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PinBay Bar at The Ritz-Carlton – Fukuoka, Japan

Let’s get moody as hell today, darlings. It’s THURSDAY and we’re feeling the need for gossip, intrigue, and dark judgment. With cocktails, bien sur.


Andrew Scott on Becoming ‘Ripley,’ His Taylor Swift Friendship and Why He’s Tired of Being Called an ‘Openly Gay’ Actor
Following “Ripley,” “All of Us Strangers” and his solo show “Vanya” on London’s West End last fall, Scott is on a career high, and he’s become a red-carpet fixture as a fashionista. (His all-white tux-and-tee combo as a nominee at this year’s Golden Globes deflated the pomposity of the event, while looking dazzlingly fresh.) “It’s a way of having fun, being creative — going, OK, well, this is a bit of a laugh.” Scott stammers, but goes on: “My mother was a very stylish, creative person, and it’s something I’ve always been interested in. Why not just have a bit of fun while we’re here?”


Glen Powell Finally Conquered Hollywood. So Why Is He Leaving?
The red hot star of ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Anyone But You’ — mentored by Tom Cruise and on every studio wish list — is returning to his native Texas to party with his folks, escape the L.A. fishbowl and finally graduate college. But don’t worry, you’ll still be seeing him everywhere.

After more than 15 years here, he is moving back home to Texas, where he’ll finally complete his college degree and be closer to his family. He’ll keep a place in Tribeca, too, but he’s officially turned over the keys to his spot in the Hollywood Hills that he’s been living in ever since he landed his breakout role in Top Gun: Maverick. In fact, this is Powell’s last week in L.A., which is hitting him harder than he anticipated. Still, at 35, he’s ready for a change, and the real benefit of “getting to this point in Hollywood is that I can now leave Hollywood,” he says. “It’s like I’ve earned the ability to go back to my family.”


What Makes a Necklace Worth $40 Million?
Top clients are proving particularly resilient in the global luxury downturn, and the sector still offers plenty of potential, according to the exec. “High jewellery might be a few 10s of thousands of pieces a year. When you compare that with the number of billionaires and ultra-millionaires, we’re in a category where penetration is low.”


Princess Kate is Continuing to Work on Royal Initiatives Amidst Cancer Treatment
Her foundation published a new report and action steps on Tuesday.

Kate Middleton is continuing to work on her royal initiatives just months after publicly announcing she was diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer. On Tuesday, May 21, one of Princess Kate’s foundations published a report linking quality care during early childhood with a happier, healthier workforce and overall societal well-being. It also shared action steps for how the royal will collaborate with businesses to launch new initiatives as a result of these findings.


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Marriage Is ‘Not in the Best Place at the Moment’
Another source says despite what’s going on between Affleck and Lopez, “nothing has stopped their love”

[…] But reality is now settling in as the charismatic Lopez and the more reserved Affleck deal with their differing personalities and different views on what to share about their personal lives.
“She likes to open her heart to her fans and to the world,” a music source says of Lopez, who is residing in the couple’s $60 million Beverly Hills marital home while Affleck bunks in a rental a few miles away. “He is more introspective and private. This has been difficult day-to-day.”


Sorry nail art, the ‘boring manicure’ is here to stay— these 12 looks have won me over
Chic simplicity

The biggest nail trends of 2024 look set to get even bolder as we approach the summer months—from glow in the dark nails to sunset-inspired manicures. But if intricate nail art and eye-catching colour pop designs don’t fit your personal aesthetic then you’re in luck—a more pared-back approach to nails is emerging from the abundance of neon manis and summer brights. I’m coining it the ‘boring manicure’—and, as a woman who likes an easy and drama-free life, I say that with joy.


Etiquette 101: How to Avoid Your Friends on Vacation
When you’ve gone halfway around the world to unplug, how do you handle running into an acquaintance?

Planning for vacation this year started, as it always does, with one question: “Where will everyone else be?” The answer to that serves as a guiding North Star; not to outline where we’d be heading, but where we would be avoiding.
Here’s the thing: traveling with friends can be fun (unless you go to Miami or Ibiza, where alcohol-soaked adventures test even the strongest of friendships), but seeing acquaintances randomly on a vacation meant to be enjoyed without them is an entirely different story. We’re not saying that we don’t love our friends. But can remnants of home spoil the magic of a vacation? And, how does one wave hi-and-bye to a friend without being shady?


21 best cutlery sets to elevate your dining table
We’re taking hosting duties seriously this year.

Whether setting up a new home, refreshing your interior décor, or searching for a wedding gift, the best cutlery sets will add elegance to any dinner table. If (like us) you’re intent on being the hostess with the mostest over special occasions this year, then it’s probably time to swap out the mismatched selection you brought home from university for a flatware set that has the potential to become a future heirloom.


I’ve always considered this men’s fragrance the best of the best—and Timothée Chalamet just confirmed it
I have long considered Bleu de Chanel to be one of the most notable fragrance feats in history. It is fresh and citrusy, but there’s a woody depth that gives it that Chanel-esque je ne sais quois. You know what I mean—that intricate warmth that binds to the skin and runs through every fragrance Chanel touches. As a fragrance house, Chanel has the ability to make everything smell luxe, expensive and one-of-a-kind.


