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PinThari Restaurant at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo – Meradhoo, Maldives

It’s FRIDAY, darlings. All day long. Let us offer our thanks to the goddess Friga for giving us this day and let us all drink fizzy pink things in her honor.


Ryan Gosling on Nearly Turning Down Ken, Singing Live at the Oscars and Wanting a ‘Beach-Off’ Over Those ‘Barbie’ Snubs
“It’s the hardest role I’ve ever had to play,” says the 43-year-old star of “Drive” and “Blue Valentine,” meeting over coffee. Indeed, he originally turned down the part due to scheduling conflicts (and some trepidation about embodying what was a punchline in pop culture). Once he agreed to play the role, though, he went to startling lengths to figure out who Ken was — or who he could be. “It was like a high-wire act — in tiny shorts and no shirt — with no net,” Gosling says.


One Day‘s Ambika Mod: ‘Growing up, I didn’t see myself on screen. I didn’t see myself as a romantic lead’
She talks representation in rom-coms, reframing her imposter syndrome and the sticky subject of privilege.

Tissues at the ready: David Nicholls’ bestselling novel One Day has had the Netflix treatment, and it’s going to steal and break your heart simultaneously.
For the uninitiated, it tells the story of Emma and Dexter after they meet at their university graduation. The book, TV series and 2011 film (starring Anne Hathaway) tells a day in the life of the two characters throughout their lives as they navigate success, failure and their feelings for each other.
The series may feature rom-com names of old (Notting Hill’s Tim McInnerny) and new (Leo Woodall, of White Lotus fame, plays the male lead, Dexter) but Ambika Mod’s Emma is undoubtedly One Day’s beating heart at its core. Full to bursting with pithy one liners and self-deprecating humour to smooth out her vulnerability, Ambika is the rom-com lead we needed – she plays her perfectly.


Sabrina Carpenter and Maya Hawke
on Rethinking the Pop Star Playbook

After getting her big break in 2014 on the tween sitcom Girl Meets World, Sabrina Carpenter has finally escaped the prefab pressures of Disney-kid stardom by snatching back her artistic identity. She followed up her first four albums with 2022’s Emails I Can’t Send, a more dangerous departure that saw the 24-year-old performer finding vulnerability in pop star problems like public breakups and internet hate. Taylor Swift took notice (she asked her fellow Pennsylvania native to help kick off the international leg of her Eras tour), as did the Catholic Church, which beefed with Sabrina over the video for her single “Feathers” (YouTube it). Someone else who’s been paying attention is the actor and singer Maya Hawke, who called Sabrina up to unpack the complexities of pop stardom.


15 best hotels in Mexico 2024, hands down
Where to stay in the country that has it all.

Mexico is a destination right at the top of most people’s bucket lists, but planning such a big trip can be overwhelming – which is where we come in. With our edit of the best hotels in Mexico to help you find a totally stunning stay. We’ve scoured the country’s impeccable hospitality offering – from Tulum to Riviera Maya – to find the very best of the best. These Mexico hotels will remain a fond memory for years after you’ve left, whether you’re all about wellness, looking for a cool city hotspot to help you explore or simply want to be as close to the beach as possible. Our well-travelled editors have got you covered.


The halo haircut is this season’s most popular style for curly hair
It’s all in the shape.

When it comes to 2024 beauty trends, “softness” is the overarching aesthetic that’s leading some of our favourite looks. The halo haircut leans into this nicely with an angelic shape that majors around pretty curls and coils.
We’ve heard the haircut mentioned multiple times from top hair stylists as we’ve headed into this year, with pro hair stylist and trend forecaster, Tom Smith, describing the halo silhouette as “ethereal, curved and face-framing”.


I’m a beauty editor and this is why the ‘dimpleplasty’ trend infantalises women
Here’s the problem.

J.Lo wearing schoolgirl hair bows and doll skin going viral: the ‘babyfication’ of beauty is here. OK, it’s not all bad, but one trend I can’t cosign is ‘dimpleplasty’ – a procedure where dimples are surgically carved into the face. It’s ridiculous. It’s unnecessary. We’re about 10 seconds away from someone squeezing a grown woman’s cheek and cooing.
As a beauty editor with 12 years experience under my belt, I’ve seen a lot of cosmetic surgery trends fall out of fashion almost as quickly as wedge trainers. I’m also a firm believer that women have the right to make an informed choice about whether or not they want to undergo these procedures, so there’s no judgement there. But, in my opinion, dimpleplasty is a step too far.


