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PinRoot Restaurant – Berlin, Germany

Here we go, darlings. Once more unto the brea– actually, scratch that. It may be MONDAY, but none of us have to acknowledge that. It’s not like it’s the law or anything. Slide into a banquette and whisper scandalously over the sounds of tinkling ice in your cocktails. Reality is highly overrated.


‘How to Have Sex’ Star Mia McKenna-Bruce to Lead Netflix Agatha Christie Series ‘The Seven Dials Mystery’ With Helena Bonham Carter and Martin Freeman
Set in 1925 and described as a “witty, epic and fast-paced drama,” “The Seven Dials Mystery” follows a lavish country house party where a practical joke appears to have gone horribly, murderously wrong. In the end, it’s up to the unlikeliest of sleuths — the fizzingly inquisitive Lady Eileen “Bundle” Brent (McKenna-Bruce) — to unravel a chilling plot that will change her life, cracking wide open the country house mystery. Bonham Carter and Freeman will play the characters Lady Caterham and Superintendent Battle, respectively.


‘Poirot’ Actor David Suchet To Retrace Agatha Christie’s Steps In Doc Series From Soho Studios, Two Rivers Media & Abacus Media Rights; Channel 4 & BritBox On Board
Iconic Poirot actor David Suchet will replicate an international expedition crime writer Agatha Christie took in the 1920s in a five-part doc series.
In Travels with Agatha with Sir David Suchet, the actor will replicate Poirot author Christie’s journey, which spanned former British Empire territories Canada, Hawaii, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia as part of a trade mission. Each episode will feature one of the five countries. Filming will begin this summer, with delivery scheduled for the end of the year.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus Pushes Back Against Jerry Seinfeld’s Cancel Culture Concerns
The Veep star says that opposition to political correctness is a “red flag.”

As you might recall, Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus moved from comedy fan favorites to household names in the early 1990s, when Seinfeld hit the air. Since then, televised reruns of the show have lined the pockets of far-right commentator Steve Bannon, who has an ownership stake in the show. That was arguably its one of its greatest controversies until April, when show co-creator Seinfeld told the New Yorker that “the extreme left and P.C. crap” has killed off televised comedies (though many remain on the air).
The reaction was swift, with pundits on the right embracing the comedian, while others characterized his comments as the standard language of a wealthy American of a certain age.


It’s undeniable—the bixie cut is the summer hair trend all the cool girls are adopting
The latest celeb-approved ‘bob’ is ultra chic

For 2024 it seems it’s a case of the shorter the better when it comes to our hair, especially now summer has made an appearance and everyone’s looking for stylish hairstyles for hot sunny days. Unsurprisingly, the latest trending cut is no different, in fact it takes our hair a step shorter than we’ve gone before. Say hello to the bixie cut, the grown out pixie style worn by Taylor Hill and Iris Law, and the latest bob cut to be rocking this summer.


Blossom nails are the pretty summer manicure to know—these 6 looks provide the perfect posy inspiration
It comes Bieber-approved

If there’s one celebrity that can start a nail trend quicker than anyone else, it’s Hailey Bieber. The originator of last summer’s cult glazed manicure look as well as more niche nail trends, like the festival approved glow in the dark mani and the mix and match nail art look which she sported earlier this year, it’s become clear she is the person to look to if you’re in need of inspiration for your next nail appointment.


There’s only one pedicure shade to wear on your toes this summer—I promise, it’s going to surprise you
Summer brights go out the window

If I asked you to guess this summer’s trending pedicure shades, you’d most likely respond with a handful of quintessential summer colours: neon orange, glazed pinks, electric blue and the forever classic, the French pedicure. Synonymous with summer, bold, bright hues are a right of passage once the warm weather hits, creating a fun pop of colour against your favourite sandals.


Penelope Featherington is giving Glossier girl—9 perfumes these main characters would definitely wear
From Lady Whistledown to Daisy Jones, these are the perfume recommendations I’d give to the leading ladies of our time

As a big perfume fan, I think about what my favourite book characters might wear scent-wise quite a lot. In fact, it’s sort of my Roman empire. And lately, I’ve shifted my attention to the main character girlies that are being made/have been made into TV series or movies I also love. I enjoy seeing a character come to life, and it helps me to imagine each one’s beauty routine and, thus, how I imagine they’d smell.


I ignore health hacks that promise the world – but, after six months, am impressed by the changes I’ve noticed since drinking electrolytes
By now, you’ll probably have noticed the softly tinted sports bottles seemingly featured in every Instagram runner’s selfies. No, not a clear protein shake or carb drink – rather, electrolyte supplements promising to help runners and non-runners alike adequately hydrate.
While electrolytes are literally as old as the human body, it’s only in recent years that they’ve really boomed on the wellness scene, not just as an essential for runners who need to replenish minerals lost via sweat, but also for the health-conscious keen to stay on top of their daily hydration.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are Selling Their $60 Million Family Home
Rumors of a pending split between the stars grew more furious when the couple reportedly hired a real estate agent.