Queenie: Channel 4’s TV adaptation of Candice Carty-Williams’ bestseller is coming so soon
The amazing, bestselling novel has had the small screen treatment.

For fans of Candice Carty Williams’ incredible book Queenie, we have big news. The long-awaited TV adaptation of the novel is coming to Channel 4 next month.
If you’ve not read the book – well, there’s still time to do so before the show drops, and you won’t be disappointed. The story centres around a young Black woman in her mid 20s navigating life in South London, tackling the trials and tribulations of relationships (particularly her experience with her white boyfriend, Tom), her job in social media journalism, her feelings about her friends, body and sexuality.


Bridgerton Season 3: All The Beauty Details Behind Penelope Featherington’s Transformation
The show’s hair and makeup designer, Erika Ökvist gives insight into Penelope’s new look

The newest season of the show dropped on 16 May 2024 and this time focuses on the love story between Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton). Now, the storyline underpins a big change for Penelope and a lot of her growth throughout the season is actively tracked through her hair, makeup and costumes. And so, from donning tight pin-curl poodle hair looks to loosened, cascading waves, the production team behind the Netflix show shares all the behind-the-scenes beauty secrets used to further the plot.


Should You Get Your Eyebrows Waxed Or Threaded? Your Questions Answered
To wax or thread? That is the question!

In the era where fluffy, perfectly bushy brows reign supreme, you don’t want to be caught with a pair of tweezers committing the worst brow faux pas of all – plucking.
So, what’s the alternative? A pro treatment that shapes and defines your eyebrows whilst making the most of your natural fluff – we’re talking waxing or threading. But, how do you know which one is right for you?


Liverpool Will Be Transformed Into ‘Taylor Town’ Ahead Of Taylor Swift’s Performances
In honour of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour reaching British shores in June, Liverpool will be transformed into ‘Taylor Town’ for a week.

Ahead of Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras tour reaching British shores in a matter of weeks, it has been announced that Liverpool will transform into ‘Taylor Town’ in honour of the star’s performances in the city.
Liverpool City Council has unveiled plans to implement 11 art installations, each inspired by a different era of Swift’s career, around the city to entertain fans and locals alike from June 8 (Swift will be performing three shows at Anfield stadium between June 13-15.)


Why Am I Finding It Impossible To Pick A Wedding Dress?
As I type this, it’s been four weeks and five days since I first developed an eyelid twitch. After misdiagnosing myself with Bell’s palsy and then a stroke, my friend’s husband, an actual optometrist, reported back that it was probably just myokymia brought on by stress. (“Everyone in New York City is stressed – plus, you’re planning a wedding.”) So for the last 33 days, whenever I have a conversation that lasts longer than 60 seconds – the approximate cadence in between spasms – I abruptly look away or tap the corner of my eye as though I am deep in thought, when really I’m just tamping down my fluttering anxiety.


Why you should think twice before posting that cute photo of your kid online
This phenomenon is called “sharenting,” says Plunkett. Legal scholars in her field use the term — a portmanteau of “sharing” and “parenting” — to describe “all the ways that parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, coaches and other trusted adults in a kiddo’s life transmit children’s private information digitally.” It can make kids vulnerable to identity theft and harassment. And as they grow older, it may undercut their ability to tell their own story.


24 Hours With Lenny Kravitz Prepping for His World Tour
From his scent rituals to his workout routine, here’s how the rock star and face of YSL new men’s fragrance, Y Elixir, gets ready for a world tour

Preparing for a weekend away is taxing enough—can you imagine prepping for a world tour? For Lenny Kravitz, whose tour for his latest album, Blue Electric Light, opens in Germany in June, the secret lies in having an airtight routine. We caught up with the rock ’n’ roll icon and YSL Beauty ambassador ahead of the highly anticipated show to hear about the incense he lights, his go-to meals to cook, and the daily cold-plunge habit that keeps him in shape to perform.


We Talk a Lot About Kids in Restaurants but What About How Older Diners Are Treated?
When I was younger, it was easy to assume an old person was crochety and set in their ways, and now I know the truth.

When you’re waiting tables, every sector of customers requires a different type of service. Families with children might want a more expeditious experience than a group of friends celebrating a birthday. Some people want chit-chat while others want distance. It takes experience to recognize what someone might want, but with time comes wisdom. When an elder diner ever sat in my section, I knew exactly how to serve them.


Meet the Centuries-Old Belgian Beer Style That’s a Warm-Weather Refresher
For beer drinkers in the know, May welcomes the most wonderful time of the year — saison season.

While saison (the French word for “season”) is a delicious style of beer to enjoy year-round, its dryness, high carbonation, and balanced fruity flavors make it especially refreshing in warmer weather. As far back as the eighteenth century in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium, these beers were brewed in the winter and conditioned to be ready in time for rising temperatures in May, giving farm laborers something thirst-quenching and fortifying to drink.
But a saison is a true treat that’s gained popularity in recent years, with an array of styles being produced across the globe. Here’s what to know about this light, sessionable style of beer.


