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PinMesa Restaurant at The Karl Lagerfeld – Cotai, Macau

It’s THURSDAY and we’re feeling the need to celebrate that fact in a LOunge practically dripping with drama and grandeur, much like ourselves. Spread out, make yourselves known to the staff, and await no further instructions at all.


Scoop, a Netflix movie about Prince Andrew’s car crash BBC interview, just dropped its first look pictures
Here’s everything we know.

If there’s one thing that royal drama makes for, it’s great movies – so Scoop, coming soon on Netflix, is set to be a corker. Even better: we’ve just had our first look.
Intriguingly, the movie will tell the story of events leading up to Prince Andrew’s car crash BBC Newsnight interview with journalist Emily Maitlis, based on the book Scoops: Behind The Scenes of the BBC’s Most Shocking Interviews by TV producer Sam McAlister – who will also be portrayed in the film by none other than Billie Piper.


The Forgotten Swans: Truman Capote’s Society Friends Left Out of Feud
These women are every bit as fascinating as Babe Paley, Slim Keith, and the glamorous rest depicted on FX’s Feud: Capote vs. the Swans.

Truman Capote had more swans than FX’s Feud: Capote vs. The Swans would have you believe. Perhaps because Babe Paley (Naomi Watts), Slim Keith (Diane Lane), Lee Radziwill (Calista Flockhart), C.Z. Guest (Chloë Sevigny), and Ann Woodward (Demi Moore) were the “friends” most assailed in his infamous Esquire takedown, “La Côte Basque, 1965,” and/or most toxically entangled in his thrall, they get top socialite billing in the series. (Or maybe it’s just because one unhappy rich white woman starts to resemble the other after enough free-flowing luncheon champagne.)
But in real life there were three other women whom Capote counted among his swans, according to Laurence Leamer’s book Capote’s Women, on which this season of the anthology drama is based. And each was every bit as fabulous as the above.


We’ve found the best books of 2024 to curl up with
Must-reads and page-turners chosen by a book-obsessed writer

We’re back with the first of this year’s offering of brilliant new reads that are sure to keep the pages turning for you throughout 2024. In the spirit of that newness, we’ve given ourselves a little refresh, with a more detailed, bimonthly offering of fully reviewed must-reads and recommendations, supported by a flurry of additional favoured titles in brief.
Our Jan-to-Feb reads kick things off as we plan to continue with a brace of debuts by award-winning writers in their various other lives as poets and masters of the short story. Add to that a sprinkling of very different takes on pandemic fiction – a genre that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere fast – some dark dystopian fiction from both sides of the pond, a visit to the Russian circus and an eerily beautiful Sami-Swedish novel in verse, and you have some idea of the diversity of reading fun that lies ahead.


Naomi Watts on Becoming Babe Paley
“There was never a hair out of place or a mismatched outfit. There was always precision.”

“Remarkably, for someone who’s as iconic and known as she was, there was nothing available that was an audio recording or a visual recording. So, [I had] a multitude of fantastic pictures, but I didn’t know about how her voice sounded. I didn’t know the cadence. And in terms of her physicality, I had to really make that up based on the women around her and women of that time. I am a blonde-haired person with really quite different features. I have blue eyes; she had brown eyes. I had to wear false teeth, and that was something I was very nervous about, because that can interfere with your speech, so that took a lot of practice.”


Emily Ratajkowski is set to join Lena Dunham’s Netflix romcom TV series, Too Much
Dunham says the show “makes us root for love, brings joy but also has the jagged edges of life.”

Another rom-com delight to add to your Netflix queue – courtesy of Girls genius Lena Dunham, no less.
Set in London, upcoming series Too Much follows the story of a burned out, heartbroken New Yorker as she navigates a new chance at love on the other side of the Atlantic. Intrigued yet? We certainly are.
The two leads have been cast (more on that later), but the latest gossip is that a certain GLAMOUR favourite has been cast in Too Much as well. Variety has reported that none other than Emily Ratajkowski will be taking on the role of male lead Felix’s ex-girlfriend Polly, who is the polar opposite of our leading lady Jessica.


