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PinCaffé Sacher – Trieste, Italy

Because there’s nothing quite so fabulously inviting as a red velvet banquette, are we right, darlings? Come join us on this fine WEDNESDAY! Let’s drink something that matches the cushions!


Why does Cassie’s trauma need to be seen to be believed?
“Even within feminist communities, there is a lack of outrage for our trauma, our abuse, our mistreatment.”

On Friday, CNN shared footage of the rapper and music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, in a hotel lobby. The recording was promptly shared across gossip websites and went viral across social media, sparking outrage and shock.
Shortly after, Combs posted an “apology” video in which he stated he had “hit rock bottom” at the time of the assault and that it was “difficult to reflect” on what he described as a dark time in his life. He referred to his behaviour as “inexcusable” and said he’s since been “going to therapy and rehab” and has “asked God for forgiveness”. I watched this video, outraged.


Who is Bridgerton‘s Sam Phillips? Meet the Lord Debling actor
Fans think he’s got eyes for a different Featherington

Sam Phillips joined Bridgerton’s cast this season as Penelope Featherington’s new suitor Lord Debling, rounding off the series’ love triangle in the best way possible.
Having watched the unbearably sweet love story of Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin (Luke Newton) play out for two seasons of Bridgerton, the most recent instalment of the series sees tensions between the pair reach a climax and we’re completely obsessed. But the course of true love never did run smooth!
While we’re Polin stans through and through, over the latest season of the Regency era Netflix hit we see Lord Debling also vying for Penelope Featherington’s heart.
So who is Bridgerton’s Sam Phillips and where have you seen him before? Here’s everything we know about the Lord Debling actor.


Why should Scarlett Johansson (or any woman) have to fight to own her voice and image?
The actor has called out OpenAI’s new chatbot for sounding “eerily” like her.

How many times do you see Scarlett Johansson’s face per week?
For me, I reckon it’s at least once a day, whether it’s plastered along the side of a bus promoting her latest film or on Instagram alongside products from her new skincare range.
And what about the way she speaks? Think about it, I bet you can imagine the exact tone of her voice right now – especially if you’ve seen the film Her, in which she voices an AI chatbot.
For actors in Scarlett’s class, this exposure is an essential (if sometimes disconcerting) aspect of her celebrity – it’s how she makes money. Sadly, it’s apparently how everyone else makes their money, too.


The Vampire’s Wife Announces Closure After A Decade In Business
Susie Cave bids farewell to the brand loved by Sienna Miller and The Princess of Wales.

The label’s founder, Susie Cave, released another statement on Instagram: ‘After ten years as The Creative Director of The Vampire’s Wife, it is time to say goodbye.’ She added that the announcement came with great sadness and expressed her gratitude for all those who have supported her.


Riley Keough Files Lawsuit to Stop “Fraudulent” Sale of Elvis Presley’s Graceland Estate
The late singer’s granddaughter is suing to stop the storied property from being auctioned off.

Riley Keough is determined to keep Graceland in the family for the time being.
The 34-year-old, who is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, is the heir to the Memphis home of the musical icon who died before she was born. Keough was entangled in legal battles over her inheritance throughout much of 2023 following the death of her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, and a dispute over her will between Keough and her grandmother, Priscilla Presley. Courts ruled in Keough’s favor, but now the actor has filed another lawsuit to stop Graceland from being auctioned off, a sale that she calls “fraudulent” in recent court filings.


How This Textile Designer Is Preserving The Indonesian Art Of Batik Via Her Late Mother’s Incredible Archive
Bangkok-born, London-based textile designer Lisa King always knew her Indonesian mother was an avid collector, from kimonos to Japanese crockery and furniture. But after spending six years sorting through her prized possessions following her death, she discovered there was one more surprise. “Last January, the warehouse that was storing some of her stuff was like, ‘Oh, we forgot about this container’ and it was 100 boxes of southeast Asian textiles,” King recounts over the phone. “And I was like, ‘Oh my god, mum.’ This is so typical of my Asian mother.”


From Summery to Americana, Here Are 15 Memorial Day Nail Ideas
Although the actual summer solstice is weeks away, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the season. The national holiday signals the return of sunny days and that laissez-faire energy that comes with warmer temps.
If you’re looking for an on-theme manicure, it probably lies somewhere on the fun-to-patriotic spectrum.


Is Salt Water Bad For Your Hair? Here’s Everything You Need to Know
Summer is so close we can practically taste it.
Within a few short weeks, our days will be filled with picnics, windows-down car rides, and trips to the beach (or at least dreams of such). While thinking of the latter, your first instinct might be to check your sunscreen collection. As important as skin protection is, we implore you to consider your tresses, too. In addition to UV protection for hair, you’ll also want to be mindful of how you prep and treat your strands pre- and post-saltwater swim. After all, there’s a reason why so many people Google whether or not salt water is bad for your hair.
Ahead, learn the side effects of salt water on strands, plus how to protect your tresses so you can just keep swimming.


