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PinBurnt Ends Cocktail Bar – Singapore


It’s WEDNESDAY, darlings! Let’s spend it in a moody, woodsy sort of space with towers of things! Let’s eat off display cases! Go wild! Or just sit somewhere in the shadows, quietly sipping something brown and judging everyone.


Forever, Interrupted is the new Netflix series starring Margaret Qualley and Laura Dern, adapted from a book by Daisy Jones & The Six author
We’re expecting big things.

The book (and soon to be series) will follow Elsie (played by Margaret Qualley) and her story of love and loss after her husband Ben unexpectedly dies nine days after they got married. As she navigates her grief, she must also encounter Ben’s mother Susan (played by Laura Dern) who has no idea she existed. Devastating, and so awkward.
We will switch between two timelines, flashbacks to Elsie and Ben’s love story and Elsie’s experiences as she gets to know Susan. What starts out as a frosty and confusing connection sees the two women go through their grief together.


Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones just teased Normal People season 2, and fans are losing it
“We’ve got some news to share!!”

The year 2020 was defined by two things — a global pandemic and the greatest love story to ever grace our screens. Normal People was a runaway hit that launched the careers of Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal — for many of us, lockdown was defined by cutting our own fringes and lusting after chain necklaces. And although you might have thought we left the heartbreaking, addictive world of Normal People behind, four years later, the two stars have just teased a major update. It’s not confirmed yet, but it looks like the long-awaited Normal People season 2 might actually be happening.


I keep these 9 perfumes on constant rotation—they smell like burying your nose into an expensive bouquet
Love it or hate it, tuberose always makes a statement

As a beauty editor of nearly a decade, I’ve gotten pretty picky when it comes to perfumes. As one of my favourite products in beauty, fragrance is special to me—in fact, as someone with synesthesia, I often experience it more deeply than others around me. But throughout the years, I’ve always been a fan tuberose perfumes.
I think tuberose can unfortunately get a bad rap. It’s a potent white floral that can often overpower other notes within a scent, so used incorrectly, it can definitely feel a little ‘much’. But, included in the correct concentration and paired with complementary notes, tuberose can shine without being overbearing. Tuberose is also often seen as being overly sweet, but again, when extracted and used in the right way, it can be creamy, spicy, and even a little woody.


All the cool girls are wearing ‘Chantilly nails’ this summer—and I want in
The chicest neutral mani of 2024 is here to stay

I truly, emphatically believe that the neutral nail trend suits every occasion. Be it an everyday look for the office, a special occasion (like a wedding) or a holiday, you simply can’t beat a subtle manicure. And with the summer months fast approaching (where is this year going?!) I’m here to advocate for a more low-key nail trend than you may usually be used to this time of year. For summer 2024, it’s not about neon brights or intricate nail art; instead, it’s about keeping it simple (and painfully chic) with Chantilly nails.


Why do women need more sleep than men?
It turns out, 8 hours isn’t the universal sleep standard we thought it was.

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep — but a good night’s sleep can mean different things for different people. According to science, women need more sleep than men. Maybe Dakota Johnson wasn’t actually being that absurd when she suggested she needed 10 hours a night to “function”.
When it comes to sleep hygiene, most of us believe that the universal standard is something close to eight hours. However, studies have shown that this isn’t quite true. Different people need different amounts of time in dreamland to function at their best.


Manga lashes are the beauty trend breaking the internet
Lashes like a character straight from a manga book.

For those unfamiliar with the wonderful world of manga and anime, the hairs of these characters’ lashes tend to grow into pointy clusters that are spaced out along the top and bottom lash lines, creating a spiky look. Manga lashes recreate the look with an elevated take on doll eyes. Instead of adding a strip lash to your eye, you have to carefully space out clusters or individual lashes. Longer hairs stick out from the shorter pieces creating that separated lash look and a whole load of flirty, spidery volume. It’s delicate, wispy and dramatic in one go.


The Script For ‘Bridget Jones’ 4 Is The ‘Best’ Yet
‘Bridget is going to be a real cougar in the new film and she’ll be seen starting a relationship with a much younger character played by Leo,’ a source told The Sun. ‘Bridget is a single mum trying to navigate a new world of social media and dating apps after Mark’s death, so she’s definitely going to end up in a pickle. Hugh Grant is back as Daniel Cleaver, so there will be a love triangle between Bridget’s older flame and this much younger new man.’


The Royal Family Quietly Deleted Prince Harry’s 2016 Statement Defending Meghan Markle From Racist Abuse
In the statement, Harry said he was “deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect” Meghan.

