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Pin218° Cafe Restaurant – Santorini, Greece


That’ll do. You want us to start a tab?


Hannah Einbinder on Divas, Swifties, and Industry Plants
To mark the finale of the oustanding third season of Hacks, its star Hannah Einbinder gives it to us straight on nepo babies, earthquakes, and award show bathrooms.


Lily Tomlin Reflects on Jennifer Aniston’s 9 to 5 Remake: ‘The Working World Has Changed’
The star — appearing next in the Netflix documentary ‘Outstanding: a Comedy Revolution’ — starred in the original version of the iconic comedy in 1980

The chemistry between its three stars is as memorable as that bumping, throbbing theme song. 9 to 5 is an iconic movie, as much about friendship as work, as much a lesson about feminism as a masterclass in comedy.
The film starred Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, and since it’s premiere in 1980 has inspired a Broadway show, documentary and, just a few years ago, talk of a sequel with Parton, Fonda and Tomlin reprising their roles.
“We had one official crack at the script,” Tomlin says. “The draft just didn’t work for us. We couldn’t really see the work world today [in the pages]. People work from home. They take gig work. They don’t even know their boss. They’re at home!” The trio ended up passing, with Parton telling Entertainment Tonight that the women had “dropped that whole idea.”


Fruity nails are one of the most-searched manicure trends this summer
So we’ve brought you all the inspo

If you’re wondering what flavour of manicure is about to take over for summer, you’ve come to the right place. According to Pinterest’s Summer Trends Report, “fruity nails” have fully stolen our attention.
Already, the platform has seen a 175% uptick in interest for “fruity nails” as we head into summer. Specifically? “Cute strawberry nails” have brought in 250% more searches (which makes sense given strawberry girl summer is set to continue its reign for another year), but curve ball terms like “blueberry nail art” and “grapefruit nails” have also seen a 196% and 194% spike respectively.


Sofia Vergara opened up about ageing and plastic surgery: ‘I don’t believe in filler’
“At my age – 51 – it’s not going to make you look younger.”

At 51, Sofia Vergara (obviously) looks incredible. But staying true to what she told Glamour in November, she swears it’s really not because she’s gotten plastic surgery like trolls online seem to think.
“Sometimes I read messages—I avoid reading comments because, for what? It’s usually people that are in a bad mood or depressed or jealous,” Vergara said. “I read it and it’s like, ‘She has done so much stuff to herself that she doesn’t even look like her anymore.’ And I’m thinking, It’s not like you have plastic surgery to look worse than before, come on!”
As for why her appearance had seemingly changed? “I always want to say, ‘No, it’s called ageing! It’s called fucking I’m old! That’s why I look different!’” Noted.


6 ways to shake off the working day so it doesn’t intrude on your evening
A little transition ritual can shift your brain into chill mode.

When I’m working, I hyperfocus on the task at hand. If I’m writing an article – like this one, for example – I sit down at my desk around 8:30 am, conduct a couple of interviews, research the topic I’m covering, and then hunch over my keyboard like a gremlin, typing away until the end of the work day, which, for me, is usually around 5 or 6 pm.
I get absolutely absorbed – so much so that when it’s time to shut my laptop and make dinner, I seriously struggle with transitioning out of work mode. I continue to think about how I want to edit specific sentences or what else I need to do to hit my deadline as I join my husband on the couch and descend into the evening.


The best Kindle to buy, to get you through your summer reading list
Ready to enter your reading girl era?

To help you on your way to a hot book summer, we’ve got the low-down on the best Kindle to invest in right now. While there’s nothing quite like the feeling of finishing a paperback book and proudly placing it back on your bookcase or floating bookshelf, an e-reader is often a more practical option if you’re always on-the-go. Or find it all too easy to put your new book down and pick up your phone to scroll TikTok (guilty).


Is Miranda Derrick still in the ‘7M TikTok cult’? Here’s what we know
Everything the family has done and said in the wake of the Netflix documentary.

With so much of the story playing out on social media, viewers are naturally curious as to whether dancer Miranda Derrick, one of the subjects of Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, Netflix’s latest (reportedly) cult docuseries, is still part of the shady group that—according to her family—brainwashed her with religion. (Derrick, to put it mildly, disagrees with that assessment.)
While we’re not sure exactly when filming on the series wrapped, it seems that some progress has been made between then and May 29, the date of the docuseries was released.


