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PinBrasserie Campion Restaurant – Lille, France


It’s MONDAY. Let’s all agree to ignore that fact. Meet us in France, darlings!


Red, White & Royal Blue will return with a sequel! Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez are to reprise their roles in the steamy romp, with promo posters teasingly asking if viewers ‘fancy another slice’
The royal romantic comedy was a smash-hit last year, and now its two leads are heading back to the palace for more

Red, White & Royal Blue was every inch a viral sensation when it hit streaming services last August. The romantic comedy tracks the enemies-to-lovers trajectory of Alex Claremont-Diaz (Perez), whose mother happens to be president of the United States (and also happens to be played by Uma Thurman), and Prince Henry of Great Britain (Galitzine). What begins as a forced PR friendship ends with a blossoming romance – via, of course, ‘diplomatic discussions’ in varying states of undress and in locations ranging from Polo tournaments to the White House. You’ll never look at the Washington Monument the same.


Behind the scenes of Bridgerton: Hilarious blooper reel gives a glimpse at Jonathan Bailey’s relationship with Simone Ashley off camera
Netflix shared a video clip showing the two lead actors from the second series of the show larking about on set

A hilarious blooper reel has offered Bridgerton fans a glimpse at Jonathan Bailey’s relationship with Simone Ashley off camera.
In a clip shared by the official Netflix social media accounts this week, followers were given a sneak peek at the outtakes from the popular second season of the show. In the first blooper, Bailey, who plays Jonathan Bridgerton, and Ashley, who plays his love interest Katherine, can be seen cackling with laughter as they film a scene stuck in the muddy countryside.


‘Downton Abbey 3’ Underway With Paul Giamatti, Joely Richardson, Alessandro Nivola & More Joining Cast
Focus Features and Carnival Films are officially in production on Downton Abbey 3 with main cast members returning and a number of new additions to the feature franchise spawned by creator Julian Fellowes’ global TV phenomenon. Simon Curtis is directing after helming 2022’s feature sequel Downton Abbey: A New Era.
Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti is reprising his role from the TV series as Cora’s (Elizabeth McGovern) brother Harold Levinson. New to the film franchise are Joely Richardson, Alessandro Nivola and House of the Dragon’s Simon Russell Beale and Arty Froushan. Dominic West will also reprise his role as Guy Dexter from the second movie.


These 6 Spring/Summer trends will instantly update your wardrobe
Everything you need to know

As we slowly (but surely) move closer to summer, I’ve been looking for quick and easy ways to give my wardrobe a new season feel. Of course, I always turn to some of my favourite wardrobe heroes that I wear year after year; however, I have spotted some new season buys and insider styling tips that will help give your existing wardrobe a Spring/Summer 2024 hit.
Now if you’re feeling like you are in need of some newness in your outfits, I have you covered.


The 5 main health benefits of coconut water, according to experts
The main benefits (and all the fictional claims) of the popular drink.

Very few drinks can strike the perfect balance of being healthy and delicious like coconut water. Rich in sweet flavour and nutritional value (but low in calorie intake), the benefits of coconut water are just too good for most of us to pass up—especially since it is easy to find and incorporate into a well-rounded diet.


Why does no one prepare you for a traumatic childbirth?
Women can handle the truth, but some healthcare professionals don’t trust us with it.

I read all the birthing books. I went to all the antenatal classes. There had just been a lot of chat about contractions and pain relief, with a footnote on caesarean sections and instrumental births. The possibility of haemorrhaging or encountering other serious complications was never, ever mentioned. Every risk, no matter how small, is explained to you when you go for any other medical procedure. Even when I’ve been for a cosmetic procedure like Botox, I’ve been more informed than I was about the risks of giving birth.‌


The glass slipper mani guarantees you’ll have a Cinderella moment
Fairytale vibes.

With the official start of summer only weeks away it’s tempting to lean towards opaque pastel polishes. But a new stealth nail trend is emerging. Coined the “glass slipper mani” by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, it’s the latest riff on glazed donut nails that we’ve been waiting to show off against a tan.
Lauren Sánchez debuted the look at the 2024 Met Gala as the perfect pearly complement to her strapless Oscar de la Renta black gown, featuring mirrored embellishments on the full skirt in the shape of flowers.


Hypnotherapy cured my crippling public speaking phobia in just two sessions
I can hardly remember why it seemed so scary.