The stress of moving has destroyed many a marriage, or so common knowledge would have us believe. Does that cliche apply when the couple in question is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who presumably have folks on hand to help with life’s most mundane chores? But with speculation running wild that Lopez and Affleck’s less-than-two-years-old marriage is over, news that the couple is selling their shared Beverly Hills home feels stressful, indeed.


Sam Heughan Attends Eras Tour in Edinburgh After Joking He Was Going to Steal Taylor Swift From Travis Kelce
He even made the friendship bracelets…

Sam Heughan, of Outlander fame, attended the Eras Tour in Edinburgh on June 8, just days after joking he was planning to steal Taylor Swift from Travis Kelce.
Heughan attended the concert with some of his costars from the show, including John Hunter Bell, Sophie Skelton, Caitriona Balfe, and Lauren Lyle, and posted pictures of the fun they all had on Instagram. He and Bell were even sporting friendship bracelets for the gig, though it’s unclear whether they made them or were given them. (Swifties always try to pass on their friendship bracelets to celebs when they spot them.)


‘Old Money Blonde’ Is Set To Be This Season’s Most Wanted Hair Colour
It’s been seen on everybody from Margot Robbie to Sofia Richie Grainge

Blonde hair is the one thing that never, ever goes out of style. Instead, it just keeps coming back around in new iterations. The latest case in point? Old money blonde.
Characterised as a soft, sun kissed shade that blends seamlessly with your natural hair colour, it’s a colour that’s been doing the rounds on the red carpet and that’s been seen on celebrities including Margot Robbie, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sofia Richie Grainge. Plus, it’s been particularly sought after thanks to the fact it’s relatively low maintenance compared to other types of blonde hair, especially a traditional full head of highlights.


Kate Middleton Shares Letter To Apologise for Missing Pre-Trooping The Colour Event During Cancer Treatment
The Princess wrote she hoped to be with them ‘once again very soon’.

On Saturday, Kate Middleton’s letter to the Irish Guards was shared in a post on X, formerly Twitter, in which she apologised for missing a big rehearsal for Trooping the Colour. The event serves as King Charles’ birthday parade and the Princess of Wales traditionally has a role as the honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards, who are as the head of the event this year. It was her duty to ‘take the salute’ as the Colonel’s Review, but amidst ongoing cancer treatment she was unable to attend.
In her message, Kate wrote of ‘how proud I am of the entire regiment ahead of the Colonel’s Review and Trooping of the Colour.’


23 Of The Best LGBTQ+ Films That Perfectly Portray The Queer Experience
From funny to heartfelt

We all love films that can transport, educate, empower and simply make you feel something. But most important of all is its ability to raise up marginalised voices and experiences to a global audience, such as those that portray an LGBTQ+ narrative.
Now more than ever, we’re seeing a range of protagonists and characters whose sexualities aren’t categorised by a singular bracket, yet representation still has a long way to come. Arguably one of the best sub genres there is out there, LGBTQ+ films often quite perfectly capture the emotions of love and embracing life as it comes.
From ground-breaking classics, such as 1994’s The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, to modern masterpieces likes the modern cult favourite All Of Us Strangers and Ethan Cohen’s Drive Away Dolls with Margaret Qualley, the films on this list cast light on the LGBTQ+ experience from all angles.


The 60 Best Queer Movies of All Time
Queer cinema is a broad category that can be defined in infinite ways; is it a pioneering meditation on forbidden love, like that explored in films like Tea and Sympathy or Maurice? Is it the scrappy, DIY spirit of Derek Jarman in the 1980s, or the New Queer Cinema movement in the 1990s, courtesy of directors like Gregg Araki and Gus Van Sant? Or are the best examples to be found in the new age of queer cinema we’re witnessing in the 21st century, as major studios finally begin throwing their weight behind telling LGBTQ+ stories on screen, and films like Barry Jenkins’s Moonlight take home the best-picture Oscar?
At the end of the day, the magical thing about queer film is its mutability. It can be a heartfelt ode to two trans sex workers shot on an iPhone like Sean Baker’s Tangerine; a riveting documentary shining a light on an overlooked corner of queer history like Paris is Burning, Jennie Livingston’s deep-dive into ballroom culture; or a lavish studio film with a starry Hollywood cast, like Tom Ford’s A Single Man. Here, we round up all of our favorite LGBTQ+ films, from forgotten underground hits to splashy, big-budget spectacles.


Are You Team Cab or Team Merlot?
These two red wines are similar, but it’s important to be able to tell them apart.

Beloved by consumers and professionals alike, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are responsible for producing some of the world’s most coveted wines, as well as some of its most accessible. But what are the key differences between two of the most popular red wines in the world?


You’ll Never Guess Which State Tips the Most
Hint: It’s got no state or local taxes.

