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PinCafé Caprista – Cologne, Germany

It’s MONDAY! Let’s pretend we’re happy and excited about that! Haha, just kidding. Let’s congregate and procrastinate all day, in a fit of surly defiance against expectations instead!


3 Film and TV-themed Day Trips From London That Take Fans Into the Worlds of ‘Bridgerton,’ ‘Peaky Blinders,’ and More
Used as blockbuster backdrops for “Saltburn,” “Wonka,” and “Peaky Blinders,” these cinematic filming locations are less than two hours from the British capital.

Blessed with photogenic good looks and no shortage of main character energy, Britain has become a first-choice filming location for everything from cortisol-spiking spy thrillers to plush period pieces. According to data from Social Films, 220 feature films were made in Britain in 2022, and films shot here have won more Oscars than any other country other than the U.S.. It’s easy for travelers to get in on the action, as many of the most popular filming locations are within easy reach of London, making for picture-perfect day trips from the British capital.



11 summer hair trends for 2024 that you should really know about
From tenniscore braids to hourglass layers

Finally the weather is warming up, which means the 2024 summer hair trends are already incoming. The light, the temperature and vibes hit different in summer, so we love a mini – or major – hair transformation to mark the occasion. Plus, it’s one of the most social times of the year, with weddings, girls’ trips, festivals and pub gardens filling up our calendars, so we want our hair to look banging.
As for what to expect? Barbiecore has made way for a sportier aesthetic this summer. Bobs remain a headliner, but there are a couple of tweaks you can make to bring them right up to date. And colour is getting a little more casual, but no less glossy.


A rare planetary alignment is happening in June – here’s how to see this extraordinary astronomical event
Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune will line up next month.

A rare astronomical event is coming next month – on June 3rd, there will be a planetary alignment, and you may actually be able to see six planets align in the sky. So, if you missed the magical display of the northern lights recently, you could get another chance to witness something truly special in the night’s sky in just a few weeks.


‘Blonzer’ is the freshest way to do sunset blush for summer 2024
Glow with it.

Sun-kissed skin may be in, but the rosy, flushed glow of ‘blonzer’ – a portmanteau of bronzer and blusher – is the new way to wear it.
While perfectly sketched eyeliner is a stretch in the heat, a wash of pinky, bronzed colour on the cheeks isn’t. Better still, blonzer only involves using a single product and it doesn’t call for neat edges, either. In fact, the more blurred together the finish, the more realistic it looks.
So what exactly is ‘blonzer’? Typically, it’s an all-in-one blusher and bronzer palette that pulls on what your cheeks look like after being out in the sun for a few hours.

15 easy ways to add more protein to your day
Boost your satisfaction and energy levels, whether you’re plant-based or an omnivore.

Wondering how to add more protein to your diet? We’ve got you. It’s not exactly a secret that protein is kind of a big deal: It’s literally the building block for your body, since it contains chains of amino acids that support everything from your muscles and immune system to your skin and hair. […] Experts generally recommend 15 to 20 grams per meal, but let’s be real—for some (looking at you, breakfast) that can be difficult to achieve. So we’ve compiled a whole list of ways to work toward eating just a little bit more throughout the day, so you don’t have to depend on one dish, like dinner, to get you to your total.


15 best hotels in the South of France to book in 2024
The most stylish South of France hotels, from Saint Tropez to Provence.

As a woman who has been to the South of France her fair share of times, I’ve learned a thing or two about the difference between a Tarte Tropézienne and a Marrons Glacés – and the magic of a perfectly chilled glass of Chateau Minuty on a hot summer’s day.
The South of France, or as the French say, the Côte d’Azur, is the one of the most-loved holiday destinations in Europe. From the picturesque French Riviera to the warmth of Nice’s sun-kissed beaches, there are so many things to love about it. Think: rolling lavender fields, clifftop roads and ancient olive groves spreading for miles, best enjoyed at your own leisure from your very own roof-down hire car. So, if you’ve found yourself Googling the ‘best hotels in the South of France’, you’re certainly not alone.


Who plays Francesca Bridgerton in Bridgerton season 3? Meet Hannah Dodd
And where you recognise the actress from.

Like us, you’ve probably already binged the first four episodes of Bridgerton season three. And like us, you’ve probably got a few questions: Are Penelope and Colin really engaged? Where is Daphne? How on earth did they pull off those glow-ups? What was up with that very dramatic balloon disaster? When is Eloise finally going to be a decent friend? And who plays Francesca Bridgerton?
This season has introduced a few new players and one of the most interesting is Francesca Bridgerton, the sixth child in the Bridgerton family. Of course, Francesca has been around since season one — however, for this season, the character got a major plotline and the original actress, Ruby Stokes, was recast.


The Secret And Shimmering Timepieces In Elizabeth Taylor’s Watch Collection Are Right For Now
As watches dipped in yellow gold and diamonds take centre stage, meet the precious protagonists in Elizabeth Taylor’s bedazzling collection.