In November 2016, after news broke that Prince Harry was dating Meghan Markle, Harry made the unprecedented move of confirming his relationship in a formal statement. That statement, credited to a Kensington Palace spokesperson, no longer exists on the royal family’s official website.
It’s unclear when specifically the statement was removed (Wayback Machine last shows it was live in early December 2023), but in March, Harry and Meghan’s official bios were changed on the website, and the individual pages for their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, were removed.


Prince Harry Is Reportedly Frustrated That the Royal Family Won’t “Acknowledge His Efforts”
A royal expert says that Harry feels like “every success is another kind of failure” without his family’s approval.

Prince Harry has plenty to be happy about—like his sunny life in California, his two kids, and not being shackled by the rules and regulations of the British monarchy, just to name a few—but sources close to the royals say that there’s a permanent scowl on his face. Why? Even now, he’s seeking the approval of his family and he’s not getting it, no matter how hard he seems to be trying.


Is the 5-Second Rule True? Here’s What Science Says
Not too fast with that dropped French fry.

We’ve all done it. Dropped a snack, a meal, an ingredient we were planning to eat, quickly picked it up, and declared the “five-second rule.” The food hasn’t been on the floor that long! It barely touched the ground, really! Your reflexes are faster than any cooties. Right?
Well, bad news for clumsy cooks: food that falls on the ground isn’t safely edible, according to experts. The five-second rule is an urban legend and one that can potentially lead to severe stomach pain, or worse.


‘It’s A Sin’ Star Callum Scott Howells To Play Flamboyant Aristocrat Henry Paget In Film ‘Madfabulous’
It’s A Sin star Callum Scott Howells has been tapped to play flamboyant and rebellious aristocrat Henry Paget in indie film Madfabulous, which is due to shoot this summer.
The Mad As Birds (Poms) production will be directed by Celyn Jones (The Almond And The Seahorse) and will chart the true story of the fifth Marquess of Anglesey who in the late 19th Century eschewed societal protocols of class and gender with his theatrical expressions and lavish social life, spending a multi-million pound fortune before his untimely death aged 29.
The British peer, dubbed “the dancing marquess”, was known for wearing voluminous robes, cross-dressing and his fluid sexuality and gender identity, all of which contributed to him becoming the black sheep of his aristocratic family.


‘Faye’ Review: HBO’s Faye Dunaway Doc Is a Revealing Portrait of the Complicated Woman Behind the Screen Icon
Director Laurent Bouzereau takes on the Oscar winner’s career highs and lows, her personal life, her bipolar disorder and her “difficult” reputation.

“I need a glass of water, not a bottle,” a quick complicit eye roll at the camera suggests she’s aware enough to own the reputation as part of the persona she created.
But is Dunaway “difficult,” a word applied far more frequently to women in the entertainment industry than men? Or is she simply a “perfectionist,” fastidious about every detail? The doc implicitly makes the case that the two words are almost interchangeable for movie actresses. It also makes clear, through Dunaway’s own admission, that the volatile mood swings of bipolar disorder caused erratic behavior throughout her career.


Is Shrimp Good for You? It’s Complicated.
Americans love their prawns. So how healthy are they — for us and for the planet?

Americans aren’t particularly enthusiastic about seafood. We eat less than half of what a Japanese or Indonesian person does. Less than a third of the average Icelander. But there is one big exception: shrimp.
Our appetite for the fat little crustacean has increased for decades, with the average American now eating almost six pounds per year, far more than any other ocean product.


The Ancient Art of Calligraphy Is Having a Revival
Calligraphy, which means “beautiful writing” in Ancient Greek, is seeing a surge of interest from younger people who say it offers a meditative and creative escape.

Calligraphy, a centuries-old art form, is seeing a surge of interest, including among young people more familiar with coding than cursive. At Michael’s, the largest arts and crafts chain in North America, more than 10,000 customers signed up for lettering classes online between January 2023 and March 2024 — nearly three times more than in the same period a year ago, when about the same number of classes were offered.


Andrew Scott Joins ‘Knives Out 3’ Cast
Andrew Scott has joined the sprawling cast of “Knives Out 3.”
The “Ripley” and “Fleabag” actor will star in the whodunit — titled “Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery” — alongside the previously announced additions of “Challengers” breakout Josh O’Connor and Cailee Spaeny of “Priscilla” fame. And of course, Daniel Craig will reprise his role as the quirky sleuth at the center of it all, Benoit Blanc.

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