Americans are getting used to the idea of being asked for tips, from picking up a cappuccino to collecting their bag of takeout.
But many think tipping has gotten out of control, and the generous tips they left during pandemic restrictions have flattened out. That’s according to two new surveys measuring current attitudes towards gratuities.
According to a new survey on tipping culture from Bankrate, a consumer financial services company, 59% of Americans have a negative view of tipping.


How the Fridge Changed Flavor
From the tomato to the hamburger bun, the invention has transformed not just what we eat but taste itself.

It was the most talked-about meal in the United States. In the weeks leading up to the luncheon, its organizers received so many requests for seats that they switched the venue to one of Chicago’s largest dining rooms. Newspapers across the country covered the guest list, which included Chicago’s mayor and health commissioner; at least one member of Congress; dozens of bureaucrats, from Washington, D.C., New York, and beyond; and many of the nation’s most distinguished agricultural scientists.
The occasion for this excitement was the world’s first cold-storage banquet: a meal at which only refrigerated foods would be served. On Monday, October 23, 1911, more than four hundred guests sat down amid the drapery and gilt of the Hotel Sherman’s Louis XVI room, unfolded their white linen napkins, and enjoyed a five-course, two-hour meal in which everything but the olives in their dry Martinis had spent months in cold storage.


The golden age of retail loyalty programs is here
Why every store wants to give you something for (almost) nothing.

The classic store loyalty program looks something like this: You earn a stamp on a punch card for every purchase, and on the 10th one you get something for free. Or you sign up for a free membership at a store, like the kind that drugstore chains like CVS and Walgreens are famous for, which opens up low prices on a whole panoply of goods.
Historically, loyalty perks didn’t include things like private balls cordoned off just for members who’ve spent thousands of dollars at their stores.


How did sunscreen get so confusing?
Bottom line: Wearing it is still good advice.

Despite the extremely well-established science linking sun exposure to skin cancer, bad sun safety advice on social media simply will not stop — and a lot of people are buying it. In several recent surveys, between one and three out of every 10 adults believed a range of falsehoods about sunscreen and sun exposure; a few days ago, the Cleveland Clinic felt compelled to plead with people not to do something called “beer tanning.”


10 trailblazing LGBTQIA+ authors who left an indelible mark on literary history
As we celebrate Pride month, Tatler shines a light on LGBTQIA+ authors who helped shape the English literary canon

In 1913, EM Forster was busy writing a novel which would not see the light of day for more than 57 years. Titled Maurice, it explored a passionate love affair between two male students at Cambridge University. If published, it would probably have ended Forster’s career as an author. Thus, he addressed the book ‘to a happier year’, and Maurice collected dust in a drawer for over half a century, until Forster’s death in 1970. When that ‘happier year’ came and the book was released posthumously in 1971 at his request, Maurice was revered as a work of outstanding literary genius. Did Maurice symbolise a new era? Perhaps.


Now Playing: The Press Tour (Shh, It’s Better Than the Movie)
For Jennifer Lopez, Sterling K. Brown, Dakota Johnson and others, the standard publicity push isn’t so standard anymore.

In the 1999 rom-com “Notting Hill,” the sheepish bookseller played by Hugh Grant goes to a hotel expecting a date with the megawatt star played by Julia Roberts. He is surprised to find he has arrived at a press junket and looks adorably flustered as he’s shuffled from room to room, pretending to be a reporter from Horse & Hound to interview the stars of her space movie.
The sequence is a handy introduction to this strange custom of film publicity: actors sitting in sterile suites for a parade of brief interviews. But these days that almost seems quaint. The press tour has taken on a life of its own, with stars like Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya making news for the tour itself with quippy sound bites, inscrutable looks and fashion moments.


Strasbourg for Book Lovers
Bibliophiles will find plenty of centuries-old tomes, graphic novels, modern works and more in this French city, which also happens to be this year’s UNESCO World Book Capital.

Attention, bibliophiles: Put Strasbourg, the largest city in eastern France, on your radar. Once home to the godfather of publishing — the 15th-century printing-press pioneer Johannes Gutenberg — the city is the UNESCO World Book Capital for 2024. Through next April, more than 200 events and activities will take place in and around Strasbourg, a polyglot city on the German border whose half-timbered gingerbread houses, gabled roofs, picturesque canals and church spires seem to have sprung from a storybook of their own.


This Sunny Spanish City Is Known for Amazing Tapas and a ‘Magical Vibe’ — and It Won’t Break the Bank
Here’s everything you need to know to plan a perfect trip to Granada, Spain.

Granada is about as captivating a city as they come. The city, tucked at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain’s Andalusia region, is filled with more historic charm than perhaps one place deserves. Here, travelers can walk through winding cobblestone streets, drink in views of Moorish architecture, and stroll through buildings dating back to the 14th century, all within the span of an afternoon.

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