In 1969, thousands of people queued for days at Cartier’s New York boutique to get a glimpse of the 69.42-carat pear-cut diamond that Richard Burton had bought from the French jeweller for $1.1 million (more than £7 million in 2024). In his diary, Burton professed he had become a “raving maniac” in his bid to acquire the jewel. […] Taylor’s watch collection has been somewhat overshadowed by her vast jewellery archive, even though, as Bulgari heritage curator director Gislain Aucremanne explains, “watches and jewellery were one and the same thing” for the star. The stories surrounding some of her greatest watch acquisitions are themselves the stuff of Hollywood screenplays.


Knight Vision: The V&A Takes Sir Elton John’s Epic Photography Collection Public
At more than 300 artworks, Fragile Beauty: Photographs from the Sir Elton John and David Furnish Collection is the largest photographic show in the museum’s history and a glimpse into one of the finest collections in private hands. It starts at 1950, Penn’s annus mirabilis, and goes bang up to now. (“We’ve somehow managed to squeeze in a 2023 cyanotype by Meghann Riepenhoff,” says Furnish.)


Jeff Daniels on What Drives A Man in Full
“Greed, corruption, and grift are part of human nature,” the star of the Netflix series says.

It’s been more than 25 years since Tom Wolfe’s novel A Man in Full, which tells a series of stories about the powerful and powerless in Atlanta, Ga., was published, but in that time the story hasn’t lost any of its potency. That’s thanks, of course, to Wolfe’s singular style but also his choice of subjects: a selection of Atlanta’s most and least privileged residents, whose lives are brought into contrast by the city’s unrest, and whose stories overlap to remind us that the two groups are never quite as far apart as we might imagine.


Bridgerton’s Season 3 Costumes Include Carrie Bradshaw’s Favorite Shoe
In our new video series ‘Behind the Seams,’ the costume designers behind the Netflix smash break down the fashion seen on Penelope, Colin, and the full cast.

The creative team behind the fantastical costumes in the world of Bridgerton don’t view their jobs as a lesson in history. Instead, this series presents them with a unique opportunity to play, explore, and create elaborate costume designs that blend historic and contemporary references.
Costume designer John is the brains behind the entire operation. “This is a show about beauty, glamour, enhancing the characters, and to help tell the story,” he says in the video above, the latest installment of InStyle’s Behind the Seams video series. “So, how we get there is not always in a traditional way but in an abstract way. We bring that abstract vision, and we focus it in.”


At 76, Grace Jones Is Still The Most Fabulous Beauty Icon We Have
It’s hard not to feel delighted while perusing photographs of Grace Jones, who turns 76 today. Born in Jamaica, she quickly rose to prominence in the ’70s as a singer, model, and actress, working with everyone from Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin to Yves Saint Laurent—and famously frequenting Studio 54. With a powerful, disco-led aesthetic—from those wonderfully striking Philip Treacy headpieces to her lurex, sharp-shouldered suits and all manner of shine—she also pioneered a beauty look as fantastical, directional, and uniquely her as her ensembles. She is, to put it simply, the epitome of fabulous.


The Most Stylish Saint Laurent Looks on Film
Countless designers have costumed stars for the big screen, but few were as prolific as the formidable Yves Saint Laurent. Over the course of four decades, the couturier dressed the likes of Catherine Deneuve, Jean Seberg, Claudia Cardinale, and Romy Schneider in subversive vinyl trench coats and frothy cocktail dresses in the works of François Truffaut, Luis Buñuel, and Claude Chabrol—his striking creations frequently stealing the spotlight from the luminous leading ladies who sported them.
It’s fitting, then, that Saint Laurent’s current creative director, Anthony Vaccarello, is honoring this legacy with Saint Laurent Productions, a film production company that is the first of its kind to be run by a luxury maison, and aims to roll out bold, experimental new releases featuring costumes created by Vaccarello himself.


11 Iconic New Orleans Cocktails
It’s never the wrong time for a French 75.

Few American cities have as rich of a cocktail culture as New Orleans. Home to iconic spots like Carousel Bar, Pat O’Briens, Napoleon House, and Sazerac Bar, it’s impossible not to drink well in the Crescent City. Looking for the perfect meal to help pace yourself in between cocktails? You’ll find stellar Cajun, Creole, soul food, and Vietnamese options, too.


Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings Debuts 2 New Baking Mixes
The celebrity cookbook author serves up a cookie and pie recipe.

“Chrissy’s cooking is truly excellent. She’s a true perfectionist and extremely precise. She remembers where she came from, and she’s very proud of that.” That is the glowing description from famed French chef Eric Ripert when Chrissy Teigen — American cookbook author, TV personality, wife of singer John Legend, and curator of the Cravings lifestyle brand — made the Time 100 List in 2019. Teigen has only grown her kitchen empire since then, having launched a line of baking mixes at grocery stores last fall. Today, the brand announced the first expansion of that line with two new products: Heavenly Coconut Key Lime Cake Mix and John’s Glorious Golden Cookie Mix.


