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PinSix by Nico Restaurant – Cardiff, Wales

It’s a day for high ceilings, don’t you find? After all, it’s THURSDAY and that calls for a little bit of whooping and hollering; a little bit of spreading out and taking up space. Slide into a banquette and make some noise. We have the whole place to ourselves.



Coco Versus Christian: The New Look Revisits Chanel & Dior’s Fashion Rivalry In Midcentury France
The Apple TV+ show, aptly named The New Look, which is set to premiere 14 February 2024, seeks to offer viewers a fresh insight into Christian Dior’s career. Against the backdrop of World War II, after Dior left the French army in 1942, he joined Lucien Lelong in Nazi-occupied Paris before creating his own namesake label in 1946. His first, 90-piece collection was a hit, dubbed “the new look” by Harper’s Bazaar’s then editor-in-chief Carmel Snow. “It’s a story that hasn’t been told,” says executive producer, writer, and director Todd A Kessler. “Monsieur Dior’s personal story inspired people, [made them believe] that it was OK to dream once more, and it inspires me that he did it through creation, that creation is survival.”


How The Crown recreated all of Princess Diana’s most iconic outfits
And how they matched up to the real thing.

Having introduced us to the likes – and wardrobes – of Princess Margaret, Princess Anne and The Queen in the first three series, Netflix’s mega hit The Crown wasn’t exactly been short of major fashion moments. But when series four landed, those with a fondness for sartorial excellence were among the first on the sofa as we welcomed the eagerly-anticipated arrival of Princess Diana to the storyline.
Played by Emma Corrin in series four and Elizabeth Debicki in series five, this was one character that the wardrobe department couldn’t afford want to get wrong. Luckily – spoiler alert, for anyone a couple of seasons behind – they didn’t.
Now, with the sixth and final series having just launched, fashion fans have been looking forward to another dose of the royal’s most memorable fashion moments as Elizabeth Debicki continues on in the role of the beloved Princess of Wales.


Did Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed really visit a psychic together? The true story of Rita Rogers
One their meetings features in the new season of The Crown

From paparazzi intrusion to Balmoral traditions, the episodes are a snapshot into the lives of the royals at that time. But one element, in particular, has caught our attention: a visit made by Diana and Dodi to a psychic, Rita Rogers, just weeks before they died in that fatal car crash in Paris.


How Hunter Schafer spends a day off in New York City
We joined the Euphoria actor and Mugler ambassador for a day off in NYC, from the moment she spritzed on her favourite fragrance, to grabbing pastries in Chinatown—and even clubbing in Queens

Here, Euphoria actor and Mugler ambassador Hunter Schafer takes us inside her world. Read on to learn about her daily beauty rituals, go-to meals, and favourite ways to unwind, from the moment she wakes up until her head hits the pillow at night.


Naked nails are the antidote to TikTok’s myriad manicure trends
As the A-list prove, the ‘no-nicure’ is this year’s quiet status symbol

There’s something undeniably chic about well-groomed, naked nails. Going purposefully polish-free can ooze confidence and signal you’re too cool to care about trends – especially with so many being churned out out TikTok today.
Look to Sarah Jessica Parker – and her most-famed persona, Carrie Bradshaw – who on the whole eschews nail polish in favour of beautiful, bare nails. So too do A-list actors such as Carey Mulligan, who just walked the red carpet at the Saltburn premiere in LA with naked nails, high-fashion faces like Stella McCartney, and many royal family members – most notably Catherine, the Princess of Wales.


The Awards issue: Tory Burch
She has revolutionised the world of luxury fashion over the past 20 years, but at the heart of the entrepreneur’s ever-evolving brand is an inspiring focus on female empowerment

In part, what makes Burch’s vision so appealing is that it has, from the outset, been inspired by supporting other women. A tom-boyish upbringing with three brothers on a Pennsylvania farm had not prepared her for the discrimination she encountered in the workplace. “I saw it with my peers, and I also experienced many things myself –everything from asking for a salary increase to the way women were perceived in the workforce, doing the same jobs but being treated differently.”


Can you train your brain for work success?
Natalia Ramsden, an organisational psychologist turned executive coach, shares her top cognition hacks

We all go to the gym to keep our bodies and minds in the best possible health – but can we do the same for our brains?
Natalia Ramsden, an organisational psychologist turned executive coach, founded Sofos Associates as a way of helping clients to do exactly that. Combining new developments in neuroscience with her own clinical and consulting experience, the business describes its mission as “enhancing executive performance through cognitive excellence”.