The Story Behind Cartier’s Unisex Trinity Ring – Beloved By Grace Kelly, Cary Grant And Kylie Jenner
It is a big and splashy campaign for a small design that started life as a stock item added by Louis Cartier back in 1924. But Trinity undoubtedly deserves it, as its success arguably rewrote the rulebook of jewellery design, and by extension the luxury business. Before the 1920s, jewellery houses crafted elaborate, gem-encrusted pieces – bespoke orders commissioned by high society clients to wear to grand events. Once Trinity burst onto the scene, jewellers began paying attention to the middle class’s appetite for fine jewellery. It was a savvy move. A century on, men and women continue to wear the Trinity ring, necklace and bracelet – this is a collection that combines nostalgia with serious staying power.


Lindsay Lohan is set to star in a new Netflix rom-com, Irish Wish – here’s everything we know
Here’s everything we know.

Lindsay Lohan is slated to star in a new Netflix romantic comedy, and it sounds a bit like Freaky Friday meets Just My Luck.
The second of her two-picture creative partnership with the streaming platform, Irish Wish is a tale of luck and romance sprinkled with supernatural elements. The Mean Girls star plays mousy book editor Maddie Kelly in the story, which follows our plucky heroine on a journey to find love by learning to advocate for herself first.


Princess Anne Wears Queen Elizabeth’s Jacket From 2006
The Princess Royal has sent a message with her fashion choices this week.

[…] Princess Royal visited G.H.Hurt & Son in her role as President of the UK Fashion and Textiles Association. For the occasion, she donned her mother Queen Elizabeth’s purple jacket that the late Queen wore in 2006. Anne has long been known to repeat her favorite outfits, but this is the first time she’s notably worn an archival piece from her mother’s closet.


Zac Posen on Designing the Full Menagerie of Feud’s Black and White Ball
The fashion designer on not exactly recreating Truman Capote’s notorious part

On a crisp November night in 1966, the would-be prince of New York City threw a ball that even Cinderella would have had trouble getting into. The prince was Truman Capote, and the party was his Black and White Ball, honoring the Washington Post’s publisher, Katharine Graham. Around 540 handpicked guests turned up to the Plaza Hotel for what Capote would describe as “a little masked ball” featuring New York’s finest, from Lauren Bacall to Norman Mailer to, of course, his beloved swans. Capote’s Black and White Ball wasn’t just the event of the season—it was the society event of the ’60s.


How To Approach The Intimate – And Emotional – Process Of Redesigning An Engagement Ring
Shoreditch-based Boston, who specialises in bridal jewellery, says more couples than ever before are coming to her to follow in the footsteps of the likes of the Duchess of Sussex and Jackie Kennedy, by having their engagement ring redesigned. “A lot of the remodelling jobs we’ve done are to celebrate 10 or 20 year wedding anniversaries,” she says. “It is a great opportunity to explore a change of style if desired, although this very much comes down to personal preference: some remodels are an upgrade of the existing design, and some are more complete transformations.”


Zac Posen Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Feud’s Black and White Ball
The challenge, Posen notes, was refashioning the ball within historical parameters that also aligned aesthetically with the Ryan Murphy Cinematic Universe. “This isn’t a historical recreation piece,” he says. “This is a different story that we’re telling through historical figures. Each lady had their own history to bring.” Still, Posen dove into the era, meticulously researching the women who were central figures to one of the most talked-about parties of the 20th century. “I started off much more closely to history. I thought, let’s get our historical base, and from there, then we can evolve, abstract, and elevate,” he says. “[Ryan and I] were in touch daily through the process, but I was definitely given a great deal of creative freedom.”


The Earth is getting greener. Hurray?
Humans are literally changing the color of the planet. Scientists are worried.

Maybe you’ve heard: Earth, our planet, is not doing great. Tropical forests are getting cut down. Parking lots are replacing bird-filled grasslands. Climate change is fueling forest-razing wildfires. On the whole, natural, plant-filled habitats, seem to be disappearing.
Despite this destruction, scientists keep coming to an odd conclusion: The Earth is growing greener. Not green in the metaphorical “sustainable” sense, but in the literal color green.


What to do when you’re completely overwhelmed by climate anxiety
How to act in service of the planet — and your values.