King Charles Is Allegedly “Angrier” Than Ever Over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Nigeria Trip
The “nightmare situation” reportedly “confirmed their worst fears.”

King Charles reportedly has a bone to pick with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over their recent trip to Nigeria. The king is believed to be “angrier than anyone has ever seen him” over the couple’s travels because it looked a little too similar to an official royal tour.


The 23 Best Perfumes of All Time
Including bright florals, warm musks, and more

With so many versions of what may be considered one of the best perfumes for women, owning just one signature scent has quickly become a thing of the past.
“Since [the 1950s], hundreds of independent brands and dozens of major branch collections have been launched and contributed to the ‘boom’ of high perfumery,” Michael Carby, Givaudan senior perfumer and perfumer at Better World Fragrance House tells Bazaar. Nowadays, go-to fragrances change at the blink of an eye, often used as an extension of an outfit, or as the final touch to a beauty routine—the cherry on top, if you will, sometimes literally.


My Lady Jane Reimagines the Tragic Story of Lady Jane Grey
The romantasy series is coming to Prime Video this June.

A new TV show, My Lady Jane, is reimagining her story. Per Prime Video, “Gird your loins for the tragic tale of Lady Jane Grey, the young Tudor noblewoman who was Queen of England for nine days and then beheaded in 1553… F*ck that. We’re retelling history the way it should have happened: the damsel in distress saves herself. This is an epic tale of true love and high adventure set in an alt-universe of action, history, fantasy, comedy, romance, and rompy-pompy. Buckle up.”


Plant-Based Food Is Finally Going Mainstream in France, Thanks to the Paris Olympics
60% of all meals served at the Games will be plant-based.

France has long held a reputation for having one of the finest cuisines in the world, but for vegetarians, choice is often limited. So when France made the decision to serve 60% plant-based meals at the 2024 Paris Olympics, it was clear that it was a move not welcomed by all.
“People were definitely surprised when we first proposed a 60% plant-based menu,” says Philipp Würz, head of food and beverages for the Games. “France lags behind other European countries in terms of the amount of vegetarian food consumed by the public. However, Paris being the catering capital of the world, when a food trend becomes popular elsewhere, it takes off here too.”


The Best Cooking Tips From ‘Top Chef’ Contestants Past and Present
We’ve learned a lot from Top Chef, 21 seasons in.

As Top Chef season 21 continues to heat up, we’re reminded that beyond its sometimes-chaotic, always-delightful entertainment value, the series has also taught us infinite practical kitchen wisdom. The knowledge we’ve gleaned ranges from general tips and reminders, like pace yourself when cooking a feast (or an Elimination Challenge), and keep your workstation clean and organized, to more specific takeaways. Like in this season’s episode 9, we learned you can make something delicious from all parts of a sunflower, including its seeds atals. (Thanks, Dan Jacobs!) And we’re still learning. Read on for some of our favorite kitchen tips and surprise tricks — the ones we’re using again and again — from Top Chef contestants over the years.


Everything to Know About Bridal Showers
One of the most intimate and joyous pre-wedding events is the bridal shower. Dedicated to showering the bride with attention and gifts ahead of the big day, it’s an exciting moment to celebrate with loved ones and build momentum for upcoming nuptials. While couples today don’t need to adhere to every tradition when planning their wedding events, a bridal shower has a few etiquette protocols that many follow when arranging the party.
From creating the guest list to choosing the perfect menu for the celebration, there are plenty of details that go into organizing this pre-wedding event. Want to learn everything you need to know to plan a bridal shower? Read ahead for a full breakdown.


The Pope Goes Prime-Time
Pope Francis’s appearance on “60 Minutes” is a first. What does it say about the papacy?

Why did the Pope sit for such an interview now? It may be that an appearance on a prime-time American TV show was just a matter of time. It may be that he has an eye on the November election, in which President Joe Biden, a Catholic, is running against former President Donald Trump, whose policies on borders and migration Francis excoriated indirectly in 2017, when he spoke of the need “not to create walls, but to build bridges” (a remark that O’Donnell echoed). Or it may be that Francis hoped to address American Catholics who are out of sympathy with the Church he leads.


Sally Jessy Raphael returns to daytime TV to talk love and being fired — red glasses and all
“Sherri” host Sherri Shepherd told Raphael that she was an influence on her.

Former daytime TV star Sally Jessy Raphael was back on familiar terrain Tuesday, when she sat down with Sherri Shepherd on Sherri. And, oh yes, the red glasses were back, too!
Raphael, now 89, was on the air with her own, eponymous show, from 1983 to 1992, where she was known for relating to and having conversations with her audience, before others were doing it.
After she entered the studio to big cheers, Shepherd remarked to Raphael, “Audiences still love you!” Raphael called the crowd her “family.”

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