Everything You Need to Know About Hair Perfume
“Scent lives differently and for longer in hair than it does on the skin, so we’re seeing more customers reach for hair perfumes in 2024,” Cohen notes. “There’s no better compliment than when you go in for a hug and someone says, “you smell incredible”—a hair perfume gives just that effect.” So, read on to discover Vogue’s guide to the best hair perfumes of 2024, from Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Chanel, Dior, and more.


The Jewelry Detective: Is the Jewelry on Feud Real?
How what Capote’s Swans wore helps tell their story—and make them icons to a whole new audience.

“From our first meeting,” says the series’ costume designer Lou Eyrich, “Ryan was very precise that it had to be the real thing. This, he said, is about the jewelry.” For the bracelet in the bed scene, Eyrich says, “Murphy wanted ruby. It would look great in the box. Rubellite worked out perfectly. In the first episode you see her wearing the Verdura bracelet. In the next episode she is giving it away.”
Jewelry is central in Feud. It is worn in almost every scene, and there are frequent close ups of button earrings and bangle bracelets being removed and placed in charming little trays.


Princess Kate Has Two “Amazing and Kind” Nurses Looking After Her
Prince William gave rare insight into the team at Kate’s side as she recovers from abdominal surgery

According to a LinkedIn post shared by Trish Spruce—a recruiter for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, who was honored with the MBE at the ceremony—the Prince of Wales “said that Catherine had two Filipino nurses looking after her and they were amazing and kind.”
Of attending the event at Windsor, Spruce added: “What an amazing experience, the castle was just breathtaking, everyone was so lovely to us as we were just in awe of everything.”


20 Gorgeous Blue Eyeshadow Looks to Inspire You
Blue eyeshadow has gone in and out of style over the years.
In the ’90s, it was a staple for stars like Tyra Banks and Jennifer Lopez. In the early 2000s, Paris Hilton was a fan of the vibrant lid look. Meanwhile, back in 2010, when I was a freshman in college, it was my personal go-to eyeshadow shade. It wasn’t for everyone, though—and it’s still not. Blue eyeshadow can be pretty divisive, but if you know how to properly apply it, it can look downright red carpet-worthy.
Here, we chatted with three celebrity makeup artists about how to wear blue eyeshadow. Keep reading to see 20 stars rocking the cool-toned hue, plus makeup artist tips for perfecting the look.


Queen Camilla Gave a Heartfelt Update on King Charles
She shared the message during her first outing since Charles’s cancer diagnosis.

Camilla has been by the monarch’s side throughout his recent medical issues. She joined him at London Clinic following his treatment for an enlarged prostate and, later, she was seen accompanying him to Sandringham via helicopter. The king’s trip to his country estate in Norfolk came after he met with his son, Harry, for a quick 45-minute chat. Insiders noted that while father and son had a great conversation, Harry didn’t have time to meet with his brother, William.


This Architectural Timeline of Washington, D.C., Spans 250 Years of Design History
Discover the city’s most architecturally significant residences, civic structures, and monuments

As the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C., is a hub for many things: government, museums, and restaurants, to name a few. But it’s also an ode to architecture, showcasing various aesthetic movements through civic, commercial, and residential structures that span the full history of the country. As a planned city—one specifically designed to be the nation’s capital—impeccable design has always been a part of D.C.’s ethos, and that certainly continues into the present day. Discover the unparalleled architectural legacy of Washington, D.C., through this timeline of iconic buildings, from monuments to embassies to hotels. This is only just the surface of what the city has to offer—plan your visit to Washington, D.C., to see these architectural gems and many more.


Martha Stewart Just “Set the Record Straight” on Which Cosmetic Procedures She’s Had Done
Whatever you’re doing Martha, it’s certainly working.

Martha Stewart knows she’s a sex symbol at 82 years old, but the businesswoman is getting real about the help she’s had when it comes to maintaining her sprightly appearance. During the season 2 premiere of Stewart’s iHeartPodcasts show, The Martha Stewart Podcast, she welcomed her personal cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Dan Belkin to discuss the extra measures she’s taken to stay looking fresh and young.
“Everybody is so interested when they see a selfie of me posted on the internet,” she said on the Feb. 8 episode, referring to her many buzzy thirst traps shared to social media. “So many comments are about my face lift and who did it and when did I have it done and how much retouching is on the photograph, and I just want to set the record straight.”


58 Recipes for Dips, Nachos, Wings, and More Super Bowl Food
Entertain with fast, easy, crowd-pleasing snacks on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Super Bowl may technically be an NFL game, but we all know what we’re really looking forward to when Sunday rolls around — the snacks. Some of our personal favorites include classics like saucy chicken wings, pigs in a blanket, and chips with dip, with a few beer-infused drinks to match. But we have tons of other dishes in our spread too, including Sour Cream and Chive Potato Pizza, Slow Cooker Barbecued Pulled Pork, Spicy Margarita Punch, and even S’mores Linzer Cookies for an impressive dessert. There are 50+ Super Bowl recipes to choose from here, so regardless of what happens on the field, at least you’ll have a winning menu.