Until a few months ago, if there was one thing that frightened me more than my childhood fear of male hairdressers (one took it upon himself to chop off my bottom-length hair without warning) it was standing up and talking in front of a room full of people. In a weird way, I’m not a massively shy person and as I’ve got older and faced all manners of situations as a journalist – from interviewing A-List celebrities in grand hotel suites to walking into dinners and work events without knowing another soul – I’ve become far more confident. However, I’ve never quite got over my fear of public speaking – and have spent the best part of my 15 year career doing everything I possibly could to ensure I never had to do it.


Will Forte Is Seriously in Love With Ireland
The SNL alum and Emmy nominee on his new Netflix show (filmed on the Emerald Isle), why he couldn’t wait for The Last Man on Earth to be canceled, and the reunion for which he’ll always be down.

The experience, plus other extraordinary trips to Ireland before and since, imbued Forte with such a deep and abiding love for the country that, when he heard there was a part for him in Netflix’s Ireland-set mystery thriller Bodkin, his first thought was, “It’s going to have to be really bad for me to not do it…. The real entry point for me was just saying the word Ireland.” (Forte, who seems compulsively polite, quickly points out that the scripts for Bodkin ended up being “fantastic.”)


Switzerland’s Nemo wins 68th Eurovision Song Contest after event roiled by protests over war in Gaza
Swiss singer Nemo won the 68th Eurovision Song Contest early Sunday with “The Code,” an operatic pop-rap ode to the singer’s journey toward embracing a nongender identity.
Switzerland’s contestant beat Croatian rocker Baby Lasagna to the title by winning the most points from a combination of national juries and viewers around the world. Nemo, 24, is the first nonbinary winner of the contest that has long been embraced as a safe haven by the LGBT community. Nemo is also the first Swiss winner since 1988, when Canadian chanteuse Celine Dion competed under the Swiss flag.


The Private Life of Perfume
An epic pilgrimage along India’s jasmine trail, which plays a crucial and largely unknown role in the international fragrance industry, reveals the real marigolds, tuberose, water lilies, and rose petals behind the world’s most intoxicating scents.

If I tell you I have been traveling to India all my life, what I mean by that is in my imagination. In actuality, it has been three decades and dozens of trips taken throughout the subcontinent, to many regions and often for lengthy periods of time. When, as sometimes happens, I think I am finished with India, it soon becomes clear India is not finished with me.
There is always more. And so it took little persuading when a perfumer friend suggested last year that we meet in New Delhi and travel south to the industrial city of Coimbatore.


How to Dress Like You Have a Mind of Your Own
This has felt like an impossible task in the era of TikTok trend mania. Well it’s not—and we have found your way out of the maze.

For the past few seasons Americans have had to endure the onslaught of one shallow TikTok trend after another, delivered in a digital vacuum devoid of any real context. It has left a lot of women—especially those with spending power who are interested in making smart wardrobe choices—feeling unseen, undervalued, and underwhelmed.
“This increased need for constant newness has resulted in this frenzied world of micro-trends,” says Sean Spellman, chief creative officer of Mark Cross (and the man behind the recent revival of the 180-year-old heritage brand). “It shouldn’t be about instant gratification but about curating a collection of intentional, well-made, timeless pieces that will still serve you in 20 years time.”


Queen Ena’s Emerald Pendant to Be Sold
The piece is expected to be sold for between $165,000 and $220,000.

Those heading to the Magnificent Jewels (think fashion week for high-jewelry) sale in Geneva next week have the opportunity to take home jewelry once belonging to royalty. Namely: an emerald brooch from the collection of Queen Ena of Spain.
The piece, auctioned off by Christie’s Auction House, is an early 20th-century emerald and diamond brooch. It is made in a sugarloaf shape, with oval cabochon emeralds and calibré-cut diamonds set in platinum.


Marranitos Are the Adorable, Pig-Shaped Ginger Cookies You Should Bake Right now
Bake up a tray of these soft and chewy cookies, which are spiced with vibrant ginger flavor and shaped like pigs.
These soft, chewy, and mildly spiced cookies are called marranitos, and also known as puerquitos and cochinitos. They are a Mexican bakery favorite.


From IPAs to ESBs, Here’s the Ultimate Guide to Beer Abbreviations
We’re here to help you decipher your next beer label or taproom menu board.

There are a lot of abbreviations used in the world of beer. These shorthand brewing terms can often feel like code to the uninitiated.
The most common, and popular is IPA, for India pale ale. This hoppy style of beer features vibrant aromas and flavors from citrus and tropical fruits to wood, pine, and marijuana. Other beer styles can also be abbreviated, like APA for American pale ale, RIS for Russian Imperial Stout, and ESB for Extra Special Bitter.


