brilliant photograph of Sofia Coppola on the set of Marie Antoinette in which she appears, mid stride, amid dozens of actors dressed in 18th-century courtly attire: britches and elaborate waistcoats on the men, robes à la françaises on the women, white powdered wigs on all. Coppola, meanwhile, is dressed in a white men’s button-up shirt by Charvet, layered tanks, and a pair of dark slacks. In the swirl of all that pastel-toned period finery, she cuts a rather amusing figure. “I like to have a bunch when I’m shooting,” she told Self Service magazine of her Charvet shirts, “so I don’t have to think about what I’m wearing.” This and other snapshots make up A24’s latest book, How Directors Dress, out this week.


To Make Fresh Pasta by Hand, You’ll Need Flour, Eggs, and Time
At his seminar “Tagliatelle Temptation” at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Evan Funke shares his passion for making pasta by hand.

Flour, eggs, and devotion. For centuries, pasta has been at the heart of Italian cuisine, from agnolotti to spaghetti. Nowhere is this more true than in Bologna where Chef Evan Funke, of Felix Trattoria and Mother Wolf in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, learned the art of the sfoglini, the pasta makers who craft the endless golden sheets of pasta that line the laboratori (shops) of “La Grassa,” or “the fat,” as Italians call the beloved city.


Krispy Kreme Is Adding 4 New Mini Doughnuts Dots to Its Menu
I’ll take a million, thanks.

The new Doughnut Dots include four flavors, all of which are joining the brand’s permanent menu. The flavors include Powdered, which Krispy Kreme describes as an “Original Glazed doughnut hole tossed in sweet, powdered topping,” along with the Sprinkled, which is another Original Glazed with rainbow nonpareils. Then there’s the Cinnamon, an Original Glazed doughnut hole with a cinnamon topping, and finally, there’s Cookie Crumb — an Original Glazed doughnut hole “tossed in a cookie crumb topping and sprinkled with sweet, powdered topping.”


People can’t stop being weird about Caitlin Clark
The backlash to the star rookie’s Olympic basketball snub, explained

Caitlin Clark, like 99.99 percent of Americans this summer, will not be part of the 2024 US women’s Olympic basketball team. Officially, the team will be announced on Sunday, but according to reports and Clark herself, she didn’t make the 12-woman roster.
Unlike the rest of us watching, however, Clark possesses world-class shooting range, stunning passing vision, and a record-setting scoring ability. Those attributes have made her the No. 1 pick in this year’s WNBA draft and the most-watched women’s basketball player on the planet. Her games have set viewership and ticket sales records.
With all the talent, hype, and attention, Clark staying home this summer is a shock to many.


Hello, Dolley? Earliest Known Photograph of a First Lady Comes to Auction
Sotheby’s is offering a recently surfaced 1846 daguerreotype of Dolley Madison, who is credited with inventing the role of first lady.

Sometime around May 1846, Dolley Madison made her way from her home near the White House to the studio of an enterprising photographer who had begun a quixotic effort to create a daily publication featuring portraits of “interesting public characters.”
The nearly 80-year-old former first lady and reigning grande dame of the capital sat for a portrait draped in a crocheted shawl, her curls peeking out from under her signature turban. But the photographer’s enterprise soon went bust, and the images captured that day disappeared into the slipstream of history.


Where to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck
American travelers going abroad this summer will find their money buys more in some unexpected countries, including Japan and Australia.

It’s the backpacker’s call to India, the sunseeker’s attraction to Mexico, and the digital nomad’s drive to get to Thailand: Go where the dollar buys more.
The evergreen budget travel strategy is getting a boost this summer: The dollar has surged against a number of foreign currencies, including the Japanese yen, thanks to high interest rates offered by the Federal Reserve — attracting foreign investment, which bolsters the dollar.


8 Fruits That Will Continue to Ripen After You Buy Them—and 9 That Won’t
Shop smart and avoid waste by knowing how different fruits ripen.

Shopping for fruit might seem like a straightforward task, but there’s more to it than buying a pineapple or a bunch of bananas and calling it a day. Some fruits stop ripening as soon as they’re harvested—while others keep ripening over time. What’s more, different fruits ripen at different rates, so timing and smart shopping are key. Ahead, we spoke to experts about which fruits continue to ripen after you buy them and which ones don’t, plus how to know when each is ready to eat.


Why Coffee Tonic Might Replace Your Favorite Cold Brew
Cooling, carbonated, and caffeinated, this drink is having a moment.

The refreshing gin and tonic is clearly a warm-weather classic, but there’s no reason why gin, or cocktails for that matter, should have all the sunny season fun. Tonic water is also the perfect carbonated sidekick for the coffee tonic and the espresso tonic, alcohol-free, thirst-quenching quaffs that emerged in the early aughts and are once again generating buzz. We connected with coffee and beverage experts to discover why this drink trend is picking up steam—and learned a few tricks for stirring up both at home.


This Lesser-known Region of Italy Has Stunning Ocean Views, 3 National Parks, and Rolling Vineyards — and It’s Outside of Rome
Abruzzo is filled with dazzling medieval towns, rolling vineyards, and a divine food scene.

Some 130 miles away from Rome in central Italy is a region that offers travelers a world of opportunity: Abruzzo. It’s filled with dazzling medieval towns, rolling vineyards, pictorial stretches of sand on the Adriatic Coast, and alpine peaks set amongst three protected national parks. It’s home to 75 percent of all European animal species, flora, and fauna. In fact, it’s so lush that it’s often called the “green lung of Europe.”

[Photo Credit: gios.amsterdam, toomanyagencies.com]

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