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Posted on October 04, 2023

PinKitchen by Stéphanie Le Quellec Restaurant – Paris, France

Darlings, today is WEDNESDAY. Enjoy the hump, we say. Sit in a gorgeous Parisian restaurant and eat lovely little French things all day long. We will be hauling our asses all over a very hot Lisbon today, but we managed to pause and put together a few things for you to look at and judge. Until they pop up, chat about this and that.

Manolo Blahnik celebrates craftsmanship with new project
The iconic footwear brand is inviting us into the atelier

It is easy to take for granted the craftsmanship that goes into making some of the world’s most beautiful luxury products, which makes it all the more fascinating when you have the opportunity to see the process for yourself. For this reason, Manolo Blahnik has launched a new project which celebrates exactly this. As part of its virtual digital archive, which first launched in 2021, the brand is highlighting the extraordinary craftsmanship which sits at the heart of the house. Entitled ‘The Craft’, it will allow consumers the opportunity to step inside the atelier and explore the artistry behind the Manolo Blahnik men’s and women’s collections.


Secrets of the Stylish: Attending Paris Fashion Week with Gemma Chan
The actress on comfort, confidence and why you should never run in heels…

Gemma Chan has only one style rule: never run in heels. “Especially if it’s raining!” she says, with a laugh. She’s talking to me from her hotel room in Paris, where she’s just attended the Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2024 show, and is recounting one of her most memorable fashion week moments, which involves a sprained ankle and multiple tequila shots (read on below for the full tale). “It was both the best night and the worst night.”


Anya Taylor-Joy marries Malcolm McRae with a glitzy wedding in Venice and Gothic-inspired gown
Glamorous nuptials on the Grand Canal.

There is nothing quite as joyous as learning of a surprise celebrity wedding- especially one where you get a peek at some of the epic wedding guest dresses worn by numerous A-listers, not to mention the actual bride herself.
Well, Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae’s wedding which took place over the weekend in Venice was something else and by that we mean, it really was a sight to behold. In images released by the MailOnline, as well as a scattering of Instagram pictures shared by guests, it was clear this was one helluva lavish weekend.


Brace Yourself For Even More “Ugly” And “Wrong” Shoes In 2024
At this point, the obligations of a wrong shoe are obvious. This is something that must jar on a visual, and conceptual, level with the rest of an outfit. See: Charlotte Rampling’s discoid mules, Kylie Jenner’s Sportmax pedi-spreaders, Florence Pugh’s brocade wedge platforms and Irina Shayk’s thong boots. Of course, it’s not so much about the shoe itself (a “wrong” shoe is a “right” shoe in certain circumstances), but how it shifts an otherwise logical and sensible look into a nonsensical direction.


Being An Only Child Really Has Made Me A More Self-Centred Adult
For a while I thought something might have been overlooked. “Am I autistic?” I’ve googled more times than I can count, before filling out questionable online quizzes that tell me “probably not”. “How often should I be socialising?” I’ve asked friends, who’s answers range from “most nights” to “once a week”. The most logical conclusion is that I’m just introverted. I’m not the first person to make “likes being alone” into an entire personality type. But honestly, I think it’s more than that. I think it’s because I grew up with no siblings. No noise. Nobody sharing my room or grabbing at my things. So now, that’s how I’m built.


Stevie Nicks Sent Her Original Rumors Outfit to Mattel to Help Create Her Barbie
The music legend talks getting her own version of the iconic doll, her signature uniform, and her lasting legacy.

Nicks has forged a legendary career for herself as both a member of Fleetwood Mac and a solo artist; she has won Grammys, been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice, sold millions of records worldwide, and inspired generations of musical artists after her. Having her own Barbie was something she “never thought” would happen. But now that Stevie Barbie (that’s what she calls her) is here, she can’t get enough of her.


Princess Diana’s Childhood Home Althorp House is Available to Rent
Guests can enjoy a butler service, private chefs, housekeeping, and a concierge.

This summer, visitors were able to view Princess Diana’s childhood home Althorp House as the grounds and state rooms were open to the paying public. However, now it has been shared that a very select few can have the opportunity to explore the historic building on a whole new level by renting the entire property for a stay.
Althorp House, which Diana moved into in 1975 when she was 14 and her father became Earl Spencer, is listed on the website of Elysian Estates. The business says it provides luxury exclusive-use rental properties throughout the UK.


Why We’re Falling (Back) in Love With Vodka
Once the bane of bartenders, ambitious craft versions have changed this go-to spirit’s reputation.