Pringles Is Dropping an All-New Snack, and It’s Not in a Can
Get ready for a whole new Pringles experience.

Close your eyes and think of Pringles. You’re probably imagining that simple arched potato chip inside a cylinder can, aren’t you? Well, Pringles wants you to re-think that notion, because it’s dropping an all-new snack that it calls “out of this world” and “out of the can.”
On Monday, Pringles announced the addition of Pringles Mingles to its lineup, which it described as “a puffy, irresistibly delicious, and shareable snacking experience unlike one you’ve ever had from Pringles.”


Inherited Fashion: The Culture Clash Between My Mother’s Closet and My Own
What do I do with all the Indian clothes my mother gifted me?

As I grew older, my mother and I increasingly clashed. She wished I had more Indian friends, and I wished she would spend more money on American clothes. I wanted Gap jeans and Nikes; I wanted to be cool. But she kept buying me easily wrinkled crepe fabrics in colors no one else wore, outfits that matched only with gold or silver sandals that looked like pageant-wear you might pick up at a kiosk on the Jersey shore.
The frustration was mutual, and I regarded my mother’s fashion choices with the same judgmental gaze she did mine. Insisting on wearing saris everywhere, she shocked me when she put one on—navy blue and magenta with peacocks embroidered into yards of fabric—for her Italian boss’ traditional Catholic wedding. I found it tacky, akin to showing up in white. I told her she should adhere to the understood dress code: a dress, maybe a fancy skirt and top. “The focus shouldn’t be on you or India,” I said. She didn’t relent.


Dip Powder Nails Are Your Chip-Resistant Dream Mani
If you were to create a wishlist for your ideal yet simple manicure, we imagine it would look a little like this: vibrant color, long-lasting staying power, chip-resistant, and gentle on the nail beds and cuticles. Gel and acrylic nails, which are durable and provide a canvas for endless nail art and design options, can come up short in the gentle department. Regular nail polish, by comparison, will last about eight days at best. So does the perfect mani exist? Possibly. That’s where dip powder nails come in.


When It Was Magic Time in New Jersey
Blessed with the gift for banter of a Calvin Coolidge and the conviviality of an Increase Mather, I am not what you would call a Television Natural. Although I once met a man on a plane who asked me what my line was, the man was not John Daly; none of my secrets would interest Garry Moore. And as for The Price Is Right, I not only have no idea what a fully-equipped Thunderbird costs, no idea what a fully-equipped pine-paneled snack bar costs, but in fact have some difficulty remembering, from paycheck to paycheck, what I cost.


21 Stunning Old Photos of the Divine Dame Helen Mirren
Dame Helen Mirren’s talents have always been undeniable. Long before she won an Academy Award for her understated portrayal of Elizabeth II in The Queen, she became the golden child of British theater thanks to her enigmatic presence and one-of-a-kind versatility. Born to a working-class English mother and a Russian father who played viola with the London Philharmonic, a 13-year-old Mirren first discovered her passion for acting after seeing an amateur production of Hamlet.


Inside the bombshell scandal that prompted two Miss USAs to step down
Allegations of a “toxic work environment” have once again tarnished the pageant’s reputation.

Over the course of a week, Miss USA Noelia Voigt and Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava both relinquished their titles, marking an unprecedented period of turbulence in the pageant’s history. Since Miss USA was established in 1952, no title holder has ever before voluntarily stepped down. Now, two of them have resigned, a mere three months before their reigns end. It’s a moment that’s raising major questions about the pageant’s increasingly troubled image.
In her resignation letter, portions of which leaked to the press, 24-year-old Voigt describes a “toxic work environment” within the Miss USA Organization that has badly affected her physical and mental health.


How to fight without ruining a relationship
You can have healthy disagreements with the people in your life.

Because no one truly anticipates an argument, it can be difficult to zero in on what you actually want to get out of it. Your motivation may be something concrete — wanting to finish the bathroom renovation — or more amorphous, like getting an apology. Regardless of your desired outcome, there is often a deeper meaning behind the intricacies of the fight, says Chris Segrin, head of the University of Arizona’s department of communication. Although you may be arguing about what color to paint the bathroom, there is likely a larger symbolic issue at play. “‘We live in this apartment and everything in here is the way you set it up and the way you want it,’” Segrin notes as an example. “‘I don’t feel like I have any opportunity to have my style in here.’”