What George Miller Has Learned in Forty-five Years of Making “Mad Max” Movies
In a series of conversations, the director of “Furiosa” explains why silent films have the best action, audiences are seldom wrong, and his wife is always right.

When Miller made the first of his five “Mad Max” films, in 1979, action scenes were the province of hacks and assistant directors. “They were a kind of slumming,” he told me. “The director would deal with the main unit, and the non-talky bits were left to the second unit.” Miller saw something more essential in them. He longed for the purity of early silent films, which could tell a story with movement alone. “How can you take a series of events, none of which are in themselves really spectacular, and create a sequence of shots like a passage of music?” he wondered. “How can you make it greater than its parts?”


Is it ever okay to film strangers in public?
Nobody wants to be filmed without their knowledge. Why does it make up so much of the content we watch?

It’s been a decade and a half since social media made it possible for anyone’s camera phone video to go viral. But it’s TikTok, a platform where overnight fame is more achievable than ever, that has turned filming strangers in public into a controversial cottage industry. While influencers on Vine, YouTube, and Instagram have long used passersby as unwilling background actors to gain clout, TikTok has also allowed those people to offer their sides of the story and actually get heard. This is, in part, because of editing tools like stitching or dueting, and also because you don’t necessarily need to have a large account in order to go viral on the app. Viewers are invested in watching all sides of the drama unfold.
Thanks to these responses and a handful of watchdog accounts, a major backlash against public filming has been brewing…


Why are whole-body deodorants suddenly everywhere?
Maybe you actually smell fine.
Whole-body deodorants are upon us.
They’re not an entirely new concept: Axe Body Spray, Unilever’s fusion of fragrance and deodorant, has been singeing nostrils since 1983, and in 2018, Lumé, created by an OB/GYN, came on the scene for “pits, privates, and beyond.” This spring, legacy brands jumped on board en masse: Since the start of 2024 alone, Secret, Dove, Old Spice, and Native launched whole-body products consumers can apply as sticks, sprays, and creams. What the funk is going on?


The real Queen Charlotte: revisiting the royal’s remarkable life on the anniversary of her birth
Queen Charlotte may be a popular character in the Bridgerton universe. But Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the real Queen Charlotte, was a captivating historical figure

Masterminded by US producer Shonda Rhimes, Bridgerton has won praise for its gripping plot, lavish aesthetic and the refreshing racial diversity of its talented cast. Yet while most of those in the Bridgerton world are fictional, taken from Julia Quinn’s historical romance novels, Queen Charlotte was a real-life figure (and in fact doesn’t feature in the Bridgerton books).
Born on 19 May 1744, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was the youngest daughter of Duke Charles Louis Frederick of Mecklenburg, styled as the Prince of Mirow, and Princess Elisabeth Albertine of Saxe-Hildburghausen.


Dabney Coleman, Actor Audiences Loved to Hate, Is Dead at 92
In movies like “9 to 5” and “Tootsie” and on TV shows like “Buffalo Bill,” he turned the portrayal of egomaniacal louts into a fine art.

Dabney Coleman, an award-winning television and movie actor best known for his over-the-top portrayals of garrulous, egomaniacal characters, died on Thursday at his home in Santa Monica, Calif. He was 92.
His daughter Quincy Coleman confirmed the death to The New York Times but did not cite the cause.


A City With a Medieval History of Killing Cats Now Celebrates Them
Cat lovers from around the world gathered for Kattenstoet, a cat parade in Iepers, Belgium.

A 7-year-old girl hawks cat-themed souvenirs in Flemish outside her parents’ shop. Two women in matching cat print dresses wander down a crowded street looking for a place to buy stuffed plush kitties. In every store and restaurant window, a cat figurine or statue signals allegiance to the feline persuasion.
This is Kattenstoet, Belgium’s cat-themed parade and festival.


12 Fridge Organization Ideas That Will Keep All of Your Food in Sight
Organizing experts share their tips for streamlining the items in your refrigerator.

An organized refrigerator isn’t just pleasing to look at—it also makes it easier for you to put groceries away and allows you to quickly grab the ingredients you need to create a meal. When you can see everything in your refrigerator clearly, you avoid buying items you don’t need, and you use up foods before they pass their expiration dates. There are many ways to maximize refrigerator space and keep leftovers in plain sight. To help, we spoke to organizing experts who shared their best fridge organization ideas to help you streamline this space once and for all.


22 Red, White, and Blue Desserts for a Patriotic Celebration
Bursting with beautiful summer berries, any of these cakes, cookies, pies, and popsicles will make for a sweet ending at your next patriotic cookout.

Every party needs a sweet ending, and these red, white, and, blue desserts are perfect for Memorial Day and Fourth of July festivities. While there’s nothing more American than an old-fashioned apple pie, we encourage you to lead with festive, patriotic desserts for your summer party menu. If the pomp of parades and picnics isn’t enough, the variety of make-ahead tarts, cookies, cupcakes, trifles, and pops in our collection will give you another reason to celebrate this Memorial Day or Fourth of July.

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