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PinJNcQUOI Frou Frou Restaurant – Lisbon, Portugal

It’s TUESDAY and we’re feeling the need for some color and life in our LOunge today. Plant yourself and prepare to be dazzled by our content today. Cannes has kicked off!


From Princess Di to Sophia Loren, revel in the fabulous visual history of the Cannes Film Festival as it returns for the 77th time
As the annual French cinematic extravaganza returns, Tatler celebrates some of the most star-spangled, iconic moments from the Cannes Film Festival

Considered one of the ‘big three’ film festivals, alongside Venice and Berlin, the Cannes Film Festival lights up the French Riviera city annually in May, premiering the latest films from around the world. Originally launched in 1939, it was first touted as a rival to Venice, which had been used as a propaganda machine by the Italian Fascist Party.
The first edition saw Hollywood’s biggest stars transported to the South of France via an Ocean Liner chartered by MGM Studios, with Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Norma Shearer, Spencer Tracy and James Cagney on board. Yet it was cancelled just two days in, following Germany’s invasion of Poland, with the Axis powers of France and the UK drawn into war. It returned in 1946, with the current iteration being its 77th edition. In the 1960s, it saw acting royalty like Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor walking La Croisette’s famous red carpet, while actual royalty, including Diana, Princess of Wales, have since attended.


The 40 Most Powerful Women in International Film
From Norway to Nigeria, from Chile to China, meet the pioneering executives and creators who are producing tomorrow’s global hits.

Despite the glass-ceiling-smashing success of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, gender parity in the global film sector remains a distant goal. Re-Framing the Picture, a recent study from an international and multidisciplinary research team looking at the German, British and Canadian film industries, projects that, at the current rate of progress, true 50-50 equality in key creative positions won’t be reached until 2041 in Germany, 2085 in the U.K., and 2215 (!) in Canada. It’s not an optimistic forecast for the producers, managers, film executives and talents picked by THR as the most influential women in international cinema, but they continue to find new models to produce, finance and distribute movies that amplify diverse voices. More than ever, it’s their efforts that are required if the promise of a more representative and inclusive film industry is ever to be realized.


Oprah apologises for being a ‘major contributor’ to toxic diet culture
She made the comments at a WeightWatchers town hall.

Oprah Winfrey apologised for her role in promoting diet culture over the years, but her message and its framing were far from straightforward.
The talk show host and mogul, who has recently lost a significant amount of weight thanks in large part to a drug she declined to specify, wanted to make sure viewers knew that crash diets are not a good thing.
“I have been a steadfast participant in this diet culture. Through my platforms, through the magazine, through the talk show for 25 years and online…I’ve been a major contributor to it. I cannot tell you how many weight-loss shows and makeovers I have done, and they have been a staple since I’ve been working in television,” she said.


Charlie Webster: ‘We’ve got to stop sugar-coating trauma’
Charlie speaks to GLAMOUR about her new book, how she overcame trauma, and why she’s helping other people heal.

Do you think it’s harder for women to speak about trauma? Particularly sexual trauma?
“That’s such a good question because I think [men and women] are different, and that’s what makes this life wonderful. I feel like men are also very good at masking their trauma, but so are women. And that’s important to recognise. I’m not saying that men aren’t, but women are very emotionally intelligent and have that instinct. I feel like we can mask things very well because of that and we can mask it through caring for other people.”


Taylor Swift made her last show in Paris a love letter to Travis Kelce
Well, part of it.

Obviously, Taylor Swift is about more than boys, and the Eras Tour is about more than her boyfriend being in the audience. But…Paris Night 4 was low-key a Travis Kelce tribute.
After a two-month hiatus, the Eras Tour picked up again for its European leg with a run of shows in the City of Love, and as promised, Kelce made it out to support his gal. He’s currently based in California to shoot a Ryan Murphy show before going back to NFL training, but was spotted in the crowd alongside fellow Swift pals Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper. And when it came time for the acoustic set, Swift made sure to give him a pointed you-know-who-this-is-about shout-out.


Firebrand tells the lesser-known empowering story of King Henry VIII’s final wife, Katherine Parr
Starring Alicia Wikander and Jude Law as Henry VIII.

Alicia Vikander’s new movie Firebrand centres around King Henry VIII’s sixth wife Katherine Parr – the one who survived beheading and divorce. It looks to be a dark yet empowering take, focusing on a female figure we may not have seen much of in the history books.
And Jude Law will star as the scoundrel of a King.
Directed by Karim Aïnouz, the film is adapted from historical fiction book The Queen’s Gambit by Elizabeth Fremantle, and has been reported to have taken some creative liberties, but the message is clear – that stories of women’s struggles throughout history need to be told. After all, Katherine Parr campaigned for women’s education and helped pave the way for her stepdaughter Elizabeth to become Queen.


The Timeless Appeal Of Bootcut Jeans
Whether it’s Bella Hadid or Sydney Sweeney, the stars are co-signing this denim classic – here’s why you should too

The allure of a good pair of jeans is pretty heady stuff, and few styles make for a better all-rounder than the bootcut variety. Once you find the right leg-lengthening pair, you’ll likely give all the other denim in your wardrobe the boot.
Originally the jeans of choice for cowboys and ranch workers, the bootcut earned its title for, well, exactly that — being cut to work in tandem with boots. Tailored from the waist and slightly flared at the ankle, they strike a markedly different air than the recently repopularised wide-leg jeans or the love-it-or-hate-it new style in town, the barrel.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s foundation can’t raise money after California AG finds charity is ‘delinquent’
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s charity foundation has been declared delinquent and ordered to stop raising or spending money, Page Six can reveal.
The royal duo have let the official registration fees for their charity, Archewell, lapse since at least the beginning of May, according to an official letter from California’s attorney general, Rob Bonta.
The document states that Archewell has been listed as “delinquent” with the registry of charities and fundraisers for failing to submit its annual report and its registration fees.