Sarah Paulson Dares to Play the People You Love to Hate
The actress has received a Tony nomination for “Appropriate,” in which she portrays a woman who makes a sport out of verbally eviscerating her family members.

Sarah Paulson still doesn’t fully understand why fans call her “mother.”
At first, when she started seeing the word used online to describe her, she was bewildered and a bit irritated. She was in her 40s and childless. Did these people really think she looked like their mother?
Once she began to understand it as an age-neutral compliment — a term Gen Z likes to use for famous women they adore — she leaned into the meme, appearing on “Saturday Night Live” last year, alongside Pedro Pascal, in a sketch in which he was “father” and she “mother” to a group of enamored high schoolers.


‘Doctor Who’ Costume Designer on What Inspired Ncuti Gatwa’s Bold Look, From ’70s New York to Men in Skirts
For “Doctor Who‘s” more than six-decade history, each lead has had their own uniform of sorts: Tom Baker’s scarves, Christopher Eccleston’s leather jacket and David Tennant’s tie-and-vest combo, for example. But with 15th Doctor Ncuti Gatwa taking the helm on May 10, the sci-fi series’ fashion is also getting a revamp — instead of having a signature look, Gatwa’s Doctor will consistently change outfits throughout the show.


How Jinkx Monsoon brought her musical Doctor Who villain to life
The “Drag Race” alum talks facing off against Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor (and how “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” inspired her performance).

Monsoon stars in the second episode of Ncuti Gatwa’s first full season, which premiered May 10 on Disney+. “The Devil’s Chord” follows the Doctor (Gatwa) and companion Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) as they travel back in time to 1963, hoping to see the Beatles record their first album. Upon arriving, they discover that a malevolent force is sucking music out of the world, and before long, the culprit reveals themselves to be Maestro, an all-powerful being who can exploit the very fabric of space and time. (“The Devil’s Chord” is also the first musical episode in Who’s history, ending with a show-stopping, fourth-wall-breaking musical number.)


10 Cottage Cheese Recipes That Showcase Its Versatility
From dips and omelets to kugel and cheesecake, these recipes prove that cottage cheese is an all-star ingredient.

Cottage cheese tastes great with fresh fruit, as part of a lunch salad plate, and on toast or crackers as a snack, but it has more to offer than that, as this collection of cottage cheese recipes shows. It includes classics, such as pancakes made with cottage cheese and noodle kugel, plus a few delicious twists you might not have tried before. All will keep cottage cheese lovers happy and may create some new fans.


How to Harvest Basil for a Continuous Supply of Fresh Herbs
Harvesting basil encourages bushy, healthy growth.

Fresh basil is a great addition to any culinary garden. It’s easy to care for, tastes delicious, and has an aromatic smell that can deter common garden pests like aphids and mites. One way to keep this plant in your garden (or on your windowsill) productive for longer is by harvesting it. Periodically snipping leaves or stems from your basil plant encourages it to put energy into creating new growth. To ensure you’re harvesting this plant correctly, we spoke to gardening experts who explain how to harvest basil leaves and basil stems, as well as how to store them.


How to Clean and Descale a Coffee Maker for a More Delicious Brew
A clean machine is the secret to making the tastiest cup of Joe.

Ensure your coffee pot brews a delicious cup of Joe every morning by regularly cleaning this workhorse appliance. If it goes neglected, you may see a brown ring on the bottom of the pot, which is a combination of the minerals in your water and lime deposits. Additionally, the inside of your machine can also accumulate debris and grime if it’s not regularly cleaned. To help you prevent this buildup—and keep your machine running efficiently–we spoke to cleaning experts, who shared their tips for how to clean a coffee maker.


Florence Is Italy’s Cultural Capital — Here’s Where to Eat, Stay, and Visit, According to an Expert
This local’s guide to compact, walkable Florence, Italy, shares the best restaurants, shops, and museums to visit on your trip.

Capital of Tuscany, cradle of the Renaissance, and one of Italy’s most popular destinations, Florence needs little introduction. A World’s Best Awards Hall of Fame honoree, it consistently ranks as one of Travel + Leisure readers’ favorite cities thanks to its rich history, artistic treasures, and delicious food and wine, much of which comes from the nearby hills of Chianti and Montalcino. Florence is a must-visit destination for a rich cultural immersion in Italian art and history.

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