THE CROW and NOSFERATU Star Bill Skarsgård for ESQUIRE Magazine

Posted on May 29, 2024


He transformed himself into a terrifying clown in IT and a ruthless villain in JOHN WICK. But he goes deeper for THE CROW this summer and NOSFERATU in December. Is the thirty-three-year-old actor—who doesn’t even enjoy seeing scary movies—Hollywood’s new dark prince? “Bill Skarsgård Likes It Darker” by Madison Vain is on now and in the new Summer issue, available everywhere by June 4.




On whether he’d be willing to play Pennywise in It again, and whether there have been discussions about when that may happen: “Maybe.”

On taking on the role of Pennywise: “I was so incredibly nervous to start this job, and then the Internet is having so many hateful opinions on the weird, strange look of the thing.”

On his approach to playing a character: “It tends to become life and death for me. I want to explore my own limitations.”

On whether he’s a fan of scary movies: “I’m not a huge horror buff.”

On the ending of the new version of The Crow“I personally preferred something more definitive.”

On his vampire role in Nosferatu: “I do not think people are gonna recognize me in it. He’s gross. But it is very sexualized. It’s playing with a sexual fetish about the power of the monster and what that appeal has to you. Hopefully you’ll get a little bit attracted by it and disgusted by your attraction at the same time.”


[Photo Credit:  Norman Jean Roy/Esquire Magazine]

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