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Darlings, the bad news is that it’s MONDAY. The good news for some of us is that it’s also a holiday week, and the even better news for a smaller version of “some of us” is that it’s a 3-day workweek. No matter which week you’re planning to have, you may as well settle in today and vow to do very little. Have a seat, talk about your plans, and wait for the frivolous content of the day to wash over you.



Givenchy Launches New Catwalk Book
Dubbed “Givenchy: The Complete Collections”, the new book celebrates the house’s glamorous 70 year history
Titled Givenchy: The Complete Collections, the fashion tome explores each Givenchy era through a brief overview and biography of the lead designer. Individual collections are presented with short texts examining their influences and highlighted moments, displayed by curated catwalk images. The book takes readers into the House’s beginnings, from establishing in 1951 and its first collection debuted in 1952.


The Princess of Wales announces royal Christmas carol service wearing a traditional festive jumper
The royal is fond of a Fair Isle knit

It’s once again that time of year: the Princess of Wales is decking the halls of Westminster Abbey in preparation for her annual Christmas carol service.
Ahead of this year’s event, which will take place on 8 December, Kensington Palace released a new portrait of the Princess of Wales decorating a Christmas tree.


Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Dies at 96
Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter (née Eleanor Rosalynn Smith)—wife of Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States—has died at the age of 96.
According to a statement released by the Carter Center, Mrs. Carter passed away peacefully at her home in Plains, Georgia, with family by her side. (She had recently moved into hospice care after being diagnosed with dementia earlier this year.) Married in 1946, shortly after Jimmy Carter’s graduation from the United States Naval Academy, the Carters were the longest-wed presidential couple in U.S. history.


Suki Waterhouse is pregnant, expecting her first child with Robert Pattinson
This kid is gonna be so cool.

Congratulations! After months of speculation, we have confirmation that model, actor, and musician Suki Waterhouse, 31, is expecting her first child with longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson, 37. This kid is going to be very cool.
Waterhouse revealed the news while onstage at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico on Sunday, 19 November.


How single women are choosing to become mothers on their own, or not at all
The millennial motherhood revolution is here.

There’s one perceived enemy to feminism that – no matter how hard we’ve tried – we’ve failed to conquer: our biological clock. It’s dictated to us, disrupted us, demonised us and depressed us. For years, we’ve been fed warnings about our (very real) ‘ticking time bomb of fertility’; endless scare stories of single women ‘selfishly’ pursuing careers over motherhood or ‘leaving it too late’ to settle down.
Well, guess what? We’ve had enough! More and more single millennial women are now seizing back the power and choosing either to become mothers on their own, or not at all – all on their own agenda.


59 mid-length hairstyles to take to your salon ASAP
The shoulder-grazing length we want in on.

Apparently, mid-length hairstyles mid-length hair is the hot-girl of hair cuts a right now. Why? Well, it’s the happy medium we all need every once in a while. Not sure whether to grow your hair XXL, or cut it into a short crop or swishy bob? Perhaps you’re in that mid-length growth rut that many of us get cursed with. Either way, mid-length hair is the perfect in-between length, because it give you a bit of everything.


From John Galliano To Manolo Blahnik, 17 Fashion Insiders’ Personal Recollections Of Working With Diana, Princess Of Wales
Of course, in Vogue House, British Vogue’s editorial staff – several of whom had grown close to Diana during her frequent visits to Hanover Square – immediately set about compiling tributes to the late royal. Published less than a month later, the cover of the October 1997 issue features a portrait of the princess in a red Ralph Lauren dress and Jimmy Choo heels taken by Patrick Demarchelier in the mid-’90s, while inside, the magazine contains not just an essay by Diana’s stylist, deputy editor Anna Harvey, but the fashion luminaries who had dressed the princess for the world stage.


From Prince Harry And Chelsy Davy To Sienna Miller And Isabella Blow, All The Noughties Fashion References In Saltburn
Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn opens in the autumn of 2006, that era of footless tights, boho belts and multicoloured layered tank tops, which is when her satirical romp’s lead, the somewhat naive outsider Oliver (Barry Keoghan), arrives at Oxford University. It’s there that he meets and befriends Felix (Jacob Elordi), a foppish aristocrat dressed in rugby tops and Ralph Lauren jumpers with a requisite eyebrow piercing, and falls in with his crowd of louche, hard-partying freshers which includes his always impeccably attired cousin, Farleigh (Archie Madekwe).