The Baby Reindeer Dilemma: When “True Story” TV Shows Go Too Far
Says one showrunner, “Viewers understand on a certain level that these things are fictionalized, but…if you wander too far off the garden path, you are potentially ruining someone’s life.”

Within the first two minutes of Baby Reindeer’s debut episode, five tantalizing words appear on the screen: “This is a true story.” Unless you’ve been on a silent retreat for the last month and a half, you’ll know that this gut punch of a Netflix series has provoked almost as much drama in the real world as onscreen. It’s the latest show to prompt challenging questions about true-story television. Questions like: What rights do people have over how they are portrayed? Who safeguards the facts? And how real is too real?


AI Has Infiltrated the Wine Industry and It’s Affecting What’s in Your Glass
From budgeting to mitigating climate change, here are the ways wineries are using artificial intelligence.

The wine industry often conveys an image of an artisanal business. Even large producers frequently cultivate an identity tied to tradition and craftsmanship. So, what does that mean when increasingly more winemakers are turning to cutting-edge techniques where technology plays a major role?
Wineries across the globe have embraced artificial intelligence (AI) as a game-changing tool in all the stages of winemaking — from controlling the production in the vineyards to managing bottling plants — and it’s making a difference in the wine you buy and drink.


The Lemon Drop Is the 4-Ingredient Sour Cocktail You Need All Summer Long
This 4-Ingredient, 1970s cocktail is making a comeback, for a good reason.

The Lemon Drop is a boozy, sweet-tart cocktail that follows a simple sour template, combining vodka, triple sec orange liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and simple syrup.
Long before it was relegated to a sticky-sweet shooter, this vodka Sidecar variation came together in the early 1970s at San Francisco bar Henry Africa’s, where its creation is often credited to Norman Jay Hobday, who legally adopted the moniker Henry Africa after his beloved bar.


My Sister-in-Law Makes Bakery-Level Cheesecakes, and This Clever Tool Is Her Secret
Perfectly smooth cheesecake, every time.

My sister-in-law, Halley, makes the best cheesecake I’ve ever tasted. It’s creamy, smooth, and never too sweet. For at least 15 years, she’s made cheesecake for countless family and holiday celebrations — in fact, I request it every year for my own birthday.
She achieves this velvety goodness through a technique called a water bath, which involves nesting the cheesecake’s springform pan in a larger baking pan filled with water to create steam that helps the cheesecake bake more evenly.


Who was Henry Paget, the ‘Dancing Marquess’? The inside story of the flamboyant aristocrat whose outrageous costumes and penchant for luxury are set to be dramatised in Madfabulous
Infamous for his lavish spending and madcap lifestyle, the mercurial peer remains one of Britain’s most controversial aristocrats

Throughout history, there have always been outlandish figures who trade less on fame, and more on infamy – but none have, perhaps, captured the public’s fascination quite like Henry Paget, the aristocratic bad boy of his age. The fifth Marquess of Anglesey became notorious in the late 1800s for squandering his inheritance on a lavish social life and accumulating massive debts. Dubbed the ‘Dancing Marquess’ for his voluminous silk robes (which, incidentally, served as an inspiration to designer Harris Reed for his 2020 collection), Paget existed for extravagance, until his untimely death at the age of just 29. Now, his story is set to be retold in indie film Madfabulous, which will star Callum Scott Howells in the lead role.


The Man Behind the Muppets
The new Disney+ documentary “Jim Henson Idea Man” conjures the life and mind of the visionary who created the Muppets and changed not only an art form, but also the parameters of storytelling. Directed by Ron Howard, and made with the participation of Henson’s children and longtime collaborators like Frank Oz — who played Bert to Henson’s Ernie, Miss Piggy to his Kermit the Frog — it’s a comprehensive portrait of a cultural giant who never lost his sense of play.


What Happened to Our Ad-Free TV?
Ads are here, there — almost everywhere — on streaming services now.

Not long ago, streaming TV came with a promise: Sign up, and commercials will be a thing of the past.
Netflix rose to streaming dominance in part by luring customers to an ad-free experience. Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max followed that lead.
Well, that did not last long. Ads are getting increasingly hard to avoid on streaming services. One by one, Netflix, Disney+, Peacock, Paramount+ and Max have added 30- and 60-second commercials in exchange for a slightly lower subscription price. Amazon has turned ads on by default. And the live sports on those services include built-in commercial breaks no matter what price you pay.