What Is Chicory, and Why Is It Blended in Coffee?
New Orleans knows about the magic of this flowering plant and you should too.

If you’ve ever visited Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans for coffee and beignets, you might have noticed that the coffee tastes a bit different than what’s served at other cafes. You’re not mistaken — Cafe Du Monde and other cafes in New Orleans blend their coffee with chicory. But what is chicory exactly, and why is it blended with coffee?


Not Your Childhood Library
An ambitious experiment in Minneapolis is changing the way librarians work with their homeless patrons and challenging how we share public space.

Minneapolis was among the first large cities in America where a woman oversaw the public library: Gratia Countryman’s thirty-two-year tenure began in 1904, not long after she graduated from the University of Minnesota. “Her gospel was books and human concern,” Benidt noted. The year after Countryman started, she wrote, “If a library is to perform its functions of elevating the people, it will need to adopt methods other than buying a fine collection of books and housing them in an attractive building and then waiting in a dignified way for people to come.” She placed books in factories, fire stations, hospitals, and prisons, ran an early version of a bookmobile, and is thought to have created the first children’s department. Early on, the library counselled immigrants seeking citizenship and offered books in twenty languages.


The real reason it costs so much to go to a concert
We can’t just blame Ticketmaster and scalpers.

It’s no wonder music fans are disheartened and furious. But while it’s easy to blame just one party for the chaos and the cost, the reality is that there’s a complicated concoction of reasons why obtaining tickets to a major concert has gotten so dire. The fact that the biggest music promoter and ticketing service is one single, giant company that has a lot of control over how tickets are bought and sold definitely doesn’t help matters — but dealing with so much demand isn’t easy, either. Millions of fans want to attend a Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, or Harry Styles concert — and there are only so many shows and seats. Who should get to go?


Olivia Colman deemed ineligible for Emmy following her haunting return to The Crown
Recent rule changes have left the critically-adored actor disqualified from the guest performance Emmy race, leading to calls for an overhaul of selection criteria

Four BAFTAs, three Golden Globes, two SAG awards, and one Oscar: Olivia Colman must have some very sturdy trophy cabinets. A recent rule change, however, means the British acting legend won’t be adding a guest actress Emmy for her poignant cameo in The Crown to her collection.
According to Variety, the Television Academy recently introduced more stringent regulations for nominees in the Guest Performance categories, stating that a performer’s contiguous screen time must equal or exceed 5 per cent of the submitted episode’s duration. ‘A brief cameo is not eligible for entry,’ decreed the ruling body.


Is New Haven the Pizza Capital of the U.S.? ‘They’re Outta Their Minds.’
A congresswoman from Connecticut declared New Haven the city with the “best pizza in the country” on the House floor. New York City would like a word.

Salvatore Carlino knows what it takes to make the perfect New York slice: He grew up in his parents’ pizza shop, Papa Leone, in Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay, and now owns his own pizzeria, Lucia, with locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
So when a New York Times reporter called to inform him that a member of Congress planned to declare New Haven, Conn., and not New York City, the pizza capital of the United States on the House floor, Mr. Carlino’s response was swift.
“This has to be a prank call,” he said, insisting. Twice.


The One Ingredient That Makes Your Grilled Cheese Even Better—and It’s Already in Your Refrigerator
We asked a food scientist why mayonnaise makes the best grilled cheese sandwich.

What’s more comforting than a grilled cheese sandwich with crisp, golden brown bread and melting cheese? Nothing. The ingredients are simple, but together, they make what is arguably the most popular sandwich around. If you learned to make grilled cheese by slathering the slices of bread with softened butter, you’re on the way to perfection. But there’s one more spread you should be using in addition to butter: Mayonnaise. Ahead, we reveal our unique method for adding mayo—and we spoke to a food scientist who explains why mayonnaise makes a great grilled cheese even better.


How to Eat Sunflower Seeds the Right Way—Including 4 Ways to Shell Them
They’re a healthy snack and so much more.

For many people, sunflower seeds spark thoughts of snacking at baseball games and picnics—and they are equally as fun and delicious to eat at home. Beyond snacking, the tiny teardrop-shaped seeds are a versatile ingredient that can be used to add texture and flavor to dishes, whether you’re making a dessert or an entrée.
One of the defining features of these nutritious seeds is their shell. While you can buy them already shelled, many people prefer to buy them with their shells on. If you fall into that camp, you may be wondering how to shell them—ahead, we spoke to experts about the four different methods for removing the shells. We also share tips for buying, preparing, and enjoying these crunchy kernels.


How to Wash a Weighted Blanket the Right Way, According to Experts
When you’re ready to give this item a refresh, pay careful attention to the filler type.

Ideal for combatting stress and anxiety—or for anyone who wants to elevate their lounge or sleep set-up—weighted blankets have become an increasingly popular option for improving comfort. One downside to the heavy blankets, though, is that they can be difficult to clean.
“Weighted blankets weigh anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds,” says Luis Zuñiga, laundry expert at Mr Jeff. “These blankets, made of wool, cotton, or thickly woven synthetic fibers, are usually heavy, which is why they require a delicate and special process to prevent them from being damaged.”

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