Nowadays, vodkas come from all over the world and are distilled from novel ingredients: Japan’s clean, rice-based Haku; South Africa’s approachable Vusa, distilled from sugar-cane; fruity St. George, made with California pears; Kástra Elión, a Greek vodka derived from olives that’s a knockout in a briny martini. Low-ABV vodkas like the smooth, 55-proof Sommarøy temper intoxication. Organic vodkas, such as Purity, use earth-friendly grains. There are even vodkas with a mission, fighting climate change and boosting social causes.


Girl Scout Cookies Are Getting More Expensive, Here’s Why
Inflation is taking its toll on our favorite cookies.

Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs — we all have a favorite Girl Scout Cookie that delivers a little bit of nostalgia with each bite. But your sentimental snacking is about to cost more, thanks to inflation.
And it’s because of this huge demand, coupled with the inflated cost of ingredients, that the group decided to raise prices to meet budgetary needs. For example, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that some of a cookie’s main ingredients, like flour and prepared flour mixes, cost “nearly 19% higher in 2022, far exceeding the average from the previous decade (0.2 percent).”


‘Oh J’adore!’ Tatler goes inside Dior’s new golden-hued fragrance exhibition in Paris
Tatler drops into the golden fantasy world of the iconic Dior J’adore! in the Beaux-Arts De Paris

Now the Dior J’adore exhibition at the Beaux-Arts De Paris seeks to tell the story behind J’adore from Christian Dior’s love of flowers right through to the latest version L’Or de J’adore created by none other than the famous Paris based French nose Francis Kurkdjian.


Why your $7 latte is $7
Your expensive coffee habit is indeed getting even more expensive.

If you are a connoisseur of fancy coffee and fancy coffee shops (or even just fancy-ish), you’ve probably noticed that the price of your favorite drink is higher than it used to be. Nowadays, the base price for a regular latte is something like $6, then maybe you add in vanilla syrup, which costs you an extra dollar, and ask for oat milk, which is a dollar more. You’re now staring at an $8 drink, plus taxes and, assuming you’re doing the right thing here, at least a $1 tip.


14 Types of Pumpkins You’ll See This Fall
Learn which types of pumpkins are best for decorating, cooking, and more this season.

Welcome to Cucurbita, the genus that includes pumpkins, squashes, and some gourds—the edible and ornamental fruits of fall. Once you explore the variety of shapes and sizes, all kinds of decorative possibilities open up. With so many types of pumpkins—why stick to the standard orange icon of fall? From pale and monochromatic and bright and bold to eerily enigmatic and elegantly dark, the world of pumpkins has something for everyone.


15 Unexpected Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray
Try these smart ideas for using your ice cube tray to preserve the life of homemade sauces, compound butters, smoothies, and everything in between.

The freezer is one of the most overlooked appliances in every home cook’s kitchen—it can do a lot more than store frozen vegetables and leftovers. And when combined with its trusty sidekick, the ice cube tray, the possibilities open up even more.
Ice cube trays are something that most of us have, whether we use them for ice or they lie forgotten in the back of a cupboard. Regardless of which camp you fall into, our comprehensive list details the many innovative ways in which you can put your ice cube tray to work.


How to Fold Towels 4 Different Ways
Give your towels a hotel-worthy look with these easy-to-perfect folds.

If you’ve ever tried to replicate the way hotels and spas fold their towels but haven’t had much luck, we’re here to help. Learning the fine art of towel folding isn’t just great for that spa aesthetic; neat towels are easier to keep organized and help to free up space in your drawers and linen closet.
To start, it’s essential to fold towels on a large, flat, and clean work surface, which allows you to smooth them down in between each step. It’s also important to remember that towel folding isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach—the fold you choose depends on the type and size of the towel you’re working with. To simplify the process, here’s how to fold the most common types of towels, including bath, spa, beach, and dish towels.


Passport Processing Times Are Down — How Long It Will Take to Renew
The new processing times apply to passports that were received by the State Department on or after Oct. 2.

It’s getting easier to renew a passport this fall as processing times have significantly decreased.
Passport processing times are now 2 weeks faster with only 8 to 11 weeks required for routine service and five to seven weeks required for expedited service, according to the U.S. Department of State. That is an improvement from the summer when the documents were taking up to 13 weeks to process.
The new processing times apply to passports that were received by the State Department on or after Oct. 2. The processing time calculation does not include mailing time.


This Island Was Just Named the Most Peaceful Country in the World
Iceland earned the title for the 15th consecutive time.

The Global Peace Index (GPI) revealed its annual ranking of the safest countries on Earth. And the United States doesn’t even crack the top 100. But one tiny, isolated nation has pulled in the No. 1 most peaceful nation position for more than a decade running.
The honor of the most peaceful country once again went to Iceland, a position the index explained, “it has held since 2008.”


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