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PinKämp Bar – Helsinki, Finland

It’s the worst day of the week, aka TUESDAY! Get in here and start procrastinating!


Get Ready with Laverne Cox for the 2024 Grammys
Exclusive details on how the actress and on-camera host selected her one-of-a-kind look.

Category is: red! To gear up for E! red carpet hosting duties at the 2024 Grammys, Laverne Cox put her own unexpected spin on the fire-hot color trend in a head-turning vintage Comme des Garçons look plucked directly from her legendary fashion archive. “Is my archive now legendary?” Cox jokes. “Yes, I own this dress. I’m deeply humbled to be able to enjoy this dress as a work of art whenever I want. Whenever I wear Comme, I feel like I’m wearing living, breathing art. The drama of this silhouette is a fashion fantasy come to life for me.”


King Charles III Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer, Says Buckingham Palace
The Palace says His Majesty ‘looks forward to returning to full public duty as soon as possible’

King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer but ‘remains wholly positive about his treatment’, according to Buckingham Palace.
According to a Palace statement, the King began ‘regular treatments’ on Monday. The type of cancer has not been revealed, but the BBC reports that while it is not prostate cancer, it was found during his recent treatment for an enlarged prostate.
The King ‘looks forward to returning to full public duty as soon as possible,’ the Palace adds.


Aaron Taylor-Johnson on scent, swan dives and embracing fear
The Bullet Train star’s debut fragrance campaign perfectly embodies his adventurous spirit and approach to self-care

His latest project as Giorgio Armani’s new Acqua di Giò ambassador took him to the hills of Croatia, where Taylor-Johnson found himself training with an Olympian to finesse his swan dive. But impressive campaign imagery aside, how does he really feel about fragrance?
“Perfume evokes such a powerful response for most people. It’s another layer to your skin; it’s your personality, it’s the way you walk into a room and the way you leave the room. There’s an aura around you,” he explains. For a man who’s passionate about nature, Acqua Di Giò, with its aquatic notes, fits his personality to a tee.


35 designer handbags that will stand the test of time
From Saint Laurent to Gucci, Chanel to Dior, these are the designs that will never go out of style

When it comes to wardrobe investments, there is nothing quite like a great designer handbag. Choose the right one and look after it correctly, and it will be a wardrobe mainstay for the rest of your life. It may even be an item that you pass down through the generations, or something you eventually sell and may even make money on.
With that being said, if you are thinking of splurging on a new designer bag, then it is definitely worth considering a style that will stand the test of time, rather than just a one-season wonder that will eventually end up gathering dust at the back of your wardrobe.


This is how easy it is to find people’s exact locations from their social posts – and it’s terrifying
But how can we stay safe online?

Millions of us share countless details about our lives everyday on social media – but have you ever stopped to think about your internet safety, and the personal information we’re all inadvertently sharing online?
Whether you can’t stop scrolling on TikTok, or you’re more commonly found posting carousels to Instagram, chances are, you live at least part of your life ‘online’.
We don’t always consider personal safety when it comes to social media. Social media can feel pretty safe — disconnected from the real world. But once you start to think about it, you might realise that you do you actually share more information than you need to online.


Cara Delevingne to star as Sally Bowles in Cabaret
The actress and model will take to the stage in Rebecca Frecknall’s much-lauded revival

There’s no doubt that the multi-award-winning revival of Cabaret at the Playhouse Theatre has been one of the hottest tickets of the last few years, since it debuted in 2021. Now, there’s even more reason to score a seat: Cara Delevingne is set to make her stage debut when she joins the cast next month as Sally Bowles, joined by actor Luke Treadaway as the Emcee.
“There are no words to explain the excitement I have to return home to make my stage debut in such an iconic role,” said Only Murders In The Building star Delevingne, who began her acting career with a role in the 2012 film adaptation of Anna Karenina by Joe Wright, and now lives in LA.