The Rise In Matching Your Jewellery To Your Watch, Like Meghan And Bella
In celebrity circles, matching your jewellery to your watch is nothing new. Bella Hadid is often spotted wearing her beloved gold Cartier Panthère watch nestled underneath bangles in complementary tones, whether strolling on the beach or lounging on a yacht. Faithful to her maximalist style, influencer Chiara Ferragni wears her timepieces (that range from dainty vintage Serpenti Bulgari watches to chunky Hublot numbers), stacked abundantly with equally spectacular bracelets. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Meghan Markle, just like the late Princess Diana, is a fan of Cartier Tank Française, but she prefers to pair hers with one iconic Cartier Love bracelet, as she did during her recent appearance at the Invictus games.


‘Big Little Lies’: Nicole Kidman Teases Season 3 Of HBO Series May Be On The Way
It’s been more than four years since Season 2 of HBO‘s Big Little Lies. Over that time, the prospect of another installment has occasionally come up, with the network and the core team behind the series largely non-committal but leaving the door open. Star and executive producer Nicole Kidman on Friday gave the strongest indication to date that a third season may be happening.


How Joséphine Bonaparte Launched Napoleon—Through Fashion
The story of Joséphine’s influence on Napoleon begins when she was thrown in jail in 1794, at the age of 31. During the worst violence of the French Revolution, Joséphine was arbitrarily arrested and condemned, and lived with the constant threat of death by guillotine any day. By the time she was freed, she had no money or status, and society had been turned upside down.


At 78, Norma Kamali Is Not Done Evolving
The designer opens up about adapting to a changing fashion world—and her absolute disinterest in retirement.

Amid the fast-and-furious game of creative director musical chairs dominating the fashion world, one woman remains a constant—as she has for over 55 years. That’s Norma Kamali, the Manhattan-born designer who, at the age of 78, is just as energetic and bubbling with ideas as she was when she first opened her boutique on East 53rd street in 1967. Fashion remains a cornerstone for Kamali, who continues to put out four collections a year, but somehow, the designer has been finding time between all that to explore her other, non-aesthetic interests as well.


What if Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used to Be?
As our faith in the future plummets and the present blends with the past, we doomscroll and catastrophize and feel certain that we’ve reached the point where history has fallen apart.

Nobody is more nostalgic than diarists, who believe that no moment has been fully lived until it’s been recorded and made available for later reawakening. And, for both diarists and non-diarists, probably no nostalgic pangs are keener than those felt for a time through which they never lived at all. My own diary tells me that, in Rome on October 19, 1989, “I knew as I looked up at the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, a sharp, beautiful, half-ruin against the lowering sun, that I was not feeling anything of ancient Rome—just the Rome of my 19th-century Englishmen, the Rome of twilight, crumblings & white melancholy.” I was longing for Keats and Shelley and Arthur Hugh Clough, men I knew through books, and who themselves had visited a Rome they knew only through their reading.


Inside the strange, secretive rise of the ‘overemployed’
Holding down multiple jobs has long been a backbreaking way for low-wage workers to get by. But since the pandemic, the phenomenon has been on the rise among professionals like Roque, who have seized on the privacy provided by remote work to secretly take on two or more jobs — multiplying their paychecks without working much more than a standard 40-hour workweek. The move is not only culturally taboo, but it’s also a fireable offense — one that could expose the cheaters to a lawsuit if they’re caught. To learn their methods and motivations, I spent several weeks hanging out among the overemployed online. What, I wondered, does this group of W-2 renegades have to tell us about the nature of work — and of loyalty — in the age of remote employment?


Who is the real Empress Joséphine Bonaparte? Ahead of Ridley Scott’s upcoming biopic, Tatler explores the life of the beguiling first wife of Napoleon
Played by Vanessa Kirby in Ridley Scott’s upcoming blockbuster, Tatler looks into the real life of the 18th century aristocrat who rose to the French throne after a chance meeting at a society ball

Though not quite as prolific as her acclaimed husband, Joséphine has been portrayed in a number of different film and television productions. Stanley Kubrick famously planned a biopic of Napoleon in the 1970s that he invested years of research into. Set to star Audrey Hepburn as Joséphine, with Jack Nicholson as the famed emperor, it is often called ‘the greatest film never made’. In 1954, Marlon Brando played the role of the French military leader in the film Désirée – but the film focuses mainly on Bonaparte’s relationship with Désirée Clary, who was once engaged to the French emperor, and the role of Joséphine was played by British actress Merle Oberon. So who exactly was the real Joséphine?


