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PinThe Whale Bar at The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort – Vommuli, Maldives

We trust our point is made. It is FRIDAY. Take a seat.


Ilana Glazer Is Your Comedy Mother
Coming off a 52-city tour, the hard-driving actress takes a beat to discuss her new baby movie — after having one of her own.

When Ilana Glazer signs on to what she didn’t realize was a camera-on Zoom interview, the first thing she does is express gratitude for her cute outfit (she’s in spring- time-appropriate head-to-toe lilac). The comedian had spent the afternoon in fittings for the press tour for her new film, Babes, which she co-wrote with Josh Rabinowitz. A few days beforehand, she wrapped a 52-stop stand-up tour, and was still riding the high from the final shows, which she filmed for her next special. While she planned meticulously for this convergence of career milestones — a flash of Type A personality that may come as
a surprise to those who still conflate her with her Broad City character — she still finds herself bewildered by the moment.


How ‘Hacks’ Season 3 Was Hatched
Jean Smart limping through Angeles National Forest and Hannah Einbinder golfing with a kinky Christina Hendricks are par for the course for this twice-delayed installment of Max’s Emmy-winning comedy.

The three creators and showrunners of Hacks are as concerned with amusing lead Jean Smart as they are with entertaining their audience. Storylines, set pieces and even guest stars are often engineered just to get a reaction from the venerable actress, who has now won two Emmys — she has five in total — for portraying veteran stand-up Deborah Vance on the Max original comedy.
“We try and do it in every episode, give her things that are really juicy,” says Paul W. Downs, the co-creator who also plays Deborah’s manager, Jimmy. “For us, when Jean comes to set and says, ‘I can’t wait to shoot the scene today,’ that’s the goal.”


With the scandal engulfing Strictly, is the BBC finally having its #MeToo moment?
Multiple women have reportedly accused Strictly dancer Giovanni Pernice of inappropriate behaviour while partnered with him on the show.

Sometimes change can feel like an all-too-slow ripple effect – the #MeToo movement included. Even with some huge wins, it can often feel that we take one step forward and two steps back when it comes to empowering victims to come forward.
But now another bastion of the entertainment industry is reportedly reckoning with allegations of misconduct and inappropriate behaviour, after The Sun revealed earlier this week that the BBC has received three official complaints about Strictly Come Dancing dancer Giovanni Pernice.


New Netflix documentary Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult looks intriguing but devastating
It tells the story of dancers who joined a management company that is said to be an abusive cult.

Fans of true crime documentaries: we’ve got a new recommendation for you, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult is Netflix’s latest documentary looking at the story of a young dancer who joined a management company, 7M, that turned out to also be a church and – reportedly – a cult, and the devastating consequences.
After she disappeared from her family’s life, they’ve gone public with their story and grief. It’s a lot, but definitely a great insight into human nature and why we are susceptible to cult groups.


Where is Bridgerton filmed? Filming locations revealed
We are officially halfway through season three of Bridgerton (those last four episodes truly cannot come soon enough) and we are all in full regencycore mode. Corsets! Skirts! Sleeves! Frills!
If you are still desperate to surround yourself with all things Bridgerton, there’s no better way than walking in the footsteps of the Featheringtons and Bridgertons themselves — yes, we are talking about actually visiting the Bridgerton filming locations.
The hit Netflix show is shot in a variety of historic homes and estates around the country. It also uses the streets of Bath as some of its outdoor backdrops. In other words, there are plenty of places that you can visit for yourself — we promise, you’ll get some great Instagram-worthy Bridgerton-ified shots while you’re there.


Princess Diana’s Hairdresser Reveals Why She Once Wore a Necklace as a Headband — with ‘Knicker Elastic!’
Diana’s former hairdresser Richard Dalton tells PEOPLE about the royal’s improvised headband

Princess Diana remains renowned for her iconic sense of style — which sometimes meant getting inventive on the fly.
The late Princess of Wales made a fashion splash when she wore an emerald-and-diamond choker necklace as a headband in Australia with the future King Charles in 1985, and her former hairdresser Richard Dalton is sharing why — along with the fashion hack that made it happen!