Eggo’s Waffle-Inspired Sneakers Have Landed, and They’re Next-Level
The brand teamed up with The Shoe Surgeon for its first-ever sneaker collaboration.

You’re not going to want to let go of this new Eggo collab.
In honor of the breakfast brand’s new Fully Loaded Waffles, Eggo teamed up with Dominic Ciambrone (aka The Shoe Surgeon) to create the thematic Eggo Fully Loaded Kicks. This is branded merch you may actually need.
The new Eggo waffles themselves are created to offer 10 grams of protein per waffle, and come in two flavors: Fully Loaded Chocolate Chip Brownie with a fudgy chocolate-filled batter and pockets of chocolate chips, and Fully Loaded Strawberry Delight with strawberry flavor-infused batter.


Jell-O and Girl Scouts Are Teaming Up for the Dessert Collab We’ve Been Waiting For
Two dessert classics in one.

Jell-O is about as classic a dessert as they come. It’s been a favorite treat since its launch in 1897. But now, it’s mixing things up by literally getting mixed up with another all-time sweet — Girl Scout Cookies.
On Tuesday, Jell-O announced its first flavor collaboration in more than a decade: the new Girl Scout Pudding Cups. A spokesperson for Jell-O shared with Food & Wine that the cups will be available in Thin Mints and Coconut Caramel cookie flavors.
“Our Jell-O Girl Scout Pudding Cups highlight the power of two iconic brands coming together to create something special for our fans,” Colleen Koubek, the brand manager at Jell-O, said.


These 83 Outfits Prove That Lady Gaga Is Fashion’s Ultimate Shapeshifter
Ever the artist and entertainer, Lady Gaga has a slew of exciting projects coming up. Later this month, the singer and actor will (finally!) release her Chromatica Ball concert film on HBO. Then, in October, she will star in the Joker sequel alongside Joaquin Phoenix. (Just think of the red carpet looks we’ll see during the press tour.) Gaga is one of the world’s most fashion-forward, risk-taking celebrities (remember the meat dress?). In anticipation of her very busy 2024, Vogue is taking a look back at some of the star’s best ensembles over the years—83 of them, to be exact.


The 11 Best Cooking Shows for Every Kind of Foodie
Even the most enthusiastic home cook needs a little inspiration sometimes, and when your budget for fancy groceries—or luxurious meals out—is running low, it can be extremely instructive (not to mention cozy) to find out what chefs around the world are cooking for the cameras. So, without further ado, here are the 11 best cooking shows to watch when you’ve run out of things to make, and need a little televised nudge.


The Wacky and Wonderful World of the Westminster Dog Show
A canine campaign can run to hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention all the brushing, trimming, blow-drying, and styling products. Did you think it was easy being top dog?

To outsiders, the weirdest thing about the Westminster Dog Show is that the dogs don’t actually do anything. This is not because they aren’t capable of remarkable feats—witness the St. Bernards of St. Bernard Hospice—or because those capabilities can’t be channelled into audience-friendly competitions. As the Internet will be happy to show you, dogs routinely vie for prizes in hunting, herding, scenting, Frisbee, and dock diving—a kind of canine long jump into water, the world record for which is held by a whippet named Sounders, a thirty-six-inch dog able to leap nearly thirty-seven feet.
Nothing even remotely that entertaining happens at Westminster, or at any of the other “breed shows” held across the country.


How to Navigate London’s Wondrous (and Very Big) V&A Museum
Paintings, ceramics, photography, fashion, furniture and more: The Victoria and Albert Museum is a treasure trove of art and design. Here’s one besotted visitor’s plan for taking it all in.

Even for someone who loves getting lost in museums — especially “everything museums” like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York — London’s Victoria and Albert Museum might have been my Waterloo. The statistics are daunting: 5,000 years of artistic production with more than 60,000 works on view (from a collection of some 2.8 million) in about 150 galleries beneath 21 acres of roof.


Can You Find The 13 Book Titles Hidden in This Text?
Welcome to Title Search, the Book Review’s hidden-text puzzle. This edition celebrates sports, and the titles of 13 such books — including history, biography and memoir — are hidden below within an unrelated text passage. As you read along, tap or click the words when you think you’ve found a title (including any punctuation like question and exclamation marks). Correct answers stay highlighted. When you uncover each title, the answer section at the bottom of the screen grows to create a reading list with more information and links to the books.


With Extensive Planning, and Treats, 2,500 Show Dogs Descend on New York
The world’s top-ranked canines travel to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show mostly by car and plane. They don’t exactly travel light.

Some 2,500 top-ranked dogs are in New York City to compete in this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Breed judging, the marquee event, will begin on Monday, while several hundred other dogs have already battled it out in events testing agility, obedience and the ability to dive the farthest off a dock.
Getting into the show takes years of training and effort. Getting to the show requires extensive organizing by owners and handlers, who plan hours- or days-long road or plane trips, pack thousands of dollars worth of gear — grooming tables, industrial-strength hair dryers, leashes, collars, toys, kibble and more — and pray that neither delays nor cancellations disrupt their itineraries.

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