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Posted on February 12, 2024


PinSix by Nico Restaurant – Merchant City, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

It’s MONDAY. We’re feeling dark and moody, so we picked a dark and moody LOunge in which to spend the day. Join us and we’ll all be dark and moody together, yes?


The New Look‘s costume designer on bringing Dior’s iconic first post-war collection to the screen
It’s the fashion series we’ve been waiting for

In 1947, Christian Dior presented his first collection to an audience who had crammed themselves into rooms of his fashion house – it was a collection that would forever change the course of fashion history. It was dubbed the ‘New Look’ – a hyper feminine style composed of graceful, curving lines, cinched waists, and yards upon yards of fabric. In the face of the bleak uncertainty in post-war France, it was a daring, even audacious introduction for the young designer. It paid off.
While the New Look remains a key period in French fashion, the personal story that inspired Dior’s groundbreaking designs is, perhaps, not quite so well known. This is the story told in Apple TV+’s The New Look.


How Millions Paid to Celebrities for Super Bowl Ads Can Pay Off
The debut of a Ben Affleck-led campaign for Dunkin’ led to record sales — but can brands like Uber Eats prove that the sky-high cost of A-list endorsements is still worthwhile?

The Super Bowl remains the biggest televised annual event in the U.S., and celebrities have long been a staple of the must-see ads that punctuate the big game. This year, brands are shelling out $7 million per minute to advertise during the NFL’s big game — a price that has doubled since 2012. This year’s roster includes Tina Fey in an ad for Booking.com, John Cena in a FanDuel spot, Martin Scorsese for Squarespace, and Usher, again, joining forces with Christopher Walken for a BMW appearance coming in addition to the star-studded Uber Eats spot.


From Beyoncé To Ben Affleck and J Lo, The Best Commercials Of Super Bowl 2024
Super Bowl LVIII took place on Sunday night, and for some people, I assume the football game is the interesting part. I, on the other hand, am logging on solely to see what Taylor Swift is wearing (she made it! Duh, but yay!) and enjoy the year’s best collection of commercials. While 2023 featured ad cameos from the likes of Bennifer, Bradley Cooper, and Adam Driver, 2024 has already more than delivered on the celebrity factor. Below, find this year’s best Super Bowl commercials, from Michael Cera’s spot for Cerave, to Beyoncé’s epic Verizon ad.


Aura nails are everywhere – here’s our favourite ways to wear them
Quick vibe check.

Aura nails have been busy picking up a fan base over the last couple of years, especially among those looking for something a little more artistic. Not only does the nail art add an intriguing twist to a mani, it’s also an easy way to personalise your fingertips and bring the energy.
New nail techniques are expanding the possibilities for mini artworks across our nail beds and advancements like airbrush nails have made the rise of aura nails possible.


Bardot bangs are back: here’s how to master the 1960s-inspired trend
Full-frontal fringe is in.

Is everyone getting Bardot bangs without me? Because it certainly seems like it.
In just the past week, not one, not two, but three timeless beauty icons—Selena Gomez, Lana Del Rey, and Julia Roberts to be specific—confirmed that full-frontal fringe is indeed in for spring.
And while I’m personally pleased, I’m not at all surprised. It’s the perfect time for full-frontal Bardot bangs to make their mainstream comeback. In fact, it’s the natural progression of things.


15 best hotels in Madrid for long weekends and summer breaks
Where to stay in Spain’s capital city.

Madrid makes for the ideal getaway. Less than a three-hour flight from London, and with all the culture and food you could hope for, the city is constantly buzzing. And while it may have historically come as second choice for most after Barcelona, the capital city is having a moment, with some of the coolest bars, restaurants and hotels in Spain opening in the past few years.
Hotels in Madrid are certainly worthy of applause. The city is home to grand palaces that have been restored to their former glory and converted to palatial escapes, and city centre hotels that overlook the busy streets below. Whether you’re in the market for a cheap and cheerful escape, or you’re looking for a bouji stay to remember, we’ve selected the very best hotels in Madrid to help you choose.


Feud: Capote vs. the Swans Is a Master Class in Vintage Costuming
The series’ costume designer on dressing Chloë Sevigny, Diane Lane, Naomi Watts, Molly Ringwald, and Demi Moore

Costume designer Lou Eyrich has worked alongside Ryan Murphy for 24 years. In that time, she has dressed some of the most spectacular television of the last two decades, from Glee and Pose to American Horror Story and The Politician. You’d think she’d have run out of ways to costume Murphy’s signature baroque, over-the-top productions by this point—but her choices continue to thrill and delight.
Take her and Murphy’s latest production, for instance. Feud: Capote vs. the Swans offers a peek behind the curtain at infamous writer Truman Capote’s relationship with the “society swans” of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and fashion plays more than just a supporting role.


Today in People Are Gross, Volunteers Have Collected 50 Pounds of Gum From the Seats of This Stunning Music Venue
Nothing overshadows the thrill of a good concert performance like finding someone else’s gum on your seat.

Colorado’s iconic and eternally Instagrammable Red Rocks Amphitheater has a packed concert calendar between late March and early November. But whether you’ll be there to hear Ice Cube’s early-90s classic “It Was a Good Day” or you’re going for the psychedelic fuzz of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, a group of local volunteers would really appreciate it if you left your chewing gum back at your Airbnb.


The Most Romantic Restaurants To Spend Valentine’s Day In The Heart Of London
From skyscrapers to basements, here are the best restaurants in London to romance your significant other.