Zendaya Was Just The Ultimate Supportive Girlfriend Watching Tom Holland In ‘Romeo & Juliet’
Making his adult West End debut, ‘Spider-Man’ star Tom Holland is starring as Romeo in a new production of ‘Romeo & Juliet’.

Unsurprisingly, Holland’s fans, who waited in their thousands to buy tickets to the show when they were released in February 2024, were collectively over the moon to see their leading man as the leading man in new images that were released in April 2024 of Holland rehearsing alongside Madea actor Francesca Amewudah-Rivers, who’s portraying Juliet.


Getting Ready With Bel Powley And Her Stylist Cher Coulter In Dior
If you want to know how to nail short shorts this summer, let Powley be your guide.

Actress Bel Powley has always had style; in fact, she’s got bags of it. From her signature red lip to her expert mixing of texture and colour, she’s a regular fixture on the front row, as she is on our screens.
Most recently, she starred as Miep Gies in A Small Light and in the wartime aviation epic Masters of the Air alongside Barry Keogan and Austin Butler. However, we are still not over how she stole our hearts as Birdy in the much-loved adaptation of Dolly Alderton’s Everything I Know About Love.


Every Book That Carrie Bradshaw Is Reading In ‘And Just Like That…’ Season 3
Many of them were hand-selected by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Whether you’re looking for an injection of summer outfit ideas or a beach read to lose yourself in on your next getaway, And Just Like That… is proving to be a treasure trove of inspiration.
The Sex And The City sequel has become as renowned for its cast’s covetable closets as it has for the contents of their bookshelves, most of which were hand-selected by Sarah Jessica Parker herself.


The 21 Best Korean Movies to Stream Now
From arthouse gems to big budget features, here are the best Korean movies to watch now.

Korean TV shows get a lot of attention for their highly addictive and soapy plot lines, but it’s really Korea’s film industry, which began to flourish after the end of Japanese colonial rule in 1945, that has enjoyed a far more critically-esteemed international reputation—and one that was established long before Parasite. While Bong Joon-ho’s brilliant, Oscar-winning masterpiece helped usher in a new era of Hallyu (the Korean Wave), a lot of credit goes to Park Chan-wook for really putting Korean cinema on the world map in 2003 with his violent classic, Oldboy. In the years since, Korean (and Korean-American) auteurs have developed cult followings for their richly layered storytelling, which ranges from arthouse thrillers to heartwarming comedies to big budget action. Below, a very small sampling of the best Korean movies worth adding to your watchlist now.


The Pro’s Guide to 10 Different Types of Hair Brushes
Are you the type of person who has one brush in your hair drawer or many? While you might think that having more than one is superfluous, hairstylists will tell you that each brush has its benefits. So, if you’ve ever felt like you can’t achieve some styles and thought it was merely your hair type’s fault, it might be high time to explore the many different brushes beloved by the hair world. To save you from scouring the web for the best brushes, we chatted with a few celebrity hairstylists to determine the must-have brushes today. Ahead, find the pro’s guide to different types of hair brushes.


Princess Diana’s Wedding Gown Had a 25-Foot Train, 10,000 Sequins, and 1 Secret Backup Dress, According to the Designer
“The dress was so special because we were a perfect match.”

A 25-foot train, 10,000 mother-of-pearl sequins, and a 153-yard veil—these are just a few of the iconic elements that mark the most remembered and recognized wedding dress of the last century: Princess Diana’s bridal gown. The striking taffeta creation spawned hundreds of copycat dresses over the years, and still inspires today. However, little did the world—and Princess Di, herself—know that the young bride almost walked into St. Paul’s cathedral on July 29, 1981, wearing something else.


