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Nibblies and sips, darlings. That’s all we’re looking for on this TUESDAY, so let’s all gather in a fun and swanky LOunge and order to our hearts’ delight while having spirited discussions about the topics below. Or let’s sit sullenly stuffing our faces in silence. It’s all good!


Would You Turn Over Your Home to a Hollywood Film Crew for $5,000 a Day?
While there are definite downsides to leasing your L.A. abode for a movie or TV production (broken sprinklers, upset neighbors), the one-day fees you may rake in could cover your monthly mortgage.

[…] The next step is to convince homeowners to rent out their house — a tricky proposition given perennial worries about loud crews, broken furniture and scraped walls. Even Balton admits she was wary when she was approached by a location manager about filming in her own house. “I thought, ‘She’s never going to shoot here, so sure, take a look,’ ” Balton says. “They ended up wanting to shoot there, and my first reaction — to myself — was, ‘Fuck no. I don’t want people in my house.’ Then I said, ‘Come on, you talk people into this every day, you have to.’ And it was a great experience.”


Netflix’s Adaptation of The Decameron Is Coming This Summer
Tony Hale, Zosia Mamet, and Saoirse-Monica Jackson star in the dark comedy, loosely inspired by the 14th-century story collection.
“You are cordially invited to a wine-soaked sex romp set in the Italian countryside….” Netflix teases of its new show, The Decameron, coming this summer.
Per the streamer, “The Decameron is a soapy dark comedy that examines the all-too-timely theme of class struggles in the season of a pandemic. In the year 1348, the Black Death strikes hard in the city of Florence, and a handful of nobles retreat with their servants to a grand villa to wait out the plague with a lavish holiday. But as social rules wear thin, a scramble for survival ensues, brought to life by a cast of characters both cunning and outrageous.” In June 2024, Netflix dropped the first teaser trailer.


How the Naughty ’90s Set the Stage for Today’s Tragicomedy
It was the era of Newt Gingrich, Murphy Brown, and the first web browser. But Molly Jong-Fast, in her introduction to David Friend’s rollicking warts-and-all book The Naughty Nineties, reveals how the decade was actually chock-full of scandals that laid the groundwork for these off-kilter Trumpian times.


The 17 Sexiest Fragrances of All Time
Editors and experts consider these picks best for date night and beyond

The sexiest perfumes feature a range of scent blends that are easy to wear again and again. There’s something intoxicating about their unique combination of notes, whether musky, gourmand, or floral, that draw us closer to each other, something experts say is by design.
“Fragrances which belong to the Narcotics olfactive family, for their addictive aspect, are the sexiest,” founder of Kilian Paris Kilian Hennessy tells Bazaar. “Because ultimately, when it comes to seduction, you want to wear a scent that is intoxicating to your partner.” For anyone who finds picking out a sexy scent as difficult as choosing a new polish color at their local salon, the perfumer advises sticking with notes like tuberose or orange blossom that share particularly addictive aromas.


Nicola Coughlan had the best response to being called ‘brave’ for nude scenes in Bridgerton
A perfect answer.

During a special premiere of the season’s second half in Dublin this week, Coughlan and Newton took part in a Q&A with the audience. Fan footage from the event showed Coughlan and Newton standing on stage together, taking questions. At one point, a fan commented that Coughlan was “brave” for getting naked on camera — but the actor was ready with a quip that shut down the tired discussion surrounding her body.


11 coolest summer nails to know for 2024
All the inspo to save immediately.

The summer nails trends are in and if TikTok has anything to say about it (and obviously, TikTok has a lot to say about it), two main themes are dominating: minimal and milky; or fun and experimental. Either way, we’re into it, because the only thing that’s better than having an ice cold cocktail in your hand on a sunny day, is having a fresh mani to show off at the same time. When it comes to specific tones and designs, the ‘90s is leading the charge.


This is probably the most popular men’s fragrance in the world—and I insist my husband always has a bottle
I don’t have a bad word to say about it

Dior Sauvage is, hands down, one of the most popular and bestselling men’s fragrances of our time. It tops bestsellers lists year after year, and it has probably become one of the most iconic fragrances of the 21st Century, full stop. And while I appreciate that not everyone likes a widely-worn scent (myself included), Sauvage deserves an exemption from such preferences. Why? Because it is, hands down, the most versatile, great smelling and wearable men’s scent in existence.