Your Partner is Ignoring a Health Issue. Now What?
Using guilt and pressure rarely help, experts say.

When I received a notice from my doctor to schedule my first colonoscopy, I put it off for nearly two years. I didn’t relish the idea of bowel prep, and I was nervous the procedure would hurt.
As the months rolled on, my husband pleaded with me to make the appointment. I ignored him, so, in desperation, he enlisted my no-nonsense mother.
“Hey there!” she hollered at me over the phone. “You know what’s worse than drinking laxatives for a day? Cancer!”
Many experts — both psychologists and primary care physicians — told me that they see this a lot with couples: One partner refuses or delays dealing with a health problem, and it makes the other frustrated and resentful.


7 Ways to Remove Sticker Residue From Every Surface—Including Martha’s Favorite Method
These methods work on metal, glass, wood, stone, and other surfaces.

Few things are more frustrating than when you bring home a newly purchased item, only to find that a label or sticker leaves behind stubborn residue when you remove it. Rather than spending time scratching or peeling it off, use one of these easy methods for getting rid of sticker residue, including Martha’s go-to method.


20 Vegetarian Summer Dinner Ideas to Enjoy All Season Long
No meat is required for these recipes that are as fulfilling as they are mouthwatering.

When summer arrives, we’re all about dining al fresco, grilling galore, and making use of an abundance of fresh, seasonal produce. With a garden full of options to choose from, creating vegetarian summer recipes is not only easy but creates a dazzling palette on your tongue—no meat required. From burgers to pasta and salads with a twist, all of these summer dinner ideas can be prepped indoors, are family-friendly, and will wow carnivores and vegetarians alike.


How to Clean a Reusable Water Bottle—and How Often You Should
Your reusable water bottle should be cleaned after every use to prevent bacteria buildup.

You bring your reusable water bottle everywhere, making it your most used piece of drinkware. For this reason, it’s typically emptied and immediately refilled without being properly cleaned in between. We understand—the bottle, lid, and straw mechanism (if yours has one) can make cleaning reusable water bottles feel like a chore. But not giving your water bottle a thorough scrub regularly can lead to the buildup of bacteria, mold, and other unwanted substances. Cleaning your reusable water bottle can be simplified with a few basic supplies and a method suitable to your specific bottle. Ahead, we spoke to experts about how to clean a reusable water bottle, including tips for cleaning a reusable straw and bite valve top.


This Greek Island Is One of the Most-visited in the World — With Instagram-worthy Views, Romantic Villages, and Relaxed Tavernas
Here’s your ultimate guide to Santorini, the Cycladic showstopper that sets hearts aflutter.

Lovers and honeymooners gravitate to Santorini to meander amid cliffside cave houses that hover almost imperceptibly above a lustrous, inky Aegean Sea.
A catastrophic volcanic eruption some 3,600 years ago, which saw half the island swallowed by the sea, is responsible for the dizzying visuals. Famed for its sunsets, photogenic blue-domed whitewashed churches, and intensely mineral white wine, Greek tourism’s poster child has long epitomized romance.


8 Best Places to Retire in Italy, According to Local Experts
From gorgeous islands to the idyllic countryside, here are some of the best places to retire in Italy.

Retiring in Italy is a dream for many and a reality for quite a few, too. From major cities to small towns, the sea to the mountains, and the Mediterranean to the Adriatic, Italy offers a variety of lifestyle and cost of living options. In preparing this list, Travel + Leisure spoke to residents of Italy as well as travelers who visit multiple times a year.


This Gorgeous Vintage Train Takes You to the Tallest Mountain Peak in the U.S. Northeast
Looking for a unique summer experience? Here’s why you should board the Mount Washington Cog Railway.

There are a few fantastic ways to get to the top of Mount Washington, the tallest mountain peak in the northeast, located in the great state of New Hampshire. First, you can hike. It’s a beautiful journey that takes you from verdant woodlands to the craggy peak over the 4-mile trek up Tuckerman Ravine Trail or Lions Head Trail — but it also takes about five to nine hours to hike round trip, and it’s rated as “extremely challenging,” making it a route only experienced hikers should take. You can also make the drive on the Auto Road, which takes about 30 minutes to the top and 30 minutes back again. But, there is one more way to get there that is both easier than hiking and more exciting than merely riding in a car, and that’s with the ever-fantastic Mount Washington Cog Railway.

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