The pros and cons of matcha, explained
Experts share the key benefits of this ancient tea and the debunk the myths surrounding it

It’s near impossible to scroll through social media or step into your local brunch spot without seeing a milky, jade green cup of matcha latte. Once reserved for wellness-y types in the know, matcha is now widely available everywhere from the local Pret to Selfridges’ food hall. The hashtag #matchalatte currently has 2 billion views on TikTok while #matchalatterecipe clocks in 77.7 million views and counting.
That said, this buzzy ingredient has always played an integral role in Eastern culture.


The surprising relationship between Mark Ronson and Meryl Streep, explained
The pair appeared together at the 2024 Grammys, but what’s the connection?

At the 2024 Grammys, one appearance was wholly unexpected: that of the legendary actress Meryl Streep, who joined the awards ceremony in a surprise move that turned out to be family-motivated.
During host Trevor Noah’s opening monologue, the cameras panned over to an empty chair at a table with music producer Mark Ronson and his wife, Grace Gummer. After a few moments, Streep arrived to take her seat, to applause and cheers from the audience.


Carey Mulligan Responds To ‘Saltburn’ Oscars Snub
‘The main takeaway is just how incredibly it was picked up.’

Saltburn star Carey Mulligan has responded to the film’s snub at the 2024 Academy Awards.
Despite setting the internet and beyond ablaze with its provocative nude scenes, all star cast and, of course, that moment involving Barry Keoghan and some leftover bathwater, the Emerald Fennell-directed Saltburn failed to garner any nominations at the upcoming 2024 Academy Awards.
In an interview with The Times, Maestro star Mulligan said: ‘I went to the Saltburn premiere in LA and I sat with Em and there were 1,700 people having just the greatest f***ing experience, so I don’t know.’


Ariana Grande’s Style And Beauty Evolution Through The Years
From red hair to high ponytails

Ariana Grande burst into our lives in her Nickelodeon heyday when she played Cat Valentine in Victorious and Sam & Cat.
When the show ended in 2014, Grande swapped the red hair dye and red carpet prom dresses for a trademark brunette high ponytail, thigh-high boots, cute mini dresses and oversized sweatshirts launching the now signature and instantly recognisable Ariana Grande look.


The Story Behind The Necklace You’ve Seen All Over Instagram
Milan-based label Medea specialises in playful, eye-catching fashion. From sprightly shopping bags to “jogging” ballet flats, founders (and twins) Camilla and Giulia Venturini have garnered a loyal following since the brand’s launch in 2019, and count Beyoncé, Rihanna, Tessa Thompson, Gigi Hadid and Dev Hynes among their fans.


See The Ravishing New Stills From Netflix’s Stylish The Talented Mr Ripley Reboot
The story of the titular grifter who becomes obsessed with a rebellious playboy, brought to life by Anthony Minghella in the irresistible 1999 film of the same name, is making its way to the small screen. Here’s everything we know so far.

Andrew Scott, the hot priest from Fleabag who charmed audiences more recently in The Pursuit of Love and All of Us Strangers, is taking on the part of Tom Ripley for the show’s eight-episode run. In the 1999 film, the titular conman journeys to Italy to strike up a friendship with Dickie Greenleaf, the son of a shipping magnate, who has settled there with his girlfriend Marge Sherwood. Stepping into Jude Law’s butter-soft Gucci loafers as Greenleaf? None other than Emma’s Johnny Flynn, while Dakota Fanning is set to don crisp white shirts, printed midi skirts and a series of excellent coats as Sherwood.


Zac Posen Named Creative Director of Gap
The American designer is tasked with revamping the company’s entire portolio.

Zac Posen, the American designer best known for his glamorous black-tie gowns and costume design, is taking on a new career move as the creative director of Gap. Posen, whose recent work includes Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans, as well as the NYCB, will work with the retailer as a “cultural curator” and “creative partner.” He will also serve as the Chief Creative officer at Old Navy.
“Gap Inc. and its brands have shaped American fashion and pop culture for decades, and there’s so much potential at Old Navy. I’m eager to join Gap Inc. as brand reinvigoration kicks up across the portfolio, rooted in great products, experiences, and a new culture of creativity,” Posen said in a statement.