Celebrities Who Look Scarily Similar To Their Children, From Angelina Jolie To Katie Holmes
The apple really didn’t fall far from the tree for these famous offspring.

From Gigi and Bella Hadid to Suri Cruise and Hailey Bieber, it’s not hard to see who’s who when it come to matching children to their famous parents.
Red carpet events, luxury fashion shows and just an everyday outing provide the perfect opportunity for A-listers to take their famous offspring with them and enjoy the perks of stardom while getting in some quality family time.
Whether it’s Brooklyn Beckham ‘stealing’ his famous dad’s clothes or Kaia Gerber sharing her mother’s love of all things catwalk, runway and fancy dress, who better for these famous A-list children to look to for sartorial guidance than their elders?


How The Closet Clearout Became The Celebrity Hobby Of Choice
It-girls everywhere are selling off their wardrobes. Here’s how it’s bringing the thrill back to shopping

Making some extra cash has never had quite so much cachet, this year the wardrobe resale has become the ultimate It-girl activity. Where once these modern fashion icons were known for displaying their impeccable style on the streets of the style capitals, now we find them behind a trestle table, bum bag on waist, with a pile of their best pre-loved pieces inviting us in to shop them.
The most famous, of course, came last year with Chloë Sevigny’s Sale of the Century held in New York with a queue that twice wrapped around a SoHo block. This excitement was mirrored in early June 2024 when Jenna Lyons announced that she would be getting in on the selling, later having to move it from a stoop sale to a larger venue to accommodate the anticipated crowds. But these New Yorkers are far from alone in this pursuit.


Brooklyn Peltz Beckham Wants to Spice Up Your Life
At 25, David and Victoria’s eldest—arguably the poshest, most famous, and least understood child—has finally found his calling.

If you think the reality of growing up Beckham entails jet-setting across the world and dancing to “Spice Up Your Life,” that’s not not true. “I had a crazy childhood, man. I was so happy,” Peltz Beckham says. “It was hectic because my dad played football and my mum was a Spice Girl. Spice Girls was the first few years of my life, so it was hectic. We were always doing something. But, I have the best mum and dad in the world and it was a lot of fun.”
The Spice Girls were just around. Duh. “I used to go to all the concerts—really good memories,” he says. “I wouldn’t change anything. Everyone’s always like, ‘How is it like to have famous parents?’ I’m like, ‘Honestly, they’re just my mum and dad.’ I don’t think of them any other way.”


Not Everyone Wants Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice to Be Working Royals
An expert said that their involvement could “fuel comparisons and competition within the royal family.”

Amid King Charles and Kate Middleton’s respective cancer battles, rumors began swirling that Princes William and Harry’s cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, could potentially become working royals in some capacity, even if just temporarily. As the daughters of disgraced royal Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the two have never been senior royals, and public relations expert Grayce McCormick doesn’t think it would be a good idea for them to start now. In fact, the founder of Lightfinder Public Relations thinks that if the sisters took on these new roles (were they to be offered to them), it could cause tension in the family.


This Map Details the Cheapest and Most Expensive States for Fast Food
Yes, you can still get a Big Mac for $4.

The cost of our drive-thru runs and DoorDash orders has continued to rise this year, to the point where over three-quarters of Americans have started to consider fast food to be a luxury. McDonald’s and Burger King have both responded by releasing $5 value meals that include a sandwich, chicken nuggets, fries and a drink, in addition to occasional specials, like the week that Wendy’s offered 1-cent bacon cheeseburgers.
But according to some new data, there may still be a way to save a couple of dollars on your next fast food purchase — you just may have to go to Mississippi to order it.


Stevie Nicks Soars Through a Night of Songs & Stories at Mohegan Sun: 5 Best Moments
The rock icon arrived by helicopter, with her Barbie, to put on a show brimming with career anecdotes and classics from Fleetwood Mac’s discography and solo releases.