19 Easy Cocktails to Make If You Spent Most of Your Energy Figuring Out the Dinner Menu
Even if you’re short on time, you can whip up these cocktails.

Don’t get us wrong: We have no issue with going the extra mile to make a fancy cocktail that calls for a slightly more involved garnish, a few rounds in a cocktail shaker, or maybe even a double-strain. But when you’re cooking dinner on Tuesday night at 7 PM or don’t have the energy to spare, a Manhattan cocktail, Gin & Tonic, or Aperol Spritz fits the moment. That doesn’t mean that simple has to be boring — a French 75 always feels celebratory, and you’ll never find us complaining about another round of Saketinis. As long as you have a well-stocked home bar with a few of your favorite spirits, some club soda, tonic water, and a lemon or two, you can make our favorite cocktails that come together in five minutes or less. Cheers!


Dumb jokes, lateness, and saying ‘literally’: 11 habits most likely to give hiring managers the ick
Looking for a new job? Having the right skill set is important, but being able to ace the interviews is also a key factor in landing the next role.
And while the US unemployment rate is at its lowest level in decades, employers are taking longer to hire and posting fewer job openings than they normally do. That’s leaving some candidates stuck in hiring limbo.
So, working out how to stand out positively when talking to a potential employer feels increasingly crucial in early 2024. That also means avoiding interview pitfalls.
Ringover, an HR startup, surveyed 1,200 people — the majority of whom said they had interviewed job candidates both in-person and remotely — across industries and age groups to gauge the behaviors they find most off-putting when conducting job interviews.


See the Beatles’ First Tour Through Paul McCartney’s Lens
Sixty years after the Beatles appeared live on “Ed Sullivan,” McCartney reflects on his photos capturing those halcyon days. The Brooklyn Museum will exhibit them, and some will be for sale later.

They are now a collector’s trove — Paul McCartney’s own photos, shot 60 years ago, when the Beatles took Europe and America by storm: images of screaming fans (one carrying a live monkey); a girl in a yellow bikini; airport workers playing air guitar, and unguarded moments grabbed from trains, planes and automobiles.
McCartney, now 81, doesn’t like to sit still and reminisce about the past, so he chatted while driving home from his recording studio in Sussex, England.


We document our whole lives online, but is it even worth it anymore?
While wages are stagnant and low, people are marketing their lives online through self-documentation. But is our obsession with recording everything – from our jobs to the mundane – actually leading us to success?

In 2012, Nathan Jurgenson wrote an article for The Atlantic titled ‘The Facebook Eye’. In it, he warns that we’re in danger of developing a “Facebook Eye”, which he describes as “our brains always looking for a moment where the ephemeral blur of lived experience might best be translated into a Facebook post; one that will draw the most comments and likes”.
It’s been 12 years since the publication of Jurgenson’s article, and it’s clear that we’ve not only developed a ‘Facebook Eye’, but we’ve gone way beyond it. From Instagram and Twitter to Letterboxd, we’re almost always drafting tweets in our heads when we’re experiencing something funny, dramatic or sad, taking pictures of our meals before and after we’ve eaten them, or thinking of witty reviews to write on Letterboxd about the films we’re watching before they’ve even ended. Social media has become so integrated into our day-to-day lives that we don’t even question these intrusive thoughts or the compulsion we have to document our every move and experience.


Why disability remains the beauty industry’s next inclusivity frontier
In the last few years, the beauty industry has got better at starting conversations about products made for those with disabilities, but all too often these projects never go beyond talk

With the constant influx of new beauty products released every day, you would think shopping for products would be a breeze. However, for the 1.3 billion people diagnosed with various forms of disability, the experience is entirely different. From hard-to-open lids and brushes with no grip, to unidentifiable products in aisles, the design of a product holds a huge weight when it comes to usability and many products are inaccessible to those with disabilities. In the last few years, the concept of accessibility in beauty has come far in terms of getting the conversation started, but how much have these discussions actually translated into change?


Do You Really Need to Use Fabric Softener? Here’s What Cleaning Experts Say
Learn why fabric softener is considered a laundry staple by many.

There are many reasons why we reach for fabric softener come laundry day. Habit, for one. But we also want our clothes and linens to feel soft and come out wrinkle-free. For some, fabric softener is as essential as detergent. But have you ever considered what fabric softener actually does and how it affects each item you send through the washing machine? To help you understand exactly how fabric softener works, we’re sharing a few things you should know about this laundry staple.

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