The Secret Behind Taylor Swift’s Superstar Shoes? Red Bottoms—and Loads of Crystals
Earlier this month, Taylor Swift kicked off the European leg of her record-breaking Eras Tour, beginning her marathon of live performances with four nights in Paris. Since then, the global superstar has moved on to Stockholm. In both cities, Swift has brought her catalog of hits to the stage—not to mention her signature glitzy costumes, designed by labels such as Roberto Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood, and Versace. Punctuating these looks, however? An impressive range of custom Christian Louboutin shoes, famously known for their signature red soles. (The superstar also rocked Louboutin footwear during her North American leg.)


13 Memorial Day Desserts From Pie to Popsicles and Ice Cream
Celebrate the start of summer with popsicles, pie, grilled s’mores, and more.

Make the start of summer even sweeter with an all-American pie, crowd-pleasing lemon bars, frozen treats, and desserts you can grill. These sweet ideas include red, white, and blue tributes and celebrations of the fruits of the season. Turn fresh blueberries, strawberries, and watermelon into picture-worthy panna cotta, fruity pie fillings and toppings, and nostalgic popsicles, with these fun and festive Memorial Day dessert recipes to enjoy all weekend — and all summer long.


We Tested Every Major Hot Dog Brand — These Are Our Favorites.
Think you know the top dog? Guess again.

Barbecue and baseball season is upon us. That means one thing and one thing only: there are plenty of hot dogs in our near future. When the craving hits, there is really nothing that can compete with a plump, delicious hot dog on the grill. But not all hot dogs are created equal. There are hundreds of hot dog brands out there, from artisanally made franks to New York City classics, and while you can probably make a satisfying meal out of any of them, there are really only a select few worth adding to your summer cooking rotation.
To determine the best of the best, we tasted every major hot dog brand on the market side-by-side to find the best hot dog for grilling. The ones that made this list were bouncy and juicy, with a smoky, well-balanced flavor. Based on taste and texture, some hot dog brands seemingly had a more specific purpose, like slicing up for a macaroni and cheese or loading with toppings. But the top dog? You could eat that one all summer long.


Actually, you should say something if you hate your friend’s partner
All is not lost if they are dating a complete loser.

It’s one of the most common and deeply felt friendship conundrums that we have very little control over who our closest confidantes date. Ideally, our pals would partner up with someone as wonderful as they are, but real duds can worm their way into the mix. As a friend, of course we want to support our bud’s romance, but what if we think they’re wasting their time with an overly opinionated blabbermouth? Or dating someone who isn’t a good fit? Worst of all, what if they’re with someone who’s just not a great person?


The Queen, the King and the Princess: Tatler’s July 2024 cover completes a royal triptych of historic magnitude
In Tatler’s third annual portraiture special, British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzor captures the strength and dignity of the Princess of Wales

The final portrait in this triptych has been created in tandem with this exciting new development. As Helen Rosslyn asks in the July 2024 cover story, ‘what better way to show our support than to choose as a subject our much-loved and highly respected Princess of Wales – and who better to paint her than fellow mother-of-three, British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzor?’


Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos That Are Too Amazing Not to Obsess Over
Enjoy these incredible celebrity throwbacks, which were taken during those gloriously gawky teenage years

Once upon a time, your favorite celebrities went to prom.
Before entering the life of the rich and famous, appearing on red carpets and becoming the world’s biggest A-listers and household names as actors, models, musicians, athletes and more, they were high schoolers first.
Taylor Swift, Sandra Bullock, Jimmy Fallon, Kerry Washington and other famous figures have all experienced the same awkward phases and funky fashion fads of their time — and these nostalgic memories show up best in their prom photos.
Did you know Boy Meets World actress Danielle Fishel and *NSYNC star Lance Bass went to prom together? Can you guess which of Candace Cameron Bure’s TV boyfriends was her real-life prom date? Check out these incredible throwback pictures of stars from their proms.

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