At 76 years old, Stevie Nicks — who breezily brought up her age a few times on stage Sunday night (June 9) — maintains the distinct, strong vocal performance for which she’s become iconic. She carries it through a showtime of about two hours, with a 15-song set and several stories spanning her fascinating journey in rock ‘n’ roll.
Nicks brought her headlining tour to the Mohegan Sun Arena, a well-designed, 10,000-seat venue in southeastern Connecticut that’s within the Mohegan Sun casino/entertainment complex owned by the Mohegan Tribe.
She has plenty to play, and so much to say — and with the life experience she’s had as an entertainer for so many years, rightly so.


Celine Dion Explains Why She Finally Went Public With Stiff Person Syndrome Diagnosis: ‘I Could Not Do This Anymore’
In an upcoming NBC prime-time special the singer says that lying to the fans who got her where she is today felt wrong.

Celine Dion suspected something was wrong with her for a a long time. But it wasn’t until she publicly shared her diagnosis with the rare neurological condition Stiff Person Syndrome in 2022 that the singer finally felt like she’d come clean about her health struggles. In the latest preview of an upcoming NBC primetime special in which Dion discusses her health issues, the Canadian powerhouse vocalist tells The Today Show‘s Hoda Kotb that she knew it was time to be more transparent.


Critic’s Notebook: The J. Lo Bubble Burst — How (Un)Likability Ruined Her Tour
Selling out an arena tour — the same venues Lopez has performed at for two decades — isn’t normally a problem for the star, but her headline-making decision to cancel her upcoming trek has barely anything to do with music. Instead, it’s about likability.

For years artists with strong catalogs have successfully performed on the road. At times the tours are tied to a new album — one most don’t care to hear during live shows — but sometimes there isn’t new music. We all know how well nostalgia sells, and Lopez is one of hundreds of acts who have benefited from this. It’s been 13 years since her last major hit: “On the Floor” peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2011. Before that, it was 2005’s “Get Right” and 2006’s “Control Myself.” New hits are not a factor. While they would be helpful, they are not a necessity to sell a tour.


What your sibling birth order does — and doesn’t — explain
Are you destined to always be the “eldest daughter”?

Talk of birth-order dynamics seems to be in the water supply these days. Online, videos with millions of views parody and detail the stereotypes of oldest children (responsible and reliable), middle kids (rebellious, sociable, mediators like Randall), and the babies of the family (fun-loving and attention-seeking). Firstborn daughters are bemoaning a supposed lifetime of happiness lost to responsibilities. Middle children recall their wardrobe of hand-me-downs. Youngest kids seemingly have no photographic evidence of their childhoods at all.


Regal Pride: Royals throughout history who were LGBT
From monarchs forced to hide their true selves to the trailblazers of today

Queen Anne of Great Britain, 1665-1714
Friends since childhood, Queen Anne was known for her close relationship and reported romance with Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough. Famous for telling the Queen exactly what she thought with zero flattery, the Duchess had the Queen’s ear when it came to matters of politics, influencing her on behalf of her husband, the Duke. They even had pet names for each other: Mrs Morley (Anne) and Mrs Freeman (Sarah). The Duchess’s fall from favour, following the introduction of her cousin Abigail Hill to the Queen’s household, was depicted in Oscar-winning film, The Favourite, starring Olivia Colman as the Queen, Rachel Weisz as the Duchess and Emma Stone as Abigail.


How to Clean Blinds to Remove Dust and Stains, According to Experts
It’s easier than you think to keep your blinds clean.

During your house cleaning routine, you’ve likely tackled cleaning your windows, floors, tables, and more. But, don’t stop there—when was the last time you cleaned your blinds? If you can see visible dust build-up on the slats, then it’s time to give them a deeper clean and add them to your regular cleaning rotation. We spoke with experts about how to clean traditional vinyl blinds, fabric blinds, and remove stubborn stains.


How to Renovate a Historic Home—and Keep Its Character—According to Designers
Renovating a historic home can be intimidating, but our expert tips break it down to help you tackle this large project.

If you love historic detail and architecture but find historic homes lacking in modern-day style and amenities, it may be worth it to undergo a renovation to have the home of your dreams. Two Chicago designers, Kelsey Haywood and Denise Hauser, recently did just that when they undertook a gut renovation of a historic 1890s Queen Anne-style home. The clients loved mid-century modern aesthetics and vintage furnishings but also wanted to give a nod to the home’s Victorian roots.

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