Sure, Paris might have the reputation as ‘the romantic one’, but London’s rich and diverse restaurant scene is filled with a vast number of places perfect for a Valentine’s Day reservation.
Like taste, romance is subjective and so options are needed when it comes to choosing a perfect place to spend the night with the one you love. In London, these intimate places run the gamut, moving through a world’s worth of cuisine and spaces that range from basement setting to rooftop vista and hundred-year-old hotels to hipster hotspots.
Whether it’s lobster linguine or coq au vin, a hearty meal across the table from your significant other is one of the best ways to celebrate love and enjoy the capital’s finest culinary offerings.


What you can learn from regret
Forming a healthy relationship with regret means learning to look it in the face.

“There are three pieces to regret,” says Amy Summerville, a research scientist who has led studies on the emotion. “One, it feels bad; two, it’s based on a thought about how things could have been better; three, the thought is focused on your own actions.” In other words, if you feel bad after acing an interview and not getting the job, that’s not regret; if you feel bad because you stayed up late playing video games and slept through the interview, that could be.
According to Summerville, the most common regrets come from career and romance. As people age, entering their 60s and 70s, family and health start to come up as regrets, too, but romantic regret remains consistent through life stages.


Taylor Swift, the NFL, and two routes to cultural dominance
An extra-super Super Bowl is in store.

What will make this Super Bowl so important, at least for many of the more than 120 million Americans who will probably tune in to watch the game, will be the expected presence of one Taylor Alison Swift. A brief recap for anyone who until recently took up residence under a rock: This past fall, Swift started dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and began showing up to his games. People — everyone, really, but especially guys like this — went crazy.
For all their differences — Swift ruthlessly mines her emotions for her music; emotions can result in a 15-yard penalty in the NFL — what Swift and pro football have in common is sheer cultural weight.


Usher has a Super Bowl-worthy legacy. Why don’t people act like it?
Put some respect on Usher’s name.

An event as massive as the Super Bowl halftime show requires an artist with a deep catalog of well-known hits, dedicated fans, and widespread appeal. They must be able to speak to the NFL’s diverse and enormous audience. Some 118.7 million people tuned in to the 2023 halftime show, the most viewers in the show’s history.
Usher has performed at the Super Bowl before — in 2011, alongside the headlining Black Eyed Peas, to sing “OMG,” his 2010 hit featuring will.i.am. In 2024, during Black History Month, he’ll perform a career retrospective and honor the Black artists who came before him.
“It’s an honor of a lifetime to finally check a Super Bowl performance off my bucket list. I can’t wait to bring the world a show unlike anything else they’ve seen from me before,” the 45-year-old veteran entertainer said in a statement at the time of the announcement.


The Super Bowl Ads, Ranked
Here is how our critic saw the Super Bowl commercials from best to worst.

In the spirit of “Who actually watches the game?,” here is our ranking of Sunday night’s Super Bowl commercials, from best to worst.
Ground rules: Only ads shown on the national CBS broadcast during the game were eligible. Not included are some non-commercial (religious, political, social advocacy) spots and most movie trailers and promos for television and streaming broadcasts.


The Black Knight of the Round Table
And more medieval images of diversity

The medieval world was a much more diverse place than it is often given credit for. Some of the best evidence of this is in the illustrations and imagery from the period.
During the Middle Ages, kingdoms across Europe and the Mediterranean witnessed the growth of cities, and connections to communities throughout greater Europe, Africa, Asia, and briefly North America.
Works of art like this 16th-century image of a Black king among the magi demonstrate the diversity of communities in the premodern world.


The best (and the rest) star-studded 2024 Super Bowl commercials
Mayo Cat, B.Lo, and Edie Falco’s cheese for the win.

If celebrities aren’t busy enough with awards season, they also have Super Bowl ad season to contend with, when major (and not-so major) brands shell out big money to employ them in commercials during the big game.
This year’s crop of ads feature some of the biggest names Hollywood has to offer, but which brands got the most bang for their very large buck?
Here are the best and, well, the rest of the star-studded 2024 Super Bowl commercials.


Usher’s Halftime Show Is a Guest-Packed Frenzy of Sexy Shirtless Jams, Roller Skating and Breathless Dance Moves
Fresh off of a promotional whirlwind including a new album and tour announcement, Usher took the stage during the Super Bowl LVIII, lighting up Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas with a crew of famous friends including Alicia Keys, Ludacris and H.E.R. in tow.
It makes sense that Usher would be drafted to perform during the Super Bowl. Throughout his decades-long career, he’s proven time and again to be a showman and bona fide entertainer, whether it be during live shows and music videos or as an actor. And during his breathless performance, Usher gave the crowd exactly what they’ve come to expect from him: sweat, dance moves and more hits than you could count.


Here’s What Happens When You Put Wax Paper in the Oven
There’s a lot of confusion about whether it’s safe or not.

There’s a roll of wax paper right there in your kitchen drawer. You use it for all sorts of kitchen tasks, like rolling out pastry dough so it doesn’t stick and catching drips when you frost cakes or make chocolate-dipped strawberries. It not only prevents foods from sticking and makes clean up easy, but it also excels for wrapping foods that need protection but also need to breathe. But what about using it for baking? Can wax paper go in the oven? We’d like to give you a straight yes or no, but it’s a little complicated. We talked to two experts to help sort it out—here’s what they say.


40 Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes That You’ll Fall in Love With
The sweetest way to say “I love you” is with one of these heartfelt, homemade Valentine’s Day desserts. Whether you’re looking for a treat for your partner, your Galentine’s crew, or the co-workers who adore your home baking, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this collection, filled with heart-shaped cakes, cupcakes, and cookies—plus, easy chocolate truffles and decadent mousses and parfaits. Our recipes include desserts for two to share and sweets that feed a crowd. We rate them all above a bunch of red roses any day.

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