An Exclusive Glimpse Inside the Glamorous World of Maestro, Courtesy of Costume Designer Mark Bridges
Mark Bridges, the twice Academy- and BAFTA award-winning costume designer, has “always been a sucker for glamour,” he says. “It’s ironic because in this age that I’m making films, they’re so much more down-to-earth.” Among those he’s worked on is the San Fernando Valley-set Licorice Pizza, from 2021, which happened to be playing the night before our interview; Bridges caught, and very much enjoyed rewatching, the last 45 minutes of it. […] Bridges’s latest project, however, does dip a bit more into the world of traditional glamour: Bradley Cooper’s stunning Maestro, which opens in theaters this month and streams on Netflix in December.


Americans Are Very Confused on How Much They’re Supposed to Tip, According to a New Survey
Too many people say they don’t tip at all.

Regardless of whether you’re just popping out for a quick coffee, grabbing a pick-up order from a fast-casual restaurant, or savoring dinner at your fave local spot, you’ll probably be asked — or encouraged — to tip the server or the staff before you leave. And according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center, Americans’ views on tipping are (unsurprisingly) varied and can depend on a number of factors, from what you ordered to how old you are.


Tom Blyth on Making The Hunger Games’ Most Hated Character His Own
“I don’t like to say this because I play him, but Donald Sutherland was truly one of my favorite characters in the original films,” Blyth admits. Sutherland’s Snow is a cold-blooded dictator, a man who enjoys watching the slaughter of children, who sees youthful rebellious spirit as a cancer that needs to be eradicated lest it threaten the controlled republic he rules. “He plays the villain with such dexterity and specificity,” Blyth says of Sutherland. “It was just so easy to hate him.” The Coryo portrayed by Blyth, however, is 60 years younger than Sutherland’s in The Hunger Games. In Ballad, Coryo is a teenager struggling to survive in the still war-torn capitol, juggling his innate moral compass with the propaganda fed to him since birth.


All of Princess Diana’s most famous looks, recreated in The Crown
The late royal’s sartorial rise from sweet-cheeked nursery teacher to international heroine of style continues in the new season of The Crown

The day has finally arrived – The Crown is back for its final series. And it’s clear that the forthcoming series might just have the most notable fashion moments of the lot. The costume department has so far delivered on some brilliant recreations of royal fashion history, from Princess Margaret’s jewel-dripping, crown-in-the-bath moments to Princess Anne’s easy-going seventies style, it’s been a high-fashion spectacle. But, it was the introduction of Lady Diana Spencer in Season 4 that really grabbed our attention – and her extraordinary looks are set to continue.


Napoleon Review: Ridley Scott delivers a visual spectacle with a complex portrait of the fabled emperor that is more about Empress Joséphine than the military conquests
Vanessa Kirby delivers a Oscar-worthy performance in a film that demythologises Napoleon as the ‘great man’

Napoleon is a figure that has captivated the minds of some of the world’s greatest thinkers. However, though his story was adapted in the silent era, few contemporary directors have attempted the uphill battle of adapting his story. Even Stanley Kubrick eventually baulked at the idea of making a film about the little corporal after conducting years of research. After crafting historical epics such as Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven, legendary director Ridley Scott makes his return to the genre to tackle one of history’s most fascinating figures. The filmmaker delivers a unique take on the French emperor that puts emphasis on his relationship with Empress Joséphine. Beginning with the beheading of Marie Antoinette, the film charts Napoleon from a military officer who conquered nations, before his eventual downfall.


50 years on from her first wedding, Tatler looks at how Princess Anne finally found happiness with second husband Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence
‘It’s quite amusing that she married first an army officer and then a naval officer,’ Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence once said

It may have not made the cut in The Crown Season 3 but Princess Anne’s wedding to Captain Mark Phillips, on 14 November 1973, was a pretty eventful date in the Royal Family’s history. The Queen’s only daughter was the first of the monarch’s four children to marry.
The couple met in Mexico City, at an event for horse riding enthusiasts and their engagement was announced in 1973, when the world first caught a glimpse of Princess Anne’s Garrard sapphire and diamond ring. During their engagement interview, the couple were asked, ‘Do you think the marriage can withstand the enormous pressures of public duty and publicity that you have to endure?’ to which the Captain replied: ‘I think we’ve withstood a great deal already this year’, before Anne snapped: ‘Can? It’s got to, hasn’t it?’