Toasted Cinnamon Is the Secret to this Warming Beef Stew
For this comforting one-pot stew, chuck roast is first marinated in a sweet-and-savory mixture of ginger, garlic, molasses, and soy sauce. Marinating the beef helps it take up intense, satisfying flavors that make all the difference in the final stew, where the beef turns beautifully tender after a long simmer in a cinnamon-infused broth with carrots and mustard greens. Toasted cinnamon sticks release their natural oils so the flavor of the sweet and woody spice spread throughout the dish in the warming, aromatic broth.


The Offbeat Indulgence of Handmade Vinegar
Vinegar has long been considered a tonic, and a workhorse of the kitchen. Can it also be a luxury?

In the U.S., vinegar has enjoyed the murky prestige of being hailed as a health food. Among the loudest evangelists was a naturopath named Paul C. Bragg, who, in the nineteen-twenties and thirties in Los Angeles, became a wellness adviser to the stars and then to the broader public. The “Bragg Healthy Lifestyle,” which he promoted in newspaper columns, books, and public appearances, relied heavily on apple-cider vinegar, which he produced and sold himself, with great success; today, it’s hard to find a grocery store in the U. S. that doesn’t carry Bragg’s. A volume called “Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Health System,” published by the company, claims it as a cure-all. “How did I beat cancer, obesity, diabetes, strep, three herniated disks and excruciating pain?” a man from Hawaii named Len asks in one of the book’s testimonials. The answer: “having the amazing organic apple cider drink daily.”


How to Finally Clean Out Your Closet
The allure of a streamlined wardrobe calls. Here’s how experts say you can get there.

Behind the closed door of my closet lies a world of possibility. Give me a few hours to clean it out, and perhaps I’ll finally become a person with a wardrobe of chic, coordinating neutrals instead of someone with four different black turtlenecks that I hate for four different reasons.
I know there can be real value in purging. Having better and fewer choices makes it easier to get dressed, and being able to see what you already own means you’re less likely to overbuy. Research also suggests that uncluttered living spaces may decrease stress.


What Is Tracy Chapman Doing Now? Inside Her Super-Private Life Before Her Grammys Performance
Before her much-anticipated Grammys performance with Luke Combs, Chapman has largely stayed out of the spotlight in recent years

All eyes were on Tracy Chapman as she made a rare public appearance at the 2024 Grammys.
Following the incredible success of Luke Combs’ cover of her 1988 track “Fast Car,” the musicians shared the stage for a moving rendition of the number.
Combs first released his twangy cover of the song in April 2023, and the track raced to the top of the country music charts, as well as peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also received a nomination for best country solo performance at this year’s Grammys ceremony.


Open Concept Kitchens Are Back—and 8 More Kitchen Design Trends Houzz Says Will Be Big This Year
Planning a kitchen remodel? Get inspired by these trends.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you’re likely wondering what trends are currently defining the heart of the home. To help, Houzz just released its 2024 kitchen trends study, which is filled with information on popular design trends, from open concept layouts and high tech appliances to popular cabinet materials and lighting inspiration.


Are Gallery Walls Losing Their Appeal? See How Interior Designers Are Styling Their Walls Instead
Fill empty spaces with striking focal points using these expert suggestions.

Creating a beautiful gallery wall allows you to display your favorite photos, artwork, travel souvenirs, and collectibles in a spot where you can see and appreciate them every day, adding a completely personalized element to your space. But while the concept of an art gallery is timeless, the implementation—from exactly what you choose to hang to where and how you hang it—requires an experienced eye; otherwise, your arrangement can look dull and dated.
We asked experts to weigh in on whether gallery walls are a fading trend, and how you can style your walls to create focal points and visual interest—without a gallery.

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