Why influencers with 7, 8, or 10 kids are having a moment
Americans are having smaller families. Why are we obsessed with large ones?

[…] Families like theirs — ones that could field a full baseball team — are racking up billions of views on TikTok and Instagram. The current vogue for 10-person family dances and morning routine videos for a brood of 12 is a product of the particular time in which we live, experts say. The birthrate is falling, having even one kid can be ruinously expensive, and long or unpredictable work hours limit the amount of time most people can spend with their families. The average American woman had three children in 1950, a number that has declined to about 1.6 today.
An Index of Everything (and Everyone)
Mentioned in Barbra Streisand’s Memoir

It only took Barbra Streisand six years to complete her EGOT, but it took her more than 20 to pen My Name is Barbra, her recently-released memoir from Viking Press. And if two decades sounds like a long time, you must not have picked up your copy yet. Clocking in at 966 pages—48 hours and 14 minutes if you’re listening to the read-by-Babs audiobook—the tome spans the singularly prolific artist’s 81 years on earth, from her torch-singing origins in Greenwich Village gay bars to her fraught relationship with her mother, Diana Kind. “I do love her,” Streisand writes in the short, wrenching chapter all about Diana. “But that doesn’t mean I like her.”


Use This Get-Ahead Timeline for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner
Avoid the stress and enjoy Thanksgiving more this year by employing these smart make-ahead strategies for prepping turkey, sides, and more.

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year and doing all the cooking yourself or you’re a guest tasked with bringing a side dish or a dessert, there can be quite a bit of stress involved with preparing food for this annual feast. There’s not much you can do about the high expectations placed upon that old family recipe for pumpkin pie, but there are plenty of other ways you can set yourself up for success when it comes to Thanksgiving meal prep.


19 Bite-Sized Thanksgiving Appetizers Your Guests Will Adore
Warning: These small-but-mighty holiday hors d’oeuvres might outdo the main event.

As guests gather, give them a little something special to eat while they’re waiting for the big feast to begin. Serving bite-sized appetizers that are easy to prepare on or before Thanksgiving is a surefire way to keep everyone from asking, “When will the turkey be ready?”
All of our favorite bite-sized appetizer recipes are simple to make and use minimal ingredients. Even better, they can be prepared mostly (or completely) ahead of time, so you can focus on the main event.


14 Homemade Condiments to Serve With Turkey—That Aren’t Cranberry Sauce
Bring something new to the Thanksgiving table by making one of these alternatives to cranberry sauce.

No cranberries, no problem! For those looking for an alternative to cranberry sauce to serve with turkey, there are plenty of condiments to make instead. Consider a chutney with fresh and dried fruit, a tangy citrus marmalade, and even bacon-onion “jam.” The recipes we’ve gathered are sweet and tart or savory and aromatic, they include the spices, nuts, and deep flavors we associate with autumn and winter, so you won’t miss the cranberries one bit.


20 Best Places to Live in Europe
Find world-class dining, a great work-life balance, and a vibrant culture in these European destinations.

In 2022, more than 75,000 Americans moved to Europe. The Netherlands, for example, saw an increase from 15,500 to 24,000 Americans moving in over the last five years, while Spain’s American expat numbers jumped 13 percent, from an estimated 20,000 to nearly 34,000 in the same time frame, according to statistics from the European Union.
Be it for the food and culture, the lower cost of living, or personal opportunity, a move to Europe can offer a lot in terms of life-changing experiences.


The Best Times to Visit London, According to Local Experts
Here’s when to go to London for good weather, smaller crowds, lower prices, and more.

London is one of the most visited places on the planet. Each year, the English capital welcomes upwards of 30 million tourists. They are greeted by iconic sites, like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. They come to catch a show in the West End. And, more recently, they arrive to explore world-class dining and cocktail culture. But they don’t all appear in equal numbers across the year.


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