679 Paintings. Sculptures. A Sword. The Met Moved Them All.
The museum’s European galleries open today after a $150 million renovation that will allow art to be seen through a new lens.

To renovate the galleries where it displays European paintings from the 1300s to the 1800s, the Metropolitan Museum of Art first had to clear 130,000 square feet of space — almost twice as much as in the entire White House.
That meant moving 679 priceless paintings and 112 other works of art — sculptures, furniture, musical instruments, even a sword.


At 98, She’s a Social Media Star
Dorothy Wiggins needed a hobby after the death of her husband. Now she’s big on TikTok and Instagram.

Tens of thousands of people follow the accounts, which chronicle Mrs. Wiggins’s late 90s as she navigates life in New York and the Hamptons equipped with a wooden walking staff, vintage hats and a bone-dry sense of humor.
In one video, she becomes frustrated when a server at a Midtown jazz club can’t get her drink order quite right (a shot of Dewar’s in an ice-filled highball, with a water back). In another, she complains about “awful Montauk oysters” to the operator of an East Hampton seafood shack. The most popular clip, with more than nine million views on Instagram, shows her hitting a serve on a tennis court in Amagansett.


Is Pumpkin Good for You?
It’s the quintessential flavor of fall. It also has big benefits for your health.

Pumpkins are more than a seasonal decoration or flavoring for lattes. They have a long history as a versatile and vital source of nutrition, said Denee Bex, a dietitian and diabetes care and education specialist in Farmington, N.M.
The pumpkin, which is a type of squash, is native to the Americas and was farmed by Indigenous communities “long before the arrival of Europeans,” Ms. Bex, who is Navajo, said.
And there are big benefits to their lasting popularity, she added. They are packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber.


How ‘Maestro’ Prosthetics Artist Kazu Hiro Transformed Bradley Cooper’s Nose, Neck and Chin to Play Leonard Bernstein
Bradley Cooper had a problem. The Oscar-nominated actor was gearing up to play Leonard Bernstein, the musical genius behind “West Side Story” and “Candide” and one of the driving cultural forces of the 20th century. Except, Cooper looked nothing like the distinctive composer and conductor.
Enter Guillermo del Toro. The two men discussed Cooper’s predicament on the set of del Toro’s “Nightmare Alley,” which the actor starred in while working to get “Maestro,” his look at the private life of Bernstein, off the ground.


How to Prepare Your Home to Host a Beautiful Thanksgiving Celebration
Conquer your pre-holiday checklist to make entertaining a breeze.

Putting on a flawless Thanksgiving is no small task, even for seasoned hosts. From planning the menu and accommodating overnight guests to deep cleaning the kitchen and setting the table, each element helps lay the foundation for a festive, seamless celebration.
“Thanksgiving is not as much about good cooking as it is about good execution and planning,” says entertaining expert Brenna Gilbert of Feste. “Sure, you want to nail that famous stuffing recipe, but if guests are eating two hours late or you don’t have enough plates, no one remembers how good your gratin was.”


This Is the Best Time of Day to Run Your Dishwasher, According to Experts
Run your dishwasher at this time of day for optimal performance and to help lower your energy costs.

There are many tips and tricks for getting the most from your dishwasher—from loading it correctly to using the right kinds of detergent. But have you ever thought about when you run your dishwasher? Starting your dishwasher is likely second nature, so it’s not that surprising if you haven’t considered the timing of it before. But, there is an optimal time to run your dishwasher for peak performance that also cuts down on energy costs. We spoke to experts to learn when the best time to run your dishwasher is, as well as other tips for running this workhorse appliance as efficiently as possible.


22 of Our Most Impressive Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes, From Pie to Pandowdy
Make room on the holiday table for classic and innovative treats.

Turkey, stuffing, and creamy mashed potatoes may grab most of the attention on Thanksgiving, but we all know the holiday feast isn’t complete without a bite of something sweet. From classics and new takes on tradition to surprising flavor combinations, we have an unbeatable collection of Thanksgiving dessert recipes to cap off the festivities.


15 Best Places to Visit in Finland, From the Sauna Capital of the World to Santa Claus Village
From national parks and beautiful lakes to modern cities and the home of Santa Claus, these are the best places to visit in Finland.

If you’re planning a trip to Finland, there’s a good chance seeing the northern lights is at the top of your list. During the winter months, Lapland, the country’s northernmost region, is known as one of the best places in the world to view the famed natural light display. Amazing as the experience may be, though, spotting the aurora borealis is just one of the many reasons to visit this Nordic country.

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