Instead of getting caught up in what could happen in the future, face the grief, the anger, or the frustration of what has already occurred, says Maia Kiley, a licensed marriage and family therapist who provides climate-aware therapy. Acknowledge the effects of climate change you’ve already witnessed — maybe it was a drought that impacted your town. Let yourself experience whatever emotions surface. However, don’t let the sadness overcome you or deny your feelings. Use it as motivation to contribute to changing the future. “It’s important for people to face a certain amount of reality,” Kiley says, “and then also to see that the story is still being written and they do have power.”


Da’Vine Joy Randolph: Major Prizes, Major Attention, Major Unease
The “Holdovers” star sometimes feels overwhelmed by the glare of the spotlight. “In a very otherworldly way, my entire world has changed.”

The “Holdovers” star Da’Vine Joy Randolph has had a charmed run through awards season so far: Considered the favorite for the supporting actress Oscar, she has already taken the Golden Globe, Critics Choice Award and prestigious trophies from both the New York Film Critics Circle and Los Angeles Film Critics Association.
The 37-year-old actress is well-aware of the power of those prizes, and knows that even being in the Oscar conversation can change the course of a career. But does that mean her awards season has been easy to navigate?


36 Hours in Marrakesh, Morocco
The scars are still scattered around the medina of Marrakesh, the nearly millennium-old walled city and UNESCO World Heritage site that forms the heart of Morocco’s onetime capital. Scaffolding surrounds the top of the minaret of the medieval Koutoubia Mosque and sections of the 16th-century El Badi Palace, while a collapsed building haunts Rue Riad Zitoun el Kdim, a popular shopping thoroughfare. All recall the catastrophic earthquake that struck the region last September, killing some 3,000 people, mainly in outlying villages and mountainous zones. By visiting Marrakesh right now, you’re not only experiencing a haven of Islamic architecture, dazzling traditional artisanship, cool contemporary design, and perhaps North Africa’s best restaurants and nightlife, but also lending moral and economic support to a region in recovery.


Recall of Over 20 Cheese and Dairy Products Sold Nationwide After Listeria Outbreak
Cheese, sour cream, and yogurt sold at Whole Foods and other stores may be linked to 26 illnesses and 23 hospitalizations across 11 states.

Ricotta, queso, cotija, and more cheese and dairy products are currently the subject of a voluntary recall by Rizo-López Foods, Inc. (RLF). The products are being recalled due to potential listeria contamination, according to a recent announcement by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The recalled products include cheese, yogurt, and sour cream sold under the brand names 365 Whole Foods Market, Tio Francisco, Don Francisco, Rizo Bros, Rio Grande, Food City, El Huache, La Ordena, San Carlos, Campesino, Santa Maria, Dos Ranchitos, and Casa Cardenas.


12 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards You’ll Love Making (and They’ll Love Receiving)
Melt their heart with one of our sweet and easy homemade valentines—templates and how-tos included.

For Valentine’s Days past, you might have dutifully crafted handmade cards as a student—or at least selected cards and embellished them for your friends. And while you may not have classmates to impress anymore, it’s still a cherished tradition. When it comes time to show how much you love and appreciate your significant other, friend, or family member, a card says it beautifully, especially when it’s personalized for the recipient.


The Meaning Behind Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers, From Roses to Peonies
Whether you’re giving flowers to a friend, loved one, or romantic interest, the bouquet you choose conveys a specific message

We give flowers on Valentine’s Day as a way to show our love and appreciation for those special people in our lives. While flowers often signify romantic interest, you can certainly give a beautiful bouquet to friends and family. Just remember that the flowers you give convey different meanings, ranging from admiration to eternal love. That’s why it’s helpful to understand the symbolism of the flowers you send on Valentine’s Day before choosing a bouquet.


25 Best Things to Do in Buenos Aires, According to Locals
From speakeasies to stargazing, here’s how to get to know Argentina’s capital.

Buenos Aires is a sprawling metropolis, home to more than 3 million residents and seemingly infinite things to do and see. Travelers visiting the capital city are in for a treat, as they are sure to find just about anything they’re looking for, from world-class art museums to empanada classes.
As a full-time digital nomad, I’ve spent more time in Buenos Aires than anywhere else, because there are so many reasons to keep coming back. With some help from Kyara M. Velarde, a tour guide at the Mariano Moreno National Library, and Darío Adrián, an organizer of the Buenos Aires Digital Nomads group, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 things to do in Buenos Aires.

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